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Offensive illegal use of legs - on the ball - FIBA referee education

  • Published on Jul 20, 2009 veröffentlicht
  • A few plays taken from the usual FIBA DVDs, showing important offensive fouls to call.
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  • Barney Louis
    Barney Louis 12 years ago

    exelente el que puedas compartir estos videos con todos

  • Aleksandar Peykov
    Aleksandar Peykov 7 years ago +4

    I do agree that it is a foul, but I do not actually agree that it is an offensive foul because according to the rules "A team posession of the ball ends when a defender takes posession of the ball; the ball becomes dead or the ball leaves the hand/s of a player while taking a shot to the basket during the play time or while shooting for a free throw."
    So, it is a foul, but not offensive.
    *Calling a foul and then showing the direction with fingers, not with tight-fisted hand*

    • Tomato Tomato
      Tomato Tomato 3 years ago

      But you still get freethrow(s) for shooting fouls if the shooter gets fouled hard after the ball left the hand while you are still in the air. A charging can be called on a passer when he runs into a defensive player who has established legal guarding position even when the ball left the passer's hand and still mid air.

  • Samuel Pačuta YT
    Samuel Pačuta YT 7 years ago

    what if a player has just a jumpshot like that?!

  • Miguel Moreno
    Miguel Moreno 11 years ago

    That good video....!
    In the video one, I coincio with arbitrators who left to continue the game.
    In the second video, I disagree with the fayo, white jugardor is who leads to the contact.
    Same same thing I think of the third video.

  • Prahlad NatusVincere Kunalan

    tell this to reggie miller

  • Ermir Aranitasi
    Ermir Aranitasi 9 years ago

    The white player is in possesion of the ball,so he is on the offense,but by extending his foot outside his cylinder he makes an illegal move therefore an offensive foul!

  • nanohabball
    nanohabball 9 years ago +1

    offensive foul? who is in possession of the ball? how can it be an offensive foul?