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The Only Secret Recording of Hitler's Normal Voice | The Hitler-Mannerheim Recording

  • Published on May 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Oddly enough although many speeches given by Adolf Hitler have been preserved, there is no audio footage of his normal conversational voice. Well, except one tape, recorded in secret by a Finnish sound engineer and released to the public only decades after the war ended.
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    0:00 Introduction
    3:49 The Soviet Military Apparatus
    6:12 The Wehrmacht's Problems with Winter
    8:11 Italy's Military Disasters
    10:40 Diplomacy with the Soviet Union
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    During his lifetime, but also in studies afterwards, Hitler has been revered for his ability to enchant crowds with his voice. The dictator realised, more than anyone at the time, the power of a well-staged speech, both to excite and intimidate.
    Because over 500 speeches, of which audio- and video footage has been preserved, we really only know the way of speaking of Hitler in its most dramatic form. It may come as a surprise because it’s not something you’d generally think of when talking about the rise of Hitler or the Second World War in general, but we only have recordings of Hitler giving speeches to massive crowds. And, sure, he managed to captivate and enchant those crowds with his signature raspy voice and dramatic way of speaking. I mean, he basically perfected demagoguery, and from photographs and documentation, we know he prepared his speeches into their minute detail. He didn’t just rehearse the content of his speeches, but actually practised and prepared the intonation of every word he uttered.
    Photographs were commissioned, in fact, to examine certain poses and body language, and to see if they were imposing enough to present to crowds. He even took acting lessons. Everything, to perfect his charisma and rhetoric. Hitler himself was aware of his rhetorical skill as, stating that he was “conscious that he had no equal in the art of swaying the masses.”
    And Hitler’s rise to power was made possible, in part, by an unprecedented propaganda campaign. Although admittedly there has been some academic debate that disputes the effects of Hitler’s speeches on the electoral success of the Nazi party. At any rate, the speeches made by Hitler were a sight to behold and engrained in the minds of anyone that witnessed it, even today.
    The recording: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Hi...
    Photos, paintings and imagery: Public Domain, Wikicommons
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  • House of History
    House of History  2 years ago +7174

    0:00 Introduction
    3:49 The Soviet Military Apparatus
    6:12 The Wehrmacht's Problems with Winter
    8:11 Italy's Military Disasters
    10:40 Diplomacy with the Soviet Union

    • Clare D
      Clare D 2 years ago +80

      Cant see the link to original tho i looked.

    • kam
      kam 2 years ago +21

      @RLM so edgy

    • Sofia Bessonova
      Sofia Bessonova 2 years ago +18

      Thank you for your great labour.

    • goca goca
      goca goca 2 years ago +13

      Btw, I was just wondering if you are Dutch? 😎🎉😘

    • Duarte Simões
      Duarte Simões 2 years ago +96

      Even more impressive than his voice are his comments. Hitler is obviously extremely worried about the output of Soviet tanks and fighting in two fronts, and note that this is the Summer of 1942, Stalingrad and Normandy are yet to happen. Unaware that he was being recorded, we can see that Hitler was way more worried that he admitted publicly. Who knows, maybe intimately he understood much earlier that the war was going to be lost...

  • michdo23
    michdo23 Year ago +38812

    As a German, i have heard this recording a few times. It is extremly eerie to hear him talk like a normal person. Like a neighbour. His Austrian accent is almost unnoticeable, his speech could easily pass as High German for someone not paying attention. Also, his choice of words, his pronunciation is almost modern. Not "old fashioned" as you would expect someone to talk in the 1930s or -40s. And to think that this is HIM. Having a random conversation. An i am sitting here, in Germany, listening to it on an American Website decades later... it is insane how history works.

    • Exx Studios
      Exx Studios Year ago +821

      Thought the same. Crazy...

    • Mac Maddox
      Mac Maddox Year ago +128

      Which American website?

    • InYoFaceFilmworks
      InYoFaceFilmworks Year ago +1251

      @Mac Maddox youtube

    • Hans
      Hans Year ago +516

      @Mac Maddox Clip-Share?

    • F. 67
      F. 67 Year ago +277

      I think he talked like grandpas nowadays do

  • Tom Fuzer
    Tom Fuzer 2 months ago +1500

    This is quite surprising in some ways to hear how normal he actually sounded like. He is presented via his speeches as he was always super tense, agitated, forceful and hypnotic, a little bit like a lunatic maybe. But he actually sounds just like a German guy I used to work with. Even his tone of voice is similar to him. Shockingly normal

    • Sean Brogan
      Sean Brogan Month ago +41

      that's what he envied in mussolini. The ability to do theatrics at the drop of a hat and generate that cult of personality

      ON TOP ENTERTAINMENT Month ago +6

      if he would have been in tense with his own they would not love him.

    • Sheerluck Holmes
      Sheerluck Holmes Month ago +18

      Adolf Hipster was shockingly normal until they rejected him from art school. The rest is history.

  • Wulf Sorenson
    Wulf Sorenson Month ago +679

    Many people fail to realise one of the reasons his voice was so deep and rasping was because he was badly injured in a gas attacked during WW1 which damaged his lungs and throat which left him with a permanent guttural hoarseness.

    • Future Time Traveller
      Future Time Traveller Month ago +91

      also his many speeches hurt his voice as well... he developed polyps ...that may deepen the voice

    • Wulf Sorenson
      Wulf Sorenson Month ago +53

      @Future Time Traveller yep exactly. Heavy long term smokers and alcoholics can also end up with a permanent hoarse raspy voice.

    • YouTube violated me
      YouTube violated me Month ago +32

      He also shaved his mustache that way so he could more easily wear a gas mask.

    • Napps Snapps
      Napps Snapps Month ago +12

      and why do we give a sht about how he sounded again?

    • Wulf Sorenson
      Wulf Sorenson Month ago +65

      @Napps Snapps you obviously do because you’re taking the time to watch and comment on this video hun 🤣

  • DrRepper
    DrRepper Month ago +435

    This sort of thing is absolutely necessary to hear. Turning the villains of history into goose stepping caricatures and fairytale monsters allows us to distance ourselves from the reality that every unspeakably evil act in history was perpetrated by completely ordinary human beings, as well as all those yet to come.

    • Keith Jones
      Keith Jones Month ago +10

      👆 THIS 👆

    • Himaryous
      Himaryous Month ago +19

      Human beings, yes...completely ordinary, I wouldn't agree. But I agree that turning the worst among us into "monsters" instead of just human beings who are bad people is an easy way to pretend that such evil qualities don't really exist in people. Just "monsters."

