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Tears of the Kingdom : Master Quest

  • Published on May 26, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • new video from video donkey (source of the left hoof)
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  • Wes Releases
    Wes Releases 4 months ago +14202

    I love how the video completely changes once Dunkey discovers the bell challenge

    • Shaun Calton
      Shaun Calton 4 months ago +68

      Was looking for this comment and it didn't take long to find.

    • Volyren
      Volyren 4 months ago +432

      Thats why its a terrible Zelda game.
      It *is* a kickass game, just a bad Zelda one.
      As soon as you meet Purah, you say "Zelda who?"
      As soon as you roast your first korok with a spanking machine made from boat oars, you forget Purah.
      Master sword?
      Nah. Weiner-Gundam that cooms fire from the sky.
      It could be a Spongebob game, and nothing would change. Just gotta figure out who goes in the one caked up cutscene. Sandy or Mr. Crabs.

    • ʇןoʌɐbıb uoɔıqnɹ
      ʇןoʌɐbıb uoɔıqnɹ 4 months ago +59

      ​@Volyren in ur professional opinion, which zelda is the most kickass zelda

    • Maxippo
      Maxippo 4 months ago +92

      ​@Volyren well maybe they actually wanted to do something different, if you don't like it play the other zeldas you claim tone better than totk

    • Volyren
      Volyren 4 months ago +214

      @ʇןoʌɐbıb uoɔıqnɹ the original was about saving a princess from a pig-dude and genociding land-octopussesses.
      The further out you go, the more distant the concept. I think wind waker was about the limit of deviation from the formula. Not saying that Zelda has had many bad games, just not any recent 'zelda' games.
      To give an analogy... Gordon Ramsey comes to your house, goes into your kitchen, organizes your spices, helps your kid with homework, gives your dog a nail clipping, waxes your floor, does your taxes, then orders you McDonalds from uber eats before leaving.
      You wouldn't complain at all. You appreciated all of that. But he didn't cook or call you a doughnut.

  • cnmmd qiuoo
    cnmmd qiuoo 4 months ago +2872

    I can't believe just playing the main theme has become it's own punchline, it's so effective it makes me giggle every time

    • Jordan McClendon
      Jordan McClendon 4 months ago +67

      Right? It shouldnt be this funny lol

    • Eric Bowling
      Eric Bowling 4 months ago +79

      I might be very baked but I was almost in tears laughing at the bell challenge

    • Moonflush
      Moonflush 4 months ago +14

      Bot comment, btw, likely copypasted

    • Tan
      Tan 3 months ago +16

      Yes!! The bombastic triumphant peak of the music elevates anything it’s put over 😂

    • Jahdisrad
      Jahdisrad 3 months ago +10

      Bruh it’s a bot😭

  • Mk V2
    Mk V2 4 months ago +4866

    love how literally everyone’s most used items are brightbulb seed, fire fruit, and bomb flowers, in that order 😂

    • David Rossington
      David Rossington 4 months ago +321

      I use bombs more than fire fruit but yeah the top 3 is still those three

    • Frost
      Frost 4 months ago +93

      @David Rossington Literally in every gameplay video hahaha mine bombs are second too

    • Caleb Ecker
      Caleb Ecker 4 months ago +80

      Muddle blood, fire fruit, bomb flowers for me. Why fight at all starting at low level when the enemies can just kill each other?

    • Krad
      Krad 4 months ago +40

      I mean…the depths are rough and there is ALOT of mining…

    • Cotton Mather
      Cotton Mather 4 months ago +24

      Muddle buds are also up there. Makes groups of mobs just clear themselves 😂

  • Manacra
    Manacra 4 months ago +2085

    Dunkey finally using the recall ability to recover his machines is one of the greatest redemption arcs to date.

