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Dropping balls a bunch of times to see if they heat up

  • Published on May 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Caron
    Caron  +101

    Reminds me of the guy trying to cook a chicken by slapping it

  • AnonyMemes

    Girls: “I bet he’s cheating on me”

  • Sophie Mccloskey

    "So Fred what did you do today?""oh! I dropped a bag of beeds over and over again!😃"

  • Советский Танк

    "how you like your egg to be cook sir?"

  • GeoGames
    GeoGames  +64

    The part when he was "twerking" in the silent timelapse part had me going to the backrooms

  • Mahmud Chowdhury

    Action lab after 100 years: "cooking eggs at the speed of light"

  • One TimE
    One TimE  +13

    “Mom I’m cold”

  • elementallobster x

    “Can you cook an egg by dropping it a bunch of times” well… to start, drop number 2 will be pretty hard

  • Drive™
    Drive™  +86

    Me: Sees the title, summons Rock

  • Flyer
    Flyer  +8

    "I''m gonna drop these balls until they get hot"

  • Higharchy cece

    Sheesh didn’t have to bust down like that.. got me heated up 🥵

  • LocalGDNoob

    "Dropping balls a buch of times to see if they heat up" - Action Lab 2022

  • Noobtube2

    "how you like your eggs?"

  • Americanos

    “Making the mother of all omelettes here, Jack. Can’t fret over every egg.”

  • scoopsahoy_robinbuckley

    “Dropping balls”

  • Fishii
    Fishii  +1


  • Badass BobY

    "I have a bag full of lead balls"

  • mazthebigboss

    me whos trying to get a fever to not go to school

  • funtypeofbored

    "How do you workout"

  • Extra Voltage

    “Hmmmm I’m hungry”