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Casually Explained: Rock Climbing

  • Published on Mar 28, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Great to see ya'll again, sorry I haven't made more vids but we all know that posting more than once a year is clearly aid
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  • ComedyComedy

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  • Dieselnaut
    Dieselnaut 2 months ago +48127

    Man just bursts out of nowhere and starts talking about rock climbing. Truly the youtuber of all time

    • JaJack
      JaJack 2 months ago +45

      Hell Yeah Let’s Go Rock Climbing :D

    • JujuChonk
      JujuChonk 2 months ago +75

      ​Shortest Movie Rants no no. I believe what he wrote was intentional AND correct.

    • Jaechell
      Jaechell 2 months ago +8

      @movierants bro doesn't know

    • Blake Burke
      Blake Burke 2 months ago +22

      It’s just like Sam

    • MHitman038
      MHitman038 2 months ago +8

      Such a goated man

  • Ryan Mitchell
    Ryan Mitchell 2 months ago +1882

    Been a climber for a few years. I was cackling about how spot on all of this was. Pure class, 11/10 beanies

    • Joey C
      Joey C 2 months ago +25

      He simply shows up after months and describes one of my favorite sports in the most comically accurate way

    • awooga googaloo
      awooga googaloo 2 months ago +2


  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis 2 months ago +3845

    I remember thinking, “Rock climbing seems like a fun and affordable way to stay in shape.”
    I looked at the price of gyms, and I’ve never looked back…at considering rocking climbing.

    • _FG_
      _FG_ 2 months ago +52

      I mean most gyms are like $100/mo or so, it's only ~$50 more than the YMCA or other normal gyms. Not that bad imo

    • Idk Gg
      Idk Gg 2 months ago +131

      you can climb without having to go to a climbing gym.. unless you live somewhere where there's 0 rock

    • GreyArea
      GreyArea 2 months ago +274

      Which is unfortunately most places

    • Egerit
      Egerit 2 months ago +100

      ​@Idk Gg ppl who live in Florida:
      Tree climbing go BRRRRR

    • YouReallyDontKnow
      YouReallyDontKnow 2 months ago +222

      @_FG_ YMCA and most other normal gyms do not cost $50 a month….
      Also, if you’re reasoning is “well it’s worth it cause it’s ONLY TWICE the cost of a normal gym” then you’ve already lost all credibility lol

  • CringeTube
    CringeTube 2 months ago +1031

    he literally hasn't made a video in so long that his voice has gotten noticeably deeper from aging

    • Brad Wyn Arts
      Brad Wyn Arts 2 months ago +34

      I noticed that too. Was jarring.

    • Garou
      Garou Month ago +52

      Dat timeskip character development thou

    • Frederick Benny
      Frederick Benny Month ago

      That's not how you spell ageing. You will suffer for this.

    • Derin with a Q
      Derin with a Q Month ago +5

      @Frederick Benny sarcasm? They’re both acceptable lol

    • Zin Duul
      Zin Duul Month ago +4

      i think it's a difference in mic quality

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body
    Come Fast To Get Into My Body 2 months ago +7230

    Being gone for a year and then coming back to talk about rock climbing is the most Clip-Sharer thing ever

    • Jack
      Jack 2 months ago +34

      and like 4 days ago he was streaming fall guys with the lads

    • Grier Kubota
      Grier Kubota 2 months ago +7

      Uhhhh hi 🙂

    • Boss Snurp
      Boss Snurp 2 months ago +55

      Username is sus

    • Thorvald Spear
      Thorvald Spear 2 months ago +97


    • Boss Snurp
      Boss Snurp 2 months ago +10

      @Thorvald Spear yeah

  • Bubblesoda
    Bubblesoda 2 months ago +812

    I was laughing so hard all throughout but that 'synergy of yoga pants and harness' had me dead because it's so true

    • Alright, Tumbleweed
      Alright, Tumbleweed 2 months ago +170

      Yoga pants count as aid because a lot of other climbers come over and tell you how to solve the puzzle

    • TheClown
      TheClown Month ago

      ​@Alright, Tumbleweed don't judge

    • The plural is actually "asparageese".
      The plural is actually "asparageese". Month ago

      @Alright, Tumbleweed That's only if having people shout beta doesn't throw you off your game lol. I haaaaaaaaaaaaaate it when people do that

  • Greg's bagels
    Greg's bagels 2 months ago +9057

    This guy spent a year actually rock climbing so he can give us the best explanation. Truly dedicated.

