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The most Golden Retriever of Golden Retrievers

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
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    3) Who did Dolce want to speak to at the end of the video?
    If you are coming from the USA, your pet must be able to cross the border.
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Comments • 2 585

  • Charles
    Charles Month ago +16177

    This dog is the living embodiment of "I'm just happy to be here".

    • Donna Botelho
      Donna Botelho 10 days ago +1

      Beautiful dog

    • Thiago Zotelli
      Thiago Zotelli 10 days ago +1

      @Jun Malabanan Good reference hehehe

    • Håkon T.
      Håkon T. Month ago +3

      Our youngest Golden would be more like "Im so extremely happy to see you! Where do you keep the noms!!!??? Sleep time..."

    • kpg 4923
      kpg 4923 Month ago +1

      Ha. He couldnt be happier

    • Help Me
      Help Me Month ago +1

      So just every dog?

  • Justin S
    Justin S Month ago +1517

    5 years old, retired show dog, ambulance therapy dog... this dog has accomplished more in life than I have

    • Justin S
      Justin S 6 days ago +1

      @Edmon thanks man :)

    • Edmon
      Edmon 6 days ago +1

      Oakley was given stuff, you on the other hand have to earn it, whatever you end up accomplishing in life will be of far greater value.

    • Dr. Juán Tortilla
      Dr. Juán Tortilla 16 days ago

      are you Mexican?

    • Dr. Joe Denski
      Dr. Joe Denski 22 days ago

      Hello, Dr Joe Denski here!

      COBRA PUNK 24 days ago +18

      @Terick738 that's strangely inspiring, thank you

  • DonPatrono
    DonPatrono Month ago +2425

    Oakley has the purest expression of "Head empty, no thoughts, only happiness"

    • Admiral Murat
      Admiral Murat 8 days ago

      So a vegetable

    • KrakenMacc
      KrakenMacc 17 days ago

      God, I wish that was me sometimes

    • Marta Bergen
      Marta Bergen 18 days ago +7

      Don't let them fool you. They might look dumb, but they're diabolically clever. In my experience, anyway.

    • Stinger Johnny
      Stinger Johnny 21 day ago +3

      He’s a little confused, but he’s got spirit!

    • Your Normal Program
      Your Normal Program 21 day ago

      I seen “No thoughts, Head empty” so many times now

  • miridove
    miridove Month ago +833

    "He is the picture perfect representation of what it means to be a Golden Retriever" meanwhile the shot is of him shedding. That got me 🤣

    • Silver Siren
      Silver Siren 7 days ago +1

      my cousin liked to offer visitors some tea with their mug of hair.

    • trumpetpunk42
      trumpetpunk42 13 days ago +5

      @ShotClanTxter Thanks for sharing this. I lost my pup (a German Shedder, not a Golden) almost 5 months ago. For a while I was still vacuuming up half a dog each time, but now it's dwindled off, which in a weird way makes me another kind of sad.

    • ShotClanTxter
      ShotClanTxter 13 days ago +4

      @trumpetpunk42 our golden died almost a year ago and I still find insane amounts of her hair everywhere in the house no matter how much we clean haha

    • trumpetpunk42
      trumpetpunk42 20 days ago +14

      As she once said, "They only shed twice a year - the first 6mo, and the last 6mo!"

    • JK Cliff
      JK Cliff 27 days ago +7

      that cracked me up too. lol.

  • Jaks
    Jaks Month ago +354

    This the kinda of dog you don’t ask “what the dog doin’?” Because you already know he is just being the best boy.

  • Jeremy Frenznick
    Jeremy Frenznick Month ago +132

    A super model and therapist, what an accomplished Pawfessional. He's the goodest boy. I'm glad Vanessa got a client that didn't attempt to eat her for a change

  • EJ Stark
    EJ Stark Month ago +6080

    As someone who has been on airplanes with supposedly human passengers, we could all learn a lot about being well behaved from Oakley.

    • Bara Robber Baron
      Bara Robber Baron 8 days ago

      @Repent and believe in Jesus Christ "O Šamaš you are the true judge" - Adad-nārārī. I just quoted a text older than both the old and new testament, does that give it any value? Both your name and what you write is either preaching to the choir or can only be construed as so very pedantic that people want to tell you to shut up for trying to force your archaic believes down peoples throat. Quoting the Bible is like quoting anything else, just because you derive value from it doesn't mean it's valuable, just because you consider it to be true doesn't mean it is.

