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He draws the line at Ketchup! 🥸🌯

  • Published on Jan 24, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Yet again, za ketchup sends our friend to the shadow realm.
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Shelby's Canada
    Shelby's Canada  Month ago +3190

    Hi my friends! Thank you for za subbort! We have been making zis content for over 7 years my friends! We are just new to za Clip-Share and are still ubloading our content daily. But you can find all of our delicious, entertaining videos on our Instagram and TikTok account zat is up-to-date. We abbreciate all za subbort. Beace and love my friends and hobe to feed you soon ✌🏽🧡

    • RT fun
      RT fun Day ago

      are you in the UK?

    • Nikko_
      Nikko_ 13 days ago

      Don’t forget za bebsi!

      BIG BEAVER GAMING 20 days ago

      Prepare your channel it's gonna surge to the stratosphere

    • Baby Groot
      Baby Groot 27 days ago

      Come to America man please

  • Nef
    Nef Month ago +16388

    he never learns

  • Dr. Vegapunk, M.D.
    Dr. Vegapunk, M.D. Month ago +8620

    As you can see he didnt drink a bebsi, that is because bebsi is love and its not to be used for violence. Dont forget the bebsi my friends.

  • Rytlock
    Rytlock Month ago +4556

    No ketchup on za shawarma
    Also, he forgot za bebsi this time.

    • black man
      black man 8 days ago

      @Shanti's phone 📞 I know that everyone has a different taste but I’m not that guy who would judge someone just because of their taste

    • nexon_ly
      nexon_ly 11 days ago

      ​@Jazmine Ash yes he doesn't

    • Shanti's phone 📞
      Shanti's phone 📞 22 days ago

      @black man It is not weirdo and it is choice to do whatever he/she likes.

    • Kevin_hewitt2609
      Kevin_hewitt2609 Month ago

      ​@deadpool JOJO REFERENCE

    • Nelsond Beats
      Nelsond Beats Month ago


  • §aiyan Ǝdits 🍥
    §aiyan Ǝdits 🍥 Month ago +1411

    Bro has the best customer service

    • Imran Hossain
      Imran Hossain Month ago

      za best*

    • literalsoap_6
      literalsoap_6 Month ago

      @Jordy Loyiegolden gully?

    • Jordy Loyie
      Jordy Loyie Month ago +3

      I just seen this guy on another video where he feeds someone who tried it and the one he gave him was with fries looks yummy 🤤

  • Gen2
    Gen2 Month ago +627

    “You got any ketchup?”
    ~Famous Last Words

    ITZKYY Month ago +74

    Bro needs his own show

  • scp-173
    scp-173 Month ago +86

    Robber: got any ketchup?
    Shawarma man: *death*

  • Deni Z Plays
    Deni Z Plays Month ago +170

    He is lucky that Allah hold him back in time!

  • Andrew
    Andrew Month ago +510

    I cry myself to sleep knowing I can’t get Shelby’s in cali

  • Edit name
    Edit name Month ago +3

    Bro can solve world peace with one shawarma, this man has un-doubtable rizz

  • Zz_ Mortal
    Zz_ Mortal Month ago +33

    Dude the cashier can be a perfect voice actor for some cartoon character

  • Erik Cherski
    Erik Cherski Month ago +3

    I gotta meet this guy.
    Update: it's only two hours away from my house 😍

  • Eugeemz
    Eugeemz Month ago +81

    My favorite part about these videos has to be the description

    • frothing bubbles
      frothing bubbles Month ago

      @Luke Jones thank you

    • Luke Jones
      Luke Jones Month ago +1

      @frothing bubbles go to the top right of your screen where the three dots are tap them then it should have a list of options and I think description is like the first one on it

    • frothing bubbles
      frothing bubbles Month ago

      what does the description say ? i can't see it :/ how do i check?

  • Luis Fernando
    Luis Fernando Month ago +13

    Recently tried shawarma for the 1st time and i got to say its probably my top 3 favorite food now. Love these videos! Hope to visit your shop soon.

  • david william
    david william Month ago +14

    these are the only ads I would ever willingly watch consistently.

  • WaltuhOnYoutube
    WaltuhOnYoutube Month ago +13

    As a middle eastern, its truly a crime to have ketchup with shawarma

    • IulianViorel Mosteanu
      IulianViorel Mosteanu Month ago

      We put ketchup in Europe everytime, the Turks do that too.

