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Waste of Money: NVIDIA RTX 3080 Ti Review & Benchmarks

  • Published on Dec 7, 2022 veröffentlicht
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  • Gamers Nexus
    Gamers Nexus  Year ago +432

    Watch some positive news -- this technological advancement in CPUs is cool: clip-share.net/video/xMcn-npviGA/video.html
    Grab a GN Modmat or Mouse Mat here: store.gamersnexus.net/
    You can also find our review of the original 3080 FE here: clip-share.net/video/oTeXh9x0sUc/video.html
    And our review of the AMD RX 6800 XT here: clip-share.net/video/jLVGL7aAYgY/video.html

    • Tony C
      Tony C Month ago

      Hey do you think that maybe if i got one for 699 that it would be a good deal?

    • Eidoc
      Eidoc 3 months ago

      3080 Ti FE just dropped 300$ on Bestbuy. Would that make it worth it to purchase?

    • Matt Hunter
      Matt Hunter 9 months ago

      I think we have to start viewing GPUs differently. Despite the paltry increase in FPS over a 3080, 3080 Tis are swapping hands at $1800 every day. I was offered one in a New Egg shuffle the other day, and turned it down at $1500. But I was close to doing it. And in honesty... it's not because my FPS are going to get better. It's because that GPU is a luxury good now and I want it for the same reasons people want Hermes hand bags and Gucci coats. They aren't justifiably superior at carrying things or keeping you warm. But the allure of something exclusive, that sense of having "the very best" becomes enticing. And I think that's where we have reached with the GPU market now. There's a lot of folk with a lot of disposable income who don't buy fancy cars or fancy watches. They are buying GPUs and immense battlestations. I think that's the target customer for the top of the market now.
      So maybe it's time for another angle when reviewing the top of the market. It just isn't about the incremental FPS/$ now. That matters, it has to be there. But as a luxury good top-end GPU buyers become price insensitive. I actually think this market will be here for the long term, with more and more extreme over the top GPUs. I expect to start seeing 4080 Ti with...
      > 10 inch x 2.5 inch OLED displays on them (adding hundreds to the unit cost)
      > Gold plated I/O (and even Platinum plated)
      > 320 and 420 ARGB AIO and in-built water blocks
      All of these things are going to minimally (or not at all) improve FPS and definitely won't improve FPS/$. But the top of the market will love them and will gobble them up.
      This is just the evolution of the market, I think. We've entered a much more mature, mass market stage now and we just have to accept it's got a new high end luxury segment.

    • De ViceCrimsin
      De ViceCrimsin Year ago

      I mean can you blame them? Either they become the villian. (Which they have the ability to change and fix later). Or die a hero... A hated/resented one at that. (No puns or reference intended but cam be included).
      Edit: It's still annoying. I'm under the impression that they are shorting stock intentionally on top of the already natural shortage. “Skimming off the top” as they say. As who “they” are along the production chain? I have no idea.

    • luiz gomes
      luiz gomes Year ago


  • SparkYo
    SparkYo Year ago +618

    I don't know Steve, Nvidia showed a lot of restraint by not calling this an RTX 3090 12G and charging $1489.99

    • Leberkas
      Leberkas 7 days ago

      Damn time travellers, stay in your own timeline

    • NuN
      NuN Month ago +3

      Oh man look how well this comment aged!😂

    • Petr Švec
      Petr Švec 2 months ago +3

      Dude you predicted the future lmao

    • Kennneth
      Kennneth 2 months ago +2

      This aged like milk

    • JJaaasss
      JJaaasss 2 months ago

      Don’t worry it’s in the 40 series

  • Sel Mevias
    Sel Mevias 7 days ago

    I found one on Ebay, Founder edition under warranty for 350€, somehow I feel like I out-scammed Nvidia.

  • FoBy PaWz
    FoBy PaWz 10 months ago +23

    PC & Electronics reviewers like GN are one of the few literally last bastions of honesty and integrity out there in one of the worst Money Grabbing Eras of our time!

  • evilemperordude
    evilemperordude Year ago +73

    I think Nvidia has concluded that the regular 3080 should have been priced higher, and this is a correction of sorts.

  • onederman0
    onederman0 2 months ago +20

    Would love to see an updated rating of the card with current pricing at only 100 more than the non ti model

    • Karan Patil
      Karan Patil 11 days ago +1

      apart from 3060Ti no other Ti variant is worth it. they need extra power for minor increase in performance.

    • Dildo Jizzbaggins
      Dildo Jizzbaggins 28 days ago

      Check your spelling and grammar, then _maybe_ your wish will come true.
      Give to get, y'know? :-3

    • z3ro7o
      z3ro7o Month ago

      right way different now

  • The Iron Armenian aka G.I. Haigs

    At this point Nvidia can just set the price to $2,000 just to see what would happen.
    They will probably still be selling out.

    • Michael Zaeus
      Michael Zaeus Month ago

      How prophetic, thanks! 4090! rofl

    • unwaryrince
      unwaryrince Month ago

      @Desmond Davis Little did we know this was a terrible prophecy

    • Desmond Davis
      Desmond Davis Month ago

      This comment did not age well

    • ZapdosGames
      ZapdosGames 2 months ago

      holy shit this is so true

    • unwaryrince
      unwaryrince 2 months ago

      This comment was actually a prophecy. RTX 4000 series got its prices jacked high.

  • uptown710
    uptown710 4 days ago

    The exasperated sigh at 0:28 always kills me 🤣

  • Lakedistrictrider
    Lakedistrictrider 5 months ago +10

    Would love to see a VR flight/driving sim added as a benchmark for these kinds of benchmark tests

  • R. Scott McDonald
    R. Scott McDonald Year ago +14

    Great review and analysis - Concur that Ti 3080 is severely overpriced. Shame on Nvidia. They bring out a new product line and hype the heck out of it... then greed sets in... the consumers are the ones who suffer when they buildouts do not match expectations in actual RW performance.

  • neil galas
    neil galas Year ago +76

    I just found this channel yesterday. I’m super impressed with the production quality and effort that goes into each video!

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden.....................................: P

  • BRC_Del
    BRC_Del Year ago +4571

    Would love to see the Nvidia email about "revising your editorial direction" when it arrives.

    • ThiccBoiGaming
      ThiccBoiGaming 10 months ago

      @Aykin Cakaloz same reason why some people like myself buy Nvidia cards still. We like to suffer. I don't have a PC anymore so I'm actually sad I can't suffer as much as I used to. Guess all that money has to go to my car now 😂🤣

    • Counting Sheeple
      Counting Sheeple 11 months ago

      @Nicest Guy In House No see, that's just stupid. Now I NEED a phone to hear music and use my battery? You mean I can't just buy a $40 iPod and be done with it??
      It's dumb. You're dumb. Get a better video card. Stop trying to play top tier games with your 1050!