    • ron j
      ron j 20 days ago +1

      Yes, the more I deal with people, the better I like my dog.

    • Dan Kanerva
      Dan Kanerva 22 days ago +3

      @Will Sini "pretending" LOL... just because you have trust issues, doesn't mean eveyrone is the same

    • riK
      riK Month ago +2

      In all my 42 years I met more well behaved dogs than well behaved humans.

    • Will Sini
      Will Sini Month ago +1

      I mean life is pretty good when you receive food and shelter for pretending to love someone

  • StrawberryPancakes
    StrawberryPancakes Month ago +217

    My Dad used to say of Golden Retrievers that they're "sweet but dim dogs." As I see and interact with Goldens more and more over the years, though, I don't think they're dumb, I think they're just too happy-go-lucky to look as "studious" as other breeds.

    • skull face nigga
      skull face nigga 2 days ago

      They are just playful sweet babies

    • amberjheard
      amberjheard 10 days ago

      ​@Giselle Sinclairpeople think the same thing about happy go lucky people. As if we're too dumb to know what's going on, when in reality we just know nothing is worth our happiness.

    • Anisha Pillai
      Anisha Pillai 11 days ago

      Goldens are far from dumb...they're one of the most intelligent breeds, very intuitive. It's just that they don't prefer to be serious 😂

    • SourireBlancNeige
      SourireBlancNeige 12 days ago

      They aren't all "gifted" either... The one I grew up with was definitely the dumbest boy I ever had the chance to interact with. The sweetest, the cutest, but it was all fluff no brain :D Loved him through the roof with all I got. His sister was a whoooole lot smarter than him, though ! Ah... I miss them.

    • R Cheesman
      R Cheesman 14 days ago +1

      @Erin Machado All the Goldens I know of (including our boy) are well known for being super stubborn at times. And occasionally selectively hard of hearing if there is any chance of playing with other dogs 🤣

  • Tinks
    Tinks Month ago +416

    I started getting my golden accustomed to grooming at 10 weeks old and now (at 3) he's just as happy about it as this good boy - to the extent that he jumps up on the grooming table without being asked. He just loves the attention so much! Goldens are such sweet and patient animals

  • Arranit Malushaj
    Arranit Malushaj Month ago +161

    Oakley looks both like a distinguished gentleman, and also a typical happy Golden. I love him so much.

  • kumori86
    kumori86 Month ago +233

    The goodest of the good boys.... He looks so calm and chill, like sitting on your porch watching the leaves fall an autumn afternoon

  • NyanJuice
    NyanJuice 19 days ago +25

    I love how this breed is very 'friend shaped'

  • Erika Melby
    Erika Melby Month ago +3720

    You can tell how conditioned he is to grooming. No pulling whatsoever, just completely still. What a good boy!

    • Emerson M
      Emerson M Month ago

      Maybe its just because he’s a golden ? Mines are pretty nonchalant when i wash them they pretty much dont care lol

    • wil e. smith
      wil e. smith Month ago

      he loves conditioning

    • zmooring2011
      zmooring2011 Month ago

      He is the goodest boy

    • Poor Dog Vlog
      Poor Dog Vlog Month ago

      I wish the same 🥺

    • Ath
      Ath Month ago +10

      He knows its his pamper day uwu

  • Shereen
    Shereen 19 days ago +12

    When you said hes a therapy dog for some reason I teared up. The idea of going through horrible hardship and being greeted by this beautiful face just hits my heart

  • shelby
    shelby  2 days ago +1

    Oakley is proof that beauty doesn't always have to mean youth ❤

  • SaxyBeast 12
    SaxyBeast 12 Month ago +2

    My first dog was a golden, he was 12 days older than me and passed away in my arms when I was 13. That was back in 2008 and I still miss him every day. No matter when or where my death happens, I will be at peace knowing the first thing I see in heaven will be my boy.

  • Atrix Canada
    Atrix Canada 11 days ago +1

    This is the kind of dog you might find in the section of 'Hey I'm looking to adopt a near perfect dog'
    Like yeah he didn't quite save any lives, but he is the family standard golden retriever, a beautiful and well mannered show dog, plus a therapy dog, how much nicer could he be!

