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I bought the BIGGEST Tech in the world.

  • Published on Sep 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Mrwhosetheboss
    Mrwhosetheboss  Year ago +5719

    I'm hoping this video will blow you away! SO much work has gone into it, and SO many people have been fed because of it 😂
    To Check out the TINIEST Tech: clip-share.net/video/syB1ezRvKpU/video.html

  • SavvyNotFound
    SavvyNotFound Year ago +4226

    Arun: ok now it’s time for the mouse pad!
    Also Arun: *pulls out a yoga mat*

  • Rev Jear
    Rev Jear Year ago +1580

    Respect to the fact that he donated the PC cake to the homeless in his city. A very wholesome act.

    • paracel2
      paracel2 Year ago +39

      I am inside your home

    • MarioMastr
      MarioMastr Year ago +59

      @paracel2 I am inside your phone

  • Triv27
    Triv27 Year ago +609

    Yes, you definitely need to fill the lighter with fluid. They are shipped empty for safety reasons. The smoke you were getting was because you were burning up the dry wick.

    • Colton Jones
      Colton Jones Year ago +20

      He asked if they did, in which the editors responded yes they did. But it still didn’t work.

    • Shadow Stars
      Shadow Stars Year ago +1


    • OmarZ Boost
      OmarZ Boost Year ago +9

      Bro…what you said made no sense, when a youtuber finishes his video, he sends it to his editors or editor and then they edit the video, after looking at that scene of the video, they put the text yes so they didn’t tell him, they could have told him he needed fluids but AFTER he made the video

    • a plastic bag
      a plastic bag Year ago +19

      @Colton Jones Arun said "did we need to put fluid in that?" not "did we put fluid in that?". The editors were saying that you do need to add fluid.

    • GamerBladeKingYT
      GamerBladeKingYT 10 months ago

      I am born 2011 man’s thinking when I got out I automatically subbed omg XD

  • Ian Tarry
    Ian Tarry 16 days ago +2

    Stack 2 of those monitors one on top of the other and in my eyes you'd have the perfect set up. I believe it's actually what Linus is using if I remember rightly but the room you'd have to split your work and playing games would be stunning as obviously you've got 2 of those you've also got the best PC money can buy and I mean the best +++.

  • Deeter Deet
    Deeter Deet 9 months ago +185

    This man literally makes a living off of us watching him make impulse buys.

    • Superb Critikal
      Superb Critikal 3 months ago +2

      I don’t know if it’s funny or disappointing😅

    • Santhosh B_N
      Santhosh B_N 3 months ago +1

      Which song is he playing at 13:17

    • Seattle Seahawks
      Seattle Seahawks 2 months ago +1

      @Santhosh B_NFull Speed Ahead by Slashtaq and Wanden

    • diamonddesaug
      diamonddesaug 2 months ago

      @Superb Critikal the former :)

  • Platnum_beanie
    Platnum_beanie 8 months ago +19

    lets just appreciate the effort he did just for us

  • Dental Digest
    Dental Digest Year ago +1427

    It’s Disclosing Time !! Hahaha I love it

    • Baxo Jack
      Baxo Jack Year ago +16


    • how about...
      how about... Year ago +10

      Love your videos

    • Javier Lentejo
      Javier Lentejo Year ago +2

      Verified with only 4 likes and 3 comments wow

    • Priyen
      Priyen Year ago +2

      fetty wap

    • A cat.
      A cat. Year ago +4


  • Veralos
    Veralos Year ago +80

    Out of all these the giant Switch is my favourite. I love the idea of turning the Joycons into cabinets to give it some use beyond just novelty.

    • oscar thompson
      oscar thompson Year ago +2

      it's so cool other then the fact that the button layout is an xbox controllers layout

    • Santhosh B_N
      Santhosh B_N 3 months ago

      Which song is he playing at 13:17

  • Moe Motors
    Moe Motors Year ago +68

    I've genuinely never smiled watching a Clip-Share video as I have with this one. Thank you Aaron for this video!

  • 𝔽𝕒𝕟𝕥𝕒𝕤𝕪 ⚔️

    I like how he lists out the specs in the cake and eats it

    • Santhosh B_N
      Santhosh B_N 3 months ago

      Which song is he playing at 13:17

  • Yusuf Banna
    Yusuf Banna Year ago +83

    I really appreciate this Shaq episode and the effort that went into making it. normal looking things scaled up seems much like mr.beast kinda thing. think u got inspired by him.
    i have seen the giant toblerone before in 'Sorted'. the incredible cooking channel has shown the chocolate bar in their occasion based pretentious product series. it cost may be 70 pounds.but what u showed is probably bigger than sorted one.it's actually cool.
    and it is my favourite chocolate bar too.