    • Nicest Guy In House
      Nicest Guy In House 11 months ago

      But wasn't physX left behind cause there was a better similar programme that did it and nividia owned that too? So it makes sense physx got left behind (kinda like the ipod when the iPhone came out) and that they still use that so really what was left behind you said is still really in these games.
      I think Ray tracing is here to stay its an obvious want and AMD also in for the running, if they get good gameplay and it ends up not being so intensive as it can be for games to run it now I don't see why it would be left behind even if it has a new name or very similar workings but not Ray tracing (like path tracing or done other companies idea of an programme name....).
      I think it will still stay in some firm or name

    • BRC_Del
      BRC_Del Year ago +1

      @creeply joes... Are you okay?

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden...............................xxxD

  • mpbMKE
    mpbMKE Year ago +65

    I'm speccing out a workstation and was wondering if the 3080ti could be a viable alternative to the 3090, so it means a lot to hear you say, explicitly, that it is not.

    • mpbMKE
      mpbMKE 8 months ago

      Yeah, that's double the 3080ti. If you don't understand the difference that makes, you probably shouldn't be commenting, lol.

    • Alberto Sanchez-Breton
      Alberto Sanchez-Breton 8 months ago

      Because the 3090 has 24 gb of ram lol

    • Alberto Sanchez-Breton
      Alberto Sanchez-Breton 8 months ago

      Not remotely a good reply lol

    • burner
      burner 8 months ago +1

      @mpbMKE yep exactly with you its the main reason i went with the 3090 over 3080ti

    • mpbMKE
      mpbMKE 8 months ago +1

      For gaming maybe, but I can eat up all the VRAM you can give me. The 3080ti has a good OctaneBench, but for the marginal difference in price I'll take the extra VRAM 100% of the time.

  • WindBlownLeaf
    WindBlownLeaf Year ago +436

    The 'Ti' here stands for 'Tiny Improvement'.

    • Thewaterspirit57
      Thewaterspirit57 9 months ago +2

      you'd be surprised. That thing is far more worth it than the 3090 according to many

    • CaseyJohto94
      CaseyJohto94 11 months ago

      Same situation with the 1660 Super vs TI. 1660S effectively kills any point of the TI's existence

    • Randy Flores
      Randy Flores Year ago

      ..... Well Shit

    • I Drink Milk
      I Drink Milk Year ago +7

      @Khola Fortunately, very fortunately, I got my 3080 at market price a week after release day, high end version as well, I’ve had no issues with it at all for gaming alone, which is precisely the reason I bought it. Usually I’m that guy that waits for a Ti variant, but when I saw the 3080 announced alongside the 3090, I was SURE the 3090 was filling the spot for a Ti card this gen. there just wasn’t any space. Oh how wrong was I. Nvidia never fail to surprise when it comes to greed. I’ll either be buying the 80 card from now on, or I’ll go straight in for the Titan
      Even card if I want the extra power for rendering. Ti cards are becoming increasingly pointless and this card has been a new low.
      Nothing will ever beat the mighty 1080 Ti. It served me beautiful until I saw that 3080.

    • Khola
      Khola Year ago +2

      @I Drink Milk it's getting less and less for sure. Also, today I got a low vram error in blender when the same file was fine on a 1080ti with a GB less vram.
      Losing confidence. At least I got it at RRP so can sell it on if needed.

  • Echo's Reloading Chamber

    Thank you very much, for as usual a actually honest review of a Nvidia product. It's almost like a bunch of guys got together in nvidia's office smoking large amounts of cannabis and said how can we make $1,200 off of a video card? The answer they came up with was adding two more gigs of RAM and pushing the existing 3080 architecture past its stable point. All I can say is thanks for keeping me from wasting $1,200 I'm going to buy a 3080 probably sometime before 2030, or whenever they come into stock again LOL. Echo

  • Danny Groocock
    Danny Groocock 11 months ago +7

    Because of all this I've done something a bit strange at first glance I've gone from a 1060 6gb to a 900 series card ... £350 for a titan x I can sell my card for around £200 thanks to current market so for not much cash I've had a decent upgrade while people pay 600+ for a 3060 I'm pretty happy at that. Love 3x the cuda cores and 2x memory with a ludicrous bandwidth,😅

  • nathan white
    nathan white Year ago +1143

    "70% more money for 10% more performance" so a repeat of last gen? Makes sense.

    • I Drink Milk
      I Drink Milk Year ago +1

      Worse than last gen. 3080 is too close to 3090 in performance for the 3080ti to even exist. I genuinely thought they might not bother this year, but leave it to nvidia to surprise, every time. 3080 looking better and better as a purchase. Got mine, very fortunately, at market price.

    • Joe Roman
      Joe Roman Year ago

      @Douglas Richardson Where did you find one at a discount?

    • Justin
      Justin Year ago

      Looking back 2080TI is a steal at msrp

    • Cinnabuns2009
      Cinnabuns2009 Year ago +1

      @Drunk Husband I see how you got your name now

    • Drunk Husband
      Drunk Husband Year ago +1

      @Cinnabuns2009 I literally have both fucking cards do you not know how to fucking read??? Looked up benchmarks before I even bought my 3080ti. Get a clue you brain dead social reject.

  • Toisen
    Toisen 6 months ago +1

    To be honest, the 80 series never was about bang for the buck, it was like "gimme the best you have" stuff, so 10% more performance for a 20% price increase is, well, usual. The 900 series was an exception from what I remember.
    We get here more of a cut-down 3090 than boosted 3080 so you are getting the top-notch performance while sacrificing half of the RAM. Is that worth it? IDK, it's up to you.
    P.S. also, why there are no RT games in the tests? I mean the best thing about 3080 Ti compared to 3080 is the amount of RT cores (80 vs 62. 3090 has 82 cores BTW). The performance bump should be decent.

  • THEUrinalCake
    THEUrinalCake Year ago +1

    Yep only in the context of being able to get one at MSRP versus scalped does it seem like any kind of value proposition. Seems like the 3060 Ti and 3080 standard are the heroes this time.

  • Kai Van Landschoot
    Kai Van Landschoot Year ago +31

    I agree with the premise of the video but it's difficult comparing MSRP's when no card is going for that price at all. Currently, over here, the 3080ti is selling for about 200 Euro more than the 3080 which is worth it imo.
    What's not worth it, is that the 3080 itself is selling for like around 1500 euro

    • Droneshotsantoine
      Droneshotsantoine 3 months ago

      @Carlo Alberto Ranzani true... I just ordered :) So happy

    • Carlo Alberto Ranzani
      Carlo Alberto Ranzani 3 months ago

      @Droneshotsantoine yep but that’s more than 7 months later
      If you wait another two years I bet you could buy it even cheaper :)

    • Droneshotsantoine
      Droneshotsantoine 3 months ago

      @Carlo Alberto Ranzani you can buy it now for 850🤣🤣

    • MikeMiles
      MikeMiles 9 months ago +1

      sure but it still doesnt justify nvidia taking advantage of the situation to scam people

    • Carlo Alberto Ranzani
      Carlo Alberto Ranzani 11 months ago

      @ZinoAmare more like 2000€ for 3080 and 2500 for 3080ti now in Europe
      I felt “lucky” buying a 3080 amp holo at 1400 vat included few weeks ago

  • Jordan Backstrom
    Jordan Backstrom 7 months ago +10

    I'm just getting back to PC building after many years, and I'm very grateful for your work. In putting together my list for my next build, I seriously considered the 3080Ti. You're saving lives. I'll be contributing to your Patreon.

