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NLE Choppa | Funk Flex |

  • Published on Jan 25, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    First time up there I had the jitters and butterflies in the stomach but being uncomfortable doing something only means it’s room for growth. Appreciate the opportunity flex 💜

  • DomisLive NEWS

    You have to respect NLE Choppa for actually rapping 🔥🔥🔥 trust me a lot of the new generation have been scared to rap for Flex

  • Timeline
    Timeline  +238

    I didn't think he could do old school beats, clearly I was wrong LOL

  • Franco Q
    Franco Q  +82

    I’m not really a fan of NLE, but the fact that he didn’t shy away from a CLASSIC beat shows he’s determined to keep improving. Respect.

  • Edley Shine

    The fact that he rocked out and didn't shy away from a beat that not his comfort zone earns my respect! Y'all Loser can learn something from the Young man he will grow and continue to be successful!!!!!

  • Marc Vinyls

    nothing but respect for NLE going up on flex and spitting straight bars. much love

  • Polo Jones

    He did better than I would've expected and it was a legit freestyle... U did well my guy

  • PLR 88
    PLR 88  +19

    If NLE continues to elevate his lyrical ability and pen he can definitely bring something different to the game. Within the next 5 years he could go back on Flex on a different level. 👍🏾

  • Whoods
    Whoods  +349

    FreeStyles Show True Talent, And He Defo Deserves the Fame! 🙏🏼🔥

  • Wauconda X
    Wauconda X  +673

    “Flip flops when I fight the only time I’m slipping”😂 when he fought that fan in slides

  • Tysonn Skotarczak

    Always bringing the fire never ever disappoints the album finna be too fire can’t wait for it💜🐐🍇

  • Khaleid
    Khaleid  +63

    I absolutely respect it. A man who knows his hip hop. Don't gotta go out there doing anything dumb, just put a verse out.

  • Dwayne Carter

    Crazy respect for Choppa, it takes a lot to do that. He can really do it all. He's gone keep growing.

  • King Zig
    King Zig  +386

    Don’t say nun about this being written cuz that was a lot of bars and he ain’t stop. NLE heard the beat and snapped on it even tho a lot of rappers would have said next beat! 🔥

  • ceooffa1
    ceooffa1  +39

    This young man is brilliant. Salute for supporting battle rap too!

  • Dreemoxx
    Dreemoxx  +20

    This man so ahead of his time. Dope writer, flow raw af 🔥

  • Tiki
    Tiki  +24

    he started off rough but picked up his error and went hard af

  • Brandi WEST

    I'm a mother of 3 and my 11yr old keeps me up to date on NLE every single day!! No matter if its 3am or 4pm.. So now I cant help but watch anything about NLE so when my son comes to me I can act cool!!

  • Vidal Hunter

    He did okay I don't know why people criticize this young man so much .... He still is very young in his craft .....

  • Darius Boykin

    Mad respect a young talented artist doin what we all dream of but coming up and spittin for flex is monumental and having butterflies is totally understandable it’s only up from here