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Angus Young "The Guitar Show" (Better Quality)

  • Published on Nov 9, 2018 veröffentlicht
  • ABC "The Guitar Show" Sydney jan/feb 01
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  • Paleo Man
    Paleo Man 3 years ago +2542

    A rock star that has no ego at all. humble and unpretentious. what an amazing human being.

    • VoidDancer
      VoidDancer Month ago +1

      @Paleo Man I agree , but Gibson is rock n roll . Fenders are clean & are suited for jazz , pop etc… imo .
      Fenders sound limp compared to Gibson.
      AC/DC , Sabbath & Zeppelin the whole backbone of rock via Gibson.
      Not a Fender fan .

    • Paleo Man
      Paleo Man Month ago +1

      @VoidDancer Its interesting that he played a Gibson since they have a wider neck and are harder to play especially when learning. A true master of his craft.

    • VoidDancer
      VoidDancer Month ago +1

      @Paleo Man there are many great rnr guitarists . Angus created a whole new type of rnr due to his small hands & that is what makes AC/DC . That is why all their song’s sound the same . Two small handed Scotts … playing in between the stretchy stuff on the neck.

    • Paleo Man
      Paleo Man Month ago +1

      @VoidDancer i would give that honor to michael schenker, the german wonderkund who joined ufo at age 16. he has only gotten better and better as the years flow by. angus is incredible most definitely.

    • VoidDancer
      VoidDancer Month ago

      When you are the greatest Rock n Guitarist ever … there is only humbleness.

  • G Cruishank
    G Cruishank Year ago +144

    Two of the smallest guitarists in the world, created one of the biggest, most powerful guitar sounds ever. So great to see humility in such success.

    • Johnny
      Johnny 4 days ago

      He kept going on about his height, and not being a fan; I Googled it. 5' 2!! Jesus ! He's tiny ! And his brother was 5'3 !!

    • VoidDancer
      VoidDancer Month ago +1

      The Biggest

  • Ernoburger
    Ernoburger Year ago +146

    Incredible how humble he is. The founder of one of the biggest rock bands in the world with dozens of iconic guitar riffs but you’d never know it just listening to him. He comes across like a working class chap who plays guitar in his spare time and is almost apologetic about it.

    • ericeck
      ericeck 3 months ago +1

      ​@J Alsbrook44 they co founded.

    • J Alsbrook44
      J Alsbrook44 3 months ago +1

      Angus didn’t found AC DC. Malcolm did

    • Michael Schwab
      Michael Schwab 5 months ago +4

      THIS ☝🏻

    • ChefGiovanni
      ChefGiovanni Year ago +11

      Listen up kids, AC DC is real Rock & Roll .

  • Andrew Butler
    Andrew Butler 2 years ago +671

    He seems like a genuinely good guy, hasn’t let his success go to his head, long live rock Angus.

    • Cool Curly
      Cool Curly 5 months ago

      He is Australian. They don't appreciate that American boosted ego. More you are humble, people like you more.

    • Onyx aka Bluenose352
      Onyx aka Bluenose352 Year ago +17

      There's always that one guy in the comments....

    • average chop stream
      average chop stream Year ago +1

      Yeah he's such a genuine guy that him and the rest of the band stole all of Bons lyrics and never gave him credit. BIB was written by Bon. Strange how after that amazing album all their albums following after were garbage.

  • Caveman1399
    Caveman1399 Year ago +98

    He gives so much respect to his brother. Have to love Angus.

  • DennisTheMenace
    DennisTheMenace 5 months ago +46

    I’ll never understand how he could land like every note while head banging, jumping, duck walking, and rolling around on the ground shaking. One of kind AC/DC

  • 1st Degree Legacy
    1st Degree Legacy 3 years ago +1817

    Years ago I saw an interview where something was mentioned about him being the best rock guitarist. Angus started laughing and said "I'm not even the best guitarist in my band". lol what a humble guy.

    • bubblegum crisis1394
      bubblegum crisis1394 2 months ago

      That's amazing - for feels and tone he's up there for sure.

    • muttley
      muttley 3 months ago

      AY doesn’t need any recognition.

    • steve hansen
      steve hansen 5 months ago

      Love this guy!

    • Wayne Schenk
      Wayne Schenk 6 months ago +1

      He has respect for his brother.