    • J H
      J H 5 months ago

      Ebay $850, getting some deals from the crypto fire.

    • dreadfulboss
      dreadfulboss 6 months ago +1

      @TizOnly1 poor argument; if you could just wait, as in not needing it for work, then it's stupid to just accept to be scalped
      "oh no but I wasn't scalped that bad" is the kind of reasoning as to why we're in the current broken market

    • TizOnly1
      TizOnly1 6 months ago +2

      I recently built a PC and bought a 3080 Ti. I get the points in this video.. but considering we're finally on the backend of the GPU shortage, paying $1250 for something GOOD, after seeing lesser cards going for more for like a year.. it felt absolutely fine for me.
      In a vacuum the argument holds.. but given how the market has been, I'm thrilled with my purchase honestly.

  • Crash Bandicoot
    Crash Bandicoot Year ago +2686

    I love how Steve most definitely would've preferred literally getting robbed blind rather than enduring the pain of a disappointing product.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden.......................,

    • Jatin Marcob
      Jatin Marcob Year ago

      @Baithoven Don't ask questions. Just consume product, then look forward to next product

    • will S.
      will S. Year ago +1

      @Kora Na I got two evga super clock reference cards at launch for 750 each. It’s been years and I could still get 400 each on eBay. No point in selling til next gen tho.

    • creeply Joe
      creeply Joe Year ago

      clip-share.net/video/X9r0DNNpyTA/video.html : D MSI is Mass Robbing your Money for RTX 3080 Ti again & again ..xdj...xd

    • Sawyer Made
      Sawyer Made Year ago

      @Artyom Sevchenko Yeah, there aren't any next to me but I have a buddy in Boston who got one from there the same way.

  • Stop Asking
    Stop Asking Year ago +2

    I just stood in line for 8+ hours at best buy, to score this gpu. I had instant buyers remorse, but after speaking to the best buy manager he explained that they received twenty 3080 FEs. Twenty... There were over 500 people in line for this drop with most chasing the 3080. I had no chance of getting a 3080, and I needed something better. While I'm sad that I couldn't get a 3080, I'm glad I could get something without supporting a dirtball scalper.

  • Jordan Wright
    Jordan Wright Year ago +1

    Use case is pretty important. For 3D rendering / Octane / Redshift / Arnold GPU the 3080ti is an excellent value when you consider the added CUDA and RTX cores over the 3080. Essentially your getting all the speed of the 3090 which is blazing fast in GPU renderers for a lot less money. For many 3D artist 12GB is enough if scenes are well optimized. The number of CUDA and RTX cores are critically decisive for GPU based rendering. That said for gamers, which is probably more the target audience here I can see it’s not best value.

  • Carolinian Farmer
    Carolinian Farmer Year ago +40

    Nvidia's strategy:
    Price the GPU in accordance with the scalping prices, so that the availability of the GPUs goes slightly higher (you still want to keep the demand high by fake-engineering low supply), & finally pocket the RTXnomical interests of your GPUs' scalpers yourself.
    Very sly strategy, indeed, Nvidia.

  • East Coast- G2G
    East Coast- G2G Year ago +1

    this is the best review ive ever herd... not because of the product itself,,, but the honesty and delivery of the content.. thank you .

  • Aeon Mazer
    Aeon Mazer Year ago +1634

    Can we just take a moment to appreciate that these brutally honest reviews are helping pc gamers make wiser and more informed decisions?

    • CockAsianUnicorn
      CockAsianUnicorn 4 months ago

      It also helps us Techs on the field keep up with the market without having to pour over reports and spreadsheets that could be falsified.

    • usernotfound
      usernotfound 6 months ago

      @M M Linus is selling out to everyone now. He's not even a reviewer anymore he's an influencer. LG fills his pockets up nicely he say anything LG is the best. Linus basically only says bad things about companies until they pay him to stop.

    • Camm GT3RS
      Camm GT3RS 9 months ago

      @DjeieA KeksekI must be a Ford GT

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden.......................,

    • TheMumblyMumbler
      TheMumblyMumbler Year ago +2

      @M M or, get this, they have different opinions. I know that's probably shocking to you but just because they like a product doesn't mean their a shill, especially when Linus has ripped into Nvidia in the past.

  • Joshua Nuez
    Joshua Nuez Year ago +3

    Seems like 3080TI can go toe to toe with 3090 from the benchmarks. Can we get a direct comparison between the two? Considering that they’re positioned closely as well in terms of pricing

  • Shim Bro
    Shim Bro Year ago +8

    Man the stars aligned for me over the weekend and I managed to get one at MSRP to boot. I was out of town on a little vacation and I remembered there was a PC component supply store in the city I was in so I popped in first thing when they opened and it just so happened that someone had returned one the night prior. Been searching for a 3080 for over a year now so I'm pretty happy.

  • Passing Through
    Passing Through Year ago +5

    Good to see someone fighting for those of us not in that higher bracket. Your awesome dude! A+++++

  • adorablebob
    adorablebob 10 months ago

    Loved the honesty. Refreshing to see in the tech/gaming review space these days.

  • fsdfmsbcxx
    fsdfmsbcxx Year ago +804

    Steve deserves a Crown for his Honesty.
    Thank God that there are still people like that out there.

    • J.D.
      J.D. 11 months ago

      A what? A crown? Wtf?

    • Msihcs
      Msihcs Year ago

      I'm planning another build soon, I'm going to keep watching here, what he said about the extra vram not being needed for gaming is interesting. I really don't want to pay 1200 for a video card

    • PSYCHO
      PSYCHO Year ago

      @Austin Flores THIS^^^^^
      WILLING BUYERS are the problem. NOT the scalpers! Scalpers only exist because of WILLING BUYERS.
      Nvidia is here to make money! NOT to give a shit about people's feelings.

    • Austin Flores
      Austin Flores Year ago +4

      Not really evil of the company when people are buying that shit regardless, no dis doesn’t make people buy stuff so if people are stupid as shit buying and reselling then that’s on the people not the company, they are there for profit not your feelings

    • Kilm
      Kilm Year ago +1

      Yip. Plenty of big websites and YT creators getting big money from some companies to be gentle or stay on-side. Easy way to spot the websites are the ones that rate the Alienware gaming rigs as the #1 pre-built. Easy way to spot the creators are they just don't talk or play down the obvious issues people like Steve wave in front of your face.

