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Is Alex's new boyfriend straight!?: Modern Family


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  • j
    j 3 months ago +59699

    He’s not mad, he’s just gay

    • NotThereJustGone
      NotThereJustGone 3 months ago +158

      This deserves a comment!

    • benjamin borland
      benjamin borland 3 months ago +45

      Fr bro

    • rogonval
      rogonval 3 months ago +126

      But at the end he wasn't gay

    • NotThereJustGone
      NotThereJustGone 3 months ago +74

      @rogonval I've said it before and I'll say it again-as Katy Perry, the moral arbiter of our age, has declared you can be gay and not even like boys!

  • Kat Kay
    Kat Kay 3 months ago +5676

    I wish Alex had ended up w him. It’s confirmed he is actually striaght

    • Kitti Kat
      Kitti Kat 3 months ago +121

      I don’t see it…

    • Sir, I Love you
      Sir, I Love you 3 months ago +888

      ​@Kitti Kat Yeah, because you let homophobic stereotypes rule your life

    • HEIDRO
      HEIDRO 3 months ago +45

      He's not 🤦‍♂️

    • William May
      William May 3 months ago +176

      ​@Sir, I Love you nah man my gaydar is just pinging like spidey senses

    • Constance DARRAS
      Constance DARRAS 3 months ago +101

      @hybridphoenix6343 Or he could be queer and not gay first. And also yes it is indeed stereotypes. I have a friend that acts and talks like the stereotypical gay and hes straight. Or at least he would be queer but not gay then bc with another one of my female friends theyre dating, but he also says hes straight so yes.

  • Account
    Account 3 months ago +7445

    My ex boyfriend is gay and when Cam mentioned the flower arrangements it couldn’t stop laughing, it’s true. 😂🤚

    • Lyle Laney
      Lyle Laney 3 months ago +25

      That's a stereotype and I thought stereotyping is bad.

    • NSGaming Allen
      NSGaming Allen 3 months ago +126

      ​@Lyle Laney Sterotyping is not in of itself bad. It's the context and meaning, presentation that determines that.

    • 4thegood
      4thegood 3 months ago +43

      My husband of 22 years is great at arranging flowers 🤔

    • Lyle Laney
      Lyle Laney 3 months ago +11

      @NSGaming Allen An inaccurate generalised representation of an entire group of people sounds bad to me, regardless of whether the attributes are positive or negative.

    • hail
      hail 3 months ago +39

      @Lyle Laney dude you’re out here looking for reasons to get mad💀 go take a walk. Oh wait. People who start fights on the internet don’t go outside. Oops! Was that a generalization?

  • NotThereJustGone
    NotThereJustGone 3 months ago +37061

    Tell me you're gay without telling me you're gay.

    • x.owls_
      x.owls_ 3 months ago +237

      Im not gay 💅

    • NotThereJustGone
      NotThereJustGone 3 months ago +81

      @x.owls_ Super straight, Bruh!

    • shahad merani
      shahad merani 3 months ago +126

      dude wasn’t gay tho 😭

    • NotThereJustGone
      NotThereJustGone 3 months ago +33

      @shahad merani As Katy Perry once opined, you can be gay and not even like boys.

    • shahad merani
      shahad merani 3 months ago +21

      @NotThereJustGone lmao??

  • annacollard💚💙ts1d
    annacollard💚💙ts1d 3 months ago +5863

    ✨i’m not mad i’m just…angry✨

    • 💙Diana rose 💚
      💙Diana rose 💚 3 months ago +7

      Oi oiiii

    • PenguinMan
      PenguinMan 3 months ago +25

      You could smell the Zestiness

    • Legend Oflex
      Legend Oflex 3 months ago +20

      As a women I can translate🤓😂😂😂 What he should have said is "I'm not necessarily mad at you...I'm just mad at the world. Because it's not just you that doesn't take me on my word, it's everyone around me. I get that those same people are also around you though, and that if you hear something enough times you start to question yourself...So no I'm not mad at you, but if you don't give me space rn and accept my answer then I may become mad at you very soon."

    • faith 369
      faith 369 3 months ago +2

      Hi 💚💙

  • Millsy Kooksy
    Millsy Kooksy 3 months ago +2482

    You should never assume someone’s sexuality based off of their voice or mannerisms, or anything like that I have had male friends, who I could’ve sworn they were gay, but they absolutely were not

    • Dakshita Saxena
      Dakshita Saxena 3 months ago +66

      It is wrong but..most of the time the people are right..

