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BARÇA 5-0 BETIS | LALIGA 2023/24 MD5

  • Published on Sep 15, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Debut goals by new Portuguese signings Félix and Cancelo help the blaugranes to a resounding 5-0 win over the Andalusians. #LaLigaHighlights
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  • FC Barcelona
    FC Barcelona  16 days ago +2816

    Who's your Man of the Match? Comment below 👇💙♥

  • Dybdahl19
    Dybdahl19 16 days ago +6104

    Its amazing to see both Felix and Cancelo score on their starting 11 debut💙❤️

    • Jin Kim
      Jin Kim 16 days ago +109

      classic cancelo goal

    • Łowca Burz Kielce
      Łowca Burz Kielce 16 days ago +77

      They are created to play in Barca🔥

    • fidelis itor
      fidelis itor 16 days ago +103

      Felix fits in too perfectly. It's like he was made to play in barca.

    • GAB _GabrieL
      GAB _GabrieL 16 days ago +30

      @fidelis itorIm also surprised. He doesn’t play like that was his first time playing for Barca.

    • Harshvardhan Rai
      Harshvardhan Rai 16 days ago +1

      Am loving it bro.🙏

  • Ajax
    Ajax 16 days ago +1546

    Damn Lewa playing like a monster at this age isn't talked about enough

    • MarkStark1138
      MarkStark1138 16 days ago +56

      That's because he hasn't been good for a while.

    • Emil Frederiksen.
      Emil Frederiksen. 16 days ago +61

      @MarkStark1138 He has burn out Thanks to Barca not signing a 2nd striker

    • Arminiusz Mazowszanin
      Arminiusz Mazowszanin 16 days ago +8

      When he pass the ball faster it looks better.

    • Ajax
      Ajax 16 days ago +105

      @MarkStark1138 3 goals 4 assists in 5 games.....

    • pepe ludos
      pepe ludos 16 days ago +48

      ​@MarkStark1138pichichi of la liga last season

  • MC Reggie
    MC Reggie 16 days ago +323

    What I loved about this is we weren’t satisfied at 3 or 4, even at 5 we were looking for 6. This is the Barcelona we need all season.

  • peterson aine
    peterson aine 16 days ago +335

    When you see João Felix playing, you immediately know Chelsea was using him wrongly 😢

    • swaggy
      swaggy 15 days ago +48

      Chelsea ruined players like KDB and Salah of course they would use Felix wrong too. It’s a cursed club.

    • Caesar Augustus
      Caesar Augustus 15 days ago +6

      @swaggy "the special one" ruined players.

    • The Man With Nothing To Lose
      The Man With Nothing To Lose 14 days ago +7

      Chelsea is a team that has relied on buying the finished product for their success instead of developing their promising players.

    • Krish 123
      Krish 123 13 days ago +2

      @swaggyTrue now it’s Caceido

    • Carlos M. Sierra
      Carlos M. Sierra 12 days ago

      @swaggy And Werner

  • Chirag Gera
    Chirag Gera 16 days ago +223

    Excellent performance, great to see Felix & Cancelo starting & putting up a fantastic performance.
    Lewandowski was brilliant as well, good to see him back in form.
    Visca Barca 💙❤️

  • Not Lixn
    Not Lixn 16 days ago +2341

    Ferran just achieved what no one else could except messi … scoring a freekick❤

    • Эльмир Рзаев
      Эльмир Рзаев 16 days ago +26

      Рафинья тоже забивал против Арсенала наверное

    • Wonderland
      Wonderland 16 days ago +34

      It was not official game. So it must not be counted

    • Raf
      Raf 16 days ago +182

      ​@Wonderlandit is an official game, wtf you mean

    • 4HMÃD 3mk
      4HMÃD 3mk 16 days ago +81

      ​@Wonderlandit was official wdym?
      It was literally the 5th round of laliga

    • BOPP
      BOPP 16 days ago +84

      ​@4HMÃD 3mkhe's prob tlaking Abt the arsenal match

  • Rona
    Rona 16 days ago +321

    I miss Pedri a lot, but the game today was special and beautiful 💙❤

    • Samuel Canovas
      Samuel Canovas 16 days ago +5

      Yo a pedri no le hecho de menos

    • Мартин Бранков
      Мартин Бранков 16 days ago +8

      Pedri return for Classico

    • critical_analysis
      critical_analysis 16 days ago +2

      Is Pedri/Gavi hype only? I hope they perform inline with the hype and hopefully don't sustain injuries.
      They have to play well in important matches, let's see.

