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How The Philippines makes the Invasion of Taiwan so difficult: The Bashi Channel

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    The Philippines occupies a strategic position in the Pacific Ocean, as it sits close to Taiwan and its main bottlenecks. In particular the Philippines controls the southern end of the Bashi channel, which puts the Philippines in a position to make a Chinese invasion of Taiwan much more difficult. This chokepoint is one of China's main strategic weakness, especially in view of of the possible confrontation with the US. For this reason the Philippines, which now host new US bases, are in a position to halt an invasion of Taiwan. In this video we will analyze US and China's reliance on this strait and we will try to answer two major questions. Why is the Bashi Channel so important in the scenario of an invasion of Taiwan? How does this influence a possible US - China conflict?
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    Table of content:
    00:00 3 Reasons of the Bashi channel's importance
    01:46 Taiwan's 3 main chokepoints
    03:02 Taiwan Invasion supply lines
    05:22 The Bashi Channel in the US-China confrontation
    07:19 US perspective on the Philippines in the scenario of an invasion of Taiwan
    10:00 US perspective on the Philippines in the scenario of an invasion of Taiwan
    13:00 The Bashi channel and the submarine cables network
    14:29 Conclusion
    Thank you!
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  • Kamome
    Kamome  5 months ago +200

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    • For Beginners and Beyond
      For Beginners and Beyond 5 months ago +8

      The quality of this video is excellent.

    • youxkio
      youxkio 5 months ago +3

      Awesome graphics!!! Subscribed!!! Greetings from Kaohsiung. 😉

    • asdfghjkl
      asdfghjkl 5 months ago +1

      You could have put more emphasis on how Taiwan's Air Defense Identification Zone is unreasonable due to it extending into China, as in the mainland.

    • For Beginners and Beyond
      For Beginners and Beyond 5 months ago +1

      @asdfghjkl You could have explained why you think it’s unreasonable.

    • Xienjou Gao
      Xienjou Gao 5 months ago


  • ♡Yuting
    ♡Yuting Month ago +92

    As a Taiwanese, thank you for making such a beautiful video. I hope more people can learn more about Taiwan .
    ❤ 🇹🇼🤝🏻🌏

    • Arsalan Anwar
      Arsalan Anwar Month ago +3

      I will be extremely happy if i come to Taiwan. But i am from Pakistan its not easy for me to come .

    • Arsalan Anwar
      Arsalan Anwar Month ago +1

      Dear can i talk to you in WhatsApp or email please. I need some info of Taiwan

    • ♡Yuting
      ♡Yuting Month ago

      @Arsalan Anwar
      Wow that's so cool! Taiwan always welcomes you to travel .

    • Arsalan Anwar
      Arsalan Anwar Month ago

      Thank you dear but i cant get visa can we discuss it by email or line app ?

    • ♡Yuting
      ♡Yuting Month ago

      I'm sorry I can't give you the contact information, and I don't know about visa issues. But you may go to other social software to ask .

  • Matthew Gross
    Matthew Gross 4 months ago +750

    The geographic details of the images used in this video are so beautiful and add tremendous depth to the already excellent content. The elevation maps add so much to the overall presentation and really capture the eye.

    • Robert
      Robert 4 months ago +15

      All the spinning makes it confusing.

    • C S
      C S 2 months ago +4

      Yeah, visuals are great

    • Charlie Ross
      Charlie Ross 2 months ago +4

      @Robert Me too. I'm out at 3 minutes worth of unnecessary complexity not related to actually making a point.

    • StrongNinja Gaming
      StrongNinja Gaming 2 months ago +2

      I agree, it really helps to immerse you into the grand scale of the topic, and i really love the topographic shaded relief map, it really highlights the "geo" in "geopolitics", and adds a whole dimension of terrain and biome to the content that most creators don't bother to use, and it just overall looks beautiful and colourful. He also nicely visualises the equipment aspect of military operations in 3:34, which is a part of geopolitics and warfare that I personally am looking to be more informed about.

  • Olivia Johnson
    Olivia Johnson Day ago +1

    0:36: 🌊 The Bashi Channel is a critical hotspot for China and the USA due to its strategic importance for operations in Taiwan and force projection along China's maritime borders, as well as its role as a major bottleneck for global sea trade.
    3:27: 🛢️ The availability of oil products and other essential supplies is critical during an invasion, but landing them on the beach is not feasible due to various challenges.
    6:35: 📚 Blinkist is an app that provides summaries of over 5,500 titles across various topics, allowing users to learn while on the go.
    9:22: 🌍 The acquisition of Indian-made BRAHMOS cruise missiles by the Philippines is a cause for concern for China as it creates a realistic deterrent and reduces China's strategic space.
    13:22: 💻 The underwater cable network is crucial for global data traffic, but cutting these cables can have devastating consequences in modern warfare.
    Recap by Tammy AI

  • RPB
    RPB 2 months ago +13

    fantastic animation. I think there is an issue with the frame rate though - there is a noticeable jump every few frames. I believe the animations frame rate differ from the one used while editing and exporting the final video, which usually gives this effect. Please take this as a positive feedback, this issue has happened to me. Again, great content.

  • Viking
    Viking 4 months ago +417

    As a Mission Crew Commander Air Battle Manager on AWACS and prior commander of the largest US ground radar unit in Japan, you did a pretty good job bringing up issues for both sides. You were a little light on the US numbers and capability from Okinawa, which is quite formidable.

