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Russia is ‘getting hammered’: Top US general on Bakhmut battle

  • Published on Jun 3, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • There are roughly 6,000 Wagner group mercenaries fighting in the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley told US lawmakers at a House Armed Services Committee hearing. #CNN #News

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  • Tonyikner
    Tonyikner 2 months ago +195

    “We destroyed that group”. That’s the understatement of the century.

    • James Elliott
      James Elliott Month ago +1

      What happened??

    • Andre M
      Andre M Month ago +23

      ​@James Elliott we turned them into quantum foam.

    • Green Stimmy
      Green Stimmy Month ago +1

      @Andre M LOL GET SOOOME

  • JonnieMae
    JonnieMae 2 months ago +122

    I love the no nonsense to the point explanations that these men gave regarding the Ukraine and Russia. After listening to these men speak so plainly it is going to be even harder to tolerate the nonsense and chaotic reheric that comes out of the unseasoned people who are suppose to work for the people.

    • omoney Nice
      omoney Nice 2 months ago +3

      Well bakhmut has fallen. There is no report on that. How do u feel now regarding the situation?

    • TexanIndependence
      TexanIndependence 2 months ago +5

      Do you love the part at 3:44 when he says that the entire Ukrainian army are the "sons and grandsons" of the Nazi collaborators "who fought Stalin and Zhukov"? PLEASE listen to Mark Milley at 3:44 he's TRYING to leak the truth out without getting fired. The top leader of the US armed forces, Joint Chiefs General Mark Milley, when asked if Ukraine would win without US support, basically says, "Well, they would have fought against Russia anyways because they hate Russia because these are the sons and grandsons of the people who fought Stalin" [Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS brigade and the UPA Nazi collaborators]. Keep in mind over 90% of those in Heavily Russian-speaking Eastern Ukraine fought for the Soviets, while in Western Ukraine, it was about 50/50, half fought for the Nazis and the other half fought for the Soviets. Most of those in Western Ukraine's kids intermarried with those on both sides (like union/confederate Americans did so many have ancestors on both sides), but today Ukraine ONLY praises the Nazi collaborators like Stepan Banderas, who Zelensky unveiled a statue to, even though Banderas ordered holocaust genocides of Zelensky's people and Zelensky insulted Banderas as a Nazi just a few years ago on TV and even said those who support Banderas only do so because they hate Russian and want to "steal Russian property like they stole J*wish property in World War Two", basically Zelensky was saying Azov and Banderites in Ukraine planned to cleanse the Donbass so then they could seize land and take it for themselves, like they did in WW2.

    • Ottee2
      Ottee2 2 months ago +6

      @TexanIndependence , Wow, thanks for the comment. It's definitely a complicated history.

    • Robert Chiarizia
      Robert Chiarizia Month ago +3

      @TexanIndependence we are training our next enemy, as per usual. Just like Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, China, and lots of other places.
      Thanks for the details on how these current Ukrainian forces are the Nazis. I had heard this and couldn’t figure out where the connection was. Now it makes sense.

  • James Wilson
    James Wilson 2 months ago +19

    I hope this clip helps the US people understand the enormity of the task at hand. Also, the mega enormous backing, needed to accomplish the Ukrainian aim. Crimea,or a sit down when it's over. Slavo Ukraine

  • Andrew Hale
    Andrew Hale Month ago +6

    The general is very good at answering questions.

  • Jeff Lines
    Jeff Lines 2 months ago +95

    Superior training and superior weaponry have, when taken together, a geometric effect on overall military strength. Well-trained, well-equipped troops can stand up to many more times their lesser brethren than linear arithmetic would seem to indicate

    • Ryan
      Ryan 2 months ago +27

      FULLY agree with your statement. Which is why Russia is obliterating Ukraine even with their 100’s of billions of dollars of military support from an entire Alliance of modern Western countries including the U.S.

    • Christopher Miller
      Christopher Miller 2 months ago +9

      I never expected to see a quote from Alpha Centauri out in the wild.

    • Lucas
      Lucas 2 months ago +10

      ​@Ryan true..these guys are living in delusion. It's not about Ukraine or Russia winning or losing but it is the dollar(US) that is becoming the biggest loser of this war even as many countries have begun to trade in their own currencies.

  • SickLid
    SickLid 2 months ago +5

    I really hope the US keeps supporting Ukraine and the people don't get tired of it, or see as "not their war". I was certainly never anti US like some of us in Europe are, but this war has made me really appreciate them. We all need to stay strong because this one could last a while, hopefully it doesn't but we need to be prepared. And god bless the Ukrainians who are laying down their lives for their country right now and fighting for all of our freedoms quite frankly. If it wasn't for the nukes I'm sure we would all be in there with them.

    • Paul Gibbon
      Paul Gibbon Month ago

      Remember, the war is using 5% of the US military budget, minus the money saved on decomissionning obsolete equipment.

  • ipuya
    ipuya 2 months ago +1549

    Love how the military guys speak so fast and succinctly. Wish politicians would do the same.

    • T
      T 2 months ago +58

      Its how politicans have been for decades in this country. They love how our country is so heavily divided, it keep the majority of attention and oversight off of them, and makes americans hate eachother becasue they are right wing or left wing. Its sad what has happened since Trump vs Hillary in 2016. Families broken, a nation divided by hate and disdain.

    • Blue on blue
      Blue on blue 2 months ago +53

      5:12 all those things this US general has described counted as war crimes, has actually committed by the US soldiers themselves -
      1. When you bomb and shelled civilian cities : Tokyo air raid which killed 100,000 of civilians. Hiroshima and Nagasaki with another 80,000 civilians killed. In Korean war, they dropped more bombs than all the bombs that used in WW2 combined. Countless innocent civilians, mostly women and children were killed on both sides because of them.
      2. When you're killing kids and women and children, all of that is war crimes : No gun ri massacre was one of the few cases that have managed to break through the US propaganda and are barely known to the world. It was the mass murder of unarmed South Korean civilians by the United states troops in the southeast of Seoul on July 26-29, 1950. Between 347 and 504 unarmed people were killed by U.S. army soldiers from the 7th Cavalry Regiment. Victims were mostly children and women. Despite that, The US Army rejected survivors' demands for an apology nor the US government acknowledged it as "War crimes"
      The AP later discovered additional archival documents showing that U.S. commanders ordered troops to "shoot" and "fire on" civilians at the war front during this period; these declassified documents had been found but not disclosed by the Pentagon investigators. Among the undisclosed documents was a letter from the U.S. ambassador in South Korea stating that the U.S. military had adopted a theater-wide policy of firing on approaching refugee groups.
      Prompted by the exposure of No Gun Ri, survivors of similar alleged incidents from 1950-51 filed reports with the Seoul government. In 2008, an investigative commission said more than 200 cases of alleged large-scale killings by the U.S. military had been registered,
      Americans in Paju and Euijungbu weren’t particularly generous. They r12ed a f123ton of young women during Korean war. A granny living nearby told me that she saw her mother was getting r12ed by us soldier (and she hated them for the reason) They would drag any women they find attractive to nearby mountain and would do it forever until us sponsored s12 slaves, called 양공주 (yang gongju) did work for them.