  • Eboobae
    Eboobae 4 months ago +3

    That light bulb is low-key the most senseless item on that list 😂

  • All-E-Sandro
    All-E-Sandro Year ago +1791

    Spent the entire video smiling like a little boy!! THIS WAS GENUINELY FUN TO WATCH!! Most fun I've had in a while watching a video...

    • Stxtic
      Stxtic Year ago +13

      Most fun? That’s what she saiddddddd

    • Jerry
      Jerry Year ago +1


    • Mohith Tirandas
      Mohith Tirandas Year ago +2

      Same 😂😂

    • Zeon
      Zeon Year ago +4

      Try watching slayyy point

    • Rhea Kumar
      Rhea Kumar Year ago +1

      I know righttt!! Same hereee

  • Spectromox86
    Spectromox86 Year ago +21

    How the hell did they do the Switch cabinets? Who did you contact? Are they attached to the TV or standing behind the TV or stuck to the wall? That was super smart and looked really cool! I’m not a Nintendo fan but I really love everything “tech”. Liked the clip a lot :)

  • rootbrian
    rootbrian Year ago +33

    That toothbrush (or actually a washing brush) could be used to clean everything.
    Not to mention, double as a wicked strange back scratcher!

  • Little Kitten
    Little Kitten 4 months ago +1

    so question have you combined both the biggest and smallest? like imagine getting a massive desk and massive chair and light and stuff but the tiniest computer and things

  • Jumbomuffin 13
    Jumbomuffin 13 Year ago +97

    Those earbuds are actually pretty cool. Decorate it somewhere good and it’d act like good speakers

      SAHIL AGARWAL 10 months ago +5

      those were the coolest stuff in the video

    • Santhosh B_N
      Santhosh B_N 3 months ago +1

      Which song is he playing at 13:17

    • Tremor
      Tremor Month ago

      The song is "Full Speed Ahead" by Slashtaq and Wanden

  • Maxcab20
    Maxcab20 2 months ago

    i love your vids keep the work and i am very interested in tech

  • naveen c
    naveen c Year ago +12823

    Quick fact: He's gonna sell them all to Shaq later cause all the things are standard size to Shaq.

  • imran tahir
    imran tahir Year ago +26

    Congratulations mate, I love the channel and everything u put up. Keep up the great work

  • ambhaiji
    ambhaiji Year ago +17

    This man is truly enjoying Clip-Share.

  • Pocoloco
    Pocoloco 8 months ago +5

    6:21 to be fair that shouldn’t been counted as "BIG TECH", that is a standard pad and it’s sole purpose is to cover the entire platform for you to place your mouse, keyboard and monitor. Almost every professional gamer owns one as the keyboard might move here and there when you play an intense game! More or less like a protective layer for your electronics.

    • diamonddesaug
      diamonddesaug 2 months ago

      he was buying it as a mouse pad just for his mouse
      to his purpose it is huge

  • CGi 🫶🏼
    CGi 🫶🏼 Year ago +23

    Imagine being the delivery guy(s) having to bring them to his door 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Glen Jennett
    Glen Jennett 7 months ago +5

    I've seen a few of these videos you've made and I'm curious what happens with the devices. Do you continue to use them or do they get put into storage never to be used again? I'm mostly thinking about all the gaming consoles you've gotten, but not just those. I know you have a wall for all the phones you've gotten organized very well, but how do you really use any of them again? It makes me think of people I know who have shelves full of movies that they have to just say they have them but never really watch them. What is the point in having them if they don't watch them? Or people that keep items in storage. Why have something if it's just going to be stored away never to be seen or used by anyone? You must have a pretty decent sized house to keep adding more stuff to it, especially when you get bigger items.

    • āstrø•shhłīmē
      āstrø•shhłīmē 6 months ago


    • āstrø•shhłīmē
      āstrø•shhłīmē 6 months ago


    • Glen Jennett
      Glen Jennett 6 months ago +1

      @āstrø•shhłīmē If you don't care, then why reply? Just because YOU don't care doesn't mean no one else is interested. Apparently others are interested as well since a few have liked my comment. Thanks for your unnecessary negative reply though.

