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Jake Paul’s Message to KSI | The Night Shift

  • Published on Jul 14, 2021 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode, we do wayyy too much. we're out in vegas for the resorts world casino opening where we link up with jeff wittek training for a boxing match that doesn't exist, we try a lobster burger (?) then we head back home for the jake paul press conference and somebody needs to have a word with logan. i'll do it.
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  • Erick Cruz
    Erick Cruz 10 months ago +6202

    "He's killin it in music" - As a KSI fan. this is prob the nicest thing Jake has said about KSI

    • Feltill
      Feltill 7 months ago

      @ZxRy Tags cuz he got money and he's famous

    • バケツ卿
      バケツ卿 9 months ago

      @lilcarcrash 21 he has said that he is training. Not fighting since 2019 yes. But he has said that he has trained

    • WMD_Scoobyシ
      WMD_Scoobyシ 9 months ago

      @BPulls definitely not smoke. If JJ gets back into training again KSI could win

    • Azari
      Azari 9 months ago

      I can’t lie makes me hate him less, I guess he just does it for the cam, lots of sales

    • Millar Meldrum
      Millar Meldrum 10 months ago

      @Royce D'Silva do you know jake irl?

  • Chris
    Chris 10 months ago +1868

    Haha jeff is a savvy business man

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

    • Cory
      Cory 10 months ago

      @Chase Kraemer that's how mike's channel was for years lol

    • Alec Vogel
      Alec Vogel 10 months ago

      Hes not a businessman; hes a business, man

    • Ex0tic
      Ex0tic 10 months ago

      We get you need views lmaoo

  • Mike
    Mike 10 months ago +701

    As a KSI fan I can see why Jake doesn't care about the fight anymore, it's just exaggerated talk now

    • K Toner
      K Toner 6 months ago

      "Did someone say family?"
      -Dom Toretto

    • YMCA September
      YMCA September 10 months ago

      Nah but ngl I still reckon Jake vs KSI will still be the most popular fight whether jake likes it or not

    • adolfus golfus
      adolfus golfus 10 months ago

      @Pratham Patel 🤣who has jake fought that logan couldnt knock out.

    • Michael Luckett
      Michael Luckett 10 months ago

      @TwoPlexx He really isn't his schedule is too messy to be in an actual boxing match due to the fact that he'll need to do alot of training and that'll all get in the way of his training

    • TwoPlexx
      TwoPlexx 10 months ago

      @Michael Luckett yeah but he doesn’t it’s a joke at this point . the gib fight was a year and a half ago, pandemic makes sense to delay for a few months but ksi just isn’t bothered to fight jake atm

  • Amel
    Amel 10 months ago +246

    Damn this the most ive ever liked Jake. He was actually respectful to KSI

    • Bhg
      Bhg 9 months ago

      @Noah Varghese lol

    • Candies :)
      Candies :) 10 months ago

      @Sly ben wasn't shit he was never known for striking, if Jake puts out Woodley then he's way above any youtube boxer level. Woodley is training hard and his technique looks solid for and million levels above any youtube boxer. If this time Jake beats Woodley and Woodley looks bad then Woodley would be the same great striker, it's just Jake is on another level and made Woodley look bad.

    • Sly
      Sly 10 months ago

      @Candies :) well there you go....Woodley can kill any Clip-Sharer.....well just have to wait and see if he kills Jake ...or goes out like Ben askren....

    • Candies :)
      Candies :) 10 months ago +1

      @Sly Woodley isn't a boxer but a world class striker and can hit real hard. He has fast hands, great technique and insane knockout power. Woodley can kill any youtuber with his skills plus he has boxed and trained for boxing before. And if Jake beats Woodley then there's completely clear sign that Jake is above any youtube boxer and he is good to go for fighting actual boxers and test himself. Ksi would die if Woodley was across the ring with him. Woodley is one of the best welterweights of mma who was known for power and striking so don't even try to undermine Woodley if Jake beats him

  • Mo
    Mo 10 months ago +4428

    Did Jake just speak respectfully and rationally? About KSI of all people?
    Is there hope for him yet?

    • Faeem Ahmed
      Faeem Ahmed 10 months ago

      @Greven Griff oh I see you there again when you fighting ghost face?

    • Millar Meldrum
      Millar Meldrum 10 months ago

      @Francisco Chavez Woodly is an MMA fighter tho

    • Matthew Donnelly
      Matthew Donnelly 10 months ago

      Logan is helping him. He's become a sort of a mentor!

    • Jason
      Jason 10 months ago

      No, there definitely isn't hope for Jake, at all

  • EIStv
    EIStv 10 months ago +11

    Mike is officially a master of vlogging. He stayed with us during the entire pandemic and now he is a full-on celebrity and still winning at life. Happy for him and as someone who has battled addiction for years it gives me inspiration to not give up!

