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The Dance of Dragons by Shireen, Viserys & Others

  • Published on May 26, 2016 veröffentlicht
  • "The fight between Rhaenyra Targaryen and her half-brother Aegon for control over the Seven Kingdoms. Both of them thought they belonged on the Iron Throne. When people started declaring for one of them or the other, their fight divided the kingdoms in two. Brothers fought brothers, dragons fought dragons. By the time it was over, thousands were dead. And it was a disaster for the Targaryens as well. They never truly recovered."
    ―Princess Shireen Baratheon, S5E9
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  • Michael Snow
    Michael Snow 2 months ago +5165

    Seeing Matt Smith leaping from a dying dragon and impaling another dragon rider through the eye is going to be a SIGHT.

    • Christie
      Christie 2 days ago


    • Christie
      Christie 2 days ago


    • PercocetPlz
      PercocetPlz 2 days ago


    • Zar r
      Zar r 8 days ago

      @Uchiha Family whatever, i just hope it doesnt happen, him putting his hands no her neck was already disgracefull. If he has no respect for rae as the series go along then ill be disapointed

    • Uchiha Family
      Uchiha Family 8 days ago +1

      ​@Spartan Heart believe me Daemon will dont give a shit about this bastard girl

  • Red T
    Red T Month ago +1154

    You're here because season 1 episodes 1 to 10 of House of the Dragon is not enough.

  • VELutke
    VELutke 2 months ago +3258

    What always gets me about the Dance of the Dragons is that the two prospective monarchs, Aegon II and Rhaenyra, seemingly didn't even want the war. Aegon II straight-up refused the crown, stating his sister was heir, until he was pushed into it. Rhaenyra wanted to solve things with diplomacy and was willing to back out the moment people started dying. It's the people around them, like Allicent, Aemond and Daemon, that caused all the major escalations until there was no choice but either one of them dying.
    Note: this comment was made before HotD began. I'll reserve judgment on what went down in that version of events until the series ends.

    • David Mancini
      David Mancini 9 hours ago

      @Debamlya banerjee there's a big surprise.

    • Debamlya banerjee
      Debamlya banerjee 9 hours ago

      @David Mancini ok cupcake i love cupcake

    • David Mancini
      David Mancini 9 hours ago

      @Debamlya banerjee whatever you say cupcake.

    • Debamlya banerjee
      Debamlya banerjee 10 hours ago

      @David Mancini i am not covering my ass you are kissing rhanyras ass and stayed on my Statment rhanyra is not worthy for throne even the throne rejected her as well

    • David Mancini
      David Mancini 10 hours ago

      @Debamlya banerjee plus that's not the way you said it in the first place. You said if Rhaenyra took the throne she would kill her brothers and then you said she is a horrible person. You got called out for making a stupid comment and now your trying to cover your ass.

  • Fire and Blood
    Fire and Blood Year ago +2657

    That dragon battle over harrenhal is going to be one bad ass scene in House of the Dragon.

    • Henry K
      Henry K 5 days ago

      @FOV idk the way the first season dragged probably 4

    • Axel Ramirez
      Axel Ramirez 28 days ago

      @Rithesh it is short, but its the legendary move of jumping from one dragon to the other as they plummet just to kill the other guy mere seconds before you both die anyways.

    • Battousai the king slayer
      Battousai the king slayer Month ago

      @Nick lmfaooo

    • Donnie Vitelloni
      Donnie Vitelloni Month ago

      Too bad it won’t be till mid 2024 or 2026

    • Rishabhhhhhh
      Rishabhhhhhh Month ago +1

      Can't deny now but I'm crying

  • Psic- Hist
    Psic- Hist 3 months ago +3301

    Finally 6 years after this video came out, we will have a full on series on the dance of the dragons.

    • misselaine
      misselaine 16 days ago

      Had Jaeharys died before Alysanne, Rhaenys would have been queen and none of this would have happened

    • Flx Gld
      Flx Gld 16 days ago

      As bad as I wanna continue the video...I'll stop at 12:32.
      Awhole nother YEAR and some change to go

    • J
      J Month ago

      @Agus Turyanto Nice call

    • Domingo Rubies
      Domingo Rubies Month ago

      @T Beech yes and include the Rains of Castmere

    • Domingo Rubies
      Domingo Rubies Month ago

      @Jeff Hopkins King’s already dead 😆

  • Kyra
    Kyra 2 months ago +2210

    With both dragons wounded and incapable of flight, Daemon and Aemond were both dead without question before they hit the ground. There was no need to stab Aemond through the skull - it was just to prove that Daemon was always the superior strategist. He used his last moments to flex on his nephew. I respect that.

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen  8 days ago

      Aemond is the OG took our team black leader.

    • James Quinn
      James Quinn 16 days ago

      @Nimbus 04 hitting water at terminal velocity you may as well be hitting concrete

    • Aakruti Patel
      Aakruti Patel 17 days ago +2

      @Bill Volk they legit found aemond 's body with dark sister through his skull...

    • Aakruti Patel
      Aakruti Patel 19 days ago

      @Alec ya... But laenor is kept alive in the show... I very much want daemon to live

    • Alec
      Alec 19 days ago

      @Aakruti Patel i mean, if i remember correctly daemon's body was never found so you really never know but he is probably dead

  • Thedemonhater
    Thedemonhater Month ago +560

    “The blood of their children turned a dynastic dispute into a war of annihilation. The grief and rage of losing a child could burn down the entire world. Either Aegon or Rhaenyra could live at the end, but not both.”
    What a fantastic line.

    • WeapónX
      WeapónX 18 days ago

      @The mystic warriorgal kk

    • The mystic warriorgal
      The mystic warriorgal 18 days ago +1

      @WeapónX it's not women doing the killing

    • WeapónX
      WeapónX 18 days ago +1

      @The mystic warriorgal aye it's because of greedy men. Let's not forget women made it way worst

    • V R O K Y A
      V R O K Y A 20 days ago

      Plot twist neither live at the end

    • The mystic warriorgal
      The mystic warriorgal 20 days ago +2

      @rohan shende the war is caused by a greedy man who caused conflict between two women. Men r the funniest gender even history can acclaim to that

  • Ricky Clark
    Ricky Clark 2 months ago +587

    Viserys is the best narrator hands down😂👍🏾 love listening to him. “Meagor the wise, also dubbed as the cruel” lmaoooo

    • Nina C.
      Nina C. 19 days ago +2

      He is so good!

    • V8_Power
      V8_Power 28 days ago

      Melyes and Rheynes

    • Miz Rouge
      Miz Rouge 28 days ago +5

      Well, he is a descendant of Dickens.

    • Pit Lord
      Pit Lord 29 days ago +12

      Yeah man, his narrations are always good for a laugh or two with his pompous musings. He may not have had many scenes, but he really nailed the character!

    • Nikai_Vi L
      Nikai_Vi L Month ago +6

      @Skyline its striaghtfoward but a little difference for each characters voice, hes very good.

  • Turnip
    Turnip 28 days ago +65

    A futile war that nearly ended the Targaryan dynasty. What makes this tale even more tragic is that the two prospective monarchs, Aegon and Rhanerya, didn't want war to break out or rule the kingdom. Aegon even says himself that Rhanerya's claim was stronger. It was the people around them, like Daemon and Alicent, that fed them delusions that they had to wage war otherwise their family would have been put to the sword.

  • TheJadedEagle
    TheJadedEagle 2 months ago +930

    If Hot D does Daemon's death justice, it'll be the most metal exit in Game of Thrones history.

    • SolarDragon007
      SolarDragon007 Day ago

      @Daemon Targaryen I hope in the show, Aemond manages to get a stab into Daemon just as he himself is run through his eye by Dark Sister. They've done a good job building up Aemond in the show, so I hope he gets a slightly better death than what's portrayed in this video. Him being completely helpless and terrified as Daemon kills him would be a bit lame imo.