    • Thomas Alsop
      Thomas Alsop 4 months ago +7

      Darude - Sandstorm

    • Nate
      Nate Month ago +1

      Better than red dead redemption

  • FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle
    FiddleRiddle DiddleDiddle 4 months ago +2743

    By the end of this Dunkey will have two PHDs in engineering and a master's degree in literature.

    • PixelLord23
      PixelLord23 4 months ago +15

      Not to mention a masters in marketing.

    • Joey Skar
      Joey Skar 4 months ago +5

      He'll be the first to get a master's degree for getting master's degrees.

    • FraterMetal
      FraterMetal 4 months ago +5

      His essay on flames making it impossible to go further will get an A+

    • David Acero
      David Acero 4 months ago +2

      You assume he doesn't already have those. Man is a genius

    • Ctr1A1tDe1Eat
      Ctr1A1tDe1Eat 4 months ago +3

      He already has a PhD in Spaghetti and Meatballs

  • ciri L
    ciri L 4 months ago +992

    10+ heart with 1 circle of stamina. That’s so crazy

    • friedmilk
      friedmilk 4 months ago +267

      Along with 8 complete zonai batteries and silver enemies 💀

    • nocandy33
      nocandy33 4 months ago +43

      @friedmilk priorities lol

    • Joniel Giancarlo
      Joniel Giancarlo 3 months ago +38

      i just get the 3 circles of stamina with only 4 hearts and just because the 4th heart is mandatory

    • Jersy Espinosa Pérez
      Jersy Espinosa Pérez 3 months ago +7

      @Joniel Giancarlo same, if you need hearts then it's a skill issue

    • Beanbag Man
      Beanbag Man 3 months ago +15

      ​@Jersy Espinosa Pérez not me with two stamina wheels and twenty eight hearts

  • Tilly
    Tilly 4 months ago +22272

    You know a game’s good when dunkey makes 2 videos on it

    • Natsuki Kat!
      Natsuki Kat! 4 months ago +618

      And the second one is 13 mins, that's pretty long as well

    • Naim Hrustanovic
      Naim Hrustanovic 4 months ago +102

      Was thinking this as I clicked.

    • DSean Pourier
      DSean Pourier 4 months ago +284

      The first strand type got also got 2 videos

    • Jerry Tsang
      Jerry Tsang 4 months ago +49

      how abt ow2

    • Space
      Space 4 months ago +19

      In a row also lol

  • Jeremy Carter
    Jeremy Carter 4 months ago +760

    When I got to my fourth “Demon King? Secret Stone?” I thought to myself: man, dunkey is gonna edit this in the funniest way possible. And you did not disappoint

    • AD14
      AD14 2 months ago +18

      I always look forward to the “Psycho Mantis?” 😂

  • Brian Ramirez
    Brian Ramirez 4 months ago +278

    This game really makes you feel like you're tearing up in the kingdom.

    • Servant of the King
      Servant of the King Month ago +2

      No joke. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears... I'm gettin' dehydrated from all this cryin'.

    XYPHOX DEMON BLADESKULL 4 months ago +585

    Dunkey has a knack for being able to show you the biggest draws and downsides of a videogame with just a dozen minutes or less of your time without having read a script directly at the viewer. He's just gotta show you a number of clips from his play session and you just know whether a game is great or not. Truly a special videogame content creator

    • jaylin webb
      jaylin webb 4 months ago +15

      This maybe the only game that actually looks really cool broken 😂

    • Fork 3
      Fork 3 4 months ago +128

      Dunkey has a WHAT?!?!?

    • Biggy Fishy
      Biggy Fishy 4 months ago +120


    • SaturnX29
      SaturnX29 4 months ago +38

      ​@jaylin webb the building and physics engines are so well crafted that it almost feels like it's "meant" to be broken. The devs definitely knew what they were doing and that's why the game is made this way.

    • Erwin Jarus
      Erwin Jarus 4 months ago +21


  • Checkers the Fool
    Checkers the Fool 4 months ago +343

    "YOU RUINED MY WHOLE LIFE" killed me, it just sounded so genuine.