    VEE3RDEYE 10 months ago +824

    Hopefully Logan can find something new and exciting to work towards. Hate to see him deteriorate after preaching about his work ethic for all these years

    • Tommyometer
      Tommyometer 9 months ago

      @Matrix I don't think that 19 mil figure is reliable either. It says KSIs net worth is 15 mil, but he has openly said that he lost millions in crypto, and invests in property etc. I think Logan's worth would be more like 40 mil

    • Tommyometer
      Tommyometer 9 months ago

      @Matrix even at that, anyone would comfortably retire if they were in his position

    • Matrix
      Matrix 9 months ago

      @Tommyometer he said 10% smart guy

    • Matrix
      Matrix 9 months ago

      @joel harris man said 10%

  • Laziz R
    Laziz R 10 months ago +39

    Can I just say that KSI didn’t admit that Jake was a better boxer than him. He put Jake in a god-tier just because KSI was not active in boxing like Jake. In terms of boxing skills, I think Jake got hands but I would still like to watch that fight between those 2

    • Denstination
      Denstination 10 months ago

      @TJ Jokazzz bro logan vs mayweather wasnt even a real fight it was just for money if it was for real logan wouldve got knocked out why are you such a little fanboy bro just stop mayweather is legendary at boxing and to think logan the "youtuber boxer" actually fought mayweather is a joke

    • Denstination
      Denstination 10 months ago

      @TJ Jokazzz you saw the difference between logan and ksi boxing 2 ksi wasnt as fit as logan and still won bro wdym ksi easily wins logan how he is now stop being such a fan

    • Denstination
      Denstination 10 months ago

      @TJ Jokazzz logan is weak, ksi got good genetics and ksi still won even when he barely worked out hard enough

    • Denstination
      Denstination 10 months ago

      @TJ Jokazzz lol what? ksi has way more strength logan isnt that strong bro stop hyping him up

    • Denstination
      Denstination 10 months ago

      @TJ Jokazzz he does have a chance bro wdym he never lost before and hes better than austin mcbroom thats a fact logan can barely keep up with ksi and hes literally jakes older brother so he does have a chance but not looking like a good chance

  • Clementine
    Clementine 10 months ago

    I liked this episode a lot Mike! Good job, keep it up! :)

  • Native Ones
    Native Ones 10 months ago +4

    Whole new level of respect for their family after their response at 5:43

  • Bluetethmo 2020
    Bluetethmo 2020 10 months ago

    Your vlogs are straight comedic genius. I could watch your take on life for days. Keep it up Mike 🛫🛫

  • Regular Original
    Regular Original 10 months ago +9

    It's what the fans want though Jake, from both sides. The paycheck shouldn't be the only factor to deciding if a fight happens or not.
    Granted I think you passed him in skill from the last time we saw KSI (so did Logan) *but* we don't know what KSI looks like now, if he has training like he said he has.

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

  • Syle Sharif
    Syle Sharif 10 months ago +381

    Greg Paul: We want to represent to the future of america that family is important.
    Dom Toretto: Did someone say family?

    • Cloax zv
      Cloax zv 10 months ago

      @El Chapo FAMILY GUY

    • El Chapo
      El Chapo 10 months ago +2


    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

    • KAZZ
      KAZZ 10 months ago

      I’m a youtuber who will be iconic one day

  • Matthew
    Matthew 10 months ago +2627

    Did Jake just show a bit of humbleness to ksi...

    • C Sav47
      C Sav47 10 months ago

      @Lil RobinhoodBreezy none of them are "it" at boxing 😂

    • Alex Tiensuu
      Alex Tiensuu 10 months ago +1

      Im a ksi fan but i think jakes paul being cocky is mostly a character

    • Sean ;]
      Sean ;] 10 months ago

      Ksi is still acts like a 6 year old

    • lazeroy
      lazeroy 10 months ago

      Yes, if KSI devoted himself to training for the fight and actually trained really hard he could beat Jake. Jake is on another level now, but we cant ignore the fact that JJ is really talented. And also against the Logan fight, KSI had round 1, but Zachary Wong gave it to Logan on purpose. Logan himself admitted that KSI had round one. And KSI's knockdown by the overhand right was uncounted as well and was incorrectly judged as a shot to the back of his head. Logan admitted this as well that JJ should've had that knockdown. Anyways, Im not hating on Jake, even though he is a prick when it comes to his personality on the internet, he is an excellent fighter. I respect your opinion, have a nice day :)

    • Lil RobinhoodBreezy
      Lil RobinhoodBreezy 10 months ago

      @lazeroy buddy you literally said if KSI was devoted and wanted a knockout he could when he literally couldn’t and we all know that. JJ technique is shit and everyone knows it, yes he beat Logan by 2 points when he wasn’t even using his right hook. Like cmon dude! We all know JJ ain’t it at boxing!