  • sylkates
    sylkates Month ago +13

    Goldens are everything I love about dogs: affectionate, loyal, playful, and that smiley - looking jaw that makes them so cute. I want to adopt one (or a rescue with these traits) some day.

  • Hannah 🌻
    Hannah 🌻 Month ago +2799

    I say “Good boy” sometimes instinctively like the dog can hear me during these videos and Oakley definitely deserves it.

    • Skyfall Deadpool
      Skyfall Deadpool Month ago +1

      Me too man. I am all " Such of a good boi you are !" and everyone looks me weird

    • TAFKA Day
      TAFKA Day Month ago +2

      You're definitely not the only one lol.

    • Jennifer MIller
      Jennifer MIller Month ago +2

      I do the same thing!!

    • olddogg eleventy2
      olddogg eleventy2 Month ago +2

      Most dogs are good dogs it's just that some are 'gooder' than others...lol

    • Agent Wayhaught
      Agent Wayhaught Month ago +5

      What a relief, I'm glad im not the only one 😅

  • Serw Hiuo
    Serw Hiuo Month ago +21

    What a golden goodboy! He looks so happy and smiley its contagious. Watching him is driving my depression away!

  • Jay Maker
    Jay Maker Month ago +14

    What a wonderful boy!
    It's fascinating to me to think that transitioning retired show dogs into companion roles makes a ton of sense. It seems like such a natural path of life for them as it encourages usefulness and the understanding that they are still loved and needed. This should be encouraged!

    • Flambo The Dog
      Flambo The Dog 21 day ago +2

      Show dogs are pets during the week so there really isn't a transition. I show both my aussies and Flambo was a top 15 aussie last year we show maybe once a month and other than that it's adventures and normal dog life (more traveling probably) and just more baths :P

  • Trumpeter Swan
    Trumpeter Swan 18 days ago +6

    Oakley reminds me so much of my last retriever, not a thought between the eyes, but so patient and loving 🥰. Miss you piper, love you still.

  • Trigga Woods
    Trigga Woods Month ago +1

    The fact that you even groom cats is amazing. But look at Oakley's face. Now I need a Golden nugget. I mean retriever.

  • Andy Wijaya
    Andy Wijaya 5 days ago

    Oakley has nothing but fluff and love ❤

  • Bélynda Maniez
    Bélynda Maniez Month ago +2213

    I need to give him the biggest hug, Oakley's so adorable 😭❤️

    • Poor Dog Vlog
      Poor Dog Vlog Month ago +1

      I wish the same 🥺

    • The great life of Rookie the multipoo
      The great life of Rookie the multipoo Month ago +3

      How do you have 1.6k and only two comments let me fix this😂

    • Colin
      Colin Month ago +4

      I have one except he’s a cream

    • Nai Muds
      Nai Muds Month ago +21

      Let me be the first one to give Oakley the biggest hug if that's okay with you as I just can't wait to squeeze him tightly into my warmest & softest loving arms, Belynda.

  • Mary Keesling
    Mary Keesling Month ago +12

    The obedient Oakley is so beautiful!! I love the run after the grooming ❤️

  • R A I N
    R A I N 18 days ago +1

    Everyone-no one can be perfect
    Okley-hold my paw 🐾 🐶

  • Hadassa Moon
    Hadassa Moon Month ago +5

    Before his bath, Oakley looks so much like my deceased baby boy Biscuit that I almost cried. Golden retrievers are such a lovely dogs! They require a lot of time with training and grooming and upkeep though. My boy would get hot spots And they're not a good dog for people who don't have at least 5 hours of free time of day. What a beautiful grooming session!

  • aMUSEher
    aMUSEher Month ago +8

    Oakley is smiling and loving his grooming moment. ❤

  • Anthony Brown
    Anthony Brown Month ago +10

    Oakley looks like he takes great pride in what he does. My working dog is stoic in the same way. Other people will notice he doesnt play with other dogs that much. He only plays with like 3 specific ones. But its because he is doing his job, he wants to always do his job the best he can so hes more interested in watching and springing into action.

  • Marielle Singayan
    Marielle Singayan Month ago +2052

    I lost count on how many times I said "good boy" for the whole duration of this video. Oakley is such a good boy.

