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Adding Mods Until Minecraft Breaks

  • Published on Feb 25, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • In this video, we're going to be adding mods until Minecraft breaks. If you're new to Minecraft or just want to see some funny memes, then this is the video for you!
    Curious about what mods I used for this video? Unfortunately, since there were so many, I couldn't include them all in this description. You're welcome to check out the shot at 11:02 with the list of the mods used!
    The Shaders used in this video were Complimentary Reimagined!
    Check out the previous videos in this "testing my PC" saga:
    Physics Mod: • I Broke Minecraft With...
    Create Mod: • Breaking Minecraft wit...
    No Blocks: • I Removed Blocks From ...
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Comments • 0

  • Knarfy
    Knarfy  7 months ago +406

    What should I do to break my computer next? 👀
    Also Subscribe or I'll break YOUR computer with too many mods.

    • DexFlex_YT
      DexFlex_YT 7 months ago +8

      make a gamebreaking resourcepack!

    • TheViewer
      TheViewer 7 months ago +4

      Combine all mod you used

    • LightningLL
      LightningLL 7 months ago +14

      Hey knarfy! I'd love to see you try to break your computer by making your OWN mods!

    • The Cursed Gamers
      The Cursed Gamers 7 months ago +5

      Use The Morph Mod!

  • Fexxis
    Fexxis 7 months ago +842

    props to knarfy for being able to throw a mod pack this big without incompatibilities together so fast

    • MR. cool
      MR. cool 7 months ago +60

      There was a bunch of incompatible mods in there, that is why it crashed so easily

    • Fexxis
      Fexxis 7 months ago +46

      @MR. cool yeah i probably shouldn’t have left a comment before finishing the video but at least it launched

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +176

      took WAYYY too long 😩

    • Just Seff Stuff
      Just Seff Stuff 6 months ago +27

      This is like, the lightest modpack I've ever seen
      And he didn't even make a server, just the other week I made a modpack about 5 times that size for my server, and getting the server to work was more of a challenge than getting the modpack to work, as long as you have the slightest idea what the mods you install are doing, that part isn't really that hard.
      If he had maybe like... 200 or so mods then that might start to get praise-worthy lol, as it stands this is clickbait at best.

    • Just Seff Stuff
      Just Seff Stuff 6 months ago +3

      I love all of Knarfy's other PC-breaking videos, but this one was kinda meh

  • Captonium
    Captonium 7 months ago +586

    Things I learned today :
    Knarfy has never played doom
    Knarfy's computer is built different
    To this day, no one has seen the bee queen

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +126

      All accurate

    • atticuslime
      atticuslime 7 months ago +18

      @Knarfy true response

    • Necron Brinis
      Necron Brinis 6 months ago +7

      @atticuslime real reply

    • Goodsyeyou
      Goodsyeyou 6 months ago +6

      @Necron Brinis closely intent

    • Herobrinegrn1
      Herobrinegrn1 6 months ago +11

      Yeahhhh, I noticed he's never played Doom.
      Shame that.

  • Nobody
    Nobody 7 months ago +114

    I love how he just keeps complimenting the trees in one segment over all the other stuff in the segment of mods.

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +18

      they were cool okay?? 😂

    • Pinguin
      Pinguin 6 months ago +1

      I wonder if he saw the dynamic trees mod

  • kd8lvt
    kd8lvt 6 months ago +31

    Fabric is surprisingly stable, as is Forge nowadays. To be honest, Minecraft on a whole is rather hard to use to force a bluescreen, as it runs on the JVM. That being said, back in the days of 1.2.5 I _did_ bluescreen semi-regularly when playing modded. I also had like 0.5GB of RAM and a less than 1GHz processor so your mileage may vary.

  • ToastIsToasty
    ToastIsToasty 7 months ago +380

    “I am on a mission to completely obliterate my gaming pc”
    Knarfy, this is the 10th time you’ve done tried this today.

