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Is Josh Sargent among Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie & the USMNT's best? | State of the Union

  • Published on Aug 22, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • Norwich forward Josh Sargent bagged a brace against Millwall over the weekend and David Mosse says we should put some more respect on his name. Check out the full clip on Alexi Lalas' State of the Union Podcast on your favorite podcast app.
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    Is Josh Sargent among Christian Pulisic, Weston McKennie & the USMNT's best? | State of the Union
    • Is Josh Sargent a...
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Comments • 78

  • FOX Soccer
    FOX Soccer  7 months ago +12

    Will Sargent make the World Cup squad?

    • Smokefrog 1985
      Smokefrog 1985 7 months ago

      Well who else is going to play as the striker?

    • Matt Lemanski
      Matt Lemanski 7 months ago

      I think he should. Honestly his movement, hold up play, and defensive effort alone should be talked about. You really don’t see a lot of strikers pressing like he does on a consistent effort. Shoot his speed is underrated as well. I think he would mix in well with a pair like pulisic and weah or even pulisic and Reyna. I hope he gets the spot, but I see Ferreira probably getting the nod.

    • J J
      J J 7 months ago +2

      If he keeps playing well I can't imagine him not.

    • Soulreaper1129
      Soulreaper1129 7 months ago +6

      If he’s on 🔥 especially days before the WC why not!!

  • A Man  Ram
    A Man Ram 7 months ago +7

    I fully agree! Sargent is the most complete forward we have

  • mcadaal
    mcadaal 7 months ago +2

    Sargent looked like he improved a lot. He had a lot of soccer growing up to do, but it’s harder for 9s and GKs to get there at a young age. With our team so young, it’s going to be a fun World Cup!

  • Robert Meadows
    Robert Meadows 7 months ago +11

    I’m rooting for Sargent but he has had the most chances out of all of our strikers with the USMNT, besides maybe Zardes, and he was mostly unimpressive. He’s still very young, though. Maybe we’ll see him in 2026.

    • msb3678
      msb3678 7 months ago +3

      @MSE looking at the info that’s would be false also. Last season 38 prem matches he started 18 and was hurt for 8. The previous year in the bundesliga he made 30 starts. Debating his influence or quality is one thing but he has certainly broken in with both clubs.

    • MSE
      MSE 7 months ago

      @msb3678 I think they meant chances by the fact that he's had what, 3 teams to try and break into the lineup and couldn't until now on norwich in the championship

    • msb3678
      msb3678 7 months ago +8

      That’s just not true, he had the least minutes Sargent 117 min Jesus 225 zardes 169 pepi 646 pefok 139

  • Germane Habib
    Germane Habib 7 months ago +6

    Sargent is underrated AF, yup... 💪🏾⚽️👍🏾

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 7 months ago +8

    Just wait until Mathew Hoppe starts getting minutes. That dude is going to be good.

  • anthony placide
    anthony placide 7 months ago

    I completely agreed. You can see how phisical he is and the league is playing.
    In the past he was playing out of position

  • Erickwkweric
    Erickwkweric 7 months ago +5

    Wow that was quick, this guy finally scored goals, and is now among usmnt best, 😂

  • Don F
    Don F 7 months ago

    I'd like to see Hoppe in the 26, but yes, Sargent should be first or second striker for USA, seeing time in the group games in November.

  • Kyle Bowers
    Kyle Bowers 7 months ago

    He is the best fit for GGG's system of all the forwards in the pool, the only thing lacking was form and goals. If he stays in form and the goals continue to come it should be a no brainer.

  • DH
    DH 7 months ago +2

    Yes, Sargent is our most talented/well rounded number 9, but none of the 9's have been succeeding, so questions should be asked of Berhalter.