    • Abhinav Ram
      Abhinav Ram Month ago +1

      As a human, it's truly a crime to have ketchup with anything

  • Skaffatar😌🍃
    Skaffatar😌🍃 Month ago +8

    Now that's some good customer service

  • Aaron Price
    Aaron Price Month ago +5

    They draw the line at the ketchup “if you put the ketchup on the shawarma, it means war”

  • Prom C
    Prom C Month ago +2

    If i ever go to canada i really wanna meet this guy

  • The Best Wagon
    The Best Wagon 4 days ago +1

    When the ads for the restaurant are actually more enjoyable than 90% of the content here

  • Kerem Tutumlu
    Kerem Tutumlu Month ago +6

    *puts a drop of ketchup in the shawarma silently*

  • jackalexande
    jackalexande Month ago +17

    me imagining how I would be during a home invasion

  • Fredpai
    Fredpai Month ago +3

    Lowkey a banger I love how instantly aggressive he was like a sleeper agent

  • Kayla Oxford
    Kayla Oxford Month ago +3

    I NEED to visit this store one day!! 😫

  • Vaibhav Jain
    Vaibhav Jain Month ago +13

    I like how he was peeking over the counter to see if shawrma guy is actually making him the food 😂

  • Nik Amir Imran
    Nik Amir Imran Month ago +35

    You didn’t give him za bebsi???

  • Muamer Blazevic
    Muamer Blazevic Month ago +8

    "It's not a problem that you want to rob me but to put ketchup on shawarma is unforgivable"

  • J M
    J M Month ago +1

    I just found your shorts a few days ago and I can't stop watching them, lol. It would be awesome if you considered making a 5 - 10 minute long episode. Also, the food looks so goooooood! One day I'll make the 33 hour drive to grab some shawarma! Thanks for making these hilarious shorts :)

  • Rexory Ar-Rumi
    Rexory Ar-Rumi Month ago +1

    I love he is so calm when this guy wants to rob the restaurant but so brutal when this guy wants ketchup on his shawarma.

  • Levi Sciscoe
    Levi Sciscoe Month ago +6

    I feel like this is how an actual robbery would go at this place.

  • Gypsy song
    Gypsy song Month ago

    This needs to be a tV show

  • ihaterenz
    ihaterenz Month ago +4

    Pretty wholesome of him to not beat him and just imagine it

  • Tamed
    Tamed Month ago +15

    Even when being robbed, still refers to him as "my friend"

  • Darkness Overlord
    Darkness Overlord Month ago +2

    The Waffle House has spoken. Phase 2 initiated

  • 00JJ
    00JJ 10 days ago

    Get them with Love and kindness. Never ketchup, haha.

  • D J
    D J Month ago +16

    Putting ketchup on shwarma is like putting sugar in your gas tank.

  • John Williams
    John Williams Month ago

    Ketchup is like a family annihilation.

  • Godwin James
    Godwin James Month ago

    These guys are just absolutely amazing

  • I'm not a salad
    I'm not a salad Month ago +17

    Bro kept his impulsive thoughts, what a chad

  • John Hinckley
    John Hinckley Month ago +1

    Thank you so much for making this one, ppl ruin everything with ketchup

  • SirScrubBuns
    SirScrubBuns Month ago

    I'll have to try this next time I pay a visit!

  • Pickle juice
    Pickle juice Month ago +7

    Keep it up. I don’t know how u aren’t blowing up but this is smart comedy

  • David Hoffman
    David Hoffman Month ago

    Oscar adding ketchup to Felix 's carefully prepared entree.

  • Thanosrage -_-
    Thanosrage -_- 11 days ago

    Honestly one of the best short I've watched in a while got me wanting some bebsi

  • abdulallahi
    abdulallahi Month ago +3

    I think it's just me but us Africans middle easterns etc we don't really eat ketchup ever lol

  • PixelStriko
    PixelStriko 19 days ago

    I love how he couldve beat him up at any time, but he only cares to do it when he asks for ketchup 😂😂😂

  • Apollyon
    Apollyon 22 days ago

    Any good cook will be low key mad if you ruin a dish with ketchup 😂❤

  • Malik Wright
    Malik Wright Month ago +5

    I’m dead😂

  • MintPod
    MintPod Month ago +1

    You can tell by the way he swings the sauce bottle he can use the momentum of the damn sauce😂

  • HA₹SH
    HA₹SH 18 days ago

    Imagine going to his restaurant and ask for ketchup in reality 💀

  • Hazard🏳️‍🌈⃠

    Omg this channel is so underrated

  • Loser
    Loser 21 day ago

    I feel like this is how he'd actually respond in a robbery

  • Ernesto Dao-ayan
    Ernesto Dao-ayan 13 days ago +1

    Cashier talks like Russian 💀

  • harvspecial
    harvspecial Month ago +63

    I LOVE the original content! Keep it up!

    • Goat
      Goat Month ago

      @Waves they were before them on tik tok

    • Waves
      Waves Month ago +3

      Fr just tahinis rip off 💀

    • bissan
      bissan Month ago +1

      @Shelby's Canada he’s being sarcastic 💀

    • Shelby's Canada
      Shelby's Canada  Month ago +8

      Glad you enjoy it!

  • DeMarcus Alsup
    DeMarcus Alsup Month ago

    One of these days I’m going to St Thomas Ontario Canada just to try Shelby’s Shwarma.