    • KingofDorks
      KingofDorks 13 days ago

      ​@Axe Sus you don't?

    • Jen McK
      Jen McK Month ago +1

      He's the good-est! ❤

    • ThePartarar
      ThePartarar Month ago +2

      @Axe Sus because he’s such a good boi…

    • The Rat King
      The Rat King Month ago

      I’m the 556th like 😈

    • Lukson
      Lukson Month ago +7

      @Axe Sus Nothing wrong with that as long as you're not clinically insane :P

  • glamorousdollface
    glamorousdollface Month ago +5

    Oakley is just a dreamboat. What a good boy! I smiled this entire video. I see how he’s a good therapy dog. ❤

  • smakfu
    smakfu 9 days ago +1

    Oakley strikes me as the kind of retriever that very patiently stares at you, 4 inches from your face, while you’re sleeping-in on Saturday morning.

  • Visual Verbs
    Visual Verbs Month ago

    You cannot stay mad or depressed looking into the sweet face of a Goldy. The best dogs on earth.

  • Daat Drogg, the One of Many Voices

    My stepmom used to have a Goldie named Chance, a good boy who I considered the first real dog I was close to owning. My family all loved him, but as time went on he got old and he passed one day. He was a good boy, rest in peace buddy.

  • DM
    DM Month ago +3075

    He was actually holding his head low and still while you did his ears and shifting his body weight slightly when you groomed certain areas. He's clearly used to being handled. Such a good boy.

    • Thehoodedteddy13
      Thehoodedteddy13 Month ago +4

      One of the goodest boys I’ve seen on this channel, which is saying something!

    • FC
      FC Month ago +2

      @Jilly True! Aww 😂

    • DM
      DM Month ago +2

      @Jilly 🤗♥️

    • Jilly
      Jilly Month ago +86

      He did! I thought he was about to hand her the bobby pins. Such a cutie!

  • Anonymous Human, Hi

    This reminds me of my baby girl. RIP Penny. ❤

  • Tessa Ru
    Tessa Ru Month ago +4

    Honestly my fav breed. I had a Golden Retriever/German Shepard cross growing up. Not from show dogs though, she was from a litter of farm dogs. She was super patient with us as toddlers and always followed us around the yard, watching for bears and keeping us out of trouble lol. I still miss her tbh.

  • Ask to seduce Miss
    Ask to seduce Miss Month ago +4

    Love how he was smiling when you trimmed his ears, then proudly sat on the porch taking the air.

  • Elias Håkansson
    Elias Håkansson Month ago

    He isn't just a retired show dog and a St John's Ambulance therapy dog, he's also a Very Good Boy.

  • Lulu Moon
    Lulu Moon Month ago

    You reached 2 million relatively fast, and it is well earned, this channel is a delight! ❤️🙏💞

  • D. Matthews
    D. Matthews 10 days ago +3

    How can anyone not love Goldens? They are the sweetest, most empathetic, gentlest dogs! Absolutely precious pups! 🇨🇦❤️🦮

  • Ydoc
    Ydoc Month ago

    I've had 2 goldens, my last one Rex passed away in September, he for sure took a piece of my heart that day. Seeing this made me happy.

  • Sue Wiseley
    Sue Wiseley 4 days ago +1

    I'd be soaked with hair all over me because I wouldn't be able to do him without hugging and loving on him the whole time!

  • Sarah S
    Sarah S Month ago +1

    I love how much patience and love you show for all of the pets your groom! I wish my dog was as calm as this retriever in the shower!

  • Bunny S
    Bunny S Month ago

    I love this breed so much. Our golden passed last year, and just like this one he was all love. He was our friendly, sweet, well mannered, always hungry, beloved boy.

  • Stella Romero
    Stella Romero Month ago +1

    You just made my day really good Girl With The Dogs. I’m getting my puppy today and this is the perfect example of how I would want my dog to be. Thanks for all the amazing videos.

  • DIY With Kaylaaaa
    DIY With Kaylaaaa Month ago

    I've always wanted a Golden Retriever. They're so beautiful. This guy has all the examples of why I want one.