  • mohamed
    mohamed 16 days ago +108

    Great performance, I have never seen this form since awhile. That's the Barca I want to see 💙❤️
    Five different scorers! Absolutely amazing Visça Barça 💙❤️

    • Imposter2.0
      Imposter2.0 16 days ago +7

      We Shall do the same in the Champions league VISCA BARCA💙❤️💙❤️💙

    • Wojciech Drygała
      Wojciech Drygała 13 days ago

      ​@Imposter2.0 you name it 🤷

    • Ibeabuchi Leslie
      Ibeabuchi Leslie 12 days ago +1

      ​@Imposter2.0this aged well 😎

  • Anthony Frade
    Anthony Frade 15 days ago +12

    Best barce performance in 2 or 3 years. Felix slots into this team so perfectly when you sit and think about it. Can't wait to see what happens at Barca this year.

  • Neymar Rdwan
    Neymar Rdwan 16 days ago +1651

    Congratulations to Joao Cancelo and Felix who scored his first goal in his first match at the Home 💙❤️👏🔥

    • rodrigo lang
      rodrigo lang 16 days ago +8

      Not Camp Nou. its olimpic stadium...

    • Carbon
      Carbon 16 days ago +52

      ​@rodrigo langwhen he said camp nou ?

    • Luís Malheiro
      Luís Malheiro 16 days ago +15

      ​@Carbonhe said at home, so Camp Nou, but he meant Barcelona maybe.

    • Afeef Channel
      Afeef Channel 16 days ago +1

      ​@rodrigo langso it still home bro😅

    • rodrigo lang
      rodrigo lang 16 days ago +7

      @Carbon message was edit to "at the Home" At first it was written Camp Nou. all good now . kkkk

  • Mr No Nonsense
    Mr No Nonsense 16 days ago +124

    The performance of my team today, really made my day.... Kudos to you guys. Joao Felix is phenomenal. ATM, would be feeling regretful letting him go. Right now they have no dangerous striker. Which made them lost today's game to Valencia.

    • Edward Kwakye
      Edward Kwakye 16 days ago +1


    • Carolina Albuquerque
      Carolina Albuquerque 16 days ago +4

      Atletico didn’t know how to take advantage of having felix and Griezman. If they had played together regularly, atletico would have been great. But simeone did never allow it…so now atletico is how it is…

    • Joni Ro
      Joni Ro 16 days ago +2

      Your team did amazing. I think you made some great buys and brought it some solid players that play well together. Your choice of coach couldn´t be better and i think your team will win again this year. Congratulations!

  • Wright Boys
    Wright Boys 16 days ago +21

    Felix ,Lewandowski, and Cancelo is unstoppable they are definitely winning the laliga

  • Nikola Kozhuharov
    Nikola Kozhuharov 15 days ago +14

    Not a huge fan of Ferran but the way he scored that free kick was absolutely spectacular. Haven't seen that "around the wall" strike in years!

  • Csien Nkdi
    Csien Nkdi 13 days ago +1

    highest barce performance in two or three years. When you stop to consider it, Felix fits into this team so seamlessly. Looking forward to what occurs at Barcelona this year.

  • Vic Stf
    Vic Stf 16 days ago +14

    Seems like Xavi knows what Felix's position should be, as opposed to his previous coaches who had no idea. I liked the 3 people up front, pretty much no attacking wingers. This way Lewa sees more support.

    • Jerrold Hewson
      Jerrold Hewson 15 days ago +1

      What are the chances Barca buy Felix and Cancelo?

    • Ethan Dean
      Ethan Dean 15 days ago +3

      @Jerrold Hewsonthey will need a ucl run. Probably will have to sell someone(ideally raphina imo)

  • Radostin Borisov
    Radostin Borisov 16 days ago +422

    Cancelo was everywhere on the pitch, just unstoppable! Visca Barca 💙❤️

  • Xavier
    Xavier 16 days ago +2

    Que felicidad ver al Barça brillar como hace tiempo! 👏🔥

  • Marcell Azianyo
    Marcell Azianyo 16 days ago +2

    This has been the best performance by Barcelona in a while

  • noojam
    noojam 16 days ago +35

    While we appreciate our attackers let us not forget about the excellent job of our defense line as well. They were just amazing ❤💙