    • Сергій Фуглевич
      Сергій Фуглевич 2 months ago +35

      @Blue on blue so you justify war crimes by somebody commited war crimes?😂😂

  • SeldimSeen1
    SeldimSeen1 2 months ago +13

    So proud of our Congressman from North Carolina. Congressman Jeff Jackson served in Afghanistan and served in the Reserves. He can ask a coherent relevant question without being offensive to the citizen providing testimony. Yes a General is still a tax paying citizen.

  • Doc Simon
    Doc Simon 2 months ago +15

    Such a great alliance against an autocrat who leads such an inhuman war is a long time ago. It is a pity that it takes such a war to return to the goals of humanity.

    • 1 w
      1 w 2 months ago +3

      So oblivious.

    • harshad brown
      harshad brown Month ago +1

      So you rather have a democratic state doing that instead!?!?!

  • Lora Lovage
    Lora Lovage 2 months ago

    Thank you all people who is helping Ukraine,God bless you all 🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

  • Garry Barry
    Garry Barry 2 months ago +27

    Its refreshing to see logical and reasoned questions

    • adventuresinbelieving
      adventuresinbelieving 2 months ago +1

      what about the 'frame the answer so I get what i want' questions? (I interview hundreds of hours a year, professionally)

    • yccmzimmy
      yccmzimmy 2 months ago

      @adventuresinbelieving well ... there are still people that live in Wonderland and do not understand that the madcap has more clues then them :/

    • Scott Andrews
      Scott Andrews 2 months ago +1

      That is because they didn’t show the republicans!

    • Michelangelo
      Michelangelo Month ago

      logical and reasoned softballs

  • rvs1
    rvs1 2 months ago +126

    i love how he says "any war of aggresion is a war crime". Us of course never starts a war of aggression :P

    • Nuclear Grizzly
      Nuclear Grizzly 2 months ago +29

      I'm old enough to remember when America had a President didn't involve his country in conflicts. He negotiated peace between generational enemies and kept aggressors in check through strength and economics.
      Then they elected Biden.

    • Ellen March
      Ellen March 2 months ago +6

      ​@Nuclear Grizzly I see what you did there... 😂

    • Ellen March
      Ellen March 2 months ago +2

      @rvs1 I think the people responsible for instigating wars to sell weapons are absolutely criminal, including Americans. I think American Courts should try Americans, then International Courts. I think we need investigative journalists to uncover the vrious deals, and why, as politics make strange bedfellows, and I've learned that such situations are rife with Sophie's choices with the lesser of many evils. I want all of that to come to light each trial, and a majority consensus of all countries to dictate their fate.

  • Johan
    Johan 2 months ago +496

    My parents were teenagers during the German occupation of the Netherlands. I have grown up with a deep love and unassailable gratitude for the Western allies, But in my youngest years I also had a profound yearning to witness the escape of the Polish people from the yoke of communism. Today my heart is with people of Ukraine. To all the nations supporting Ukraine, I thank you.

    • Kelly Radcliff
      Kelly Radcliff 2 months ago +10

      Your welcome . Chuck from OH USA.

    • Jane Wu
      Jane Wu 2 months ago +29

      Have you been paid for telling your story here ? You and your peers likely take the same approach to preaching western propaganda.

    • juve3030
      juve3030 2 months ago +41

      ​@Jane Wu silence fool

  • STAR ALLIANCE • Good Will Values Education for All

    Encouraging clarity of expression & resolve from our military leaders. Thank you✨🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟✨!!!

    • Luuk Kroone
      Luuk Kroone 2 months ago +1

      Both usernames check out lol

    • просто бизнес*ничего личного
      просто бизнес*ничего личного 2 months ago

      This gentleman would do well to explain why in Artemivsk's, where 6,000 Wagner militiamen are fighting against 60,000 Ukrainian soldiers, the Wagners manage to eliminate the Ukrainians without losses.
      Where were the mass assaults made if a Russian unit is ten men?
      Because the strategic office of the navy collaborating with metadata, which is outlawed in Russia, but very active, counted 22,000 Russian fallen since the start of the special operation (verifying the mortuary announcements and funerals) and another 4,000 from the Donbass armies
      They also counted over 500 thousand eliminated Ukrainian soldiers.
      Forces those who go forward against machine guns without weapons are the latter!?
      This CNN posted last month.

    • Marty Moose
      Marty Moose 2 months ago +1

      @просто бизнес*ничего личного I've seen video of hundreds of Russians dying at a time. I believe Russia has lost 300k+ men counting injured.

  • Joost vW
    Joost vW 2 months ago +24

    True words and just words have been spoken in this video.
    Nevertheless at 5:00 the General admits, without a doubt in my mind, that the war in Iraq was thus an illegal war.
    Of course that does not justify Russia to invade Ukraine and the destruction in Ukraine is far greater and much more deliberate then in Iraq, but still; USA also has blood on their hands.

    • YoungHelfner
      YoungHelfner 2 months ago +2

      And Iraq is not only one mind you Syria still being occupied by. Us

  • Der Mann
    Der Mann Month ago +1

    Danke an alle die echten Frieden wünschen wo es keine Verlierer gibt

  • fraser crone
    fraser crone 2 months ago +1

    Once Russia's attempt at "Blitzkrieg" failed so dramatically the conflict was always going to become a war of attrition as to who will be able to hold out the longest and see the other side run out of resources. Most conflicts run along those lines. I think if the war remains as a stalemate through this spring and summer then it will be ended by negotiation and Russia will end up with some territorial gains more is the pity as they don't deserve an outcome as good as that. I don't think the western backers of Ukraine will sign up for another winter. Once they know that Russia is no longer able to mount a further conflict in the reasonable future an earnest negotiation will begin. The weapons' that have been held back will not be deployed but not because of the fear of escalation but because they do not want China to see their capability and therefore give them a benchmark to develop their own weapons to. In war there is a loser and an even bigger loser, there is no winner other than the makers and sellers of military equipment. This talkfest is a PR show.