    • helveticaification
      helveticaification Month ago +3

      It is important to emphasise, however, that Hitler TURNED HIMSELF into the ranting demagogue. In public appearances he CHOSE and/or had an irresistible impulse to appear in that (presumably he thought) passionate, hectoring style. He worked himself up to it, without any input from other individuals - just the emoting crowds. He must have dosed himself with honey and/or other emollients and anti-inflammatories, to sustain that theatrical pitch session after session - as well as an obliging tame doctor to tend to him.

    • Fabio Trucco
      Fabio Trucco Month ago +5

      Exactly, culture gives the false impression Nazis were psychos and rabid people, when they were actually ordinary people in their majority, like in any society at any point in time. Its important to keep that in mind, because many of us could have been Nazis on Germany at that time, only that we cannot do the social experiment to prove it

    • Jay Adams
      Jay Adams Month ago

      This is the most underrated comment on this video.

  • Andrea Andrea
    Andrea Andrea 2 months ago +806

    My father read every known book he could find about the war he served in... THIS recording would have absolutely fascinated him. He died in 1995. I'm sad I can't send this to him! But I listened to the end. Thank you for posting this. (I had NO IDEA!) It was very interesting.

    • Acesun 13
      Acesun 13 Month ago +46

      You are extention of your father.. He read it through you and I'm sure he's thankful for you not forgetting.. But I know what you mean, you wish he was here physically..

    • Andrea Andrea
      Andrea Andrea Month ago +19

      @Acesun 13 Yes! To all you said. Thank you!

    • Acesun 13
      Acesun 13 Month ago +6

      @Andrea Andrea 💗👍🏾

    • Andrea Andrea
      Andrea Andrea Month ago +7

      @Acesun 13 ❤

    • S. Rose
      S. Rose Month ago +6

      And your father is probably in heaven and never going to hear Hitler’s voice.
      From John 3- 16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. 17 For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him. 18 Whoever believes in him is not condemned, but whoever does not believe stands condemned already because they have not believed in the name of God’s one and only Son.
      19 This is the verdict: Light has come into the world, but people loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil. 20 Everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that their deeds will be exposed. 21 But whoever lives by the truth comes into the light, so that it may be seen plainly that what they have done has been done in the sight of God.

  • Sorain1
    Sorain1 Month ago +152

    A fascinating historical record, quite literally a miracle that it both survived and was discovered so the world could hear it.

  • Ken Behrendt
    Ken Behrendt Year ago +11483

    Very interesting. I read once of a woman who was allowed to interview Hitler for some English newspaper during his rise to power in the mid-1930's. She said that he was a perfect gentleman, very polite, and was able to answer her questions IN ENGLISH even though he did not speak it well.

    • Schinshikss
      Schinshikss Year ago +1406

      Back in early 2000s, Putin used to have similar respects globally of how he seemed sincere, friendly, and attempting to answer the interviewer/listener in their own language. Either that shows how one has to have a certain level of competence to do any evil, let alone good, or demonstrates how those dictators of atrocities were merely products of their age, and we have been attributing too much responsibility to them for systematic failures that everyone involved should have been responsible for.

    • Ken Behrendt
      Ken Behrendt Year ago +338

      I agree. I think that people eventually get leaders that reflect their values. If most of the population of a country are good and fair, they empower good and fair leaders. If most are bad and selfish, they tend to empower bad and selfish leaders. But what makes most of a population evil and selfish? Probably all due to the inequitable distribution of the world's resources within a nation and between nations. When one analyzes the causes of the many wars humans have fought, there are always economic reasons behind them. Some group that was not getting enough of the world's wealth grabs some of it away from another group who had too much of it.

    • Azia
      Azia Year ago +63

      It wried that we are hearing a dead voice of hitler. Lol

    • MrAranton
      MrAranton Year ago +388

      That woman's perception of Hitler would have been shaped by what she knew about him before she went into that interview. And of course that didn't include things that hadn't happened and hadn't been general knowledge yet. In the mid 1930s Hitler was not a war-monger yet, he had not yet comitted genocide, but he had taken a country that was on the verge of economical collapse and turned into a relatively prosperous nation. So of course she would see Hitler in much more positive light than we do today.

    • Azia
      Azia Year ago +28

      MrAranton at lest she was there to interview him. Long before ww2 started. Beside that the time when hitler become power.

  • Denise Sarazin
    Denise Sarazin Month ago +341

    It’s astonishing that the recording wasn’t yanked away immediately by the SS and remarkable that it endured all those years.

    • jane lavie
      jane lavie Month ago +46

      It seems impossible for so many of you to get it, that this was not in Germany. SS men had zero authority in Finland.

    • dh
      dh Month ago +7

      I was thinking the same thing however the Nazis where on foreign soil celebrating the birthday of an allied, making sure that that allied remained an allied while the war was turning sour. Anyway according to wikipedia they made a deal to have the recording sealed in a box never to be opened...

    • Mamfred von Clouseau
      Mamfred von Clouseau Month ago

      They probaly didn't know it even existed. That's why.

    • Spicyvanilla
      Spicyvanilla Month ago +1

      @Mamfred von Clouseau did you watch the video!?! The SS cut off the recording

  • Eileen Smollen
    Eileen Smollen Month ago +76

    I am Dutch, live in The Netherlands. I worked for a German company a couple of years.
    Our managing director (Geschäftsführender) was very hierarchic and not easy to approach. When he was in balance his voice sounded normal, charming and strong, like a strong leader should sound and his German language sounded melodious, but when he was angry and started screaming his voice changed into a sharp and schril sound and made me think he sounded like Hitler.
    It was scary stm bc he could flip just like that. And after the outburst completely normal again as if nothing had happened.
    Quite insane actually if you think of it. But we got used to it.
    In our office in The Netherlands when my Dutch Manager had him on the phone now and then and stm my German boss started screaming that out loud I could here him through the phone, lol. Then our Dutch Manager took the phone away from his ear and and held it up high and let him rant every time. Now and then he answered during the rant: oh yes......., yes........ yes.
    And then everything turned back normal again.
    That is the way to deal with a lunetic.

    • A. B.
      A. B. Month ago

      Je hebt geen enkele notie van plicht, woord, inzet en kontrole.