  • Gustavo Sandoval
    Gustavo Sandoval 7 months ago

    Sargent and Hoppe are the most talented American strikers, Hoppe is a skillful poacher and Sargent a skillful presser

  • Joshua Amado
    Joshua Amado 7 months ago

    He scored again! The winner against south Hampton

  • Julianna Rogers
    Julianna Rogers 7 months ago +1

    Josh Sargent is my second favorite. Pulisic, Sargent, Hoppe, Morris

  • rico po
    rico po 7 months ago

    I don't know about all THAT, but Josh is talented, is on a run and certainly deserves a look next window.. I'd call him in-give him a start and then it's up to him- he needs to really grab hold of it. Because he is lights out- the next coming??? No, because of the limitations of our pool- the fact that no strikers have stood out/grabbed hold of the position and.. because he has a a much more diverse toolbox than any of the others and fits our tactics. I hope he continues what he's doing with the opportunity to finally play the 9 at Norwich and shines with NT in Sept. Then- and only then I'd bring Sargent, Jesus and Pefok to WC. That's a pretty well rounded, diverse group.

  • Rascality
    Rascality 7 months ago +1

    He just looks like a different player this season. He looks fitter and most importantly he looks confident. I'm 100% with Mosse on this one.

    • Rascality
      Rascality 7 months ago

      @ATico That may be a factor. I think him actually playing at the 9 is the major factor tho.

    • ATico
      ATico 7 months ago

      Maybe he looks better because he’s in a way easier league then last year

  • dwayne sinclair
    dwayne sinclair 7 months ago +9

    And of course Sargent is the best center forward the usmnt has had over the last 3 yrs in my opinion. Whoever thinks any other striker the USMNT has is better than Sargent i don't know what you're watching.

    • rico po
      rico po 7 months ago +1

      @mace8289 not in the pool......... yet.

    • James Jenkins
      James Jenkins 7 months ago

      Pefok amd Balogun

    • mace8289
      mace8289 7 months ago

      Balogun's far better

  • Cian Fanning
    Cian Fanning 7 months ago

    Sargents on fire

  • Lorenzo
    Lorenzo 7 months ago

    Laughably overate the Championship? That league is a grind.

  • EliCryptoTrader
    EliCryptoTrader 7 months ago

    You have players that are good club players,, then you have National team players .. many good club players don’t translate into the national team.

  • J Crackcorn
    J Crackcorn 7 months ago

    I don't believe he's at the top tier, heck he wasn't even going to Qatar one month ago! He has been playing great, and if GGG does play a high press at the WC, he's the best man for the job.

  • David Brick
    David Brick 7 months ago

    Pefok is our best hope for a striker. Unlike Sargent, he's been scoring consistently for several years and he's now doing it in the Bundesliga, a top 3 league.
    The team that finished fifth in the Bundesliga last year and was just two point shy of the Champions League hired Pefok and is using him as a starter. No team in a similar position would see that kind of potential in Sargent or any other American striker. No chance.

    • Nate Wierzbicki
      Nate Wierzbicki 7 months ago

      Also bundesliga 20 contributions in 4687 minutes over two years. That’s one every 2.6 games. That’s solid striker production from any age much less a 20 and 21 year old in a top 5 league in the world. But I go back to how he score them and the techniques used

    • Nate Wierzbicki
      Nate Wierzbicki 7 months ago

      @David Brick so in the prem last year he had 9 contributions in. 1976 minutes. That’s one every 2.5 games. Per 90 is the most accurate reflection of a goal scorers Performance. So if you put him at the 9 that’s exactly what you’re. Getting. Plus his team finished last. Had no possible way to compete with the other. Teams so all his time was spent chasing people with the ball. No. Mike deane has come to his senses playing him at the 9 and they are playing against great competition but not light years above them in quality per postiom. And I garuntee if he makes the WC he leads or team in goals and is signed to Europa level 5-7 in the table side next year. I’m a huge pefok and Wright supporter but did you see how Sargent has scored those three goals and the manner in which he made each happen? Bc I’ve literally only seen pulsic and aaronson and gio score the way he did on his two goals Sunday. Sargent will get that cal up and be joint top scorer with pulisic.

    • David Brick
      David Brick 7 months ago

      @LandInbetween : Who (other than you) considers the Bundesliga a cupcake league? And if it's such a cupcake league and Sargent is better than Pefok, how come he didn't do better when he played there? During his two full seasons with Werder Bremen, he played in 60 games and scored 9 goals. Pretty bad for a striker.

