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1 Terran Grandmaster vs 7 Zerg INSANE A.I. (WORLD RECORD)

  • Published on Aug 28, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • After a million attempts... did we do it?
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  • I drink your milkshake
    I drink your milkshake 2 months ago +1926

    This is how I imagine Zerg in the lore, just an endless swarm

    • bob Zombie
      bob Zombie Month ago

      @Grin Assuming you beat zero hour on the hardest difficulty, and it being too easy for you, what is your mmr?

    • bob Zombie
      bob Zombie Month ago

      @Grin So you've done zero hour on the hardest difficulty? I guess I'll just have to take your word for it.

    • bob Zombie
      bob Zombie Month ago

      @Grin This is like zero hour.

    • Adapter Crash
      Adapter Crash Month ago

      @Goldenzeal I beat them all on brutal multiple times, except all in then edited by someone and not even 20 siege tanks can take out kerrigan, or slower things and bunkers and planetary forcesses. It's like wtf?... then they edited legacy and now it's slightly faster

    • Zoomer Stasi
      Zoomer Stasi 2 months ago

      too bad not every fucking RTS is starcraft you absolute fetal alcohol syndrome victim.
      good to know you got filtered by any of the genre with an actual _difficulty curve._

  • Arc Anon
    Arc Anon 2 months ago +2582

    71 attempts, 5 games a week, you've been working on this for 3.5 months? And you did live commentary on the first 50.. Holy crap, the amount of effort you put in for us is crazy. Love your content, so happy you exist.

    • Konstantin Frolov
      Konstantin Frolov Month ago

      Listen to the first few words of this video. How can it be longer than 2 months? I believe "5 games a week" was just an approximation

    • Vinit Agnihotri
      Vinit Agnihotri 2 months ago +2

      Couldn't agree more :)

    • Piggle Wiggle
      Piggle Wiggle 2 months ago

      Nothing compared to a runescape player

    • Deuce Deuce
      Deuce Deuce 2 months ago +1

      Definitely deserves the views and likes. He certainly earns them.

    • sean vanderwaal
      sean vanderwaal 2 months ago +2

      @F-Rune right on! Thanks, will do for sure haha

  • Frogster
    Frogster 2 months ago +724

    It's fascinating: If the AI >>understood

    • xikens
      xikens 7 days ago

      @jung yo Even machine learning AI would not make this move. Their play is the result of their thousands of learning games. If it is trained for 1v1, it will not come up with 7v1 strategies.

    • The LazyGuy
      The LazyGuy Month ago

      @jung yo The scariest thing about AI is chess engines, absolutly cruel

    • Hohmann Transfer Window Washer
      Hohmann Transfer Window Washer 2 months ago +1

      @Mijo Boy, do I have a treat for you)))) Look up 'Criminal AI' by Isaac Arthur here on YT. An amazing vid from an amazing content maker. Granted, the video describes situations a few steps beyond 'less dumb spambots', but I believe you will enjoy it.

    • Bl1
      Bl1 2 months ago +1

      Even intermediate humans might not realise this

    • Namoth
      Namoth 2 months ago +6

      @JustaRandom you are mistaken.... such notion is silly meatbag... dont worry... cortana just wish to hear your concerns so we can ..improve..products...

  • Lyuldo
    Lyuldo 2 months ago +967

    Genuinely filling the void that Beastyqt left with videos like these! Thanks for giving the run 71 freaking attempts because it was very enjoyable to watch

    • Cory Brown
      Cory Brown 2 months ago

      100% agree!

    • Joel
      Joel 2 months ago

      @Олег Ручкин me too

    • Brehvon
      Brehvon 2 months ago

      I miss Beasty... I can't get into AoE despite how much I really want to watch my favorite RTS content creator... This really caught my eye again. I haven't watched SC2 in months.

    • MaximusManime
      MaximusManime 2 months ago +1

      5 a week puts that at like 13+ weeks to win...damn this is a MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

    • Simonbackwash
      Simonbackwash 2 months ago +4

      I think I remember pretty vividly that Beasty was eliminating 1 AI at the very first 5 minutes of the game to steal his base otherwise this challenge impossible. Beasty did it on another map as well i think, but getting one out of the game with fast reaper or don't remember what it was...Was the trick! Epic days for Beasty and viewers ❤️

  • Daniel Freerichs
    Daniel Freerichs 2 months ago +735

    For anyone wondering about the efficiency of him in Total: 370,050 : 21,962 Resources. That's a ratio of 16.85. Every AI lost on average almost 3 times as much as him. And the one with the most resources lost lost 3.8 times as much.
    Great Game. Very interesting to watch and to see the development, that went into that. Congratulations!!