    • Daemon Targaryen
      Daemon Targaryen  8 days ago +1

      @BREAKocean he’s dead. I reckon Aemond dealt him a fatal wound before he killed aemond

    • Lucas
      Lucas Month ago

      @Pyrus RAAAAAA

    • JDub
      JDub Month ago

      @Pyrus INCESTBOWL

    • Freakazoid
      Freakazoid Month ago

      Its looking like they will! The Jacerys scene was sick!

  • Monze D.
    Monze D. 2 months ago +625

    "Jaehaerys called the Great Council to prevent a war being fought over his succession. For he knew the cold truth. The only thing that could tear down the House of the Dragon was itself."

    • 11simonjr
      11simonjr 3 days ago

      @The mystic warriorgal Wrong Daemon literally kills his half brother Aemon.
      If Rhaenys was queen the common people and most noble houses would have been against the move. STOP being idealistic for 2 seconds and actually acknowledge that that common folk and lessor lords are bigoted.
      His choice is not what lead to war. Visery's choices did:
      If he did not sacrifice his wife he would not need to remarry.
      Even with her dead he allowed himself to be pressured into remarrying.
      He did not marry the Velaryon princess after his wife died.
      He foolishly chose to marry Allicent.
      He was wilfully blind to the 3 bastards his daughter had. (A crime that would have forced her to renounce her claim and made everything so simple).
      He did not publicly reaffirm or disavow Rhaenyras claim immediately after having a first born son.
      He still wanted Rhaenyra as heir even though that almost lead to war with the Velaryons. They (Rhaenys) had a better claim even compared to him. He is lucky Rhaenys was too scared to do something about it.
      He did not solve the petty conflict between his son Aemon and grandson Lucerys. That conflict literally started the war.
      There's more I could list if I was in the mood.
      The point is, rightful claim or not he did not make a firm decision with anything which is why all the people around him could manipulate him.
      He's a good example of when a weak man is in power.

    • The mystic warriorgal
      The mystic warriorgal 3 days ago

      @11simonjr he might have had a peaceful reign but his choice was what ultimately led to the war. If rhaenys was queen do u think the Targaryens would actually fight each other? Viserys didn't even want to be king. Daemon wouldn't hurt family. Of course there will be some resistance but ultimately it would've still been resolved. So yes I still stand by what I said

    • 11simonjr
      11simonjr 3 days ago

      @The mystic warriorgal no he chose correctly (well the lords did).
      Viserys is the blame for this war. Anything anyone else did only happened because he ALLOWED it:
      King Jaehaerys had a peaceful reign because he made the right choices.
      King Viserys inherited a peaceful kingdom and slowly sowed the seeds of war by not sternly resolving all the petty conflicts that were brewing.
      Giving the throne to Rhaenys would have been unpopular with the people and would have lead to war.
      And by that same token the same can be said for Rhaenyra. Worse still because Rhaenys would have had a far more legitimate claim.
      Y’all really don’t pay attention.

    • Jessie Swaby
      Jessie Swaby 5 days ago

      Jaehaerys should have chosen Rhaenys.

    • Yasmina
      Yasmina 16 days ago

      @The mystic warriorgal he didn't choose Viserys.the lords did

  • Josh_ _McLendon
    Josh_ _McLendon Month ago +392

    0:00 - Kerry Ingram as Shireen
    0:18 - Harry Lloyd as Viserys
    4:18 - Mark Addy as Robert
    5:43 - Michelle Fairley as Catelyn
    7:36 - Harry Lloyd as Viserys
    10:48 - Mark Addy as Robert
    12:37 - Harry Lloyd as Viserys
    13:29 - Pedro Pascal as Oberyn
    16:17 - Harry Lloyd as Viserys
    17:53 - Jack Gleason as Joffrey
    19:43 - Harry Lloyd as Viserys
    19:59 - Kerry Ingram as Shireen

    • niphredil
      niphredil 27 days ago +2

      I knew I heard Pedro Pascal's voice in there-- did not know the GoT actors were narrating! Thanks for the breakdown

    • Kenneth N Webb
      Kenneth N Webb Month ago +14

      Joffrey just had to talk about Joffery....hhahahahahah

    • Calum O
      Calum O Month ago +4

      @Justine Guillem i believe its from the special edition of the dvds from each season. I think its classed as bonus features.

    • Justine Guillem
      Justine Guillem Month ago +5

      what audiobook is this from?

    • Jamie Maxfield
      Jamie Maxfield Month ago +19

      What's interesting about all these narrators is that they all got killed off within the first 5 GoT seasons by the time this video was released.

  • KaBoom
    KaBoom Year ago +817

    This doesn't even mention the northern lords that were marching south, even after Rhaenyra died. Their approach spelled doom for Kings Landing but the King refused to back down. That's why he was poisoned, because they didn't stand a chance against the north. So Lord Stark, angry that his army didn't get a fight, forced himself in as hand of the king, made Rhaenyra's son marry Aegon's daughter and ruled until they came of age. Then he went home.
    Edit: my mistake, he was only Hand for a few days. Thanks for correcting me :)

    • Zach Nunez
      Zach Nunez 25 days ago

      @MDNBLUES yes Corlys helps kill aegon

    • Zach Nunez
      Zach Nunez 25 days ago

      @Gordon rass kwasi yes. Stark wanted to execute him for poisoning aegon. (Even though it was right) but he was pardoned by aegon ii

    • Zach Nunez
      Zach Nunez 25 days ago +1

      He served as executioner, and left after one day In reality. Executing Larys, and a member of the king's guard. All other men accused, took the black. There were at least 10 at the end, including Corlys, who was pardoned.

    • Gordon rass kwasi
      Gordon rass kwasi 29 days ago

      @Outlaw8908 sea snake survive the war ? 0_0

    • Spearshake
      Spearshake Month ago +2

      @p3r3ll3x Yeah except for when they are fighting for succession themselves which has happened a few times. Cregan Stark himself had to wrestle control of the North from his uncle who served as lord regent in his minority and he was only able to take full control back from him at the age of 20 and he had to imprison his uncle and cousins. There are also multiple times when a Wilding force manages to get past the wall and the Starks and other Northmen end up fighting them and their Giants. Heck there were even cases where political prisoners sent to the wall by the Iron Throne ended up rebelling and creating their own kingdoms and the Starks end up having to put them down losing a lord or lord's sons every time because of it.

  • Persephone's Pomegranate
    Persephone's Pomegranate Month ago +140

    I feel bad for all the dragons involved. No one really won in my opinion. The civil war considerably weakened the Targaryen dynasty and caused the demise of their strongest and largest dragons. Vhagar, Meleys and Caraxes were once ridden by siblings Baelon, Alyssa and Aemon. Baelon and Alyssa were the parents of Viserys and Daemon. Daemon had to fight his father's dragon.

    • Erevien
      Erevien 2 days ago

      @Ingólfr Ingólfrson Look we found a smallfolk here. Glad Dany burned them all.

    • Jacob Saunders
      Jacob Saunders 27 days ago +1

      Definitely nobody won 😅

    • Siran424
      Siran424 Month ago

      Wildlings can but the walkers can't.
      The wall is magical and it prevents other supernatural powers from coming in.
      Wildlings are just regular humans though so they don't have that obstacle.

    • M_Zero
      M_Zero Month ago +4

      Vhagar was his fathers dragon and also his ex wifes dragon

    • M_Zero
      M_Zero Month ago

      @Ingólfr Ingólfrson if wildings can infiltrate the wall pretty sure walkers can

  • Eric Leonard
    Eric Leonard Month ago +239

    8 whole hour long episodes and we’ve only made it to 1:10. The writers managed to make that minute really entertaining. There’s plenty of content for this story, no need to rush from here on out.