  • GaganxWaduHek 69
    GaganxWaduHek 69 Year ago +425

    I’ve been with this channel for 3 years now and I swear, the growth in Arun is mind blowing. Like this channel used to be just informative and usual reviews and stuff but for a year now, since you started adding bad puns and dad jokes and those hilarious adjectives you use when you talk about subscribing just make this channel THE best channel I’ve ever subscribed to. Keep up the amazing work. I hope you reach 10 million soon

    • Zaheer Ali
      Zaheer Ali Year ago +1

      Growth in content not in numbers!

    • Shadow Plague
      Shadow Plague Year ago +11

      @Zaheer Ali no one asked + don't care

    • Sun Shine
      Sun Shine Year ago +1

      I’m just here for his voice.

    • KIITKAAT🎀🦴
      KIITKAAT🎀🦴 Year ago

      Yes! Arun deserves so much more love for buying all these random stuff for us!

    • Milo Persic
      Milo Persic Year ago


  • MaddiesMemes
    MaddiesMemes Year ago +9

    I love all the hard work you put onto you vids and all the money just to entertain us you do amazing every time you are amazing keep up the good work and its also amazing how much time you put in the all you posts

  • Kristopher Tope
    Kristopher Tope 9 months ago +92

    The giant zippo lighter is a hand warmer. They come even larger than that!

    • Santhosh B_N
      Santhosh B_N 3 months ago

      Which song is he playing at 13:17

    THESUPERBIRDS 8 months ago

    Immediately after watching this video i asked my mom for a Toblerone she got me an almond one. It tastes very good. thanks Arun for encouraging me to taste it!

  • Tiresomewarhead And Doombuster

    Kinda sad that Panasonic didn't appear with their giant tablet from around 2014, it was 30", it was basically like having a Smart TV but wireless

    • EL PLAN
      EL PLAN 9 months ago +1

      I never knew about that tv

    • Tiresomewarhead And Doombuster
      Tiresomewarhead And Doombuster 9 months ago

      @EL PLAN I saw it back then around 2014 or 2015, idk where that snippet of news I found is now though

  • cxrs_air.pr3mium
    cxrs_air.pr3mium Month ago +2

    This man never fails to make enjoyable videos.

  • sheepsmeh
    sheepsmeh Year ago +1531

    I laughed so hard when it showed him a real mouse😂

    • Ayla Nurreezman
      Ayla Nurreezman Year ago +5

      Let s goo bro

    • Shamik Sinha
      Shamik Sinha Year ago +1


    • Subhojit
      Subhojit Year ago +2

      @Apple Bri 😂bot

    • Shamik Sinha
      Shamik Sinha Year ago

      @Apple Bri And as a bot you should be banned from ever using Clip-Share again 👍

    • James TL
      James TL Year ago +10

      A wombat, largest in the rodent family,
      Fun fact: did you know their poop are square.

  • Miraj Ahmed
    Miraj Ahmed Year ago +2

    Seeing huge pencil and tooth brush, I felt like how is this tech anymore. Yet appreciated the vid as a whole. This guy tends to bring all these cool ideas

  • someone with bad grammer

    The fact that these things exist is just insane

  • Sewr Rat
    Sewr Rat 5 months ago +1

    I can’t imagine bringing those earbuds into school and saying it’s the ones you use in a regular basis 😂

  • Golg_Rander
    Golg_Rander Year ago +20

    That android tablet you bought my parents actually suprised me with it not knowing how big it was it works good though just a couple of pieces have broke and fallen off.

    • rootbrian
      rootbrian Year ago +3

      Samsung actually made a much larger one (size of a TV), with a battery, ten to fifteen years ago.

    • Golg_Rander
      Golg_Rander Year ago +2

      @rootbrian holy

  • Jitesh Agarwal
    Jitesh Agarwal 3 months ago

    The fact that the I bought the biggest tech in the world video is smaller in length than the I bought the smallest tech in the world is just crazy

  • Jan T.L.
    Jan T.L. Year ago +597

    I love that you actually gave the cake to the homeless people in your city. Amazing. And a great video, of course

    • Chen Luming
      Chen Luming Year ago +8

      would love a video of him doing good deeds too!

