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iOS 16 Hands-On: Top 5 New Features!


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  • t o a d
    t o a d 6 months ago +27413

    Nothing beats the amazing intros that the team makes in these videos

  • chris 889
    chris 889 Month ago +25

    For someone like me who’s not tech savvy the guys walkthrough was spot on !

  • wanderingwithyan
    wanderingwithyan 2 months ago +14

    This was awesome! Picked up some cool tricks thanks ❤

  • mildred catherin
    mildred catherin 3 months ago +607

    I must confess your intro is really smooth and nice, there are lot of interesting features in the new ios16 my favorite is the customization in lock screen because I am coming from a sad place due to deception from my hubs, thanks to almonds genius for the revelation and shout out to marquess for giving back to back relatable videos

    • DCosta
      DCosta 3 months ago +5

      @Dyl_The_Pill I felt like I had a stroke trying to understand this

    • Dyl_The_Pill
      Dyl_The_Pill 3 months ago +7

      What kind of bot to bot communication is this?

    • mildred catherin
      mildred catherin 3 months ago

      @range bobby yes, you can tell him from mildred for swift reply

    • range bobby
      range bobby 3 months ago

      @mildred catherin is this the genius guy's mail ?

    • range bobby
      range bobby 3 months ago

      @mildred catherin thank you

  • Amanda wardlaw
    Amanda wardlaw Month ago +4

    This was great!!! Learnt so much
    Thank you! 😊

  • jalabi99
    jalabi99 6 months ago +1598

    The "virtual top-down view" and the "Live Image" features are hella impressive, close to being magic. Well done, Apple.

    • titanusgodzillaa
      titanusgodzillaa Day ago

      @aymen huh

    • aymen
      aymen Day ago

      @Ishan Sharma Some day all phones will stop in the world lol with billions

    • aymen
      aymen Day ago

      @titanusgodzillaa bot

    • aymen
      aymen Day ago

      okk bot

    • medicine school
      medicine school 6 months ago

      in your dream 🐶

  • Hajong Lee
    Hajong Lee 4 months ago +121

    I cannot get enough of these intros. They’re clean and creative, fitting with the content of the video!

  • J D
    J D 4 months ago +66

    Wow, I'm actually excited about this update. And I love the clean, straightforward presentation of it by MKBHD. Thanks!

  • Adriano Fusari
    Adriano Fusari 2 months ago +1

    Hey Marques
    Awesome intros. Way to go.

  • Raul Zamora
    Raul Zamora 2 months ago

    Since activating the haptic, I’ve noticed when plugged into my vehicles Apple play. It gets really hot now my13pro max

  • Eric Bonow
    Eric Bonow 6 months ago +4350

    Live objects seems incredible. That kind of image cropping is really quick and is the kind of thing that 95% of people wouldn't be able to do on their own. The processing effect is really clean. Hats off to their design and development teams on baking in a pretty complex operation into such an intuitive way.

    • B. Bluebriz
      B. Bluebriz 2 months ago

      It's pretty fiddly on the SE, for example. I can get it to drop an object into imessage, but not for example WhatsApp, which most people I know use.

    • karolina kmita
      karolina kmita 4 months ago

      @Bhumi BhanushalÎ i got a new phone finally and it works for me just fine! i have yet to find a use for it but it’s a fun feature lol. also wdym you can’t send it to anyone? is there an error?

    • 13 Galaxy Productions
      13 Galaxy Productions 4 months ago

      @Bojan Tomić i use it a lot, mostly for my video productions and making WhatsApp stickers

    • Bhumi BhanushalÎ
      Bhumi BhanushalΠ4 months ago

      @karolina kmita Not working for me. I can pickup the object but cannot send it to anyone weirdly

    • Hariz Muhd
      Hariz Muhd 6 months ago

      @MellyWonka innovative mindset? You just got 120hz and now all of a sudden apple is innovative? You can only customize your lockscreen a little bit and now they're innovative? 😂😂😂 Theres about 100 more things that android can do and iphone cant and not to mention they still use lightning cables in 2022 like wow so innovative..you want the real meaning of innovative? Samsung galaxy z fold3..now that is innovative

  • TonyTheYouTuba
    TonyTheYouTuba 5 months ago +11

    Did they manage to squeeze in the option to have a micro outline on the clock digits for contrast? It would really help with readability against wallpapers where there are both dark and light areas under the clock. Having the digits only be either dark or light doesn’t help there, whereas a semi-opaque outline the opposite to the digit colour would mean there would always be contrast.