    • Eileen Smollen
      Eileen Smollen Month ago +6

      @A. B. belachelijk. Ik werk al 38 jaar aaneengesloten. Ben zeer verantwoordelijk in mijn werk en heb zeker geen probleem met plichten die uit een baan voortvloeien. Ik doe overigens specialistisch werk. Geen 9 tot 17.00 uur baan.
      U weet helemaal niets van mij en ook niet van de situatie waarin mijn collega's en ik zaten die voor deze Duitse werkgever werkten.
      Hoe durft u zo te oordelen.
      Wij hadden prettige ervaringen met onze Duitse collega's en met ons netwerk in Duitsland maar niet met deze man in kwestie en eigenlijk ook niet met zijn zakenpartners, alhoewel die iets prettiger in de omgang waren.
      Zal iets vertellen over de persoon waar u het denkt voor op te nemen en diens verantwoordelijkheidsgevoel. Deze blaaskaak luisterde niet naar zijn professionele mensen in loondienst en 3 zakenpartners. Alleen zijn mening telde. De zaak ging door zijn dominante aanpak failliet. En alsof dat al niet erg genoeg was, voordat de curator betrokken raakte, is hij er met miljoenen vandoor gegaan met zijn Antiliaanse vrouw naar de Caraïben.
      60 werknemers in Duitsland, Griekenland, Rusland en Nederland zonder werk. Niet uitbetaald loon en commissie aan werknemers, premies aan verzekeraars en schades aan klanten in internationale markten. Premies pensioenen niet betaald. Dus vele gedupeerden. De man was niet alleen verrückt maar ook nog eens een grote oplichter. Voor deze man heb ik geen goed woord over.
      Ik werk in de financiële dienstverlening. Dit betrof een niche business in de binnen- en zeevaart. Deze oplichter is berekenend geweest, heeft de boel snel laten groeien, en heeft het met opzet laten klappen. Er zijn na zijn vertrek vele praktijken aan het licht gekomen.. Hij heeft het niet helemaal alleen gedaan. Als deze man zijn gezicht laat zien in Nederland wordt hij opgepakt.
      Deze werkgever was geen prettige ervaring op zijn zachtst gezegd.
      Dus niet meer zo snel met uw oordeel klaarstaan.
      Ik heb er een lange carrière opzitten en heb vele vele overuren gemaakt, ook in de weekenden en dat doe ik nodig altijd, terwijl ik gewoon in loondienst ben. Doet u dat ook?

    • Neat Chipops
      Neat Chipops Month ago


      1COMMONWEALTH 21 day ago +2

      classic prussian psychopats xD I prefer Germans as peacefull Bavarian mountain folk

  • Justin Case
    Justin Case Month ago +37

    My grandma met him after a speech or a public appearance of some sort of his that she attended with some friends. Afterwards Hitler did a what you’d call today Meet & Greet. Talking to the people, even signing autographs. She always said what a very nice guy Hitler was in that situation. Very friendly, courteous and even humorous. He smiled a lot and was overall super friendly. People loved him.

  • Vin Ujk
    Vin Ujk Month ago +146

    Now I understand why everyone was crazy about him. He had a very deep and powerful voice.

    • Vj Avzone
      Vj Avzone Month ago +18

      The voice doesn’t answer that, there is Much more to it Much much more than we have ever been told

  • colin5577
    colin5577 Month ago +173

    I wouldn’t have expected him to have such a pleasant speaking voice or such a nice accent. What an amazing find this recording is - I’m surprised I’m so late to it.

    • Stephen Nicholas
      Stephen Nicholas Month ago +8

      Yeah, bc we've all been assaulted with falsehoods and lies about him from the cradle..

    • Godfrey Pigott
      Godfrey Pigott Month ago +11

      @Stephen Nicholas And what exactly are those "falsehoods"?

    • Lot
      Lot Month ago +1

      @Godfrey Pigott I don't know you tell me cuh

    • Godfrey Pigott
      Godfrey Pigott Month ago +2

      @Lot Who are you?? Why are you replying as though you are the person I asked the question of?? And how do you expect me to tell you about falsehoods that don't exist? (And WHAT is 'cuh'??)

    • Lot
      Lot Month ago

      ​@Godfrey Pigott

  • Gio00
    Gio00 Year ago +6996

    Everyone is surprised.. did you really expect him to shout until his heart exploded every time he spoke?

    • Safa Koohestani
      Safa Koohestani Year ago +135

      😂 😂 😂

    • edo edo
      edo edo Year ago +307

      I was thinking the same thing. He was basically an actor, changing roles, going into a character. One thing I have been curious about, he was born an Austrian, not German. Was Austrian the same thing as German, in terms of culture and history? Did Hitler bypass Austrian nationality, and easily took on a German nationality, without any bureacratic paperwork?

    • Safa Koohestani
      Safa Koohestani Year ago +25

      @edo edo

    • Matthew Kirk
      Matthew Kirk Year ago +46

      I mean, Meth IS a drug that makes people speak excitedly...

    • E J
      E J Year ago +103

      I think everyone's surprised at the imposing demeanour in his voice and the clarity of his German. Didn't expect his voice to be so deep either

  • Jeff Kirkpatrick
    Jeff Kirkpatrick Month ago +62

    A recording I have never heard. That was fascinating. Sometimes we forget how crafted and regulated some public people have been. I knew there was strict rules to be around Hitler. This recording is indeed rare. Thank you!

  • Dennis Carter
    Dennis Carter Month ago +55

    His voice was deeper than I thought it would be. Kind of eerie though because it's a pretty clear recording. The guy that made the recording had no idea that 80 years later millions and millions of people would hear it on something called the internet.WILD!!!!!!!!

  • Matt Verville
    Matt Verville Month ago +41

    his working class language he used was one of the many reasons he was instantly liked by everyone who heard him talk. you read about this man and his ability to almost hypnotize people with his words and speeches is amazing. people would be completely against him, even from the communist party and by the end of his speech they were cheering. time and time again.

  • Skeptic666
    Skeptic666 Month ago +37

    He has an authoritative, deeper voice than I expected. No wonder people paid attention to him.

    • V B
      V B Month ago

      So as many other Germans.

    • Darth Pepe
      Darth Pepe 21 day ago +1

      Well he was an authoritarian (sorry, couldn't resist 😂)

  • cjane
    cjane Month ago +31

    That's so creepy.
    He always sounded like some weird person that has nothing in common with me, but here sounds like any friend of mine (I'm German). The choice of words and pronounciation are so much more like modern day German compared to his crazy speeches....

