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Solo Car Camping in -18 Degrees

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • thanks to Google and Samsung for sponsoring this video (and this camping trip) #TeamAndroid #GalaxyZFlip4 #ad
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  • broncosfan14
    broncosfan14 2 months ago +35588


  • Ali Koca
    Ali Koca 2 months ago +10474

    No one makes simple videos more entertaining than Ryan

  • Borzah
    Borzah 2 months ago +614

    Ryan you are my motivation for Clip-Share. You make me smile

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +820

    I just love how Ryan lives his live the way we all dream to do. Just pure happiness on his side, loving what he does, no matter how hard, weird it may seem to anyone. Ryan, you are the most amazing person I have ever seen! Keep up your good work.

  • Levi Steffen
    Levi Steffen Month ago +103

    can we talk about the fact that ryan constantly lowkey makes fun of his own stupid jokes and then laughed at them. his sarcastic and funny narration is literally what i aspire to be

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +67

    Ryan knows EXACTLY how to keep us entertained for hours

  • hannah bentley
    hannah bentley Month ago +57

    just found this man , and I have to say that I’m really enjoying him already ! love how the videos are simple , but in the best way possible. just shows you don’t have to put on a HUGE show to get people to like you. you really seem like an approachable person , too , and I appreciate that. you‘ve earned yourself a new subscriber ! ❤

    • Bedfast shorts
      Bedfast shorts Month ago +3

      You should watch some of his older stuff. He even made a challenge series where he survived off a penny for a month it was on the news in some places.

  • That'll Work
    That'll Work 2 months ago +2271

    I could watch you do literally anything and be entertained 😂

  • george !
    george ! 2 months ago +161

    ryan makes his videos feel so personal and cozy - they warm my heart ngl

  • Jacob
    Jacob Month ago +43

    The quirky wall breaks and camera sets quickly have Ryan becoming my favourite content creator.

  • JK Gaming
    JK Gaming 2 months ago +48

    I love how Ryan always explains how long it took and what he had to do to get certain video clips. Like in the penny series he would walk away and then say, “I still need to get that”

  • Wmopo Faen
    Wmopo Faen Month ago +13

    I could watch Ryan stare at a rock for 3 days and still be entertained

  • vqlanche
    vqlanche 2 months ago +902

    Ryan can make any random thing entertaining, and I'm all here for it

    • Andrei0į
      Andrei0į 2 months ago


    • Instagram User
      Instagram User 2 months ago +1

      Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs dna seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I! 😂 👌

    • Pixels_XD
      Pixels_XD 2 months ago +4

      ​@Instagram User is this guy drunk??

    • coelay
      coelay 2 months ago +1

      @Pixels_XD oh my god read it backwards wtf

  • Madixj
    Madixj 2 months ago +14

    As someone from Colorado, I can say it's very fun to watch you camping in the freezing cold 😂 Although, I have no idea where you went where it gets THAT cold, probably far up in the mountains I'm guessing? Anyway, great vid as always!

    • Gl1tch
      Gl1tch 2 months ago

      As a fellow Colorado resident I can confirm

    • Matthias Mandl
      Matthias Mandl 2 months ago +1

      This was north of Nederland. Doubt it got that cold unless this was filmed months ago

    • LLAMA
      LLAMA 8 days ago

      My name is G and im a G😎

  • Bella
    Bella Month ago +6

    I don't know why but Ryan is just so wholesome

  • Logan_M.
    Logan_M. Month ago +5

    When ever I watch Ryan it feels like I’m watching a 20 minute Clip-Share short 😂 ( witch is a good thing)😐

  • Maria ღ
    Maria ღ 2 months ago +3

    Doesn’t matter what content he makes, he always makes it funny to watch! I always look forward to new content from Ryan haha

  • Ava Elms
    Ava Elms 26 days ago

    You know this just shows how Ryan cares for his viewers not what he wants to do

  • Jeffery James
    Jeffery James 2 months ago +860

    Ryan has a cool ability to make viewers feel like there are with him on his experiences.