  • EVAdventuresRob
    EVAdventuresRob 4 months ago +3

    Thanks for your hard work! Your content is so well done and your personal manner is professional yet personable. I look forward to seeing new content from you!

  • Technilogica 💜
    Technilogica 💜 4 months ago

    obsessed with how the new ios looks! overheard a few people in my art class talking about it this morning, and it genuinely seems like one of the better operating systems we've gotten thus far

  • vishal tongya
    vishal tongya 2 months ago

    What a neat and organized video! Love the tips and tricks Marques. Always been a big fan. Thank you. :)

  • ChatVender Technology
    ChatVender Technology 6 months ago +104

    ios 16 is amazing and cool, the background removal is sick

  • Millie Valenzuela
    Millie Valenzuela 3 months ago +2

    Great job my brother - you are explaining everything -not wasting time talking about things people don’t care about but right to the importance aspects- keep up the good work ❤

  • Lakerfan4life
    Lakerfan4life 4 months ago

    WOW. That is just amazing. Love the video. You're explanation of the new features are crystal clear. Started downloading the IOS 16 update soon after watching your video. Looking forward to the new features. About time they added an edit and other features to Messaging app. Portal camera for laptop or computer will be a life saver. No need to go out and purchase a webcam when you already have a Iphone. Thanks a lot!

  • Flower Child
    Flower Child 4 months ago +1

    I love your videos. This update is awesome, and to be able to make a few Home Screens is great. A lot of really nice updates. Thank you for this video.

  • Kyle
    Kyle 4 months ago +2

    This was a great overview to what to expect as I install iOS 16 today!

  • Alex Miller
    Alex Miller 6 months ago +690

    Love the idea of the desk view camera and the possibility of playing tabletop games over FaceTime. Super cool feature.

    • JEDLC
      JEDLC 6 months ago

      Android will copy it in a few years and call it innovation

    • Tristen Hernandez
      Tristen Hernandez 6 months ago +3

      Never thought of that idea! That’s a great idea.

    • Ohm
      Ohm 6 months ago +1

      @Taha Chaudhary it's been a great 6 years

    • Stephen Borgella
      Stephen Borgella 6 months ago +5

      This will be great in the classroom as a document camera

    • Taha Chaudhary
      Taha Chaudhary 6 months ago +1

      @Heri same man 😢 I thought they are only gonna kill 6S but y 7

  • Williusthegreat
    Williusthegreat 5 months ago +34

    This is basically the only iOS update I've been jealous of a few things as an Android fan. For the lock screen it's cool, don't understand why Google took away lock screen widgets. Thing I'm most jealous of is having multiple lock screens and connecting them to focus mode, imagine having that for your main home screen too, hope android gets that soon. Still hate iOS for many many reasons but it's a bit better. Also I've been using DroidCam for my webcam for a few years on Android.

      MAYKING 3 months ago

      @Williusthegreat Whoa - you just made me utterly question my decision to move to the iPhone!

    • Rinnara Brunelli
      Rinnara Brunelli 4 months ago +1

      @Tom Speed yes, going back one step within the same app. Example: I'm on WhatsApp and have an open chat with someone. I'm typing then I press send. If I swipe back, the keyboard disappears. If I swipe back again it leaves the current chat and goes back to the main list of chats. If I swipe back again it goes to the home page. Obviously if I swipe up it goes straight to the home page but doing it step by step is useful if all you want is to change the chat and message someone else. As far as I remember when I had iPhones, you can do that if the app has a back arrow but the back swipe gesture is far more practical and can be used in any app.

    • Tom Speed
      Tom Speed 4 months ago

      @Rinnara Brunelli it is, you swipe up out of an app to go back to the Home Screen, by your logic, using the back button isn’t going back. Do you have a different definition of going back?

    • Rinnara Brunelli
      Rinnara Brunelli 4 months ago +1

      @Tom Speed sorry but lol, getting out of the app isn't going back one step.

    • Tom Speed
      Tom Speed 4 months ago

      @Rinnara Brunelli there’s a back button on the iPhone as well, you just swipe up to get out of the app, it’s that simple, I would probably say it’s more simple than Android’s back button

  • Richard Medina
    Richard Medina 5 months ago

    Thanks Marques for such a great intro to features in IOS 16!! you rock as usual.

