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Kemper 201 Performance Mode - Kemper Tips and Tricks

  • Published on Jan 28, 2023 veröffentlicht

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  • Natan Abdala
    Natan Abdala 4 months ago

    Great content, HW!
    You mentioned that there’s a way to take your sounds (rigs) from performance mode and edit them in browser mode, so they can live in browser mode. Is there a way you could explain how to do this?
    I would truly appreciate it 👍🏼

  • Garett Overstreet

    I've owned my Kemper rig for almost give years and still learned so much from this tutorial. Kudos!

  • Stewart
    Stewart 3 years ago +24

    HW, this was very helpful!
    Can you do a similar version of this but use the Stage, instead? I feel like there’s a shortage of tutorials for the Stage, and the ones that are out there are hit-or-miss. I know Kemper has tutorials but they’re a bit dull and long, and I have ADD ;) lol

  • Mark Bois
    Mark Bois 3 years ago +4

    Nice HW I know my Kemper pretty well but I always learn something watching you. I always play in performance mode but I set up banks per guitar not per song unless I need a specific delay or effect. I like to use morphing mostly for gain to push a crunchy sound into a high gain sound. I use my Kemper powerhead different than most people I use a 112 Orange cab with a 90 watt Celestion Creme it sounds awesome call me old fashioned but I just can't get away from that amp in the room sound.

    • Crimson Ghost
      Crimson Ghost Year ago +1

      I think Kemper sounds best through a real cab. I love it through my stack.

  • Ryan Ross
    Ryan Ross 28 days ago

    Just got myself a kemper rack and any time I have questions, I just watch your videos. Awesome work

  • Bill McKeen
    Bill McKeen Month ago

    I just purchased the power rack model. I'm already blown away by it. Your tutorials have been very helpful Have you done a tutorial on profiling an amp? getting ready to profile my ENGL Victor Smolski head. I'm using my Egnator over-sized 112/Celestion Vintage 30 cab. going to try 3 mics/Sennheiser/MXL/and good old SM57. MXL is a large diaphragm model, Sennheiser 421, and the Shure beta 57 is for the back of the cab. (it has the option of removing partial back cover.) I've recorded here in the studio this way, and have had good results in the tone dept. here's where I am a true newbie. I am assuming I'll need to profile them one at a time?
    Thanks again for the videos!

  • axe2grind911a
    axe2grind911a 3 years ago +1

    Hey HW, great tutorial! What about tails? Do they carry over when switching presets? Or is the switching abrupt...

  • joebelviso
    joebelviso 3 years ago +1

    HW.....you always do a great job!! Thank you so much for all the tricks and tips you learn us by these video tutorials.....!!!

  • Patrick Gifford
    Patrick Gifford 7 months ago +3

    I have been using Helix for 6 years. Just ordered a Kemper stage and it should arrive in a few days. Your 101 and 201 videos have been immensely helpful to help me see how the Kemper can do the things I have been doing using snapshots on the Helix, and even ( I think!) more - like easily swapping out the amp but keep the effects, or to save an entire group of effects with their settings to use over and over again... I never knew this was possible before. I'm even more excited about my decision to try the Kemper (which I should have done 7 years ago... live and learn). Thanks!

    • Patrick Gifford
      Patrick Gifford Month ago

      @just some minced garlic best gear decision I ever made, should have done it 8 years ago. Running stereo with 2 Kemper Kabs now :-)

    • just some minced garlic
      just some minced garlic Month ago

      So now that you’ve had about 5 months with the Kemper, how do you like it?

    • mjrusch
      mjrusch Month ago

      I’m doing the very same! These videos have been super helpful

  • Have Guitar
    Have Guitar 3 years ago +1

    Helpful and informational as always! Good job!

