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Why Paddy the Baddy is Losing UFC Fans | Paddy Pimblett, Jared Gordon, & Helwani

  • Published on Jan 10, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Why Paddy Pimblett’s losing fans.
    Paddy the Baddy Pimblett has had an interesting rise to stardom in the UFC.
    In 2021, the loud mouthed Brit with a funny hairdo, finished his opponent in the first round, and dropped this iconic line.
    He would then submit Kazula Vargas in March 2022 in the first round.
    And a few months later, would have an interesting leadup to his fight with Jordan Levitt (teabag)
    Only to deliver a fantastic submission victory.
    Things were all good but then, Paddy would have a public falling out with Ariel Helwani,
    And Ariel’s rebuttal actually didn’t put Paddy in a positive light.
    Then Paddy got a unanimous decision victory over Jared Gordon, when the majority of fans, media, and personalities thought he lost and Paddy was NOT humble about it.
    Many fans still love Paddy, but others don’t agree with the Ariel debacle and his lack of humility, but what do you guys think?
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  • Vedansh Kurup
    Vedansh Kurup 2 months ago +17094

    The fact that he had the audacity to say that the Jared fight was not close, after almost getting knocked out several times is wild

    • Josh Smith
      Josh Smith 16 minutes ago

      He was probably joking like I'm pretty sure he would know it was close if he was on the edge of blacking out

    • Luke Helleksen
      Luke Helleksen 5 hours ago

      He's a fighter. Confidence is everything.

    • Alien Jay
      Alien Jay Day ago

      Dude every fighter is delusional do you even watch ufc lol

    • Alo Cako ci
      Alo Cako ci 2 days ago

      He can fight alexander volkanovski and

    • Rizzzzzza
      Rizzzzzza 2 days ago

      @Freeman Except Jared didn’t win the fight now did he?

  • IeatyellowSNO
    IeatyellowSNO 29 days ago +1322

    He got on stage after a fight and made a plea for men's mental health awareness for a demographic that apparently ignores their mental health to a staggering degree. He hasn't done anything to ruin the impact of that speech yet.

    • User not found
      User not found 6 hours ago

      Bunch of Pimblett fan girls i see. Why hasn’t he signed the Drew Dober contract yet? 🤔
      Oh yeah, because he can barely beat the tomato cans the UFC keeps feeding him in his own backyard 🤡

    • R B
      R B 2 days ago

      @toby lopez Why are you lying? Watch the post fight interview again.

    • Returnal Nocturnal
      Returnal Nocturnal 7 days ago

      @Lionel Rivera believe it buddy

    • Walter Edwards
      Walter Edwards 7 days ago +1

      ​@Hello There his actions? You mean like publicly addressing a problem and bringing attention to it?

  • King A
    King A 27 days ago +438

    The fact that people actually take Ariel Helwani seriously is a joke.

    • Milk Barn
      Milk Barn 2 days ago +1

      Fr its annoying asf

    • Spaced
      Spaced 11 days ago +1


    • Dante
      Dante 14 days ago +2

      @BW Estacado very good point, he's already pals with Nick Khan so he was probably told to do all that in return for a lucrative deal to be WWE's shit-churner. Guy is as bias as they get and all their, worse still being that Tony falls for it and makes himself look like a mark.

  • Aaron Rios
    Aaron Rios Month ago +5029

    he’s a fighter bruh let him talk all the shit he wants

    • Sam
      Sam 2 days ago

      @Aaron Rios top tier? Lmao

    • OrchidBees
      OrchidBees 3 days ago

      @Franco Grapelli might of been a poor choose of words and an over exaggeration to say he's not good, but my point still stands. Paddy didn't win that fight and was scored a win by biased judging.

    • Franco Grapelli
      Franco Grapelli 4 days ago

      @OrchidBees Never heard about a big name that wasn´t good.

    • Eren yaeger
      Eren yaeger 6 days ago

      @OrchidBees yeah cause as a fighter being like nah he whooped my ass is a good mentalith.

    • Richard Bullwood
      Richard Bullwood 20 days ago

      He can talk all the s*** he wants. But since he has exposed himself as someone who's not anywhere near ready to contend for any title, and he was presented to us as the next big thing, he's going to lose fans and supporters. Bruh.