    • Don't drink the Kool-Aid
      Don't drink the Kool-Aid Month ago +1

      Typical NPC comment

    • Dynasty Musou
      Dynasty Musou Month ago +1

      I'm Dutch and have heard plenty of German in my life. He does sound like an average German guy. Completely different from when he gives speeches. It's unfortunate that he chose to do what he did in his lifetime. It cost the world millions of good lives.

    • Tasorius
      Tasorius Month ago

      Lunatics and monsters do usually sound like normal people...

  • Edwardio
    Edwardio Year ago +6780

    Hitler sounds much more intimidating when he’s calm, that’s scary shit.

    • Troll Warzone
      Troll Warzone Year ago +34


    • Leasagna
      Leasagna Year ago +58

      its rlly eerie

    • Óli
      Óli Year ago +264

      To me as a person who can speak a bit of German it makes the hairs on my body stand up because even my limited German I can understand him quite well and he is so clear and well spoken like a modern German. It scares me so much.

    • Abel A
      Abel A Year ago +274

      @Óli The “modern German” speaks Arabic though🤣💀

    • Blasphemous
      Blasphemous Year ago +80

      @Abel A sad but true 💀💀💀

  • Mr B
    Mr B 2 months ago +192

    I wonder if anybody would ever be able to somehow put his voice and an AI speech synthesizer and force it to speak English so you could kind of have an idea of what he would sound like if he were to ever have spoken English? Just from guessing what it would sound like it seems like it's slightly deeper than any of the movies I've ever seen him portrayed in.

    • Anon
      Anon Month ago +15

      Thatd be interesting. You could maybe do it with a native german

    • kraddy272
      kraddy272 Month ago +14

      Actually he sounds like a "normal" german guy at this age. In some sentences (around 11:00 e.g.) you can hear his Austrian accent, although most of the time he sounds german. (I am from Austria by the way)

    • Iro Nie
      Iro Nie Month ago +6

      they would never gave an AI hitlers voice...

    • Валерий Заподовников
      Валерий Заподовников Month ago +5

      @Iro Nie there is no any such limitations.

  • Robert Forbes
    Robert Forbes 2 months ago +96

    An extremely critical moment in history captured, incredible

  • Alas acab
    Alas acab Month ago +3

    My mom's mom survived him, following a soldier back here to the US. I have heard enuf voice and would really like to find a transcript of what he is saying. Looking up what the sparce German words meant was tedious with the words being so long and in another language but worth it to the overall understanding.
    Funny it starts with the narrator saying again and again that he didn't let people record him and how unlikely it was then boom he starts playing it.

  • Coffeetalk
    Coffeetalk 2 months ago +34

    He actually has a deeper voice than I had imagined. I could even hear the subtle rasp that is so prominant in his speeches. Calming too in a weird way.

  • VonAllen History
    VonAllen History Month ago +2

    Seriously man, I just discovered you, but you are great to watch and listen to. I get absolutely zero vibes of unnecessary bias either way. You could have literally been talking about your favorite cereal company. This is what I expect from Historians. Thank you for being so professional. SUBSCRIBED!

  • Hockey Fan
    Hockey Fan 10 months ago +4295

    It’s so weird that in movies he is made to sound like a high pitched whiny man but really his voice is comparable to darth vader.

    • Dan Kelly
      Dan Kelly 8 months ago +480

      Comparing his voice to Darth Vader is a near-perfect simile.

    • mavjimbo
      mavjimbo 8 months ago +302

      He has been misrepresented over and over

    • Jackson Guillory
      Jackson Guillory 7 months ago +22

      DrPickles true

  • TheInstinctWithin
    TheInstinctWithin Month ago +15

    Yeah, it really is surprising to hear how deep the voice is compared to the usual speech voice. It is a voice that doesn't easily get drowned out. It's somewhat creepy.

  • FJ Dubya
    FJ Dubya Month ago +3

    My father grew up in the farmland outside of Bayreuth. He was 5 when the war ended. I asked him what they had seen of Nazis there and he said almost nothing, and that they rarely ever came through there at all. I also asked him what they actually saw of the war and fighting. He told me they only occasionally saw flashes (bombs) on the horizon and nothing more. After the war when was older and got a job, he delivered bread in the area around the Zeppelinwiese where they launched Zeppelins, but also was where Hitler gave many of his speeches.
    And he also told me how peanut butter was introduced to German children from parachuted supplies dropped by the Allies (Berlin Airlift).

  • Dan Simmons
    Dan Simmons Month ago +13

    Thank you so much for providing your hard work and producing this short history video. I am 62. I have been interested in WWII ever since I was 10. This was a real treat thank you again. Best regards

  • GM J
    GM J 2 months ago +9

    As a native Austrian, I can hear traces of his Austrian heritage, particularly at the 7m30s mark, he slipped a little more into Austrian German. Besides that, he’s remarkably “high German”. His inflection, flow, and verbal selection is quite modern and contemporary. Perceptively, he’s settled, confident, but does not appear arrogant to me - an interesting and unexpected mix of being “personable”, even though he should have never made beyond “being a paint artist”.

    • Anindo Choudhury
      Anindo Choudhury 2 months ago +2

      Interesting comments. He sounded mostly like I would expect an Austrian who's spent quite a bit of time surrounded by Prussians to sound like. I picked up his Austrian accent right away (far less guttural, more buccal).

    • User1990
      User1990 23 days ago

      What does high German mean

    • Anindo Choudhury
      Anindo Choudhury 23 days ago

      @User1990 Good question. I think he meant Hochdeutsch but there is also a second meaning of the word. So, I am not sure which he was referring to. I do agree with the general point he was making.

    • User1990
      User1990 23 days ago

      @Anindo Choudhury I'm American i don't understand any of this

    • Anindo Choudhury
      Anindo Choudhury 23 days ago

      @User1990 "i don't understand any of this".. that is not necessarily a bad thing. :) One of the beautiful things of becoming part of this country (the U.S.) is the chance to shed old baggage and start afresh with new ideas and new opportunities. Nevertheless, we are all in some way or another tied to our own personal history, hence my interest and some knowledge about this.

  • Brave Dave
    Brave Dave 7 months ago +2765

    Never realized I had never heard him just speaking. He has a voice made for radio.
    Very deep. Very strong. Gives you a better insight into his oratory skill and why it was effective. Very interesting.