    • Dakshita Saxena
      Dakshita Saxena 3 months ago +5

      @camisafespace I kind of agree with what you are saying.

    • Shahan 484
      Shahan 484 3 months ago +5

      ​cami's safe space well there are 2 types of gay men aren't there? One is the feminine guy and other is the more masculine one and they live happily ever

    • anonymous annie
      anonymous annie 3 months ago +14

      And some of the most manliest men are gay!

    • Goopycream
      Goopycream 3 months ago +8


  • Angel
    Angel 3 months ago +927

    " And those Are synonyms "
    Was exactly what i was thinking when he said he wasnt mad just angry

    • whisper willows
      whisper willows 3 months ago +21

      I think he was trying to express, "I'm not mad AT YOU, just the situations angered me"

    • Uru Sledge
      Uru Sledge 3 months ago +2

      Well, "angry" only has the one meaning, whereas "mad" can mean insane, so technically you can make that statement and not be using synonyms. I haven't looked it up but I'd be willing to bet that angry always meant what it means now, but mad started out only meaning insane, but people used it in an informal/slang way to express being very angry, and over time it became synonymous.

    • Marvz Ramos
      Marvz Ramos 3 months ago +1

      He's probably going for "hurt"

    • VolfKami
      VolfKami 3 months ago

      ​@Uru Sledgesynonyms*

    • Uru Sledge
      Uru Sledge 3 months ago +1

      @VolfKami autocorrect

  • CityNightSlxt
    CityNightSlxt 3 months ago +689

    I can understand his anger, having your entire existance judged by just a few aspects of your person
    Edit: I haven't seen this episode so Idk if he's gay or not but even if he is, it's still fucked up and happens, people get stereotyped to a group they might not even know because of only a few things. Also if he is gay, he should come out on his own terms and not because he feels pressured by everyone calling him gay, they're still causing him distress and making him upset.
    Edit #2 since some of you dumbasses can't get what I'm saying: He's not only getting asked if he's gay, people are like, "Oh he's definitely gay." I got a straight friend who had a rumor spread sround about him that he was gay because another gay guy was like, "He's too fruity to be straight." He was pretty fucking upset because people we're saying something thst wasn't true and so on and so forth. It's more than getting asked about being gay you fucking dingle berry.

    • Theresa Garr
      Theresa Garr 3 months ago +5

      remember Chandler in Friends... the office lady was about to fix him up w a guy 😂

    • G_low
      G_low 3 months ago +8

      That aspect being…he was gay

    • Honin Akecheta
      Honin Akecheta 3 months ago +5

      He was gay.

    • euphearl
      euphearl 3 months ago +9

      ​@Honin Akecheta No he wasn't

    • euphearl
      euphearl 3 months ago +10

      ​@G_low no he didn't end up being gay

  • Azariah Escalante
    Azariah Escalante 3 months ago +23445

    Nah I hate when people pressure flamboyant boys, and always ask them if they are gay. I had a friend who people always asked are you gay, even though he likes girls and only talked about girls, but because he was a pretty boy and took care of himself more than the average guy people always pressured him to "accept himself".

    • Shut Up N Listen
      Shut Up N Listen 3 months ago +824

      Most flamboyant men wait until they are in their late 40s and have nothing to lose to admit to themselves that they are in fact gay😂

    • Nilanjasa
      Nilanjasa 3 months ago +2065

      ​@Shut Up N ListenBut all tomboy girls aren't lesbians 🤔 what if it's just their nature?

    • Eduardo Chavacano
      Eduardo Chavacano 3 months ago +220

      Because when it quacks, it must be a duck.

    • Catarina
      Catarina 3 months ago +952

      ⁠​⁠@Eduardo Chavacano Until you look behind the tree and realize it’s just a magpie mimicking a duck.

  • Kira Goldy
    Kira Goldy 3 months ago +431

    We have one co-worker who everybody assumed is gay. He dresses in men's clothing but he acts very feminine. His voice is so soft it sounds feminine. His hand gestures are very girly. At a party, he was teased that he's just "closeted" and everyone encouraged him to just admit that he is gay. It was kinda mean tbh. But he just laughed it off and said he's 100% straight.
    Later on, we found out that he is actually married and with a beautiful wife that he loves very much.
    Lesson we've learned that day is to NEVER JUDGE A PERSON BY THE WAY THEY TALK, ACT, OR LOOK. His bullies should be ashamed.