  • ProfVonW
    ProfVonW 6 days ago

    I just bought a Kemper Stage. I would love for this video to be remade for that particular model, since it has a different selection of buttons. (No copy/paste for example)

  • Josh Robison
    Josh Robison 3 years ago

    Very helpful. But I watched some parts a couple times to get the concept. What an amazing tool

  • Sascha Nedelko
    Sascha Nedelko 2 years ago

    So helpful and entertaining at the same time HW 🙂🙏

  • Jimm Panik
    Jimm Panik 3 years ago

    Thanks for all the work you do for the KPA.

  • David Lee
    David Lee 2 years ago +3

    Super, super helpful. Just bought a Stage and trying to get my head around it all as it is pretty baffling at first. But this and the 101 video really helped!

    • David Lee
      David Lee 11 months ago

      @Tim Joseph the clean amps sound fine to me. The gain control is very progressive and realistic

    • Tim Joseph
      Tim Joseph 11 months ago

      @David Lee I hear that the digital amps are digital sounding . Especially cleans. Do you find the Kemper solves this?

    • David Lee
      David Lee 11 months ago +1

      @Tim Joseph yes, definitely! Still feel like I’m only scratching the surface. I don’t experiment an awful lot with the amps but use a few basic clean ones as a starting point. The quality of the effects, particularly reverbs and delays are the hidden gems. I had an HX FX prior and a controversial opinion but I think Kemper effects leave Helix in the dust. The Kemper is gradually replacing my 4x Eventide stomp boxes and they’re pretty untouchable still. The gamechanger is plugging the Kemper into a computer for the Rig software - so much easier!

    • Tim Joseph
      Tim Joseph 11 months ago +1

      How is it? Do you want you still love it?

  • Loren Wright
    Loren Wright 3 years ago +1

    First thanks so much for the video - it really was very helpful! Tip, if I could be so bold... wear white socks! The black ones blend in and didn't always catch my attention when you hit a button on the foot switch. I just received my power rack and foot switch in an attempt to lighten my performance load. (I am getting kind of old - 66) I think this rig really has potential. I hope I can fully understand it before I meet Jesus. Seriously though, I appreciate the effort you put into making this video, great job!

  • D Moarhaus
    D Moarhaus 2 years ago

    Awesome content! How much of this can you do with the new editor in rig manager?

  • Iain Frame
    Iain Frame 2 years ago

    When I import a number of different amps into a single performance rig, so that I have say a Vox AC 30 clean tone in slot 1 and a Mesa Mark V in slot 2, they both seem to share the same gain and EQ settings. So if I clean up the Vox and take the gain down to 9 o'clock, then switch over to the Mesa, its gain is also down to 9 o'clock. Can someone sanity check that this is correct? If so, presumably, you'd need to use something like a stomp box to make slot 2 heavier? Thanks. 🎸

  • Mark Conrad
    Mark Conrad 3 years ago +1

    Perfect. I was just getting ready to crack the manual on Performance Mode. Now I don't need to. Makes me want to get a remote.

  • Marc LeBlanc
    Marc LeBlanc 3 years ago

    For me, it will only save fx on rig 1 in the performance. The other rigs won't save the fx for some reason.

  • Tim Joseph
    Tim Joseph 6 months ago

    Good Video. Can you set a rig to use the external volume pedal to be Wah for only that rig?

  • CrazyCow500
    CrazyCow500 2 years ago

    So when you say you're allowed 5 rigs, that means only 5 separate starting points? What if you have a ton of songs in a set with vastly different tones? Is it possible to have different rigs, for say, 15 songs where you could customize each section (verse, hook, solo, etc) not unlike how a bradshaw midi setup would be?

    • marzzz
      marzzz 2 years ago +1

      You can save 15 different Performances (up to 128) for each of your 15 songs, with up to 5 different Rigs per performance.

    • Lu Kas
      Lu Kas 2 years ago +1

      You can have 5 rigs per bank. You also have 127 banks, I think. It's like a 5 Button per Bank PC-Midi swichter + a row of CC switches to turn on and off the individual effects, or whatever.
      In the end, you have more than enough sounds avaiable on your feet ;)

  • Videostar 80's Duo
    Videostar 80's Duo 6 months ago

    Love your videos. mate. Always something to learn, and your patter is tremendous. If you're ever in Glasgow Scotland id love too buy you a beer.