  • brainrot
    brainrot 10 months ago +26

    jeff always know wtf he's doing

  • Orange
    Orange 10 months ago +33

    I have greater respect for Jake for his response, I'm impressed

  • KrishivBN
    KrishivBN 10 months ago +28

    *As a KSI fan, I've started to regret the fact that JJ didn't fight Jake 2 years ago:/*

    • cartoonist
      cartoonist 10 months ago

      @Heart Break Kid at the time it made perfect sense for KSI to fight Logan because KSI also has a younger brother which would fight the younger brother of Logan.
      KSI definitely feared fighting logan. You could see it in his body language.

    • cartoonist
      cartoonist 10 months ago

      @CAP Kai pretty much this. KSI was 100% expecting jake to lose to Gib so that it would get Jake off his nuts. But now that the tables have turned KSI has been shying away from boxing. He even goes on to say that he has a tour in 2022.
      KSI is lucky that we have a pandemic as an excuse for everything.

    • CAP Kai
      CAP Kai 10 months ago +1

      @KrishivBN Jake probably would have beat KSI even worse then if the fight were to take place a year or two from now. Lol, the gib fight opened up some eyes. KSI definitely wasn’t expecting jake to finish gib at all let alone so easlity. No doubt ksi would have vastly underestimated Jake. KSI dodged a bullet.

    • Heart Break Kid
      Heart Break Kid 10 months ago +2

      @KrishivBN JJ didn't fight Jake cause he was busy fighting Logan, who was the better brother at the time... Also you have to understand, JJ always wanted to fight Jake first and he ducked forcing him to fight his brother instead

    • TsG Rapiidz
      TsG Rapiidz 10 months ago +3

      @KrishivBN that was last year not 2 years ago besides gib wanted to fight Jake badly so why would Ksi not let his friend take that opportunity

  • john heaton
    john heaton 10 months ago +1

    Love the content keep it up boss!!

  • dylan
    dylan 10 months ago +1916

    greg: “family is important”
    dom: i like this guy

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

    • vv The Talentless Duo
      vv The Talentless Duo 10 months ago


    • Braydon Littrell
      Braydon Littrell 10 months ago

      This comment is gonna go places, 999 brotha

    • KAZZ
      KAZZ 10 months ago

      Y’all just seen a legendary youtuber comment and y’all don’t even know it watch in 1 more year

    • Sidd Devtara
      Sidd Devtara 10 months ago +1

      @J_S_N exactly because he has less hair and muscles, the criteria to be casted in f&f

  • Andy Perez Carrillo
    Andy Perez Carrillo 10 months ago +63

    People gotta realize that Jake just puts on a persona to sell fights or try to bring in someone to fight, at the end of the day he’s trying to make a bag, I’m sure that he’s a cool and humble dude but off cameras tho, people fell for his whole Internet side that they just attribute his persona to his real life character

    • Rickstar Games
      Rickstar Games 10 months ago

      @Random Name no some people from his school said it on twitter etc.

    • Random Name
      Random Name 10 months ago

      @Rickstar Games Do you live with Jake Paul or something?

    • jayem
      jayem 10 months ago

      @JAKE PAUL FAKED HIS PPV NUMBERS AGAINST BEN ASKREN yes imdeed, both successful tho clearly

    • Zen Status
      Zen Status 10 months ago

      @Rickstar Games how long ago was that I cannot recall lol

    • altaf ahmad
      altaf ahmad 10 months ago

      @Rickstar Games were you in his school or something?
      dont just believe people blindly

  • WMD_Scoobyシ
    WMD_Scoobyシ 9 months ago +16

    Jake genuinely sounds depressed at the fact when he said “it’s all over” you can hear it in his voice.

  • Leo Parker
    Leo Parker 10 months ago

    I miss the real nightshift videos. Half an hour of actually interesting content in which you could sink your teeth into.

  • Jarred Fitt
    Jarred Fitt 10 months ago +427

    Greg: Families important
    Dom toretto: did u say family

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

    • KAZZ
      KAZZ 10 months ago

      @ash Thrice6's thanks 🐐

    • Aviwim Gaming
      Aviwim Gaming 10 months ago

      @KAZZ congrats man on 1k hope you reach you future goal

    • ash Thrice6's
      ash Thrice6's 10 months ago +1

      @KAZZ congrats man you made it to 1k, l kept checkn back in, lol

    • ash Thrice6's
      ash Thrice6's 10 months ago +2

      @KAZZ just subbed to, good luck man

  • Frawsted
    Frawsted 10 months ago +1039

    Surprised Jake was being somewhat nice to JJ

    • Lil Carlevi
      Lil Carlevi 9 months ago +1

      U lot are pressed 😂😂 KSI DOESNT MAKE MONEY FROM Clip-Share OTHER THAN THE SIDEMEN CHANNEL WHICH IS 14% KSI is fuckin ballin my mans lost 7 mill in crypto and brushed his shoulder

    • Ivan Erisat
      Ivan Erisat 10 months ago

      @Ammar Khalid Even when ksi was active he wasn't half as good as jake is currenty, jake has better form, better physique, he's been training day in day out for over a year now. Only thing ksi got over him is power. ksi is ducking cause he knows he's taking an L.