    • Epictatus Fan
      Epictatus Fan 2 months ago

      I don't think it's that Black and White. Nor that completely cynical. The US and allies were in Afghanistan for how long? For what purpose? Would you want your protector's best weapons to fall into the hands of your enemies? Or is that too practical? There's lots of facts to make my point but - we all will believe what we want to believe.

  • John Roche
    John Roche 2 months ago +45

    People have to realise that Wagner originally only recruited those that had served previously in the Russian armed forces or the armies of former Soviet Republics. They had to have previous military experience to join. They were professional and were issued state of the art infantry weapons and top rate hardware in terms of fighting vehicles. However due to the attritional warfare in Ukraine the original professional Wagner has been heavily militarily eroded and degraded. The original professional element has almost been erased from the Russian Fedetation Order of Battle. Prigozhen himself has stated just yestetday they have taken colossal heavy casualties. The convicts and prisoners that we hear so much about are not true Wagner in the original definition. They have to replenish their losses of the professional element with this expendable source.

    • Jorge de los Reyes
      Jorge de los Reyes 2 months ago

      Nice take.

    • Bruno Charron
      Bruno Charron 2 months ago +2

      They have the fighting spirit needed to join Wagner, and every Russian goes through a year of military service. There's a reason Wagner only took 10% of Russias prisoners and refuses the rest of them.

    • Ganja4life
      Ganja4life 2 months ago

      Bro year is 2023 and there are still no superheroes 🙂
      And Wagner Group is boring.

    • brodriguez11000
      brodriguez11000 2 months ago +3

      Wagner still smarting from their ass-kicking in eastern Syria.

  • Don_ECHOguy
    Don_ECHOguy 2 months ago +6

    Gen. Mark Milley: Only one of the many reasons why the U.S. Military is second to none with well trained soldiers, well equipped soldiers and the finest army, airforce and navy in the world.

    • john kennedy
      john kennedy 2 months ago

      😂😂😂 they don't know these days if their a man or woman 😂😂😂

    • Don_ECHOguy
      Don_ECHOguy 2 months ago

      @john kennedy ok *_"Joan"_* , what ever you say.

    • B. Graves
      B. Graves Month ago +1

      Ask Milley about the Afghanistan debacle…..

  • Nathan Hromanik
    Nathan Hromanik 2 months ago +15

    Observe how much clear information that General was able to share in a little amount of time.

    • Sy Av
      Sy Av 2 months ago

      Good to see Biden has competent people under him.

    • QuietRebel
      QuietRebel 2 months ago +1

      Clear info LOL...

    • Nathan Hromanik
      Nathan Hromanik 2 months ago

      @QuietRebel he still can't give out "details" they would be distracting but everything said is the official statement from the Department of Defense. If you are military trained there were double meanings in his statements.
      "Hammered" is about drinking as well. Russians have a discipline problem when it comes to drinking in field.

    • Sy Av
      Sy Av 2 months ago

      @QuietRebel what wasn't clear about it?

  • Nels Blair
    Nels Blair 2 months ago +24

    I love understatement and Mr. Keating does an amazing job. I’m in a math class, we make miscalculations. Mr. Keating is a comedian with these understatements near 5:40

    • TexanIndependence
      TexanIndependence 2 months ago

      Did you love Milley's remark at 3:44 that the Ukrainian people that stayed behind (75%+ of men 18-35 fled) are the "sons and grandsons of the folks who fought Stalin in 1945", they are the sons and grandsons of the 14th Waffen SS Halychyna Brigade and Stepan Banderas Holocaust-perpetrating UPA army. Milley is saying their hatred of Russia is because they are the minority of Ukrainians descended from Nazis. Meanwhile the other 75% descended of soviet soldiers all fled Ukraine (about 80% of Ukrainian males 15 to 35 fled Ukraine per the latest United Nations demographics report).

    • Nels Blair
      Nels Blair 2 months ago +5

      @TexanIndependence of 40-45M people only 3-5M left Ukraine. If they were 100% males and that was 5M fled of 40M population, you’d still be wrong.

  • Blackberry805
    Blackberry805 2 months ago +155

    When he says the Russians are "getting hammerd" he might mean they are drinking copious amounts of vodka 😜

    • Benjamin Chartier
      Benjamin Chartier 2 months ago +5

      That too,yes

    • poodtang2
      poodtang2 2 months ago +3

      100 %

    • Han Solo
      Han Solo 2 months ago +2

      Switched to heroin last time I checked.

    • Chino
      Chino 2 months ago +3

      @Han Solo
      They're going through withdrawal.

  • freek musbach
    freek musbach 2 months ago +256

    Straight and clear answers and views on the matter by General Mark Milley. This man is well informed and speaks with the proper authority as one should expect from a man with his status. Does not spill info wich could be sensitive in any way or form and at the same time informs us in logical and very coherent terms what the current situation looks like, how that came to be and what the most probable prospects are. Very good and thank you sir!

    • georgiana darcy
      georgiana darcy 2 months ago +16

      Are you a little child?

    • Glen McGrath
      Glen McGrath 2 months ago +9


    • Reverend Smithee
      Reverend Smithee 2 months ago +10

      It is very reassuring to see that such capable people are in command right now.

    • Glen McGrath
      Glen McGrath 2 months ago +3

      @Reverend Smithee LMAO @ Klown World Bois 🤡🤡🤡

  • 1962RacerX
    1962RacerX 2 months ago +16

    "The Afghan security forces have the capacity and capabilities needed to fight and defend their country".
    -Mark Milley

    • Golden Age of Dinosaurs
      Golden Age of Dinosaurs 2 months ago +2

      They did have all that. They just punked out.

    • Elijah Bradford
      Elijah Bradford 2 months ago +5

      You can give an army weapons but you can’t give them the will to fight

    • David Slone
      David Slone 2 months ago +2

      We made that mistake in Vietnam, and ole general know it, too. One has to look at what this person doesn't say.