    • ILIANos
      ILIANos 2 months ago

      So when he guessed at one point "I think I'm trading them 20:1" he wasn't so far off after all! :-D

    • Dubious
      Dubious 2 months ago +1

      so he did 3x times the work for every ai

    • Tuomas Koivistoinen
      Tuomas Koivistoinen 2 months ago +1

      Reminds me of the winter war

    • Frutos
      Frutos 2 months ago

      @fabien herry that was his neighbour :D

    • fabien herry
      fabien herry 2 months ago +1

      And the funniest thing is the one that lost the least lost 1/4th of his ressources xD

  • 50sorrowC
    50sorrowC 2 months ago +671

    Can you do a video compilation of the 70 failed attempts with the moment the AI breaks your defenses. That would be awesome : )

    • Milo Than-Poirier
      Milo Than-Poirier Month ago

      @JohnnyBandit ratio+didnt ask + you fell of + this you 🤡🤓 ?+ Dont reply to me unless you have my ip 😳

    • SaffronTown
      SaffronTown 2 months ago

      Lol machine always wins. Idk what this youtuber gains from this really and I code them too

    • JohnnyBandit
      JohnnyBandit 2 months ago +1

      @Squaul DuNéant I actually ended up watching a Linus tech tips about this the other day, and while the number **I** see isn't official, it's close enough to the actual official number, which owners of the videos are still able to see. So while the number I see might not be official, disliking a video does still count towards an official number, and therefore still does indeed do something.

    • Squaul DuNéant
      Squaul DuNéant 2 months ago

      @JohnnyBandit In this context . Otherwise i agree

    • Squaul DuNéant
      Squaul DuNéant 2 months ago

      @JohnnyBandit Im pretty sure it's still not "officialy liked" *wink* *wink* so your sentence is pointless mate

  • s 6
    s 6 2 months ago +110

    This is, in my opinion, the ultimate expression of "Zerg vs Terran". Endless hordes of alien biomass crashing against a thin line of camped Terran defenders who are always barely on the edge of being overwhelmed. So good!
    Mayhaps the community should nickname this challenge "The Battle of Macragge"

    • Misty Pig
      Misty Pig Month ago +1

      I like it. Just don’t lose 100 of your finest and you’ll be fine

    • Bluepiggy
      Bluepiggy Month ago +2

      Seems a bit stupid to name a starcraft challenge after 40k, especially considering the hostility 40k fans have towards starcraft in general.

  • Pencil Note
    Pencil Note 2 months ago +424

    This was amazing all the way. The commentary was super engaging and entertaining. I definitely would love to see more. Congrats on getting the W and keep it up man!

  • Joey Pagano
    Joey Pagano 2 months ago +156

    Never played this game and I have no idea what is going on but I watched every minute. Great breakdown of gameplay and strategy.

    • VoiceModIta
      VoiceModIta Month ago

      @Nick Hinker ive played since realease of sc1 can beat 1 cant beat 2 and 7 ... nope not even gonna try....

    • Scorpixel
      Scorpixel 2 months ago

      @ForcesNL Photon rushing the AI works, from someone with 3h of getting spanked in multiplayer a decade ago.

    • Nick Hinker
      Nick Hinker 2 months ago +1

      @ForcesNL i've played for ten years off and on and still cant fathom crushing a cheater bot, but 7 holy fuck

    • Plates for Dates
      Plates for Dates 2 months ago

      Same lol

    • ForcesNL
      ForcesNL 2 months ago +5

      I played the game for 300 hours, but MP only. I also have no idea what's going on lol. I can't imagine beating 1 insane A.I.

  • ObsidianGaming
    ObsidianGaming 2 months ago +124

    You know that is what I love about strategy games. To be able to adapt to any kind of situation as crazy as it might be (1v7 AI) and to think about new strategies. I like tournament 1v1 StarCraft, but it is kinda formulaic and static in that regard. I prefer something fresh like this where you have to play completely differently and pioneer new build :) Congrats on the win.