    • Ties Willems
      Ties Willems 10 months ago +1

      @Your Name to leave it behind it's a weak excuse because they are both popping off lol

    • Your Name
      Your Name 10 months ago

      @Ties Willems not tryna make it an excuse it’s just the truth

  • Barack Obama
    Barack Obama 10 months ago +3

    It’s actually nice seeing jake be nice to someone (JJ) for once, without it being sarcastic.

  • Jake Smith
    Jake Smith 10 months ago

    Watched this one twice back to back! Good work Mike keep it up

  • StepKickKing
    StepKickKing 10 months ago +11

    Fair play to Jake for at least being able to admit that KSI is killing it in music. Shame his fans aren’t as mature.

    • Ramy Craft
      Ramy Craft 10 months ago

      @leyman shipuken beside having a fucked up auto correct. I didn't type under: rate my English

    • leyman shipuken
      leyman shipuken 10 months ago

      @Ramy Craft thats barely english lol

    • Soul Train
      Soul Train 10 months ago +1

      KSI’s fans are worse than jake’s at this point because no one likes jake anyway, ksi’s fans are mostly cringe 15 year olds who think they know anything about boxing

    • internet. gangsta
      internet. gangsta 10 months ago +2

      KSI's fans are more delusional but point taken

  • Rikka
    Rikka 10 months ago +2

    Kudos to Jake for this, In my head this ends the fight but KSI is still trying it from the sound of things

  • Jelle
    Jelle 10 months ago +65

    Jake has given up on Ksi. He knows that JJ doesn’t want any part, and Jake is onto bigger better things anyways. Disappointing but it’s whatever

    • バケツ卿
      バケツ卿 9 months ago

      @Kshitij Varma what? literally number 1 album so ya KSI IS super busy. KSI has never “dodged” jake he has called him out multiple times. He is often vocal about wanting to fight jake when he has more time but now he is killing it in music which is his focus. He never called out Bryce saying he wants to fight. In fact he even said, even if he was calling him out he is too busy, when he has time the person he wants to fight is jake. What are u on about lol

    • retr0
      retr0 10 months ago

      @King King Bro I support KSI. But KSI needs training and like rigorous one and some fights before JAKE

    • Random Name
      Random Name 10 months ago

      That’s fine, but KSI keeps mentioning how he’s gonna fuck up Jake and his return will be glorious and now he’s making all these excuses.

    • Logan20 ELG
      Logan20 ELG 10 months ago

      Jake is onto better things? This fight would probably make logan vs mayweather numbers if not much more

    • tm mey
      tm mey 10 months ago

      @The nightmare vs the problem child I don't think It's that easy to make a fight happen, plus JJ needs a warm-up fight first before he fights Jake, so we can see how good he is now since the last time we saw him box was 2 years ago, and he said he's still training so, usually, boxers who haven't been active fight 1 or 2 weaker opponents as a warmup before they fight the tougher opponents, and yeah he is ducking him a bit but tbf he has been very busy, with the music, the show, and it is still a pandemic which is a serious thing, but now he's almost done with everything, so he might go back to boxing after the show.

  • Muscleboii
    Muscleboii 10 months ago +1

    I love to watch the night shift because it gives off chill vibes

  • xChazzerZ
    xChazzerZ 10 months ago +2

    Hope Logan feels better man. Going through a lot of mental shit myself. It’s fucking rough, but drinking isn’t gonna help. I hope Logan realizes that and gets better. Just started a new anti depressant today. Here’s to hoping it’s the one that works. Really hoping. Anyways I know you know getting high and drinking isn’t going to help, but it’s good that he has good friends like you by his side Mike.

    • xChazzerZ
      xChazzerZ 10 months ago +1

      @Jelle nah, man. I can see it in his eyes. Also by the way hes sleeping so much and from what Mike described I know hes going through a rough patch while maintaining the outward appearance that everything is okay so people wont worry. Trust me man, Im going through some shit similar to this

    • Jelle
      Jelle 10 months ago

      Good luck with that!! I think Logan’s just having fun though

  • Ivan Diaz
    Ivan Diaz 10 months ago

    Mike you are really nice guy you inspire a lot of people I can’t wait to get your new book.I am a huge fan of you Logan and George best youtuber out there

  • Shane Blade
    Shane Blade 10 months ago +9

    Another awesome vlog! Gotta hand it to you Mike, you're a master at this now. Creative and consistent content!