    • LandInbetween
      LandInbetween 7 months ago

      Top 3? Top 4? It doesn't really matter. Bundesliga is considered a cupcake league anyways. Only salient point you have is Pefok is more of a consistent scorer than Sargent. Is finishing 5th in the Bundesliga an accomplishment since out of a few a clubs its really just "best of the rest"? Think about it.

  • Joseph Skvarna
    Joseph Skvarna 6 months ago

    Agree. Don't rate the chamionship though???

  • Mbene Mbene
    Mbene Mbene 7 months ago

    Calm down people. Josh notched a couple of goals in the Championship. Calm down…

  • Marco Cortez
    Marco Cortez 7 months ago

    What about Reina nobody talks about

  • Frank Kastler
    Frank Kastler 7 months ago +19

    Sargent is the only 9 in the US player pool that can do everything Berhalter wants from the 9. He is an elite presser from the 9, he is good in link up play, is physical so he is effective holding up the ball when dropping deep, he is decent in the air so he can score crosses that come in from the full backs (Berhalter's offensive system relies on getting the ball wide to full backs so they can cross into the box). His problem was he was been woefully out of form for a long time. If he's in form he's by far the best option to play up top (in Berhalter's system).

    • Frank Kastler
      Frank Kastler 7 months ago

      @ATico Or could it possibly be that Sargent suddenly found his form because he started playing in his actual position and not out of position as a winger???
      I'm not anti-Pefok, I want him in the roster, but he does not fit the "system" Berhalter deploys. Change Berhalter and have the 9 stay in the box and be a poacher then I am all for starting Pefok.

    • ATico
      ATico 7 months ago

      Pefok would work good for the USMNT in my opinion and we really need to keep in mind that Sargent being in form all of a sudden might be because his team got regelated to the championship.
      Pefok is scoring goals and in form in the Bundesliga and a know Americans watch way more English soccer then German but Bundesliga is a huge step up from the championship which is barely more competitive then the mls. Honestly even if he has a great season there and Pefok just does ok in the Bundesliga I’m stilling putting my money on the guy keeping up in a top 5 league

  • James Jenkins
    James Jenkins 7 months ago

    No brit overrates the championship, the championship is better than the French and Dutch leagues imo. It also is the most trap league there is, many teams that get relegated from the premier league, also get relegated straight to league one from the championship, 46 games, 2 games a week(3 if a deep cup run) it's the hardest league in the world

  • Anthony Tinaj
    Anthony Tinaj 7 months ago +1

    Sargent, Pefok and Haji Wright to the world cup!

  • Shadowgrace760
    Shadowgrace760 7 months ago +1

    My 9s For Qatar. Sargent, Pefok, Ferrara. In case of injury, Wright should get called up. Sorry, but Pepi isn’t getting any chances and Augsburg being the mess that they are isn’t helping.

  • yadada mean
    yadada mean 7 months ago

    Where the full podcast. I can’t find it

  • Elephant
    Elephant 7 months ago +1

    Idc but Zardes and Morris better be on that plane 😎

  • mace8289
    mace8289 7 months ago

    we should be going balls out for balogun. hes better than every single striker in the USMNT pool

  • Ernesto R. Sanchez
    Ernesto R. Sanchez 7 months ago +1

    Sargent diehards have been quiet for a year but they are coming out of the woodwork after 2 solid performances okey dokey

    • LandInbetween
      LandInbetween 7 months ago

      This makes no sense. If anything, it's people who have thought Sargent was better than his past seasons getting excited about some real potential.

  • Estevan Angel
    Estevan Angel 7 months ago +2

    Wait hang on a sec. You’re saying the championship is overrated and then you’re saying he should start because he got a few goals in said overrated league, ignoring the fact that he’s scored like 5 goals all year. Haji plays in turkey, Pefok in bundesliga. So are those leagues worse than the championship? But you said it’s overrated. This guy makes no sense.

  • S Nelson
    S Nelson 7 months ago

    If he is consistent then sure.....

  • Andrew
    Andrew 7 months ago +1

    If we play our best lineup and Sargent is starting, he is at best our 9th best player on the field...