  • Alex Sturgeon
    Alex Sturgeon Month ago +352

    His trash talking won't come back to bite him, it's his eating habits in between fights that will. We get older and our bodies change.

    • Don Jon
      Don Jon 4 days ago

      @michael wilson dude thinks hes conor mcgregor accept conor mcgregor backed his words up with his record. Paddys a bum acting all that.

    • michael wilson
      michael wilson 4 days ago +1

      that dude got manhandled most of his last fight even though they wrongfully gave him the win... put him up against a top conender still in his youth...he'll get his ass handed to him... age won't even be necessary

    • A$APDr.No$leép
      A$APDr.No$leép 4 days ago

      ​@Lionel Rivera he honestly needs to work on his defense and his guarding game because my dawg getting his ass folded sometimes

    • Don Jon
      Don Jon 6 days ago +1

      He's trash gordon destroyed him. He's not not ready for the top 5 ranks in light weight, they would all eat paddy alive.

  • Sammy Ahmed
    Sammy Ahmed Month ago +114

    People see one thing about someone and judge their entire character off of it

  • DerekAndre
    DerekAndre 2 months ago +8047

    It’s simple: you can’t be that annoying without backing it up.

    • Rizzzzzza
      Rizzzzzza 2 days ago

      @Cody P. Oh wait 4 times, I forgot he got his leg snapped like a twig 😂

    • Rizzzzzza
      Rizzzzzza 2 days ago

      @Cody P. Too bad connor got slept three times 😂

    • A$APDr.No$leép
      A$APDr.No$leép 4 days ago

      ​@Nxthvn if he honestly did some practice on his striking and guard takedown skills he probably would've been pretty damn good but my dawg getting folded like a 3 piece special

    • Tommy Lin
      Tommy Lin 20 days ago

      ​​@DerekAndret's combat sport. Even some of the best have been knocked out or lost before. Fights can turn on a dime. No shame in get rocked. What matters is who wins the fight.

    • 7eddii
      7eddii Month ago

      @Badman123 no shot connor mcgregors clone is english idk shit about him tho so ur probably right lmao

  • Jake Dempsey
    Jake Dempsey 17 hours ago

    "I'ma teabag him like it's MW2" I'm dead 💀😂

  • John Reedy
    John Reedy 27 days ago +46

    Ariel calls people liars when they call him a piece of shit.
    Inside of MMA, I've never heard someone stand up for him

    • Ashton Williams
      Ashton Williams 27 days ago +5

      So many people have stood up for Ariel within the MMA community. Just because it hasn't shown on your feed doesn't mean it doesn't exist. That just speaks towards your lack of research and taking things at face value rather than anything else.

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  27 days ago


  • Steffen H
    Steffen H Month ago +2699

    I’ve learned that if Dana White calls you a piece of shit, it usually means your a world class individual.

    • Carlos Danger
      Carlos Danger 6 days ago +1

      I dunno man, a broken clock is right twice a day

    • Kai Reynolda
      Kai Reynolda 21 day ago

      @Jack Nilsson it’s not no, it’s yes

  • last month of life🔌🐰

    He's one of the few people who are loud about the mental health of men, I'm on his side no matter what unless he does something truly hideous

  • jmc
    jmc Month ago +61

    one thing people don't seem to understand about paddy is his attitude. he's 100% at all times not because he thinks he's some god amongst men. but because he has absolute faith and appreciation for the people that helped him out of depression and helped him every step of the way to becoming a professional fighter.
    his wins are wins for every trainer, friend and his partner. not him, his confidence translates to appreciation of his support network. it's trying to maintain a mindset that can lead him to victory and prove every person that helped him. didn't waste their time.
    if he fails, he fails them.
    to many people jump on whatever train is leaving the station when it comes to these things.. instead of learning about the subject for themselves, they just repeat whatever nonsense is making the rounds as if it were their opinion.. when it so clearly isn't.
    any man that can sit in front of a room full of hardened marines and lay his heart on the line and talk about mental health and allowing yourself to ask to help. is both a humble man, and someone that actually cares about others over maintaining some stage personality or self image. which is exactly what paddy's actions in the ring are.. they are entertainment and are nothing close to his actual personality.