  • That’s Life
    That’s Life 10 months ago

    Night Shift making bangers and saving the day thanks Mike

  • Reese Miller
    Reese Miller 10 months ago +5

    Even i’m a KSI fan but i can admit KSI is afraid of fighting Jake now, he’s waited too long now and Jake’s improving every day. He’s had so many opportunities to confront Jake and set something up but respect to Jake for wishing KSI the best and wishing him luck in the music

    • Deepa Parakkal
      Deepa Parakkal 10 months ago

      Nah, I wouldn't say afraid. It's priorities, rather. He and the Sidemen are the biggest online celebrities in their country. He's trying to take advantage of that as much as he can right now.
      He could've fought Jake, and he ain't afraid, but both of them excel in different things.

    • Dub On iOS
      Dub On iOS 10 months ago

      It’s so much different in the uk and have u seen what he’s doing lately? He has is own show now ffs

  • VLocity
    VLocity 10 months ago +1

    Jake actually showed respect to KSI. Wow.

  • Gabby Nichols
    Gabby Nichols 10 months ago +335

    The problem child growing up? jk Jakes actually chill he's just selling his fights

    • Wydlingo
      Wydlingo 9 months ago

      @Krish S that still doesn’t answer my question Sherlock

    • Chael Sonnen's Bicep
      Chael Sonnen's Bicep 10 months ago

      ​@V X at what point were they wrong

    • V X
      V X 10 months ago

      @Jorge Esparza I could go on but there’s no reason to when the person you’re arguing with can’t admit when they are wrong.

    • Jorge Esparza
      Jorge Esparza 10 months ago

      @V X We reached a dead end. You ran out of reasons on why you hate Jake Paul.

    • V X
      V X 10 months ago

      @Jorge Esparza I respect his work ethic that’s what I’m saying but that doesn’t mean he isn’t ducking or taking easy fights for his caliber

  • Ripnlip Tightlines
    Ripnlip Tightlines 10 months ago

    Respect to Greg for drawing that line in the sand. Family is most important

  • Cammy a
    Cammy a 10 months ago +305

    Mike wants Jeff under his wing but Jeff is a one man show , sorry

    • harith najmi
      harith najmi 10 months ago +1

      @Ricardo Vasquez bet his source is just "trust me bro"

    • Ricardo Vasquez
      Ricardo Vasquez 10 months ago +2

      @Olly Milesy so you do you just spread lies and not back up your “claim”?

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

    • faZemichael
      faZemichael 10 months ago +7

      @Olly Milesy he aint suing anybody lmao he always been highkey has money by selling drvgs, even now

  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk 10 months ago

    So happy to see Logan and mike getting close again and working through their "beef"

  • xXzRAZ0Rz Xx
    xXzRAZ0Rz Xx 10 months ago

    This is actually the first time I’ve seen Jake Paul be respectful to someone, and didn’t expect that to be KSI. I am a massive KSI fan but Jake is right, Jake is technically the better boxer as JJ hasn’t been training and focusing on his music… however Jake saying he’s coming for the fury’s is a bit of a stretch, cause he can’t beat Tommy, Tommy is an ‘actual’ boxer. By that I mean not someone from Clip-Share originally but an actually boxing background. But respect to Jake for getting this far, cause I really didn’t think he would. 👏👏well done Jake, you are a marketing genius👏👏

  • Thiago Couto
    Thiago Couto 10 months ago +2

    Ksi said you're better right now Jake, that's very important! Mainly because you've been fighting and he's been focusing on his music but he does think he's better than you under normal circumstances! So get your facts straight!

  • JR28
    JR28 10 months ago +1

    Jake Paul is actually showing respect to KSI! What has the world come to?

  • Isaac Van Drimmelen
    Isaac Van Drimmelen 10 months ago

    loved this vid it felt like the old ones at the end it was great

  • 97BRIDGEYx
    97BRIDGEYx 10 months ago

    So good to see you and Logan vining with each other, lot of time for you brother

  • Tiernan 96
    Tiernan 96 10 months ago +6

    I respect that hes actually done with KSI hes making the money that he's looking for now he gave him respect should just be left at that

    • Logan20 ELG
      Logan20 ELG 10 months ago

      KSI is the way jake is going to get a lot of money. Not only is ksi on fire atm but he's definitely also more on fire than jake and his next fight. It's also the fight everyone is waiting for

    • Tiernan 96
      Tiernan 96 10 months ago

      It won't happen onless KSI makes he's way to he's level but for now he should just keep smashing the music I just can't see them going at it

    • yousif abualnaja
      yousif abualnaja 10 months ago +2

      the both don't need to fight anymore bc ksi is killing it in muslic and jake is killing it in boxing and there going there own paths now

  • Harry Chamberlain
    Harry Chamberlain 10 months ago +12

    As a KSI fan, everyone liked that ✅

    • Azari
      Azari 9 months ago

      @Austin Zhang reminds me of no life shaqs

    • Austin Zhang
      Austin Zhang 10 months ago

      What is your profile picture? I’ve seen it before, but don’t remember where it’s from

  • Spoogmaster
    Spoogmaster 10 months ago

    As much of an arse Jake Paul is, I really hope he gets the audience on his side in 2022. He's maturing. Slowly.