  • GamingMonkey
    GamingMonkey 4 months ago +331

    2:23 I laughed way too hard on this, the big fat bokoblin just being launched into the air, as dunkey says “good luck” and that music and of course the scream

  • AbsoluteZeroChill
    AbsoluteZeroChill 4 months ago +255

    12:00 Dunkey doesn't make jokes with editing very often, and makes sense cuz his commentary is gold.
    But this little part was incredible.

    • toaster2²
      toaster2² 4 months ago +55

      wait i just noticed😭i thought that mushroom really gave him 147 points lmao

    • AbsoluteZeroChill
      AbsoluteZeroChill 4 months ago +10

      @toaster2² I wish lol

    • xanderdom
      xanderdom 3 months ago +18

      Genuinely cried tears laughing, the build up to a mushroom was pure comedy lmfao

    • Swamp Expert Extraordinaire
      Swamp Expert Extraordinaire 2 months ago +2

      "Dunkey doesn't make jokes with editing very often" yes he does

  • Corey Becker
    Corey Becker 4 months ago +201

    I love how we all collectively got frustrated from the bell challenge and decided that the best strategy is a rock with ten rockets on it

    • Jason Crispell
      Jason Crispell 3 months ago +17

      I thought the object was to hit the target on the ground hard enough to ring the bell... I did not make it very far.

    • Samuel
      Samuel 3 months ago +1

      Dunno man i catapulted a small rock into the bell and got 167 first try. All your guys solutions are so complicated xD

    • Marcel Lara
      Marcel Lara 3 months ago +1

      I mean, if it works it works

    • quote
      quote 2 months ago +1

      I built this huge tower to try and drop a boulder on it from the top, and when that failed horribly I realized the stabilizer made half the tower become unglued and launch upwards so I just used that instead

    • Legion
      Legion 2 months ago

      ​@quoteMe just plunging attack from height limit

  • Descendant of Kraff
    Descendant of Kraff 4 months ago +250

    It's a miracle a game this good exists

    • Timmy P
      Timmy P 4 months ago +10

      Yeah okay. Jesus christ. The bar... lowered for you kids thats all this is.

    • nikko.tyh
      nikko.tyh 4 months ago +96

      @Timmy P okay timmy

    • Timmy P
      Timmy P 4 months ago +5

      @nikko.tyh You people are so weird. You cjed the same few topics about BotW over and over again for 6 years, now you are gonna lie to yourself that you want this over traditional style Zelda, aka Zelda.
      These games are so lazy, and cash ins for Nintendo.

    • Milk Toast
      Milk Toast 4 months ago +58

      @Timmy P if you’re gonna make a claim at least argue it well.

    • Timmy P
      Timmy P 4 months ago +7

      @Milk Toast Okay easy. The first one of these was a game stopped midway through development due to the demise of the system it was being developed for (which was midway through the game), and then what was left was made into a game. The original game, called Zelda U was shown in 2013-14 in a complete looking state, with a magic meter. Thats because that magic meter was there for most of the development of the original "version." My guess is it was originally a traditional style Zelda, and I feel there are many things that point to this very blatantly.
      This game, continues that "style" of game. A "style" derived from an incomplete vision of a game. Nintendo was not prepared for the mass of in-denial, brainwashed people, in addition to the influx of children who had no previous "bar" or experience regarding the series, and like a bunch of lemmings they praised it as the "greatest of all time" without experiencing what the series will go back to being (mark my words). I'm sure its a better game, a bigger sandbox with physics to experiment with... but its not for me, and no game, ever, has made me feel the way I felt when I finished the first part. It was not a good feeling, more of a reminder that I am done. Haven't touched the game since and I had it weeks early.
      PS: Same UI sounds, same graphics SIX years later... name another one.