  • SarahG13
    SarahG13 Month ago

    Anyone else wishing they could be included in the grooming process for this 2 million subscribers give away? 🤣 I need a good rub down too. 😂👌🏼

  • Rebel Riot
    Rebel Riot Month ago +1

    I love that happy golden smile 😄

  • sharonasharona
    sharonasharona 9 days ago

    2:32 he is sooo patient🥰

  • 🧪₊‧ Vast Acid
    🧪₊‧ Vast Acid Month ago +628

    That's the friendliest, most sincere face I've ever seen. The only thing more gold than his coat is his heart ♡

    • Jukka Rämö
      Jukka Rämö Month ago +4


    • Vani
      Vani Month ago +8


    • alyzu
      alyzu Month ago +17

      And this is the sweetest, loveliest comment!!!! 🥰

  • Ankita Maurya
    Ankita Maurya Month ago

    Oakley is the happy-go-lucky guy who became a school teacher cause he loves helping others.

  • BadcatV smith
    BadcatV smith Month ago

    This dog deserves to be as happy as he makes others.

  • Amanda Egeskov Hald

    My favorite breed :D
    They are just the best puppers and I'd love to have one as my best doggy friend one day

  • Thomas Appelby
    Thomas Appelby Month ago

    Oakley is the most well-behaved dog, I've seen.

  • Tony Baggett
    Tony Baggett Month ago

    Dolce 1) has a mother that’s a groomer, 2) has a personal vendetta against the vacuum, and 3) wants to speak to the manager. Summerdale, AL, USA Labrador Retriever

  • WF B3
    WF B3 Month ago +575

    Oakley was more behaved than most humans while getting a haircut. 👍🏻😊🐶

    • WF B3
      WF B3 Month ago

      @Freedom Uninterrupted I bet you've seen all kinds/types of people; good, bad and the "just don't come back" again please. 😊😂😆

    • Caleb Gadison
      Caleb Gadison Month ago


    • Brad Simpson
      Brad Simpson Month ago +3

      As a show dog, he's been groomed enough times that he's been trained and knows exactly what to expect. He comes from one of the most relaxed, mellow breeds there is(one of the closest things to the ideal dog for 90% of households). Combine with that the fact that he's got at least one parent willing and able to invest top dollar for his needs(doing the show dog circuit is NOT cheap), and you have what is essentially every groomer's dream client.

    • Freedom Uninterrupted
      Freedom Uninterrupted Month ago +7

      As a licensed hairstylist that is the most accurate comment I have seen! Lol

  • Enneamorph
    Enneamorph Month ago +5

    The look Brennan gave Katie and she just immediately, wordlessly gets ready to throw hands

  • Redpill Pirate
    Redpill Pirate Month ago +1

    That wasn't a grooming. That was just a happy dog enjoying spa day 😀

  • Tranquility 32
    Tranquility 32 Month ago

    My niece’s have a Golden named Bella. She is the sweetest pup!
    My friend’s daughter used to show Shelties. Also sweet, smart pups. One was named Princess, and yes she indeed was a “princess”. 😉

  • hadil chaima
    hadil chaima Month ago

    What a good boy !!
    I literally want to pet him from the screen 😀💕💕

  • piggy
    piggy Month ago

    This is so sweet it makes me cry, a golden had me for 12 years. I never knew a better friend in life 💕🐾🐾

  • Abesters
    Abesters Month ago +690

    You can definitely tell this dog has received encouraging and positive training. He’s so well behaved and so trusting. Excellent example of responsibility by the owners

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ  Month ago

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters, whenever you face trials of many kinds, because you know that the testing of your faith produces perseverance.”
      ‭‭James‬ ‭1‬:‭2‬-‭3‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Inês Bretes
    Inês Bretes Month ago

    I had a smile on my face during the entire video, such a cutie !!

  • KCCAT5
    KCCAT5 Month ago +1

    What a well-behaved dog. Look at how still he set while you groomed him

  • Jamie Dodger
    Jamie Dodger Month ago

    1:14 - The height of cuteness.

  • Brandon
    Brandon Month ago

    I learned two things just now: you're Canadian and that there's no monetary gain for winning. IDK how I never knew this because I always used to watch dog shows when I was younger. Also, he's clearly the goodest of boys!

  • Tstudio tv
    Tstudio tv Month ago

    I had a smile on my face for the whole video.

  • Gloweye
    Gloweye Month ago +1

    A very good boy. Calm, still when he needs to be, and just... vibin. I can see why he's suitable as therapy dog.