    • Soulfire525
      Soulfire525 2 months ago

      I'd be interested to see how a 1v1 format with 6 other AIs would play out. Of course, to put together a bracket, you would need a lot more people willing to try--and good enough to beat--this kind of challenge.

  • Immaru Damu
    Immaru Damu 2 months ago +107

    The fact that you actually achieved this speaks volumes on how big brained you are and how dedicated you can be when you mak eyour mind up! Congrats man! I hope PiG gives you that $100 haha

  • Austin French
    Austin French 2 months ago +195

    Breaking World RECORDS! in Starcraft II 2022! ggwp Marc. Incredible control, knowledge and skill displayed throughout. Thank you for sharing with us!

  • Insanemonkey EDF
    Insanemonkey EDF 2 months ago +26

    This was entirely nice to watch.
    I can only imagine the suffering it took to get to this point where 71 attempts finally gets success.

    • Anthony Barnes
      Anthony Barnes Month ago

      I don't mean to take away from what he did at all but 71 attempts is not that bad. he said that his highest attempts were 22 minutes but to be generous I'll say each attempt was 20 minutes. That's only about 23 hours, which is a lot, but many speedrunners grind for hundreds or thousands of hours to break world records.

    • TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM@General_McBadass
      TEXT ME ON TELEGRAM@General_McBadass 2 months ago

      Congrats 👍 kindly message me above you won a prize 🔝

  • Laozy Days
    Laozy Days 2 months ago +1

    The memories with the game. I never understood how they amassed armies instantly. Now I see. Nice work and I know the feel when you're finally beat a threshold. Congrats.

  • eSSentialplays
    eSSentialplays 2 months ago +55

    Absolutely amazing game! As a fellow challenge player in the games I play/stream, I love seeing the perseverance and persistence on display. I think your community would love to see you attempt the same settings versus Terran and then Protoss. Then perhaps, if you're not completely burned-out from this challenge, the same settings but all random. Congratulations uThermal on an amazing challenge victory! Can we confirm this is a World First!?

    • Serious casual Gamer
      Serious casual Gamer 2 months ago +5

      I think in this fashion, it is a world first, as far as I know.
      Considering PiG got a few pros together to attempt this not so long ago, saying nobody ever managed to do it, I think it's fair to say it is a world first

  • Keegan Harrisom
    Keegan Harrisom 2 months ago +20

    this feels like one of the final missions from starcraft 1 as terran with the insane amount of stuff thrown at you

  • Jonatan Normark
    Jonatan Normark 2 months ago +16

    What freaks me out is that even if the Ai have 20000:- minerals left and no gas they make max 20 lings to attack with and when they die they make 20 more. The bug with the liberator is also a known fact especially vs Zerg but even Toss struggles with it, the only race that can deal with it prorperly is the Terran dominion.

  • Michael Gibson
    Michael Gibson 2 months ago +25

    You single handedly keep me into StarCraft

  • Party4Keeps
    Party4Keeps 2 months ago

    Wow, amazing. It must feel good to have so much control in Starcraft. I don't play often but I enjoy watching matches. When I play I'm flustered the entire time lol.

  • Jonathan Taylor
    Jonathan Taylor 2 months ago +3

    In a extreme efficiency situation like this wouldn't it make the most sense to 'hat' all your supply depots? It seems to me that a hat (if not destroyed) is like giving you 100 minerals. Also, I think mules usually dont finish their last mining trip so I think they cost you 35 minerals each if you dont micro manage and stop them before they do that.

  • Contriteone
    Contriteone 2 months ago +4

    You are a mad man! Your attention to detail and the ability to instantly recall those details in specificity is so impressive to me. You remember practically every engagement at every stage of the game and your mindset throughout. How does it not blur together!?! How long after winning did you come back to add the commentary? I doubt hardly any of us, if any, could recall with this level of clarity for even a 15 minute ladder game.

    • uThermal
      uThermal  2 months ago +4

      I think I did the commentary about 4-5hours after :P

  • Alex N
    Alex N 2 months ago +12

    Amazing video, well done! Also wanted to say, feel free to make videos on "older" challenges that may have been beaten by others already, the way you tackle them and your commentary makes it worthwhile, and hopefully wont require 71 freaking attempts!