  • Chanc White
    Chanc White 4 months ago +175

    I just love how much fun he's having, you really hear it in his voice

  • Codex
    Codex 4 months ago +227

    Dunkey seriously played this game, and then came back and was like "Look at all the things I've learned"

  • allStar
    allStar 4 months ago +5652

    Tears of the Kingdom is so good. Thank you so much for making it, dunkey

    • Anak Yang Budiman
      Anak Yang Budiman 4 months ago +223

      I'm so glad Dunkey invented Nintendo 40 years ago

    • Dap7
      Dap7 4 months ago +87

      If he didn’t invent video games where would we be now

    • Cisco
      Cisco 4 months ago +26

      There's absolutely no way 32 npcs liked this generic ass comment in under a minute lol

    • Bonbon
      Bonbon 4 months ago +27

      What would we do without hideo game dunkey

    • allStar
      allStar 4 months ago +29

      @Cisco for real I literally just typed the first remotely funny thing I thought

  • llamacanoe
    llamacanoe 3 months ago +70

    2:28 He actually tried the "Jump in a crashing elevator at the last second" trick, and it worked.

  • kaxmerg
    kaxmerg 4 months ago +106

    i knew the “psycho mantis” was coming and i still laughed out loud

  • Assel Passtell
    Assel Passtell 4 months ago +126

    I nearly choked on my dinner from the part at 11:17 peak physical comedy there.

    • p
      p 3 months ago +6

      Are you ok

    • Assel Passtell
      Assel Passtell 3 months ago +12

      @p Yes, I successfully defeated my dinner thank you.

    • Scorch
      Scorch 2 months ago +7

      @Assel Passtelloddly wholesome lol

  • ChrisMorray
    ChrisMorray 3 months ago +33

    The best part of these videos is that I can never tell if they're live reactions or narrated afterwards and at this point I choose to believe it's bits of both.

    • K Jensen
      K Jensen 3 months ago +2

      I'm fairly certain it's all edited in afterward.

    • PapaPls
      PapaPls 2 months ago +2

      You can tell if it's a live reaction because the mic sounds different

  • Pixel
    Pixel 4 months ago +77

    I love how the minute he gets to the bell part, you know he's gonna spend the rest of the video on it. classic dunk, great vid

  • ImJustDBNO _
    ImJustDBNO _ 4 months ago +1830

    Dunkey hitting rocks into a bell for 5 minutes is truly the first strand type video

  • JoeyDacq
    JoeyDacq 4 months ago +64

    This better be a whole series, this is peak dunkey

  • Toppy
    Toppy 3 months ago +20

    The trombone playing louder and louder as you continuously fail to get a new record is the icing on the cale

  • Isaac's Clips
    Isaac's Clips 4 months ago +20

    The mega-ding potential of the mushroom cannot be understated. Pound for pound, atom for atom it is the most robust atomical composition required for maximum dingition. 10/10 best mushroom IGN ever produced.

  • Jonathan Ramirez
    Jonathan Ramirez 4 months ago +33

    this is probably the dunkey video that had me laughing the hardest. I couldn't stop laughing in the last half

  • Hiroshu
    Hiroshu 4 months ago +37

    5:05 killed me. First time I tried the Helibike I had the exact same encounter and reaction

    FLATS 4 months ago +4085

    This game really makes you feel like you spent 2 hours making an elaborate flying contraption to get a bundle of arrows

    • Philosophy_Bot
      Philosophy_Bot 4 months ago +38

      Beep bop... I'm the Philosophy Bot. Here, have a quote:
      "Experience is simply the name we give our mistakes"
      ~ Oscar Wilde

    • Job de Leeuw
      Job de Leeuw 4 months ago +33

      And it is worth it every time!

    • Artikle
      Artikle 4 months ago +27

      @Philosophy_Botbad bot

    • Ctr1A1tDe1Eat
      Ctr1A1tDe1Eat 4 months ago +19

      Hey, you should be thankful for those arrows! If you flew a homemade airplane to a hidden sky island in Elden Ring, you'd get [Mushroom]

    • Owen Tomkins
      Owen Tomkins 4 months ago +11

      @Ctr1A1tDe1Eat Everyone knows that it’s an Arteria Leaf. Did you even play Elden Ring?