    • Marek Siciński
      Marek Siciński 4 months ago +54

      It makes shouting more effective because often it is unpleasantly high pitched for ppl

    • D Murray
      D Murray 4 months ago +46

      The world could use a few guys like him tbh

    • Hitler Loves Anime
      Hitler Loves Anime 3 months ago +83

      @D Murray Lad 🗿🗿

    • Good Fella
      Good Fella 3 months ago +9

      I usually talk like him when i talk about politics

    • Therion84
      Therion84 3 months ago +28

      @D Murray 🧐🤨

  • Joel
    Joel 2 months ago +25

    Hitler's voice is way deeper than I had imagined; as another poster said almost like Darth Vader. It certainly gives one chills.

  • Wordy Writer
    Wordy Writer 2 months ago +10

    He has a much deeper voice than what I would have thought listening to him screaming his speaches into microphones. I really am very surprised. Deep and rather calm. I would never have guessed it was him. 🇿🇦

    • Mariban
      Mariban 2 months ago

      Sound technology was not very advanced at that time, so when he got loud, the overdrive could not be compensated. When he spoke quietly and slowly, his sonorous voice came into its own.

  • VaderPopsVicodin10
    VaderPopsVicodin10 Month ago +5

    I find this incredibly fascinating.. I understand very little German and just to hear certain phrases that I DO know coming from Hitler in a normal voice.. it's just fascinating.

  • xanox
    xanox Month ago +16

    It’s like seeing someone that’s always mad chilling and having a normal conversation

  • FRAA888 GrindR
    FRAA888 GrindR 7 months ago +1612

    Fascinating. The faster he spoke, the higher his voice got and when speaking slowly it was unbelievably deep.

    • PibbyPub
      PibbyPub 5 months ago +113

      That's kind of how talking works

    • PibbyPub
      PibbyPub 4 months ago +7

      @3peat what's your factual source? If any

    • PibbyPub
      PibbyPub 4 months ago +7

      @3peat also, if he did do meth (essentially every military figure then did. Though it wasn't smoked) that wouldn't be that uncommon

    • FRAA888 GrindR
      FRAA888 GrindR 4 months ago +22

      @3peat he shot more than testosterone. My point which doesn't seem clear to most is simply that Hitler had a wide range in his speaking voice kind of compared to say Freddie Mercury for a singing voice

  • Jeff Carrigg
    Jeff Carrigg 2 months ago +3

    It would be nice to see if Hitler's voice could be analyzed by an AI program then converting his style of voice into English. This might lend you a better comprehension of the nuance in the conversation.

  • Patrick Ayotte
    Patrick Ayotte 2 months ago +1

    As someone who has studied Hitler and this time period this is really something else indeed

  • Pertti
    Pertti Month ago +2

    As a Finn - quite interesting piece of history that our President Mannerheim played a part in :D

  • RAEL
    RAEL Month ago +1

    It is totally fascinating to hear their candid feelings about the massive armaments of their enemies.....the fact that in the decades before the information explosion of the Internet, they had no actual, idea how formidable their adversaries could be. It was mostly guess work.

  • Jack Jones
    Jack Jones Month ago +1

    Fascinating to not only hear Hitler’s voice but hear him worry the unimaginable or untenable situation he was in, as if every historian and tactician had not warned against having a two front war!

  • SWAE
    SWAE Year ago +1347

    as a german it's extremely weird to hear him talk normal. Sounds like a conversation at work or between neighbours

    • michron98
      michron98 Year ago +93

      As a German too, this could almost be my grandpa talking while drinking coffee. It's scary that an evil man like him sounds so normal, who knows who else is this fucked up without anyone noticing.

    • Ayman Lebzar
      Ayman Lebzar Year ago +8

      Though they dont show us this in school,

  • Le Sigh
    Le Sigh 2 months ago +2

    It is like hearing an actor talking in real life for the first time after only knowing them for an exagerated character they played in a film. Such a normal everyday sounding man.

  • Oktokolo
    Oktokolo Month ago

    Hitler's normal voice distorted by the tech of the time sounds exactly like one would expect it to sound from the speech recordings. Sounds like he basically just put a lot more power into his voice when acting.

  • BottomFragger
    BottomFragger Month ago

    I hope that more people watch this to hear that true evil doesn't come to earth with warning signs all over and that the people who voted for him, supported him and even those who carried out unspeakable acts of evil weren't any different from us.
    It's becoming very clear to me that people are very oblivious to their potential of unleashing endless suffering onto this planet.

  • Random Unicorn
    Random Unicorn 2 months ago +2

    The mind of Hitler has always fascinated me. I have tried a couple of times to learn German so I can understand his speeches. Reading subtitles or hearing it dubbed is not the same thing.

  • Yawaya
    Yawaya Month ago +1

    it's amazing to hear this, just your regular german/austrian guy and i understand every word of it. the acting classes let him go unhinged in his public performances though

  • Giorgio Fegatini
    Giorgio Fegatini Year ago +3609

    I'm impressed by Mannerheim's german. He was born in a swedish speaking family in Finland while Finland was part of the Russian Empire. He studied art in Paris and he made a god chunk of his military career in Russia. He spoke 6 languages fluently

    • Ryan Tay
      Ryan Tay Year ago +302

      He’s also the only person to have ever fought against Germany to have earned the Iron Cross. Man was an absolute bad ass and deserves more credit as an icon in history.

    • Eemi Mikkilä
      Eemi Mikkilä Year ago +29

      JACK SPRAT CHIANGMAI To my knowledge there isn't any concrete evidence about his homosexuality.

    • SpaceOwl
      SpaceOwl Year ago +5

      He doesn’t answer at all though so maybe he didn’t understand anything and Hitler was just talking to himself

    • Pekka Niskanen
      Pekka Niskanen Year ago +8

      No, he did not study art in Paris.

    • Pekka Niskanen
      Pekka Niskanen Year ago +60

      His native language was Swedish, he learned Russian when serving in Imperial army. He learned Finnish also but never quite mastered it.

  • Bik Dhaliwal
    Bik Dhaliwal 2 months ago +7

    His voice is much deeper than the other speeches you commonly watch. I guess probably the technology for recording audio on film probably sent voices up an octave up or two.

      MICHAEL CAMERON Month ago

      You mean a semitone. An octave up and he’d sound like a baby still. And I don’t think it worked that way but it would maybe have a differnet response curve which may make
      It sound higher

  • Dean Willetts
    Dean Willetts Month ago +4

    Didn’t imagine him having such a deep voice.