    • Sebastian Johansson
      Sebastian Johansson Month ago

      They were lacking in willingness. Not arms or even training.

  • Squanchy
    Squanchy 2 months ago +187

    1:29 "we destroyed that force" Bit of an understatement.

    • Fafarjo
      Fafarjo 2 months ago +8

      Military meaning of destroying isnt a wipe-out, its actual meaning that there no longer a united group or organization. If you transform an army into groups of uncontrollable individuals - its means you destroyed an army in a military sense (even if no one died)

    • Paul Nunya
      Paul Nunya 2 months ago +55

      @Fafarjo He means that they were more than destroyed. They were vaporized.

    • CBM 215
      CBM 215 2 months ago +2

      "We"? I am sure the guys who did it wondered where the Hell the General was when the shooting started.

  • SamIAm
    SamIAm 2 months ago +4

    I'm sorry, but I wish General Milley had been "paying attention" to our own country when he let a Chinese spy balloon drift over many of our strategi military bases.

  • Craig Chalmers
    Craig Chalmers 2 months ago +7

    So wonderful and uplifting to hear communications and factual information discussed from those that believe in a strong cohesive USA, NATO and Allies against the aggressor and criminal Russia!!!

    • 1 w
      1 w 2 months ago

      You can't be serious.

    • Bob Dobbs
      Bob Dobbs 2 months ago

      @1 w I’m convinced this comment section is mostly bots

  • StealthyDead
    StealthyDead 2 months ago +378

    He has measured and thoughtful responses. When asked about if Ukraine could have made it without Western assistance, he refers to history and their indominable spirit, willing to fight with pitchforks and rakes before mentioning our intervention and how it helped. This is a knowledgeable and humble man. I believe the right word for it is wise

    • Sheila Boston
      Sheila Boston 2 months ago +34

      His response after the Lafayette Square debacle showed what an incredible man he is. He's extremely well-read and yes, as you say, wise. To see him retire would be a sad day for the country.

    • Bill Walsh
      Bill Walsh 2 months ago +32

      I'm glad he was present to be one of the last lines of defense during the madman Trump regime.

    • Rocket Scientist
      Rocket Scientist 2 months ago +14

      @Bill WalshYes! Agreed 100%.

  • immortal__technique
    immortal__technique 2 months ago +4

    This is a General, like a General.
    Soldiers, fight for freedom, not for Slavery.
    - Charlie Chaplin

    • irresistablejewel
      irresistablejewel 2 months ago +4

      I thought he was a clown?

    • A L
      A L 2 months ago +1

      America likes to act tough while not having fought a peer to peer war in what.. almost ever? Lol.

  • Home Mechanic
    Home Mechanic 2 months ago +4

    Very well said!

  • Ben Longwell
    Ben Longwell Month ago

    It's nice to hear are leaders talk like this for a change.

  • Mike Webb
    Mike Webb 2 months ago +1

    It according to what each country defines as commitment. Most of these countries seem a bit shy on making any strong statements it seems.

  • Reece Williams
    Reece Williams Month ago +3

    Russia is such a threat to all these countries but Russia can't do anything right on the battlefield?!?!
    This is complete theatrics!

  • Viktor Korniienko
    Viktor Korniienko 2 months ago +150

    I want to personally thank all nations and countries for the help they are providing us today. There is a lot of help, there are also loans for us and we also buy a lot, both weapons and other things. Poland is one of those countries that has accepted a lot of refugees, they help us a lot with everything, from finances to military exercises and the transfer of military equipment, it is impossible to underestimate their contribution to our support. I also want to thank you for the PDA and for the leading role the United States in supporting Ukraine, the Czech friends also do a lot of good things for us, as well as the Netherlands, Slovakia has already sent us some of their birds, and of course all the European countries that have joined the support. Glory to Ukraine!!!

    • irresistablejewel
      irresistablejewel 2 months ago +9

      I think Poland wants more land; they claim to fear the return of the USSR (but they weren't in the USSR, just Warsaw pact; now defunct); politics makes strange bedfellows I hear, it's good to hear they supply humanitarian aid; but military involvement makes their NATO missile base a legitimate target (if things "ramp up"). The American neo-Cons appear to want WW3; I'm assuming they attacked Nordstream2 (who else?); if that is the real enemy (attacking mainland Europe is a declaration of war y'know). One regime change too far...

  • Bird of Prey
    Bird of Prey 2 months ago +15

    As a veteran of multiple campaigns, when politicians are in sync with generals selling success is a smokescreen of lies lies WOMD’s of the Vietnamese Gulf of Tonkin incident.😵‍💫😵☠️👹

  • Banana Republic
    Banana Republic 2 months ago +3

    This is the same general who not so long ago said that Ukraine can't defeat Russia, and had to eat the humble pie from his employers.
    Now he's going big guns having learnt from his previous mistake.
    Good going !

  • Quin CG
    Quin CG 2 months ago

    Russian Army or seemingly infinite disposable Wagner mercenaries😢

  • Louis Barnes
    Louis Barnes 2 months ago +1

    Sounds very heroic, unfortunately the longer this war goes on the more live will be lost on both sides. Not only Russians but Ukrainians as well, many of them will be women and children. Peace must be sort for their sake, they deserve to live, not die as pawns of someone’s desire for war.

    • Epictatus Fan
      Epictatus Fan 2 months ago

      Correct! And your plan is to do what?

    GEORGE WILKIE 2 months ago +9

    As an old American combat Veteran (US Army 505th PIR 82nd Airborne Division) I am highly impressed with Gen. Milley and our Secretary Of Defense, Austin as they make clear how important it is that America continue to support the amazingly courageous People of Ukraine. It is also quite informative and beneficial that they pointed out how whole heartedly other Free World Countries are supporting Ukraine in their struggle against Russia's aggression and planed genocide.
    As these Outstanding American Military leaders pointed out, even non-NATO Countries are assisting the galant Ukrainian People.
    Bravo to Gen. Milley and Secretary Austin! Well done, Gentlemen.

    • skooma steve
      skooma steve 2 months ago

      Ill tip my cap to the united states the day i see them help a country thats in conflict that doesnt benefit them directly.many conflicts are happening. But like you said theyre not apart of the free world.