  • Carlos Cruz
    Carlos Cruz 16 days ago +10

    Força Barça 💙❤️

  • shaad
    shaad 16 days ago +13

    It's the chemistry between our players for me
    They understand each other so much
    And I hope xavi understand that 4-3-3 is the formation
    Gavi is top notch
    Romeu is a perfect replacement
    De jong?? I don't even know wat to say
    Cancelo? I love him
    Felix?? He's definitely gonna stay next season
    Visca Barca

  • zeyad maher
    zeyad maher 16 days ago

    Un partido divertido de una banda distinguida.❤❤❤❤

  • Liyabona Nokamba
    Liyabona Nokamba 16 days ago +4634


    • brickforge12
      brickforge12 16 days ago +60

      Fantastic football 🔵🔴🔵🔴

    • Yanchter
      Yanchter 16 days ago +49

      Yes. Not like United

    • Lenny NHAcasaane
      Lenny NHAcasaane 16 days ago +38

      ​@Yanchterwhat is united😂😂

    • gg boy
      gg boy 16 days ago +41

      ​@Lenny NHAcasaaneteam that is in 13th place 😂

    • andypoodog
      andypoodog 16 days ago +32

      @Lenny NHAcasaaneThey lost to Brighton 3-1 today 💀

  • Toma Khurtsidze
    Toma Khurtsidze 16 days ago +40

    That is just why I fell in love with this club years ago.

  • Come Fast To Get Into My Body

    Barcelona is the team that Felix really thrives on, and his performance clearly shows that. Love this signing! 💙❤

  • Sabir Shrestha
    Sabir Shrestha 16 days ago +23

    We missed this Barcelona. The Hunger for goal. Hope this continues the entire season

    • Imposter2.0
      Imposter2.0 16 days ago

      We shall do this in In ucl Too Vamos Barca❤️💙❤️💙❤️💙

  • nanda pradana
    nanda pradana 15 days ago +4

    This team looks promising.. Maybe it's time for me to watch them again. Last time I watched, MSN was still on the team.
    Not a Barca fan, but I like to watch Barca play, since Rivaldo era until MSN.

  • Mimi sen
    Mimi sen 16 days ago +20

    Its like Im slowly getting the barça I love back Im almost tearful lmao
    Its crazy how much Félix and Cancelo changed the dynamic of the whole group! What talent what class! The whole team started playing better its crazy lol I need Laporta to figure out a way to sign them both permanently next summer
    We are in for an exciting season guys I cant wait for the CL games too lets go!

    • Jerrold Hewson
      Jerrold Hewson 15 days ago

      How likely do you think that is? I heard Barca still have money problems. I wish they were permanent.

    • Mimi sen
      Mimi sen 15 days ago +1

      @Jerrold Hewson I think its very difficult, but I hope they find a way. Yeah the financial situation is the problem, it got so much better than a few years back but there is still much work to be done.

      MOTATIONHD 14 days ago

      @Mimi sendifficult? Maybe, some people at the club said that if they performed well both would stay.

  • Why
    Why 16 days ago +6

    0:25 This amazing pass by Romeu isn't talked about enough!

    • AendM
      AendM 16 days ago +3

      true, that was a Busquetse kind of pass, great vision

  • Tom Kor
    Tom Kor 16 days ago +795

    Lewandowski involved in 4 goals out of 5, goal + 2 assists and Ferran’s free kick after fault on RL9! Legend!

    • rendriu
      rendriu  16 days ago +40

      its insane to think that lewandowski was involved in 4 out of 5 goals

    • Kamil Hoffmann
      Kamil Hoffmann 16 days ago +19

      ​@rendriu ferràn goal from free kick was after Faul on Lewan, if it counts as assist, why not? 😂

    • Endqx
      Endqx 16 days ago +3

      ​@Kamil Hoffmannbut lewa made his 3 assits to : felix cancelo and raphinha

    • Edy
      Edy 16 days ago +2

      Actually Romeu was the one who made the assist for Felix. Watch again the highlight. Still a terrific performance from Lewandowski @Endqx

    • Endqx
      Endqx 16 days ago

      @Edy oh my bad

  • Paul Mcvey
    Paul Mcvey 15 days ago +8

    Absolutely sensational performance from Barca, some great individual performances, little mention for the Barca GK, that was an outstanding save on the stroke of half time. Easy to forget with so many good goals and performances 👌

  • Anonymous
    Anonymous 16 days ago +5

    That Ferran Torres knee slide 🎉

  • Iván Larios
    Iván Larios 16 days ago +2

    Las reacciones de Ter Stegen son felinas 🔥

  • Seth_%r,&s
    Seth_%r,&s 16 days ago +2

    Bueno ver a ferran a gran nivel, participativo, luchon y recompensado con un gol 🦈

  • Revan39
    Revan39 16 days ago +9

    finally after some struggle, our Barcelona is back🥺💙❤️

  • Iron Gears - Heavy Construction Machine

    It's great to see Felix and Cancelo both scoring in their first 11 games

  • Футбол Повсюду

    I’m amazed. Literally everyone performed fire 🔥. Incredible game from the team. This match will for sure be one of the best in the season.
    Forca Barca 💙❤!