    • J040PL7
      J040PL7 3 months ago +25

      Some men are feminine just like some women are masculine, sexuality is disconnected to it. People conflate the two because normally the masculine likes the feminine which is normally women, and the feminine likes the masculine, which is normally men.
      It's basically 3 classifications.
      Male or female
      Masculine or feminine
      Heterosexual or homosexual.
      Humans can be any combination of the 3.

    • carida56
      carida56 3 months ago +8

      Seriously. I agree so much. My brother took my best friend to Prom, was on the wrestling team, Science Club and Tornado Chasers. He was very into gardening, and helping Daddy trim bushes and trees. At 21 he came out as gay, and then as bi. Never saw that coming..so don't judge a book by it's cover, ya'll.

    • Teto Kasane
      Teto Kasane 3 months ago +1

      And everyone applauded

    • Ahmed Seyam Nijrabi
      Ahmed Seyam Nijrabi 3 months ago +2

      That's dumb af, you judge everyone whether you like it or not and for good reason too.

    • Seamus O'Gil
      Seamus O'Gil 3 months ago +4

      ​@J040PL7yo wtf did the Mandela affect erase Metro sexuals? It's like this last 2 generation don't even know what it is

  • TS Duke
    TS Duke 3 months ago +255

    He's not gay, he's just a soft guy that has a lot more growing up to do.

  • The Moist Felt Lips of Satan as a Muppet 😉

    It’d be cool if they’d acknowledge bisexuality

    • smooth
      smooth 3 months ago +610

      Bisexuality does not exist in sitcoms baby 😢

    • Asmita J.
      Asmita J. 3 months ago +67

      Yeah that was unfortunate

    • NoVaKane
      NoVaKane 3 months ago +28

      Why would thst be cool lol

  • cryo blaster
    cryo blaster 3 months ago +185

    At first I was wonderin why he got so defensive then I realized it's cuz he's tired of getting that same question and constantly dealing with the pressure of that feeling

    • RenTek
      RenTek 3 months ago +2

      I mean that’s true but also if the girl I liked and took to prom sat down and seriously asked if I’m gay I would be embarrassed and angry.

  • John Perez
    John Perez 3 months ago +14715

    Says he’s not gay in the sassiest ways possible💀

  • jeffiegirl
    jeffiegirl 3 months ago +56

    I babysat for a family of SEVEN kids whose dad is petite, soft spoken, and has gentle mannerisms. So many people assumed he was gay. Hes still married to his wife. He's a doctor and an amazing man

  • liam
    liam 3 months ago +3922

    I was looking for this a few hours ago 😂

  • anjana ghosh
    anjana ghosh 3 months ago +30

    Why does everyone thinks he is gay, just because he has a little lady like behaviour, doesn't make him gay, right ?

  • Lithiel
    Lithiel 3 months ago +23

    I knew a guy who apparently was told he was gay for years and years because he was pretty, into the arts, little effeminate and talked to mostly girls. He’s been married to my mom for over 30 years -*shrug* XD that’s why unless they admit it, I try not to do this to people or label them. Let’s lay off the stereotypes it’s 2023.

    • Thomas Olson
      Thomas Olson 3 months ago

      What if you have a kid with him and he decides to go back to men? You are left to raise the kid all by yourself. I've seen this happen over and over again. I think this situation has gotten worse lately. I don't know why, but out of the closet men are starting to think it's cool to have kids.

    • Seamus O'Gil
      Seamus O'Gil 3 months ago +6

      @Thomas Olson that is absolutely disgusting! That's her dad you're talking about

    • Thomas Olson
      Thomas Olson 3 months ago

      @Seamus O'Gil lmrof, not what I meant but nice call. That's another thing that's getting quite popular.

    • sai Indurthi
      sai Indurthi 2 months ago

      @Seamus O'Gilthats not what he meant lol

  • Elianna
    Elianna 3 months ago +894

    My ex was gay 💀

    • π
      π 3 months ago +21

      Then you must be smokin hot

    • Babel
      Babel 3 months ago +12

      Were you a boy?