    • MSE
      MSE 7 months ago

      Whoever starts at the 9 is gonna be at best the 9th best player on the field

  • Helix
    Helix 7 months ago +2

    sargent has been nowhere in the last 2 years, just cause he scores 3 goals in the last couple games he's now should be given a spot. The reason we are talking about him is cause he's doing something Irregular for himself and that's actually scoring goals atm. He's not consistent enough for us to consider him and the only reason you're mentioning him in the same vein as weston and pulisic is cause of nostalgia. nostalgia for what we all dreamt sargent would be (he's young still so he very much could still be what we dream of). guys like vazquez deserve a bigger shout then he does

  • Boyce Fish
    Boyce Fish 7 months ago

    Good for Sargent. But in the best 5? What are you smoking? Top 9-10 players of this generation? Maybe.

  • dwayne sinclair
    dwayne sinclair 7 months ago +4

    EFL overrated???? As a Brit living and working in Atlanta Georgia. (Huge Mls fan/Atl Utd fan) I completely disagree with you that the champions is overrated. It is more physical than the premiership. According to players who've played in both leagues. They all can't be wrong. I am sorry. EFL is a top 10 league and that's just a fact.

    • Red X
      Red X 7 months ago

      Not even the EPL fans think its rated, just look at local cups.

    • Raymond Richards
      Raymond Richards 7 months ago

      @LandInbetween they couldn't

    • LandInbetween
      LandInbetween 7 months ago

      @Raymond Richards MLS teams couldn't handle the Championship? Talk about some who does not know what they are talking about. I mean, you speak like no MLS team can stay up in that league.

    • David Brick
      David Brick 7 months ago +1

      You're 100% correct.

    • Raymond Richards
      Raymond Richards 7 months ago +1

      MLS teams could not handle the Championship. Talk about someone who does not know what they are talking about

  • Garrett Nowlin
    Garrett Nowlin 7 months ago +1

    The MLS fanboys need to watch more football abroad. Sargent didn’t have an “off year” he never played in the right position and was part of the worst goal scoring team in the Prem, nobody was scoring at Norwich. The US needs bigger, physical players who can take contact and not lose possession, and have experience playing against Premiere League type players that will be at the World Cup. Aaronson, Adams, Robinson, Weston, Ream, Sargent and Pulisic are the most experienced against top tier players. Im not saying he should start, but Sargent should def be on the plane to Qatar, no question

  • Corrupt Society
    Corrupt Society 7 months ago +3

    Nope Pefok is better. Sargent is doing it in the championship, while Pefok is doing it in the Bundesliga

    • J J
      J J 7 months ago +1

      It's also about system and pefok will be less effective in Greg's system.

    • Bran Ayala
      Bran Ayala 7 months ago +2

      We don’t play an FC union Berlin system

  • Delboy0
    Delboy0 7 months ago +1

    He doesn’t rate the championship, but a championship player who was never the best player in Bellingham goes to the Bundesliga and is the best midfielder in that league or Tomori who played for derby goes to Italy and wins the Serie A? It is the best 2nd division in world football

  • Kevin Kennedy
    Kevin Kennedy 7 months ago

    Sargent > Pepi, Ferreira,Zardes, Morris, Wright ..slight edge over Pefok imho

  • anthony placide
    anthony placide 7 months ago

    Jesus Ferreira would not last long in that league sergant is playing. Too physical

  • Blkarican
    Blkarican 7 months ago +1

    dude doesnt watch leeds united

  • Sean Gotts
    Sean Gotts 7 months ago

    ok saying he has no regard for the championship he lost me ... itsa harder division than MLS .. frances ligue 1 .. portugal .. holland ect the list goes on ... Fox pleas get some guys in that have a clue what there talking about .. these 2 are total muppets and are so clueless they may as well comment on rugby

  • Preston Greene
    Preston Greene 7 months ago


  • ATico
    ATico 7 months ago

    Why are you so high on Josh Sargent? Are you snocking rocks? Pefok is scoring goals in the Bundesliga with Union Berlin and Josh Sargents team gets Regelated and he scores a few goals in the championship and now he’s at the same level as Pulisic??? 😂😂😂. Bro keep covering the MLS. This has to be a joke.

  • Andrew
    Andrew 7 months ago

    Stop with this nonsense