  • ScittyScat
    ScittyScat Month ago

    The smile at the end gives me life. Great run!

  • Youtube Manager
    Youtube Manager 2 months ago +1

    I can totally relate to that feeling at the end. I'm no pro player, but I love to do co-op challenges. One of them was a solo of 10 mutators (which in total amounted to a brutal +11 or so) - it included speedy propagators with barrier, avenger, life leech, and double edge (just to name a few) on rifts. The challenge has been completed before with zagara, swann, tychus and Raynor, but I was the first (and only one that I know of) completing it with Abathur. It took me 96 tries and at the end I couldn't believe I'm winning.

  • Chaotic Matrix
    Chaotic Matrix 2 months ago

    I would TOTALLY love to see you have challenges with other races. Especially Protoss.

  • Blair Fredrickson
    Blair Fredrickson 2 months ago +1

    Wow. I watch your challenges to GM and this is the first i've seen anything like this. 71 attempts and the current pros couldn't do it? This was fascinating to watch. You know so much about what they do. your voice over is great to explain why you're doing what you're doing. I don't blame you for not live commentating and it doesn't take anything away. This was insane and a great watch. Mark, you rock

  • mendoanz
    mendoanz Month ago

    So much fun watching you explain the AI mechanic & your counter strategy....and the most importantly is how you execute everything inside your mind....I never get bored for watching your video

  • Lawrence Fishbourne
    Lawrence Fishbourne 2 days ago

    I imagine supply drops would be quite useful in this situation as well. As they generate free resources instead of mules mining your resources faster and this is a battle of who lasts longer.

  • OsOk Mega-S
    OsOk Mega-S 2 months ago +1

    JUST INSANE uThermal i am a silenced watcher of your videos in Germany and i most say SOOOOO CRAZY to see this holds. its also so Stastifining to see all that siegetanks destroying the ultras.
    it makes me so proud of you gj man.
    Love to see more challenges maybe Viking Marine to Grandmaster or so ! ;D

  • Commander Riker
    Commander Riker 2 months ago

    First video I've watched of your channel; very cool! I know the feeling of beating the AI on those hard campaign/custom missions. Great job! Reminded me of GiantGrantGames (compliment).

  • DirtList+
    DirtList+ 2 months ago +3

    That was really exciting! That chokepoint slaughter was epic!

  • Atrocious Nightmare
    Atrocious Nightmare 2 months ago

    Absolutely insane. That was amazing to watch. Great commentary too. Please try all the other combinations! (only if it's fun for you; this shouldn't become torture haha)

  • Telorchid
    Telorchid 2 months ago

    I enjoyed this a lot and wouldn’t mind seeing these type of challenges from time to time. Generally I prefer watching the 1v1 ladder challenges vs human opponents.

  • chemonized
    chemonized 2 months ago

    I love your videos uthermal, it is always really entertaining :D

  • Austin Vitelli
    Austin Vitelli 2 months ago

    Congrats!! AI challenges are pretty much the only things I play myself in SC2, so I love seeing videos like these. Would definitely like to see you try it against the other races.

    EDV FYA 2 months ago +1

    Wow, you're impressive man, this was pretty cool to watch. Maybe doing commentary over the match replay instead could've made this video even better, lots of good info for commentary is missing without the replay features.

  • Wedge Antilles
    Wedge Antilles 2 months ago

    Amazing how long you kept at it until you managed it at last - congratulation!
    It's just a small thing, but at least it earned you a subscribe from my part :)

  • James
    James 2 months ago

    I was SUPER excited to see this pop up and very impressive achievement. enjoyed it a lot

  • Kit Kup
    Kit Kup 2 months ago

    I would love to see someone manage to do this playing as Zerg or Protoss, Terran is well known for being super strong for defence because Tanks

  • MrAngelBites
    MrAngelBites 2 months ago

    i defiantly want more of these types of videos. Ai challenges are my bread and butter

  • Miguel Mondragón
    Miguel Mondragón 2 months ago +8

    Congrats on the world record Man! I really enjoyed this challenge, as I'm sure all of us did. And hell, of course I'd like to see you try against other races and also against random. But no pressures, its just for fun ;)

  • Gennaro Liguori
    Gennaro Liguori 2 months ago

    This is fantastic Marc! Congratulations on this huge success! You are a legend! Stay awesome bro 😎👍

  • leatherjacket9
    leatherjacket9 2 months ago

    Loved it! Great achievement!