  • Rod14
    Rod14 16 days ago +1

    Buenas jugadas, buenos goles 👏👏👏👏👏 ¡Vamos Barca! ❤️💙❤️💙

  • Jakub Treliński
    Jakub Treliński 16 days ago +4

    Barca is starting to play proper total football, its good to see that players dont suffer anymore, there is new energy on pitch, joy to watch such masters like gundo, lewa, jong blooming. Beatiful game full of amazing footballers, Felix great duo with Lewnadowski, red card for Xavi gave him a better perspective. Last one is a joke, but i think Xavi was wrong.

  • Xamdi Xasan
    Xamdi Xasan 16 days ago +277

    Great performance by Lewandowski,Felix,Cancelo

    • FerNando
      FerNando 16 days ago +15

      Ferran was good tho

    • jyhzy
      jyhzy 16 days ago


  • Haryorflexy Junior
    Haryorflexy Junior 16 days ago +8

    This is the kind of performance we want with our club every match ❤

  • Miguel Ruiz Castillo
    Miguel Ruiz Castillo 15 days ago +15

    Gracias por estás alegrías barça 💙❤️🇲🇽

  • Speedy is here
    Speedy is here 16 days ago +1

    Thank you dembele for creating this opportunity.💙❤️

  • bonface musyoki
    bonface musyoki 15 days ago +1

    that Joao Felix goal 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • yash 0110
    yash 0110 16 days ago +9

    Ferran is unbelievable ❤

  • Diego Mejia
    Diego Mejia 16 days ago +404

    Aqui los que nunca dudaron de la calidad de Cancelo y Felix ❤❤✋

    • jawad khan
      jawad khan 16 days ago +4

      Never doubted them but have a doubt on xavi how he gonna use them when pedri is back from injury.
      Hope he doesn't go to 4 midfielders

    • Laugrana Blau
      Laugrana Blau 16 days ago

      @jawad khan bro we played 4 midfielders yesterday please stop critisizing him with 3 midfeilders we are really exposed at the back and attacks dont word due to the lack of support

    • jawad khan
      jawad khan 16 days ago

      Felix is not a midfielder he has attacking abilities that we need. And btw last season we played with four midfielders and everyone knows what happens in big games specially UCL even we loose against Manchester united

    • Laugrana Blau
      Laugrana Blau 16 days ago

      @jawad khan firstly yes joao has attacking capabilities but he plays attacking midfielder not central and we lost to united due to injuries and we used wrong gameplay and yes we scored 5 with 4 midfielders

    • jawad khan
      jawad khan 15 days ago

      @Laugrana Blau yes we scored 4 woth midfielders but in laliga and against Manchester is we have used wrong gameplay than tell who decide that style other than Xavi. 4 midfielders is good but only in laliga not in UCL

  • Karina Ferrari
    Karina Ferrari 16 days ago +1

    Madre mía que hermoso lo que jugaron los Joaos

  • fel4enn1
    fel4enn1 15 days ago +2

    looking at joao my heart breaks. how good is he how big could be for atleti but our coach lives in 1990 ... and we are going for second division while he is wining the league this year

  • Praveen Ganesh
    Praveen Ganesh 15 days ago

    Both joe’s has changed the way of Barcelona game ❤️ seeing Torres scoring free kick after messi left is class 👌🏻👌🏻

  • Mohit Kumar Sahu
    Mohit Kumar Sahu 16 days ago +7

    this team always brings me in tears. thank you barcelona. you have always played a big role in my life and i am very happy to have been a barca fan.