    • Theodor Vogel
      Theodor Vogel 2 months ago

      And the truth is??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • Brian M
    Brian M 2 months ago +40

    I honestly love his callous demeanor while referring to "death and destruction"

    • Dimitri Matsacos
      Dimitri Matsacos 2 months ago +2

      I don't think callous is the right word. Maybe emotional detachment?

    • CruisingForMermaids
      CruisingForMermaids 2 months ago +7

      Business-like. It's his line of business, after all.

    • YoungBrada
      YoungBrada 2 months ago +3

      USA USA USA!

    • Proto Rhinocerator
      Proto Rhinocerator 2 months ago +1

      @Dimitri Matsacos The war has dragged on over a year. It would be hard for him to maintain a heightened emotional state for so long.
      Yes, many of us were surprised and/or shocked by the invasion, but then it quickly became a matter of strategy.

    • Jesse
      Jesse 2 months ago

      @Dimitri Matsacos are you Russian? From Russia?

  • Edmond Seal
    Edmond Seal 2 months ago +4

    I wish we knew the real truth. But I’m fairly sure we’re being fed lies.

  • Dolph Flodhest
    Dolph Flodhest 2 months ago +7

    Surprisingly great questions from politicians

    • Afonfarch
      Afonfarch 2 months ago

      Jeff Jackson is a great politician. He’s one of my favorites, he’s very open to people and is very professional. We need more like him, regardless of party.

    • Jesus Zamora
      Jesus Zamora Month ago

      @Afonfarch True that. Then again, how many veterans would want to get into the snake pit that is the legislative branch? Mr. Jackson's a special breed.

  • GG Gawd
    GG Gawd 2 months ago +2

    Nothing General Milly says should be believed at face value.

    • Epictatus Fan
      Epictatus Fan 2 months ago

      And why is that? Because you say it is so? Not good enough.

  • Owen Durant
    Owen Durant 2 months ago +209

    Milly was my battalion commander around 00-01, and I can tell you first hand, this guy is the real deal and a great commander. America is blessed to have him.

  • Burgah87
    Burgah87 2 months ago +8

    Crew cut general giving straight, no BS answers. This is a good man

    • ??????
      ?????? 2 months ago +6

      Good at being a political puppet.

    • mallinois
      mallinois 2 months ago +5

      good at lying though his teeth

    • Eugene Masharov
      Eugene Masharov 2 months ago +3

      In reality, BS answers only

    • deliriumtremens
      deliriumtremens Month ago

      Goog being at not knowing what is going on in real life "general"

  • manuel montoya
    manuel montoya 2 months ago +11

    Yea everyone knows it’s a great strategy to be surrounded on three sides and outnumbered 10-1 in shovels, having to resupply through two muddy backroads in enemy sights
    Obviously everything is going according to plan because there will be a super super offensive led by Eomer and the Rohirrim

    • Anthony Wilson
      Anthony Wilson 2 months ago +5

      And done for many months. Bakhmut is absorbing so many of the more experienced Russian troops. Keep trying and the Ukrainians will keep wiping them out.

    • Kevin Regan
      Kevin Regan 2 months ago


  • Kj Threehundred
    Kj Threehundred 2 months ago +2

    They’ve been saying this while at the same time saying Ukraine is in need of more assistance and without it they’ll lose but also they’re kicking Russias a**….

    • Epictatus Fan
      Epictatus Fan 2 months ago

      Kicking ass with the weapons we gave them. And those they already had. Yes.

    • Kj Threehundred
      Kj Threehundred 2 months ago

      @Epictatus Fan I didn't know you could be winning while losing at the same time. There is really no excuse to aid such a corrupt country in Ukraine. Especially considering the amount of issues we're facing back home.

  • Robert Berkowitz
    Robert Berkowitz 2 months ago +2

    Yo, Jeff Jackson is one of the most honest guys in congress, cool to see him in this video

  • Nilza Helena
    Nilza Helena 28 days ago

    Boa noite ..homem de fé e coragem😮😮❤❤

  • Thomas Stumpp
    Thomas Stumpp 2 months ago +368

    I have hardly seen anybody answering questions so concise and to the point than Gen Milley.

    • zeimelis3
      zeimelis3 2 months ago +12

      Yes because those questions are given him on the plate

    • RatherCrunchyMuffin
      RatherCrunchyMuffin 2 months ago +22

      @zeimelis3 what does that even mean? Not every question has to be a curveball or "gotcha," sometimes questions are asked to just gain information

      LION TAMER 2 months ago +24

      US generals are generally sharp & well studied types

    • stewart bonner
      stewart bonner 2 months ago +17

      because he is not a rightwing politician

    • Spannhaev
      Spannhaev 2 months ago +18

      Sharp as a razor. People like him makes me have a little faith for usa..

  • M.R. R
    M.R. R 2 months ago +1

    So glad to hear that Ukraine with all of our help is bravely keeping the monster winning. Hope that they can decisively beat them soon! Ukraine, we are all in this together!🇺🇸

  • N Albert
    N Albert 2 months ago +5

    Those two gentlemen are among the best that has ever serve in those positions handstand.

  • Audrey Daleski
    Audrey Daleski 2 months ago +2

    The war and specific battles haven't been worth it. Trading in one corruption for another.

  • BtappinHD
    BtappinHD 2 months ago +18

    If any of you went to school, the guy questioning the general provides a lot of "leading questions"

    • TexanIndependence
      TexanIndependence 2 months ago +10

      And I love when Mark Milley slips in a remark at 3:47 calling the entire Ukrainian Army the "sons and grandsons" of Nazi collaborators who fought Stalin (and America) in 1945, he got the dates wrong though it was from 1943 to 1960. But he might've thought he was being PC by saying 1945 as if to imply we can rewrite history to pretend the Ukrainian Nazi Army (UPA and Ukrainian 14th Waffen SS) didn't commit genocide and didn't fight against America from 1943 to 1945 and FORGETTING Stalin was our ALLY in WW2, and the Ukrainian Nazi collaborators slowed down the Soviets for months which arguably caused the loss of thousands of American lives on the other fronts. The fact we giddily praise Banderites is nauseating. Zelensky, who called Banderas a Nazi just 6 years ago, =and now he's unveiled a statue to Banderas in Kiev, to a guy that gladly would have genocided Zelensky just 70 years ago. This is madness!

    • Andrew Munson
      Andrew Munson 2 months ago +1

      @TexanIndependence more than just nazis hated Stalin, especially after the genocide he committed against the Ukrainian people.