    • Enter aesthetic name here
      Enter aesthetic name here 3 months ago +15

      They should hire you at conversion camps

    • Elianna
      Elianna 3 months ago +40

      @Babel nope I was his coverup for a year and a half. I was really stupid 😭

    • Elianna
      Elianna 3 months ago +2

      @Enter aesthetic name here preach 😭

  • Mohd Rahimi Zulkifli
    Mohd Rahimi Zulkifli 3 months ago +23

    My feminine friend literally has more children than i have and he is the most romantic guy i have ever seen towards his significant other

  • gabdominates
    gabdominates 3 months ago +10

    As a previously closeted person myself, I wish people would just mind their own business and let people figure themselves out in their own time.

    • richSalaz me
      richSalaz me 3 months ago +1

      Then don't enter a relationship with someone until you figure your sh*t out. Are you gonna figure that out at someone else's expense?

    • Wink
      Wink 2 months ago


  • Vishwas Bajaj
    Vishwas Bajaj 3 months ago +137

    Can someone explain to me how the comments section is so sure that he's gay?

  • Arub Amin
    Arub Amin 3 months ago +11

    And Amber heard didn't punch Johnny. She was hitting him.

  • SMG Productions
    SMG Productions 3 months ago +38

    Maybe he's bi or something else. Or maybe he's just straight with a really fun personality.
    Either way, Mitchell is right. Alex is 14. Even if that boy was the straightest person ever, they would break up anyway.

  • youtube user
    youtube user 3 months ago +264

    Alex looks so pretty

  • TheeOneOracle
    TheeOneOracle 3 months ago +68

    "How can I be homophobic, my b***h is gay" - Alex

  • Edgar Arzate
    Edgar Arzate 3 months ago +6

    People thought I was gay because most of my friends were girls. At family parties, not once I took a girlfriend to one, so they thought I was gay or got no game. The truth was that I just felt embarrassed on how much lack of respect my family has that I couldn't dare to take a date. Specially at every single party, there was a brawl/fight.

  • Idk
    Idk 3 months ago +496

    i bet my life savings that he’s gay

    • HighOctivity
      HighOctivity 3 months ago +28

      Turned out to not be in the show

    • AStar1999
      AStar1999 3 months ago +2

      (this isnt directed towards u its towards anyone who agrees with what u said BUT ALSO has not met more than 2 gay people in ur life 😂😂)
      some gay guys are incredibly masc, not talking about codeswitching to fit in and not get harassed 😢 i mean the ones who are naturally masc looking acting very muscular or non muscular but laddish. Id say 25%.
      Then you have 40% who may seem “obviously” gay but even then only half of those act hyperfem or camp (no issue). The other 35% of gay guys act no different to the average world male. Yes this character seems like they fit into the stereotypes of a gay guy maybe the actor is but the character turned out straight.
      Also many straight men with and without loving wives kids and marriages (in the west not the east thats sadly different) act a little “gay”. Imagine thinking just because you’re attracted to a certain gender that all of a sudden ur entire physiological characteristics change. 😂😂
      also what about bisexuals? they exist too.

    • Idk
      Idk 3 months ago +1

      @AStar1999 it was a joke i swear 😂😂😂

  • TsNoob
    TsNoob 3 months ago +58

    Love how toxic most of everyone is being in the comments, stereotyping a guy still thinking he's gay just for being flamboyant. A straight tomboy is believable but not a straight effeminate guy?

    • the wicked devil of the west
      the wicked devil of the west 3 months ago +2

      I mean I agree that you can be effeminate and still gay but a straight person wouldn't have acted like that if they were asked. He seemed in denial

    • TsNoob
      TsNoob 3 months ago +25

      @the wicked devil of the west Have you ever stopped to think that mayhaps that he's annoyed that people constantly question his sexuality just for expressing himself in his own way without any judgement? Especially if his parents likes to "assume" or criticize him in their homophobic views? Simply, he's just done with everyone who doesn't mind their business and let him live his life the way he wants.

    • laurens holthof
      laurens holthof 3 months ago +3

      Oh cmon admit that he could totally pass as gay like this. Sure, it's stereotyping but I don't see the problem in that bc I have enough friends for which the gay stereotypes are true

    • TsNoob
      TsNoob 3 months ago +1

      @laurens holthof Yes but he can most likely pass as bisexual as well, which is completely different from homosexuality. The majority of crossdresser, for example, who are people that likes to act and dress like the opposite of their gender, are not gay, the majority of them had admitted to being heterosexual.