  • Joao Ruiz
    Joao Ruiz 10 months ago +18

    This shows to me Jake lowkey likes Ksi. He didn’t trash talk about him. He didn’t say he was scared. He simply said he’s tired bout the topic. Which is honestly the best option. Jake wanna continue boxing. Ksi wanna continue music. Which is respectable. Ksi is still my Fatneek. All hail the Fatneek 🙏

    • Joao Ruiz
      Joao Ruiz 10 months ago

      @Callum Gray Jake is done talking about it, but I know he’s just saying the scared stuff so it can plant a seed it might still happen. Honestly it’s all on Ksi. Jake wants it. Ksi says he wants to. We just gotta be patient.

    • Callum Gray
      Callum Gray 10 months ago

      @Joao Ruiz I get you, its good that he actually gave him he never has before but he still said he's scared, also thinking he can go after the canelos and stuff, haha he's delusional

    • Joao Ruiz
      Joao Ruiz 10 months ago +1

      @Callum Gray My bad I wasn’t watching it fully. My fault. But still 🤷🏽‍♂️

    • Callum Gray
      Callum Gray 10 months ago

      @Joao Ruiz yeah... I know you're talking about here, but he literally called ksi scared in this video...

    • Joao Ruiz
      Joao Ruiz 10 months ago

      @Callum Gray ofc they did have their back and forth but I’m talking bout it here

  • Patrick Marcon
    Patrick Marcon 10 months ago +367

    Im actually surprised about what he said about KSI

    • Mario is Da boss
      Mario is Da boss 9 months ago

      @tylen217 Jake would have fought KSI after Logan 2 but they made him fight Gib. Ksi could have actually beaten Jake now but since Jake is just a more talented boxer and more active Ksi needs to become active and get like 2 fights in minimum which he won't do.

    • Aiden Hallett
      Aiden Hallett 10 months ago

      yeah me too, why would he say he admitted to being scared? that's a stupid jake thing to say

    • Random Content Guy
      Random Content Guy 10 months ago

      @JJ Joel but it was jj that originally called him out? Make it make sense 😆

    • JJ Joel
      JJ Joel 10 months ago

      @Random Content Guy idk maybe he felt that Jake needs to fight someone to fight him or something. It's stupid anyways

  • Shaurya Pratap Singh
    Shaurya Pratap Singh 10 months ago +10

    Is it me or Mike actually sounds like he is struggling to talk all the time 😂

  • itz Aaron 123
    itz Aaron 123 10 months ago

    I love to hear ksi and jake have finally stopped beefing would love to see a video with them 🙌

  • Jdav23
    Jdav23 10 months ago +10

    KSI said he’d fight Jake after his album and tour happened, never once said he was scared of him

    • Mario is Da boss
      Mario is Da boss 9 months ago

      Ksi blaming covid restrictions but events still handled and covid restrictions are lifted now.

  • Bonox Gamer
    Bonox Gamer 10 months ago

    Im surprised that Jake was nice
    He regained my respect

  • ash69_-
    ash69_- 10 months ago +113

    Jesus, I can't believe I'm about to say this. But I agree with jake, ksi isn't doing anything with boxing atm and jake doesn't need that fight anymore.

    • A.Hassan Hale
      A.Hassan Hale 10 months ago

      @Random Name to be fair I think Austin has more potential than ksi

    • Random Name
      Random Name 10 months ago

      @TsG Rapiidz I mean KSI says he’s gonna return and Jake’s the biggest opponent he could have fought. Who else he gonna fight Austin Mcrook?

    • Logan20 ELG
      Logan20 ELG 10 months ago

      @Devon Egbo you obv haven't seen the pic he put out with logan. He isn't in bad shape

    • Devon Egbo
      Devon Egbo 10 months ago

      @Austin Lop3z hard to believe when you see the shape he was in while training vs now

    • Astro
      Astro 10 months ago +10

      Yes but Jake saying he would make more money fighting other people is just bs talk. KSI is the money fight. Only fight bigger than that is if Jake magically fought Connor.