  • SocBertTrucker
    SocBertTrucker 19 days ago

    I like that he can tolerate (attempted) robbery but draws the line at ketchup with shawarma

    ENEMY AC130 ABOVE Month ago +4

    Bro these videos are so good. Keep up the work. Quality advertising and entertainment

  • Uncle ruckus
    Uncle ruckus Month ago

    mans just had a homelander hallucination

  • bad ohsem
    bad ohsem Month ago

    Dude..ur menu looks so good and it always appear at night. 🤤

  • anthony
    anthony Month ago +4

    Your channel is so underrated! I wish I could visit but I live so far away😢

    • Not Aaron
      Not Aaron Month ago +1

      You should consider moving

  • Abood6356
    Abood6356 28 days ago

    I love the Egyptian accent tho and
    'my friend don't do zaat' I am dying 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Zevoid
    Zevoid Month ago +2

    Moral of the story: don't ask for ketchup in a shawarma restaurant

  • Caesar
    Caesar Month ago +4

    you want za tip? 😳

  • Diversum
    Diversum Month ago +1

    God I’ve been watchin talk since tik tok!!! I’m in love!!

  • 森内リエ
    森内リエ Month ago

    aaah..I'm finally seeing my guys in Yt shorts and I'm lovin it! 😁💙

  • Emory !
    Emory ! 21 day ago

    This is legit original quality shit I love it

  • Blonde Lucifer
    Blonde Lucifer Month ago

    I literally use the sauce for shawarma. Here in India, if you order online, they do provide the sauce or ketchup for you. Everyone has their own taste. I know this is for fun but, I just have to share the things around me.

  • Henry A
    Henry A Month ago +1

    It’s even funnier when you realize that is what probably happens

  • digitaldissorder
    digitaldissorder 26 days ago

    The things I'd do for a shawarma bowl right now..

  • Adam Vazquez
    Adam Vazquez 28 days ago

    Yall need to come to the salt lake valley area of Utah, I want to try some!

  • MaNtRi_PlAyS
    MaNtRi_PlAyS Month ago +1

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  • Jeremy Cooley
    Jeremy Cooley 29 days ago

    looks fire lmk when you in the south lol

  • きよしろ Ch.  [Chuuba Clips]

    man lost the opportunity to poison the shawarma😭

  • Tasneem Hasan
    Tasneem Hasan 10 days ago

    how tf did that theif become a friend in 2 seconds.

  • Bomp Bomp
    Bomp Bomp Month ago

    Is this a franchise? Because this place looks good

  • poli RL
    poli RL Month ago

    "you're not you when your hungry"

  • danidevy
    danidevy Month ago

    bro became a robber into a civillan eating food

  • Khal Algaadi
    Khal Algaadi Month ago +2

    Love this guy 😂

  • AbeusMaximus
    AbeusMaximus Month ago

    When he started pounding his face with the glass bottle I had a flashback to the face cave-in scene from Pan’s Labyrinth. 😅

  • 𝓲𝓽𝓼._.𝓬𝓱𝓪𝓻

    The acsent is everything

  • Zed Skywalker
    Zed Skywalker Month ago

    He just wait for that robbers to say "Do you have ketchup?" Then he will beat him.

  • hearts
    hearts Month ago

    never ask a arabic person while trying his food for ketchup…

  • makohappy
    makohappy Month ago +1

    "You want the tip?"
    *"W H A T ? ? ?"*

  • mandarin125
    mandarin125 Month ago

    "You're not you when you're hungry"

  • Devin_4345
    Devin_4345 Month ago +2

    Bro has beef with a Ketchup 💀

  • Alaa Alaaraji
    Alaa Alaaraji Month ago +2

    He got mad about the ketchup but not him trying to rob him 😂 arabs and food never ending love

  • Brandon Garcia
    Brandon Garcia 28 days ago

    I'm mad that I cannot support, and try this amazing man's shawarma.

  • イタチ
    イタチ Month ago +2

    Fun fact never say ketchup in Shelbys restaurant 💀

  • ColourBeast
    ColourBeast 28 days ago

    Great marketing my man! 👏

  • StraightEdge_Eli206

    This dude is hilarious!! Funniest thing I've seen on the internet in years !!

  • Dreagen
    Dreagen 27 days ago

    That's what I'm talking about creative original we need more of this on the internet

  • Tristin Mills
    Tristin Mills Month ago

    You can rob me, you can eat my food for free, but you better not ask for no damn ketchup.

  • Jabir Abu Bakar
    Jabir Abu Bakar Month ago

    Never ask a ketchup in the store or this will happen

  • Air _Wubbox
    Air _Wubbox Month ago

    Bro can defeat anyone or anything with just saying if he has any ketchup

  • Joost Kremers
    Joost Kremers 4 days ago

    HELP. I ended up in a Shelby’s rabbithole and only been dreaming about tha bebsi for the last week.

  • Baljinder singh Singh

    Yess my man is a shawarma maker and a killer

  • Tempest
    Tempest Month ago +1

    Bro did what I did when I was in school and how I'd fight off a terrorist alien invasion and single handedly saved the entire school without any casualities.

  • Gregory D. Athanasiou
    Gregory D. Athanasiou Month ago +1

    The only reason I'd cross the ocean to Canada

  • NimBle Nutz
    NimBle Nutz Month ago

    You have earned my sub. 🤣🤣