  • R-Penguin
    R-Penguin 4 months ago +8

    it’s such a good update, can’t believe it took Apple this long to have a customizable lock screen!

    TBHAA 5 months ago

    They should add an option for an analogue clock on the lock screen. I have always felt that an analogue clock gives a better ‘idea and usability’ of time.

  • IcedOutkrs
    IcedOutkrs 6 months ago +4398

    This is one of the most interesting iOS updates in a while. Actually kinda looking forward for this one.

    • Walter White 🅥
      Walter White 🅥 4 months ago

      @PotatoPirate you absolutely should be closing your apps !! Apps alway running in the background chew up the battery like crazy got tests to prove it.. By the way punk, I’m a former Apple engineer and I worked in Cupertino so I think I know what I’m talking about CREEP!!! So please don’t try to smart talk me and think you know better than me, because I certainly know what I’m talking about, you got that little boy?

    • PotatoPirate
      PotatoPirate 4 months ago +1

      @Chris Gardner you can choose between multiple notification settings, including the previous stacked ones, the battery shows a graphical representation of the ‘fullness’ if you swipe down into Control Centre, although I’m not sure why this would be that big of a deal as long as you know the percentage (?). Sure weather does left align if you leave it on its own and don’t put a widget to the right of it. Not sure why that’s a big deal though. The playback widget doesn’t take over the whole screen for me - the widgets are still above it. Playback controls are important so they need to be of a certain size to be practical, and obviously people like having decent sized cover art. The playback controls for me are just where they should be - within the widget. I’m not sure what app you’re using for your music playback though. When I click on mine it takes me straight to the page in the app with the content I’m listening to.

    • PotatoPirate
      PotatoPirate 4 months ago

      @Walter White 🅥 there’s no reason to clear all in the multitasking bar as it doesn’t slow the phone down having the apps frozen on iOS. The only reason to ever close an app is if it has crashed. I think you’re looking at it from an Android perspective, and if this is really worthy of highlighting then the state of iOS features really can’t be that bad 😂

    • Walter White 🅥
      Walter White 🅥 4 months ago +1

      @Chris Gardner I agree, the lock screen was a complete bust!!!!

    • Walter White 🅥
      Walter White 🅥 4 months ago +1

      @PotatoPirate we definitely don’t have a clear all button for multitasking. All us diehard users have been wanting this for 10 years!!

  • Jessica Menchaca
    Jessica Menchaca 2 months ago +1

    I can say that you were very professional in explaining everything and very easy to follow. Thank You! 😀

  • PKN
    PKN 4 months ago +3

    Came back here after updating my iPhone 13 (256gb) blue model to the ios 16 and it pretty much dominated my day like crazy! Yes android has these for like years already but when apple does things.. it just freaking works.

  • Julien Krause
    Julien Krause Month ago

    thanks so much for this hack bro

  • ShadaeLove
    ShadaeLove 4 months ago

    I love the new haptic keyboard, but would love for it to be stronger! I will see how it is on the new iPhone 14 pro max.

  • BeerLicious
    BeerLicious 6 months ago +933

    That webcam system is actually a thing of beauty. I've been critical both for Android & iOS a lot but i always say , iOS brings you up something so good & stable that you can't hate it at all. Samsung been their close competitors is doing great but system optimisations of apple are just on another level .

    • Delayed Creator
      Delayed Creator 4 months ago

      @Henderwho yeah cheap samsung phones feel cheap , no shot Sherlock

    • Henderwho
      Henderwho 4 months ago

      @Delayed Creator But they are better though, Samsung phones feel cheap as fk and thats a fact. Stop trying to be the edgy kid and buy an iphone, then have an opinion.

    • Henderwho
      Henderwho 4 months ago

      @Delayed Creator But they are better so your argument is in tatters.

    • notstarboard
      notstarboard 6 months ago

      ​@Droid Motorola 388 An ecosystem is just a way for one company to collect way too much of your data while providing limited benefits beyond more siloed apps developed by different groups that do the same things.
      I would guess that most people like their ecosystem of choice because they have apps that do everything they want them to do, not because the interconnectedness of those apps is adding a lot of value. It's just a pain in the butt to find alternatives to things once you're already invested, especially if you have data stored in those apps. Even something as simple as switching notes apps can become a pain.