    • PorterStats
      PorterStats 2 months ago +7

      So much better than most comments here

    • HedTB
      HedTB 2 months ago +4

      @PorterStatsnot on the grammar part

    • Ze_nDer
      Ze_nDer 2 months ago


    • Nathan Agma
      Nathan Agma 2 months ago

      @HedTB did we ask? You do know some people aren’t as good at English as others.

    • HedTB
      HedTB 2 months ago +1

      @Nathan Agma why are you so pressed about it

  • neptunesdeluxe
    neptunesdeluxe 2 months ago +6

    I like how he's happy with his life, he's not complaining and he genuinely sees and enjoys the little things

  • cRANE 31
    cRANE 31 2 months ago +30

    There's something about his videos , it just feels natural but hits straight up to heart . Just wow ! Inspiring .

  • DinoFaceProductions
    DinoFaceProductions 24 days ago

    Ryan: “Ive Never REALLY been camping.”
    Also Ryan: Literally talks about a video where he built an entire wooden survival shelter

  • Todd Richter
    Todd Richter 8 days ago

    ryan is not socially awkward, he’s awkwardly social

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    I love how much personality he packs into each video! Car camping is a blast!

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      _3D 2 months ago +15

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    • GoofyYoungLad
      GoofyYoungLad 2 months ago +5

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    • Liam S
      Liam S 2 months ago +1

      I feel like you’re a bot on a lunch break commenting like a human and not a weirdo

    • Lissie Harris
      Lissie Harris 2 months ago

      How is she a bot?

  • Aaron Aguiar
    Aaron Aguiar 2 months ago +1

    Ryan puts time into his videos to entertain us. Thank you Ryan. :D

  • R.Anubis
    R.Anubis Month ago +4

    Now as an Aussie I'd like to see you try camping in the outback

  • Javier Hoover
    Javier Hoover 2 months ago +7

    I love Ryan for how funny and entertaining these videos are

  • BoomSauceTJ
    BoomSauceTJ  Month ago

    I love your videos Ryan your always doing stuff I would've never thought of and it's inspiring. Keep up the good work

  • Kenza
    Kenza 2 months ago +274

    I have never seen a person more dedicated to entertain his viewers more than Ryan, above all. Thank you for putting in the effort

    • •• Naveyah •
      •• Naveyah • 2 months ago


    • Its_Pheral
      Its_Pheral 2 months ago +1

      Ryan is the human incarnation of "Challenge accepted"

    • Instagram User
      Instagram User 2 months ago

      Retteb si tnetnoc ym esuaceb, pleh rof smaercs dna seirc rieht raeh ot slrig elttil epar ot evol I! 😂 👌

    • Cjayy Games
      Cjayy Games 2 months ago +1

      Honestly to me it seems more like he wants to prove broncofan wrong

  • Biliphang Mochahary
    Biliphang Mochahary 2 months ago +7

    I was having a really shitty day, but your video just made me smile. Thanks Ryan😊keep making these amazing videos💖

  • Stay Rad Dad
    Stay Rad Dad 2 months ago +3

    Kids watch quite the variety of videos … no joke , of all of them , your videos are the ones I enjoy the most . No kidding .
    You’ve done an awesome job keeping your videos filled with your own personality and adventure . Congrats on the solo camp . Keep up the great work, can’t wait to see more adventures from you .

  • Brady Evans
    Brady Evans Month ago +2

    Watching you do things like this helps me have a more positive attitude to challenges in my own life

  • Itzanami Madrid
    Itzanami Madrid 2 months ago +2

    I was genuinely concerned about Ryan but I’m glad he survived and made the most of it!

  • AntsInsideMyPants
    AntsInsideMyPants 2 months ago +13

    This seems so relaxing for some reason, just imagining being wrapped up in blankets cause of the freezing cold.

  • Abhya
    Abhya 2 months ago

    i just love this guy so much, his vids just make my life a lil happier! thanks ryan for such great vids!

  • Limpod Music
    Limpod Music 2 months ago +3

    I did a similar thing on my 18th birthday where I went camping in about -18 to -20 degree weather. It's tough so good job Ryan on toughing that out. Love your videos.

