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Putin vs the West: Missed opportunities to prevent war

  • Published on Jan 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • "When it looked like Ukraine was going to join the EU, that was a step too far to the West for him and therefore Putin had to stop it."
    The West missed all the red flags that showed Putin would invade Ukraine, documentary maker Norma Percy tells #TimesRadio.
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Comments • 154

  • Riku Koskela
    Riku Koskela Month ago +33

    At every turn, European leaders and US presidents have tried to do as little as possible to dissuade Russia. Very little has changed.

    • terry varta
      terry varta Month ago +2

      It's because they have been controlled by businesses. Instead of acting out of national interests, politicians have listened to business and have neglected to act when Putin has misbehaved,

    • Mike
      Mike Month ago +2

      Sadly, this is true.

  • Judith Campbell
    Judith Campbell Month ago +2

    Fantastic interview, thank you both! Have a wonderful day.

  • Cayne Byron
    Cayne Byron Month ago +38

    Does this lady think Medvedev was actually in charge when he was president?

  • Operator 9
    Operator 9 Month ago +2

    Wow. Never thought i would ever see anything as objective as this on this channel in a hundred years. Nice one.

  • Skeeter Lewis
    Skeeter Lewis Month ago +3

    I saw Part One last night. It was superb.

  • Skeeter Lewis
    Skeeter Lewis Month ago +5

    What a wonderful, charming interview! Congratulations to both.

  • Juan Millaruelo
    Juan Millaruelo Month ago +1

    Fascinating as well as charming.

  • Sid Salhi
    Sid Salhi Month ago +1

    Even among Putin detractors one here and there still find a nugget of truth

  • ForestKnight
    ForestKnight Month ago +2

    08:20 I don't think he was shy; paranoid as he is, he was probably sh* scared for his security, going among the people his security hadn't vetted.

  • O Alem
    O Alem Month ago +5

    Videos of Putin? It has been claimed that he has three body doubles so that's four Putins in total.

  • Rick C-137
    Rick C-137 Month ago +1

    Captain hindsight is always a little bit ahead of time

  • Vadym B
    Vadym B Month ago +1

    The host should have listened to Garry Kasparov's (chess grandmaster) interview where he insists that Putin is not a chess player but rather a pocker player.

  • Carl Hash
    Carl Hash Month ago +1

    He didn’t change. The world changed

  • A B
    A B Month ago +1

    Fantastic journalism

  • Bill Borodenko
    Bill Borodenko Month ago +6

    facts is what you deal in but saying Ukraine should have been classed as Russia is such an insult Ukraine has been called different names as has Russia but freedom for Ukrainians has always been desired & hoped for

  • TheFeldhamster
    TheFeldhamster Month ago +1

    Err, she's this super duper filmmaker/journalist? And she thought Putin is "this secret judo fan"? Seriously? He's been well known for having a love of Judo and being a black belt himself for forever. The guy's been doing Judo ever since his youth and been putting out photos of him doing Judo frequently. Hrmpf, now I'm not sure if I should even go to the trouble to try and see this BBC series (it's probably behind some region lock so that people outside the UK can't access it like so much of the BBC's stuff).

  • Louis Cypher
    Louis Cypher Month ago +2

    Has anyone sen the clip on YT where Putin meets a little blind girl? Its actually very touching. The duality of this monster is epic.

    • fudgepacker
      fudgepacker Month ago

      Yes the whole point of publicity like that is to make you seem like a better innocent person. That gets you more support no matter what you do

    • Louis Cypher
      Louis Cypher Month ago +1

      @boink800 Did you see iit? Sure carefully managed perhaps, but not faked in my opinion. It seemed like a genuine heart warming moment. Nevertheless, putin must pay for his actions.

  • Jas Kharaba
    Jas Kharaba Month ago +1

    UN resolution 2202 as ratified by the UN Security Council.

  • Bastogne
    Bastogne Month ago +23

    Putin's European Tour 2022
    Ukraine Feb 24th
    Moldova March 24th (postponed)*
    Estonia June 23rd (postponed)*
    Lithuania June 24th (postponed)*
    Latvia June 25th (postponed)*
    *All tickets for postponed events are still valid.
    Note: These events have not been cancelled.