    • laurens holthof
      laurens holthof 3 months ago +1

      @TsNoob Bisexuality isn't leagues different from homosexuality, and if I were bi I would definitely not take offense to someone asking if I was gay because I know that certain generations/ people don't really get bisexuality. I'm gay myself so I'm quite familiar with people and reacting to gays/bis

  • Stormy Cloud
    Stormy Cloud 3 months ago +3

    My uncle Jason was a homeless teen, his parents didn't prioritize him at all. And one day his father threw him out a window (so he couldn't live with his dad). And he asked his mom of he could live with her (mom said no because she wanted to live with her new boyfriend instead). And his grandmother said there wasn't enough room for him (although grandma was tge legal guardian of his sister). This poor kid didn't have anyone looking after him.
    My uncle was homeless sleeping in his car working as a waiter and one of his regular customers noticed he was living inside his car and offered to take him in. They became best friends, he bought him some clothes and helped him back on his feet. They were roommates for several years.
    Anyway, Mark (his roommate) dies during covid of a broken heart. His boyfriend died during covid in a freak accident, and he died of starvation because he wasn't eating.
    But my Uncle Jason still misses him. He still wears the clothing Mark gave him and it has all these rips/tears. This clothing is over 30 years old. My uncle isn't gay (he's actually been in a long term relationship with my aunt) but he's very sentimental, sensitive, caring. These are all things that a man should be.

  • R S
    R S 3 months ago +120

    The sad thing is that if he wasn’t gay, he’s going to start thinking he is. If you tell someone something about themselves long enough, they start to believe it.

    • iExecutioner
      iExecutioner 3 months ago +7

      Most asinine statement made on this site

    • Eduardo Chavacano
      Eduardo Chavacano 3 months ago +2

      He is super gay. Society just loves to complicate things.

    • Margaret Garana
      Margaret Garana 3 months ago +7

      Not how it works

    • R S
      R S 3 months ago +22

      @Margaret Garana I understand that’s not how being gay works, but people can be manipulated. You think children are actually transgender or do they think they are because their parents told them over and over? There is power in repetition and words are powerful.

  • E. E.
    E. E. 3 months ago +9

    I hate when people pressure flamboyant or campy boys, and always ask them if they are gay. You should never assume someone’s sexuality based off of their voice or mannerisms. MIND YO BUSINESS!! Michael McIntyre ANYONE??!!

  • Deepak Nalajala
    Deepak Nalajala 3 months ago +11

    She's just 14 it's not gonna last..truest statement ever

  • Corvo FG
    Corvo FG 3 months ago +561

    Poor guy is in denial. It just takes time to accept yourself.

    • shahad merani
      shahad merani 3 months ago +72

      but what makes y’all think he’s gay? bc he looks like one? i don’t know gay people looked a certain way 💀

    • Corvo FG
      Corvo FG 3 months ago +26

      @shahad merani As a gay man myself, he couldn’t be more obvious.

    • Kat Kay
      Kat Kay 3 months ago +67

      @Corvo FG well then I guess you’re just as prejudice as homophobes bc this guy is actually straight in the show.

    • kg6elijah.t
      kg6elijah.t 3 months ago +1

      ​@Corvo FGwhy does it have to be a man why can't a gay woman say or tell if he's gay

  • Vikas Arya
    Vikas Arya 3 months ago +2

    The boy is an amazing actor👏🏻 the expressions and subtitles are spot on.

  • Dr Vinson
    Dr Vinson 3 months ago +3

    Lesson: don’t take relationship advice from someone that doesn’t know how a normal relationship is supposed to work.

  • Cameron Rust
    Cameron Rust 3 months ago +22

    There’s no hiding the way he flipped that page 😂

  • K._M
    K._M 3 months ago +5

    He’s not gay, he’s Vietnamese

  • Gacha_Master
    Gacha_Master 3 months ago +13

    I wish Michael and Alex ended up together. They were so cute together 😂

  • Zuxy
    Zuxy 3 months ago +7

    I don't know anything about this series but that guy with a toaster and a bulldog is a mood

  • Maro Martz
    Maro Martz 3 months ago +2

    He's not gay, just really sassy lol

  • Robert Eleazer
    Robert Eleazer 3 months ago +2

    He may not be gay, but that sassy page turn has a collection of Judy Garland records from here to Oz.