  • Uzi Khan
    Uzi Khan 10 months ago

    Damn Jake was actually respectful to KSI and was honest too? Damn

  • Cammy a
    Cammy a 10 months ago +41

    I hope another influencer doesn’t buy Logan’s house, it’s too epic

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

  • Debron
    Debron 10 months ago +43

    mike: "..between you and tyron woodley?" jake: "oh so,it's a rhetorical situation?" lmfaoooo

    • guddesface
      guddesface 10 months ago

      We will be watching the KSI Show on Discord discord.gg/6bqpD5tdAp

  • twenty4stackz
    twenty4stackz 10 months ago +2

    Bro they need to give the fans what we want man they need to get in a ring it would be the most talked about fight ever!

  • Mohammad AG
    Mohammad AG 10 months ago +146

    I'm surprised Jake respected KSI fair enough

    • arsul
      arsul 10 months ago

      @Sun never said he was scared and I stand by the fact he ain’t interested in fighting Jake

    • arsul
      arsul 10 months ago

      @Sun yeah he’s said that for years now

    • arsul
      arsul 10 months ago

      @Sun it’s not because he ain’t confident, it’s because it seems he’s more into music now and doesn’t wanna box Jake

    • arsul
      arsul 10 months ago

      @Sun he doesn’t want to fight jake anymore it’s obvious he doesn’t. The only way jake would fight is if he loses to Tyrone if he wins it’s not gonna happen let’s just agree on that.

    • arsul
      arsul 10 months ago

      @Sun exactly he keeps doing good so when will he stop??? And he plans to do festivals and shit as well. COVID ain’t an excuse crowds are back now and have been for a while. They can do press conferences in America or England they can just fly. And don’t day they can’t fly because Logan just flied out to England. And 2021 is 2 years after he fought logan and he still ain’t even interested. They won’t fight

  • Slip’d
    Slip’d 10 months ago +21

    “It was a rhetorical question” damn I don’t like him but that was a good reply

    • xPiggito
      xPiggito 10 months ago

      I feel like Jake is actually pretty smart but puts on a show for the internet

  • Gil.prodz22
    Gil.prodz22 10 months ago

    Wow. I actually respect jake for his response

  • Caroline L.
    Caroline L. 10 months ago

    Love the Night Shift ❤️❤️

  • SamTurnss
    SamTurnss 10 months ago

    that was a way more respectful reply from jake about KSI than I expected

  • Adam
    Adam 10 months ago +1

    Nah i wanna see the fight i want the same feeling and hype when it was the KSI VS Logan fight. The build up for the fight, the diss tracks that ksi and logan made and everything brings back some good memories

  • Matty RIDES
    Matty RIDES 10 months ago

    Respect to Jake giving love to KSI

  • Hunter Dale
    Hunter Dale 10 months ago

    Lol that jake part had me dead😂😂. Greg Paul can definitely be bought out, look at the truck Logan got him!

  • Royce D'Silva
    Royce D'Silva 10 months ago +1

    Happy To See Jake Being humble and tryna not beef with jj

  • disnuts
    disnuts 10 months ago +22

    had never seen mike loss at words like that 1:28

  • z z
    z z 10 months ago +1

    the ending bit is quite upsetting if you have been watching the vlogs for the past 2-3 years. i’ll miss the maverick house, a lot of crazy shit happened here.

  • diego zilla
    diego zilla 10 months ago

    Jake really showing respect to jj, what a lad

  • Pepsi Man
    Pepsi Man 10 months ago +2

    Unfortunately I agree with Jake, as much as I love JJ I think the hype has just gone for Jake Vs KSI but we'll see

  • ComefromAFar…
    ComefromAFar… 10 months ago +3

    Jeff is a mastermind 😂

  • Harry Stafford
    Harry Stafford 10 months ago +1

    Respect to Jake 🙌

  • Beep Boop
    Beep Boop 10 months ago

    Never thought I’d hear Jake say he has respect for KSI damn

  • Ezra Przytyk
    Ezra Przytyk 10 months ago

    Makes me happy to see mike and Logan close again.

  • Jakub
    Jakub 10 months ago

    Jake saying he has respect for ksi and is doing well in music gives me hope that Jake isint just deluded and actually can accept facts....fair play

  • kingscorpion 69
    kingscorpion 69 10 months ago +1

    I can already see ksi laughing on Reddit day next week 😆😂

  • JY97
    JY97 10 months ago

    Guys I am panicking Jake just made me laugh

  • First Name Last Name
    First Name Last Name 10 months ago

    Mikes advertising is always the best, he should really be a salesman

  • Thunder Chicken
    Thunder Chicken 10 months ago +640

    When Jeff asked what if a fight breaks out at his house mike said “I’d just shut the door it’s a big house”

    • Chris lads
      Chris lads 10 months ago

      @Thunder Chicken again you don’t know what chilling out means, if I was screaming at you you could say that but I’m calmly saying you make no sense, but with all your replies I’m gonna assume you’re under 10 years old, or are gonna reply back saying you were “trolling” and if that’s the case you’re horrible at it

    • Thunder Chicken
      Thunder Chicken 10 months ago

      @Chris lads Dude u really gotta chill tf out idk how many times I gotta say it

    • Chris lads
      Chris lads 10 months ago

      @Thunder Chicken you don’t know the meaning of the saying chill out cause I’m calm, but my comment had a point and it was to say yours was pointless

  • tbharadia
    tbharadia 10 months ago

    Big up Jake keeping it civil with KSI. It’s true tho, Jake been working harder on boxing like how ksi is working hard on music.