    • Fabian Herrmann
      Fabian Herrmann 2 months ago +228

      He could have given the best explaination after 6 months but it took a year to being able to casually explain it.

    • Robert Raymond
      Robert Raymond 2 months ago +92

      @Fabian Herrmann Giving a good explanation clearly would have been aid.

    • Brian Doe
      Brian Doe 2 months ago +11

      So you're saying he's vegan

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 2 months ago +2

      Well said!

    • GreyWolfClimber
      GreyWolfClimber 2 months ago +2

      Takes longer than that to be part of the life. It’s a lifestyle. Not a sport.

  • John Sexton
    John Sexton 2 months ago +255

    Like a true introvert he just shows up after about 63 weeks of no contact to talk about some random subject

  • Null-n-Void
    Null-n-Void 2 months ago +659

    After a year of rock climbing,he decided to do a Clip-Share video on it,what a legend

  • TastyPierogi's
    TastyPierogi's 2 months ago +240

    I love how this man can just sell you the entire community in a 7 minute video

  • OffTankGaming
    OffTankGaming 2 months ago +554

    The nail joke was gold. Gonna have to tell my wife she’s now a “thoughtful lesbian.” Great to see you back Casul.

    • Burner
      Burner 2 months ago +3

      That joke is probably older than him.

    • Aydenator 27
      Aydenator 27 2 months ago +18

      @Burner no he actually invented it in this video i think your wrong

    • ademm Mahmoudi
      ademm Mahmoudi Month ago +1

      ​@Burner no

  • Runecoop
    Runecoop 2 months ago +249

    The most awkward part of gym climbing is inevitable question, “Which college do you go to?” … “I’m a construction worker” and the looks that follow.

    • MikkiMeesh
      MikkiMeesh Month ago +66

      All climbers are in college, there is no exception. They're stuck in perpetual professorial purgatory.

    • himckenzie
      himckenzie Month ago +8

      "pre-college" or "college-adjacent"

    • A strange trap
      A strange trap Month ago +2

      I literally asked my climbing instructor if I should go to college and both said no lmao

    • Runecoop
      Runecoop 15 days ago +3

      @MikkiMeesh That was some sweet alliteration. Oh no, it's spreading..

  • Max Rovensky
    Max Rovensky 2 months ago +134

    As a rock climber, this video is literal perfection

  • G.O. Perks
    G.O. Perks 2 months ago +131

    How you managed to avoid doing even one Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson joke is a display of self discipline that you really only find in rock climbers.

  • Matthew
    Matthew 2 months ago +14

    He’s right about aid. Recently I’ve had to come to terms with not being paralyzed and knowing I’ve been cheating the whole time.

  • a8lg6p
    a8lg6p 2 months ago +32

    Too anxious to ask for help, much easier and less stressful to just risk death. Completely ridiculous, and yet so relatable. 😂

  • Silas Chang
    Silas Chang 2 months ago +3062

    As someone who has been rock climbing for about 9 years, watching such a quality explanation video about climbing is clearly aid

    • Anton Adelson
      Anton Adelson 2 months ago +23

      Tbh I ubironically believe that climbing shoes are aid...
      Tell me if you do too!

    • Maciek
      Maciek 2 months ago +30

      @Anton Adelson commenting on Clip-Share is aid

    • Miles
      Miles 2 months ago

      @Anton Adelson nope

    • Wide-O killed the wadio star
      Wide-O killed the wadio star 2 months ago +18

      Those 9 years are clearly aid

    • Matthew
      Matthew 2 months ago +10

      If you think about it… isn’t not being paralyzed also aid?

