WELP!!! I Said What I Said! Florence By Mills Review | Jackie Aina

  • Published on Oct 14, 2019 veröffentlicht
  • Let’s discuss Millie Bobbie Brown’s newest beauty line: Florence By Mills. This review MAY or may not be a little controversial but yall should be used to that by now lmao
    Florence by Mills can be found on Ulta.com and select stores bit.ly/2BbujN7
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  • Clara Alexandrova
    Clara Alexandrova 9 hours ago

    “At who’s household... Millie ROCK?¿” SENT ME

  • Peyton Eide
    Peyton Eide 19 hours ago

    She sucks at singing no a fence i’m kinda cracking up

  • Maddie Taylor
    Maddie Taylor 21 hour ago

    5:26 deadass thought chase atlantic was gonna start playing

  • May
    May Day ago

    I don't know if you realise but Millie's brand was made for younger skin
    Ya know, just saying lol

  • Sarah McDowell
    Sarah McDowell Day ago

    i love your personality. 30 seconds in I hit subscribe yeee

  • Damaris Ramirez
    Damaris Ramirez Day ago


  • ivana lagos
    ivana lagos Day ago

    HYPERPIGMENTATION CAMPAINGGG lol im dead, and sign me up please!

  • J Andro
    J Andro Day ago +1

    I love Jackie's videos. Periodt. She always has me lmfao.

  • Alexandria Erckenbrecht

    Girl, I'm living for this YT channel omg

  • Keddeasha Brown
    Keddeasha Brown Day ago

    I cant stop laughing, im studying for exams and this is exactly what i needed to relax and start again.

  • Kylie Roberts
    Kylie Roberts Day ago

    I just love this woman

  • Finn Wolfhard is my love

    England has boots ❤️

  • Haya Almuftah
    Haya Almuftah 2 days ago +1

    25:09 u can use the shade angel in the love liv eyeshadow pallet

  • Giorne Manson
    Giorne Manson 2 days ago

    The EDITING 😂😂😂 I just subbed. You are too funny! Love it!

  • Sada MoMo
    Sada MoMo 2 days ago

    Actually i would recommend to use a separate spf product not a moisturizer or a tinted cream or foundation with spf just to be able to apply the right amount :) well just because she is a teenager doesn't mean that's her target customer for me is all of strange things fans, and well a lot of them aren't just teens, she gained fame so her branch is even bigger

  • holy wolf
    holy wolf 3 days ago

    i swear everyone has a skincare/makeup brand now

  • Nicole Hemmeke
    Nicole Hemmeke 3 days ago

    I actually just saw it today at my Ulta.. curious about that nude gloss..! Regardless, I think you’re skin does look nice- having to powder it down maybe is an extra step a “girl on the go” doesn’t need. But I get what she was doing. Could you suggest another skin tint??

  • I love you
    I love you 4 days ago +1

    i'm DEAD! "Your honor where is the product" HAHA

  • Asha
    Asha 4 days ago +7

    If she rubbed her dry hands together any more she'd start a fire

  • Sup Cheetos
    Sup Cheetos 4 days ago

    The skin tint is definitely giving me 👹👺🧑‍🦰🧞‍♀️🦺🦀🦞🦐

  • Peyton Hodge
    Peyton Hodge 4 days ago

    I was talking to my friend today that has darker skin referring her to your videos because you have a lot of knowledge on brands that have good matches in things for darker skin tones and told her about what you respresent and the message you try to get across to makeup and beauty brands in general with your such big platform and she was kind of surprised I watched you because I am Caucasian. And we got into the conversation of how much you have opened my eyes to things, I don’t understand and am ignorant on the issues darker skin tones have with makeup etc. I really did not know this was such an issue and feel so much better getting educated on the subject. Although I have very light skin and have a big variety of options out there for me that other unfortunately don’t have I have started to judge brands based off their options for all skin tones.. i love your personality and humbleness while trying to be stern and get your message across. Thank you so much for the knowledge and positivity during the day when I watch you!

  • stranger felix
    stranger felix 4 days ago

    I still think that Florence by mills is the best.

  • Lola k
    Lola k 4 days ago

    Idk why everyone is hating on her she made an amazing makeup and skin care brand and I bought her products and they are perfect

  • Rayyan Al-Riyami
    Rayyan Al-Riyami 4 days ago

    I love how she says dollars

  • Angelic Erin
    Angelic Erin 4 days ago

    20:14 😂😂😂 love that

  • Marilyn West
    Marilyn West 5 days ago


  • Jennifer Jimenez
    Jennifer Jimenez 5 days ago

    Lmao I love your reviews! Never change please, we all appreciate the bluntness! 😩😂❤️❤️

  • Emily Labelle
    Emily Labelle 5 days ago

    NoooooOooo ma’am 😂

  • millie drew
    millie drew 5 days ago

    jackie: i also looked at the cover girl one and the cover girl one

  • millie drew
    millie drew 5 days ago +1

    jackies editing gives me life

  • Gabrielle
    Gabrielle 5 days ago +1

    when she kept saying "NOO NO NO NO", I hollered!!