    • jose raul miguens
      jose raul miguens 2 months ago +1

      @TexanIndependence what you say is true. the ukrainian problem is nazis not Russia.

      DJSAINTPAUL651 2 months ago

      I never learned anything in school lol I remember in 4th grade they was teaching me how to write a check lol

  • Kevin Tullock
    Kevin Tullock Month ago +2

    😂😂😂 I’ve never heard such out and out lies in all my life! People seriously can’t be taken in by this BS surely. 🤦‍♂️

  • Cat C🧋
    Cat C🧋 2 months ago +9

    So glad we have great leaders like Gen Milley and Sec Austin in charge of our defense. And also glad that they see how important it is to help Ukraine. 🇺🇸🇺🇦

  • Fabio Notas
    Fabio Notas 2 months ago +15

    Those two generals sounds like out of a movie stage,just love it

    • Michael
      Michael 2 months ago +1

      You wanna hear the truth?

    • Fabio Notas
      Fabio Notas 2 months ago

      @Michael what is the truth??

    • 1 w
      1 w 2 months ago +1

      Lol. You can't be serious. You people are so unaware it's both dangerous & scary.

    • Offensive Guy85
      Offensive Guy85 2 months ago

      ​@Michael no they do not

  • Foot Fixings 101
    Foot Fixings 101 2 months ago +1

    I’d like to hear from military experts/veterans on this one. Besides supplies and soldiers, how can Russians be getting “hammered” if they’d taken Bakhmut the other day? And have taken territories little by little every month? I get the supplies factor but China and N Korea just promised to replenish what was lost.

    • Joel Wilkins
      Joel Wilkins 2 months ago +1

      Because they are losing thousands of troops to gain a few metres of territory. Russia have also lost over 50% of occupied territories since the war began. It great is it when they said it would take 3 days and over 400 days later they are indeed getting hammered.

    • Paul Gibbon
      Paul Gibbon Month ago

      For real this time? Because Russia has declared they've conquered Bakhmut about ten times by now, yet somehow thousands of orcs continue to bleed out there. Also, you do know that Bakhmut isn't the only town in Ukraine that can be turned into an orc-slaying deathtrap, Y/N?

  • Travis Jones
    Travis Jones 2 months ago

    I love how the CC doesn't understand the word 'Bakhmut' and I get to read about Russia's struggle to invade the Moon.

  • Shane Anderson
    Shane Anderson 2 months ago +3

    As a Canadian i feel good knowing that the USA is still intelligent and strong. These guys are good. 👍✌🇨🇦

  • Big Mo Farah
    Big Mo Farah 2 months ago

    The last question demonatrates that a lot of Americans do not realise how far ahead the US is in terms of military technology and resources. Other countries proportionately are giving more but they do not have the seemingly endless amounts of equipment that the US has.
    It's not really enough to say the American military is the best equipped because it might create the impression that the second placed military is somewhat close to them in terms of actual capability. It is not. The gap between 1st and 2nd is bigger than the gap between 2nd and 20th.

  • Robert Williams
    Robert Williams Month ago +1

    He said with western assistance!! The ukraine is considered a westerner nation! Its sad as a former marine i dont trust a word my country says and i know most evils such as war is caused by us in some form, for capital gain and power. No, no, no, whats really sad is i still love my country.

  • blesfemy
    blesfemy 2 months ago +272

    Thank you to the US and every American for supporting us in our fight for freedom. You guys are always welcomed here after our victory!

    • Dogz Digital
      Dogz Digital 2 months ago +13

      Your account is in the US. So what America is supporting the American fight for freedom. You should really get better at this, if it is something you plan on continuing with.

    • rising buy
      rising buy 2 months ago +15

      Lol😂😂.. They will leave you like tge left Afghanistan

    • Trolling Them Softly
      Trolling Them Softly 2 months ago +22

      I see some angry Ivans replying to your post. It's actually funny how much coping russians are capable of.

  • jtaylorb88
    jtaylorb88 2 months ago

    Kind of been hearing the opposite although I know that for each little bit gained the Wagner Russians are taking incredible losses.

    • none
      none 2 months ago +1

      How do you know that?

  • thefatchap
    thefatchap 2 months ago +3

    'You threaten our babies unborn and unnamed' Bob Dylan.this guy is a true master of war sickening

    • Epictatus Fan
      Epictatus Fan 2 months ago

      While Putin sits on his throne. Waiting for fear to win - all alone.

  • Aaron Armijo
    Aaron Armijo Month ago

    If that guy wearing all those medals says something, I believe it. And he doesn't seem like he is being promted. Those medals started with simple wood carvings of ducks and small rodents.

  • lyng·dev
    lyng·dev 2 months ago

    Thank you Mr. Keating for blowing your own horn, or trombone, or, tuba, that you also play, and other instruments that you have spent time on, and the leadership that the band that you play in has shown.

  • Larry Brus
    Larry Brus Month ago +1

    A defensive position 8 years in the making with Nato money and training. But it's going down; house by house and street by street. Wagoner taking combat and soldiering to another level.

  • Bert Kassing
    Bert Kassing 2 months ago +355

    I am Dutch. My father was 24 years old when the Second World War broke out. He had to fight with a bent rifle and five bullets. What a failure that was! He survived by going into hiding, by stealing from bad farmers, by providing food and firewood to his sisters whose husbands had been taken to Germany. The war was at the table all my childhood.
    He taught me one important thing: If you want peace, prepare for war.
    NATO must arm to the maximum so that no fool dares to attack us.

    • Kaggen
      Kaggen 2 months ago +31

      I am originally from Belgium and my family lived under occupation in Liège during the 2 world wars. Problem is NATO has become "offensive" and is now dealing with a nuclear power.

    • Ben Carter
      Ben Carter 2 months ago +7

      You need to be on a war footing, like Russia and China currently are.. Western countries cannot afford this atm, you'd need to completely expand production capacity... That takes time and money

    • Mogz Ramz
      Mogz Ramz 2 months ago +22

      Let's ask the Serbia..how NATO was generous to them

    • Migrationsforscher mit Breitcordhose
      Migrationsforscher mit Breitcordhose 2 months ago +29

      So tell me why NOT ONE of the many wars with NATO participation happend on the ground of a NATO country. We say, that we "defend" our countries in other countries, that are thousands of miles away.
      But Russia is not allowed to defend the russian minority (8.5 million people!!) in eastern parts of Ukraine??