  • Wicked November
    Wicked November 23 days ago +4

    Me and my friends have a rule of thumb, “the more homeless they look the better they are at climbing” same goes for skating

  • sam
    sam 2 months ago +29

    I truly believe there is a perfect gaussian relationship between climbing skill and the amount of climbing branded clothing someone wears, centred perfectly on a patagonia P-6 and a pair of prAnas/BD Notions. The absolute beasts at any gym are the ones who turn up in pyjama bottoms.

    • Cedric L. Marquard
      Cedric L. Marquard Month ago +2

      And shoes with holes. Just enter, walk up to the hardest one and flash it

  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 2 months ago +940

    Great video and glad you are back!

  • Nathan
    Nathan 2 months ago +67

    I like to imagine the real reason for the hiatus is that jamie is now above a 7 due to rock climbing, and hasn’t been able to come up with as much self deprecating humor as he used to.

  • LifeFruit
    LifeFruit 2 months ago +5122

    Seeing him dissapear for one year just to come back to recap on the most hilarious climbing facts is truely one of the best self explainations of what he was doing the last months.

    • jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy
      jayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 2 months ago +43

      yeah, been working his second job

    • Yaegar's
      Yaegar's 2 months ago +22

      He really is the true casually explained. Infact, he may be the most ever.

    • NettleKiss420
      NettleKiss420 2 months ago +7

      And he hits #4 trending? Sheesh

    • Jared S
      Jared S 2 months ago +2

      Wonder what hobby he picks up this year and makes a video about in 2024

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 2 months ago +1

      Repent to Jesus Christ “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”
      ‭‭James‬ ‭4‬:‭17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Danny Swayze
    Danny Swayze 2 months ago +45

    This just killed me 😂.
    Being a climber and listening to this is so true it hurts.. I’m going to cut one of my arms off so I’m not considered an aid climber…

  • lorruki
    lorruki Month ago +8

    I tried those rock climbing walls (0:31) that are without safety rope. When I got high enough to get tired, I wanted to jump on the mats but the moment I looked down I understood what it's like to be a cat that stuck on the tree. Because as it turns out I have the fear of falling. What an experience it was xD

    • Lavaot
      Lavaot Month ago

      Yeah some bouldering gyms make really tall and dangerous boulders and don't even instruct new comers into how to handle the fall . Personally I'm not even a big fan of bouldering, I much rather climb with top rope, but boulders are popular and gyms should be a lot more responsible.

  • zekstr
    zekstr Month ago +8

    "Having a friend to go climbing with is clearly aid" I love it.

  • Shoto42
    Shoto42 2 months ago +7

    As a person who has been climbing for two years, all of this shit was spot on. Even the beanie one since I’m also a snowboarder but I definitely prefer my climbing beanie over any beanie.

  • Da Baby
    Da Baby Month ago +6

    This explains it pretty perfectly lmao, I work at a climbing gym and the overly friendly 30 year old is so true lmao

  • João Ruiz
    João Ruiz 2 months ago +5706

    you can tell that he's been rock climbing this entire year, some of the little details were simply too spot-on

    • Ruby Doobie
      Ruby Doobie 2 months ago +460

      Pretty sure he just sat next a table of rock climbers when he was eating at a restaurant alone last week.

    • Joshua Tootell
      Joshua Tootell 2 months ago +247

      The knee bar on a V5 was too accurate.

    • Collin Gill
      Collin Gill 2 months ago +14

      havent we all been honestly

    • Dieheart
      Dieheart 2 months ago +1

      Wrong account bro

    • lithiumflower31337
      lithiumflower31337 2 months ago +32

      or, like me, watched a rock climbing anime and got sent down a rock climbing youtube rabbit hole for a few nights

  • LARVA en Español
    LARVA en Español 2 months ago +10

    As a rock climber, this is the most accurate assessment of the sport ever

  • hen ko
    hen ko 2 months ago +6

    He spent the past 2 years laboring over this video, truly the creator we deserve.

  • Akaal Singh
    Akaal Singh Month ago +3

    I’ve been climbing for over a year and a half and I loved this video, and can confirm everything said is 100% facts.