    • A lil weeb
      A lil weeb 18 days ago

      @TJ egg shit is a good almost 100 years after the dance, i dont think they would cover that far. That being said i dont really know how can they stretch just the dance for 4 seasons without stretching the hella out of it

    • TJ
      TJ 18 days ago

      @A lil weeb I hope so I'm not ready to see him die in season 2 or 3 it's too early lol 😛 So I read somewhere that the Dance of the dragons will need 4 seasons to tell does that mean that they're only talking about the war itself and not the aftermath? Because there's the whole story afterwards with Aegon III becoming king etc

    • A lil weeb
      A lil weeb 19 days ago

      @TJ definetly the last, after he dies everything is pretty much wrapped up. Theres just the incident with vermithor and thats abt it

    • TJ
      TJ 21 day ago

      @Vino sitas in which season do you think Aemond will die?

    • A lil weeb
      A lil weeb 27 days ago +1

      they said the first season was purporsely slowned down to setup the conflict, latter seasons should run much faster

  • JD P
    JD P 2 years ago +209

    I'd have to say that the actor who plays Viserys has the best narrations. I look forward to his the most--there's just so much character in them, and they always reflect so well on what's going on in the tale. He doesn't just tell the story, he gives it a spin and an attitude that reflects perfectly on the character's view. It would be great if they cast Harry Lloyd in the new prequel as one of his own ancestors.

    • PrettyTigerlilly
      PrettyTigerlilly 28 days ago +2

      He narrates the Hedge Knight ( Dunk and Egg) series as well, it's wonderful.

    • Rodrigo Santos
      Rodrigo Santos Month ago +5

      He's a really good voice actor. Did an excellent job in Arcane.

  • John Rambo
    John Rambo Year ago +324

    "The grief and rage of losing a child could burn down the world"
    Now that makes Dany's action somewhat understandable.

    • Noqtis
      Noqtis 16 days ago +2

      I'm not talking about the show, I'm talking specifically about the books. I don't really know what you didn't understand, so I'm going to repeat it:
      Danies Dragons eggs were DEAD. The eggs she hatched were not your common eggs. Those were petrified hundred years old dragon eggs. They were meant for decoration. They were gifted to her because it it was a fitting present for the last targaryan. They were never meant to be hatched. Nor would they have on their own. Nor would any other targaryan nor even dany herself it not in this very specific situation, since she wasn't even doing most of the ritual herself. It's like trying to hatch a 10 year old chicken egg. Those eggs out of the freezer, those are gone my friend, they will never produce any chicken.
      Dany hatched those dragons in a dark magic ritual. So not only are those dragons not completely comparable to those we see for example in the show or any which came prior to them but the bond Dany shares between her dragons is different to the bond a normal dragon rider shares with his dragon.
      She is in fact not just metaphorically her mother but in a way she is her true mother and they are the only children she will ever have (because shes infertile ever since).
      It's like if you would take up a dead chicken egg and reanimate it. In a twisted way you would become the mother of this chicken. Because the real mother lost it's child and what you have brought back is something else. This theme can also be seen with every single reanimated person in the books. They become new characters and even get new names because of that.
      I also don't think G.R.R. Martin was that much butthurt about the one dragon he himself hinted as a "backstabbing betrayer" switched sides. There was so much wrong about the show. This is just a side problem.
      Also you clearly know very little about the books:
      1) The Dance of Dragons is not a battle between 3 dragons nor 3 parties. It's 2 parties and about 20-30 dragons involved.
      2) At this point in the books the only person which is able to steal dany a dragon is Euron Greyjoy. Her dragons will not decide by themselves to be mounted by random people nor will they ever attack her while having full consciousness. like I said. she is their mother. they do not know another one. they are like cats in this sense because cats think their owners are just other cats. they can't process the difference.
      but the books already established how dragons can be stolen. and it's the fucking horns. so euron will take her betrayer dragon and all you have is a rumor that there might be a horn in the north and jon snow will be resurrected, finds it and uses it against dany and not against the arch enemy of his entire ark the white walker... second dance of dragons my ass.

    • HappyFace
      HappyFace 16 days ago

      @Noqtis I think you overestimate Dany's bond with her dragons because the show heavily sugarcoated her actions compared to the books. She is not "literally their mom". Dragon's can't be truly tamed. She used blood magic to hatch the dead eggs, and they don't embody the people she sacrificed.
      These dragons, her "children", are the same ones that she chains up and whips despite being against slavery, reflecting on the madness that's steadily building up inside her. I don't believe Viserion is going to be corrupt in the books, more like used against her in battle since it's very likely that someone else (probably Tyrion) will claim him as a mount. GRRM did *not* like it when Viserion was k_lled in the show, leading me to believe that he was meant to live and gain a rider. The author already revealed that the books are going to have a second Dance of Dragons between Daenerys and the rightful heir Aegon (Jon). At some point all three dragons are going to be fighting each other despite being kin, just like in the first Dance.

    • Noqtis
      Noqtis 2 months ago +9

      @M e i a that's simply wrong. Dany mounted drogos 'spirit dragon' and it's also the most aggressive of them. They are all still bound to her. She hatched all of them. Her relationship with the dragons is much deeper than the one of dragon riders. She it literally their mom. It not mentioned in the show but the eggs were old and dead. She reincarnated them using the lives of 3 people. In a way those dragons are like the people she sacrificed. That's why she is riding her husband and not her child or arch enemy. That Viserion is a hate/love relationship is obvious. She named him after her brother. You know, the one who abused her? That's not random and it's the dragon the night king gets from her in the show. 100% this dragon will become corrupted in the books too. But I guess euron will do it in the books.
      And if you read closely you actually notice Dany preferring Drogon and Rhaegal all the time over Viserion.
      You even get sometimes the feeling she would be better of without the 3rd and the only reason she doesn't kill him off is because living dragons are the most destructive force in their world.
      In the books despite calling them her children they are nothing like children but real Dragons with all the shit that comes with it. She even has to chain them up in the basement because when her children do not behave they eat her people to a degree they start riot against her.
      Not only is Viserion the worst but the others aren't a cake-walk either. Just one of them would overstrain her in the situations she finds herself in but three are bonkers. Sadly not something shown in the series.

    • M e i a
      M e i a 2 months ago +4

      @Noqtis she doesnt hate the dragons... it's just that Dany already bonded with Drogon and the 2 became wild dragons. 1 dragon 1 rider seemed to be the rule and a rider can only bond with one dragon in his/her lifetime.

    • Paulo G.
      Paulo G. 2 months ago +2

      You’ll see that with Rhaenyra story this quote has so much more meaning

  • Junior
    Junior Year ago +427

    12:09 "And so Queen Rhaenyra climbed the steps and seated herself in the Iron Throne"

    • Weiying's Lilapple
      Weiying's Lilapple 16 days ago

      Me tooo my queen

    • Cato the Elder
      Cato the Elder 23 days ago +2

      @Kevin Sanchez She was a terrible ruler for a lot of reasons. Her having bastards destabilized the realm and ensured that there would be violence over Jace's succession. She just made bad decisions and had a cruel streak. So did Aegon. The murder of Vaemond was wholly unjustifiable.

    • Kevin Sanchez
      Kevin Sanchez 23 days ago

      @Cato the Elder She’s considered a terrible ruler due to the heavy taxes she put on King’s Landing… that happened because Alicent had the greens emptied the royal coffers when they realized Rhaenyra was about to take the city, leaving her poor and unable to provide for the kingdom on any capacity. She hoped the taxes would gave her some money to feed the realm, but the people hate her for it. Probably because were hungry and on top they had to pay insane amounts of gold to the crown

    • Leonard Luzon
      Leonard Luzon 26 days ago

      @Nein No yup. Peasants believed easily by rumors or hearsays.

    • Leonard Luzon
      Leonard Luzon 26 days ago

      @Paulo G. They're brainwashed thanks to Hightowers. They're sheep in the first place.

    JOSE LUIS GOMEZ RAMIREZ 22 days ago +33

    Legend has it that as she left the Hall later, blood trickled down her legs and hands, proving the Iron Throne had spurned her. Nonsense! It's a chair made of steel blades. Rhaenyra had wanted it all her life, and had sacrificed two sons for it. She likely gripped the damn thing too tight.
    This, in Mark Addy's voice, is the definition of epic.