    • Ya, but maybe not.
      Ya, but maybe not. Month ago +1

      @Evola’s Sunglasses It's funny to me how you guys all the same opinions, and repeat the exact same talking points. How unoriginal.

    • Frida Kahlo
      Frida Kahlo Month ago +2

      @Evola’s Sunglasses As if Putin ever respected any deal. Give me a break Stop being naive. Power is the only language dictators care about.

    • Frederick Rose
      Frederick Rose Month ago +3

      @Evola’s Sunglasses "negotiating" when you're in a fight for survival as Ukraine is right now, is not an option.

  • Choco Later
    Choco Later Month ago +4

    Everybody is a general after the war

    • Ya, but maybe not.
      Ya, but maybe not. Month ago

      But many warned us before the war, and we didn't listen. Those people should be remembered now.

  • Arno Schäfer
    Arno Schäfer Month ago +5

    Does nobody else find it inappropriate to giggle about personal moments between a ruthless and brutal dictator and other political leaders in times like these? What might have been amusing a year ago appears less so now.

    • TheFeldhamster
      TheFeldhamster Month ago +1

      @Mitchell Ryan not just in Russia... *cough* Salisbury *cough* Berlin Tiergarten *cough* Georgia *cough* etc...

    • Mitchell Ryan
      Mitchell Ryan Month ago +2

      Not even amusing a year ago, if you know more about what Putin had been doing in Russia up until now.

  • Bourbon Lover
    Bourbon Lover Month ago +4

    I dont blame Putin for getting super mad but there was not much he could do about it.

  • asan1050
    asan1050 Month ago +1

    Thanks Much !

  • A. A.
    A. A. Month ago +14

    The West has been incredibly naive to believe that Russia could progressively move towards a Western model, where, despite all its flaws or limitations, entrepreneurship, rule of law, or freedom of speech are still core values. Instead, with the collapse of the Soviet Union, secrecy, rampant corruption, mafias, and nepotism have taken over. You cannot expect anything from their brainwashed society and less so from a tyrant suffering from small-man syndrome. All what is left is what Reagan did during the cold war: Bring this pariah state to its knees and keep it there for good.

  • boink800
    boink800 Month ago +5

    Likewise, how we could have stopped Adolf

  • C-LIFE
    C-LIFE Month ago +1

    Putin the great leader of our time !

  • KontulanPS
    KontulanPS Month ago +1

    It seems a bit strange to stop the series on the eve of Russian attack, but I guess this is a story of diplomacy that failed!?

  • anon emous
    anon emous Month ago +1

    the docu is very good

  • Deniz B.
    Deniz B. Month ago +1

    After Libya he changed

  • Phil G
    Phil G Month ago +1

    seems like something only seen with brits, albeit rarely, forcing words through a clinched grin, like trying to hold the dentures in place perhaps .

  • Vic Marc
    Vic Marc Month ago +2

    It’s no wonder the West is in trouble with Putin, because of ladies like this one.

    FATHER TED Month ago +14

    He can't handle Ukraine so 30 countries ! no way 😂

    • Lucan Lucan
      Lucan Lucan Month ago

      America and friends couldn't handle untrained men with AK-47 and RPGs for 20 years hahahaha

    • Faniel Maria
      Faniel Maria Month ago +3

      Russia is fighting already entire west+ sanction Ukraine got military aid over 140 billion this means the 5th army on the world.The problem is Russia's plan was change regime and take Donbass rigion because they had only 200,000 army to take Ukraine they need 2 million army and destroy, communication, transport, energy water in 4 hours but we didn't see this.they don't want destroy Ukraine but after all they learned their mistake

    • Karabas Barabas
      Karabas Barabas Month ago

      Can't handle Ukraine? 40 mills country with 100+ billions of supply? Everything would be done long ago without that support.

    • leme
      leme Month ago +6

      @jim this is not about learning, we're not in 1939. back then Russia was the 2nd most populous country in the world.