  • nchlsreimer
    nchlsreimer Month ago +3

    Loved seeing the crude yet wildly accurate drawing of Discovery Coffee's outside patio, all the little Victoria references always fill my heart with joy. Big fan of your stuff man!

  • L0n3r777
    L0n3r777 2 months ago +2

    As an amateur rock climber/bouldering enthusiast, I find this video freaking hilarious and 100% true!

  • Kedo
    Kedo 2 months ago +1953

    Props to him for doing rock climbing for an entire year just to educate us

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 2 months ago +3

      For real!

    • flick
      flick 2 months ago +3

      ​@Sean Ferree it does only take 10 days

    • Ben Stevens
      Ben Stevens 2 months ago +4

      @flick what do you mean it only takes 10 days?

    • KΛΖ
      KΛΖ 2 months ago +3

      @Ben Stevens after 10 sessions of climbing you are a pro!

    • KB Videos
      KB Videos 2 months ago +3

      Can’t wait to see Free Solo 2: Casually Climbed. Clearly the bigger project he was working on.

  • Jane Cat
    Jane Cat 2 months ago +7

    As someone with a fear of heights, who has literally only climbed once and who was too afraid to let go of the wall to let the automatic harness lower me down, but who will tell people "I love indoor rock climbing!", I approve of this message.

  • Luke Williamson
    Luke Williamson 2 months ago +105

    1 million views in 20 hours? We clearly miss you, Casually Explained ❤

  • OnBox
    OnBox 2 months ago +12

    I’ve been taking a break from bouldering to focus on dancing but this video gave me the motivation to get out there again. Thanks Casual

  • Balls Deep
    Balls Deep 2 months ago +7

    As someone who has been going climbing / bouldering 3 times a week for the past few years, I can confirm that this video is spot-on.

  • spinit
    spinit 2 months ago +2

    I'm a rock climber and loved this video, all the terms were spot on and hilariously implemented!

  • シ
     2 months ago +3456

    Man, you just appeard, barely explained what happened and started talking about rock climbing in 10 seconds, the best youtuber of all

    • TippyHippy
      TippyHippy 2 months ago +39

      I put my hamster in a sock and slammed it against the furniture.

    • Space Monkey
      Space Monkey 2 months ago +12

      ​@TippyHippy Bro, what!? 🤨

    • Eavy Eavy
      Eavy Eavy 2 months ago +1

      Tsu retire in saudi

    • Timber Lin
      Timber Lin 2 months ago +4

      new channel name: barely explained

    • Oxzowachi Alt
      Oxzowachi Alt 2 months ago +1

      long update videos/segments dont really age well so I don't blame him

  • Haris Vasilakis
    Haris Vasilakis 2 months ago +1

    Man I am extremely happy for you. You are picking the topics that interest YOU instead of pandering. Stranger, I wish you a happy and long life!

  • Alex Robinson
    Alex Robinson 2 months ago +8

    This was a phenomenal watch. Climbing has been a big part of my life in the last year and a half so this was a nice laugh.

  • Jonathan M
    Jonathan M Month ago +3

    I'm happy the internet is starting to talk about Rock climbing more, makes me happy

  • Keshab Chapagain
    Keshab Chapagain 2 months ago +2

    Thank you for sharing this heartwarming video. It's a beautiful reminder of the kindness and compassion that exists in our world.

  • juice _lll
    juice _lll Month ago +3

    thank fuck, good to know you're alive and well. was worried I'd never get to see another casually explained video ever again

  • Jane
    Jane 2 months ago +2826

    “Long nails means her day will be ruined, short nails means she’s a thoughtful lesbian” I died laughing 😂

    • Heather Jones
      Heather Jones 2 months ago +72

      I learned something about myself.