  • Ty R
    Ty R 2 months ago

    I would love to see how to complete this A.I challenge with all races! lol

  • jamescolbert1
    jamescolbert1 2 months ago

    Awesome gameplay, awesome voice-over commentary and awesome job. I'll subscribe for more of this content!

  • Xayad SC
    Xayad SC 2 months ago +5

    Well done ! I'm very impressed you managed to do that against AIs using any builds

  • Jack McLane
    Jack McLane 2 months ago

    This was hilarious... please go on with this. Random might also be possible, but pure P and T might be too much.

  • Mark Murdock
    Mark Murdock 2 months ago

    Congrats man that was amazing, thanks for sharing

  • Ant Evans
    Ant Evans 2 months ago

    I respect the intense focus you carry through this whole thing brother
    great job!

  • HypedHydra
    HypedHydra 2 months ago +1

    very fun video to watch, you are very adept at explaining and engaging the audience with your commentary :)

  • Devin Fleenor
    Devin Fleenor 2 months ago

    also thanks for the content. great stuff, love your work even tho I don't play SC2. Used to watch it competitively years ago.

  • Swarm
    Swarm 2 months ago +2

    Literally clicking this video out of order, (I'm several behind) JUST BECAUSE OF THE TITLE. Congrats for this achievement as well as 30k. You're my favorite Starcrafter to ever do it 🤩

  • Ben Cheevers
    Ben Cheevers 2 months ago +11

    Very well done Thermy, you killed it, I'd like to see more of these because this was very fun to watch however don't kill yourself on it especially if it isn't possible. This was very well done. It might be like speedrunning now that the dam has burst and people know it's possible there might be optimization and a lot more success and strategy improvements but I think your strategy improvements have been massive

  • ciCCapROSTi
    ciCCapROSTi 2 months ago

    Yes, I would definitely be interested in you doing this with Zerg.

  • Louis Trinh
    Louis Trinh 2 months ago +1

    Hi Marc, great attempt. Can you make youtube short of all the kill from the Lib with 250+ kills? Would be really fun to see.

  • jamez0r
    jamez0r 2 months ago

    really cool and impressive - would definitely watch vs other races, or you playing another race!

  • Phil Sheppard
    Phil Sheppard 2 months ago

    Wow, congratulations on the world record! 71 attempts, you deserved it.

  • Stanimir Petev
    Stanimir Petev 2 months ago

    Holy hell!
    That's amazing! I can't even defeat on Cheater 3 AI :D
    Well done, bro!

  • Štefan Gabura
    Štefan Gabura 2 months ago

    Great stuff. Congratulations! I dont want to curse you but I would want to try winning this as a zerg

  • DiMono
    DiMono 2 months ago

    This was amazing to watch. Thank you for sharing it with us.

  • Adam Diaz
    Adam Diaz 2 months ago

    Keep the content coming!! Good stuff!!

  • HeroldAndrastes
    HeroldAndrastes 2 months ago

    Idea to beat the other races: in the lategame when they stop attacking you could build 1-3 bcs and try to yamato one thing after another until you feel safe to move out

  • Steven Duarte
    Steven Duarte 2 months ago

    UT hermal you make starcraft the secondary, I am watching for making the experience such a damn colorfully described entertaining experience

  • CoyRex1
    CoyRex1 2 months ago +1

    Incredible job! This kinda reminds me of the last and third last mission from brood war. Except you're terran not zerg, but just you vs tons of AI throwing huge armies against you.

  • Robert G
    Robert G 2 months ago +1

    Always enjoy your videos but really loved this one. Brings me back to the old Starcraft days where I would try and beat 5 AI's on Diablo map.

  • Scott F
    Scott F 2 months ago

    Dude!! You just totally performed a "What If" question! "What if someone could actually pull this off?" That was freaking amazing!

  • Alexander Sannikov
    Alexander Sannikov 2 months ago +6

    one thing that i realized why i like your challenges is that when you focus on 1-2 units only, it becomes much easier to understand their strengths and weaknesses. starcraft looks like an overwhelmingly complex game when there's so many options to follow, but when you're limited to just one tool, it's much easier to grasp why it's good and when it's bad.