  • Carlo
    Carlo Month ago

    I’m not jumping directly and only on the “he was evil” (he was evil and many others too) train like most do anyway. However, his figure and development fascinates people(neutrally!) from a historic point of view all over the world up to this day. It’s incredible how he went from absolutely nothing to one of the most known people who have ever lived on this planet.

  • Runn__Jake
    Runn__Jake Month ago +6

    I've heard germans speak like this online. This tone, this calmness. That'e crazy hearing this, usually media has always depicted him as speaking like a bit of a tweaking pyschopath.

  • LeonKennedy337
    LeonKennedy337 6 days ago +1

    He did plenty of speeches in his normal voice as well. Look up his Operation Barbarossa speech.

  • Micha Barth
    Micha Barth 2 years ago +3348

    As a german from south Bavaria I can tell you, the austrian dialect of Hitler is clearly recognizable.

    • ViennA 💋
      ViennA 💋 Year ago +197

      As an Austrian - totally agree.

    • Bill Real
      Bill Real Year ago +45

      That's interesting.

    • Mitchell
      Mitchell Year ago +63

      That's also what i heared immediately, especially his rrrr sound

    • Nomi Sunrider
      Nomi Sunrider Year ago +256

      As a non-Austrian and an American who only speaks English and Spanish....I can confirm little notes of Australian dialect..... it's there.

    • Phillipe Cook
      Phillipe Cook Year ago +4

      That's interesting.

  • Walt Gero
    Walt Gero Month ago

    Polite, friendly, ... these were often descriptions from his private environment. But also, cold and unapproachable.
    It's also interesting that all his "Du-Freunde" (in German) from his time in Munich have disappeared from his environment over time. Some of them violently, like Ernst Röhm.
    He supposedly didn't like the familiarity of the German "Du" at all.
    I think the following statement by Ted Bundy also applies to him very well: “I am the most cold-hearted son of a bitch you will ever meet.”

  • renc2002
    renc2002 Month ago +2

    Subbed your channel the second I discovered it.
    Love history. Way more interesting than fiction.

  • Willy Tepes
    Willy Tepes 18 days ago

    His working class vocabulary was what made him understandable for the working class and farmers. But the vast amount of self studies it took to get to the level he was at politically and as a speaker,....he was a natural. He made NS a polished ideology :)
    The clips of the speeches we are often presented with are at the crescendo of his performance (And never with subtitles,....I wonder why?). Most of the time he spoke in a much calmer manner, but always with a razor sharp focus. He cut right to the bone of the matter in a simple language.

  • sfkeepay
    sfkeepay 2 months ago

    Hitler was supposedly 5’9”, so it surprised me how deep his voice sounded on this recording. One’s vocal pitch is partly determined by body size, so I wonder if the recording as presented is an accurate representation.

  • Lee Chung Tu
    Lee Chung Tu Month ago

    My history lesson teacher was from Germany and had been a member of some youth majorette or something to that effect. She had numerous cassettes of her own recording of Hitler. However, not privately conversations.

  • Tank - Fly - Boss - Walk - Jam - Nitty - Gritty.

    His voice is far deeper, coarse and imposing than I'd imagined.

    • Brendal Ballentine
      Brendal Ballentine Year ago +71

      nice profile picture best animal

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith Year ago +357

      I was thinking the same thing. Now he’s screaming in hell. I hate for anyone to be in hell, even Hitler, but so is the fate of anyone who refuses God’s free gift of salvation through Jesus’ work on the cross…
      “For God did not send his Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through him.” -John 3:17

    • Demani Torres
      Demani Torres Year ago +177

      @Stephen Smith hell doesn't really make sense since God would be punishing people before they have their trial. Even today we would call that wrong. It makes more sense that we will be punished after judgement for what we did if not saved by Christ.

    • Stephen Smith
      Stephen Smith Year ago +51

      Guess I should have shared the whole verse (John 3:13-21):
      “No one has ever gone to heaven and returned. But the Son of Man has come down from heaven. And as Moses lifted up the bronze snake on a pole in the wilderness, so the Son of Man must be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in him will have eternal life.
      “For this is how God loved the world: He gave his one and only Son, so that everyone who believes in him will not perish but have eternal life. God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.
      “There is no judgment against anyone who believes in him. But anyone who does not believe in him has already been judged for not believing in God’s one and only Son. And the judgment is based on this fact: God’s light came into the world, but people loved the darkness more than the light, for their actions were evil. All who do evil hate the light and refuse to go near it for fear their sins will be exposed. But those who do what is right come to the light so others can see that they are doing what God wants.”

    • Ethan Edwards
      Ethan Edwards Year ago +154

      @Stephen Smith why do you assume he's in hell

  • Received Pronunciation

    For these years I have believed that Hitler's natural way of speaking was based on the earlier version of Standard German pronunciation called "die deutsche Bühnenaussprache" as standardized by Theodor Siebs in 1898 since his German pronunciation was always clear with Spanish-r (alveolar trill) coming out from his mouth.

  • Walter
    Walter 2 months ago

    I am an American who grew up partly in Germany and speak German. I have heard Hitler speak in a normal voice in a movie called Swastika. It brought together a variety of "privately" shot film clips from all over the place. I believe the segment I am thinking of took place in at Berchtesgaden. I was not only surprised by how little of an Austrian accent he had, but also by his ability to charm others (though, after I thought about it, I realized he could never have gotten to where he did without some ability in this regard).

    • Anindo Choudhury
      Anindo Choudhury 2 months ago

      Interesting, because I noticed his Austrian accent almost immediately.

    • Breakneck
      Breakneck Month ago

      So do you back up that this recording correctly reflects Hitler's regular voice?

  • jrod8332
    jrod8332 Month ago +5

    Thank you for posting this video, amazing to hear, actually I can honestly say that his, constant, consistent pitch was nothing that I could have ever imagined, very controlled and actually calming and straight forward...incredible...again thank you!

  • The Cook Up
    The Cook Up Month ago +6

    as an audio engineer myself we have a saying in the stu: "ABR - Always Be Recording" we also used a mic called the "Emo Hitler" that he actually spoke into - worked for UMG/Interscope which all of those mics came from A&M ... crazy history

  • S Sartré
    S Sartré 2 months ago +10

    He had a very captivating deep voice. Nice to hear him not screaming for a change!