    • B JAD
      B JAD 2 months ago +4

      Tf that suppose to mean

    • Jane
      Jane 2 months ago +159

      @B JAD lesbians trim their nails so they don’t scratch their girlfriend or wife in the bedroom

    • B JAD
      B JAD 2 months ago +7

      @Jane ahh shet, i forgot that crap

  • Michael Robinson
    Michael Robinson 2 months ago +1

    Weirdly, rock climbing is one of the few things that absolutely terrifies me (that and the thought of any operation on my eyes). However I was in stiches listening to your explanation and am now wondering whether I should buy a beanie myself. What size is appropriate for old folk that need to prepare themselves even to climb the stairs?

  • luis perez
    luis perez 2 months ago +1

    I have a deep anxiety of wall climbing but am wanting to experience it to get over the fear. Something about the thought of being so high up and you’re only being held by a rope is so ( some word I dont know yet) . Its a deep feeling. Salute to those who do this. May they stay solid.

  • DeafGxd
    DeafGxd Month ago +2

    As a climber, I love this video 😂

  • Miriam
    Miriam 2 months ago +9

    "I can fix him." had me giggling and rewinding for two minutes

  • Jesse Gaming 93
    Jesse Gaming 93 2 months ago +2

    Im new here, and i must say, your humour is amazing. I love how you break things down, in a way that has technical jargon, but, not easy to understand. I was wanting to try out rock climbing, this is very informative.

  • Cobra Chicken
    Cobra Chicken 2 months ago +1510

    He took a year away from uploading to research rocks to deliver this masterpiece. This is why he’s the best Clip-Sharer

    • Freekazoid
      Freekazoid 2 months ago +7


    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ 2 months ago +3

      Repent to Jesus Christ “If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them.”
      ‭‭James‬ ‭4‬:‭17‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 2 months ago +2


  • that's not me fellas
    that's not me fellas Month ago +1

    smiled the entire time i watched this, can't wait to send this to my rock-climbing friend(s)

  • FireFlowerProductions
    FireFlowerProductions Month ago +5

    When the world needed him most, he was a sarcastic a$$, and we love him for it

  • Vinicius Sanctus
    Vinicius Sanctus 2 months ago +1

    Your humor is just gold. Plz keep sharing it with the world!

  • EJGilb
    EJGilb Month ago +1

    The speed climbing darts joke broke me 🤣🤣🤣, I need a reboot. This was outstanding, 11/10

  • Culinary Physics
    Culinary Physics 2 months ago +4

    Hilarious video! Your humor and wit make rock climbing so much more relatable.

  • Joshua Karron
    Joshua Karron 2 months ago +1

    I’ve been climbing for years and I can honestly unequivocally angrily shockingly flabbergastingly say this man is 100% right about everything.
    He disappears for ages and returns with this. Obviously he’s been climbing while away.

  • Ant987
    Ant987 2 months ago +1

    As a climbing tape abuser I 100% agree that it heals everything. And I mean absolutely everything.

  • DrakeAmougus
    DrakeAmougus 2 months ago +2

    This is actually such a good explanation of the sport in such a short amount of time

  • Ninja Nerd Student #69
    Ninja Nerd Student #69 2 months ago +4

    I've been rock-climbing and belaying since August 2022. Nice that you are hitting up the only exercise that I consistently and frequently do right now.

  • domfell
    domfell 2 months ago +2009

    Best Casually Explained video in at least a year

  • Trinxic - Music
    Trinxic - Music 2 months ago

    1. I've been rock climbing for a few years now and this video caught me off guard
    2. didn't know you rock climbed
    3. love the video

  • Justin Sharp
    Justin Sharp 2 months ago +1

    This is the comedy I needed! Thank you for coming back and if your “project” is what I think it could be….congrats? Maybe? Idk but still congrats!

  • strault
    strault 2 months ago +2

    Love how many youtubers I see getting into/being into rock climbing, truly exciting to see it getting spotlighted

  • Jacob Wyman
    Jacob Wyman 2 months ago +1

    I've been getting super into rock climbing recently and this is just gas. Thank you

  • Jorx
    Jorx 2 months ago +937

    Man spent over a year making this video about rock climbing. Truly a rock climber of all time.