    • Nina C.
      Nina C. 18 days ago +1

      Such a BADASS LINE!

  • Tensor Flow
    Tensor Flow 2 months ago +267

    After seeing how masterfully first three episodes were executed I'm certain HotD will leave GoT in the dust. The story just begs to be the hit of the decade and the writers+cast did an amazing job so far.

    • LJ
      LJ Month ago

      this didn't age well

    • Jo
      Jo Month ago +1

      Masterfully lmfao God you impress easily. Shit is literally boring. Got literally had a hooking point from episode 1

    • Serena S.
      Serena S. Month ago +3

      @Luke Bullen The sad thing is: GOT wasn't ruined by incompetent writers. D&D proved they are very competent in adapting Martins story when they did a brillant season 1-4 with many original scenes some of the best in the series (like the talk between Cersei and Robert, or the many talks between Viserys and Petyr). Even parts of season 5 and 6 where still good. They just wanted to rush it to an end to move on which killed the story. I would be less angry about the last two seasons if it where about incompetence. But it was desinterest that destroyed GOT.

    • Aj
      Aj 2 months ago +9

      @Luke Bullen Not necessarily, Fire & Blood (Dance of Dragons) wasn't really a story, anyway. It's more of a play by play of historical events with little bits of dialogue here and there. They don't have the material to go off like the GoT showrunners had with the ASOIAF novels, so a lot is left open to interpretation, just like the last few seasons of GoT were. Also, it'll never be the cultural phenomenon that GoT was. That's why.

    • Luke Bullen
      Luke Bullen 2 months ago +9

      @Aj I agree but I think he has a point. GOT was ruined by the incompetent writers but part of it was to blame on GRRM for not finishing the books as there was no source material to work with after season 4. However, Dance of Dragons is a finished story so the writers and show runners have a clear direction and material to work from that if done right would eclipse GOT

  • Master Plo Koon
    Master Plo Koon 14 days ago +10

    The storming of the dragonpit has such a Storming of the Bastille vibe. The dragonpit and the dragons were the simbol of Targaryen power and their opression over the common folk during the war. RIP to the poor animals though.

    • Michel M
      Michel M 13 days ago +6

      I'm glad I finally found an opinion similar to mine. The town didn't become fanatical out of nowhere, but they were tired of living in fear of being burned alive, not to mention that Helaena killed herself and Rhaenyra is getting more and more paranoid. The people acted in self-defense, they couldn't sleep peacefully with so many dragons around. The shepherd didn't make Rhaenyra fall, he just gave her the final push.

  • ConsultingTrickster
    ConsultingTrickster 3 months ago +286

    I like how Robert points out how stupid the idea of the Iron Throne "spurnning" Rhaynera was. He probably relates to that same burning desire to sit upon the Iron Throne, only to realize just how sharp and uncomfortable is truly is to sit upon once he had it.

    • Steadyjumper
      Steadyjumper 7 days ago

      Robert definitely was the right one to narrate as he knew what it was like to sit the iron throne

    • Ool13 Konu
      Ool13 Konu 22 days ago +4

      @Moh Khan11 It's a chair made of blades bro, of course it cuts. Listen to Robert's words, too, he makes sense

    • Nikai_Vi L
      Nikai_Vi L Month ago

      @alex thelizardking he also had the strongest claim as his grandmother was Targaryan.

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago +5

      @LMFCBHPO he killed dragons lol and lead the attack of rock nest. His bond with sunfyre is amazing while rhenarya does nothing

      LMFCBHPO Month ago +10

      ​@Moh Khan11 what exactly
      Aegon did? are you kidding me?

  • Sára Němcová
    Sára Němcová 2 years ago +98

    To add some happy facts to this tragedy.
    The youngest son of Rhaenyra, Viserys, who was believed to be dead, actually survived. Aegon III. felt guilty for leaving his brother to his death, and when they were reunited, it is extremelly powerful scene. Viserys actually became King after his nephews - Daeron I. died trying to conquer Dorne when he was 14 - yep, 14... and Baelor I. the Blessed died fasting (in the show, Tywin mentions him to Tommen) - and through his line, the Targaryen dynasty continued.

    • Andrés of the Dead
      Andrés of the Dead Month ago

      @Moh Khan11 cope harder shitfyre supporter

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago +5

      @TheDONing1 the unworthy did nothing wrong. He made many targaryens thanks to him

    • equus quagga quagga
      equus quagga quagga 9 months ago +1

      According to this timeline, Viserys became king
      Aegon III went missing

    • TheDONing1
      TheDONing1 Year ago +21

      An uhappy fact, the son that continued Viserys' line was Aegon the Unworthy.

  • C.W.Simpson Productions
    C.W.Simpson Productions 26 days ago +22

    I think Viserys said it best when talking about the legacy of Rhaenyra and Aegon II: “They pissed away my birthright.” They would both be cursed and spit on by their descendants for costing them the dragons.

    • SolarDragon007
      SolarDragon007 4 days ago

      Unfortunately poor Aegon III took the blame for the Targaryens losing their dragons, but I doubt Aegon II or Rhaneyra were fondly remembered either.

    • Culture Fiend Media
      Culture Fiend Media 23 days ago +4


  • Mijan Hoque
    Mijan Hoque 3 months ago +154

    Seeing this story come to life 6 years later in House of the Dragon is amazing

  • Gil Cohen
    Gil Cohen Month ago +40

    Each storyteller fits the part of the narrative that relates to him. Catlyn recalls her terror from witnessing the assasination attempt on young Bran and the successful one on Robb. Viserys talks about his facination with his house' former glory, traitors and schemers taking it down from within, all while being blind to the madness attached to his bloodline. Robert talks at Storm's end scene and conquest of the throne, represents the endless merciless fury that drives life and leads eventually to said conquest, intended or not. Oberyn shows the beauty in bastardry and sexual freedom, and the assured poetic destruction when taking out giants. Joffery talks at the scene of prince joffery's death, his father also drunk on milk of the poppy, represents the sadistic pleasure associated with humiliating a helpless enemy, especially women and parents in front of children. Finally, we have Shireen, opening and ending the story, talking from the perspective of children who are to young to understand. Seeing it only as an interesting historic tale to tell before a good night sleep, naively unaware of the depths of its horrors and not fully grasping a real life lesson from it.

  • Dovar
    Dovar Month ago +67

    There, I spoiled it all to myself.
    I hope the showrunners can do this amazing story justice in the coming few years.

    • Tony North
      Tony North 20 days ago

      @Rahim G I am so sorry for your loss

    • Rahim G
      Rahim G 20 days ago +1

      @Tony NorthSorry I mean novel. It is called roman in french.

    • Tony North
      Tony North 20 days ago

      @Rahim G why does the Roman translation has more details though?

    • Rahim G
      Rahim G 21 day ago

      @Tony North This video is a summury of the dance of dragons that come from a GOT DVD bonus. The original and more detailed story is the roman Fire and Blood.

    • Tony North
      Tony North 21 day ago

      @Rahim G do you know why?

  • MegaTech81
    MegaTech81 3 months ago +30

    The dragons were essentially the equivalent of nukes when it comes to destructive power and the Targaryens were the only ones who had them. It's both ironic and sad how none of the other houses had to lift a finger to get rid of them. The Targaryens did it for it all themselves.

    • Yelroj Video
      Yelroj Video 2 months ago +1

      You do know GRRM literally said that before oe you just stole his quote

  • Nicholas Scales
    Nicholas Scales Month ago +50

    My favorite part of the story for some reason is the role Rhaenys played in it. The Queen Who Never Was didn’t shy away from battle and went out in a way fit for Valyrians!
    Can’t wait to see this play out in House of The Dragon!!