  • efftee
    efftee Year ago +5

    Nvidia's solution to scapling: become the scalper themselves
    You could make a wasteful build based around the i7-11700k 'Waste of Sand' and the RTX 3080 Ti 'Waste of Money'

  • PWKing
    PWKing 11 months ago

    Thanks so much for this review! I just found it and it's helped to settle my decision between a 3080 and 3080 ti.

  • MrJoshthesurfer
    MrJoshthesurfer Year ago +9

    Well I got this card for almost the same price as I could get a 3080 for so I guess I’ll take the slight upgrade

    KRYPTOCOLYPSE 11 months ago +17

    6 months later, that $400 difference is worth it if you just want a friggin' GPU if your store has a 3080 ti in stock and not a regular 3080.

    • dreadfulboss
      dreadfulboss 6 months ago

      says you

    • God
      God 7 months ago

      Yep, just bought the 1080 TI FE today...
      Fak the 4000 series, its gonna be the same shit we saw with 3000 series bullshit launch. Or at least I want to avoid going through that mess.
      Intel is already being an absolute a** with their paper launch GPU and AMD has shown us their stupid prices are here to stay with the prices they got on their recent launch of their new refreshed cards...
      My GTX 1080 non ti is a real slow/sluggish card to use for learning 3D art and game development, I got the cash but not the time to wait for better prices/products.
      I paid too much but at least I will be upgraden even less frequently so instead of 5 years upgrade cycle on GPU I might do 7 years this time around. If more people did that I bet these manufacturers will lower the prices cause nothing hurts a coorporation more than watching growth slow down.

  • DBells94
    DBells94 Year ago +119

    Good to see you guys are speaking the truth about this launch, just watched LTT take on this card and they make it seem like everything is fine like nvidia is right for asking 1200 for 10%ish performance Increases, you guys are one of the few media outlets we can still trust 100%

    • thomas Hooper
      thomas Hooper Year ago

      @Dan , no they aren’t. The market decides prices. A lower MSRP would be meaningless since these cards sell for much more....

    • Dan
      Dan Year ago

      @thomas Hooper there the ones who decide the price. I'd never go over 500

    • thomas Hooper
      thomas Hooper Year ago +1

      @Dan , that’s what I’m saying. Nvidia is pricing their product adequately, they have no obligation to sell beneath market value! People complaining about the MSRP need to get back to reality!

    • Dan
      Dan Year ago

      @thomas Hooper I'd love to know where it is....not seen any descent priced for 18 months

    • thomas Hooper
      thomas Hooper Year ago

      @Dan , you think they aren't producing all they can? again accepting realities is perfectly noormal. Complain if they don't revert back when demand and supply equalises.

  • Birki gts
    Birki gts Year ago

    For $1200 this would be killer value in today's market. I spent that much on my 6800xt

  • Lost_wave
    Lost_wave Year ago

    I bought my 3080ti for markup at around $1900 and the base 3080 was like $1800 at the time. Thought maybe the extra $100 might be worth it because I've never owned a "TI" card

  • Joshua DeLaughter
    Joshua DeLaughter Year ago +9

    I almost wonder if the non-Ti models (apart from the 3090) are being discontinued. The once in a while I see a card come into stock now it is ALWAYS a Ti model. Haven't seen the regular 3070/3080 come into stock in a long time.

    • Joshua DeLaughter
      Joshua DeLaughter 11 months ago

      Wow, weird. By me once in a great while they get 3070Ti and 3080Ti but that's about it.

    • holdmebackbrah
      holdmebackbrah 11 months ago +1

      @Joshua DeLaughter yea my local pc store has been stocking all 30 series. 3090s are a little spotty but they have had a 3080 every time I call

    • Joshua DeLaughter
      Joshua DeLaughter 11 months ago

      Really? Huh. All I see anymore are Ti models.

    • holdmebackbrah
      holdmebackbrah 11 months ago

      @Z3t487 idk I buy mine locally

    • Z3t487
      Z3t487 11 months ago

      @holdmebackbrah How often Nvidia restocks them on their website? Trying to get one for msrp.

  • Leon Fretter
    Leon Fretter Year ago

    Here in Germany, retail prices are such that 3080 vs. 3080 ti don't have the price-differences that they have on paper. Right now it's around 1200 for the 1080 vs. 1500 for the 1080 ti.
    So very different from the 500 vs. 1200 difference that can be seen for example on userbenchmark.

  • VlanC
    VlanC Year ago +260

    Was not expecting this level of a quality intro with this limited amount of time, you guys surprise us as always

    • Henry Young
      Henry Young Year ago +1

      @ElHehe it's still gonna take quite a bit of precious time especially if youve worked in video/filming/editing environments.

    • ElHehe
      ElHehe Year ago

      What’s surprising? a 30 second skit? I’m sure it doesn’t even take them that long to produce given that they are a tech channel after all.

    • MrVipitis
      MrVipitis Year ago

      Many intros recently and I truly enjoy it.

    • Dave Mckeague
      Dave Mckeague Year ago

      This is a standard intro they do for all GPUs

    • drithius
      drithius Year ago +9

      And he even cared enough to do so with relevant data and not pre-record this video days/weeks in advance and submit a frothing fanboy review without pertinent price data. *cough Linus cough*

  • Herjuno Rah Nindhito

    I agree with you if everything sold in msrp, but nowadays 3080 ti and 3080 is sold with not so different price. For machine learning purpose, that extra 2GB is also valuable

  • MCexpert2
    MCexpert2 Year ago +9

    My 3080 is looking better than ever lol. Thanks Nvidia! I guess staying up for a week straight during launch doing nothing but refreshing store pages was worth it!

    • I Drink Milk
      I Drink Milk Year ago

      3080 wasn’t even much less powerful than 3090 to begin with lol. Unbelievers that nvidia still thought there was room for a card between them. 7 FPS more lol

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago +1

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden....................................................xxxZ

  • Saia
    Saia Year ago

    Interesting, in Australia there's only a $200 price difference between the 3080 & 3080Ti, well depending on the model, and also given that this video is a few months old now.
    They're both crazy expensive though, but woe is life.

  • Vok250
    Vok250 11 months ago +8

    Damn. My whole build cost less than this card alone. That was before the shortages though.

  • Hyena
    Hyena Year ago +199

    Do you remember when a selling point of the 30 series was how much less it cost than the previous series? I'm thinking about that a lot lately.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden.............................xZ

    • Hyena
      Hyena Year ago

      You know, just to make sure they're making the most off their immediate inventory.

    • Hyena
      Hyena Year ago +2

      @Knicks 542 It was long apparent that they only cared about money when they started offering mining GPUs. Their claim for power efficiency won't matter until someone actually tests one. But other than that, I figure they might keep the price high in-case they sell out right away.