  • Jessica Renée
    Jessica Renée Month ago

    I like how you mentioned the need for some changes in certain breed standards. That’s always been my hangup with Show Dogs. We should always breed for the HEALTH of the animals, not their appearance. English Bulldogs, Frenchies, Bostons, PUGS, any and all brachycephalic dog breeds NEED a change to their breed standard. Additionally GSDs and any other slope backed breeds need a change as well. I’ve worked with Working Line Bred GSD’s and let me tell you not only are they massive but HEALTHY, and depending on the breeder their backs still may slope but not NEARLY as bad as Show Line GSDs. Hell even Bull Terriers need an adjustment to their breed standard of the Bull Terrier could use an update they have horrific dental issues due to their head shape. Thankfully some breeders are doing their best to turn things around. We have a few breeders here in Massachusetts who have been breeding Boston Terrier’s to have more elongated snouts and you know what? They’re beautiful and healthy dogs despite being out if breed standard.
    We need to stop breeding unhealthy traits into dogs for aesthetics simply because it’s considered “Breed Standard”

  • Ian Frost
    Ian Frost Month ago

    wait this doggo is well behaved and not a drama queen. Such a calm and awesome Doggo.

  • PrettyMoonLady
    PrettyMoonLady Month ago +1

    Labradors and Golden's are my soft spot. They are so naturally adorable it's not fair

  • Fransta
    Fransta Month ago

    What an adorable pooch ❤️

  • MagicSpaceWolf
    MagicSpaceWolf Month ago +723

    Oakley: former supermodel and current professional good boy 🥰😇 This furchild was a joy to watch, especially after the Caucasian Shepherd and Pekingese videos 😵‍💫 I hope Vanessa gets many more well-behaved clients for a while... SHE DESERVES IT.

    • Olga Bukała
      Olga Bukała Month ago +11

      yeah the Pekingese was wild. I had the same thought - good that Vanessa had a dog that didn't try to eat her this time.

    • MagicSpaceWolf
      MagicSpaceWolf Month ago +22

      @MrSullismom Glad you understand, lol! I mean, *we* all enjoy watching when the Huskies come and sing the song of their people, when the Persians have some patches of difficult matting, etc, but goodness gracious Vanessa really has earned a break.

    • MrSullismom
      MrSullismom Month ago +8

      I was thinking the same thing!😀

    • Carriemae658
      Carriemae658 Month ago +3


  • hen ko
    hen ko Month ago +2

    Woah!! The first time I've seen a doggy-client not be mildly freaked out by the pet cologne. Oakley is truly bomb-proof :)

  • Weens
    Weens Month ago +5

    Growing up, my family took in a giant schnauzer who was a retired show dog. She was used for breeding, and didn’t know life outside of a crate until she came to live with us. My opinion of show dogs is still skewed because of this, but it’s good to know that a lot of show dogs are beloved family pets.

  • Adelaide
    Adelaide Month ago

    His face when you’re clipping his ears oh my god 😭😂 so cute

  • Eva
    Eva 19 days ago

    My heart melts for him ❤❤❤❤

  • felicia hudson
    felicia hudson Month ago

    I absolutely love your channel . It has nurtured my grooming of my adopted dog.
    Your commentary is both informing and funny

  • IL.fieldnative
    IL.fieldnative Month ago +724

    Him walking in looking so happy just melted my heart.

  • Renee G
    Renee G 2 days ago

    He's pure sunshine 💛

  • Mr Jammers
    Mr Jammers Month ago

    The bestest of boys! he deserves a new toy on the way home.
    Also loved that he stays super still when the ear trimming starts xD

  • On the move
    On the move Day ago

    He's so sweet and well behaved!

  • Beep
    Beep Month ago +1

    Nothing happier than seeing Goldie smile

  • W S Tavis
    W S Tavis Month ago

    Oakley's diary:
    8am: a walk! My favorite thing!
    830am: breakfast! My favorite thing!
    9am: bath! My favorite thing!
    930am: blow drying! My favorite thing!
    10am: hair clipping! My favorite thing!

  • Bald Zeus
    Bald Zeus Month ago +479

    Man, Oakley just radiates good boy energy

  • Vivian Kate
    Vivian Kate Month ago +1

    So in love with golden retrievers. They give love and they keep on giving it unconditionally. Who doesn't want to spoil them? ❤

  • Phillip Craggs
    Phillip Craggs Month ago

    He looks exactly like my Golden Retriever, My boy is 8 now, and still as energetic as a puppy. I named him Tucker.