  • Drich Requerme
    Drich Requerme Year ago +55

    Aegon II was in a dire position even after Rhaenyra's death. His wife was dead, along with both of his brothers and both of his sons. House Hightower, his maternal relatives, had already been decimated, with both his grandfather and grandfather's brother slain. Meanwhile, his Baratheon allies were embarrassing being torn apart by teenage riverlords while a pro-black northern host was descending from the Neck to unseat him. On top of that, the greens had already lost most of their dragons. It was basically a checkmate.

    • leamfor
      leamfor 29 days ago +4

      The blacks lost their queen, but still won the chess match. xD

  • OptimistToday
    OptimistToday Year ago +65

    Harry Lloyd 's narration is just amazing. He can really show arrogance of royalty without trying. It is such an honour to listen and watch him performing

  • aqib javed
    aqib javed 2 months ago +89

    That Daemon vs Aemond battle will be the most epic battle to watch in the House of the Dragon!! I really hope that we do justice with it.

  • saljpal3
    saljpal3 4 years ago +5119

    Targaryens really are their own worst enemies. It makes sense that the two times they were brought to near extinction was by their own kin.

    • United
      United 29 days ago

      Blame aemond

    • KingKongChief117
      KingKongChief117 Month ago

      Not so much that they would’ve thrived if it wasn’t for misogyny had the men of Westeros and Queen Alicent just let Rhanerya sit on the iron throne like what Visery the king made the lords of Westeros swear to do when he chose Rhaenyra as heir.

    • ARCtrooperblueleader
      ARCtrooperblueleader Month ago


    • Josh Traffanstedt
      Josh Traffanstedt Month ago

      @Jarah Fluxman they're all related to each other. Keep in mind most of those folks have been in that area for thousands of years and great houses married into other great houses over and over throughout history. They never wanted common born people to have anything, so they continuously married each other. Occasionally a new house would rise, but rarely.

    • Comrade Kenobi
      Comrade Kenobi Month ago

      @Jarah Fluxman House Baratheon is a cadet branch of House Targaryen. Both are technically valyrian houses.
      If Robert's line went on long enough, Im actually pretty sure we'd have eventually had an Aegon Baratheon or a Jaehaerys Baratheon, or maybe Aemon Baratheon.

  • silencieux
    silencieux 7 months ago +113

    I raise a toast to Rhaenys Targaryen and the red queen Melys . A middle aged princess and her beautiful dragon who in the face of inevitable death - not only held their ground but also fought back to inflict massive injuries upon inarguably stronger opposition . 🖤🍷

  • Aimee Barrett
    Aimee Barrett Month ago +16

    Also, I love how some of the characters have a favorite Targaryan. I can tell that Robert liked Aemond, I think he must have seen something of himself in him. And to be honest I should have expected Joffrey to like the Dragons. He seemed kind of dissapointed by their deaths.

    • kazim syed
      kazim syed Month ago

      joffrey baratheon spoiled this for me. i was watching got again by skipping danerys or other parts. Joffrey told margery, that princess rhanerya was killed by her brother or brother's dragon while her sun watched.
      and shireen of house baratheon told stannis before he burned her alive about dance of the dragons. that picking sides is the worse. the targareyans werent that powerful again. also another story that one targerayan drink wildfire he thought it would turn him into dragon.

    • Aimee Barrett
      Aimee Barrett Month ago +1

      @Nicholas Nubin everyone was obsessed with Aegon

    • Nicholas Nubin
      Nicholas Nubin Month ago +2

      Joffrey liked Aegon just like Stannis

  • Malcolm Ferguson
    Malcolm Ferguson 2 months ago +82

    To all the people complaining that this spoiled HotD for you - It was pretty clear, after the first minute or two, that it would. You have no one to blame but yourself if you continued to watch past that.

    • Jacob Saunders
      Jacob Saunders 27 days ago

      @-yis- well than it’s on you mate

    • kazim syed
      kazim syed Month ago +1

      yea i did spoiled myself. but i was watching GOT again. Joffrey spoiled it for me. so he told Margery that princess rhaneys was killed below there by her brother or his dragon while her son watched. its too good to change. then shireen spoiled it by saying its them choosing sides that cause all this deaths. so dont choose sides. and stannis then burn her alive.
      rip shireen house of baratheon.

    • Writam Chatterjee
      Writam Chatterjee Month ago +3

      @-yis- no we can't, it's a really short+ mesmerizing story which is heard to forget, but who cares I love watching hotd

    • -yis-
      -yis- Month ago +7

      LOL true but sometimes you can’t help yourself. Also I doubt HOTD will finish anytime soon so who knows we’ll probably forget how it ends by then.

  • Nini
    Nini Month ago +60

    People were complaining about the change of actresses from Milly to Emma, but I now see how necessary it was. Milly looks too innocent and charming to play the adult Rhaenerya. Rhaenerya becomes cold and viscous, I think we needed an older actress to portray this kind of Rhaenerya.

  • PillowPannts
    PillowPannts Year ago +28

    It's the best follow up they could have done in my opinion. It's just far enough into the past to be different, yet still familiar to the viewer while also having a compelling group of characters with a engaging story to stand on it's own merit. If the screen production is well done this could eclipse the original. There really is a wealth of material to work with if it's in the right hands

  • Admiral Ackbar
    Admiral Ackbar Month ago +48

    Ok so Season 1 was basically up to 5:57, My guess for the next seasons is this:
    Season 1: 0:37 - 5:57 (The Beginning - Lucerys' Death)
    Season 2: 5:58 - 12:37 (Blood and Cheese - The Blacks Take Kings Landing)
    Season 3: 12:38 - 16:16 (Aemond's Rage/Criston Cole's Demise - Daemon's Final Stand)
    Season 4: 16:17 - 20:27 (Helaena's Suicide - Aegon III Crowned as King, Ending the Dance of Dragons)
    Now I won't lie, this is probably not accurate, but I can't really see any other way the show would have 4 seasons. Also it may not seem like theres that much content in the last 2 seasons, but considering that this story is told as if it was history, they can add a lot more that we did not know about.

    • Rob
      Rob 9 days ago

      Probably gonna be a lot of Winterfell next season too. Cregan Stark is gonna be a big role

    • Jose Daniel Redondo
      Jose Daniel Redondo 24 days ago +1

      it sounds good to me, the fight in the god's eye between daemon and aemond has to be the last part of the show :D

    • LessCommonKnowledge
      LessCommonKnowledge Month ago +3

      GRRM said they need 4 seasons. This time HBO will give him 4 seasons.

    • Admiral Ackbar
      Admiral Ackbar Month ago +2

      @Generose Puestow what?

    • Generose Puestow
      Generose Puestow Month ago

      There’s only going to be 4 episodes in the next season???

  • EyesOfTheLion 11
    EyesOfTheLion 11 Month ago +25

    5:08 "and below him, the MONSTROUS VAGHAR!!" This line always gets me, especially after watching this very scene in House of the Dragon.

  • Death Korps Officer
    Death Korps Officer Month ago +44

    I love how season 1 of HOTD has covered the entirety of the first 6 minutes of this video.

  • JD1010101110
    JD1010101110 5 years ago +1009

    Its nice they brought back some of the old cast to narrate this one.

    • J
      J Month ago +4

      @S1apSh0es Perhaps their all reading it while waiting in purgatory

    • S1apSh0es
      S1apSh0es 2 months ago +16

      In a nice touch, all of those actors played characters who were dead by this time as well, since the Dance of Dragons was a war of annihilation. We are listening to a story about death from dead people. Pretty chilling, honestly.

    • discodave84
      discodave84 3 months ago +38

      @Jay Viserys Targeryan, Catelyn Stark, Robert Baratheon, Shireen Baratheon, Oberyn Martell and Joffrey Baratheon

    • Mew
      Mew 3 months ago +24

      As far as i know
      The vocals belong to
      Vicerys targeyen, Joffery ,Robert baratheon

    • Jay
      Jay 3 months ago +1

      Who’s reading it?