  • MasterSplinter
    MasterSplinter 2 months ago +1

    Beautiful to see the world coming together

    • dk RaWk
      dk RaWk 2 months ago

      What world is coming together? How high is u?

  • Steven G
    Steven G 2 months ago +293

    I really appreciate how Milley actually responds to the questions and does so very succinctly.

  • MM
    MM 2 months ago +6

    Mark "The Afghan security forces have the capacity and capabilities needed to fight and defend their country" Milley

    • Matthew Elvins
      Matthew Elvins 2 months ago +2

      They had the military capabilities. Problem was the corruption.

    • tdan
      tdan 2 months ago +1

      ​@Matthew Elvins I fought with the Ana they did not have the military capability

    • Jacob Johnson
      Jacob Johnson 2 months ago

      They outnumbered the Taliban but they had very low morale

    • T S
      T S 2 months ago

      They didn't have the will.
      You left that part out.
      Stay salty.

  • Ashley
    Ashley 2 months ago +7

    I wonder if he called the wagner group to advise them he was about to make this statement.

  • R D Moon
    R D Moon 2 months ago

    I was gobsmacked listening to General Miley. I could hardly believe he was talking just like we do except his voice matters🎉



  • Nataliya
    Nataliya 2 months ago +88

    Forever thank you for helping my country to fight biggest atrocity happened in 21st century 🙏🇺🇦🇺🇲🙏

  • Darek Pro
    Darek Pro 2 months ago +3

    Wow. Fantastic responses. Clear, concise, built on moral and human principles. Great to watch Gen Milley.

    • HoldMyBeer
      HoldMyBeer 2 months ago +1

      Pathological liars are not built on moral principles ... and that's exactly what Milley is.

  • Peter Koning
    Peter Koning 2 months ago +50

    Never ask a general, if you want a realistic view on the battlefield. Generals tell politicians what politicians are expecting.

    • Viktor Rietveld
      Viktor Rietveld 2 months ago

      Not all of them.
      Remember Patton? ;-)

    • Billy B
      Billy B 2 months ago +2

      @Viktor Rietveld True, but today the Generals and Admirals are all political. They speak what the President wants them to say. I wouldn't listen to any of them especially MIlley.

    • autmwnd
      autmwnd 2 months ago +6

      @Billy B Why do you know more the him? You have opinion he seems to have facts.

    • Nino Dino
      Nino Dino 2 months ago +1

      And who are you and what are your facts to support your claim?

    • Didzis Skards
      Didzis Skards 2 months ago +5

      sure sure...you know better

  • Cocklet 69
    Cocklet 69 2 months ago

    I wish he would have talked more about Wagner attacking the US in Syria. Only one person on the US side was injured while 200+ wagners died within minutes of air support. The US even called the kremlin to make sure it wasn’t them that was attacking and they denied even tho it was them

    • Jack Gulit
      Jack Gulit 2 months ago

      Yeah i saw tha movie nice Hollywood 😂😂😂

    • Cocklet 69
      Cocklet 69 2 months ago

      @Jack Gulit you realize there are voice recordings of Wagner troops admitting they got destroyed by the “Yankees” aka Americans right?

    • Cocklet 69
      Cocklet 69 2 months ago

      @Jack Gulit it’s so funny how you say this and you probably watch Russian news and believe everything they say 😂😂😂😂😂 I obviously don’t believe everything I see online until there’s proof which there is

    • Cocklet 69
      Cocklet 69 2 months ago

      @Jack Gulit I feel bad for you to be honest

  • Cosmic Wanderer
    Cosmic Wanderer 2 months ago +4

    The world needs more intelligent,honest and competent military leaders like General Miley in charge of US government.
    He is an honorable man who wants more peace and calm in the world.

    • will dikfit
      will dikfit 2 months ago

      Don't know much about him but , didn't he said he's wondering about the white rage and also didn't we released the blk lesbo for Russian arms dealer, and left 80 billion worth of military equipment in Afghanistan? From what people say he's responsible for that, so is he a good leader and general???

    • Durango 88
      Durango 88 Month ago


    • B. Graves
      B. Graves Month ago +1

      I guess you forgot about Afghanistan.

  • Carlos Barrios
    Carlos Barrios 2 months ago +4

    Ukraine we are with you till the end !

    • dk RaWk
      dk RaWk 2 months ago

      The end is very close
      So why is it that You is yapping on Clip-Share and not there with the ukriane?

    • B. Graves
      B. Graves Month ago +1

      Who’s “we”?

    • dk RaWk
      dk RaWk Month ago

      @B. Graves the bot army that he's in

  • Richard A
    Richard A 2 months ago +5

    it seems by general milley's description of wars of aggression does seem like it would apply to the USA War with Iraq and could easily be considered a war crime

    • Blue
      Blue Month ago

      Well iraq committed 9/11 and other small aggressions against the united states

    • Paul Gibbon
      Paul Gibbon Month ago +1

      "Whataboutism" is a Soviet-pioneered propaganda technique, whereas cricitisms are not answered directly, but distracted from by pointing out something that somebody else did. Whether the counter-accusation is actually relevant or stands up to criticism is not important, the intent is only to divert the attention of the audience.

  • asela elumbaring
    asela elumbaring 2 months ago +12

    Glad to hear the committee hearing with Gen. Milley. Impressive and very inspiring. God bless America and the Western allies who supported Ukraine defending their rights. You're all in our prayers. We pray for your victory.

    • Artur Wittensoeltner
      Artur Wittensoeltner 2 months ago


    • John Skrelnik
      John Skrelnik 2 months ago


  • Andrew
    Andrew 2 months ago +6

    Understand this: War crimes are defined. General, thank you for explaining them. Now, apply this knowledge to the American army's actions in Iraq, Iran, and Yugoslavia.

    • gramoukdoom gramouk
      gramoukdoom gramouk 2 months ago

      The past is the past, you can't change it. Doesn't mean nothing should be done today.

  • Stargazer Stargazer
    Stargazer Stargazer 2 months ago +12

    The General restores faith for the West and I am so glad he is on 'our' side...