  • Adrian
    Adrian 3 months ago +23

    That sassy tone in "No. I'm not" 😭

  • Catt xx
    Catt xx 3 months ago +1

    Bisexuality: I’m not even here, baby I’m just an illusion.

  • DreJurado
    DreJurado 3 months ago +1

    Actually this one hits hard. My brother and I grew up European American and for that he was very “metro sexual” to most Americans. He is as straight as can be but EVERYONE use to pure pressure him even our American family and tell him “it’s alright if your gay we’ll still love you” and it would frustrate the hell out of him because he’s never was. Well he’s 23 now and has a girlfriend.

  • Babel
    Babel 3 months ago +18

    Behavior can be misleading. I once asked a friend if he was gay and he got mad too, I mean angey. I'm a bi girl, so since he got angey at me for asking I'm sure he's very straight. I'm a literal walking safe space. Last I heard he's married and has kids but he and his wife always fighting. That's normal for straight couples, right?

    • Aria Yi
      Aria Yi 3 months ago +1

      You're literally joking right.

    • Babel
      Babel 3 months ago +7

      @Aria Yi Totally serious. Either he's so far buried in his closet that he does not want to acknowledge or behavior is not an indication of what people are. He just behaves "gay" but could be totally straight.

    • T Jones
      T Jones 3 months ago +13

      ​@Babelor they're a toxic couple which happens in some straight couple. Just cause they're unhappy doesn't mean he's gay.

    • Babel
      Babel 3 months ago +5

      @T Jones exactly my point, also his unhappiness isn't what makes him "seem" gay. He behaves pretty much like this kid in the show.

    • Margaret Garana
      Margaret Garana 3 months ago

      Unfortunately a lot of couples of all types

  • Ash MacC
    Ash MacC 3 months ago +2

    This comment section hasn't seen Modern Family and it shows.

  • I'm Gaming
    I'm Gaming 3 months ago +1

    "I had an affair with a male, but I'm not gay."
    -My friend.

  • Alien Cultist
    Alien Cultist 3 months ago +9

    Mans is so far in the closet he's talking to a lion

    • A Lilith
      A Lilith 3 months ago +2

      This will be put on my grave

    • Seamus O'Gil
      Seamus O'Gil 3 months ago

      You must be gen z right?

    • Alien Cultist
      Alien Cultist 3 months ago

      @Seamus O'Gil what makes you say that? I mean, you're right, but I'm curious

    • Seamus O'Gil
      Seamus O'Gil 3 months ago

      @Alien Cultist cause it seems like gen z don't know what a metro sexual is

  • Averry
    Averry 3 months ago +1

    He’s not gay, he’s a surgeon 🗿

  • Ariana Ayala
    Ariana Ayala 3 months ago +8

    He’s not mad he’s just angry

  • TAM0
    TAM0 3 months ago +9

    Alex is so pretty😭

  • Thomas Peterson
    Thomas Peterson 3 months ago +2

    Woman have no idea how harmful that question can be.

  • Rachael Houser
    Rachael Houser 3 months ago +3

    "at least she will get a great flower arrangement" lmao 😂

  • Jacquelyn Halushka
    Jacquelyn Halushka 3 months ago +3

    She looks about as 14 as I look like a golden retriever lol

    • The Wrong Music
      The Wrong Music 3 months ago +3

      This episode aired in 2012 and the actress was born in 1998. Guess what 2012 - 1998 is.

    • Jacquelyn Halushka
      Jacquelyn Halushka 3 months ago

      @The Wrong Music right…not criticizing her at all, the continuation error is just silly. I agree with you

  • CookingUpGaming
    CookingUpGaming 3 months ago +1

    I wore a tie in highschool because i wanted girls to think i knew how to dress myself.
    Everyone thought i was gay for that.

  • Smokey
    Smokey 3 months ago +2

    Idk why Alex gets hated on in the show, in my opinion she’s cuter than Haley.

  • Blackberry
    Blackberry 3 months ago +3

    Not Cam continuing to believe he's gay 😂

  • Josh
    Josh 3 months ago +1

    I get this a lot because I'm short (5' 7"), skinny, well-spoken, well-dressed, and polite.
    Nevermind that I've been with my childhood sweetheart for over 30 years, since we started dating when we were in 10th grade. Hell, I've even had people assume she was a "beard".
    It's frustrating because it shouldn't even matter. Like, what right do people even have to ask me my sexual preference, or presume I'm lying to them when I tell them I'm not gay?