    • Nari
      Nari Year ago +1

      @Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION The retailer has no skin in the game with brand loyalty though.

      Unexpected SPANISH INQUISITION Year ago +2

      @Hyena yeah it did, youtube being fucking stupid and deleting people's comments for no reason. Oh well.

  • A J
    A J Year ago

    Pricing should be directly proportional to the performance increase percentage to the non TI model.

  • Nemesiz00
    Nemesiz00 Year ago

    I think that including the msrp on the charts would be a decent idea

  • Isaac
    Isaac Year ago

    the funny thing is that the GPU prices are going to stay at what they are now until the 4000 series come out and the chips shortage has being dealt. So far if in my country people want the Ti version they cost the same price as a 3080. So yeah it's still insane!chipshortage

  • David Hoelzer
    David Hoelzer Year ago

    Where it does for is in the AI/ML market. It makes a great middle of the road commodity GPU with good RAM for model/data. The 3090 is just too much unless you really need that much ram for your models.

  • Jeffrey Machado
    Jeffrey Machado Year ago +205

    I love how steve is honest about this opinion when it comes to products. Thank you good sir.

    • DINO X
      DINO X Year ago +2

      @Ivan Aytor wait until you watch linus's review

    • Squirt Reynolds
      Squirt Reynolds Year ago +3

      @Agrojester 115 you are still getting scalped but just by the retailer so

    • Ivan Aytor
      Ivan Aytor Year ago +3

      Here, here! I just watched Digital Foundry's "review". The level of BS in that review, like when they said" Value is kind of questionable". No shame.
      Thank you Steve for keeping it real, for telling it how it is... "this is a money grab".

    • zunnoab
      zunnoab Year ago +2

      @SjN87 It's looking like it may take 2-3 years for that to happen sadly. Hopefully you're right. This is probably one of the worst times to get a PC for gaming this century, if not ever after they went mass market.

    • SjN87
      SjN87 Year ago +14

      Happily pay that price?
      Lol jesus dude, just wait another year for the market to go back to normal. By then youll be wanting the 4080 anyways

  • TheCanadianSpin
    TheCanadianSpin 8 months ago +1

    I'm glad I got my 3080 instead of the TI, I waited so long for it and knew the ti wouldnt be much of a difference other than price wise.

  • Cody Wilson
    Cody Wilson Year ago

    I just got this at MSRP. Call me crazy but I’m extremely happy with this purchase. Just thankful to have finally found one.

  • Stephen Connally
    Stephen Connally 11 months ago +26

    After a bunch of researching and reading, trying to figure out what to buy, I've come to the conclusion that nothing is good and everything is bad and the only way to avoid this is to spend $10,000 lol
    But I am very very glad I found this channel, cutting right to the core of every topic and issue, gotta love it.

    • Alex M
      Alex M 7 months ago +1


    • Cordell Wanless
      Cordell Wanless 9 months ago +1

      @Snake Diet Dan ik u posted this a month ago so u probs know now, it's not that everything is trash, it's that the prices are trash bc of the market. You have 7k, but if you're anything but a professional designer, you should be able to build a fantastic 4k gaming rig for less than 2k. However, bc of the market, u gotta spend at least 3.3k

    • Stephen Connally
      Stephen Connally 10 months ago +1

      @Snake Diet Dan That sounds SO familiar lol.

    • Snake Diet Dan
      Snake Diet Dan 10 months ago +1

      I feel you dude, I'm so lost. I have about 7k I'm willing to spend and just screaming "SHOW ME WHAT TO BUY!!" After a month of reading about the different components and literally everyone saying that everything is trash

    • IcantSignIn
      IcantSignIn 11 months ago +1

      3080 is the Goldilocks card in the Nvidia lineup (at original price). I tried a 3060ti, it was too small. A 3090 for hobbies, is too big. My 3080 is juuust right.

  • Grizzly
    Grizzly Year ago +1

    Question... What graphics card do you recommend buying? I feel like every tech channel is like... Don't buy this gpu, dont buy that gpu, its a bad value.. A bad value compared to what exactly? No card can be bought for MSRP for the most part (Even microcenter is selling well above msrp for all cards) so might as well compare the aftermarket prices and buy the best card you can afford for your build because this shortage and price hike is not going anywhere for this year and likely the next.

  • YobB1n
    YobB1n Year ago +501

    Remember when top-tier gpu's were 600 or 700 bucks max?

    • BAD comment BOT
      BAD comment BOT 8 months ago

      @MagmaChicken yes friend

    • Tom Kazansky
      Tom Kazansky Year ago

      Remember when they were $500.....

    • MOTHexe
      MOTHexe Year ago

      @Zebadiah Ganjabutter With a parts shortage going on, they will sell every last one of these at any inflated price. Doubt they care if it goes to Businesses, Consumers, or scalpers.

    • TotalXPvideos
      TotalXPvideos Year ago +2

      @Tyler Smith Literally how, I payed €630 for a 980ti not too late after launch.

    • InSomnia DrEvil
      InSomnia DrEvil Year ago

      I have no idea what gamer buys graphic cards for 2.000$ or more right now...
      They should be sane and wait out this madness.

  • Upracefan
    Upracefan 7 months ago

    $1200 would be a deal if you could find one, they are just about on par with 3090 in most games.

  • Mauricio Restrepo
    Mauricio Restrepo Month ago

    The sketch at the beginning was priceless. I just bought my first RTX Nvidia graphic's card, the 3080. I kept wondering whether I should have bought the TI for those extra 2 GB instead. This video relieved that thought at the back of my head. Cheers.

  • Comrade ANThony
    Comrade ANThony Year ago

    So I'm late to the party, but watching this is helping me make a choice in something. I was trying to think (I the future when I can) of getting a 6800XT or a 3080.
    Seeing how NVidia is just trying to take advantage of the shitty market and fuck over consumers really makes me want to jump over to AMD.

  • Part of the Game
    Part of the Game Year ago +2

    What irritates me is that while it's hard to get a 30 series card, when the 40 series launches, it's going to be just as difficult to get a hold of.

    • Sam Wallace
      Sam Wallace Year ago +1

      Yep you'll have to take off a week from work to camp for one. It'll be impossible still.