    • TecMeniya
      TecMeniya Year ago +11

      13:10 could anyone tell what is this song

    • Ave LWH
      Ave LWH Year ago +11

      Very, "Marie Antoinette" 🍰

    • Imtheonewhoasked
      Imtheonewhoasked Year ago

      I mean, that cake was useless to him.

    • brbapappa
      brbapappa Year ago +17

      Plot twist: they only have three homeless people in his city who were forced to eat the whole cake.

  • pikachu 227
    pikachu 227 Year ago

    I laughed quite hard with this all. What's fun to buy? Large versions of everyday things

  • Doudymac
    Doudymac 10 months ago

    The giant smartwatch can be useful as a work tool in many different scenarios. 👍

  • Fenrir
    Fenrir 3 months ago

    With the biggest Pencil, i would've loved to see the biggest pencil sharpener!

  • good_noodlevr
    good_noodlevr 8 months ago +2

    anyone ever wonder what he does with all the tech afterwards

  • Rexlog _
    Rexlog _ Year ago +1514

    Him: we’re gonna spend 10K on giant tech products in the next 4 mins.
    Also him: *buys a 4.5kg chocolate bar*

  • LiftSurfer52's Guide To Elevators And Escalators

    Wow! I never seen technology that big before!

  • StrawberryStar
    StrawberryStar Year ago +1

    I kinda wanna buy the earphone speakers just because it's ridiculously amazing 😂

  • Koala Phoenix 77
    Koala Phoenix 77 27 days ago

    Your so kind to donate that cake to your city’s homeless people your the best ❤

  • Maria Camila Galvis
    Maria Camila Galvis Year ago +1

    thanks to you I have new items to my wish list!!! the mouse the key board.. the pencil!! I absolute adore the giant earphones, my absolute favorite!!

  • HowlingBeats
    HowlingBeats 7 months ago

    LTT actually has the largest mouse/desk pad there is.

  • Simply Raven
    Simply Raven Year ago +946

    I feel like this is one of the only channels who actually have good sponsors that I would actually want to know about.

    • Falloonies
      Falloonies Year ago +3

      Internet historían

    • Clave
      Clave Year ago +12

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ and who are you?

    • Psycho Don
      Psycho Don Year ago +4

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ why u here then

    • rozyl._xx
      rozyl._xx Year ago +6

      @Bruh ⸜⁄ lmao ur only video rn is literally abt pewdiepie cringe. what are you talking about-?

    • Thomas
      Thomas Year ago

      @Clave what are you talking about? It's _the_ Bruh Bruh, everyone knows him

  • Boba Fett
    Boba Fett Year ago +3

    i have so much respect for you feeding the homeless with the cake!

  • * AliceInBlossoms *
    * AliceInBlossoms * 11 months ago +5

    The giant pencil is what every artist would dream of.

  • Cpt. Fishy
    Cpt. Fishy 2 months ago +1

    When he said “ it’s not every day you see a 44 incher “ he got me cracked up 😂

  • Dinky Minky
    Dinky Minky Year ago +1

    The part where he went to go and see how the pencil would work, but he smashed the from of the pencil into his table absolutely killed me lol 😂

  • Homem Ovelha
    Homem Ovelha 9 months ago

    I like How every time he searched for something, he changed the term he used for "very big"

  • apexsystem
    apexsystem Year ago +682

    The size-o-meter, the excitement on his face, that Toblerone bar, the EVERYTHING this is a GEM of a VIDEO

    • Chandan N
      Chandan N Year ago +2

      Whyy did I read that toblerone as testosterone 😳

  • Gerald McMullon
    Gerald McMullon Year ago +1

    Display panel monitors are over 100". Touch panel display monitors of 65, 75 and 85 inches for the largest tablet currently available - they included Android as OS.

  • Andrew Foster
    Andrew Foster Year ago

    The G rating is because they changed the way they do it now so What is now rated as G used to be rated as A. I came across this while buying a new fridge freezer recently. Nice of them to tell us lol. Updated labelling requirments came into force in 2021.

  • Anicrossing
    Anicrossing 4 months ago +1

    BTW, you’re meant to actually bring the Toblerone together like the two pieces so then it’s a lot easier just to let you know 14:17

  • Jayesk
    Jayesk Year ago +5

    The energy system rating has been reworked since products were getting AAAAAA so they made it so a G is like a B in the old system

  • BritishGorilla
    BritishGorilla 8 months ago

    I love how he still uses the giant Nintendo switch for his tv in all his new videos

  • Ok
    Ok Year ago +5

    14:35 I remember going on vacation to blackpool. In the theme park at blackpool, there was this carnival game which was basically just pure luck. If you won, you could choose if you wanted the giant toblerone, skittles, m&m's or KitKat. I remember seeing a family with all 4 prizes.