  • Julia
    Julia 5 days ago +1

    *laughs in European winter time and school till 4pm*

  • Sonya Unzueta
    Sonya Unzueta 6 days ago

    23:22 had me LMMFAO😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kemi Omoge
    Kemi Omoge 6 days ago

    What brand will you suggest for a girl that is just getting into make up and doesn't like wearing a lot of it

  • Meriam Abagiro
    Meriam Abagiro 6 days ago

    You Are Beautiful.

  • Meriam Abagiro
    Meriam Abagiro 6 days ago +1

    She is what I call BEAUTIFUL.

  • Kellen Hardy
    Kellen Hardy 6 days ago +1

    hey so here’s my opinion coming form the younger prospective i’m not impressed with the shade range on the beauty line.. and i dont really like the beauty line in general..(besides the brow products) but i do love the skin care line it would totally by it but i feel like i can not support a brand who does not have a shade for everyone...in my opinion if you cannot make a shade for everyone’s skin tone then don’t come out with a cosmetics line PIEROD!!

  • Gina Ziko
    Gina Ziko 6 days ago +25

    Not even interested in this product you’re just very entertaining 😂

  • Snow Off White
    Snow Off White 7 days ago +3

    I never realized the under eye patches resemble a whale until now 😳

  • Mouser Irvine
    Mouser Irvine 7 days ago

    Swiper NO SWIPING!!! I love you!

  • esra france
    esra france 7 days ago

    You're so talkative omggg

    • I want money
      I want money 6 days ago

      @Jackie Aina 😂😂😂

    • Jackie Aina
      Jackie Aina  7 days ago +1

      it’s a review, what would like me to do, cough instead of speak? Lol

  • Aisyah Nassim
    Aisyah Nassim 7 days ago

    im gonna say this in the nicest way i possibly can... but florence by mills is trash its super expensive for something that is targeted to a younger audience the makeup products feels like those toy ones you get from toys r us it feels like your applying water mixed with air dosent do anything to your face at all and i asked my mom to get this before but my mom said theres no way shes buying a cosmetic product that you are applying to your own skin that is from a 14 yr old ofc i got a little mad when she said this but now i kind of understand what shes trying to say here. shes still an amazing actress and role model >3

  • Cranberry Sauce
    Cranberry Sauce 7 days ago

    I absolutely love the your chaotic yet chill energy

  • Joy & Lily
    Joy & Lily 7 days ago

    Real talk youngins don't have bills, so...🤷🏾‍♀️

  • sarah donovan
    sarah donovan 7 days ago

    this is the funniest fucking editing I've seen in my LYFE

  • Freddy Em
    Freddy Em 8 days ago +4

    She looks burned after applying the tinted moisturiser 😱

  • Stephanie H.
    Stephanie H. 8 days ago +45

    “Do you pronounce the ‘th’ in thyme?”
    “Noooo maam”

  • Shelby Groves
    Shelby Groves 8 days ago

    the oxidation ☠️

  • Monl Konli
    Monl Konli 9 days ago +3

    Bro I was dying at that intro and the broken bone I CANT

  • rose rose
    rose rose 9 days ago

    Can you do a review of sadie sink eyeshadow pallette

  • aeonjoey
    aeonjoey 9 days ago +2

    had me until the "you know that's not her fault" ...sis...

  • brooke
    brooke 9 days ago

    how have i not found you sooner

  • maya moloo
    maya moloo 9 days ago

    no hate. she’s using product, her product DOESNT LATHER because she didn’t put the ingredient that makes it lather due to chemicals? on their instagram they have a video of her using it and it looks the exact same as it did on their story

    • Jackie Aina
      Jackie Aina  9 days ago

      You think I don’t know what sulfate-free products are?

  • Someone
    Someone 9 days ago

    Omg go to 35:43

  • ScaleyBananas
    ScaleyBananas 10 days ago

    Jackie the editing is fucking killing me thank God for you mama

  • Frida Ibarria
    Frida Ibarria 10 days ago

    this video has me dying

  • MoneyMonarch Vlogs
    MoneyMonarch Vlogs 10 days ago

    But there is a Clip-Share channel called Florence by mills and it shows you the product

  • Itsablackgirl _
    Itsablackgirl _ 10 days ago

    When she sprayed the face mist😂😂😂😂❤️

  • Leila Morales
    Leila Morales 10 days ago

    us: Mills can we get a highlighter-
    Florence: stay tuned for updates 🐳♥️

  • peachella
    peachella 10 days ago +2

    man the products looks like you can get em at Claire’s but the prices makes it seems like your shopping at Sephora.