    • A Jos
      A Jos 2 months ago +1


  • wayne mullally
    wayne mullally Month ago

    This is the greatest opportunity for world democracy the world may ever see. As scary as the US military industrial complex is without it this opportunity would be possible

  • ParagonFury
    ParagonFury 2 months ago +1

    "We encountered their forces in Syria and destroyed them."
    "Destroyed" might be the understatement of the century right there.

    • Rocky
      Rocky 2 months ago

      LoL. U real?

    • Martin Jørgensen
      Martin Jørgensen 2 months ago

      Yeah that “battle” was something. Attacking a force that has a B-52 loitering for support seems like a folly. They where also too chicken to deploy their air cover

    • ThorkageMOB 12%
      ThorkageMOB 12% 2 months ago

      ​@Rockydemolished, smoked, this is sparta

  • Kecher
    Kecher Month ago +3

    I like it when American general says: “First of all war is a crime”. This is so cute.

  • Unclerojelio
    Unclerojelio 2 months ago +273

    Frankly I am simultaneously stunned and heartened to hear the eloquence and intelligence of the speakers in this setting. There may be hope for us yet.

    • Tina Clark’s ghost
      Tina Clark’s ghost 2 months ago +23

      We need to hear more from these adults. Less from the class clowns 🤡🤦‍♀️🤬🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Leon Aburime
      Leon Aburime 2 months ago +9

      So glad John Goodman is getting to serve his country

    • Questi0ns&Answers
      Questi0ns&Answers 2 months ago +1

      Hahahaha 😆 🤣

    • Lyn S
      Lyn S 2 months ago +24

      I think you have just been starved of normal respectful intelligent full sentenced conversations after having to listen to all the incoherent hateful babbling from the GOP.

  • SPC
    SPC 2 months ago +2

    Such a confident General. Love our military!

  • Kavid
    Kavid 2 months ago +3

    we’re worried about “hammering” Russia while Russia is preparing itself to adopt BRICS alongside with China and a bunch of other countries. Why is nobody talking about this ?

    • fl4g
      fl4g 2 months ago

      "Adopt" BRICS? What are you talking about?

    • Kavid
      Kavid 2 months ago

      @fl4g how about you youtube it

    • fl4g
      fl4g 2 months ago

      ... you are not making sense. BRICS is not an entity, it's just an acronym for 5 countries. There is no way to "adopt" BRICS, russia the R in BRICS. That's what it stands for

    • Paul Gibbon
      Paul Gibbon Month ago

      @Kavid Concession accepted.

  • J. Frank Mortimer
    J. Frank Mortimer 2 months ago +12

    4:48 Listen to a US general describe the war crime of a war of aggression, and then ask what the USA did in Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan. War crimes by their own exact definition.

  • Maga
    Maga 2 months ago +7

    Even western maps show that almost 70-80% of the city is in Wagner PMC hands.

    • Lovebeinginnocent
      Lovebeinginnocent 2 months ago +3

      What city If you don’t mind me asking

    • MRobocop
      MRobocop 2 months ago

      @Lovebeinginnocent Bahmut, it's a central battle of the war right now

    • Sickotato
      Sickotato 2 months ago +2

      Not even 50%

    • Ker Dart
      Ker Dart 2 months ago +4

      great, a small city taken with full russian force and wagner in 8 months. great russian army lmao

    • Lovebeinginnocent
      Lovebeinginnocent 2 months ago

      Thank you gentleman, sad world we live in peace be upon the martyrs of both sides

  • Haru Krentz
    Haru Krentz 2 months ago +1

    They said the same thing in Afghanistan, that taliban was getting hammered, that Afghan Nat Army was getting better and better look how things turned up? US military generals got too comfy in their positions, no pressure at all, no accountability at all.

  • 331SVTCobra
    331SVTCobra 2 months ago +267

    "We ran into them (Wagner) in the Middle East a couple of years ago, in Syria, about a battalion-sized force that was attacking one of our positions and we destroyed that force."
    Love it. Waiting for someone who thinks the military is a "woke paper tiger" to explain that.

    • Sergey Ch
      Sergey Ch 2 months ago +31

      I remember that was epic.

    • Ariel Popperl
      Ariel Popperl 2 months ago +35

      How much True to that? Amerika lives in a Phantasy World.

    • John Roche
      John Roche 2 months ago +91

      It is 100% true. It happened in February 2018 and became known as the Battle of Khasham. A small group of US Marines and Special Forces in conjunction with air strikes and artillery inflicted heavy casualties on a numerically superior combined force of Syrian regime forces and Wagner personnel that also had tanks and other armoured vehicles. Check out the "Washington Post" and the British "Guardian" newspapers. A Kremlin spokeswoman stated there was no Wagner personnel there originally but then admitted later there was but just had a few casualties. This was contradicted by a few surviving Wagner who confirmed the carnage.

  • JonnieMae
    JonnieMae 2 months ago

    Thank you Gen. For speaking on Russia.

  • Benghis Kahn
    Benghis Kahn 2 months ago

    It is more important than ever that like-minded nations, not just NATO members, work as a collective and cooperative allies to support and enforce the global rules-based order that is imperative to ensuring and insuring that the world doesn't slip back into a state of global conflict, the likes of which we have not seen since the 4th and 5th decades of the last century. We cannot take the peace we have enjoyed and prospered under over the last 70 years for granted.
    Countries like Russia cannot be allowed to just annex the territory of the sovereign nations which neighbour them without a robust and united response from the global community. All of those nations which have either supported Russia or responded ambivalently to the invasion of Ukraine would ALL invoke the the UN Charter were they to find themselves in the same position as Ukraine. India, Pakistan, China, even Iran would all appeal to the global community and the rules and institutions of the global order were they to be suddenly invaded and vast swathes of their land annexed by a belligerent foreign force.
    In particular I would single India out in this respect, as a nation of peoples who know more than a thing or two about imperialist occupations, by my own country nonetheless.

  • bunny look
    bunny look 2 months ago

    talking about the "unprovoked war" being a war crime and the attackers being war criminals Milley perfectly described what US did in Iraq and what Bush's administration team became for doing that

  • Kathryn Stewart - McDonald

    I appreciate these broadcasts with extensive background

  • Scooter Magee
    Scooter Magee 2 months ago +3

    There’s a few people that I really admire and General Milley is in the top 3. Jamie Raskin is also in that list.

    • Bryan Peterson
      Bryan Peterson 2 months ago

      I bet you didn't like him when he walked with Trump to the church.