  • Vincenzus Gaming
    Vincenzus Gaming 2 months ago +36

    To those who are curious, the girl who was mentioned to have been riding Daemon is named Nettles. She and her dragon Sheepstealer would be the only Dragon and dragonrider to survive the Dance of Dragons. Later on, an army would spot them and fight will lead to the death of several men. Nettles and her dragon will then escape further into the mountains never to be seen again.
    The maesters believe that the Burned men worship a fire-witch and her dragon. These men would bring gifts to her and show burned scars as proof of their valor.

    • Bk Jeong
      Bk Jeong 11 days ago +1

      @Nina B.
      Literally over a century between the two women.
      Though I do have to wonder if there were more dragons out there after the Dance: there were a few other adult dragons that weren’t accounted for after the war and just disappeared, and dragons live for centuries. Not to mention that there were plenty of unhatched eggs (aside from the three that would get hatched centuries later), and while some didn’t hatch even after attempts to hatch them, we don’t really know if that was because those eggs weren’t viable or not.

    • Maria Rivadeneira
      Maria Rivadeneira Month ago +1

      If she was spotted alone doesn’t that confirm daemon’s death?

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago +3

      She was also 13

    • Nina B.
      Nina B. Month ago +1

      I hope this would've meant Dany meeting a dragon tamer in her time

  • SunScourge
    SunScourge 2 months ago +35

    "Daemon was more snake than dragon..." Wonder if they based the show's version of Caraxes off of that line? Either way, he's glorious. Our special noodle boy.

    • Nostalgic Bliss
      Nostalgic Bliss Month ago +1

      Caraxes was always referred to as the blood wyrm

  • Viking
    Viking Month ago +23

    That line of viserys was awesome how his ancestors danced away his rights 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DrRockso1987
    DrRockso1987 Month ago +34

    I will forgive ANY changes to the TV show adaption if they include the exchange:
    *Rhaenyra:* "Dear brother. I had hoped that you were dead."
    *Aegon II:* "After you. You are the elder."
    *Rhaenyra:* "I am pleased to know that you remember that. My leal lords will find me."
    *Aegon II:* "If they search the seven hells, mayhaps."

    • Michel M
      Michel M 28 days ago +4

      AeGoat II

    • Nicholas Nubin
      Nicholas Nubin 29 days ago +5


  • Vlad the Impaler
    Vlad the Impaler 3 years ago +1560

    Shireen is probably the sweetest character in Game of Thrones. I miss her so much.

    • davedaddy101
      davedaddy101 2 months ago

      Maybe Tommen or her

    • jthornt01
      jthornt01 3 months ago

      She had a horrible death in the series. Thanks a lot GOT writers!

    • Jim Sty
      Jim Sty 8 months ago +3

      @Glyph how is she unrelated to this video? She narrates 2 chapters in this video. Her name is literally in the title. Did you even watch the video or read the title? Lmao...WOW

    • Cnut The Grape
      Cnut The Grape 9 months ago +1

      @mr. pink I like the theory that in the books melisandre will tell Stannis to burn Shireen as a weird magical sacrificial bullshit to revive Jon.

    • Vlad the Impaler
      Vlad the Impaler Year ago +12

      @Glyph Its her voice at the begining of the video.

  • Anne Vergara
    Anne Vergara 3 months ago +89

    The Dance of Dragons is such a tragic and sad story.

    • Harshvardhan Kanthode
      Harshvardhan Kanthode Month ago +1

      @Phoebe T Almost all of them died violent deaths, ironic considering most of them had giant fire breathing creatures protecting them

    • Marcos MC
      Marcos MC 2 months ago

      Very tragic indeed

    • Phoebe T
      Phoebe T 3 months ago +13

      I know right. The Targeryans just have such tragic stories. Even with the end of their line with Dany, she won but still lost.

  • Mulenga Chimbola
    Mulenga Chimbola 17 days ago +14

    Basically the dance of the dragons owes it's existence to the weakness of Viserys

  • Emile Vinesh
    Emile Vinesh 3 months ago +25

    This entire compilation is basically a huge spoiler for the House of the Dragon TV series. I love how this entire history was alreay written before the Game of Thrones TV show ended. Just shows how vast the history of Westeros really is. Having the old cast from GoT narrated these stories is just icing on the cake.

      STOMPER 2 months ago


    • Yelroj Video
      Yelroj Video 2 months ago +2

      Stop complaining it's not a spoiler you brought this upon yourself

  • Mike J
    Mike J 14 days ago +5

    I'd recently listened to Fire and Blood which covers the reigns of Aegon the 1st to the beginning Aegon the 3rd. It's an awesome book which I highly recommend.
    This video reposting was great. It condenses the "Dance" quite nicely.

  • odrysian
    odrysian 5 years ago +4233

    tbh, I will be more hyped about a series that follows The Dance of the Dragons than Robert's rebellion

    • Azizo Ghamari
      Azizo Ghamari 21 day ago +1

      aged like fine wine

    • Tristan Anleu
      Tristan Anleu Month ago

      5 years later... There you go

    • Ric O
      Ric O Month ago

      Hope you're hyped now 😂

    • amfe52
      amfe52 Month ago +1

      Plot twist: OP was killed before he got his "Dance of the Dragons" series wish granted. Poisoned by his brother who wanted a Robert's Rebellion series.

    • Lu Dodo
      Lu Dodo Month ago

      @Atrajit Roy you predicted the script 😳

  • Heidi Kang
    Heidi Kang Year ago +47

    This a really great story, but I feel Rhaenyra's reluctance to fly Syrax to the dragonpit and quell the rioters is a huge plothole. Her reason was never clear, it was narrated she was fearful of the rioters but somehow in the same story she had the guts to take king's landing earlier? Whats more bizarre was that she let her son mount her dragon while she stood by and watched the dragonpit massacre unfold. Keep in mind Rhaenyra had at this point only two of her sons left, Aegon and Joffrey, why would she run the risk of losing one more son and just stand there? Syrax was her dragon why didn't she fly her? If she was intimidated by the riots she could have just taken Joffrey and Aegon on her dragon and just as easily left the city, why sit there and just look upon the massacre? This point of the plot I could never understand, if she had just kept one dragon alive from this mess she could have actually won the war as her brother's dragon Sunfyre was mangled beyond the ability to fly, had she kept Syrax she would have easily been able to fly anywhere and win her battles.

    • Dude
      Dude Month ago +2

      What are you on? She didn't let Joffrey. He climbed on it before she could stop him. She expressly forbade him but he was certain he could help.

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago +2

      Except rhenarya was a coward thats the moral of the story she wasn't brave

    • Idk
      Idk Month ago +1

      @BlushGush paddy’s performance in s1e8 hotd was amazing…
      I also want to speculate more on that Rhaenyra ditching king’s landing part, cause it really doesn’t make sense

    • BlushGush
      BlushGush Month ago +2

      The show is showing how the historians who wrote the book didn’t know what truly happened. So seeing how HOTD the tv series is playing out, we may see exactly why she does what she does.

    • Idk
      Idk 2 months ago +2

      The Maester's were probably jabbing at Rhaenyra again...maybe she took the city because the peasants had already stormed the dragon pit. Eventually someone poisoned the ear of her son to attempt to ride her dragon, he tries, and fails epically. There's no way she wouldn't try and stop her son from doing this, specially since she had already lost some sons. Also George does like leaving things vague, as who really knows...we are all aware the Maesters could change out a detail, and since peasants mostly can't read, and the rulers, rarely check, who's to say when the kids were swearing oaths they didn't understand to each other, the Maester's didn't switch some details on past events...As they'll claim what the kids overheard was nonsense, and that this is what actually happened...
      Everything in the lore can and should be questioned, as it oozes with intrigue, since everyone is pushing their own beliefs

  • Elen Gomez
    Elen Gomez 11 days ago +5

    Mark Addy's voice (Robert Baratheon) is such a cool thing to hear...It's so strong and powerful

  • *(h3/$3@*
    *(h3/$3@* 29 days ago +9

    I love hearing all the game of thrones actors reading fire and blood to me. Haha I wish they would do all the audio books. Especially Catelyn. I love her voice.