    • Edwin Mendez
      Edwin Mendez 3 days ago

      To much grammar bro chill

    • Ian He-kensken
      Ian He-kensken 10 days ago

      Well said Paddy

    • Kurt
      Kurt Month ago

      His multiple lies don't help him though. He lied about Ariel and Ariel still had Paddy's messages to prove it.
      Then Bisping exposed more lies Paddy had told him. Paddy told him he had a sparring session with another fighter on the mat and dominated him, tapping him out repeatedly. Except the gym was full of people, including respected trainers and they all told Bisping the same thing. Paddy was there but the two fighters never sparred or did anything together.
      It's not a good look. That is a big part of why so many have turned on him and he's brought it on himself with his own lies.

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  Month ago +1


  • FushigiWiggles
    FushigiWiggles Month ago +1942

    Paddy is really that kid in the MW2 2009 pre lobby chat that can back up his words lol.

    • Jonathan Mosher
      Jonathan Mosher Month ago

      Accept he got beat up.

    • Gasoline Lover
      Gasoline Lover Month ago

      Yea no, he won by decision, almost got knocked out too, 0 braincells

    • Jeremy Rafuse
      Jeremy Rafuse Month ago

      @FushigiWiggles it's not really a sport if people aren't on the same playing field with the judges 🤷‍♂️ that's fraud at that point

    • FushigiWiggles
      FushigiWiggles Month ago +2

      @Jeremy Rafuse 🤷‍♂️ it's a sport and entertainment and a business?

    • Jeremy Rafuse
      Jeremy Rafuse Month ago +1

      @FushigiWiggles he can't hide behind Dana and rigged judges his whole career

  • JM GueEve
    JM GueEve 23 hours ago

    It all sorts itself out in the end in this sport lol

  • David McIntyre
    David McIntyre Month ago +4

    I Fucking love the guy. Not only is he a Great fighter, He has the biggest heart outside the cage. So all the haters can take turns going down on him....

  • Rebirth 405
    Rebirth 405 2 months ago +3068

    “T bag him like it’s mw2”
    Goated sentance😂

    • T Destroyer
      T Destroyer Month ago

      @Dan h You like to cancel people on twitter dont you?

    • FlightReactz
      FlightReactz Month ago

      y’all tryna correct some1’s grammar on the internet like this is not a fucking english class 😹

    • marko polo
      marko polo Month ago

      @Kyle Jarvis it wasn't isolated to that singular game though and has been a common way to show disrespect to your enemies after their defeat in loads of games he said MW2 because that's most likely the first game he experienced it in

    • Pegasus RR
      Pegasus RR Month ago +1

      @Kyle Jarvis no its wasnt lmao
      Its been a thing before video games existed

    • Kyle Jarvis
      Kyle Jarvis Month ago +1

      Teabagging was from halo 3 though

  • Malt Dairy
    Malt Dairy 6 days ago

    At the end of the day, no matter how much MMA hurts, it's still a spectator sport, and it's still entertainment first. Paddy is just leaning into his persona.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    I love watching the rise (and fall) of fighters.

  • Jes Ryl
    Jes Ryl 2 months ago +1207

    His character makes the fight more fun to watch he's like the mcgregor lite

    • Adam Cram
      Adam Cram Month ago +1

      Not even close.

    • Mike Pfeiffer
      Mike Pfeiffer Month ago +5

      He wants desperately to have the magnetos personality of Conor but he is just a wannabe try-hard imo

  • Jacob Merchan
    Jacob Merchan 5 days ago +1

    Talk that shit paddy💪

  • Zachary Gaines
    Zachary Gaines Day ago

    Show me 1 British guy who truly ever gave af

  • J Plouthelgm
    J Plouthelgm 2 months ago +1287

    Paddy was right.
    It *wasn't* close. 🤣

  • Kevin Adams
    Kevin Adams Month ago +61

    Now all the fighters know when they fight Paddy they’ll have to finish Him. Don’t leave it in the judges hands.