  • MrDuckEatsBread
    MrDuckEatsBread 4 months ago +98

    Watching videos of TOTK makes me realise how I've barely been experimenting at all

  • shl1ngl
    shl1ngl 4 months ago +39

    i havent LOLd irl that much in a long time thanks dunkey. the megading scale part aboslutely killed me!

  • jongameaddict
    jongameaddict 4 months ago +9

    Anytime a game makes Dunkey say he's gonna return it multiple times, you know he loves it

  • Dullahan
    Dullahan 4 months ago +46

    The Lynel coliseum commentary made me laugh way too loud 😂 “There’s another one?!” God i wish i could see that live

    • Pengmaeda
      Pengmaeda 4 months ago +5

      Imagine his reaction when he finds out there are 2 silver lynels.

    • Florence
      Florence 3 months ago

      I only got past that part because I remembered I had 1 ancient blade left. Didn't bring enough sunny meals with me

  • Peetey Pooopmanter
    Peetey Pooopmanter 2 months ago +6

    In dunkeys dark souls 3 video he fails the plunging attack, and at 4:35 he actually does it. He made a joke that took 6 years to pay off that most people wouldn’t even notice was a payoff, what the actual hell.

  • JournalofJake
    JournalofJake 4 months ago +1809

    Okay but that shield surf Dodge into a bomb bounce into a melee combo was unironically the most fire shit I’ve ever seen

    • Clockwork
      Clockwork 4 months ago +18

      Can I get a time stamp? I must have zoned out.

    • ZRC
      ZRC 4 months ago +5

      @Clockwork 5:23

    • Justin
      Justin 4 months ago +65

      @Clockwork 3:02

    • Andyblarg
      Andyblarg 4 months ago +15

      @ZRC 3:02

    • Cotton Candy Sans
      Cotton Candy Sans 4 months ago +5


  • yokai_mochi
    yokai_mochi 3 months ago +6

    In the breath of the wild, dunkey demonstrated how creative you could be with the game mechanics. I'm glad he could do the same with this game

  • Mr. Books
    Mr. Books 4 months ago +10

    This video had me rolling. This was me playing that bell challenge. I built a fully functional pitching arm and spent like an hour putting stuff in the glove until it finally hit the bell.

  • DanWG
    DanWG 4 months ago +9

    I had that EXACT same reaction to the Lynel colosseum. After I beat the fourth one, with like 3 hearts unaffected by gloom, I thought "okay, that has to be it, no way they'll throw another one at me." Turns out 🤷‍♂️

  • Austin Setser
    Austin Setser 4 months ago +1621

    I knew the “psycho mantis?” was coming as soon as he played the first “demon king?” clip and it still killed me. Master of comedy, that Dunkey character

    • Retra
      Retra 4 months ago +5


    • ThePCguy17
      ThePCguy17 4 months ago +8

      To be honest, I was actually surprised it wasn't the next clip. Of course, then I saw that all three sages react pretty much exactly the same way and it started to make sense.

    • PaintedSteel
      PaintedSteel 4 months ago +2

      but dunkey real. Isn't he?

    • Gabriel Cleveland
      Gabriel Cleveland 4 months ago

      Same here!

    • Ike of Pyke
      Ike of Pyke 4 months ago

      ​@ThePCguy17make sense ?

  • Fractured Solace
    Fractured Solace 3 months ago +3

    I laughed so hard through this video! Thank you Dunkey!

  • Wolbald
    Wolbald 4 months ago

    Thank you so much for this amazing video Dunkey i love what you are doing !!

  • Lonah Telik
    Lonah Telik 21 day ago

    I've watched this vid 100 times. It helps me from dark places. Thanks dunko

  • James Lamb
    James Lamb 4 months ago +2

    You are absolutely treasure please keep making more. Your videos bring me joy when I am in deep sorrow.