  • Razz
    Razz 3 months ago +22

    As much as I love to see Daemon vs Aemond, I am also so hyped to see the battle Rhaenys vs Aemond and Aegon II dragon battle 😱😭 house of the dragon is going to show a lot of blood

  • LessCommonKnowledge
    LessCommonKnowledge Month ago +7

    I feel like the creators of House of the Dragon watched these shorts in preparation for the show. In particular, the short about the dance over ship breaker bay, was almost a story board for what happens in episode 10.
    Magnificent attention to detail and continuity.

  • Theo Van De Velde
    Theo Van De Velde 28 days ago +8

    This sounds interesting, maybe it could be made into a series.

  • Andre Montoya
    Andre Montoya 2 months ago +26

    It feels so nostalgic to be watching these old History and Lore videos in the midst of watching House of the Dragon

  • Jack Barnes
    Jack Barnes 22 days ago +6

    If it's gonna be 4 seasons, I can see season 2 ending with Rhaenyra triumphantly sitting the Iron throne after losing Jacerys a couple episodes earlier. Season 3 can end with episode 9 being the big Aemond vs Daemond battle, and episode 10 being Rhaenyra dealing with the aftermath of losing her husband as well as Halaena killing herself. Season 4 could end with the "holy s***" Rhaenyra death in episode 9, and epsiode 10 could be a big epilogue dealing with the death of Aegon II, as well as the union of Aegon III and Jaeharya.

  • Ruth CoG
    Ruth CoG 3 years ago +2429

    "As well as her dragon, they girl had taken to riding Deamon" *in Oberyn's voice* 😂

    • qdominika
      qdominika 19 days ago +1

      @e-Direwolf hahah nah, his bedmate Alys was pregnant

    • e-Direwolf
      e-Direwolf 19 days ago

      @qdominika Haelena s children are Aemonds? Please tell me this is true!! Is it confirmed?? 😍

    • qdominika
      qdominika 20 days ago

      @Anjelica we still dont know what happened to aemonds child right?

    • Anjelica
      Anjelica 23 days ago

      @H K With the way Daemon is being portrayed in the show, I highly doubt he would be unfaithful to Rhaenyra. But maybe he saw the writing on the wall, that this war was killing off almost all the Targs and felt like he should try to get Nettles pregnant so there would still be something of the family left. No idea if that’s even close to accurate but it could be, given that Daemon let Nettles go, and he’s been shown to be more than willing to kill for Rhaenyra if she wants him to.

    • Oishii Kudasai
      Oishii Kudasai Month ago +1

      @Cure for Introversion oberyn treats sex like art but bronn treats it like science. Podrick treats it like a hobby.

  • Jethro Jacinto
    Jethro Jacinto Month ago +72

    That 1-on-1 battle between Daemon and Aemond will be PEAK fantasy television. Oh how I can't fucking wait for that duel.

    • ACR
      ACR Month ago +9

      I might go one further and claim that one scene will be the greatest moment in all of television history.

  • Jamie Sorg
    Jamie Sorg Month ago +22

    Harry Lloyd has the snarkiness, snobbiest most amazing voice for Viserys Targaryen! Perfection!!

  • Kip Jansson
    Kip Jansson Month ago +5

    This is truly amazing storytelling. Stunning. This style of animation has become a bit of a favourite to me lately. The animated version of The Watchmen is also great..

  • Welsh Mood
    Welsh Mood  Month ago +9

    Borros’ line is probably what I’m most looking forward to in episode 10. Pure “Ours is the Fury” energy

    • Siran424
      Siran424 Month ago

      But they almost ruined it.

    • NostalGamation
      NostalGamation Month ago

      Go home, pup, and tell the b*tch your mother that the Lord of Storm's End is not a dog that she can whistle up xD

  • Limpshot McGee
    Limpshot McGee 5 years ago +2053

    The Aemond vs Daemon fight is so fucking metal

    • Barb Fordham
      Barb Fordham Month ago +2


    • sean
      sean Month ago +2

      I’d love to see that fight with Holy Diver playing in background

    • Entropy Within
      Entropy Within Month ago +2

      @Ferdi Kılınç™🔥 It most certainly is. You clearly haven't read the book lol

    • Ferdi Kılınç™🔥
      Ferdi Kılınç™🔥 Month ago

      @Bok That's not his wife on lore..

    • Bok
      Bok 2 months ago +7

      He fought his late wife's dragon. 😢

  • Yoni Porat
    Yoni Porat Year ago +15

    The prequel series is going to be amazing. This short video left me more emotional and shocked than season 7+8 did

  • Rainaerys
    Rainaerys Month ago +15

    I’m SO glad that they made this into a show! My favorite time in ASOIAF history!!!!

    • kazim syed
      kazim syed Month ago +1

      i have completed till s1ep9. 3 days more for this season to end.

    • kazim syed
      kazim syed Month ago +2

      have u read the books. im really shook about the story. i really love rhanerya the young and the old one. the old one more. i think i am going to be feel sad, so ill just wait till s2 is aired and binge it all in one day. cuz then i can breathe.
      is their more game of thrones shows that can come in future. this is a good one.

  • HolyknightVader999
    HolyknightVader999 Month ago +9

    For those who don't have almost half an hour to spare, here are the Cliffnotes: the Hightowers were dickheads, and Rhaenyra was incompetent.

  • Tmath
    Tmath Month ago +15

    seeing this in universe history vs the ACTUAL story is so cool this series is crazy

  • Ryan Kwon
    Ryan Kwon 3 months ago +15

    What is amazing is that there were no winners in the Dance of the Dragons. The only “winners” were those who picked and put back the broken pieces the players (important characters) broke.

    • Ryan Kwon
      Ryan Kwon 3 months ago +1

      @Aegon II The Shepherd is likely a maester or a disciple of the maesters’ core beliefs.

    • Aegon II
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      The Maesters won

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  • Jean, but in french
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    I’m building season 2 in my head, and with anxiety of possible changes, I think the rhaenys battle with aegon and aemond should stay the same, and the finale should see rhaenyra sitting on the throne and see herself cut by it like her father

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    Edit: it seems that they were listening...

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    • Roy Arievilo
      Roy Arievilo Month ago

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    • Anam Khan
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    • ACR
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      I might go one further and claim that one scene will be the greatest scene in all of television history.

    • Ouwe Jongen
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      would be interesting visually too. since Daemon and Aemond's actors kinda look similar to each other

  • Super Universe
    Super Universe 2 months ago +47

    I now realized the the Gold Cloaks were fiercely loyal to Daemon.
    When Rhaenyra's son died. They retaliated.

    • mark fourtwenty
      mark fourtwenty Month ago

      @The Great ID a minor correction,, Cheese was not from Gold Cloaks but a rat catcher who lives in Flea Bottom and Damon is also Lord of Flea Bottom hence Cheese' loyalty

    • The Great ID
      The Great ID 2 months ago +9

      Exactly what I said, the gold cloaks were still loyal to daemon so this makes sense to why they’d carry out attacks..

  • Lotus Freedom
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    best show of the Year!
    Thanks for this video 🐲💛

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    When Joffrey thought of the horrors a son had to witness watching his mother die it helped him sleep even better than essence of nightshade.

  • Cringe Cat
    Cringe Cat 3 years ago +818

    I felt very sorry for Helaena. She was said to be a good and gentle woman, and she certainly did not deserve to see such an horrendous scene like her son being killed in front of her. Rhaenyra also suffered seeing most of her sons dying, and I believe that if it were for her, she would've taken down Aemond, as Lucerys' killer, and not Helaena's children. Daemon was indeed the most dangerous man in the Seven Kingdoms, and one of the most ruthless as well.