  • Vaughn Campbell
    Vaughn Campbell 3 days ago

    It’s his character and he’s playing it well.

  • Potato lord
    Potato lord Month ago +739

    It’s almost like when someone’s persona is an asshole, they’re gonna act like an asshole

      THE JUGGL3R Month ago

      @nabkill 013 That makes ZERO sense, wtf are you on about?

    • nabkill 013
      nabkill 013 Month ago +1

      ​@THE JUGGL3R his nickname literally the baddies. It like missing the point at this point.

      THE JUGGL3R Month ago

      @Richard Pickard ...Wtf he just say to me?

    • Richard Pickard
      Richard Pickard Month ago +5

      ​@THE JUGGL3R it's all showmanship. From WWE to UFC, there's still scripts

    • mudge
      mudge Month ago

      @Zyncx EC even them he wouldn't be the first

  • Matty Lee
    Matty Lee 6 days ago

    Paddy is fucking ace,he says it the way it is,love the GIZZER.

  • Όθωνας Κοντός

    He's original and old school 💪🏼💪🏼🧿

  • Luckytron asmr LuckyFri
    Luckytron asmr LuckyFri 2 months ago +2090

    he was so likeable. i did not thought that being Dana's new favorite boy would turn him arrogant.

    • mEh
      mEh 5 days ago +1

      @Eren yaeger yes that’s what I’m saying😭

    • Eren yaeger
      Eren yaeger 6 days ago

      @mEh exactly, I'd get it if he was a bad person or he was trash talking about ppls livelihoods or religion etc, like bruh

    • Jake W
      Jake W Month ago +1

      He was likeable as an underdog/unknown, and now he’s not likeable as he’s cemented his place in the UFC. It’s human nature to change opinion in such a case. He hasn’t really changed much as a person, or how he presents himself. He’s still nice enough in interviews outside of the UFC.

    • Gazzy
      Gazzy Month ago +1

      @mEhave good sportsmanship and admit he lost fair and square, instead of letting his self-inflated fragile ego get in the way, like it did here

    • Josh Searle
      Josh Searle Month ago


  • John Smith
    John Smith 2 days ago +1

    A successful famous professional fighter is not humble? I'm stunned I tell you.

  • reede ayers
    reede ayers 3 days ago

    This is literally no different than just about any other fighter. Chael is a great example

  • AshyBear
    AshyBear 2 months ago +529

    I’ll always be a fan of paddy purely because he had the balls to speak about men’s mental health, something most men cannot do.

    • planet earth
      planet earth Month ago

      ​@Daniel Toft man it must suck being an embarrassment to your parents I hope they properly mourned

    • Christy Cullen
      Christy Cullen Month ago

      @AshyBear yeah but it's just hypocritical as soon as he became Dana's pet he became an asshole. Would I do the same? Maybe. Its one of them. I don't dislike the guy but stones and glass houses etc. Talking about anti bullying then bullying harwani etc.

    • Daniel Toft
      Daniel Toft Month ago

      @Dohk that's all I have ever tried to do, thank you for understanding

    • Tislukey
      Tislukey Month ago

      @Daniel Toft Bro I’m not joking this comment literally seems like you’re projecting and your replies don’t help the case. Are you ok?

  • Notto4
    Notto4 Day ago

    But cmon you gotta admit, he is a man of his words like not even I would have the balls to say “I will teabag a freakin ufc fighter”

    P.M ROCKY PETE 8 days ago

    He now admitted he wasn’t happy with tha win and he apologised
    He now want the rematch with Jared again

      P.M ROCKY PETE 2 days ago

      @Lionel Rivera well he didn’t exactly say he want rematch……he jus said “we mite need to run it back”

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  8 days ago


  • Toaster.jpg
    Toaster.jpg Month ago +402

    “He says he’s a sorcerer he doesn’t get knocked out”
    - Cody Garbrandt

    • Zen Plays
      Zen Plays Month ago

      @Majin Supernova i don't know what you learned in school but quotations do NOT mean joking. if anything italicised font is the closest thing as it conveys sarcasum.
      but a QUOTE just means they are repeating what someone else said. how about YOU go back to school instead of thinking you're smarter than someone.