  • coys thfc
    coys thfc 10 months ago +12

    jake has legit only meet bad fighters and thinks he's over KSI. but I admit that KSI should fight someone else before jake because he hasn't had a fight in almost 2 years

    • tm mey
      tm mey 10 months ago

      @NotSteelzz I think JJ's best friends are the sidemen, and Gib got better now, he stopped doing that horrible crab posture, I don't think Gib can beat jake still, but he did indeed get better, could probably survive for like a good 5 to 6 rounds honestly, not sure though.

    • ryan2 -
      ryan2 - 10 months ago +1

      It has nothing to do with skill. It has to do with money. He’s above ksi because he would get more fighting someone else

    • Michael Davis
      Michael Davis 10 months ago +3

      It’s irrelevant what KSI does Jake would kill him inside the ring. Jakes the only person that’s come from YT boxing that’s got any kind of form and talent in the sport.

    • Jessie
      Jessie 10 months ago

      But just cause Jake is taking boxing serious and pro and ksi isn’t doesn’t mean ksi needs to fight someone else

    • NotSteelzz
      NotSteelzz 10 months ago +1

      Ksi best friend got ko in 1 round -_-

  • Explaiin
    Explaiin 10 months ago

    I would watch 30 minute episodes of this. I hate how fast it ends

  • Hamza Naveed
    Hamza Naveed 10 months ago

    Jake realizing that the whole KSI vs Jake shit is over made me happy, like so good top hear that he’s over KSI. Jakes grown up now

  • Johnjohn
    Johnjohn 10 months ago

    5:32 probably the nicest thing Jake will ever say about JJ I low key wasn’t prepared to hear that from him

  • Ken /
    Ken / 10 months ago +10

    The clip of Logan at the end 😂😂😂 we’ve all been there faded asf just nailed to the couch

  • Shakir
    Shakir 10 months ago +7

    Glad to see Mike and Logan doesnt look distanced anymore.

  • Lorenzo Johnson
    Lorenzo Johnson 10 months ago

    When Logan said to the camera that he is mental not okay ....I started laughing and then I was like same

  • Shane Polimine
    Shane Polimine 10 months ago +1

    Awesome video. The Robot part is my favorite. Thanks for the content and upload.

  • GoldenGun
    GoldenGun 10 months ago

    I’m going to be honest... I’m starting to respect Jake Paul😂

  • Arthur Morgan
    Arthur Morgan 9 months ago

    Mike I think it should make your own podcast like you said......so we can watch impaulsive in peace and you won’t ruin it

  • Al Capone
    Al Capone 10 months ago

    Jake being nice about JJ let’s me know the fight really ain’t happening.

  • MaccaPlays
    MaccaPlays 10 months ago

    Respect Jake for this saying KSI is Smashing the Music!!

  • Carlos E. Solis V.
    Carlos E. Solis V. 10 months ago

    mike and logan look in good vibes man, that's cool!

  • Marco B
    Marco B 10 months ago +12

    5:15 Jake with the subtle jabs at KSI

  • Jay Darko
    Jay Darko 10 months ago +113

    imagine KSI and Jake on a song dissing each other LMFAOOOO shii would sell like crazy 😂

    • Anthony
      Anthony 10 months ago

      @Kleptoon id rather listen to people like meekz, centra cee, fredo, dave all them alot better

    • Kleptoon
      Kleptoon 10 months ago +1

      @Lil RobinhoodBreezy Hear KSI’s new album. None of the songs have ghostwriters. There are quite a few bangers on it like no sleep and the moment.

    • Lil RobinhoodBreezy
      Lil RobinhoodBreezy 10 months ago

      @〥 who said I was a wanna be music producer? Or had a passion in music?

    • 〥
       10 months ago +2

      @Lil RobinhoodBreezy if you are a wannabe music producer or your passion is music..btw all aside, hope you got a better understanding on music.

  • C A
    C A 10 months ago

    Mike: It's like putting watermelon on a pizza
    Me: I think ur on to something 🤔

    SHAZMEAR 10 months ago +14

    It’s a good thing he says “a now a word from our sponsors “ before talking bout it cause then I can move away from a family before continuing

  • A P
    A P 9 months ago +2

    Damn Logan took a hit I hope he gets Better I don’t think he is still upset about Josie but I might be wrong either way I hope he gets better