  • MelloDees
    MelloDees 3 months ago +1

    My first 3 "boyfriends" through middle school are all now gay men 😂

  • TheRedHairChannel
    TheRedHairChannel 3 months ago +39

    Which episode is this?

  • MioHioHarada
    MioHioHarada 3 months ago +1

    "I'm not mad.....I'm angry"
    Sums up your modern GAY person today 😂

  • Fadeless
    Fadeless 3 months ago +1

    I knew a guy in high school who was extremely flamboyant and everyone assumed he was gay. He was actually straight as fuck though.

  • impostory
    impostory 3 months ago +13

    He is European

  • Burning Animations
    Burning Animations 3 months ago +1

    He's not mad, just angry.
    I'm not fat, just obese

    • ObscureOccasions
      ObscureOccasions 3 months ago

      I get what you were going for but obesity and being fat/overweight are obviously different.

  • Sparkles88
    Sparkles88 2 months ago +1

    As a gay man who just ended things with my first boyfriend. You would never know he was gay, looks straight and acts straight as a pole. Unless I’m there then you know he’s probably gay 😂. Don’t assume people’s sexualities

  • Ideal Cookie
    Ideal Cookie 3 months ago +5

    My ex told me I made him gay

  • Mae Mars
    Mae Mars 3 months ago

    LGBTQ+ people shouldn't have to live in fear or feel like if they come out that they'll be shunned or kicked out. I'm part of the LGBTQ+ community and to my fellow LGBTQ+ people out there... you are valid. You are loved. You don't have to live in fear or live in the shadows. You matter, and you're beautiful human beings. I love you all ❤️

  • Lokesh Waran
    Lokesh Waran 3 months ago +1

    Him : I am not gay
    His every Face expression : Yes I am 💀

  • Writing Loud
    Writing Loud 3 months ago +7

    I am not mad, I 'm just angry.. Bro💀

  • halo merric
    halo merric 3 months ago +1

    There once was a sassy homophobic straight guy in my h.s. Hes now married with a guy.😂

  • Justin Williams
    Justin Williams 3 months ago

    When I was working fast food in my late teens, my co worker asked if I wanted to sleep over and hang out since we were both off the next day.
    Figured what the heck, but later at his parents I had a rude awakening of what a straight man wasn't.
    We were hanging out having a decent time, then he got freaking weird.
    He asked if I wanted to play truth or dare, I had nothing else to do so I said sure.
    A round later I said truth he said truth had been taken by him in the first round so I had to choose dare.
    This dude said "I dare you to stand in the bathroom naked"
    I just sat there kinda flabbergasted, like did I hear that correctly? That's not normal right?
    So I said " uh pass" he said " you can't pass haha" and proceeded to try to peer pressure me into doing it, and I wasn't having it, so I said as politely as I could that it was making me uncomfortable and that we should drop the game.
    So we did, later on he went to go use the bathroom *which is literally a wall apart from his room* so I got up and looked at the wall.
    There was a picture on it and I knew there was something up with this dude so I moved it, and there was a hole. THIS DUDE HAD A 1 WAY MIRROR IN THERE!
    so after collecting my thoughts and considerations I decided to climb out the window while he was gone.
    Walked 12 miles home, and it was 10am when I got home.
    After that I decided I didn't want to work at that place anymore, and looked into the dude.
    The guy was gay and seemed to have a history of *stalking his prey* if you know what I mean, * no one underage mind you* I don't know his tactics to get them because I chose not to f*@# around and find out.😅
    Hence why I have a mild homophobia, but can you blame me?

  • Victor Munhoz
    Victor Munhoz 3 months ago +3

    Realistically in this situation he'd be super conscious of his tone and would try to "sound straight"

  • enzognlima
    enzognlima 3 months ago +1

    Society nowadays: You should be you!
    Also society: let me decide your sexuality for you :)

  • anton nilsson
    anton nilsson 3 months ago

    he’s not mad, he’s angry

  • Red Skittle
    Red Skittle 3 months ago +4

    He's just embarassed his lie isn't working, he's not ready to be out yet.