    • OnTheEdgex23
      OnTheEdgex23 6 months ago

      He’s always said Malcolm was the better guitarist

  • Ben Franklin
    Ben Franklin Year ago +41

    Angus Young is the best showman with the most incredible stage presence of any musician I have ever seen. He is quite literally 'The Bomb' as he explodes with energy with every performance.

  • Liz K
    Liz K 2 years ago +179

    Such a great guitarist and such a humble human.

    • Billy Price
      Billy Price 4 months ago

      @Antarath Those are my two faves right there. Something tells me I would have better luck hanging out with AC/DC than with KISS

    • Antarath
      Antarath 2 years ago +6

      @fhjh jhgjghj Yeah every single person in the band is like that. Isn't that weird? I mean, look at other bands at the same level as AC/DC. Maybe Kiss could learn a few things from AC/DC.

    • fhjh jhgjghj
      fhjh jhgjghj 2 years ago +8

      This is what I've always loved about all the guys in AC/DC. Their humility. They've always remained very humble and never let fame go to their heads.

  • IAMROY 59
    IAMROY 59 8 months ago +33

    Absolute Rock Legend!!! He is one of the greatest, and is too humble to even realize it....

    • honeychurchgipsy6
      honeychurchgipsy6 8 months ago

      IAMROY 59 - I think it might be a thing with truly great musicians because apparently when someone asked Hendrix what it was like to be the greatest guitarist in the world he said "I don't know - ask Rory Gallagher". But then again - Clapton, Santana and Zappa aren't exactly known for their lack of ego - so I guess that's where my hypothesis falls to the ground - lol!!
      Not to mention Jacko Pastorious who introduced himself to Joe Zawinul as "the best bass player in the world".

  • Polk High #33
    Polk High #33 9 months ago +44

    A legend that doesn’t know it. This is what make him endearing, and his epic guitar licks.

  • David Forsythe
    David Forsythe 3 months ago +10

    I’m 58. Been a fan since grade eight. Such a great band. Also so humble and thankful. Ac/Dc is the best rock and roll band for so many reasons. Many respects from this Canadian

    • VoidDancer
      VoidDancer Month ago

      Fan since 1978 grade school & they are the greatest band to have been on earth … No one even comes close to the impact these Scottish mythical small folk .. have had on the universe.
      Matter of fact…. AC/DC travels through the universe & has more than likely deterred a many alien invaders to Earth.
      True Warrior Gods of Sound

  • Bruce Scott
    Bruce Scott 2 years ago +406

    I nearly cried watching this, thinking about Malcolm and how good a person Angus is. There will never be a band like them ever again. Those that grew up with them as the sound track to their youth and beyond are truly blessed. Thank you so much AC/DC.

    • Alan Connelly
      Alan Connelly Year ago

      AC DC legends for life amazing talent

    • mkr4922
      mkr4922 Year ago

      I am 72 and have been listening to this band ever since they hit the USA…and still listening in 2022. Rest In Peace Malcom and Bonn

    • Richard Frazier
      Richard Frazier Year ago

      @rob b High Voltage. That more like.

    • ο τρόπος που είμαι
      ο τρόπος που είμαι 2 years ago +1

      your surname......tell me you ain't cousin of him......

    •  Clive Murray
      Clive Murray 2 years ago +2

      @rob b
      "Bit gay mate"
      That's OK Rob...We 're an inclusive lot here.
      You can be anything you want to be!!
      Thanks for sharing...

  • David Hackett
    David Hackett 2 years ago +32

    I absolutely love this man.
    God-given talent bursting out of his pores yet so humble.

  • 2romanian4you
    2romanian4you Year ago +18

    Such a laid back guy, but when he's on stage he is a monster

    THEE OUAPOLAL Year ago +7

    Angus is so mellow and unpretentious... One of the COOLEST rock stars ever!!

  • Live Wire
    Live Wire 2 years ago +76

    Angus is one of most underrated guitarist in rock'n roll ever. Noone could support Malcolm like that..

  • Robert Ahli
    Robert Ahli 3 months ago +8

    How can you not love this guy.

  • sle2470
    sle2470 2 years ago +224

    This is what I've always loved about all the guys in AC/DC. Their humility. They've always remained very humble and never let fame go to their heads.

    • Cockroach
      Cockroach Year ago +1

      @O T He's toned it down, though I believe. It was the drugs that made him act so bad back then. I hope he's cleaned up himself and went back to being humble again.