  • Wards Yard
    Wards Yard Year ago +255

    Steve, you are legit the most credible guy I watch on youtube. As someone who has not just the same hardware but subsequent passions you have. I mostly share the sentiments and feelings. I have endless respect for you sir for speaking out on your platform freely.
    ~edited from voice text jargon to Eng'rish

    • ptown77
      ptown77 Year ago

      @AJ Eaton Smoke my pole

  • Happy Kiwi
    Happy Kiwi 6 months ago +3

    i almost bought this and the adrenaline rush of it being in stock for MSRP was so addicting. I thought to myself that something was not right, it was too good to be true so I looked up reviews of this and now i might just wait until the 4k series of gpu releases so i can look at my options again

    • Happy Kiwi
      Happy Kiwi 2 months ago

      @tsuyax still gotta see what AMD will drop and bench tests from independent sources for both products

    • tsuyax
      tsuyax 2 months ago

      and now 3 months later after the 40 series got announced and is shittier than 3080 TI, what's your decision? lmao

    • Happy Kiwi
      Happy Kiwi 5 months ago

      @K H "Possibly 3k series will drop in price more before the 4k series release though?" that's exactly what I'm expecting. I've waited more than two years for a chance to get my hands on the 3k series and with the rumors of the 4k series releasing some time by the end of this year, I'll just wait a couple more months since it's so close. I view expensive computer components as an investment and I intend to drop such sums of money and make it last for years so I want to get the best I can for my money. Right now i'm rocking the same gtx 980 from 2015 and it's still killing every game I play on max or nearly maxed settings so I can afford to wait longer.

  • Sav
    Sav Year ago

    You'd only need that VRAM for situations typically unrelated to gaming at this time. The 3080Ti is much better value than the 3090. This makes your 3090 review seem too easy Nvidia.

  • drlove
    drlove Year ago

    Going from a evga 1080 ftw in 2018 and getting $440 for it in July 2021. I got the 3080ti and will never go back. Amazing card not a waste

  • Marsvinking
    Marsvinking Year ago +1

    Saved my money here, im going to try to get the 3080 OC ASUS Strix instead of the 3080 ti strix version which i intended to get. Until i saw this video, i didnt really see anything in a performance boost for money when it came to the 3080 ti.
    Only the numbers looked good on the page of the specs for the card.
    10240 CUDA cores
    384 Bits
    It looked alot compared to the normal 3080, but by this video it made it look like it didnt make a change with those higher numbers.
    so thank you. i dont need the 4 extra FPS in games

  • CMX
    CMX Year ago +70

    Good take, I was shocked when Linus said “it’s a no brainer” to buy the 3080ti at $1200. That’s a ton of money for a small improvement. Just because it’s close to performance of 3090 is meaningless. If you can afford a 3090 then you don’t care about price/performance just having the “best.” At this price still should not bought. They are gouging us again like Steve said.

    • GenRabbit
      GenRabbit Year ago

      @Cin Never said you would get it at 1200. Said if you get it at 1200, and have have a good card already; its not for you.

    • GenRabbit
      GenRabbit Year ago

      @Jeremy Dixon If you have a 5700xt, your good. So this areen't for you.

    • Patrick O
      Patrick O Year ago

      You can`t get regular 3080s and manufacturers are going to heavily favor the ti models due to pricing. They will likely just stockpile some 3080s for warranties and move completely to making TIs.

    • Carlos Charbel
      Carlos Charbel Year ago +1

      He specified that was recorded before knowing MSRP

    • Jeremy Dixon
      Jeremy Dixon Year ago

      @GenRabbit Even if you don't this card still isn't for you.
      I'd rather keep using my 5700xt than buy this. If I had to, I rather go buy a pre-built with a 1660 than buy this. Hell, an RX 580 does good for most people.
      There are literally 20 other alternatives that I can give you. None of them are "Yeah, the 3080 ti would work best for that."

  • shadowtheimpure
    shadowtheimpure Year ago

    Nvidia is making me cry these days with their egregious behavior. I greatly fear what kind of generational price uplift we're going to see going into the 40 series cards given what the last year has done.

  • 日産スカイライン

    Glad to see tons of top reviewers and people are agreeing the RTX 3080Ti is a waste of money. The card cost nearly $500 dollars more than the RTX 3080 and you get at most a few more FPS depending on the game. Its like $100 per FPS. Not worth it at all. For the price of a RTX 3080Ti, you can get a RTX3080 and a RTX 3060/3070 at MSRP. Out of all the cards right now, I say the RTX 3060Ti and RTX 3080 are the best price card per performance.

  • Sebastian Campos
    Sebastian Campos 10 months ago

    Thinking of upgrading my gaming PC for the first time in years. Thank you for this content! Very useful!

  • Drake3051
    Drake3051 Year ago +5

    Honestly at this point it's about what's in stock. I have been trying for over a year to get a 3080 for MSRP, I refuse to give scalpers what they want and encourage there despicable actions. If I see a Ti in stock over a 3080 I'm pulling the trigger even though it's twice as much for at extra 10fps.

    • Funky Buddha
      Funky Buddha 10 months ago

      A bunch of 3080 Ti cards are appearing on eBay and are selling for almost the same msrp as the non Ti. They are all from Italy and listed as New. What does this mean?

    • carl minor
      carl minor Year ago

      You realize supply and demand dictates the price of any good right...? The demand is up and the supply is the same or lower. That means higher prices!! Belly up to the counter and pay current prices or wait to pay even higher prices in 2022. Cheers mate!

  • Tejota624
    Tejota624 Year ago +1922

    Nvidia be like... "Look at me, I am the scalper now"

    • IO O
      IO O 7 months ago


    • RP
      RP 8 months ago

      Fine by me. I'd rather that money goes to the actual manufacturer rather than some fat greasy stinky nerd who did absolutely fuck all to contribute to the technology. In any case I just won't buy it when it's overpriced, so let the idiotic scalpers try (and fail) to make their profit. Maybe next gen they won't do that.

    • Nepu-Tech JPN
      Nepu-Tech JPN 9 months ago

      Except Nvidia was never a hero, only a villain.

    • Robert Wilson
      Robert Wilson Year ago

      More like I run the monopoly now.

    • Lerma Bean
      Lerma Bean Year ago

      @Terra Incognita Gaming
      True but retailers only do what the manufacturers tell them to do.

  • Seijen
    Seijen Year ago +3

    back in my day the flagship 1080ti sold for 700 dolars and were bountiful when it came to stock.
    ahh the those were the times...

  • z1mt0n1x
    z1mt0n1x Year ago

    Yes, they renamed the Titan cards to xx90, as they initially said the Titan cards were not for gamers, but as gamers bought them anyway Nvidia figured they'd market it as one and raise the MSRP from its usual $1200 to $1500, because why not... Covid right?

  • Bunsenn
    Bunsenn Year ago +14

    To be fair, the 3080ti performs around the same as the 3090 in most games so I guess being $300 less than the 3090 isn’t too horrible. Either way, $1200 appears like chump change compared to what scalpers are gonna start charging for these.

  • Patryk Patty
    Patryk Patty 9 months ago +36

    Nvidia is slowly becoming more like Apple

  • Mixer237
    Mixer237 Year ago +542

    Anyone else miss the days where the flagship card was $500?