    • zachnar0125
      zachnar0125 4 months ago +7


    • Trent Lurr00
      Trent Lurr00 4 months ago +11

      I agree with you Commander, but wouldn't you agree the vital importance of proximity, the closer you can get your troops/military to any conflict is the key to the US military superiority when it comes to a possible conflict. As a former sailor myself, we sail around the world to show military might to deter any if not all possible threat.

    • Hudsonstraight8
      Hudsonstraight8 4 months ago +2

      Card board warriors.

    • zachnar0125
      zachnar0125 4 months ago +18

      ​@Hudsonstraight8 Just look at our record homie LOL

  • Incomitatus
    Incomitatus 2 months ago +8

    The Bashi Channel was a happy hunting grounds for US submarines in WW2. US subs decimated Japanese shipping going through there between Japan & the Dutch East indies. The Bashi Channel was a choke point for Japanese maritime shipping & most of Japan's oil came through there on heavily laden tankers. It's one of the main reasons we never had to invade Japan. US subs so depleted Japanese oil supplies, that by 1945 many of their major warships were restricted to harbors for lack of fuel. As soon as I saw this video pop up on my choice list, that's the first thing I thought of.

  • StrongNinja Gaming
    StrongNinja Gaming 5 months ago +566

    Nice to see some quality geopolitical videos, keep up the good work!

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +19

      Thank you so much, ninja! I will💪

    • Oak Hauser
      Oak Hauser 5 months ago +7

      I agree

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +7

      @Oak Hauser Thank you!

  • Ryan McClure
    Ryan McClure 4 months ago +158

    I lived in Taiwan for 7-years from 2001 to 2008 and this video is the most condensed, but accurate, review of the situation between China and Taiwan. The politics involved from beginning of WWII through to the 70's, 80's and 90's get very complex. While also interesting, discussions that include the political history get bogged down and I love how you've simply focused on economics and military reality.

    • Kamome
      Kamome  4 months ago +9

      Thank you so much Ryan! Did you notice any major change since when you lived there and now in terms of the popular consensus on China in Taiwan?

    • Ryan McClure
      Ryan McClure 4 months ago +14

      @Kamome I still have friends there, some expats, some Taiwanese. Everyone is just fed up with it and after watching what happened to Hong Kong 4-5 years ago support for reunification has declined overall. They’re also many invisible factors involved: Taiwan industrialized decades before China so it was supremely wealthy in the 1980’s and much of China’s manufacturing production capacity was the result of Taiwanese investment. If it wasn’t for that big, unseen fact, China might have invaded Taiwan already. And because of that fact they might never follow through. It would devastate the Chinese economy.

    • Frank Wong
      Frank Wong 4 months ago +16

      @Ryan McClure As you took side, you only viewed from one side. First and foremost, there is no country called Taiwan. The Replublic of China retreated and based in Taiwan always promote reunification by force until 80s then, as you mentioned all the investment in China, direct transportaton resumed and families' reunifications, social interaction and relationship build up, etc. There was a high hope of reunification peacefully, thus, leaders of both sides met regularly. And, guess what, Rebalance to Aisa and the Pacific strategy came in and instigated all sort of fear, distrust, protest, riot, supported the corrupted DPP to take over the government. This current government rewrote education and history to brain wash younger generation to distant from China (except Trade) that they don't even know the correct name of their own country is Republic of China! You mentioned HK that was a typical example that "pro-democracy" was a disguise to destablize the region, separate the society, families, even churches with true intention to overthrow China. If peace is what you want and pursue, please leave us along.

    • Ryan McClure
      Ryan McClure 4 months ago +39

      @Frank Wong I think China should leave Taiwan alone. What the government said or did before 1980 has no implication on this discussion. Indonesia is a far younger country and it was all over the place with government ideaology in the 60's and 70's - it is still taken seriously as should Taiwan. China has less claim to Taiwan than Russia does on Ukraine. Taiwan was a post industrial society with world class manufacturing, elected government and amazing healthcare in the 1980s when the only thing manufactured in Mainland China was plastic toys and tens of millions had still not recovered from the mass murder of Chairman Mao. In Hong Kong, Mainland Chinese agitators used the democratic system to fund campaigns that slowly elected Beijing-friendly politicians into positions of power then shut down democracy - which was the true cause of that unrest. Thankfully for the independant nation of Taiwan there is a much more diverse group of demographics at play in Formosa, and with truly independant spirit that will not just lay down to an authoritarian regime. I've lived all over as have quite a few of us, your diatribe, your recitation of government propoganda falls on deaf ears, my friend. The Mainland has about as much claim to Taiwan as Holland does. Which is to say it has none. And the people of Taiwan that I know agree with me. If Mainland China invades Taiwan it will bankrupt itself globally, morally and financially, and will never recover. I don't take sides on social media unless I hear obvious propoganda. 😂😂😂

    • Frank Wong
      Frank Wong 4 months ago +13

      @Ryan McClure There was no diatribe in my previous comment if you think so. I certain do not recite government propaganda, but now, you are exactly restating western propaganda. We need to base on fact. Have a read of the current constitution of the government in Taiwan, take a look at the name of the country. And, on the passport that people in Taiwan use is issued by the Republic of CHINA. It is CHINA that is ruling Taiwan, there is no need to claim. Ask US and United Nation, they will give you the same answer. I grew up in HK, studied in Taiwan, I don't think I have less understandings and insights than you. In Hk, the majority of the votes went to western supported/funded so call "pro-democracy" members, but they lose grounds because they were incompetent, watch porn website during meeting, causing damages and disruptions to the council, even vote in against democratic advancement, so they can continue to fight, to destabilize the city. The riot in 2019 was one example that they promoted destruction of the city instead of common welfare of the people. We are delighted that HK return to a safe, stable and peaceful city that we can live our life. It is easy for you (over 7000 miles away) to support instigated provocations in the region that could lead to war that people in the region will suffer, but not you and your families. So, please leave us along and let us resolve our issues in a peaceful way. By the way, Mainland China is far more advance than Taiwan now. And, I actually think Mainland China has no interest to invade or to rule over Taiwan, but will sure leave it along. The real issue is US present and aggression in the region that is a threat to China. Interestingly, China has not portrait US as an enemy, so most Chinese people are friendly to US. But, have a look in your media and people around, most people call China their enemy. You may disagree and I will respect that. Perhaps you may enlighten me what China has done to US and become an enemy?

  • Andrei-Cristian Murgescu
    Andrei-Cristian Murgescu 3 months ago +9

    Great stuff here. Great info and very well structured! Being a motion designer myself I admire the smart and measured use of motion design. Keep on the good work!

  • Palaniappan M
    Palaniappan M 3 months ago +20

    Thanks for creating such a beautifully rendered, thought provoking video! Also, may I know which software you used to generate these maps?

    • 許漢庭
      許漢庭 Month ago

      beautifully-made video!
      Big thanks from Taiwan

  • John Fairs World Journey.
    John Fairs World Journey. 4 months ago +226

    This is a great example of strategy. I am living here in Basey Samar Philippines right now on the shores of the Leyte Gulf. Where the biggest naval battle in history took place in WW2. I have been watching the escalation here for over 5 years. Now things are really heating up here and forces are growing.

  • Rowen Dejesus
    Rowen Dejesus 2 months ago +7

    Nice to see some quality geopolitical videos, keep up the good work!. Great analysis of the region. I hope the US-Japan-Philippines bond stays strong!.

  • Hey_MMoe M
    Hey_MMoe M 5 months ago +1571

    As a USN Veteran.....this channel TOTALLY got my attention! As I and other sailors practice in, evaluating our, and improving ourselves in attacks in S. Korea, but as I was close to retirement, we were discussing an invasion of Taiwan as well....
    The point was they posed to me was .... "What If..." China were to go into Taiwan, how would you protect them?? I pointed out the same evaluation that you present here with Japan protecting the northern portion of the island, while the US, with Philippine co-operation, to the south of Taiwan in the same Bashi Channel....
    Of course I got laughed at.....back in the mid-2000s.........Now I wonder, where those other sailors are??
    Lastly, I just 'Subscribed', "Kamome"
    USN Veteran
    84 - 05

    • LightForxes
      LightForxes 5 months ago +57

      Thank you for your service sir!

    • Hey_MMoe M
      Hey_MMoe M 5 months ago +69

      @LightForxes Proud to Serve... ALL!!! And still Serving, onboard USS IOWA BB-61!!

    • fair skies
      fair skies 5 months ago +13

      Why did they laugh at you? What were their opinions?

    • 工业党人
      工业党人 5 months ago +7

      @fair skies 因为没人愿意去送死 所以做出送死决定的人会被嘲笑 不然你也可以加入军队 并且要求去菲律宾服役

  • Gerald Scott
    Gerald Scott 4 months ago +77

    The 16 minutes I spent watching this informative presentation was the best use of my discretionary time thus far in 2023. Well done. Liked & subscribed.

  • PondTurtle
    PondTurtle 2 months ago +237

    If you're Filipino and still support China, please take time to read the PCA ruling on the dispute. China's actions in reclaiming land on Philippine waters has heavily damaged the marine life which one expert said was the worst damage he'd ever seen in his decades old career.

    • HeaDBangin MetalHeaD
      HeaDBangin MetalHeaD Month ago +4

      How about supporting neither and worry about damaging marine life??

    • Michael
      Michael Month ago +40

      @HeaDBangin MetalHeaD then you're not rooting out the cause and so it will happen again.

  • Zozah Messi
    Zozah Messi 4 months ago +7

    Very underrated channel. I love how you put visual representations for the viewers to find it easier to understand. More power to your channel.

  • Wilson
    Wilson Month ago +2

    Always recommend
    and share your channel
    because of your brief yet clear narrative about geography with history, all meticulously done.
    Great job!👍😎
    (But imho)
    Corruptive desire
    absolute power
    boils down to one thing and one thing only...
    What good
    world domination
    when our world
    will ceases to exist
    as an end result?

  • Eugene Villamor
    Eugene Villamor 5 months ago +754

    I was initially going to criticize this video because of what I believed was the wrong name given to the Philippines' northern most island: Amianan. But after further research, imagine my surprise as this is the name given to the island in my native language of Ilocano. Well done indeed👏.
    Salient and in-depth analysis, thank you for this video and it's relevance for these times in the Philippines 🇵🇭 ...maraming salamat po😌

    • gh
      gh 5 months ago +74

      I'm an ilocano, and aminan literally means north
      The other directions are called daya, laud, and bagatan

    • John Russel Casugay
      John Russel Casugay 5 months ago +3

      wen kusto ta kunayo kakabsat.

    • john martin
      john martin 5 months ago +33

      Lets just pray that you keep flying your flag with the blue part up!

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +48

      Thank you so much for your kind words, Eugene! Salamat din☺️

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +37

      @gh ehhhh that’s so interesting! Is Ilocano different from Tagalog?

  • Dennis Anthony
    Dennis Anthony 4 months ago +83

    Philippines is well aware of this. That is why theres a lot of on going military exercises here in PH especially in Northern Luzon, US is currently providing training PH soldiers to use their military hardware such as the HIMARS and artillery, also opening of additional EDCA sites from 4 bases to 9.

    • Michael Jorgensen
      Michael Jorgensen 4 months ago +10

      Looking at the historical records of the economy of the Philippines they were doing pretty good until 1991 when 12 Philippine senators decided they did not want to host Subic Naval base and Clarke Airforce base. Their economy struggled for decades after that. But those senators were portrayed as heroes for the Sovereignty of the Philippines. In hindsight they doomed the Philippines by rejecting the protection offered by the USA and the hundreds of millions of dollars those bases brought into their economy. They lost many Islands in the South China sea to China. China already has maps depicting their maritime border as encompassing the Philippines. Now they want US bases to come back. I say offer them ZERO monetary compensation for the USA to do that. The USA should not have to pay the Philippines to protect the Philippines.

  • Yelsa Marani
    Yelsa Marani 4 months ago +53

    Hi, I would just like to comment that the graphics for the presentation are indeed amazing. That said, I feel that flying through the area from various directions and orbiting from every angle and speed detracts from the experience, as adjusting and reorienting myself around the new view would take some time. For example, once you mentioned Kaohsiung, I kept trying to find it everytime a new view came around. I feel sticking to a standard view first and orienting from that might help. Just my two cents. Thank you, and again, excellent content either way!

    • Sam I am
      Sam I am 4 months ago

      Blame the Art Director for being “Artistic”. Instead of clear info

  • Garland Labat
    Garland Labat 2 months ago +2

    This presentation was very helpful in understanding the strategic and logistical issues/possibilities relative to current China/Taiwan situation.

  • Joel Reid
    Joel Reid 4 months ago +35

    I love the US comparison. it puts the US in an understanding of the China situation. i also love the way you position the China map view from the North, rather than the south.
    When we consider how others are view the situation, we can act in a way that maintains peace.

    LR VANALLEN 2 months ago +8

    ..many thanks for posting these stunning colored overhead views of this massive and really vast area. This really helps us all here...all over the world..to more easily see and understand..all these old routes of all these old past explorers..and all their armies..and all their naval forces..and the long history of many past conquests and constant wars for land and power that happened here.. and just how critical and crucial are all these.. neighboring countries to their own neighbors.. and all these large numbers of these people living there ..all living together.. and all very close to this important big China.. and very close to this important little Taiwan..and very close to the wide and long strings of the important Philippines islands....
    and all of their other neighbors..in and around that critical area..and hopefully we all will now somehow..learn to try to work hard together.. to really help us all.. to try much harder.. to help forge our future history..for all of us..all together here in our really small and fragile world..

    ALPHASTAR RU 5 months ago +321

    Honestly, I did not think about this channel at all when thinking about factors towards the defense of Taiwan. This video puts a lot of perspective into how important owning this waterway will be to either defend or take Taiwan. I love how this video also puts a lot more perspective to the position the US currently holds against China and how that can affect an eventual invasion..
    Great video as always Kamome. I'm still waiting on a Latin American video in the future!!!! But other than that keep doing what u do!!!

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +21

      Alphastar 🥹 I don’t know how could I do this without you. Totally, the Philippines have became with the new US bases the second pivots after Japan in China’s containment strategy. We’ll definitely have to cover more this area in the future 💯
      We might get the next two new videos on South America depending on the poll results 😏 And I can’t wait to see the South America desk🤩

    • Buht-head
      Buht-head 5 months ago +1

      Mexico also

      ALPHASTAR RU 5 months ago +1

      @Buht-head there is a video on mexico already

  • kjul
    kjul 4 months ago +21

    Love the 3D maps you're using, this way you can really see how insanely mountainous Taiwan is.

  • LAdiLA_mHz
    LAdiLA_mHz 4 months ago +21

    Military strategy is beyond my level of understanding but the animation and description in this video really helped me understand the issue.
    You've won my subscription 🤘

  • OptimusWombat
    OptimusWombat 3 months ago +5

    I get that the mountain range bisecting the island of Taiwan is a major obstacle, but I wonder if it may be worthwhile building a port on the east side of the island solely for the purposes of a tertiary source of supply in the event of a war with China? Does anyone who knows the local geography know how (im)passable the mountains are?

    • Jon Brown
      Jon Brown 2 months ago +1

      Depends on the balrogs

    ADJAK AMMOYA 4 months ago +9

    With its geographical location, the Philippines is no doubt a country where military planners cannot afford to do away with to have an advantage in gaining control of any access to the Indo-Pacific region. That said, I do hope its strategic location will not be its dis-advantage in times of global conflict.

  • DG
    DG 2 months ago +3

    That's a very nice presentation and I like your graphics. Now I understand why President Marcos Jr. is determined to balance these 2 superpower nations. It is to avoid war. The Philippines decision to side on one country can hugely impact the world domination of these superpowers.

    • Kamome
      Kamome  2 months ago

      Thank you so much, I’m glad it helped🙌

  • gulpkrapS
    gulpkrapS 5 months ago +1759

    So I guess no matter how much we try to remain neutral to avoid being in direct conflict with China, we will still be involved due to the fact that our geographic location is of strategic importance to both China and the US.

    • David Page
      David Page 5 months ago +97

      By "we" you mean the Philipenes?

    • vasilisakrasa
      vasilisakrasa 5 months ago +160

      Yep, exactly what happened to Ukraine.

    • car9800
      car9800 5 months ago +300

      Maps don't lie. Taiwan and Ukraine are the modern Belgium. In both World Wars,Belgium declared neutrality, but was invaded by Germany because it sat along a natural invasion route into France. Belgium just had the misfortune of being between hostile powerful states that needed to cross it to get at each other.

    • Eno Shima
      Eno Shima 5 months ago +234

      yup, china will attack japan and the philippines either way. it's a matter of how prepared the Ph and Japan are if the time comes.


    Man the history between taiwan and the Philippines go WAY back. Before they were even called their present-day names of Taiwan and Philippines, the natives of these two groups of islands have already been trading with each other for centuries. In fact there is a term for this, which the historians have dubbed the "Maritime Jade Network." Many artifacts have been unearthed in the regions of SEA, from vietnam to the Philippines and Taiwan. The latter being called the "Sa-Huynh Cultural Sphere." So blood really runs deep and thick in relation to Taiwan and the rest of southeast asia.

    • Kamome
      Kamome  4 months ago +5

      Thanks for sharing that!🥹

      𝔗𝔈𝔘𝔉𝔈𝔏 ℌ𝔘𝔑𝔇𝔈𝔑 4 months ago +5

      ​@Kamome you're welcome 🤗 and thanks to you as well for making this video. I believe learning history is key to having an open minded view of the world. And having an open mind leads to world peace ✌️🙏

    • Kit Ander
      Kit Ander 4 months ago +9

      DNA analysis of some of Philippine northern tribes up to Bataan came from the natives of Taiwan. So yeah, our ancestry are linked even from the early times.

      𝔗𝔈𝔘𝔉𝔈𝔏 ℌ𝔘𝔑𝔇𝔈𝔑 4 months ago +3

      That's right @Kit Ander. As a matter of fact, one of the island in Taiwan is home to a group of people who speak a Bashiic language, part of the Philippine language group. Orchid Island (Lanyu island) is home to the Tao people, who share a close kinship with their neighbors to the south in the Batanes islands. They call their language Ciricirin no Tao, which means "Human Speech."

  • WildH10L
    WildH10L 4 months ago +3

    A good video with beautiful graphics. However, as someone who's not great with maps/geography, it would be much nicer if you either A) did not rotate the maps constantly or B) include more of the identifying stretches of land (ex. Don't crop China so tiny) so that people can actually recognize where things are. I spent half the video having to constantly reorient myself despite you talking about the exact same island the whole video.

  • Quade Ong
    Quade Ong 2 months ago +11

    Also a bit of an update. Japan and the Philippines are discussing plans on setting up radar stations in Bataanes, the Philippine islands on the Basi Channel.

  • Wesley Bruce
    Wesley Bruce 4 months ago +6

    Wonderful maps. Several things strike me as interesting. Your focused on air power; primarily fighters, bombers and cruise missiles. However it a little known fact that the main strategic and tactical choke point asset is helicopters with anti-ship and anti-sub capacity. There are such bases in the Red sea and the straits of Hurmuz as well as most south east Asian choke points. I don't know about The Mediterranean, north of Japan and the Bering sea. 3 or 4 helicopters with a suitable refueling site on the closest island is all you need. Both Orchid Island and Itbayat have good air fields.
    Taiwan will have that too but your discounting all Taiwanese air and airbase in your analysis. They would be under attack or simply tied up protecting the coastline. A helicopter base on Itbayat at the Airport or on a road would be powerful.
    Secondly these three straits and the waters off the main Taiwanese ports would be full of subs. Taiwan, American, Japanese have all trained together. The sea bed will be fenced off with sensors. The Chinese would have no element of surprise and will not see the underwater fleets. China has only 72 subs and most are conventional attack subs that need to snorkel or surface to recharge. Taiwan has only 4 subs but matches the Chinese sub count with sub hunters.

  • Mark ONeill
    Mark ONeill 2 months ago +6

    The geography of Taiwan makes it difficult also. The mountains on the east coast are very tall. And the sea is only calm about 2 months out of the year.

  • hiles toby
    hiles toby 5 months ago +93

    The graphics in the channel just keep getting better. Kamome, your graphics and perceptive taking make you my favorite geopolitical youtube channel.

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +4

      Thank you so much, Toby 🥹

    • J
      J 5 months ago +2

      @Kamome I absolutely agree to this ! I hope you keep posting more! Extremely informative!

    • Kamome
      Kamome  5 months ago +1

      @J Thank you, J!

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    This was a good video. I'm glad that I came across it.
    I think I understand the need for many Pacific nations to align themselves with one superpower or another for mere defense purposes, if not economic as well. At one time, when Hawaii was still independent, it even explored aligning itself with Japan before becoming part of the United States. Hawaii knew even back then that it would not be able to remain independent very long.
    I'm actually a bit surprised that the Philippines didn't team up with the United States sooner after China seized the Spratly Islands, which have been claimed by China, Taiwan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and the Philippines. China shows no interest in physically leaving those islands either and are probably there for good, despite the illegality of the move.
    I'm American and so while I'm probably biased, I do understand many of the problems that our military members and bases cause overseas, as I have lived in Japan for the last 30 years. Still, despite those problems, our military alliances do seem to protect smaller nations from being invaded, if nothing else.
    Russia's recent attack on Ukraine has reminded everyone of the importance of military alliances and has only strengthened NATO. If the West didn't show strong support for Ukraine, and a subtle reminder to China that we are watching, China will likely have be emboldened to use the opportunity to attack Taiwan, knowing that it would be difficult for Western countries to help fight two military conflicts in two different theaters.
    It seems reasonable to believe that the opening of the new U.S. military bases in the Philippines helps protect every one in Asia and will make China think twice before taking any military action in the area.

    • Martin Li
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      Would be interesting if you swap US and China in your comment.

    • Ron Beaubien
      Ron Beaubien 4 months ago +2

      @Martin Li Certainly. That is why I stated in the first sentence: "I think I understand the need for many Pacific nations to align themselves with one superpower or another for mere defense purposes, if not economic as well."
      Those Pacific nations have a choice to make, "Who do they trust more? China or the US?"
      I'm probably biased as I'm American, but I have lived in Japan for the last 30 years. The U.S. is no saint. Still, at least in the last 30 years or so, we didn't see the United States forcibly seizing islands in the Pacific like China did with the Spratly Islands.

    • Adrian
      Adrian 2 months ago

      Hawaii was never independent

    • Ron Beaubien
      Ron Beaubien 2 months ago +2

      @Adrian That is quite a provocative statement. Could you please give me an academic source to back it up? From everything I have read, Hawaii was independent from when it emerged from the sea via volcanic activity until 1893 when resident American and European capitalists and landholders overthrew the monarchy. Thank you.

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    TNOCV Month ago +1

    Undoubtedly, the Philippines holds a pivotal role in the US strategic planning to safeguard Taiwan from China's potential aggression. Situated at a critical geopolitical juncture, the Philippines provides strategic bases and access points that enhance the US ability to project power in the region. This partnership underscores the global significance of maintaining stability in the Indo-Pacific, reminding us that international cooperation remains vital in upholding peace and deterring conflict.

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      Filipino kicked out Americans in the 90's. Now they want them back.
      Make up your minds Filipino.

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    I like how you're like "imagine if Cuba was our Taiwan" ... well I mean it's not terribly far off in a geopolitical sense. China's about to start loading up military bases there. Which puts Chinese bases closer to me in south Florida than Atlanta is to me. It's not a hypothetical thing anymore.

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    • Kamome
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      Thank you so much for the compliments and the feedback! I really appreciate those🙌 The world map at the start where the main Asian chokepoints are highlighted, was supposed to be that. I’ll try to make it more clear in the next videos🙌

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    As a Filipino, the only reason I see for the current administration to take a total and highly risky U-turn was because, in spite every democratic efforts Filipinos gave especially by the Duterte administration, there is no way China and Chinese government will listen to a small and less capable country like ours. We are left with no choice but to take the other side. Because if war is eventually going to happen, which I think will but hope not between China and Taiwan, geography whether we choose it or not, Philippines will still be involved.

    • #KaliBahayKubo
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      As an AMERICAN..We are glad to see that the Duterte Administration has Neutralized the Abu Sayyaf regime along with the Shabu..And with a NEW MARCOS have become Intelligent enough to know that the Philippines has always Flourished while the USA is present. Plus we are not an Occupational Country and we build and leave Almost Everything Better then when we Liberate it. It is an Important Relationship between our countries and we hope and pray it continues. 🇺🇸🇨🇿

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    Other than that a very interesting and beautiful video.

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      Second the beautiful animation...
      By the way, 3-D warships and land invasion games are more and more popular.

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      @Patrick D glad to hear that! Thank you too for the feedback!🙌

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    The Bashi Channel of the Philippines is the most important channel in entire Asia where all internet cables could be found that connects entire Eurasia to Americas.

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    One thing I haven't read about in relation to the invasion of Taiwan, is what the effect of the Nankai Trough Earthquake would be. This earthquake will take place off the south coast of Japan and will be the most expensive natural disaster in history. I will cause a lot of damage to many Japanese cities - Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Osaka, Kobe, Kochi, etc. This will basically take Japan out of any war with the US against China. The resulting tsunamis will also damage Taiwan and the Philippines. There is a 70-80% chance of this earthquake happening in the next 30 years, and 90% in the next 40 years. China likes to play the long game and I wonder if this is part of it.

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    Congratulations for the work just amazing. I must have be really hard and consumed a lot of work. PLus the content is king, and the arguments and considerations are great too.

    • Kamome
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      Oakz! I’m reading your comment and thank you so much for the kings words🥹 I’m really glad you like the video❤️
      It was done in Blender which is an awesome and open space 3d program. A good tutorial is how to make earth in 1 min by CG geek.
      Let me know if that helps

    • andersoncoxta
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    • Kamome
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      @andersoncoxta As I saw your message I had to reply 😉 Oh I don’t edit my videos in Blender too. I use Davinci Resolve. If you have more questions or want to engage in more discussion you can join our Discord here discord.gg/ABgJqDFN

  • GugsGunny
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    The western base in Luzon (Fort Magsaysay) has no taxiways and very limited apron space that it can only park a handful of C-130 sized aircraft. I have personally seen a formation of 1 Chinhook and 2 Blackhawk helicopters flying in the suburbs of largest city near Fort Magsaysay. So I think only US Army Aviation is there since the Armed Forces of the Philippines doesn't have Chinhooks. While USAF is probably in the eastern base (Clark Airport) which is capable of handling more numerous aircraft since it used to be US Clark Airbase during the Cold War.

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    Your video offers a distinct view of Taiwan in a more independent entity despite it proximity to mainland China, closer to say Okinawa and the Philippines than China proper. Thx. Very interesting. ✌️

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    The larger significance of the Bashi Channel is its depth. It makes US SSBNs (ballistic nuclear submarines) undetectable while headed towards the South China Sea. Once there US SSBNs may remain undetectable while less than 200miles from Guangzhou and 300 miles from Hong Kong. Their depressed trajectory SLBMs (nuclear ballistic missiles launched from SSBNs) have very short flight times. We are talking under ten minutes from order received to impact made.

    • Lee
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      That might be true 30 years ago but not now.

    • Hubert
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      @Lee those missiles fly same way they did 30 years ago

    • Marvin66
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      If I was running China I wouldn't be worried about US SSBNs. I would worry about Virginia class nuclear attack subs with about 60 missiles /torpedoes per sub moving as fast underwater as modern ships do on the surface .
      No navy would survive and no container ships either

    • Kenneth Eisenberg
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      @Marvin66 As to the above comments (3): The USA was contemplating nuking Cuba over placement of ICBM's What do you think the Chinese response to US armed intervention will be. (A 90 Mile straight vs. a 3000 mile ocean).

    • Marvin66
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      @Kenneth Eisenberg best not to start a war over Taiwan then which pulls in the US and US allies in the region

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    It was pointed out in this video that the US presence in the Philippines after a twenty year absence is somewhat flimsy in that changing political winds in the Philippines can change all that just as quickly as it was offered. I don't know the details behind what all it entailed to offer the US those 4 or 5 military bases it must be considered it was done out of legitimate concerns over China's behavior in the region over the past 8 or so years in particular. So long as these concerns continue its unlikely that a change up in government would trigger a sudden expulsion of US forces since a foreign threat is a threat to all within the island archipelago.

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    A to the point strategic discussion by you sir, now i know why Bashi channel is so important for the smooth running of shipping and data, vast US Navy along with its Air support is highly appreciated in this conflict, in India we are facing same threats from the dragon in the Himalayas as well as in the IOR, thank you all along, hope, in future, you will shade some lights on the most strategic part of IOR right from Arabian sea to beyond Indonesia through Malacca strait, in the context of Coco Island Chinese naval presence.

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    1) Don't assume I'm an idiot. That's maybe an overly harsh way of putting it, but what I mean is that sometimes you do seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time on dumbing-down things that the reasonably well-informed viewer probably don't quite need. People watching a geopolitical analysis of a conflict theatre are likely to be reasonably well-informed in general, I'd say. Case in point; how you chose to spell out that the undersea Internet cables carry "files, photos, industrial and military secrets" - I'd say that it's enough to mention that they carry "97-99%" of cross-pacific data, and the "smoke-screen" part was fine as well; people will realise those things are critical from that alone, we don't need an "Internet 101" explanation atop of that.
    2) There's no need for being overly dramatic. The narration style and tempo, etc., seems to be trying too hard at that. The doom and gloom theme set up with the mention of the Cuban Missile Crisis was, IMHO, a bit cringe. I understand that the fight for attention from the algorithm might incentivice creators to be more dramatic and click-baity, but if you want to be taken seriously, overdoing that stuff will have the opposite effect.
    Just my two cents. Again, I did still find the video informative; it's certainly interesting to get to know more about the more nitty-gritty aspects of this (potential) conflict theatre.

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    • BatAskal
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    • Calvin Blue
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      @BatAskal China lost Korean War??
      That's not true..
      And China thrashed India in 1962.
      China did not lose in Sino-Vietnam War..it was a Stalemate.
      There were only 3 Wars

    • Calvin Blue
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      Because your viewpoint about how China will take Taiwan is WRONG..
      What China showed you in the drill is OBVIOUSLY NOT the way they will invade Taiwan.

    • BatAskal
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      Which means China will still invade Taiwan. It's just that the method is wrong. 😆

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    Minor details-- the location of the bases may need correction. Otherwise, learned a lot from the video. Made me look up where the American bases are located in northern Luzon.

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    Thank you for bringing up those submarine data cables. The cutting of internet cable to Matsu island in March 2023 was the most definitive proof so far to China's willingness to destroy those submarine data cable at Bashi Channel when needed. They are doing drills preparing for it. And everyone in the world will feel the pain for it.

  • TheGuitarded1
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    A war is inevitable because some of China's goals are only achievable through military force. And while they can do alot of damage, they'll ultimately lose as a result of their geographic disadvantage. Keep in mind they still have border disputes with India and Vietnam as well. With their sudden declining population (and thus GDP drop), they won't have the manpower or resources to achieve their goals.

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    Unknown to many, the Chinese PLA & PLN conducted live fire drills near our Batanes islands last August 2022 & last month. The target area was only about 75 Km from our closest island.
    The Bashi channel is a strategic choke point. Chinese war planners knew this well. They need to secure this to surround Taiwan when the time comes. This channel is very important to global supply chain & contains many international communication undersea cables.
    Our concern for the 150,000 plus OFW’s adds also to the inevitable link to the Taiwan situation.

    • Boa of the Boaians
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      This is why I consider the average Filipino's lack of awareness on Taiwan's current situation very alarming.
      Not that it is not an important issue either, but most of us here are more focused on pissing on our own corrupt politicians than even the defense of our borders. We need to set our priorities straight.

    • Larry from PH
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      @Boa of the Boaians It is because most Filipinos have to prioritize food on their table before this issue. Even Cagayan province' governor prefer the short term benefits of Chinese investments in their province over the possibility of China taking over Taiwan and probably the Western Pacific!

      ADAM ISKANDAR 5 months ago +57

      @Larry from PH China taking over Taiwan is not Filipinos' concern, which is a US provocation to cause havoc in the region. Don't be too subservient to US interests at own expense. Just take a look at what happened to all US 'allies' who got involved in US war of aggression around the world.

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    • mar-j-n-swastika
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      @Rc J They will invest more in Vietnam because they have an open economic policy and Vietnam's authoritarian government gives them political stability. Quit dreaming of FDI as long as we have the 1987 Constitution and Western-style democracy. They are both curses.

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    Great video. It made me understand why Nimitz wanted to invade Taiwan rather than the Philippines .The Communication network is a nerve center that can be pinched .The winner of any future war will have to either blind or cut the enemies capacity in both satellite and cable networks.

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      Wow, thank you so much for the kind words Shashank!🥹

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  • Scot Blair
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    I am surprised there was no mention of China's recent construction of fortified islands (ie. Paracels and Spratlys) in the SCS. What kind of impact to the Bashi channel/Luzon Strait would they have? Or are they more focused on the south side of the SCS?

    • Kan Lu
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      It is far from the channel. China needs to cross PH to reach the channel from the SCS.

    • Sola
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      Indeed it is still a strategic location for CN. They might attempt some kind of pincer move entering the South or even Central Philippines while most will be distracted in the North.

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    This is why I like the USA being in the Philippines. Sure, it'd be nice if we can protect ourselves in case a war broke out but realistically, we won't be able to advance that quick for us to be ready. Some people say the USA being here will provoke China and involve us in a war but whether they are or not, our location makes us involved regardless (Strategic Location, Trade Route in Pacific, and etc). So if this is the situation, why not have some help? Sure it might backfire to us in a few decades or century but for now, it definitely helps us.

  • lolhwaet
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    Given how China has not only gone off the belligerent deep end but is also facing imminent demographic and probably also economic collapse in the next couple decades, the chances that the govt of the Philippines decides to side with them over the US again strikes me as basically nil. The US is gonna have all the economic and military power in the short to mid term future, so being friends with us is a good move.

    • Orange Rightgold
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      how tho? the U.S is also facing the same economic and demographic collapse.

  • 呱呱鴨
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    Its kinda unfortunate that Taiwan did not really pay much attention to the Philippines as a real strategic partner in the last 3 decades. Most of their focus went to their northern neighbors SK and Japan especially in economic engagements. Now with the tensions with China on overddrive Taiwan missed the critical piece of the puzzle that the Philippines provides geographically and they are playing catch up. I guess better late than never and recently it was announced that 8 Taiwanese manufacturing companies are going to invest in the Philippines so at least there is a sense from Taiwan to mend the neglect of a critical southern allie.

    • Joel Delica
      Joel Delica 4 months ago

      Because the Philippines follows(begrudgingly)the "One China Policy". And 3 decades of timid administration .

    • MM2
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      Well, 3 decades ago China didn't have a navy worth the name.

    • Jesse
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      The reason is trade and cooperation. Japan and Taiwan can successfully trade and have a partnership.
      But those countries know already how hard it is to have good relations with a corrupt government and country like the Philippines.
      Philippines is a poor place to do business.

    • Venice Angeli DC
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      @Jesse "The Philippines is a poor place to do business." The Philippines as per usual: *Sips tea unassumingly.
      "But those countries know already how hard it is to have good relations with a corrupt government and country like the Philippines."
      Certain governments around the world: Indeed...

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    I don't think the U.S. will be here in the Philippines regardless of whether China is aggressive to the Philippines or not, but they are here because of Taiwan. So I can see that both the U.S. and the Philippines need each other to deter the bullying of China. May God bless the U.S. and the Philippines.💖

    • Danh Tran
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      You're just back up. Japan has 100 US bases. If they make it passed Japan, they'll be gone in 5 minutes. 10,000 jets approaching mach 3, undetectable by radars. That's if NATO is not involved....

  • AnimeWorldBest
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    Well, from Geographic Location, Taiwan is the center in east Asia between korea, japan and philippines, It’s a common analysis. In worst scenario, If china will invade taiwan or when a war between taiwan and china explodes, other territories will also get affected from the attack which cant be avoided specially japan and philippines. Whether they like it or not, missiles cant be avoided from nearby territories specially if the attack is by sea or comes from china. It’s the best solution to prepare for the worst. These triangle countries must unite and plan for strategic solution. Other south asian countries specially philippines will get involve in this war. And it’s time for Philippines to take pride from their territories and to stop china from bullying. ASEAN countries are united countries, also USA and EU countries are always with taiwan and Philippines side. For now, I think it’s impossible for china to provoke a war.

  • Mischa
    Mischa 4 months ago +2

    It might be a choice between and evil and lesser evil (US) but China’s territorial bullying didn’t give the Philippines the choice but to establish a relationship again with the US because of weak armed and naval forces in case the worst happens.
    I mean would you rather be friends with a country who’s trying to invade southeast asia or the other one which has hidden motives but at least not really trying to conquer your islands or southeast asia.

  • Chris Blackmore
    Chris Blackmore 2 months ago

    I'm really impressed by the visuals - along with the discussion.

  • National Nest Egg Solutions
    National Nest Egg Solutions 5 months ago +10

    This is an EXCELLENT video! Wow!! So much depth and insight with respect to giving the strategic perspectives from the opposite sides. I'm definitely going to be watching more of your stuff!!!

  • Timothy Dudley
    Timothy Dudley 4 months ago +8

    The US and the Philippines should always continue to have a great relationship the US will never turn their backs on them and be there for them if china tries anything to try to push them around like they are doing to Taiwan and another thing I can say any American in the Philippines would fight shoulder to shoulder with them to help protect their land their people and their way of life!

    • John Doe
      John Doe 2 months ago +1

      Sure, like the US never turned their back on Vietnam, Irak and Afghanistan. You're a funny one.

  • S M Ahasan Ikbal
    S M Ahasan Ikbal 4 months ago +1

    My God! The Graphics Editor deserves a raise. It's simply mesmerizing!!

  • Karrr
    Karrr 2 months ago

    It's mental how far away from home the US can project air and naval, and a formidable one at that!