  • FiftyAboveTheLaw
    FiftyAboveTheLaw 7 months ago +52

    I wanna see knarfy make more of his own mods, that silly sheep mod was funny af, and knar sacrificing his PC for content is peak entertainment XD

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +14

      I've been thinking about doing another mod making video! I'll keep that in mind :D

    • JelloCat
      JelloCat 2 months ago +1

      Knarfy you are no longer the only reply here

    • Iris Siebe
      Iris Siebe Month ago +1

      I am also here and the third reply

    СЯΑFТЕЯВΟУ27 7 months ago +88

    Let's be honest, this was just Knarfy`s excuse to record himself checking out random mods he found online

  • Airz [GD]
    Airz [GD] 7 months ago +57

    Give your thumbnail designer a raise, this thumbnail looks absolutely fantastic 🙏
    (I am a graphic designer)

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +27

      Thanks! I actually make all my own thumbnails myself, so that means a ton! 💜

    • MrGreenSky
      MrGreenSky 6 months ago +5

      @Knarfy All your thumbnails are super cool, so another point for Knarfy

    • AquaQuokka
      AquaQuokka 6 months ago

      gRapHiC dEsIgn Is mY paSsIoN

    • Airz [GD]
      Airz [GD] 6 months ago +1

      @AquaQuokka real

    • Skeleton
      Skeleton 6 months ago +2

      @Knarfy give yourself a raise then ;)

  • Chriss Ametrine Quartz
    Chriss Ametrine Quartz 6 months ago +10

    If you are wondering on how you got to the multiplayer screen at 8:26, basically singleplayer runs a integrated server and this is how the open to lan system works, basically just opens a random port on the server that the game is running

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  6 months ago +6

      Ah. That would explain it!

  • Topaz
    Topaz 7 months ago +16

    Yes! Another attempt to fry your pc! I honestly love these video so much. The chaos that ensues is my favorite

  • MobyFPV
    MobyFPV 6 months ago +6

    Knarfy: Turns up simulation distance
    Game: Loads entities
    Knarfy: Why aren't the chunks loading?

  • My channel is Died by YouTube

    the ghoul, revenant, and nightmare are all from the graveyard mod (as is the weird floating island thing you found in the middle of the ocean that you needed a staff for), being advanced variants of the zombie, skeleton, and enderman respectively

  • Churro the turtle
    Churro the turtle 7 months ago +24

    Tech support:How many mods did you install?

  • [•AminI•] 💮
    [•AminI•] 💮 7 months ago +19

    Alr I'm just curious, what computer does Knarfy even have to withstand so many mods??
    I need his computer lol

    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +12

      It's a PC I built myself! It's got a Ryzen 9 5900x, Nvidia RTX 3070 Ti, 64gb DDR4 Ram, liquid cooled and it's great. It's not anything mega overkill, but it's definitely overkill for minecraft lol!

    • fewrwa awrwqa
      fewrwa awrwqa 6 months ago +1

      @Knarfy the cpu might be overkill, the gpu is still good enough for basically every game

    • _Shadow_
      _Shadow_ 6 months ago +1

      @fewrwa awrwqa The CPU is probably that good because recording and Minecraft runs significantly smoother with a high end CPU from my experience.

    • Not Rick Astley
      Not Rick Astley 6 months ago +1

      @Knarfy A Ryzen 9 with a RTX 3070 Ti is powerful, but not a good pairing. In case If you don't what that means is pairing a high-end CPU with a midrange GPU or vice versa. The reason this is bad because there may be a chance that the CPU or the GPU may the bottlenecked, which means the component may not work 100 percent, which means less performance. Since the CPU is high-end, You also need to to have a high-end GPU, which in this case instead of using an RTX 3070 Ti, use an RTX 3090, to avoid bottlenecks.

    • pizza
      pizza 5 months ago +1

      There are some really big modpacks that play just fine. Just don't have incompatibility bugs or spawn a million mobs.

  • Tuukka H.
    Tuukka H. 4 months ago

    knarfy not recognizing doom enemies was something else to witness. Makes me feel old

  • Mr. guy
    Mr. guy Month ago +1

    Seeing him fall in love with Doom weapons just warms my heart

  • zXCV Studios
    zXCV Studios 4 months ago +1

    Idea: alter minecraft launch options to allow the game to use like 99.99% of your ram. that way when you overload your game, your pc itself would run out of ram and hopefully you bluescreen, though i should note that if you have a lot of ram it's gonna take a LOT more mods for you to get anywhere near what you just managed to do. better get more queen bees

  • IkonikFox
    IkonikFox 6 months ago +1

    @Knarfy What Minecraft launcher/client do you use I really would like to try it also your hilarious don't ever stop doing what you do you bring smiles and giggles and laughter to more people than you think and you deserve more subscribers than what you have now I hope you're having a great day

    SAIMA NAZ 7 months ago +18

    Love you knarfy
    Your content always makes me happy

  • Iffat Jehan
    Iffat Jehan 5 months ago

    I love how when he goes to the nether he just hammers everything 😂

  • Iljimae -SW-
    Iljimae -SW- 6 months ago +1

    honestly was expecting more mods but i guess it's more how you use it than the size
    (most of the time my packs have over 60 mods though most are small mods and i'm trying to not crash the game)

  • Gerald Ballinger
    Gerald Ballinger 7 months ago +16

    knarfy's computer must be enchanted with protection 9 trillion, thats the only explanation

    • fewrwa awrwqa
      fewrwa awrwqa 6 months ago +1

      that was only a hundred mods though

  • MelsiePyre
    MelsiePyre 6 months ago +1

    With immersive portals, you can load the nether and overworld at once!... I think.