  • Cookie
    Cookie 19 days ago

    Rob is like a brother to all.

  • Foravaa
    Foravaa 2 months ago +13

    Props to Ryan for getting all those different angle shots

  • RedC
    RedC Month ago

    The attention to detail this man commits is 🎉 awesome

  • coclementine
    coclementine 2 months ago +191

    I love when Ryan breaks and tells us the reality of getting the tough shots 😂

    • Vortex
      Vortex 2 months ago +4


    • Angry Munci
      Angry Munci 2 months ago +1


    • coclementine
      coclementine 2 months ago +1

      @Angry Munci bruh I post my own videos I’m not a bot lmfaoo

    • Mr. Amongus
      Mr. Amongus 2 months ago +1

      @coclementine I also have been accused of being a bot before so I know how you feel just ignore the dumb people and take care!

    • coclementine
      coclementine 2 months ago

      @Mr. Amongus truthfully I found it absolutely hilarious 🤣 I appreciate that though, you take care as well!

  • DSS: LIVE Shopping NetWork

    I hope you see this because the ONLY thing your missing in these outdoor videos are some daytime/nighttime sky time lapses, ecspecislly the night time in the middle of the woods! 🎉🎉

  • Samantha Moses
    Samantha Moses Month ago +1

    this man is one of my top ten favorite Clip-Sharers cause he's funny and entertaining and he just cames me smile while I watch him keep up the god work man

  • Ava Elms
    Ava Elms 26 days ago

    It’s strange to me how Ryan can make anything funny😭i wanna relate but I cant

  • detective pikachu
    detective pikachu 2 months ago

    For someone who's lived off mcdonalds for 30 days, I think Ryan's got this survival thing in the bag.

  • Spider-Man
    Spider-Man 6 days ago

    I love how Rob made a cameo in a different season of Ryan’s journey.

  • Adurite
    Adurite 2 months ago +145

    theres always something so peaceful about camping alone in a safe space such as a car, like the warmth you feel knowing your safe from the cold outdoors is unmatched

    • Hobo Fabulous
      Hobo Fabulous 2 months ago

      Not to mention the safety from predators. When I'm out in the woods every little sound seems disconcerting. Alligators, rattlesnakes and bears oh my.

    • TerSquare
      TerSquare 2 months ago

      Checkmark?! 4k subs!

    • Woop
      Woop 2 months ago


    • Dragon King • 27 years ago
      Dragon King • 27 years ago 2 months ago

      How are you verified?

  • Hobo Fabulous
    Hobo Fabulous 2 months ago +1

    I love this video. I'm a bushcraft guy and I watch so many camping videos that look the same so I really enjoyed watching one with your editing style and humor.

  • Emerald Odi
    Emerald Odi Month ago

    Ryan makes awkward situations funny.

  • Little Planter
    Little Planter Month ago +1

    As a Michigander, you are now cold weather certified. We welcome you into the April snow 😂

  • TheProDucky..
    TheProDucky.. 21 day ago

    i like how Ryan is more consistent than 50% of US marriages

  • UndeniableKarma
    UndeniableKarma Month ago

    I cannot explain how proud I was when Ryan willingly bought an apple ✊

  • OPT1X
    OPT1X 2 months ago +194

    Ryan is the definition of entertainment ❤

    • Z_cu
      Z_cu 2 months ago +7

      You haven’t even watched this yet

    • nizuki_shorts
      nizuki_shorts 2 months ago +1

      ​@Z_cu lol

    • AriHxppy
      AriHxppy 2 months ago +1


    • Taylor Korzeniewski
      Taylor Korzeniewski 2 months ago

      you know what ... I agree..."the action of providing or being provided with amusement or enjoyment."

    • •Arushi-!•
      •Arushi-!• 2 months ago

      52nd like! Here before this blows up!!

  • Grassul
    Grassul 2 months ago +2

    Ryan is slowly recovering from all the social activity that came with the penny challenge 😂.