  • Bananna
    Bananna 7 days ago

    As a rock climber I agree with everything here, love it

  • Cole Schmidt
    Cole Schmidt 2 months ago +4

    “…to suggest you could out-climb them even if you were a paraplegic” had me dying😂

  • Gladis
    Gladis 2 months ago

    As a snowboarder + skater I fully agree with the beanie stereotypes 😂 nailed it.

  • Test Tube VR
    Test Tube VR Month ago

    Had a friend tell me this dude died and I wholeheartedly believed him for literal months, bros upload schedule is truly chaotic

  • Dimyxer
    Dimyxer 2 months ago +792

    as a rock climber I have never seen a more accurate description of the sport, 10/10 good job

    • Ian Montandon
      Ian Montandon 2 months ago +3


    • BobsBuurgers
      BobsBuurgers 2 months ago +2

      It's not a sport...

    • Jonatan Lj
      Jonatan Lj 2 months ago +24

      @BobsBuurgers How so?

    • Martijn
      Martijn 2 months ago +9

      ​@BobsBuurgers A sport doesn't have to be included in the Olympics to still be a sport😅

    • Mairsil Pretner
      Mairsil Pretner 2 months ago +27

      @Martijn Also it is included in the olympics

  • Abto Hassan
    Abto Hassan 2 months ago +1

    Did bouldering a few months ago it is a crazy exercise and ripped my fingers to shreds. Had to take a few days off from the gym because of it

  • TrivialTrivian
    TrivialTrivian Month ago

    I've always been pretty interested in rock climbing, might actually start doing it after watching this!

  • Tom McMorrow
    Tom McMorrow 2 months ago

    Used to avidly go to my local rock gym as my exercise in my teens and early to mid twenties.
    You nailed it perfectly, no notes.

  • Lufee
    Lufee 2 months ago +3

    as a climber this was perfection. sending it to my beanie wearing ipa enjoying climbing squad

  • Lucas Pedersoli
    Lucas Pedersoli 2 months ago +2

    Glad to see you back. You were missed. Glad you reconnected with your muse.

  • Eterraria
    Eterraria 2 months ago +640

    "unsolicited yet polite encouragement" is one of the best parts of climbing

    • Hans Woast
      Hans Woast 2 months ago +6

      As long as it is not beta spraying or disrupting focus, of course :)

    • Preserbius
      Preserbius 2 months ago +39

      "Come on! You got it! So strong! Nice send, dude."
      *fist bump*
      and then we never so much as make eye contact ever again

    • 12D3
      12D3 2 months ago +6

      @Preserbius i feel like you're singling me out

    • ChuckSploder
      ChuckSploder 2 months ago +19

      @Preserbius There's this one girl at comps who says something along the lines of "You got it, come on! come on, [teammate]! You got it!" *every single time* [teammate] 1. makes a single move 2. spends more than 3 seconds not moving. It's very distracting, and is obviously aid.

    • Joshua Tootell
      Joshua Tootell 2 months ago +1

      As an introvert, unsolicited encouragement is the worst part of climbing 😂

  • Pyroon
    Pyroon Month ago +1

    I tried it as a bodybuilder and while it was fun, it began to feel like cardio and I crossed it out forever.

  • frenix 98
    frenix 98 2 months ago +22

    God i can relate so hard to just campusing to teach your friends you can outclimb them even if u were a paraplegic

  • NinjaWolf
    NinjaWolf 2 months ago +1

    Thank you Jamie for coming back, can’t wait to see the next video 😃

  • Azar
    Azar  2 months ago +12

    1 million views in 22 hours on a ROCK CLIMBING video truly impressive. Well done

  • c2thew
    c2thew 2 months ago +1

    From being gone for forever and then still getting 1.8 million views is a huge flex and a testament to your quality content

  • Carl Willis
    Carl Willis 2 months ago +742

    He’s been gone so long because he was becoming a pro rock climber

    • Mihkel Kukk
      Mihkel Kukk 2 months ago +27

      He was doing investigative journalism

    • Travis Dean
      Travis Dean 2 months ago +66

      Pro implies monetary compensation, which is clearly aid

    • John Baker
      John Baker 2 months ago +4

      First pro starcraft, then pro climber, what can't this man do?
      (other than post more than an annual video that is)