  • r m
    r m 3 months ago +2

    an almost 13 minute zelda video from dunkey makes my heart so happy.

  • otterbeans
    otterbeans 4 months ago +2763

    Considering this game has basically infinite shenanigans potential, dunkey could probably keep making these videos from now until the end of time.

    • InShortSight :3
      InShortSight :3 4 months ago +63

      Dunkey turning back into a 1 gam channel. League of Links babee!

    • Kevin Sugia
      Kevin Sugia 4 months ago +4

      Considering I have self-respect, if he made many more videos circling a game that directly disrespected its fanbase and sold out its best concepts as soon as possible, I'd probably have to unsubscribe.

    • Summus Hieremias Clarkson
      Summus Hieremias Clarkson 4 months ago +75

      ​@Kevin Sugia How will he cope?

    • az zahar
      az zahar 4 months ago

      Or at least until the next zelda or mario galaxy game comes out

  • Jon Bear
    Jon Bear 4 months ago +2

    Since the video was nearly 13 min long I clicked expecting it to be a review video. Nope. It's 13 min of pure Dunkey Shenanigans. Amazing.
    I am continuously blown away by this game. It's a technical masterpiece considering its stable, has virtually zero glitches and just works on a friggin nintendo switch! Other game developers are scratching their heads wondering how on earth Nintendo pulled this off.
    And it's a gameplay masterpiece that has you constantly discovering new things from both exploration and experimentation. The sky's the limit with this game. I have no words to describe what an incredible achievement this game is.

  • Ryan Fortier
    Ryan Fortier 4 months ago +8

    Really makes you FEEL like a tear of the kingdom

  • A Frisky Gamer
    A Frisky Gamer 4 months ago +3

    This is glorious. Dunkey highlights make my day every time

  • RyanVoio
    RyanVoio Month ago

    I laughed way too hard at your inventions man, this is why I follow you with multiple accounts, can't miss your videos.

  • Vahlse
    Vahlse 4 months ago +2887

    I muttered 'psycho mantis' under my breath at least 3 times while playing totk. Thank you dunkey for the human experience

    • Immadeus
      Immadeus 4 months ago +50

      I didn't know Hideo Kojima wrote this game

    • Sablista
      Sablista 4 months ago +27

      "Psycho Mantis?"

    • h
      h 4 months ago +37

      2nd floor basement???

    • Sedatus
      Sedatus 4 months ago +27

      You’re that ninja…

    • Labib Rashid Inan
      Labib Rashid Inan 4 months ago +3

      Secret mantis?

  • ABearNamedBurnie
    ABearNamedBurnie 3 months ago +6

    We need a new installment of the "THIS is the most killdest guy ever" series in Zelda

  • BakedJoeyBlack
    BakedJoeyBlack 4 months ago

    Man you never seem to stop amazing me with your content brother top tier 😂🖤

  • agaveazulee
    agaveazulee 4 months ago +1

    Been a fan for years! Keep it up, wish you more success in the future. Great video

  • Jake Bugeja
    Jake Bugeja 3 months ago +2

    Dunkey never disappoints. Pure happiness

  • Wood
    Wood 4 months ago +3

    You've made me laugh so much, thanks dunkey

  • PRIX
    PRIX 4 months ago +781

    I would enjoy a 1 hour long video of dunkey doing this

  • TheBird Intern
    TheBird Intern 4 months ago +1

    This helped my mood improve today. Thank you as always, Dunky. You're the GOAT.