  • Denys
    Denys 15 days ago

    Watching this after a Chelsea game is so satisfying. This team demonstrates class with ease. Looking forward to see Barca's European season

  • GOAT Edit
    GOAT Edit 16 days ago +212

    Joao Felix was incredible, visible everywhere ❤️💙

  • CG MAN
    CG MAN 16 days ago +1

    Really a great performance,,,, Almost all goals were beauty to watch

  • Jacob hall
    Jacob hall 16 days ago +1

    That opening goal is 😳🔥

  • Leonardo Venâncio
    Leonardo Venâncio 3 days ago


  • briana bill
    briana bill 16 days ago +13

    Nice free kick by Ferran and Raphinha goal is ❤️‍🔥🔥🔥 Good performance by the team 💙❤️

    • Roland Craig
      Roland Craig 15 days ago

      Not nice at all ... actually it was miss-hit, he wanted to kick the ball over the wall and hit it wrong.

  • HK vzla
    HK vzla 16 days ago +1

    Cuando se trabaja con Amor, todo sale mejor... Felix ama al club y fue fan desde niño lo mismo va con la mayoria, se les nota que le tienen Amor y respeto al Barça y cuando las cosas no salen se les nota la frustración ... ojala esta plantilla pueda lograr cosas increibles.

  • P99
    P99 16 days ago +695

    Excellent performance from the team today. Just imagine this lineup with Araujo and Pedri 🔥🔥🔥💙♥

  • Flamengo Forever•
    Flamengo Forever• 16 days ago +1

    Esse é o Barcelona que eu conheço. ❤💙❤💙

  • Jupama
    Jupama 16 days ago

    Channels like these are so good they don’t have 15 min highlights that show pretty much every single shot props to u mate

  • مباريات كوره
    مباريات كوره 16 days ago +2

    So proud of this team ❤💙

  • Sasanka Narzary
    Sasanka Narzary 16 days ago +20

    Finally! The first free kick goal since The GOAT netted one in 2021.
    Incredible performances by Felix and Cancelo.
    Visca el Barca❤

  • Kansas Arkansas
    Kansas Arkansas 16 days ago +2

    Lewa is back, goal and 2 assists and that backheel at the end, imagine that was a goal...

  • Steven
    Steven 16 days ago +457

    What a team, what an atmosphere we need to continue like this all season, Visça El Barça! 💙❤

    • MrISkater
      MrISkater 16 days ago +2

      It's visca not visça

    • Jan Pierzchala
      Jan Pierzchala 16 days ago +1

      Glorious Team!

    • Ala•
      Ala• 16 days ago +2

      @MrISkater lol😂👌

    • Max10
      Max10 16 days ago +2

      ​@Stevenwdym even the Barça officials say Visca... It's not meant to be pronounced as 's'... Rather it should be a 'k'...

  • LoCoGaming
    LoCoGaming 16 days ago +3

    WOW ! Joax Felix and cancelo what amazing pick ups they fit into the team perfectly !!

  • Loglady21
    Loglady21  16 days ago

    This game was PERFECT 💙❤️ VAMOS!

  • Clippygoat
    Clippygoat 15 days ago +1

    Gotta love it when Joao Felix scored the first goal and Joao Cancelo scored the final goal

  • Ciby Wilson
    Ciby Wilson 16 days ago +2

    Always wanted Felix when he debuted for athletico. he is a real gem.
    Still dont know how barca got these transfers done

  • N Nazemi
    N Nazemi 16 days ago +2

    Great performance ❤💙

  • GOAT Edit
    GOAT Edit 16 days ago +373

    Força Barça ❤💙.
    Gracias Joao Félix🔥
    Gracias Lewandowski🔥
    Gracias Torres🔥
    Gracias Rafinha🔥
    Gracias Cancelo 🔥

  • Phira Damian
    Phira Damian 16 days ago +2

    The team played well.
    Happy to see such performance just like the olden days 😊

  • Lucy Cee
    Lucy Cee 16 days ago +1

    What a team! 💙❤

    SZ SHORTS 16 days ago +3

    This game proves what cancelo and felix are capable of ❤💙😈

  • Nikhil singh
    Nikhil singh 16 days ago

    What a performance from our boys

  • thibault
    thibault 16 days ago +162

    What a game by all the team 😍 João Felix, the prince strikes, what a signing and Cancelo ! Brilliant goal and the feint for Lewandowski is so magical 💙❤️ Visca Barça unforgettable victory 👌

    • Jan Pierzchala
      Jan Pierzchala 16 days ago

      Joao went so very much down in his market value in last years (from 120 to 50) but tonight...100!

      BASKETBALL  16 days ago +1

      Torres ?

