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The Mandalorian Meets Boba Fett Pt 2

  • Published on Nov 26, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • Blitzin_blizard 💯

    Grogu Meets Luke Skywalker 🔽

  • Chase Freedman

    I absolutely love how after he realized mando had those, he decided combat wasn’t the best option.

  • ONI Agent
    ONI Agent  +27

    "No need for bloodshed"

  • Revan Red Games

    Boba: “I have a sniper.”

  • George Bland

    I love how Mando's immediate idea is more weapons

  • Hanz the Kriegsman

    Mando literally said

  • The Florida Man

    Boba realizes mando seriously can take them both out and quickly changes from "i have the high ground gemme my armor" to "heyy why dont we just talk it out"

  • DungeonMtr

    Gotta love how they both threaten each other until mando pulls the micro missiles and then boba tries to negotiate saying to put the guns down 😂

  • Jonathon Reiss

    Powers up Micro Missiles

  • SuperHuscarl 1066

    When Mando flashed the micro-missiles, Boba knew that if Fennec fired, everyone in this scene would die, and he also knew that Mando definitely does not care.

  • low quality memer

    The sarlacc pit really messed up bobas hair

  • Mandadorian

    Boba:My friends locked on to that little companion of yours up on the henge

  • Spooderman
    Spooderman  +708

    Boba really rethought his choices after seeing that Din has whistling birds🤣

  • samule
    samule  +1

    I don't think Bobo fett understands how lethal those micro missiles are. Thank you all for the likes.

  • Steven
    Steven  +258

    The moment Boba Fett saw those whistlin' birds he changed his tune immediately you can tell he knew what they were

  • Sebastian Pino


  • Akira Hisyam Gamingz


  • Firestone Animation

    "What I remember about the Rise Of The Empire is... is how quiet it was."

  • Moritz Roßbroich

    Mando is such a well designed and interesting character, you can't not love him...

  • BakedPotatoVODS

    "My friend is locked on that little companion of yours"