    • klawmachin
      klawmachin 4 months ago +1

      actually he’s the donkey

  • Juan Torres
    Juan Torres 4 months ago +4

    Finally... A game with accurate plunging attack mechanics

  • William Rehbock
    William Rehbock 3 months ago

    This legit happened to me. I spent an hour trying to get this and ended up just putting a barrel in the end of two logs, attached it to the spring and fixed it to the ground with the Zonai spine and scored a 168. After getting the Ruby I was so tilted 😆

  • Rafs on the roof
    Rafs on the roof 2 months ago

    You can tell when dunk is really having a good time

  • BK Films
    BK Films 4 months ago +764

    This game really makes you FEEL like Link graduated with an engineering degree since the last video.

  • Tali Noimann
    Tali Noimann 4 months ago +3

    this game is a true masterpiece

  • Deseret Gear
    Deseret Gear 3 months ago

    this made me laugh out loud so many times thanks dunkey

  • Skuty
    Skuty 4 months ago +2

    Dude spent 10 hours figuring out how to lunch that rock for a score of 20, and then just threw a mushroom for 147 😂

  • Abmeda
    Abmeda 4 months ago +3

    the mushroom at the end made me laugh so hard 😂😂😂😂

  • Matt Castro
    Matt Castro 3 months ago

    I haven't laughed this hard at someone playing a game in so long. Thanks man!!!

  • Superwhizz114
    Superwhizz114 4 months ago +12865

    I'm happy that GMod has finally been ported to Switch

    • ᵜ
       4 months ago +160

      Period after exclamation, genius. Edit: Was talking about a bot that got banned now I guess.

    • SCP-049
      SCP-049 4 months ago +109

      I’m glad people still remember GMod

    • Da sea pickle of justice
      Da sea pickle of justice 4 months ago +53

      ​@SCP-049 me too even so long after Garry Mod died on November the 18th 2012 R.I.P miss ya big man gone but nae forgotten

    • Otavio Bettega
      Otavio Bettega 4 months ago +5


    • sage
      sage 4 months ago +19

      The first part with the spinning tree is just ravenholm

  • Fuelcut
    Fuelcut 4 months ago +7

    4:35 Finally the best attack in the whole game

  • Elsa
    Elsa 4 months ago

    this game is SO SO SO GOOD, wish i was better at crafting like dunkey!
    dude is a legend!

  • Jordan Kapp
    Jordan Kapp 4 months ago +5

    The bell segment had me crying! Such a good boi!

  • Awesomebread
    Awesomebread 12 days ago +1

    dunkey really makes the game look a lot more fun than it really is...

  • ThefunnyStopMotionguy
    ThefunnyStopMotionguy 4 months ago +10


  • Dakoya
    Dakoya 4 months ago +880

    I love when you can tell dunkey is just having fun in a game

    • The Golden Diamond
      The Golden Diamond 4 months ago +19

      He would have more fun if this game had a scene of Link and Zelda going on the bed and start "having a real adventure" if you know what I mean

    • shevrett
      shevrett 4 months ago +13


    • Avery McCoy
      Avery McCoy 4 months ago +1

      ​@The Golden Diamond hell yeah brthur

    • Epic Gamer 69 420
      Epic Gamer 69 420 4 months ago +4

      @The Golden Diamond😐

    • Nostradumbass
      Nostradumbass 4 months ago +10

      he spent unknown amounts of hours trying to ding a bell lol

  • LJ Hawes Studios
    LJ Hawes Studios 4 months ago +9

    "Nobody worry about this guy, he's cool 😎" That killed me lol.

  • Matty Boy
    Matty Boy 4 months ago +2

    Oh my lord this has me in literal fucking tears and I barely finished the video, this guy's amazing already! First video I've stumbled upon.

  • Mr Bababwak
    Mr Bababwak 4 months ago

    From humble league content creator to media giant. Keep it up dunkey

  • Hugo Wientjens
    Hugo Wientjens 4 months ago +1

    Vette serie!!! Lekker bezig!!!

  • storyquest
    storyquest 4 months ago

    This may be the first time in Dunkey history the plunging attack actually worked. Immediate 15 out of 10.