  • MOPARman345 HEMI
    MOPARman345 HEMI Month ago

    I find it incredibly interesting that Hitler actually pronounced "Tanks" in English the first time, and then Mannerhein essentially said "35,000 what??" and Hitler then repeated it in German. Strange he would do that.

  • Davy Ozzmosis Jones
    Davy Ozzmosis Jones 9 months ago +3682

    Sounds a lot scarier and intimidating than I was expecting honestly. You can tell he has a very very strong, commanding voice even when in a calm manner.

    • Fox
      Fox 8 months ago +304

      I'm a native German speaker and he sounds quite normal. Sure he has a stronger voice but many people who really get into a topic talk like that.

    • Davy Ozzmosis Jones
      Davy Ozzmosis Jones 8 months ago +156

      @Fox well we as Americans have really weak ass accents, so almost everything sounds intimidating to us.

      SCINTILLAM DEI 8 months ago +75

      @Fox German is the coolest European langauge after Latin. I love it and plan to learn it. I'm Spanish. Spanish is weak which contributes to its sounding romantic. French is even weaker which is why it's more romantic.

    • Croatian Warmaster
      Croatian Warmaster 8 months ago +18

      @SCINTILLAM DEI agreed Latin and German are the best languages by far.

    • azhy
      azhy 8 months ago +23

      @Davy Ozzmosis Jones you're just used to your language that's why.

  • Craig M
    Craig M Month ago +4

    All these years have passed however seldom a day goes by without hearing this man's name .

    RADIUM CLOCK Day ago

    I have heard of a recording existing of his natural voice, however, today is the first day that I actually heard it. 5-28-23.
    Honestly, most Americans have never heard his natural voice.

  • RobotDanceBunny
    RobotDanceBunny Month ago +3

    He sounds like an absolute chad, may he rest in peace.

  • Free Speech Mkayehhh
    Free Speech Mkayehhh Month ago +10

    Props to the audio engineer. You always record.

  • Jon Laird
    Jon Laird Month ago +3

    I just discovered this channel and subscribed. As for this video,I always had a fascination with the history of nazi Germany. My wife doesn't like it but accepts it as she knows I'm a history buff. My grandfather disowned me for it as he told me many times that we are Americans and he fought to destroy them. He thought I joined a nazi party and had sympathy for them even though that is so far from the truth. This video was really great to hear. Thanks for sharing.

  • It’s Daelis
    It’s Daelis Year ago +8557

    as a German, his speech seems so normal, so modern and that’s scary
    Edit: reading these replies is so funny even a year later

  • That Angry German
    That Angry German Month ago +3

    Well, he didn't use the thundering "R" in his normal voice. He also has an audibly and relatively strong austrian accent in that recording (it's only a little sharpness in his consonants - most austrians I know or heard speaking (including Schwarzenegger) have a noticably strong accent in German, so Hitler must have trained that away a little when he came to Germany as it seems). The translation is not 100% accurate, but he also used a little bit of a somewhat antiquated way to phrase his sentences in German - it's not overly present, most of what he says and how he says it is still used in modern German, but some of it seemed a bit outdated to my ears.

  • Rômulo D.
    Rômulo D. 2 months ago +6

    Wow, his "normal" voice is so low pitched and strong. He actually sounds calm and friendly.

    • MaxSt. Arlyn
      MaxSt. Arlyn Month ago +3

      Perhaps we have been lied too , and have had the wrong “impression” in more ways than one.

    • C S
      C S Month ago +2

      @MaxSt. Arlyn maybe not

    • MaxSt. Arlyn
      MaxSt. Arlyn Month ago +2

      @C S How would you know? You only know one version,…a version you have to have faith to believe.

  • N. Elliott
    N. Elliott Month ago

    He does have a rather deep and professional voice to convince.

  • Grouchy Old Man
    Grouchy Old Man 2 months ago +2

    Not everyone was swayed by his performance in speaking, but too many were!

  • William Mitchell
    William Mitchell Month ago +9

    Voices,looks and manners can hide many sorts of evil.

    • 卐 Ali
      卐 Ali Month ago

      Not necessarily

    • Dwight Lives Matter
      Dwight Lives Matter Month ago

      @卐 Ali Yes, necessarily. This is such case an example.

    • 卐 Ali
      卐 Ali Month ago +1

      @Dwight Lives Matter
      You said it " example" it doesn't apply on all. U know there are many handsome, rich and powerful people who are not evil.

  • Saul Reynoso
    Saul Reynoso Year ago +1073

    Didn't expect such a rich and charismatic voice, it's the kind of voice that can naturally pierce through the sound of a crowded room and most likely aided him in his early day while speaking in beer halls and such.

    • Jack Dempsey
      Jack Dempsey Year ago +2


    • Ed Gepixel
      Ed Gepixel Year ago +12

      Yeah. Peace and Liberty. Like the American war machine does. Lol.

    • Zoinks
      Zoinks Year ago +16

      @Travis His paintings are mediocre. Not bad, but not even close to "world class."

    • I have no ideas for this either
      I have no ideas for this either Year ago +2

      photag216 a regular person until *that* idea came along

  • BacchusFA
    BacchusFA 2 months ago +12

    This was absolutely amazing. Hearing him normalizing his voice has an eerie satisfying feeling to it. That's the most frightening point I can think of is why this should never go viral. Haha

  • S I
    S I Month ago +1

    The biggest concern I have is the view that he was some sort of singular evil, when he was merely a man motivated to a goal in concert with others. The biggest concern is that we are unable to see the next one.

  • Mandy Chapin
    Mandy Chapin 2 months ago +1

    Some experts have claimed that during WWI his throat may have been affected and slightly damaged by poisonous gas, therefore changing the sound of his voice.

  • Azri'el Collier
    Azri'el Collier Month ago +2

    If I recall correctly, at that time tape recording was first done in the usa and was not of common use. The most commonly available to germany during the war was either disc recording (a raw record recording as was common for the production of records) or a "wire" recorder that operated the same as a reel-to-reel tape recorder would.

  • Kate List
    Kate List 2 months ago +2

    He sure sounds different from what I expected. His normal voice is much more pleasant than his screaming voice.

  • TheOkArtist
    TheOkArtist Month ago +4

    The fact that before unlisting into the army he tried multiple times to get into an art school is just.... Well, it's hard to explain.

  • Paulo Nideck
    Paulo Nideck 2 years ago +26880

    a much deeper voice than I expected

    • Jake G
      Jake G 2 years ago +1167

      I was expecting a lot higher of a pitch too.