    • Andrew Browner
      Andrew Browner 2 months ago +2

      clearly he became so enthralled in climbing he couldnt suffer the time required to make any content, he climbed daily for a year straight, running through dozens of rolls of climbing tape, kilos of chalk, dozens of climbing items and gear sets, a vast variety of beanie sizes.. just to realize he had completely drained his savings account and maxxed out all of his cards.. so hence he was forced to make a return to the dark depths of the youtube verse to replenish his funds

  • Smiv
    Smiv 2 months ago

    As someone who only does outdoor bouldering, I'm surprised crash pads weren't mentioned. It's the one piece of safety equipment used, and it's the main reason why helmets aren't necessary.

  • TubbyJellyFun
    TubbyJellyFun 2 months ago +3

    First Sam and now Casually, all within the span of five months. Truly a time to be alive.

    • blackblackblack
      blackblackblack 2 months ago +1

      Yeah, like did they just remembered their Clip-Share passwords.

  • Tracen
    Tracen 2 months ago +1

    I lay here with my leg elevated and contemplating the mysteries of gravity. I can not help but indulge in a dram or two of my favorite; a glass of Talisker. As the bone knits together, the itch leads me to comb youtube for whipper clips. Leading me to this gem

  • Intelligence Paradigm
    Intelligence Paradigm 2 months ago

    The casual savagery here is so delightful, almost as much as when Hasan unpaused your last video.

  • will wright
    will wright 2 months ago

    As a climber, I've never been more offended, sitting in my cargo shorts with my Patagonia shirt and water proof jacket

  • Zen
    Zen 2 months ago +1054

    Bro came a year later, just straight up apologized, said he's done some work and got more content to upload and went straight into the video
    Casually Explained truly is the Content Creator of all time

    • Rowan Potato
      Rowan Potato 2 months ago +11

      Not just the. He is the most Content Creator of all time.

    • Sarang tamirisa
      Sarang tamirisa 2 months ago +15

      So.. he casually explained

  • Blepable
    Blepable 2 months ago

    Damn it, given how this video now has fully prepped me for rock climbing this was obviously an aid

  • Mxstila
    Mxstila 2 months ago

    I did rock climbing for a bit when I was younger and I can confirm this is accurate.

  • RiccoB
    RiccoB 2 months ago

    As a climber for over 3 years now I feel both complemented and roasted. Subbed.

  • Mikasa Sukasa
    Mikasa Sukasa 2 months ago

    Seeing him disappear to rock climbing just so he can youtube us this video is very kindness.

  • Shinymew121
    Shinymew121 2 months ago

    Please make vids again, I know u probably spend a lot of time making the peak that is every vid on ur channel but it would be amazing to have more of it to watch

  • Sasha's Corpse
    Sasha's Corpse 2 months ago +1476

    He's back when no one expected it.

    • masteroogwgay
      masteroogwgay 2 months ago

      community post?

    • ay ru
      ay ru 2 months ago +2

      ​@masteroogwgay he hasnt posed there either in a year

    • ay ru
      ay ru 2 months ago +2

      Its better than not being back when everyone expects it

    • masteroogwgay
      masteroogwgay 2 months ago

      @ay ru oge

    • Julz
      Julz 2 months ago

      Truly an original comment

  • KeppyKep
    KeppyKep 2 months ago

    As someone who got really into bouldering a year ago, this was brilliant!

  • OberynTheRedViper
    OberynTheRedViper 2 months ago

    Man, I need to get back into climbing again. It’s been a few years. Outdoor was too hard for me and my dumb ass had to stick to indoor climbing.

  • Owen Altheide
    Owen Altheide 2 months ago

    It took me more than 4 years to learn what this guy summed up in less than 7 mins.

  • Evelyn
    Evelyn 2 months ago +1

    Went bouldering by myself for the first time last month and can confirm nearly everyone was wearing a Patagonia shirt 😂