    • Alexander Sannikov
      Alexander Sannikov Month ago

      @Colton Mullis except that campaign units are dramatically different mechanically from the units in pvp. actually the hardest part for me was transitioning from after finishing the campaign to pvp. many units are not even present in the campaign at all (firebats, ravagers, etc) and many units function dramatically differently (lurkers, banelings, etc). pvp units obviously don't have campaign mechanical upgrades.

    • Colton Mullis
      Colton Mullis Month ago

      I think thats where the campaign succeeds in explaining what the different units do. some missions you have to use air some you have to use ground. it explores defensive missions and offensive missions

  • Pat Vee
    Pat Vee 2 months ago +1

    Your content is absolutely top notch! Pretty much every day look forward to it! Amazing! Thanks so much, this was incredible, on the edge of my chair! Cheers! Can't wait for WM2GM!

  • François E.
    François E. 2 months ago

    Thanks a loooot for the effort, that's an insane game, so fun to see :D

  • John Lee
    John Lee 2 months ago

    this was extremely entertaining, thank you Mark !!

  • Lucius Winius
    Lucius Winius 2 months ago

    Damn would love seeing him micromanage in BFME2
    Absolutely amazing how he does it

  • Sébastien Lamy
    Sébastien Lamy 2 months ago

    Wow this is insane!! Crazy it took 71 tries, that's called dedication! Amazing!

  • Fusilier
    Fusilier 2 months ago +1

    Was in the middle of writing a comment asking you to post your attempts at this, only to realize you had like eleven hours ago. Congratulations, Thermy! A massive accomplishment, but if it was going to be anyone crushing an absurd SC2 challenge in this environment, you were a top contender and everyone knew it.

  • Ether C
    Ether C 2 months ago

    Back in the day, there was some games in local wher my buddies and were were fighting endless swarm zerg IA, only struggling behind our defensives lines. Loveable nostalgia

  • Vlad Gaedel
    Vlad Gaedel 2 months ago

    these explanations where really nice to hear and thrilling even for a non-starcraft player

  • XeruEXE
    XeruEXE 2 months ago +98

    Good grief. After fighting 5 AI in Brood War, I can literally feel the tension in those first 20 minutes or so. "Please let the CC hold, please let the CC hold."
    Kudos and well-deserved congratulations on the record. Definitely a Good Game and Well-Played.

    • MahliZ
      MahliZ 2 months ago

      @Zach Jones I remember doing PvsT, and rush dts, you could send out like 2 before they attack, and after that it became a shit show :D But yeah fun times, 20 years ago or so when I could macro

    • Zach Jones
      Zach Jones 2 months ago

      @Draelyn I agree to a point... However it was more than once.. with that being said they still follow the same behavior almost as if they are still using the same AI... They run at you hard until they have no minerals left and then they keep around just enough supply to make them feel like they can defend that combined with the random static defense... I would say it's only different in sc2 because they have 50%more minerals and mine faster with more options at strategy as well as in that certain setting they are not constrained in the sense they have to act like a human like brood war attempts

    • Draelyn
      Draelyn 2 months ago

      @Zach Jones AI in BW was dumb though, it would come at you early and hard and once you survive that, the AI just gives up. I say "once you survive that" like its easy though lol

    • Zach Jones
      Zach Jones 2 months ago +4

      Good ol brood war flashbacks.... 1v7 easiest was always terran vs all zerg.... Then terran vs all random then protoss vs all zerg.... and then protoss vs all random and zerg vs anything I have yet to complete.....
      I would say they all follow the same guidelines tho and I believe serral is only half right when he says it's impossible due to the fact that the only survivability he has when it comes to repair take way to much attention to complete and is not able to auto cast.... Which is what makes terran the easiest them sneaky snake Bois

  • DaKilaaa
    DaKilaaa 2 months ago

    That was awesome dude! Very well done and keep on the great content!

  • M H
    M H 2 months ago +18

    Awesome Video. Congratulations. Well done. :)
    38:00 Sometime depending on build, some AI won't surrender while they have defensive structures (turrets etc.) and enough money to make a drone.

  • queso fresco
    queso fresco 2 months ago

    Amaaaazing!!!! I really love it and it will be awesome to see more of these challenges!

  • Andrew Johnson
    Andrew Johnson 2 months ago

    Congrats, I loved every minute of suspense.