  • Rakshika Ulaganathan

    He is so patient even humans don't have this much patience

  • Michael Hay
    Michael Hay Month ago

    I've always had golden retrievers. My dad's family is from Scotland, and it is the only breed he would search for when getting a new dog. I have one now, and he is my best buddy along with being the best buddy of anyone he meets. They are great animals.

  • JustMe
    JustMe Month ago

    He looked so relaxed: like you do what you gotta do, Imma gonna nap.

  • Sunshine☀️
    Sunshine☀️ Month ago +724

    This made me miss my pooh bear so much. When I was born, I was brought home to a proud golden retriever. Who, for some reason, thought I belonged to him and him only. He was constantly watching over me and no longer wanted to be in the yard. He wanted to be everywhere I was at all times and even found a way to lay in the crib next to me. Which was very hard to do considering he was the largest golden I have ever seen till this day. He got scolded for climbing in my crib but would still get right back in there. He even growled at my grandmom and other family members 1 time for passing me around and holding me. He really felt like I was his baby. Lol
    Eventually, people accepted that he was a proud dad, and he was allowed to become a house dog and was literally my best friend.
    We even tried to figure out how to get him to come to grade school with me. Lol. I miss him so much.🐶💕

    • Sunshine☀️
      Sunshine☀️ Month ago

      @Louise Bridges he was. I think about him all the time. 💕

    • Sunshine☀️
      Sunshine☀️ Month ago

      @B I bet Ginger is still with you.💕

    • B
      B Month ago +1

      I got a golden named Ginger when I was 6. She was amazing, and my best friend.
      Ginger would follow me around the neighborhood with my friends and trail my golf cart all day. While I hung out at any of my friends house, she would wait outside in the yard till I left or told her to go home (which she hated) 😂.. Id call home from my friends house to tell my mom ginger was on the way, to make sure she got home.
      She was truly an outdoor dog, never saw a leash, and you couldn’t drag her in the house 😂. She lived in our yard with no fence, in a suburban neighborhood (never wondered more than visiting a neighbor next door). We had a pool, and a pretty good size yard for her to chase squirrels and tear up coconut’s all day. She lived 16 years, probably the best dog I’ll ever have.

    • WizardofTruth
      WizardofTruth Month ago +3

      What a lovely dog .

    • Louise Bridges
      Louise Bridges Month ago +5

      Lovely story. Sounds like he was a very sweet dog ❤

  • Mad LFC 1973
    Mad LFC 1973 Month ago +1

    Had a Labrador smooth coat cross many years ago. He was the most gentle, person-friendly and obedient dog I've ever owned. I'd run a bath and didn't even need to ask him. He would just step in as if to say "I don't mind at all".

  • Ginea25
    Ginea25 Month ago

    I genuinely love watching you groom current/former show dogs.
    They're always so relaxed. It makes the vibe such a happy one.

  • lazyboy lazyboy
    lazyboy lazyboy Month ago

    this dog is so well behaved that i've found him almost too well behaved but he still a lovely good boy

  • LAdwv7495
    LAdwv7495 Month ago

    I’d love to get into grooming if every dog would be as good as he is. ❤️

  • zeroeffect
    zeroeffect Month ago +1

    Oakley looks a lot like my girl ❤
    And I've had a lot of dogs in my lifetime, but goldens are THE happiest and most eager-to-please breed I've ever experienced.

  • Audrey McFarland
    Audrey McFarland Month ago +224

    Oakley is a great example/embassador for behavior for a dog getting groomed. Chilled, relaxed, this is not a problem!! What a beautiful boy! and Rupert is a cutey too!

    • Looking Glass
      Looking Glass Month ago +3

      I agree; he reminds me of my golden. He is just happy to be there so you can really do anything. He even loves going to the vet because he gets attention and he never minds the temperature, vaccines, or prodding. It comes down to socializing him as a puppy but going to a very good breeder is the biggest difference. I've had a groomer say he was the best-behaved dog he has seen in his career which put a huge smile on my face.

  • Millie
    Millie Month ago

    Oakley is just, chillin. like, this is his pamper time, and he *enjoys* it