    • Yaniv Avizratz
      Yaniv Avizratz Month ago +3

      @Cringe Cat You are wrong. Alys Rivers had a basterd of Aemond which survived the dance.
      Also, All the targeryans died, except for Jon Snow. And he exiled himself out of Westeros, so they all lost.

    • Moh Khan11
      Moh Khan11 Month ago

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    • Welsh Mood
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    • bookishly caitz
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      @rohan shende depending on whos POV your reading tho, stannis sees rhaenyra as a usurper but dany doesnt she sees aegon as the usurper

    • rohan shende
      rohan shende Month ago +8

      @Cringe Cat In the books King Aegon is remembered as the successor to Viserys and predecessor to Aegon 3 while Rhynera is known as a usurper.

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    Probably the best story in the Westeros universe

  • Door hinge
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    The more you divulge into the lore of asoiaf, the more you realize that Robert Baratheon was right about the Targaryens.

      FACTS FEED 18 days ago

      And robert also have dragon blood.

    • James Duffy
      James Duffy 2 months ago

      @K M T not being a good king doesn't mean he wasn't right about these inbred wackjobs and their mass destruction weapons

    • Siran424
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      @God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      Right about the Targaryens being faulty degenerative nutcases who needs to be exterminated.

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
      God Emperor of Mankind 3.0 3 months ago

      @Siran424 right about what?

    • God Emperor of Mankind 3.0
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      right about which part exactly?

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    I cant wait to watch this all play out on screen. It's going to be absolutely epic !!

  • Michel M
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    "Daemon was more snake than dragon" - Robert Baratheon

  • Samaru onesixthree
    Samaru onesixthree 2 years ago +706

    Fun facts that were left out of this retelling.
    -Rhaenyra's three eldest boys were from her marriage to Colrys Velarion and Rheny Targaryen's son. However, they all had brown hair and pug noses, so behind their back they were called "Strong," implying they were bastards of Rhaenyra's champion, Harwin Strong. Lucerys was the one who took out Amon's eye in a fight, which is why Amon killed him outside of Storm's End.
    -The main reason the lord Baratheon refused to side with Rhaenyra was because Amon had agreed to marry one of his daughters, while none of Rhaenyra's children were eligible for marriage. He would later retake Kings Landing for Agon II after Rhaeyra's death, but was killed in a battle against Black loyalists in the Riverlands, which is what prompted Agon's men to poison him when he refused peace after this defeat.
    -Rhenys was known as the Queen who Never Was, since her grandfather, Jaherys I, and the grand council of 101, skipped over her to put her cousin Viserys I on the throne.
    -Two member of the Kingsguard at the time were twin brothers, and each swore to either the Blacks or the Greens. The Greens tried to use their twin to assassinate Rhaenyra, but he was found by his brother, and the two died killing each other.
    -Rhaenyra's youngest son, Viserys, survived the naval battle in which he was kidnapped, and was taken to the free cities as a hostage. He eventually re-united with his brother years later, and eventually succeeded him and two of his nephews as king, becoming Viserys II.
    -Agon's second son was found with a member of the Kingsguard trying to get to loyalist forces after the fall of King's Landing. He was ripped apart by a mob of peasants who hoped to cash him in for a reward.
    -Sunfyre made his way to Dragonstone, where he fought and killed two dragons. One was a wild one, and the other was ridden by a daughter of Prince Daemon. Despite winning both fights, Sunfyre would die from his wounds shortly after killing Rhaenyra.
    -After Joffrey's death, Rhaenyra's dragon Syrax was killed fighting the mob at the Dragon Pit. Strangely, the dragon chose to fight on the ground rather than in the air.
    -The Green army from the Reach was lead by Agon II's grand uncle and his youngest brother, who was also a dragon rider. The uncle died in the battle of Tumbleton, which delayed the Greens from getting to Kings Landing as they figured out who was now in charge. The two betrayers complicated things, since they demanded to either be made lord of Highguarden or King of Westeros due to their dragons. They would end up being killed by an alliance of Green lords.
    -Adam Velarion, a Dragonseed related to Colrys Velarion, was also suspected of being a traitor by Rhaenyra. Colrys warned him in advance, which allowed him to flee. However, unlike the girl Nettle who left the war, Adam gathered together Black loyalists and attacked Tumbleton. He succeeded in defeating the Greens, and killed Amon II's younger brother, but was killed while battling against the traitor dragons, which also took the life of his dragon and two from the Green's side. His remains were eventually returned to Driftmark, and the words LOYAL were written on his tombstone.

    • Jessie Swaby
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      @Vincenzus Gaming Silverwing survived as well.

    • The mystic warriorgal
      The mystic warriorgal 25 days ago

      @Aize they would actually.

    • Zach Nunez
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      @TOUQIR UMER he dies in the field. A dragon seed traitor rides him. He's not known a traitor at first

    • Zach Nunez
      Zach Nunez 25 days ago

      @Deny lamber she dies in a cell. From sickness many years later. She was always kept in a cell though. A good cell, in a tower

    • Rhaegar Heims
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      @TOUQIR UMER Who'll find out soon enough

  • Kaloyan Radkov
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  • Kingsley Okeke
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    Viserys caused all this. He wanted a son so eagerly, now he has one, he simply didn't name him as his heir.

    • fanele mabaso
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      Its called being weak. Daemon called him out

    • Elena granger
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      Or he was weak man who couldn't make up his damn mind and stick with it and now everybody had to suffer

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    Literally nobody won this war. Not even Aegon II. When he died, King's Landing was under siege by armies loyal to Rhaenyra.

    • Alicia
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      Welllll, the blacks technically won, since Aegon II was poisoned and Aegon III was put on the throne. Then Viserys after him.

    • Uchiha Family
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      blacks won dude

    • Oshitha Narangoda
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      @Bill Volk pretty sure it was not the case. And in the show, we will see the actual Viserys II.

    • Aakruti Patel
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      @Darasuum ya... He said this multiple times... Everywhere that his daughter is his heir after the birth of Aegon... And after Aegon got married...

    • Darasuum
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      @Aakruti Patel not to mention Viserys specifically declared his daughter his heir

  • Nandini Ahuja
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    • Eli G
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    • Gerry
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      they planned 4 seasons for this series

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    I would compare this as a sign to the fall of the Targaryen’s dynasty, it really showed how their power was destroyed

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    Shireen’s narration is so sweet! 😍 So hyped with Daemon vs Aemond though

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  • Taylor Sander
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    You know Viserys' narrations are kind of funny given that (1) the "feeble and foolish" king he refereed to was Viserys I and (2) he appears to favor Aegon II though he is descended from Rhaenerya not Aegon II (all of his children died without children) so if history had played out the way he would have preferred his claim to the throne would have been weakened.

    • EDK48
      EDK48 15 days ago

      He was right, visery I could have prevent the dance of dragons if he wasn’t such a weak king.

    • ArvinRoido Atienza
      ArvinRoido Atienza Month ago

      @Bruno Serafim Silva They would have taken the Targaryen name, just like the Martells do. Doran Martell's mother was THE Princess of Dorne, and he got his mother's house name instead of his father's.
      The real-life Royal House of The Netherlands also does the same. Despite having 3 queens already, the Dutch royal family has always been the House of Orange.

    • Dillon Martin
      Dillon Martin 2 months ago

      @Bruno Serafim Silva who gives a damn if they were bastards or not lmao. And you seem to be forgetting who their mother was. All them would still be Targaryens lmao they just wouldn’t be full blooded Targaryens. Viserys did the right thing. She was his eldest child and the throne was hers by right. His mistakes was not doing more to make sure the lords would not go against his wishes after his death. He doomed house Targaryen by remarrying. I’m assuming you support her weak ass half brother. But it’s funny because by your thinking the Targaryens would have faded too because he was not a full blooded Targaryen either and it’s her brothers that bring house Targaryen to it’s knees.

    • KaBoom
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      @Bruno Serafim Silva Huh you got a point there.

    • Arun Singla
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      @John Kimuel Bello who committed suicide soon after dance ended and had no children

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