  • GRiN2V1C6
    GRiN2V1C6 3 months ago

    "I'm not mad, I'm just gay... Fuck, alright you got me"

  • Error
    Error 3 months ago

    "I'm not mad, I'm just...angry."
    *Darwin award goes too...*

  • JellyFishing
    JellyFishing 3 months ago +3

    Its like hes telling himself that instead of her

  • Jo E
    Jo E 2 months ago

    I really like that Alex is so close with Mitchell.

  • Lupi Arch
    Lupi Arch 3 months ago

    Groomers: Even if you say you're not gae a million times, we will still think and treat you like one until you have no other option but to be one.

  • Happy
    Happy 3 months ago +51

    The kid is a horrible actor.

    • Fisheye Yuna
      Fisheye Yuna 3 months ago +14

      So are you 😊

    • MustAsh
      MustAsh 3 months ago +4

      lol who cares

    • Sisse Holm
      Sisse Holm 3 months ago +40

      I dont think so. His role was a kid who was terrible at hiding his sexuality

    • Coryyx
      Coryyx 3 months ago +3

      As if you could do better

  • nite75
    nite75 3 months ago

    He’s not gay, he’s just a lil zesty 💅💅

  • Sleepy bear
    Sleepy bear 3 months ago +3

    So is he actually gay or not

    • Enrique Martinez
      Enrique Martinez 3 months ago +2

      Nah just European

    • Kater Ginger
      Kater Ginger 3 months ago

      ​@Enrique Martinez wth ? 😂

    • Sofia May
      Sofia May 3 months ago

      ​@Kater Ginger that's a reference to the "Legally Blond" musical, there was a song "Gay or European?", check it out, it's classic

  • Kiki The Stardust Crusader

    Just remember feminine or flamboyant guys are not always gay.

  • sunray
    sunray 3 months ago

    "I'm not mad just angry"
    "I'm not gay just homosexual"

    TOXICSKULL 1105 3 months ago +8

    I'm just saying Elton John married a woman fir a while

  • ShinyOshawott
    ShinyOshawott Month ago

    jay: “i hate yard sales”😂😂😂😂

  • GengarVenom
    GengarVenom 2 months ago

    "I am not gay! I have relationships with women, and sex with men."

  • Sfefs fesfs
    Sfefs fesfs 3 months ago +4

    Alr so here’s some tips for the women to find out if your friend is gay:
    1: if he answered nervous, and instantly denies it, hes 100% gay.
    2: If he says something along the lines of “for the homies yeah”, then marry him right on the spot.

    • soph1e
      soph1e 3 months ago

      he seemed embarrassed in the first clip

    • Spinner132
      Spinner132 3 months ago +1

      Wow. I hope you aren't serious on that first one. Thats a pretty disgusting way to view it.

    • soph1e
      soph1e 3 months ago +1

      @Spinner132 literally. Like if you’re a teenage boy and you’re insecure and growing into yourself, and your gf who you love asks if you’re gay, that’s embarrassing and rude

  • your-local-loser
    your-local-loser 3 months ago +1


  • Schleich Stables
    Schleich Stables 3 months ago

    “I’m not mad, I’m just angry”
    -Me literally all the time

  • R
    R 3 months ago +6

    The thing is in real life, if a guy gets mad when called gay then he is gay, if he knows people will think he's gay if does get mad when called gay so he doesn't get mad, then too people will think he's gay.

    • S
      S 3 months ago

      That's not how it works... I would be mad if called lesbian honestly. Because I would think they are judging me

  • Batch
    Batch 3 months ago +2

    Is there a single scene where Cam doesn't make everything about himself?

  • Parry Carry
    Parry Carry 3 months ago

    Never ask a young guy if they are gay no matter how they act... they will deny it profusey until they themselves accept it. I know from experience. Let them come out on their own. Whether that is that they are gay or that they most certainly aren't. You'll know based on their actions, not their words.

  • Bigbootyboi420
    Bigbootyboi420 3 months ago +1

    Me being delusional in high school

  • M- Maaz
    M- Maaz 3 months ago +1

    Bro was angry because he didn't say no homo

  • Rica Chona
    Rica Chona 3 months ago

    My brother was like that. Everyone assumed he's gay. He's now got 2 kids with his ex-wife and a kid with his current gf.

  • ogunernile
    ogunernile 3 months ago

    He's not gay. He's zesty.

  • Daniel bridges
    Daniel bridges 3 months ago

    A fine point to say, "Leave the kids alone."
    Kid will figure out who he is at his own damn pace. Leave him be.