  • Dagger _Verse
    Dagger _Verse 7 months ago +9

    Love the fact that he's carrying the hammer from the doom mod in the thumbnail lol

  • kamikumo
    kamikumo 7 months ago +6

    Try immersive portals and create at the same time

  • Gold
    Gold 6 months ago

    Hey, even in vanilla i think this method can work : in a repeating command block, put "execute if @e[type=arrow] run summon arrow"

  • Rostercom16
    Rostercom16 6 months ago +1

    There is a mod that has chests that can hold infinite items. Full the chest up as much as you can and then break it in survival. This should crash your computer if you put enough items in it. I don’t remember the mod name.

  • Susjosh
    Susjosh Month ago

    Knarfy is better at crashing the game when he tries not to

  • jemma fowler
    jemma fowler 3 months ago

    I knew his pc was better than mine when he could run shaders on minecraft.

  • Lpass
    Lpass 7 months ago +5

    try some mods from 1.7.10, a lot of those were much more chaotic and much less optimized. although u might have trouble getting ur hands on some of the older ones like orespawn

  • Thesonicfanhi
    Thesonicfanhi 7 months ago +9

    legends say hes still trying to summon the queen bee

  • Dust
    Dust 5 months ago

    Just a question, what launcher did you use? Because just the HD Shaders can put some people from 120 fps to 20 fps.

  • skittlewarden
    skittlewarden 6 months ago

    The 3 things in this video that I think should be in vanilla minecraft first upside down warped forest 2nd more music disc 3rd updated birch forest

  • NewNamNamNew Poko_Clan
    NewNamNamNew Poko_Clan 2 months ago

    hey knarfy, what website do you use to download these mods? also what were the mods in the video?

  • David Bowen
    David Bowen 6 months ago +1

    I swear knarfys computer has explosion protection 10, lag protection 100, and fire protection 50.

  • Da_Enderdragon
    Da_Enderdragon 6 months ago

    Not guaranteed to bluescreen, but it will do more than adding things to your MC Instance.
    Default JVM args use
    Meaning 1 gigabyte of RAM is allocated.
    Replace the 1 with as much RAM as your pc has minus 2.
    For example, I have 16 GB of RAM. So to bluescreen, I would set mine to
    Once this is configured, add in your mods and try to crash it.
    When the instance crashes, it should occupy all allocated memory, and leave less than the OS requires to function, thus crashing the system.

  • Art of WASD
    Art of WASD 7 months ago +4

    Looks at modlist count... looks at literally every modpack on Curseforge... Rookie numbers.

    • goldenemerald
      goldenemerald 6 months ago

      You watch graystillplays im guessing?

    • Art of WASD
      Art of WASD 6 months ago

      @goldenemerald I don't recognize that name. Sorry.

  • Zengaia
    Zengaia 3 months ago +1

    This is a great video! I have Doom mod installed on my server to but we're afraid to turn peaceful mode off x_x;

  • Bee.
    Bee. 6 months ago

    Another great video!! Well done!

  • divit
    divit 5 months ago

    Try the circle mod and put your render distance to 33

  • Midori
    Midori 5 months ago

    to be fair, depending on the PC, this wouldn't take long at all

  • JumboDS64
    JumboDS64 4 months ago

    Which mod adds the Null Block?? It looks really cool, I like how it's based on the placeholder texture.

  • BlueBoyBuilds
    BlueBoyBuilds 7 months ago +11

    With the secondary mic it sounds like you’re making an announcement on the radio.

  • Rtificer
    Rtificer 7 months ago +1

    You should try HBM's nuclear tech mod. It will be fun I promise.

  • JTB-1
    JTB-1 7 months ago +1

    Hey, Knarfy, I can give you a list of mods that might kill your game. Especially if run together. LMK if you want them

  • LeShaDDoW2
    LeShaDDoW2 3 months ago

    you should try the continuum shader on max settings its way laggier than seus ptgi (raytracing shader)

  • Mr. Thomas
    Mr. Thomas 6 months ago

    Have you ever heard of a modpack?
    If you want mods, modpacks are your ticket.