  • MrMatthewKerr
    MrMatthewKerr 2 years ago

    Best vid on the tinternet for Kemper. You're great. Hope you get more sponsorships.

  • KingJames3000
    KingJames3000 3 years ago

    I just bought the stage and this is right on time!

  • Rik D
    Rik D 3 years ago +3

    Yes! FINALLY! Saving this to watch later. Thanks HW!

  • randm321
    randm321 2 years ago

    Super useful video. Thank you! But, I’d also like to add that the placement of your stickers makes me uncomfortable.

  • Rune Bailey
    Rune Bailey 3 years ago

    when you copy and paste a rig can you set the duplicate to be louder

  • Mike M
    Mike M 2 years ago +1

    Thanks so much, HW!

  • grandma_moses
    grandma_moses Year ago +2

    HW on the Kemper: 'The sky is the limit here!'
    Audience on hearing me play: 'This guy is the limit here!'

  • Josh Robison
    Josh Robison 3 years ago

    How can I make effects presets on the kemper stage?

  • Face it Now
    Face it Now 3 years ago +1

    What if I create a performance and I want to delete one or more of the slots?? How do I delete a slot to replace it with a new tone? I can see how to MOVE them.But not sure how to delete and replace.HELP!!

  • Rune Bailey
    Rune Bailey Year ago

    Where can I download some great metal performances?

  • Ismaeel Foustok
    Ismaeel Foustok 3 years ago

    Greetings from Germany
    one question please is there anything similar to the Screenshot Mode from the helix Thanks for help.
    Sorry for my bad english

    • Kristijan Sinković
      Kristijan Sinković 3 years ago

      Performance mode (1-5) is something similar to Snapshots on Helix. 4 switches in upper row on Kemper equals to Helix stomp control mode.

  • skip bass
    skip bass 2 years ago

    what is the differance between profile and a profile morph/?

  • Rik D
    Rik D 3 years ago

    HW at 13:38 how do you get that screen display layout to look that way?

    • Rik D
      Rik D 3 years ago

      @ToneJunkie TV yeah i know that but layout on your screen looks different. Is there a way to alter the layout? How that screen appears?

    • ToneJunkie TV
      ToneJunkie TV  3 years ago +1

      Rik D hold down the effects button

  • Sick Viscera
    Sick Viscera 2 months ago

    2:38 Sounds like Burn It Down by Alterbridge

  • dubnessIII
    dubnessIII 3 years ago

    This is great, but you’re going wayyy too fast in a lot of parts. I still don’t understand how to save a rig to each switch, and you’re over here grouping the effects chain...slow down

    • dubnessIII
      dubnessIII 2 years ago

      Joshua Benton Yeah, that’s fair

    • Joshua Benton
      Joshua Benton 2 years ago

      this is a 201 video, not 101 like some others. There are points in which he assumes you already understand basic functions of the Kemper. Not trying to insult you, but starting with the 101 vids might be helpful.

  • Adam
    Adam 9 months ago

    I name my rig one thing and then it carries the same name across to the other rig. Please can you help

  • Alex Corda
    Alex Corda Year ago


  • Josh C
    Josh C 3 years ago

    Tonejunkie 🔥👍🤘

  • Russell Hamner
    Russell Hamner 2 years ago

    Uuuhh keeper master

  • Master & Commander
    Master & Commander 3 years ago +1

    Ready to play some Morrissey.

  • Gummmibaer
    Gummmibaer 3 years ago


  • Eric Sparks
    Eric Sparks 29 days ago

    Let me just go ahead and be the 850th thumbs up

  • Teun Westdorp
    Teun Westdorp 2 years ago

    Why do you need this swamp of sounds and amps?, Isn't it better to find "your own sound" and create music using one amp some pedals, technique creativity?.