    • YouTube • 99 years ago
      YouTube • 99 years ago 6 months ago +1

      @Delayed Creator bro why are you so toxic. You just woke up and chose verbal violence

  • M76mat
    M76mat 5 months ago

    The Lock Screen update is awesome. I’ve been waiting years for that to come to iOS

  • one.masquerade
    one.masquerade 4 months ago

    with every update i see apple adding more and more customization features, and its incredible

  • VM_Manuel
    VM_Manuel 5 months ago +1

    I have been using camo for a while now (basically continuity camera) - happy to see that it's now integrated natively! feel bad for the camo devs though

  • Rex Wiley
    Rex Wiley 5 months ago

    My favorite feature will be the ability to use passkeys and replace passwords. Hopefully this will be more secure.

  • Benjamin Barnett
    Benjamin Barnett 6 months ago +1595

    That intro tho😍!!! You and the team keep elevating Marques, that looked like it belongs in the Apple event!

    • baha eddin
      baha eddin 6 months ago

      @Isaiah thanks

    • Isaiah
      Isaiah 6 months ago

      @baha eddin devils tune 20syl remix

    • satvic
      satvic 6 months ago

      @1peruvianguy yeah I I've got this in Shazam and its name is devil(20syl remix) .

    • 1peruvianguy
      1peruvianguy 6 months ago +2

      @baha eddin shazam?

    • 1peruvianguy
      1peruvianguy 6 months ago

      @Carmello's dad the truth is out

  • Serendipity
    Serendipity 4 months ago

    Desktop view is sick instead of having a separate camera on a boom arm for a top view when showing a mini tutorial or a drawing. Interested in how sharp the image is while the hand is moving. Thank you for the video. I would have never known about #2. Think about all the teachers teaching online!

  • Junk noodles
    Junk noodles 4 months ago

    Now that this is out the haptic keyboard is a game changer for me. This was the biggest feature I missed from my s21 ultra when I switched to 13 pro max

  • naija queen
    naija queen 4 months ago

    now this is amazing they’re very effective and noticeable new features i can’t wait until it comes out, i’m waiting for the update for when we can share/airdrop battery percentage lol

  • Onur Demiray
    Onur Demiray 5 months ago +41

    As an iPhone user, I'm always sceptical about updates because, we all know that at least 60% of the features announced are basically what Android had for at least 5 years.
    But smart object and transposing the iPhone camera to get top-down shots... Those are game changers. Apple has gone a long way in terms of AI and I don't think anyone is catching up with this soon enough.
    My only complaint with the Apple is battery life. If you use every useful feature Apple ecosystem provides you (Watch-Pods-Mac-Iphone), you're not seeing the end of the day without needing a recharge. Once they fix it, my microscobic urge to return back to Android will be gone... forever. I don't need a foldable screen. I need battery. Apple has the rest of it.

    • B. Bluebriz
      B. Bluebriz 2 months ago

      @Kamdyn Wyvill Nonsense. While the 14 might be the best, I've used Pixels and even Poco phones and never had to charge more than once every 1.5 days. Usually less often than that.

    • Jonteponte71
      Jonteponte71 4 months ago +1

      I don't get it. So you don't want those features? Only the ones that are 100% Apple innovations from the ground up? (Which of course, they seldom get credit for. They are usually met with OUTRAGE!)

    • Kishan Sivparsad
      Kishan Sivparsad 4 months ago +1

      @Onur Demiray The SE 2020 isn't meant to have a high battery life as the users of the phone are generally supposed to be people who use devices for the absolute bare minimum such as phone calls and general web and social media surfing but all other iPhones above the SE really do have great battery life that can help you go a long way.

    • Onur Demiray
      Onur Demiray 5 months ago +1

      Yep. Using SE 2020 right now so I am aware that it’s the worst one in terms of battery life. So I’m looking forward for 14 pro max to upgrade.

    • Kamdyn Wyvill
      Kamdyn Wyvill 5 months ago +6

      The 13 pro max is literally the best battery on the market by far. Maybe to be beaten by the 14 pro max when it comes out next month but if you switch to android, then you can pretty much get used to charging twice a day. I'll be switching from my Note 20 ultra to the 14 pro max when it comes out

  • Jake Watkins
    Jake Watkins 6 months ago +1542

    5. The ability to edit/unsend messages 0:44
    4. Live objects 1:37
    3. The little things 2:47
    2. Continuity camera 4:45
    1. New lock screen 6:26

    • Max
      Max 4 months ago

      @Mindful Positivity he’s been a sell out for a long time now

    • Not going happen
      Not going happen 4 months ago

      Something I noticed today if u delete text message and u think they want get it wrong if they have Apple Watch they still get messages on watch

    • S H
      S H 6 months ago +1

      @Andre_Victor Gonçalves I like how you blatantly ignore the fact that an Android-Windows ecosystem is close to nonexistent.