  • Andreas Lamarca
    Andreas Lamarca Year ago +4

    Regarding the Toblerone, at a theme park in Sweden, you can win the giant ones on the price wheel. I think I've won two/three in my lifetime though (born 1990).

  • Joey
    Joey 3 months ago

    Never have i ever laughed so hard in a techvidio!

  • blumen sekte
    blumen sekte Year ago +1

    Anyone ever imagining the factory where those giant toothbrushes are built? Like a whole factory full of brushes as big as the workers…
    Just me? Ok.

  • Bharat Raghavan
    Bharat Raghavan 3 months ago

    That 4.5 kg toblerone legit looked Like Megaladon to me in front of those normal ones 😄

  • Nicholas Friedman
    Nicholas Friedman Year ago +331

    Arun's poor mailman needs a raise for having to deal with these kind of packages. 😂😂

    • TheMilkMen Inc.
      TheMilkMen Inc. Year ago +2

      No.Cuz they take 1000000000000000000000 billion years

    • Fyn Kozari
      Fyn Kozari Year ago +12

      1st of all, its not just 1 mailman delivering. 2nd, they are getting paid. Do you know what it feels like having a job but not doing anything, Its eternal boredom.

    • SyTxExE
      SyTxExE Year ago +15

      @Fyn Kozari r/Wooooosh

    • Sherry
      Sherry Year ago +1

      @SyTxExE legit 9 year old

    • Riley
      Riley Year ago +2

      Sherry I ate a key cap accidentally

  • Azide_zx
    Azide_zx Year ago +5

    i actually have a mousemat that came with my desk thats larger than the one you have, its specifically designed to cover the entire surface of the 55 inch desk since its a desk built for gaming

  • alternate account
    alternate account 10 months ago

    The 360g Toblerone actually feels more normal to me than the smaller ones lol

  • Saikrishna J
    Saikrishna J Month ago

    Dude made an entire video and spend 10,000 dollars just to get that giant toblerone. Thats dedication right there.

  • Arin Sauls
    Arin Sauls Year ago

    I just found your channel recently when you did a video with Ryan Trahan testing workout products and I find your videos so refreshing. I’m kind of surprised I haven’t known about your videos before. Maybe it’s because all I used to watch was make up content before 3-4 months ago. It seems we all tend to evolve over the years and what used to interest us, doesn’t anymore and new things pop into our lives and it just so happens to be you right now.

  • Tux gaming
    Tux gaming 8 months ago

    dude I love your videos keep up the good work😃

  • Chris Minton
    Chris Minton Year ago +282

    With other people who try similar videos I feel like they are really just trying to low key flex their bank accounts. With your channel though it just comes off as genuine. I can imagine you and your friends seeing a giant candy bar and then saying let's try to find all the big things we can. Big fan of these videos along with your lists of smartphone gadgets and other everyday tech. Merry Merry to you and your family.

  • Nolan Animations
    Nolan Animations Year ago

    I love how happy he is always

  • Saket Pandey
    Saket Pandey Year ago

    Arun!!!!! Buddy!!! You are doing an absolute wonderful job!!

  • Declan Endrinal
    Declan Endrinal 5 months ago

    you are the first channel I ever subbed to. your videos are amazing!

  • Rez 2.0
    Rez 2.0 Year ago

    Imagine being the delivery guys having to bring them to his door 🤣

  • ADI rocks
    ADI rocks 3 months ago

    Wow! Arun is rapping now! (Just imagine, an 85 INCH Nintendo SWITCH!)🔥
    I also think Arun only bought all these tech products only to do some ASMR peeling!
    Love your content Arun!

  • petiertje M
    petiertje M Year ago +645

    This video was 'great ' to watch.
    Out of all the 'massive ' tech, I think the PC takes the cake.

    • Yboss
      Yboss Year ago +20

      no, it doesnt take the cake, it is the cake

    • ItzRelaxDude
      ItzRelaxDude Year ago +24

      @Yboss the cake takes the cake

    • Toyosi Oke
      Toyosi Oke Year ago +5

      Don't leave meeeeeee😅

    • GoldNight
      GoldNight Year ago +8

      The Cake is a Lie.