    • Wesley Farmer
      Wesley Farmer Year ago

      @O T true, but he always has to be in and out of the band because of various reasons, such as for either taxes or immigration. I think he is just frustrated with constantly having to be in and out of the band. But that is just me, what the hell do I know, right.

    • Neil Jones
      Neil Jones Year ago +2

      Long live Chris Rees biggest acdc fan I knew ,rip rees

  • Sharon Klinger
    Sharon Klinger 23 days ago

    I have never seen anyone else who performs to the level of stability and heart the way Angus does!!!

  • The Ginger Power Ranger
    The Ginger Power Ranger 2 years ago +6

    a master of getting so many different sounds from the one instrument and one amp with no lessons. he's a genius

    • SR 1968
      SR 1968 Year ago +2

      Agreed, some of the amazing sounds Angus gets out of his Gibson SG, are incredible considering he doesn’t distortion pedals.
      If you listen to songs like Jailbreak or Kicked In the teeth, some of those sounds Angus got just proves what a musical genius he is on guitar.

  • Jon Pavitt
    Jon Pavitt Year ago +5

    I love this guy. He is just so natural and honest.

  • Saratoga Winner
    Saratoga Winner 7 months ago +5

    I love how calm he is. Considering how energetic to music is! Wonderful guy and player

  • John John
    John John 2 years ago +1255

    It’s crazy. I just read hundreds of these comments and there isn’t a single hate comment. This man has the greatest fans of all time. All positivity.

    • Alan Connelly
      Alan Connelly Year ago +1

      Who could hate this legend

    • Glen Hughes
      Glen Hughes Year ago

      His humble nature will quash hate in the worst of people.

    • GNR
      GNR Year ago

      And if they do hate on em they have to deal with us aussies and get there teeth kicked in 🤘

    • Nobody cares
      Nobody cares Year ago

      @Kim McIntosh we booed RAT off the stage for scorpions world wide live in tacoma dome. My brother spit on the singer. Thats gross and dumb but it was wild times. Massive jack Daniels. Hundreds of bottles everywhere. they actually banned metal concerts in the Tacoma dome for awile.

    • Nobody cares
      Nobody cares Year ago +1

      @Kim McIntosh saw them by accident with Aerosmith. Long awesome story. Roadie let us in back door because he heard us say we drove 8 hours. Never heard of acdc. Blew me away. Crazy little dude playing behind and in the crowd. Spokane Washington. Went home bought all their albums...

  • Bguerin123
    Bguerin123 2 years ago +33

    I have been listening to AC/DC and going to their concerts for 40 years. Never before have i heard Angus speak. He does seem super cool. Nice to read some of the comments. Makes me feel good:)

  • Scott C
    Scott C 2 years ago +36

    And even today, 20 years after this interview, at 65 years old, he's in MUCH better shape than guys in their 20's. Whoever said dynamite comes in small packages, was talking about Angus Young. He is truly THE Rock God of Guitars.

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 2 months ago +8

    Honesty from his words and his playing. Just pure honesty. Plays what he feels. The fans, we all feel it and we all get it.

  • Eduardo Tirado
    Eduardo Tirado 2 years ago +3

    Not only one of the greatest rock guitarists in the world but humble to boot...

  • scot Ex scarrier
    scot Ex scarrier 2 years ago +2

    the most unassuming and humble man ever, yet absolute mass of energy on stage...legend

  • penzman
    penzman 4 years ago +852

    A career without pedals or effects . Wow. Pure guitar playing.

    • Carter Judah
      Carter Judah Year ago

      @Self Help @Self Help "you can emulate any effect"
      -gated fuzz
      -ring mod
      any tips to emulate these with just reverb and a normal amp?

    • Chris Campbell
      Chris Campbell 2 years ago

      Sort of like early Clapton -- the sound is just the guitar through the amp, and the distortion is all cranked amplifier. You can especially hear it on the earlier records -- just the amps being cranked. Same with Malcolm. RE reverb -- never heard amp reverb being used on an AC/DC record. Angus also had his amps modded when the band got a bit more popular in the late 70's. He's said so in interviews. Not hot rodded, mind you, but modded to sound more like he wanted them to sound.

    • stevebeauy
      stevebeauy 2 years ago

      Nah he said thats cheating

    • frank ieraci
      frank ieraci 2 years ago +2

      He did use one "effect". The Schaffer overdrive was part of his wireless system and is long realized as the magic bullet for the ac/dc sound. Check out solodallas on Clip-Share. He manufactures the best replica using the same circuit. The solodallas storm.

    • OR Bonds
      OR Bonds 3 years ago

      @Darrin Paul 23 years huh? How many records you sold?

  • Tesla-Spectre
    Tesla-Spectre 2 months ago +7

    That is what I call a role model: for me one of the 10 best guitar players (I do not think there is THE best, there is just a "top league") ever in history of rock music and such a humble and modest personality!

  • Easy2cAudits
    Easy2cAudits Year ago +4

    nothing today compares to the sounds of the 80's !! this band will ALWAYS be a part of my history.

  • doug field
    doug field 6 months ago +4

    A true Legend and still going strong after all these years ! Rock On !

  • Douglas Street
    Douglas Street Year ago +9

    This chap is way better than I ever gave him credit for when I was a teenager in the 70's.

  • Advanced Monkey
    Advanced Monkey 2 years ago +164

    This guy is just unbelievably likable, oh btw he is also a legendary rock star.

  • Dbn 2 hott
    Dbn 2 hott 4 years ago +412

    Angus Young is actually a very underrated and competent blues player. Better than a lot of people give him credit for being.

    • Vincent L.
      Vincent L. Year ago

      @phizzler5051 Eric Clapton & others you could mention , are more versatile, can play more styles but as far as straight rock/blues rock ..he's up there with the best and has been since the late 70s.

    • exaltica
      exaltica 3 years ago +1

      @wt8012 I know what you mean.

    • Larj Kok
      Larj Kok 3 years ago

      Where have you been the last 30 years?

    • TheStones1965
      TheStones1965 3 years ago +3

      Best selling rock album of all time, 60,000 seat venues, anthems played at major events, instantly recognizable guitar sound. I’d take underrated in a heartbeat.

    • TheStones1965
      TheStones1965 3 years ago +2

      Dereck Trucks said he was floored when he saw AC/DC live. Nobody has vibrato like Angus Young.

  • Primtones
    Primtones 2 months ago +4

    The little brother energy is what makes him so great

  • Karen Baker
    Karen Baker Year ago +4

    Love, Angus Young. So talented. Him and Malcom!!

  • Mehul Shukla
    Mehul Shukla 2 years ago +10

    Love the way he chuckles like a child, this childlike innocence and curiosity is what music is all about.

  • ronilo bobias
    ronilo bobias Day ago

    a very humble yet so amazing guitarist...one of the greatest.rest in peace brother.

  • Giovanni Galli
    Giovanni Galli 9 months ago +5

    Best freaking ROCK guitar in history!!!!

    • Giovanni Galli
      Giovanni Galli 9 months ago

      so incredibly talented, yet humble! AC/DC soul... not ANYone

  • James P
    James P 2 years ago +730

    He may not be tall, but the man is a giant.

    • Gail Placko
      Gail Placko Year ago

      @Antony Stringfellow hes really quite charming.

    • Alan Connelly
      Alan Connelly Year ago


    • Tiddles A.
      Tiddles A. Year ago +3

      Fuck yeah!

    • Joseph Plymel
      Joseph Plymel Year ago +2

      Yes James P!! Angus is a giant!! One of the,if not the goat! He is by far my favorite!!

    • James P
      James P Year ago

      @Ian Aplin Holy Crap, Donington was a show! Good your lad is learning what a great concert sounds and looks like!

  • Hidden Dragon
    Hidden Dragon Year ago +3

    What a humble Legend.

  • Vincent de La Fonchais

    So much humility in this guy… So much respect for his mentors… While the guy is such a guitar hero… Angus u rock man \o/

  • Matthew Bottiglieri
    Matthew Bottiglieri Year ago +5

    Such a great, humble guitarist. Seems like such a cool fella. Love his iconic riffs.

  • b. c.
    b. c. 2 years ago +5

    Man...20 years passed from 2001. like a song...and ACDC still rocking! That's insane!

  • Melba E.
    Melba E. 2 years ago +71

    This guy is like the character Dr Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. A gentle person in everyday life and a "Monster" on stage.

  • Ed Smith
    Ed Smith 4 years ago +298

    He's in one of the greatest rocknroll bands of all time. His humility is impressive if not endearing.

    • Stephany Suydam
      Stephany Suydam 3 years ago

      @Taylor Jaques BUT there is Stevie, Malcolm's son... plays in Mal's spot now. I actually hope they carry on

    • Taylor Jaques
      Taylor Jaques 3 years ago +2

      He IS the greatest rock n roll bands, now he’s the only remaining old player left, once he’s gone, AC/DC will be too, which is a sad thought

    • Peder Lettstroem
      Peder Lettstroem 3 years ago +2

      AC/DC is just rock ’n’ roll at its best. When they were playing in my home town, and I didn’t notice that. I was so angry with myself. Yeah! AC/DC rock on! And rip Malcolm.

    • Kerry Foster
      Kerry Foster 3 years ago +3

      I think it's very endearing!

    • Joan Voss
      Joan Voss 3 years ago +6

      his guitar playing is incredible i can listen to it all freaking day

  • John Stone Jax, FL Dox me bitch!

    Seen these guys in concert 8 times and Angus always seems to surpass himself. Best ever for my $$$.

    GULFZILLA 3 months ago +4

    One of the best lead guitarists ever! Identifiable tremolo undoubtedly

  • I
    I Year ago +11

    WoW, he hits the mark every single time when he gives an example of the sound and styles of other guitarists before him, whether it’s Hendrix or John Lee Hooker, incredible!

  • Kevin Braden
    Kevin Braden 2 years ago +8

    Grew up listening to this man and his brother rock the world.....I'm a grandpa now but I still rock out to AC/DC

  • SteelToe
    SteelToe 9 days ago

    I saw them a few times in my life and they ARE one of the best live shows you could ever see.
    It always amazes me to watch Angus play... while running around like a chicken with its head cut off... and hit every note.

  • ma beach
    ma beach 4 months ago +3

    I love the sound in his voice.

  • Jeff Smith
    Jeff Smith 3 years ago +112

    Such a humble, easy going man. The countless hours we have all spent listening to his playing were well spent. Never went to his head.

  • Kevin S.
    Kevin S. 11 months ago +7

    Angus is amazing as hell. He makes everything look so simple. Back in Black is a masterpiece. His sense of humor is second to none and he truly loves what he does. Thanks for all the music Angus!

  • john jackson
    john jackson Year ago +4

    The loudest band i've ever heard. Real legends.

  • Blake Holmes
    Blake Holmes 2 years ago +4

    This dude gave me so much inspiration to pick it up and start playing. I have no idea how many times I stood in my bedroom as a kid and played along to the Back In Black album. A true legend.

  • Audible Reality
    Audible Reality 2 years ago +3

    what a likeable fellow, what a honest music. Shows that hardrock originates in the blues. Forever respect for ACDC!

    WC REVIEW 2 months ago +3

    What an Awesome Humble guy as others have mentioned! Just an ICON

  • Lee_Dias
    Lee_Dias 2 years ago +56

    AC/DC: 41 years rocking, over 200 million albums worldwide and they still behave as if they were a small club band ...😎

  • Felix x
    Felix x 2 years ago +34

    Angus is such a nice feller, he's never had a bad thing to say about anyone. When he's with Brian in an interview situation you know that it's going to be a giggle, they aren't full of themselves they shine with gratitude for where their lives have taken them.

  • farmhand
    farmhand 9 months ago +9

    Most thoroughly enjoyable guitar interview I've ever heard. And what gentleman at that. Thank you Mr. Young and tuber for this tremendous upload...

  • Marat Yarullin
    Marat Yarullin 2 years ago +3

    Не пафосная ЗВЕЗДА и ЛЕГЕНДА рока! Спасибо огромное за Ваш клип.

  • Monty Daniels
    Monty Daniels 2 years ago +4

    Both Angus & his brother have been cornerstones in the rock & roll world. Laughing with Angus when he keeps making it clear they are little fellas but damn, he can jam & together they're tight... The best....

  • Loskam
    Loskam 12 days ago

    One of the best guitarists to ever live, from the most famous rock'n'roll band of all time, Angus Young : "well I do happen to play the guitar"

  • Otto Foeldman
    Otto Foeldman 2 years ago +415

    "Little guys gotta compensate " Possibly so. This man takes the back seat to none in entertainment. The best showman imho

    • marko galetin
      marko galetin Year ago

      @YTuser Not even close

    • h1ll13illy
      h1ll13illy 2 years ago +9

      he is a fucking beast on stage no doubt

    • Jim Morrison
      Jim Morrison 2 years ago +8

      Angus is dynamite, giving it all he’s got every time he’s on stage.

    • YTuser
      YTuser 2 years ago

      @Dylan Clotworthy Brian May, basically everyone in that band.