  • Danielle Main
    Danielle Main 6 months ago +1

    I love it when you post it makes me so genuinely happy

  • The Davis Crew
    The Davis Crew 6 months ago +4

    3:34 I'll be surprised if this doesn't make it into a Knarfy out of context video

  • blancoiswhite
    blancoiswhite 5 months ago +1

    Try a repeater command block to summon xp orb if it's not enough try putting more of them

  • Ironicalyy
    Ironicalyy 6 months ago +1

    Btw:the shaders made it better because they reduced the render distance

  • Red Spyro
    Red Spyro 6 months ago

    The reason create doesn't lag badly is because it has a built in thing that makes it even run on bad computers.

  • ؜؜MoneyGrab
    ؜؜MoneyGrab 3 months ago

    I think you need to set the ram minecraft can use to all of your RAM. Maybe it will crash immediately.

  • CyanCybershock
    CyanCybershock 6 months ago +1

    might i suggest next time you do something like this too install jade or waila so even if you dont have a list of the mods we can see what the stuff is called!

  • King of flames
    King of flames 6 months ago

    The extremely high render distance makes me wish Minecraft had lod. No idea why it's not part of the game because trying to render everything at highest detail is a massive problem.

  • Random Canadian
    Random Canadian 5 months ago +1

    It's genuinely hilarious to see a small mod list of like, 44 fabric mods being treated as if it's the result of some Herculean task of making "big computer breaking modpack". You gotta use at least a list comparable to All The Mods 8 as a minimum baseline for a computer breaking amount of mods.

    • Elite
      Elite 3 months ago

      Bruh j have 104 performance mods

  • DrearionDragon
    DrearionDragon 5 months ago

    i enjoy the fact that Knarfy attempted to crash his Computer with 42 mods. meanwhile some of us actually play minecraft with over 200 Mods No issue.

  • RareHyperIon
    RareHyperIon Month ago

    The fact that I've played with nearly all of the mods showcased in the video before is funny lol

  • Petter Elseth
    Petter Elseth 6 months ago

    What is the specs of that beast of a computer, and how much did it cost?

  • Steelman
    Steelman 7 months ago +5

    Now imagine if they were all Forge mods

  • Ryan White
    Ryan White 6 months ago +1

    I absolutely love doom and the fact that he added the doom mods! I litteraly just subed cause of this.

  • CoderBoi Byte-Sized

    There is a mod that will force minecraft to increase your render distance by like 1,000, I don't remember the name though

  • PatTomCrew playZ
    PatTomCrew playZ Month ago

    Dude has the old version of Doom turned 3D and put into Minecraft in the second set of mods.

  • nexus Core
    nexus Core 7 months ago +2

    There is a mod by the same creator of the mod that lets you have infinite sliders and you can customize it so that the game will crash when you take dameg or that the computer will blue screen

  • ItsGizmo
    ItsGizmo 7 months ago +1

    Try a tnt mod. That usually does a lot of lag.

  • TheTacoking230
    TheTacoking230 7 months ago +3

    Im suprised that the Doom mod didn't SLAY your computer...

  • TTC Acronym
    TTC Acronym 3 months ago

    The creeper just looked back at Knarffy like, "What the heck are you doing?"

  • PBJellySand
    PBJellySand 7 months ago +1

    Dude, I wish I had a computer like yours

  • DhervzzGaming
    DhervzzGaming 2 days ago


  • DC Crafting
    DC Crafting Month ago

    Knarfy you need to do the Wither Storm mod, and get the best one. Then spam spawning Wither Storms... You get the idea. ;)

  • 松野蒼大
    松野蒼大 5 months ago

    3:22 I love how you are casually holding a chainsaw lol

    FIRE DIAMOND BOY 7 months ago +18

    New upload! Love your vids!

  • XIX
    XIX 6 months ago

    If you use the horn that makes the blue orb and put lots of mobs in a straight line your game might crash

  • J3asti
    J3asti 6 months ago +1

    Modpacks with over 200 mods:
    "Am I a joke to you?"

  • NN_noobmap
    NN_noobmap 2 months ago

    What mod did you use to not have limits on the options menu?

  • your avg. RUST player
    your avg. RUST player 4 months ago

    If you add the insanitycraft mod and go wild with its items, your pc will heat the house.

  • AG Lion Bro
    AG Lion Bro 6 months ago

    Hello. :) I'm so impressed with your PC... What are your specs ?