    • André Ballon
      André Ballon Month ago

      We mustn't underestimate unhinged people.

  • Proselytizing Orthodox Pentecostal Angora Rabbit

    Take a look at Belarus. That's Putin's view of Ukraine's future and always has been

  • Alam Ali
    Alam Ali Month ago +1

    Criminals stopping another criminal? Doubtful!

  • Al V.
    Al V. Month ago +11

    These are useless discussions. How do we stop him now? Not how could we have.....

    • Peter Carson
      Peter Carson Month ago +4

      It’s quite evident from this that we couldn’t. He was determined Ukraine had to stay in the russian envelope.

    • dnmurphy48
      dnmurphy48 Month ago

      @Al V. There have been numerous wars since WW2, with several in Europe.

  • zerin
    zerin Month ago +8

    Minsk aggrement was a decoy.

    • К K
      К K Month ago +1

      Russia could have easily taken Ukraine over in 2014, and it would've been a much less bloody affair, but they weren't ready economically.

    • zerin
      zerin Month ago +1

      @Evola’s Sunglasses that interview is removed from you tube.

  • MrThartofwar
    MrThartofwar Month ago +1

    They could have listened and acknowledged Russian legitimate concerns, instead of calling them non starters, it was Ukraine ignorance that has destroyed there country and people.

  • Ahmed Sardar
    Ahmed Sardar Month ago +1

    Invite guests who offer a different viewpoint

  • Stevareno
    Stevareno Month ago +1

    I assume you are kidding? Missed an opportinity. They did and are doing exactly what they want

  • SJ T
    SJ T 25 days ago

    Is there still time to send Putler some polonium tea? Asking for the planet.

  • Amobi Osunkwo
    Amobi Osunkwo Month ago +1

    Stop referring to past, because chance is here again in Ukraine to fight, please nato or west go to Ukraine and fight Russia.

  • Carl Hash
    Carl Hash Month ago +2

    5 chess moves ahead lol ♟. Any idiot new this was coming. Any realist, anyway. Politicians knew, but they just didn’t have the political momentum to do anything, pre-emotive.

  • 81 Forever
    81 Forever Month ago +1

    Did I not say many years ago Thu, Sep 21, 2023 UN Peace Day. Let's get it on, 2025.
    I work the Iraq desk appointed by 43 in 2005.
    I can understand 2 war two fronts

  •  Ivan Dimitrov Ivanov
    Ivan Dimitrov Ivanov Month ago +1

    Who? The west to prevent war?

  • Richard
    Richard Month ago +1

    Why does she remind me of Leni Riefenstahl?

  • Ahmed Sardar
    Ahmed Sardar Month ago +2

    Just not a factual academic assessment at all , poor as all the speakers are just toeing the Narrative scripted to them

  • Eamonn Conlin
    Eamonn Conlin Month ago +2

    Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve. Cry over spilled milk much?
    The Present is where we should be focused.

  • zorglub667
    zorglub667 Month ago

    Awww was he shy? That's so cute!
    Way to re-humanize a war criminal and mass murderer.

  • Right Side News
    Right Side News Month ago

    Doesn’t like to give opinions yet a great defender of Obama lol

  • jim
    jim Month ago +12

    This is a war of the Russian Federation, not Putin.
    100,000s of Russians from all over the Federation are fighting on the front.
    Millions work everyday, suppling those troops at the front.
    And how pointless is it to muse on what we should have done, when we are not doing what we should be doing right now.

    • Aw F
      Aw F Month ago +2

      @Evola’s Sunglasses But Russia didn't have to eh?

    • Tidbit
      Tidbit Month ago +1

      @Evola’s Sunglasses Look up the word: duress

  • elvo west
    elvo west Month ago


  • TinneyMan
    TinneyMan Month ago +3


  • Ilham Conte
    Ilham Conte Month ago +2

    What changed with Putin?
    You kept poking the bear !

    • boink800
      boink800 Month ago +6

      That's what Adolf said to Poland

    • Peter Carson
      Peter Carson Month ago +6

      Ah! Little teddy bear.