    • Dylan Clotworthy
      Dylan Clotworthy 2 years ago +7

      Oooh dunnno freddie mercury was up there too

  • ggts
    ggts Year ago +5

    I only just became a fan of ACDC. I had listened to their music but had never seen them perform. Oh how I regret that. They are superb. Amazing. Angus is so incredible on stage. I went to see an ACDC tribute band recently and couldn't believe the performance . So I googled ACDC concerts and it blew me away. I think Angus should rank up there as one of the top guitarist and performers on stage in the world. He gives 110% to each performance. Plus he is such a nice guy in person. He seems very humble even though he is so famous. What a great guy as are the others in the band.

    • Dude.
      Dude. 8 months ago

      Check out their river plate gig mate amazing sound, amazing crowd.

    • ggts
      ggts Year ago

      I am a fan

  • Salah Ad-Din
    Salah Ad-Din 7 days ago

    Angus is far to modest, if I could watch Angus Young or Jimi Hendrix I'd go watch Angus every single time.
    His energy on stage is astounding. An entertainer who has the audience reacting to every action and chord.
    An absolute legend and definitely my all time favourite guitarist

  • alphasportstv
    alphasportstv 2 years ago +9

    Took me 50 years but I finally get it...these guys are the real deal, love it, just downloaded a ton of their music...rock on boys, RIP Malcolm

    • andrew dods
      andrew dods 9 months ago +1

      Me too man! And I’m an Aussie .. how embarrassing. Just bought a bunch of second hand cds and loving them!
      Hard to believe Thunderstruck is 30 years old?! The Razor’s Edge record

  • cowsongs
    cowsongs Year ago +1

    Interviews like this are so revealing and in a way inspirational. You realize what a "regular guy" Angus is, and yet, just sitting there on his couch, he dances from one crazy elaborate move or sound to another, just sitting there. And mixing in all the blues and other "covers", you can see what a really skilled and versatile musician he is. People just watching AC/DC play would probably never know.

  • Ruiseart Alcorn
    Ruiseart Alcorn 2 years ago +2

    A rock'n'roll god, a musical genius and a great guy! :)

  • Dana Coleman
    Dana Coleman 3 years ago +37

    What a dorky, wonderful, intelligent, down-to-earth guy! This man and his band brought an unbelievable amount of really great music into this world! Thanks boys!

  • Good King Entertainment Inc

    True guitar god paying homage to the greats. So humble yet so gifted. THIS IS THE STUFF LEGENDS ARE MADE OF/

  • Jake Brown
    Jake Brown Year ago

    what an absolutely cool, down to earth, fantastic guy....

  • Sunlion
    Sunlion 2 years ago +5

    Angus Young has one of the most recognizable guitar sounds in all of rock 'n' roll ... The sound of his SG through a Marshall stack, unadorned by effects. What could be more simplistic? 143 lbs. of pure rock! A living legend, and one of the greatest electric guitarists of all-time.

  • Ian Foster
    Ian Foster 2 years ago +7

    He's so humble, brilliant guitar player...one of the best

  • champsssss
    champsssss Year ago +5

    Seen Angus twice and untill ya see acdc live ya not seen a real rock band ..that guy works his nuts off like no over...never misses a note ..feels every thing he plays and we all go with it ...love acdc...wish I could go back to the 80s and live my life all over again discovering acdc songs.ya just don't get bands like .acdc .thin lizzy ..motorhead ...any more...some OK stuff about..but it ain't the same ..Angus is a absolute legend ..humble and a genius

    • Marcella S
      Marcella S 9 months ago +2

      I couldn't agree more!
      I'd luv to see them just 1 more time. Its been 22yrs and in those yrs ACDC is still the best concert I've been to. Even Pink Floyd doesn't come close.

  • Anthony Monaghan
    Anthony Monaghan 3 years ago +10

    Without a doubt one of the greatest live guitarists/performers to ever pick up a six string. When you watch him live, it's like he's in a state of ecstasy. He never looks at his instrument, he is completely in the zone, he is one with his guitar. An incredible musician. His brother was his equal. They were born to do this.

  • dafaqis-is
    dafaqis-is 2 years ago

    Angus Young couldn't be a more top shelf person if he tried, nor a better rock star. Classy, and to the point as usual.

  • TheFloridaPappy
    TheFloridaPappy Year ago

    8:50-8:55 you can see in his eyes he's not home, he's just so far into that little riff. Still in love with the guitar.

  • Rob Pelick
    Rob Pelick 2 years ago

    Very down to earth and humble guy.

  • stratman1021
    stratman1021 5 days ago

    Angus is so frikin badass. Watching him play with an SG Junior and straight to a probably a little ten watt amp and you can still hear that swagger and attitude.

  • Jackelbrash
    Jackelbrash Year ago +5

    Oh Angus , how we love you.
    From the very humblest of beginnings , that we in Australia treasure being a part of , to now being THE MOST recognizable musician on the planet !
    So bloody proud of you . And so was Mal.

  • Dave Reloader
    Dave Reloader 3 years ago +95

    When it comes down to it, Angus has shown for a half a century that he can rock harder than anybody else.

  • Marat Yarullin
    Marat Yarullin 2 years ago +5

    Легенда рока, простота и доступность

  • Mage
    Mage 10 months ago

    It's amazing how one of the smallest guitars they make looks like a bass in his hands.

  • The Lighter Side of Practical Shooting

    The best plug and play guitarist of all time....hands down.

  • Don Keebaws
    Don Keebaws 2 months ago

    What a refreshing and humble guy.....AcDc are simply awsome.

  • David Allen
    David Allen Month ago +1

    Nice! We can only pray that more guitarists like him are coming on soon Peace rock man! Thanks!

    • David Allen
      David Allen Month ago +1

      He gave it all he had every time and all the time. That's what makes a rock star keep kicking man. We love you

  • Master Yoda
    Master Yoda 4 years ago +455

    You could listen to Angus play forever, he’s a musical genius, and that classic rock tone is magical.
    Angus Young has immortalised the Gibson SG, and in spite of all his well deserved success, he comes across as very down to Earth and humble, absolutely no arrogance at all.

    • Cookie 123
      Cookie 123 3 years ago +4

      Jacky J Jones man there’s not much Scottish in there hey sounds like Australian got the nasally sound and the way his says guitar is heaps Aussie

    • michael wertzy
      michael wertzy 3 years ago

      @Mathias Forslund, Garcia played SG's, starting with the Warlocks.

    • Joey S
      Joey S 3 years ago +1

      i think mal was acdc s steering wheel sorry

    • Joan Voss
      Joan Voss 3 years ago +5

      he's a legend not one bit pompous either

  • Nuancolar
    Nuancolar Year ago +4

    Amazing to hear guys like this talk about their craft. They know it so well, and always pay homage to those that came before them.

  • Mordaunt Brabner
    Mordaunt Brabner 2 years ago

    A Legendary Star across decades.

  • Tech Heat
    Tech Heat Year ago

    His humility is what makes him larger than life.

  • Leonard Simmons
    Leonard Simmons 2 years ago

    When you want rock, look no further............. That guy killed it... You will always know angus, always, people say he is simple, I say he is rock guitar GOD...

  • Wood Guy
    Wood Guy 7 months ago

    Angus is one of the best guitarist on the planet, absolutely in the top 3.

  • Brian T Prior
    Brian T Prior 3 years ago +272

    Aussie rock legend and his never done drugs or alcohol . See kids you can be famous and not go down that path . What an inspiration for younger people . On ya Angus

    • Ok
      Ok Year ago

      @Strokey Nonce his accent sounds very Aussie maybe his early childhood Scottish accent comes out a tiny bit

    • George Mortimer
      George Mortimer Year ago

      @david fraser That was his Scottish alter ego.

    • Leanda B
      Leanda B Year ago

      @Bush Cat 🤣

    • David Bell
      David Bell 2 years ago

      @Strokey Nonce yes until 1963. Sounds nothing like scottish..

    • David Bell
      David Bell 2 years ago +1

      @Bush Cat crap on.. he doesnt sound anything like a scot. And how would an american know anything about anything. You lot cant even find Hawaii on a world map.. angus's family moved to sydney in 1963 so by the time of 15 years of living in sydney his accent was long gone.. billy connolly.. get a passport will ya..

  • Adam Vigil
    Adam Vigil 7 months ago +1

    Angus is the reason I picked up the guitar roughly forty years ago. Malcolm is the reason I love it. These guys are the King. How in the world can they be bested? Live shows are just incredible.

  • Bryan Gonzales
    Bryan Gonzales 2 years ago

    He's a MASTER OF GUITAR !!!

  • Jake W
    Jake W Year ago

    Still rockin after all these years.