    • Cinnabuns2009
      Cinnabuns2009 Year ago

      @Sonny Nguyen No they aren't/weren't. That's just the bullshit they're shoveling to the masses. "News out of blippety says, "Its the last Bud Light in the fridge! Better act now! Film at eleven!" They get all these hype spreaders on YT to buy in to their BS and spread all the lies to the masses so everyone thinks, "they're justified in raising prices." Don't you think a company that builds AI to harvest human behavioral data would use it to make more money? We're just naively agreeing with them and giving our overlords our monies... no thanks.

    • Jack Knife
      Jack Knife Year ago

      @Sonny Nguyen like I said,
      n a i v e

    • Sonny Nguyen
      Sonny Nguyen Year ago

      @Jack Knife not sure if you know this, but the new nvidia cards produce lower yields than typical. Low yield = increase in cost. They were struggling hard on this, not to mention the total lack of supplies of raw materials.

    • Jack Knife
      Jack Knife Year ago

      You're every companies ideal consumer(naive) if you think even 10% of the MSRP pricing on the 3080ti is even remotely related to "Rising manufacturing costs"
      But I do agree with your first point, they can charge whatever they want because people are clamoring to pay it. Same with the scalpers; they only exist because people are willing to buy from them.

    • Sonny Nguyen
      Sonny Nguyen Year ago

      @Jack Knife it’s all supply and demand. They can charge w.e they want as long as it makes sense. You can buy a 1070 on eBay problem solved. If you really want it, pay the price or wait until there is no more demand for price to go down. Things are getting a whole lot more expensive to manufacture in this day and age compared to 5 years ago.

  • fattal89
    fattal89 Year ago +2

    What a wonderful review. So honest and brutal. Kudos!

  • Harel Danieli
    Harel Danieli 7 months ago +2

    Right now on amazon the EVGA version of the 3080 ti is (for me at least) $400 more than 3080. Guess I'll go with the 3080 then? What do you guys think

  • Konkasor
    Konkasor Year ago

    After this video, i added to my 1080 Ti an extra 2000W PSU and suddenly became an 3080 Ti. Works like a charm even my house is still on fire.

  • Terry Gold
    Terry Gold Year ago +1

    Gamer Nexus is awesome. So helpful and insightful. That's all...

  • Mordana
    Mordana Year ago +172

    Sad part is, they will most likely still sell like hot cakes thus making these ridiculous prices "normal" 😔

    • justbob333
      justbob333 Year ago +1

      @NemesisXII was it "market manipulation" to release 3090/3080 first before 3070/3060?

    • jdiamond
      jdiamond Year ago +7

      @NemesisXII They aren't "shorting supply", there is a limited number of chips to go around so they are trying to sell the highest margin products they can first for as high a price as they can get away with. AMD is doing the same thing except their prices are much more reasonable by comparison.

    • Quantum Troll
      Quantum Troll Year ago

      @SOAP Doing what exactly?

    • NemesisXII
      NemesisXII Year ago +7

      @SOAP Shorting supply to manipulate demand and price is a form of market manipulation. Are they doing this intentionally? Only they would know. Is it s shit situation all around regardless? Yes.

    • Veginite
      Veginite Year ago +2

      Can't stop consumerism!

  • DarkCSS
    DarkCSS Year ago +1

    I got a 3080 for US$ 770 a couple weeks after it was launched, and at the time I thought it was too expensive, but now I'm glad I did that. RX 580 are selling for US$ 800 now at my local retailers, for god's sake.

    • SmallCat
      SmallCat 11 months ago

      second hand rx580s ?? or brand new

  • Varinder Bains
    Varinder Bains Year ago +14

    Both Nvidia and AMD have become scalpers, absurd level for the 3080 TI and even the 6600 XT had additional bucks added just to scalp....What a terrible situation for gamers and I cannot believe I am hoping the Intel of all companies comes to the rescue.

    • Varinder Bains
      Varinder Bains 6 months ago

      @dude nukem Agree but having three GPU manufacturers over two does make for more competition and choice. I have no doubt the Intel GPU's when they launch will be a bit more cost effective if only because they will not be at the Radeon or RTX level but anything especially at the low to mid end where the bulk of the sales will be is very welcomed and will drive competition.....I can only hope! I mean even now that prices are stabilising, they and I mean both Nvidia and AMD have pulled a fast one by driving prices up and significantly cutting down functionality at the low end. Intel will want' a piece of this market and will ONLY succeed if they come in lower...

    • dude nukem
      dude nukem 9 months ago

      yeah.... because Intel does not want to make money? xD xD xD they are known for their robin hoodness :D

    • I couldnt come up with a name so i used this
      I couldnt come up with a name so i used this 11 months ago

      @nomasporfavor he could have a 9800 GTX or something bro lol

    • Anviil
      Anviil 11 months ago +2

      Man, sometimes I just want to sell everything I own, donate the money to charity and become a mountain hermit because of this shit

  • Mr. FLUP
    Mr. FLUP Year ago +1

    I was able to snag a 3080 FE from Best Buy and traded it for a 3080 Ti FE. I think if anyone is lucky enough to get a 3080 FE and you're a gamer trading for the 3080 Ti is a good option. Technically a $699 3080 Ti lol.

  • Catamount
    Catamount 9 months ago +51

    It's funny to watch this review, appreciate everything said, and go buy a 3080ti anyways.
    Because while the imaginary price on the 3080ti may be "offensively" higher than the imaginary price on the 3080, in terms of street price the separation really isn't anything like that at all. It's more like a couple hundred bucks, which I'm okay spending for a modest performance uplift and a more appropriate amount of VRAM for 4k gaming. Obviously if 3080s were $699 this wouldn't be worth the premium but they're not. That number has no correlation to anything here in the corporeal world.

    • jebes909090
      jebes909090 3 months ago +1

      as someone who owned the 3090 for 3 months before it blew itself up, i'll says that i didnt use even close to all of it for games. it was nice to run cyberpunk at basically full specs getting 60+fps, but after i struggled to find a replacement during the gpu crisis, i eventually found a 3060 and it was all that i needed. an excellent card. i just picked up a 3080ti today though because i ordered an index and i want the extra power. the 3080ti performs almost the same at the 3090 and i paid about 1000 less INCLUDING 250 for an extended warrenty(which i do recommend for these hot bitches. they will cook themselves if you turn your back) ps. the bonus of the 3080ti over the 3090 is that it also draws A LOT less power then the 3090 if you want to stick with nvidia. That was also my favorite thing about the 3060. only 180 watt max draw.

    • CwazyWabbit
      CwazyWabbit 8 months ago +2

      In the UK today you can get the 3080Ti FE for less than a standard 3080. That is actual in stock card prices at the retailers.