    • Alex Ingram
      Alex Ingram 16 days ago

      But it’s loan but felix and cancelo I hope we can seal their deal permanently

    TRUSTED 16 days ago +2

    I am so proud of my team!!! lets goooooooo for more💙♥

    NIBIRU 14 days ago

    Siendo madridista me gusta esta plantilla
    Espero y logren grandes cosas

    ARJUN 16 days ago +1

    brilliant performance from Barca after a long time

  • GetShotDown
    GetShotDown 16 days ago +8

    What a gameferran and felix that freekick was outstanding 💙❤️ also that fake and cancelo goal the way he dropped the defender and also RL9 getting back to his form

  • 79_Kochi_Dac_Vinit
    79_Kochi_Dac_Vinit 15 days ago +1

    Beautiful match 😍

  • Asad Bin Alam
    Asad Bin Alam 16 days ago +410

    5 different scorers, that's what we wanted. Playing as a team 🎉❤
    Forca Barca ❤️💙

  • Fegor osogolo
    Fegor osogolo 16 days ago +2

    That was absolutely stunning

  • Alexis Castro el chico maravilla

    Que bueno es ese Joao ❤

  • TheBear
    TheBear 16 days ago +2

    Incredible performance, when they sing for the team, I knew that Felix and Cancelo would fit, but this match showed us that THEY ARE ABSOLUTELY INCREDIBLE. Even the rest of the player where greate! And we have to mention this to, Torres free kick was wonderful, it reminded me of a man that play for Barca in the past! Visca Barća

  • Hiroshi Raiden
    Hiroshi Raiden 16 days ago +1

    hoy fue un partido con muestras que este equipo esta progresando bien, el betis es un gran equipo, y el barcelona se nota que estan disfrutando mas que sentir presion y eso es excelente mentalidad de lo que tanto necesitabamos en este club, adelante equipo confio que daran mas alegrias, hasta lewangolski se le vio que disfruto del juego

  • Shahin Akther
    Shahin Akther 16 days ago

    Amazing performance from Barcelona

  • Zero7
    Zero7 16 days ago +345

    The attacking trio of Felix Lewa and Ferran , it was so fluid

  • DHF Ronaldo
    DHF Ronaldo 16 days ago +1

    What a group ❤️❤️❤️

  • ItzAyaaz10
    ItzAyaaz10 16 days ago

    Vamos!, Very happy to see Barcelona win & The goals from Jao felix, Lewandowski, Ferran torres, Raphinha & Jao cancelo were 🔥Visca Barca 💙❤

  • supreme ahmed Student
    supreme ahmed Student 16 days ago

    What an incredible and dominating performance!

  • Albert D.
    Albert D. 16 days ago

    Ahora sí que veré los partidos, increíble.

  • Gayathri Vasudevan
    Gayathri Vasudevan 16 days ago

    Cancelo’s goal was amazing and a beautiful save for ter stegan

  • Sabir Zimdaal
    Sabir Zimdaal 16 days ago +291

    one of the best performances I've seen from Barcelona in recent years. Not only did they create chances, the possession, shots on target, everything was top notch! joao cancelo and felix, their goals were nothing but a treat to our eyes! mes cue un club, VISCA EL BARCA!!!!

    • Filmoteka
      Filmoteka 16 days ago +4

      Without Araujo and Ansu on field players start to be one team.

    • Marko Đanić
      Marko Đanić 16 days ago +1


    • Victor
      Victor 16 days ago

      Can they replicate this in the games that matter though? Like in the cl ? I'm tired of seeing Barca getting humiliated year in year out in the UCL.

    • Nadir Chahboun
      Nadir Chahboun 15 days ago

      @Victorwe were not good in Europe the last few years this time it is different

    • Sabir Zimdaal
      Sabir Zimdaal 14 days ago

      @Victor the group stages are easy rn so it might help us to gain some much needed confidence for the ro16 matches. As for winning the champions league, it's kinda out of our reach but one thing's for sure, we ain't getting humiliated, ever again! besides, we were with our team during all the ups and downs, why can't we wait for a few more years and witness our team lifting the glory? VISCA EL BARCA!!

  • Rona
    Rona 16 days ago +5

    Conde is wonderful, always special, and brilliant as usual. There is nothing new with King Conde ❤💙

  • ban
    ban 16 days ago

    Barca is starting to look like a team again ❤

  • richkidd
    richkidd 15 days ago

    este barça tiene algo muy distinto, orgulloso de ser culé ❤️💙

  • TOKY.
    TOKY. 16 days ago +1

    it's nice to see Ferran Torres in a good period, he was going to leave the club💙❤

  • Iracema Silva
    Iracema Silva 16 days ago +1

    Só golaços 💙❤💙❤