  • v0calgiant12
    v0calgiant12 7 months ago +4

    I would say try making a server running off of your computer, joining it in VR, and adding a heck ton of mods on it, like 100+ mods. Oh, and to add on top of it, use Cracker's Wither Storm mod because that can crash something very fast on any version, though I recommend the 1.19.3 or 1.18.2 versions, oh, it's a forge mod btw so probably gonna have to use forge. But yeah, do all of that at the same time on that server and I might crash.

    • fewrwa awrwqa
      fewrwa awrwqa 6 months ago

      100 mods isn't much, i'd say 300+ is a lot

    • Solo Legend
      Solo Legend 6 months ago

      @fewrwa awrwqa nope 550+ is a good amount

    • fewrwa awrwqa
      fewrwa awrwqa 6 months ago

      @Solo Legendwell depends on the version, he's on 1.19.3 so i'd say 300+ is a semi large amount (not for his hardware though)

    • Solo Legend
      Solo Legend 6 months ago

      @fewrwa awrwqa have you seen TNP Limitless 6?

    • fewrwa awrwqa
      fewrwa awrwqa 6 months ago

      @Solo Legend yea

  • Sashimiroll
    Sashimiroll Month ago

    Knarfy: (seems mob from a mod)
    Knarfy: “Woah!!!! What are you?!?”
    Knarfy: (one shot kills mob)

  • Kyan Lee
    Kyan Lee 3 months ago

    For the first set he turned the game into an RPG.

  • Bean qwert
    Bean qwert 7 months ago

    If you want to break your computer, try playing teardown with mods. It's a game with simular to minecraft style and a super realistick physics. So there is a chance that it might destroy your PC.

  • TedLad
    TedLad 7 months ago

    Great video, as always

  • Draco
    Draco 7 months ago +6


    • Knarfy
      Knarfy  7 months ago +3

      more than 4 i think

    • Draakio
      Draakio 4 months ago

      I did that with pigs hihi 😂😂

  • Paula K
    Paula K 7 days ago

    You should try every single mod in existence.

  • badgerbear animation’s

    Fun fact: 4days later knarfy is still trying to get a new pc

  • Z̳̿͟͞a̳̿͟͞p̳̿͟͞h̳̿͟͞o̳̿͟͞d̳̿͟͞

    Does anyone know what shaders Knarfy uses?

  • Tarn Razar
    Tarn Razar 6 months ago

    Now if only there was a version of that Doom Mod that only added the weapons...

  • Wigii
    Wigii 6 months ago

    I'm sure with only putting my render distance at max and 1 shader my pc would literally explode

  • Theodore
    Theodore 6 months ago +3

    Bee queen. More like BEE QUIT
    *awkward joke noise*

  • Zoë van den Berg
    Zoë van den Berg 6 months ago

    I have a mod list of about 140 mods, but one of the heaviest one is minecolonies if you have a big colony loaded in xD

  • tierghan
    tierghan 6 months ago

    It’s hard to crash your computer using only Minecraft thanks to how Java works. It’s not impossible (you can easily code a mod to specifically shut down your computer or crash it) but it’s hard to do by accident.

  • Home Test
    Home Test 3 months ago

    Just add a forge mod and a fabric mod together and youre done

  • Ethos, the Eternal One
    Ethos, the Eternal One 3 months ago

    set up an always active repeating command block that summons ender dragons and let it run for a full day

  • Dude Of Dudovia
    Dude Of Dudovia 7 months ago

    just make a mod that makes the critical process die next time.
    awesome video, next time try the real terrain mod, or something like that.
    if you completely fill your storage with that world your pc will DIE

  • Eindreistiger
    Eindreistiger 6 months ago +6

    On 3:55 Why did he took Damage on creative?

  • Weronika
    Weronika 6 months ago

    With mine computer it is pretty simple.
    Somehow it is capable to handle RDR2 on max resolution and max settings but when it comes to add this one single mod wich is World editor, to mine Minecraft - It freezes instantly.
    No matter how many mods and what World editor like mod I download, It just breaks.
    But when I want to add deam Dimension Eating Monster, and Godzilla and make them fight - it works pretty Well.

  • Nash the beast
    Nash the beast Month ago

    For the crucible basically the blade that you’re holding right now at this time 2:40 start playing the doom music

  • DINO260
    DINO260 6 months ago

    beekeepers do actually exist if you say "/give @s spawn_egg 1 51" will give you the NPC spawn egg and you can dress it up as a beekeeper and make it give you a flower when you talk to it (im sure you already know this but just a tip for people who dont)

  • ElderBug
    ElderBug 6 months ago +2

    There are like 200 mods in my modpack and I have no problems with performances ! :)