    • Stefan Reich
      Stefan Reich Year ago +4

      @Yboss Taking the cake while being it

  • Juice WRLD Unrelesed

    this is going to blow your mind. well it's going to blow your whole saving budget through the roof.
    Edit: Hey Arun, did you know that the toblerone logo had a bear figure in it. just a fun fact.

  • Marlo Hanks
    Marlo Hanks Year ago +1

    Keep up with the good work I love it

  • Theguyfromfortnite2014
    Theguyfromfortnite2014 4 months ago

    Can we just appreciate how much time, money and effort Arun puts in these videos

  • Modern Day Geeks
    Modern Day Geeks Year ago

    Hopefully soon we would have mouse pads that can double as blankets you could wear during the coldest of winters.

  • Alphys789
    Alphys789 Month ago

    You know what’s crazy? I’ve tried one of those toberlones. They take MONTHS to finish.

  • Jay Jo
    Jay Jo Year ago +636

    I feel like his production quality is truly under appreciated. Calling this video amazing is an understatement.

    • Soham 2077
      Soham 2077 Year ago +6

      @Polandisgoat he's saying Arun's videos are under appreciated(underrated)
      He DESERVES MORE VIEWS 💀you got his comment wrong
      Arun's video quality is unmatched they're just sooo good also his accent is so good that auto generated subtitles have 100% accuracy😂
      + he adds some jokes in the video which makes it even more entertaining

    • Polandisgoat
      Polandisgoat Year ago +1

      Sorry I didn’t know 😬

    • Funky tree
      Funky tree Year ago

      @Polandisgoat it's ok

    • Soham 2077
      Soham 2077 Year ago

      @Polandisgoat nvm😅😁

    • Lee
      Lee Year ago +1

      He must have spent a week editing this

  • theNimboo
    theNimboo Year ago

    Full desk mousepads are actually super common lately

  • Exidy YT
    Exidy YT Year ago

    Did you measure that pencil? It really didn't look 42" long, maybe a bit more then half of that. But the camera can certainly fool me, it's done it before. That CAKE tho, OMG! The illusion of depth was astounding, I really thought that was a very large (but not largest I've seen) PC case custom mod! Big props to the guy who made that. And glad you shared that monster cake out. Wish to hell I could have had a taste. ;-)

  • Kate Mathews
    Kate Mathews 4 months ago

    Thank you for letting me know about tech my size now I can build a gaming system up with a normal keyboard to me

  • Seattle Seahawks
    Seattle Seahawks 7 months ago +1

    “62 grand? Better be able to turn back time for that”😂😂😂

    KIITKAAT🎀🦴 Year ago +55

    Arun deserves so much more love for buying all these random stuff for us!

  • Blackpeacock 1000
    Blackpeacock 1000 Year ago +3

    "Mirror, tell me something. Tell me what's the biggest one of all!" Just kidding, but those items look so cool! Those giant earphones look like hairdryers

  • BrekiUNO
    BrekiUNO  Year ago

    love youre videos man keep upp the great work

  • Dunlop swagger Da Beast

    I'm a fan of your works 😍😍

  • fai†hi†e
    fai†hi†e Year ago

    I could imagine Customs Officers enjoying the unboxing. :D

  • lilboomman
    lilboomman 3 months ago +1

    Those super sized earphones are good for the BFG right?

  • Tanwant Nahar
    Tanwant Nahar Year ago +332

    This video had a Christmas Vibe to it, everytime arun was opening a box his expressions were so captivating and enthralling.

    • Gavin The Crafter
      Gavin The Crafter Year ago +3

      This video made _me_ feel like Christmas had come early!

    • Chinstrap
      Chinstrap Year ago

      @Gavin The Crafter 20 days man

  • Jayden
    Jayden Year ago

    This guy is the only person I have ever seen that has neat handwriting with such a colossal pencil.

  • Purplepotato
    Purplepotato 11 months ago

    the mouse mat is actually so that you put your setup on top of it so you can slide the mouse anywhere. just a little fun fact

  • Emo Roblox Player
    Emo Roblox Player 4 months ago

    This tech is so cool!

  • Vihaan Rane
    Vihaan Rane Year ago

    I just can’t get bored of his content.

  • Jazen Moises Velasco
    Jazen Moises Velasco 3 months ago

    "money cant buy happiness"
    the smile from his face: