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DONT WAKE GRANNY!! Niko & Adley spin the Roblox Wheel and play Grapple and an OBBY Game with Dad!

  • Published on Jan 31, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Don't get caught trying to take Granny's Cookies!
    JOIN THE FAM - / @gforgaming
    HEY EVERYBODY!! Today we spun THE WHEEL OF ROBLOX again to see what fun games we would have to play!! Niko spun the wheel first and got GRAPPLE!! Adley told everybody how to play!! Grapple was crazy, EVERYONE was trying to grapple each other and pull each other around! Adley got pulled up some stairs and Shaun pushed her onto the escalator and she got stuck! Niko kept trying to pull Shaun into a pit of LAVA! Then Shaun pulled Adley to the top of a building and they both jumped out! We all raced to try and get on the hot air balloon and it was way harder than we thought!! Then we spun the wheel again and it chose DON'T WAKE GRANNY! This game was a little spooky but very fun! We had to escape granny's house without getting caught by her!! There was a lot of different obstacles trying to stop us!! We had to escape granny's maze where we got chased by CREEPY little kids! Then there was even a go kart course where we had to jump from platform to platform and finally get to the end! We even had to use a COOKIE-ZOOKA to fight off all the granny's before we finally won!! It was all so much fun! What games will the wheel make us play next time??
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