  • Damian Johnson
    Damian Johnson 4 months ago +346

    Dunkey swapping the scores for the rock and the mushshroom actually got me for a minute

    • I Like'nt This Individual Homosapien Before Me
      I Like'nt This Individual Homosapien Before Me 4 months ago +28

      i legit thought the scores where accurate

    • exzisd
      exzisd 4 months ago +2

      I could tell but I had to rewind because that score didn't make any sense. I haven't even found this challenge yet and I'm nearly 100 hours in.

    • Vater Staat
      Vater Staat 4 months ago +16

      @exzisd bruh if you dont use guides there has to be like 1k hours of content in this game, its nuts

    • Raiden Stone
      Raiden Stone 4 months ago +3

      I'm waiting for the Octopath Traveler crowd to say Dunkey lied about a bell

    • pyrotechnick
      pyrotechnick 4 months ago +2

      Mush Shroom

  • VerticalHunterX
    VerticalHunterX Month ago +1

    i fucking love dunkey, no other youtuber makes me laugh this much

  • - Soni -
    - Soni - 4 months ago +1

    I love how he spent so long making a bajillion boulder contraptions to get to a hundred, and then throwing a mushroom got 147.

  • David Acero
    David Acero 4 months ago +1

    Every time dunkey fails something, i alwayswonder if it was just a masterful plan and it actually just turned out exactly like he planned all along.

  • the uncertified
    the uncertified 4 months ago +1

    genuinely one of the first games that actually feels worth the 70 dabloons

  • Wata_mate
    Wata_mate 3 months ago

    Love to see dunkey having fun

  • Kieran Farrell
    Kieran Farrell 4 months ago +851

    Dunky and totk is the combo we all knew we needed

  • L34FBL4D3
    L34FBL4D3 2 months ago +1

    2:20 Oh, I get it! Because he’s literally frozen solid. Well played, Dunkey.

  • Collateral Gaming
    Collateral Gaming 4 months ago +1

    You can tell Dunky’s just having a lot of fun with it!

  • Ay Jay
    Ay Jay 4 months ago +2

    The mushroom throw at the end 😂

  • dannass5
    dannass5 3 months ago

    I could watch this guy make elaborate devices to solve various tasks, all day!

  • Gif Goldblum
    Gif Goldblum 3 months ago +1

    The plunging attack is the most reliable move in the game.

  • William Hicks
    William Hicks 4 months ago +325

    Gotta love when dunkey uploads a gameplay video that's over 10 minutes. This game is a masterpiece

  • Sam
    Sam 4 months ago +11

    I never thought I would see Dunkey playing and enjoying Banjo and Kazooie Nuts and Bolts 2

  • pokemonduck
    pokemonduck 10 days ago

    The main theme playing just before a mishap is hilarious every time :D

  • Cameron Bird
    Cameron Bird 4 months ago

    This is a very good video. I really enjoyed this one! Congrats on your Mega-Dingers Dunkey

  • Enyetahip
    Enyetahip 2 months ago

    The Lynel coliseum is exactly how I experienced it, except with the added bonus of it being my first Lynel fight ever

  • Thedarkravern
    Thedarkravern 4 months ago +1

    Imagine throwing all these rocks , machine contraptions and strapping rockets just to be beaten by a thrown mushroom

  • Erick Danielle Lingad
    Erick Danielle Lingad 4 months ago +657

    I knew the psycho mantis was coming but still had me in stitches😂

    • flashdr1ve
      flashdr1ve 4 months ago +25

      dude i literally said “2nd floor basement?!?!?” right as it happened 😂😂😂😂

    • Brandon Odom
      Brandon Odom 4 months ago +14

      Psycho stone? Demon mantis??

    • kaxmerg
      kaxmerg 4 months ago +1

      i made this same comment before i saw this hahaha

  • Roie S
    Roie S 4 months ago +2

    “Nobody worry about this guy he’s cool” dunkey is a genius

  • Anna Mueller
    Anna Mueller 3 months ago +2

    Can’t wait to see the speed runs