    • Andre_Victor Gonçalves
      Andre_Victor Gonçalves 6 months ago

      @S H Yeah, tell me more about that ecosystem where you can't do anything and it's limited by what Apple chooses you to do. Apple ecosystem is a pretty shit, if you ask me.

    • ice la honk
      ice la honk 6 months ago

      Somebody w some sense, thanks

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  • Stevie Thomas
    Stevie Thomas 4 months ago

    Thanks for this Marques, another great review. Has anyone discovered a reason why we can't edit our first Home Screen? How do we get the attention of Appke to act on this to correct this glitch please?

  • MyNameJer
    MyNameJer 4 months ago

    always the best person to report on the new apple updates and products. and as always the best most detailed videos while still being short. no on can compare to you king!

  • mollie frank
    mollie frank 4 months ago

    My top two things I'm looking forward to are the customizable lock screen and the landscape face ID. I can't tell you how many times my phone's been set up playing something, then locked, and I have to bend my head all the way to the side to unlock it! lol

  • Brenden Rodgers
    Brenden Rodgers 4 months ago

    Wish you could set different presets for your Home Screen like they did with the Lock Screen. Being able to change your “theme” of your home pages based on season or work/life schedule would be unreal

  • Duran
    Duran 4 months ago +4

    This is a perfect update for someone like me who has ocd about everything even wallpapers for different times of the day. As well as a lot of customizations for specific little things. Good job on Apple 👍🏼

    • Kevin Shahan
      Kevin Shahan 4 months ago

      💯 I’m going to be playing around with this so much

  • ss
    ss 4 months ago

    I just updated today lol. Great coverage, explanations, and easy to understand Mr. Marques. Thank you.

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  • Elias Bestani
    Elias Bestani 6 months ago +701

    An important missing feature in iOS is a proper calendar reminder. The old Blackberry had the perfect one. It was basically an alarm, impossible to miss unless you postponed it or reset it. You can easily miss an appointment with iOS.

    • Daniel Morelli
      Daniel Morelli 5 months ago

      Before the ability to set notifications as time sensitive, I would have totally agreed with you

    • energeez
      energeez 6 months ago

      ive never used apple calendar, ive always used Fantastical.
      edit: i use apple calendar on every other device but the phone

    • Leo
      Leo 6 months ago

      You can use the persistent banner style for the reminder

    • Karen Poole
      Karen Poole 6 months ago

      I use the built in calendar and set reminders and never miss appointments.

    • Anthony Jenson
      Anthony Jenson 6 months ago

      Yes BB had a perfect calendar, it used to integrate even with FB and show the Bday Notifications as popups without any problems, missing it...

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  • Bob Sprecher
    Bob Sprecher 2 months ago

    Thank you, this was very helpful. Nicely done!

  • PrettyAdorkable Ash
    PrettyAdorkable Ash 4 months ago

    I always look for your videos when it comes to information about my Apple products ❤

  • EvilTurkeySlices
    EvilTurkeySlices 5 months ago +3

    My favorite feature so far is the ability to switch between set wallpapers in the fly. I have several wallpapers I like but I always forget about, being able to save my favorites will make switching way easier. Previously I would rarely switch before 16.

  • DeRealBrian
    DeRealBrian 6 months ago +1793

    As a hard-core Samsung user, I must say the camera continuity feature/desk view is just top-notch! I am super envious of this. Great job Apple 👏.

    • Keivin Lee Vallecera
      Keivin Lee Vallecera 4 months ago

      @Rodrigo J. Da Silva Actaully, it works for me very well.

    • Victoria Taylor
      Victoria Taylor 4 months ago

      That’s the only thing that is new tbh . Samsung BEEN .

    • Keivin Lee Vallecera
      Keivin Lee Vallecera 4 months ago

      @pradeep kumar Literally.

    • Henderwho
      Henderwho 4 months ago

      @Rath shame their processors are absolute dogshit when compared to the iphones lol.