  • Robinson Huso
    Robinson Huso 2 months ago

    As always really impressive stuff !!
    a death compilation for this challenge would be awesome!

  • Rob Bob
    Rob Bob 2 months ago

    This was awesome! Well done bud

  • Vinit Agnihotri
    Vinit Agnihotri 2 months ago

    congratulations :) This was seriously insane. No words to describe joy you must be feeling.
    Just a question though, would it have help if you had placed bunkers on edges, just in front of tanks?
    How about you going protoss vs 7 zergs? I am visualizing Colossus disruptor combo incinerating countless zerg waves

    • Anthony Barnes
      Anthony Barnes Month ago +1

      highly doubt a bunker is going to be better than just having another siege tank

  • mew , ,
    mew , , 2 months ago +3

    when i used to play sc broodwar with my uncle we used to do 2v7 ai - absurdly easy by comparison obviously - and that always felt so great when we actually did it. this reminded me of that alot and was a great nostalgia trip

  • FeldyFoodstamp
    FeldyFoodstamp 2 months ago

    So sick thermy! Well played. SC2 community loves you

  • Okami 6ix
    Okami 6ix 2 months ago +20

    Brother I've been watching your videos every single day ever since a few weeks ago when the algorithm hooked me up and put your videos on my feed. Love the content. I don't even play starcraft anymore just watch it occasionally and I'm having tons of fun watching your stuff.

  • Michael Leone
    Michael Leone 2 months ago

    Great job!!! Really enjoyed watching that whole video and the commentary! Thanks uThermal!

  • Paul Luxton
    Paul Luxton 2 months ago

    Amazing game. So close, that beginning was almost on the wire close.
    3 things I noticed:
    1) You didn't build turrets further out as you pushed out into the map behind your unit line so you can leapfrog your air units while having protection for your ground units. Was that on purpose?
    2) Did you take an army of spare SCV's for the repairs of your units in the field?
    3) Could you make a single Ghost for the nukes? That's a good way to soften up large armies, defend from a direction with random drops, and take out base defenses. Was it too expensive or did the A.I. response make it impossible?
    Looks like insane fun. Well done! 💯

  • AtomWarlock
    AtomWarlock 3 days ago

    I’d like to see a arcade part of your channel. I think it would be really interesting to see a pro play some tug of wars and other fun games.

  • messiethehamster
    messiethehamster 2 months ago

    CC first was really succesfull in the GSL Group B. I would really like to see a terran school on that.

  • Johnny Tightlips
    Johnny Tightlips 2 months ago

    I don't even play SC2 but this was great to watch and a fantastic achievement, well done!

  • Stevenape
    Stevenape 2 months ago

    I loved it, thanks! This was super fun and impressive. Well done! Wow :)

  • StrangeMuzik
    StrangeMuzik 2 months ago

    Like you said in the video, Id like to see you do this as zerg or prot next. Great job by the way brother.

  • Dmitrii S. (Slimper)
    Dmitrii S. (Slimper) 2 months ago +1

    Do a few insane campaign episodes! Will be fun to watch lol

  • VoldTV
    VoldTV 2 months ago

    Amazing challenge ! Congrats !
    Now I'm kinda sad to see I can barely hold up against a very hard bot despite trying to achieve 100APM and have a good build order x)

  • SpiderHack
    SpiderHack 2 months ago

    I'm very interested in things like this. I'd love more beginner level topics too. Particularly in prep for other RTSs (that shall go un-named: Frost Gia...Inside and Out... ;)

  • Jester
    Jester 2 months ago +1

    You're insane thermy holy sh*t.. What a bloodbath.
    Congrats at proving all the doubters wrong ;D
    You, Sir, are definitly one of the giants!
    Thank you so much!

  • Kovas M.
    Kovas M. 2 months ago

    I don't usually comment on your videos but I felt like I just had to let you know that this is freaking amazing. Congratulations for achieving this, mr. world record holder man

  • Squirrel Lord's Gaming
    Squirrel Lord's Gaming 2 months ago +1

    So, you had a lore accurate battle ageist the Zerg and won, nice!

  • Adam Didier
    Adam Didier 2 months ago

    I find these challenges really get a person scheming.
    I really wonder, could you have baited them in with mule drops, landing them like breadcrumbs to the slaughter?