    • Italianlad69
      Italianlad69 2 years ago +521

      Got to be an audio artifact, it sounds like when you use a vouce changer or when you downspeed a recording to get something akin to Bane from Dark Knight Rises. If it deteriorated over time or if if they used a phonograph it might have been at half speed. At least record players from the 70's had that abiility, I don't know about the early 40's. But it's unnaturally deep though, first thing I noticed, like it was a demon speaking 🤣

    • Michael Caplin
      Michael Caplin 2 years ago +1245

      @Italianlad69 If you listen to the other guy in the same recording, he sounded normal, so Hitler just generally had a low, oddly demonic sounding voice. It's not difficult to see how he got where he got. An imposing voice like that grants you a certain power over the room and anyone in it, no matter who you are.

    • Khalil Levarity
      Khalil Levarity 2 years ago +210

      Kim of north korea..his voice is suprisingly deep also

    • Vadar
      Vadar 2 years ago +223

      Maybe the Horrors of WW1 has also Something to do with it.
      People with a Trauma often Talk in a Deep voice

  • Redmond O Connor
    Redmond O Connor 22 days ago +1

    Clip-Share is the closest thing we’ll ever get to a time machine. This is amazing.

  • Marie Buchanan
    Marie Buchanan Month ago +2

    Wow. Incredible & Fascinating to hear this. He is very strong sounding, which I guess is not a surprise. I have listened to this a few times over as it is so interesting.

  • Adler
    Adler Month ago

    If anyone wants to hear him talking normally like this on other occasions, look up (on Clip-Share) his last speech on January 30 1945 and his Stalingrad speech in Lowenbraukeller in 1942 :), there’s also another when he’s talking with a British reporter on film in a video done by Mark Felton

  • Christopher Johnson
    Christopher Johnson Month ago +2

    For me this shows with absolute certainty how monsters are among us. What I find so fascinating here is the candor, he was the monster next door, and also at the helm.

  • KingCosworth
    KingCosworth Month ago +2

    The 'slit throat' sign is standard when getting someone who can't hear you properly to shut a machine off, I use it all the time to get some one to shut a car or a bike or something off if I'm working on it.

  • Sandra Rivera
    Sandra Rivera Year ago +6731

    Never once realized that we only hear him in clips when he's chanting and yelling speeches. Very educational and slightly terrifying.

    • Tyler Lambert
      Tyler Lambert Year ago +36

      a little more than slightly if i'm being honest....

    • DentyPH
      DentyPH Year ago +156

      @Tyler Lambert it's just a voice bro nothing to get terrified over

    • herbert164
      herbert164 Year ago +75

      @DentyPH it is more about the ability to suppress the information so well that is terrifying rather than just his voice.

    • danjf1
      danjf1 Year ago +3


    • Brazilian Tsar
      Brazilian Tsar Year ago +77

      @herbert164 Thank the allies for that. The only reason we nowdays always think he had that old angry short man voice is thanks to allied propaganda at the time.

  • Snowhole Outdoors
    Snowhole Outdoors 2 months ago

    His normal voice gives me more chills than his shouting and screaming. It is haunting in some way...

  • Cheryl de Boissiere
    Cheryl de Boissiere 2 months ago +1

    It’s not so odd, people thought he mesmerized crowds. This is mostly because of those two sisters (I’ve forgotten their names) who worked the Nazi apparatus as radio personalities along with Lord Ha-Ha and Tokyo Rose. They said he hypnotized them. I’ve often thought that was a cute excuse for why they did war propaganda, a way to lessen their jail sentences after WW II. Thanks to Michael Jackson showing Leni Riefenstahl’s movie 🎥 I was able to see him in action. He was outstandingly good. What a performance! I realized he must have learned to do this as a child after watching German silent movies 🎥. If you watch “Metropolis” as I did, in college, when it was a rare film impossible to see - If you see it in silence as I did, it has much greater impact and you do a lot of private thinking. German silent screen stars are incredible! They express an impressive range of emotions. And there is a lot of emotional impact in many scenes. Not every theater back then had a pianist creating a background score. After I saw “Metropolis”, which I knew to be one of Hitler’s favorites, I walked around for hours. I lost all track of time. The Arbeiters, Workers, were an incredible reflection of Nazi slave labor. I began Holocaust studies in earnest the very next day. Hitler was truly an evil man to make that movie 🎞 which was a plea for compassion for factory workers into an actual living, breathing reality.

    • Tory Quinton
      Tory Quinton Month ago +1

      Early on, before even Hitler knew of his ambitions he came under the tutelage of an occultist named Dietrich Eckhert. Through Eckhert Hitler met and trained by, oddly enough, a Jewish magician named Erik Jan Hanhussen who instructed Hitler in what today would be termed mentalism, specifically the use of voice control.
      The extant to which Hitler believed in the Occult is debated, but there is no doubt he used "occult" methodologies for very practical ends

  • Sara M. Kay
    Sara M. Kay Month ago

    what stands out to me as a german speaking person is that he pronounces the 'r' completely different than in his 'other voice' and his thick Austrian accent

  • Thomas Furlano
    Thomas Furlano 2 months ago +2

    Very helpful historical documentation you shared thank you.

  • Stump Shorts
    Stump Shorts Month ago

    Hearing his real voice humanizes him I’d think. Since you’re not hearing him in the speech voice. Either way, he was one of the most destructive people to ever exist.

  • Undead
    Undead Year ago +6403

    So weird to hear... In TV and movies, he's almost always portrayed to sound like a scrawny teenager ranting about this or that, but in reality he sounded indistinguishable from most men. We like to imagine that we can identify bad people with physical traits, even augmenting them after death so people will think even harsher of those bad eggs- but the capability to carry out atrocities lie within each and everyone of us. No mustache, scar, accent, or cut of a gib can be an indicator that a person will cause harm.

    • I need sleep
      I need sleep Year ago +36

      holy sht ur right!!
      he does sound exaggerated in this portrayal (I know he's supposed to be angry in this scene, but still xD)

    • Kucak
      Kucak Year ago +7


    • KP
      KP Year ago +16

      I'm a living example of this

    • Mr. Solus
      Mr. Solus Year ago +25

      @No_guard_X Based

  • CKLG
    CKLG 21 hour ago +1

    I’ve listened to this a few times, fantastic.

  • Mike Hunt
    Mike Hunt Month ago

    people think he had that nasal voice tone he had when he was screaming during his speeches. But his normal talking voice was surprisingly deep.