    • Connect it the fan collector
      Connect it the fan collector 6 months ago +1

      @Brandon S. i can absolutely agree with you. I have had ios for 6 years now and i got a Samsung for the first time last year and it is much more easier to use and more user friendly

  • Lynn
    Lynn 5 months ago

    Very useful thank you, I'm upgrading to 14 Pro Max! 👍🏻🙂🇬🇧

  • Roman A
    Roman A 4 months ago

    One I like the most. If you watch the youtube video, sometimes you don't really need a video itself, lets say its an inteview or podcast and to not drain battery I want to turn off the screen, but youtube video will shut down also. Now you can watch the video, shut down the screen and audio line will still be playing on a background, and if you swipe up it brings you back to video without delay or pause. Love it!!!

  • rajeevrp
    rajeevrp 4 months ago +1

    Any changes in battery back-up on iPhone 12 after upgrading to iOS 16 ? Can someone share your experience. I am always scared of upgrading iOS on older iPhones.

  • Nicholas Hennessy
    Nicholas Hennessy 5 months ago

    Currently running the 3rd update of the iOS 16 Public Beta, and it’s getting really good.

  • fray3dendsofsanity
    fray3dendsofsanity 6 months ago +2106

    The "make a sticker out of any subject" feature where you can copy a subject and make them their own icon is amazing, and my personal favorite. The masking algorithm to isolate the subject out of the photo seems incredibly accurate. Personalized memes are gonna go to a whole new level now, makes it really easy to make collage art too.

    • charliejas
      charliejas 2 months ago

      Mine doesn’t do that. Do you go into photos.

    • Moose’s Igloo💗
      Moose’s Igloo💗 4 months ago

      Hehehhehehe make a sticker u say yaaay more ways to annoy my bf lol

    • Apple Holic
      Apple Holic 4 months ago


    • Defining Slawek
      Defining Slawek 4 months ago

      @Azad - i wanted it so bad I installed microsoft swift key and google keyboard, don't need them anymore thankfully :))

    • Defining Slawek
      Defining Slawek 4 months ago

      @Ashan Mahendran what are you referencing?

  • ornette coleman
    ornette coleman 4 months ago

    Thank you MKHB! It’s been too long since the original announcement. I needed this ios16 update refresher. I’ll be looking for one on WatchOS 9 next.

    • ornette coleman
      ornette coleman 4 months ago

      @tizi Sorry. on my phone at the time.

    • tizi
      tizi 4 months ago

      Butchered his name

  • Ezra
    Ezra 4 months ago +1

    one of the most underrated features that i just found out about is being able to copy edits from photos and videos and paste them into other photos and videos! as a photographer who does a lot of editing on the iphone, it makes my life so much easier instead of having to go into each individual one to edit!

  • Chase Conner
    Chase Conner 4 months ago

    IOS is moving in the right direction, love the update

  • Raidzor
    Raidzor 4 months ago

    The haptic keyboard was one amazing detail I’m really enjoying

  • Kiwi Singh
    Kiwi Singh 6 months ago +246

    I think a pretty underrated feature is the new Medicines section in the Health app. A significant proportion of adults worldwide (myself included) take prescription medications daily, and this new section of the Health app just makes it easier to keep track of these. And with the Elsevier integration that should be coming in September when the final RC/stable release for iOS 16 drops, you’ll be able to see things like drug-drug interactions, so how your prescription medication might interact with booze, caffeine, cannabis, hell, even melatonin. Continuity Camera is also a great feature to have, though I do not currently own a macOS device to test it out.

    • Ivan
      Ivan 6 months ago +2

      Thank you so much for mentioning this. My boyfriend takes different medications nightly and every morning, so this is a godsend feature to know about

    • Rob Julian Maghinang
      Rob Julian Maghinang 6 months ago +1

      Yes, I totally agree with this!

    • Kiwi Singh
      Kiwi Singh 6 months ago

      @Zaydan Alfariz yes

    • fluffy
      fluffy 6 months ago +3

      I'm glad iOS is adding this as a built-in thing, but previously there have been plenty of third-party apps like Medisafe which did this already. But iOS 15's notification changes made Medisafe kind of useless, too.

    • Sbeve
      Sbeve 6 months ago +1


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  • Totalwar09
    Totalwar09 5 months ago +2

    iOS is ALMOST perfect!
    The only thing it's really lacking now is a notification taskbar on the top of the phone

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