    • Catamount
      Catamount 8 months ago +1

      ​@Daniele Bonora I'm not going to say there wasn't some pain from what I paid for my 3080TI, in the sense that in another 4 or 5 months that GPU may well sit at under $1000 (or, at the very least, almost-comparable 3080s or 6800XTs will approach MSRP), but by the time that happens, those few hundred dollars will just be noise in months of finances anyways, and I'll have had a 3080TI in my main computer.
      I have VR titles that used to only "mostly" run satisfactorily on my 2080 (because enough VR can even bring that card to its knees) now effortlessly chug along at the near 4k/90 of my Quest 2 with my GPU barely breaking a sweat. Super-intensive titles or badly-optimized titles that used to struggle to stay at 60fps now run alongsize my monitor's 100hz refresh rate. Nothing against the old 2080, but this feels like the card and performance I was actually imagining when I put this 5800X based build together in 2021.

    • Daniele Bonora
      Daniele Bonora 8 months ago +1

      A 3080 ROG strix OC at my local store was 1600 €. I bought my 3080 TI ROG strix OC at 1700 €. When you're spending that much, a mere 100 € difference for an up to 10% increase in performance is absolutely justified in my opinion.

    • Cross Vadar
      Cross Vadar 8 months ago +2

      @Catamount 24GB will be mostly you doing 3D rendering and with multiple 3D editing applications opened simultaneously with very high resolution textures as Nvidia demonstrates in their video. Jay also has a video on about VRAM usage. It only make sense when "Time is money" in a production way, and you have money to spent or able to recover the cost from the work you done. Else, 3080/3080ti is the top for typical user/gamer. The Titan wasnt that old yet the 3090 can literally blow it away in certain "benchmarks", so imagine in coming years with Intel joining will boost up the GPU performance in comparison to the earlier generation. Don't have a presumption that " Oh the GPU just $300 more double the Vram that a DEAL". No, just don't. there are better things you can buy with that money.

  • TechyBen
    TechyBen Year ago +362

    Intel: "Steve called us a waste of sand..."
    NVidia: "Ouch, that's harsh, well at least he won't steep that low for us..."
    Intel: "..."

    • King Plunger
      King Plunger Year ago

      Funny that sand is actually an important resource and will get even more important in the future.

    • Smiling Bandit
      Smiling Bandit Year ago

      @Kubush they all do embarrass themselves

    • Kubush
      Kubush Year ago +1

      Meanwhile AMD continues to embarrass themselves. Lol.

    • Amanullah
      Amanullah Year ago

      @EvilTurkeySlices 😂

    • John Shin
      John Shin Year ago

      To be fair, Waste of Sand was within a certain context (you should go either 5600X / 11600K or 10th Gen on sale or 5900X+ instead). He also thought 5800X was kind of a waste.

  • Patryk Patty
    Patryk Patty 9 months ago +1

    Because of the market right now buying the 3080 ti makes sense. Average resale prices for the 3080 and 3080ti are very close. Plus if you want to buy the FE edition you have to pay $200 extra for the Best Buy total tech membership. In my case the difference is a $100 making the ti the better option. On stock X the price for the 3080 has dropped significantly in the past week and in early February and before it was actually the same price or a little bit cheaper for the TI

  • JJ Barajas
    JJ Barajas Year ago +1

    Me and my friends' online orders were canceled because there weren't any 3080s in stock.. our alternatives were the 3070 or 3080ti.. and it was only like $300 more to go for the 3080ti. What a great market.

    • Ollie
      Ollie 11 months ago

      Yeah im having the same problem. Somehow its 100 dollars more for me to go ti than regular 3080. Scalpers have changed the meta.

  • Yusuf Aslanyurek
    Yusuf Aslanyurek Year ago

    I don’t like to subscribe anywhere, searching when I need something and that’s my way. This episode made me your subscriber. It's "almost" impossible to find knowledge with this rate of honesty. Also you made me buy 6900xt instead of 3080ti and after few benchmark and deep research (I had 2080 super then 3070ti) I'm more than happy (considering cheapest 3080ti is about 1750$ atm in Turkey while 6900xt is 1600$) because it is in most scenarios like 1080p+1440p it is considerably faster.
    What is more important is that new Playstation 5, Xbox X is AMD cpu+gpu. I might be wrong but It is obvious that all multi-platform games are *like it or not* going to be AMD optimized just like AC Valhalla.

  • Hashtag_Shrekt
    Hashtag_Shrekt 3 months ago +3

    As of yesterday, Bestbuy (possibly local only) has the MSI 3080ti Ventus 12gb for $720

  • Neo Xela
    Neo Xela Year ago +142

    Always surprises me how Steve and his team can be passionate but remain objective. Well done as always and thanks for keeping us informed.

  • Trijicon
    Trijicon Year ago +11

    With a 3070ti going for $950+ right now paying $1200 for a 3080ti doesn't seem like such a bad deal, what a world we live in nowadays

    • Colonel Angus
      Colonel Angus 11 months ago

      Antonline 3080 ti and 12700k for $2150 is the best it gets right now.

    • Der_Rusher
      Der_Rusher 11 months ago +3

      you wont get a 3080ti for that price tho

  • Michael Gilbert
    Michael Gilbert Year ago

    Manufacturers are pushing these cards right out to the bleeding edge, with predictable results. Some are unstable, out of the box. All are probably going to have short lifespans. A few months ago, I tried to replace my RX-480 with an RX-5600 XT, and wound up returning the 5600 because it was unstable, at stock settings. My RX-480 is five years old, and still runs fine. I hope it lasts until sanity returns to GPU prices.

  • Juno
    Juno 9 months ago

    I guess the plan now is to keep my 1080 Ti until it stops receiving driver support or kicks the bucket, I don't ever see GPU prices returning to the land of sanity.

  • Tech Tips
    Tech Tips Year ago

    There’s quite a lot of stock now in the UK but crazy prices

  • Ryan Dix
    Ryan Dix Year ago +703

    "We apologize for wasting your time, and ours with this one..."
    You killed me haha! Thank you for your content sir.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden.............................................: PPP

    • voidptr0
      voidptr0 Year ago

      This intro made me want to watch until the end. +1 to GamerNexus & Steve.

    • Theo Uhrik
      Theo Uhrik Year ago +1

      LMAO love that intro 😂

  • Brummie Deano
    Brummie Deano Year ago

    So they saw there was a huge increase in demand so rather than make more 3080 to fill demand they called it a 3080ti with a bit more vram to double the price.

  • Epic Joe Show
    Epic Joe Show Year ago

    This is such an honest review. Thank you for this.

    • creeply joes
      creeply joes Year ago

      :D Give me all your money to buy an RTX 3080 Ti lolololl ....xD Paid extra $1000 for just 6% more improvement xxxxxD...., So Creepy Just like me : D Creepy EV!!L Stepp@nWOLF Joe Biden...........................................................xxxxxxxxP

  • Alex TT-zer0
    Alex TT-zer0 Year ago

    I think in this gpu age u either go for a 3060 ti or a 3080 ( if u want an RTX) ofc talking about msrp prices or at least multiplied amongst all cards woth the same number. What do you guys think?