  • Rapsi Raps
    Rapsi Raps 2 months ago +1

    I can watch Ryan 24/7. He is so entertaining

  • Its The Pro Gamer
    Its The Pro Gamer Month ago

    The videos are just so fun and simple you can't resist the Urge to watch them..

  • Mattchewie
    Mattchewie 2 months ago +1

    i love these videos. always so wholesome, and good to see the "Game Plan" is back

  • HDIM4
    HDIM4 23 days ago

    As a scout I feel proud of Ryan

  • Yxsuf
    Yxsuf 2 months ago +429

    Ryan Trahan isn’t Socially Awkward, He’s Awkwardly Social 😂

    • erikk
      erikk 2 months ago +16

      I don’t know if that’s original.
      It’s funny, either way.
      edit: ok it’s definetely not original

    • vgj
      vgj 2 months ago +2

      Unfunny emoji

    • GoatVader7
      GoatVader7 2 months ago +2

      ​@vgj bruh

    • Toco
      Toco 2 months ago

      Yo first comment on top comment

  • Forummings
    Forummings 2 months ago

    Ryan I love your videos, good job for entertaining me.
    You're one of my favourite youtubers on this platform, thank you for making me happy.

  • pineapple chan
    pineapple chan 2 months ago

    As an Alaskan who goes places, this is my life during the winter. (But more snow)

  • Abdulwahab Alzamil
    Abdulwahab Alzamil Month ago

    ryan i just love how you make you're videos their so calm and awsome i wish if you could do the penny challenge again it was awsome I would wait till the vid comes out get cozy and watch it ur vids are awsome keep up you're great work

  • bovodi
    bovodi 2 months ago +3

    Wow ryan has such nice manners he even chewed with his mouth close even when nobody was around!😁😁

  • Grace
    Grace 2 months ago +1

    Ryan could make watching paint dry into a entertaining story

  • TubeBuddy
    TubeBuddy 2 months ago +46

    The way Ryan turns anything into a story 😆 I’ll watch anything this guy posts 😂

  • MrMango
    MrMango 2 months ago +1

    Can we just talk about how Ryan’s face form is the most giga chad face ever

  • lJaggerl
    lJaggerl 2 months ago

    I love seeing these nature videos!

  • shaunofthedead
    shaunofthedead 2 months ago +1

    Watching this was so fun. Something about people in the wilderness helps me sleep but I was genuinely so worried when you fell lmao

  • Dominick Flores
    Dominick Flores 2 months ago +1

    This is amazing but have you thought about camping in Alaska in the summer? 🤨 Low key a camping series in different states with Ryan would go hard

  • HJV
    HJV Month ago +1

    The second he picked up those gummy worms I knew they were gonna be frozen solid later in the video 😂

  • A-10 Pilot
    A-10 Pilot  2 months ago +53

    We need to appreciate Ryans determination to entertain us. Even tho his vids are so simple but they are so good.

  • nathan shinn
    nathan shinn 17 days ago

    I love these videos! Pure, funny and simple

  • Andrew Chew
    Andrew Chew 2 months ago +2

    We love Ryan 🎉 he can’t miss even if he tried

  • Tainted Messiah
    Tainted Messiah 2 months ago +3

    Great video love the work you put in.. but must admit as a Canadian your 'freezing' at -18 did make me chuckle :)

  • cameron vedan
    cameron vedan 23 days ago

    boy im canadien ive been in -30 degrees (celcius) on a regular winter day its -18 degrees,but anyway i appreciate you. and what you just did and its amazing what youve done in the past also to anybody who sees this im from the past

  • Nick Santee
    Nick Santee 10 days ago

    The fact that you got sponsored by Google/Samsung is crazy.
    I don't know why but Ryan is so wholesome.

  • 4zaann
    4zaann 2 months ago +46

    from surviving on 1 cent for 30 days to solo camping in -18°, man ryan really can do anything

  • Nikita Poddar
    Nikita Poddar 2 months ago +1

    Bro's vids are simple yet so entertaining. We need another series.

  • NothingButTech
    NothingButTech 2 months ago +2

    THAT TRANSITION AT 50 seconds just gave me all the serotonin
    So exciting seeing u creatively pushing urself

  • Cameron Hickman
    Cameron Hickman 2 months ago +1

    For the sleeping bag, i recommend wearing less layers because it actually gets warmer. I live in Alaska and camp every so often, so I recommend it.

  • J F
    J F 2 months ago

    I love watching rayn cuz he is so relatable and just a funny normal person🔥🔥🔥

  • Aishie
    Aishie 2 months ago +108

    I love youtubers like this who actually put effort into their videos. I feel like most youtubers these days just try to crack the algorithm. They don't actually try and be creative with what they do. This is why we love u ryan ❤

    • TippyHippy
      TippyHippy 2 months ago +1

      l put my hamster in a sock and sIammed it against the furniture.

    • Aishie
      Aishie 2 months ago +2

      @TippyHippy why r u telling me this?

    • Johannes Hartman
      Johannes Hartman 2 months ago

      Jesus got sacrificed by HIS FATHER for your sins. he isnt a random human, HE is GODS SON , and CREATOR OF THIS EARTH

    • Aishie
      Aishie 2 months ago +2

      @Johannes Hartman ok cool, I didn't rly ask tho

    • Johannes Hartman
      Johannes Hartman 2 months ago

      @Aishie ok but HE can save you from your sins and GODS JUDGEMENT hell

  • Ray Love
    Ray Love 2 months ago +1

    I don't think I could deal with those temps, but awesome vid mate. Cheers from Western Australia

  • RazorLight
    RazorLight 2 months ago

    You know its gonna be good when Ryan uploads..

  • Julian Velez
    Julian Velez 16 days ago

    I wish I could do some cook stuff like this man it seems like so much fun

  • Josh Coleman
    Josh Coleman 2 months ago

    Just started watching you I don’t know why I enjoy it so much it’s funny entertaining and wholesome this isn’t even close to the kinda content I usually watch but I’m surprised how good his content is

  • 𝕣𝕠𝕝𝕝𝕚.𝕔𝕒𝕗𝕖

    Tbh, as a Canadian, -18 c is cold, but I’d be fine in long sleeves long pants a hat and a sleeping bag comfort wise ❤

  • Ian Majernik
    Ian Majernik 2 months ago +28

    My days are just normal or regular but as soon as Ryan posts a video it turns into the best day ever.

    • ORANG
      ORANG 2 months ago +1

      Every single comment sounds the same

  • TheDemonHamster
    TheDemonHamster 2 months ago

    these outdoors videos are so good, you should do one in the desert next

  • Bunny Films
    Bunny Films 2 months ago

    Something I love about your videos is how there are so many different background music pieces. They always fit in well!

  • Gentle fush
    Gentle fush Month ago +1

    Ryan is the best at hand clap transitions! 👏 👏 👏

  • Ragavan Raguraman
    Ragavan Raguraman 2 months ago

    Ryan doing just about anything would be quality entertainment

  • ejo..
    ejo.. Month ago

    These videos are so feel-good they just make me think of good things and nostalgia

  • Yusuf AbdurRahman
    Yusuf AbdurRahman 2 months ago +16

    I love how Ryan Trahan's video style is so simple yet so entertaining.

  • lucy !
    lucy ! 2 months ago

    You can make the simplest ideas so so interesting, like no one could do this and have me watch the whole thing other than u

  • PedrozaTravel
    PedrozaTravel 2 months ago

    This is a great example of how a simple video can be great with good story telling.

  • I love YouTube
    I love YouTube  Month ago +1

    Ryan. You make my day great and you are the best person in the world 🌎

  • GameTales
    GameTales 2 months ago

    That’s nothing compared to Canadian winter camping 😂

  • progadoodlesnoodlefoodleschoodleloodlegooglenoogle

    4:48 ryan inspecting his cashews befor eating them, so relatable lol

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way 2 months ago +7

    I’ve never seen a person more dedicated to entertain his viewers more than Ryan, above all. Thank you for putting in the effort

  • Dandidit
    Dandidit 2 months ago

    Every time i watch a ryan trahan video it reminds me why i love being a content creator ❤