    • Mr E Squidgeward
      Mr E Squidgeward Month ago

      ​@Majin Supernova ​ It wasn't an actual quote though was it? It was a made up joke, that someone else didn't get. Nothing to do with reading so Sort your own lack of intelligence out before you go online dissing others

    • Fran
      Fran Month ago

      @Zen Plays Yes, there is some well known meme out there. Cody Garbrandt is not the sharpest tool in the shed and its well known in the MMA world. The quote is funny because it sounds like something he would say.

  • Alvin York
    Alvin York 28 days ago

    The UFC needs better judges that's how u stop people's rise when it's undeserving.

  • cringe sh1t
    cringe sh1t 13 days ago

    Everyone went from liking his confidence to hating it lol

  • Loki Singularity
    Loki Singularity Month ago +745

    Your missing paddy's speech about suicide cause he had just found out shortly before a fight that his friend took his own life. He made a wonderful post victory speech that earned him lots of respect and he blew it rather quickly.

  • Kito
    Kito 9 days ago +2

    Come on, these guy’s literally punch each others heads out and fight for their lives but y’all complain about him not being humble. Put yourselves in their shoes, you have to be so freaking confident to get in the ring to destroy your opponent.

  • jempski
    jempski 21 day ago

    I don't ever immediately flip and cancel on anyone with exception of a horrible crime. The guy is and average fighter who's really entertaining. He won't even need the fight game after a while bcz his personality is that good.

  • George Virtus OBE
    George Virtus OBE 2 months ago +373

    "Loud mouth Brit with a hairdo"
    Sounds like Boris Johnson

    • Kieran Whitton
      Kieran Whitton Month ago

      ​@L He was born in the US

    • Panda109
      Panda109 Month ago

      I though he wa Irish

    • L
      L Month ago

      @The one the only Godsince when

    • zhain0
      zhain0 Month ago

      Still hung up on that muppet?

  • The Blobfish
    The Blobfish 18 days ago

    "Lack of humility" *Conor McGregor enters the Chat*

  • Raiko Raiko
    Raiko Raiko 20 days ago

    All I can say is I'm pretty sure he knocked out his enemies using that heavy accent he got

  • Jakethemoss
    Jakethemoss Month ago +81

    “I am gonna teabag him like it’s MW2” damn that is relatable

  • PyroSquid
    PyroSquid 28 days ago

    No matter what business you think you're in, you're in the people business. No MMA fighter can keep making money without fans.

  • Jake Shil Shil
    Jake Shil Shil 2 days ago +1

    I think he puts on character with those negative attributes

  • Elijah Lopez
    Elijah Lopez Month ago +276

    I’ll love Paddy because of how much of an advocate he is for mental health. I don’t love arrogance but tbf he’s said himself he goes into every fight believing he’s the best because that’s what motivates him to win

    • Elijah Lopez
      Elijah Lopez Month ago +1

      @Mike Sawicki tbf it’s not like I’m actually supporting the guy in any way. I don’t really care for any “celebrity”. I’ll appreciate the words about mental health but it’s not like imma buy tickets for his fight or watch anything like that

    • Mike Sawicki
      Mike Sawicki Month ago +1

      Be careful, a lot of these dudes in the proverbial spotlight only say things to look good, and then conduct themselves in either the opposite way, or in a passive way.
      Don't think I've heard of Paddy doing anything for men's mental health other than the times he's had a mic to his face.... just like the rest of them 🤷‍♂️
      Men's mental health support is a joke, the wrong people are often looked up to, and people only refer to those close to them when they announce that "they care" and ESPECIALLY many of the people who speak of positivity and support, usually betray their own sentiments and commit to behavior and conduct that is very "anti", if you get what I mean

    • Harry Parham
      Harry Parham Month ago

      ​@Steven Turnbull I

    • Harry Parham
      Harry Parham Month ago

      ​@james wedler is

  • Brad Rademaker
    Brad Rademaker 26 days ago

    He called Airel a maggot? I like him even more now.

  • Savage Baggins Fishing
    Savage Baggins Fishing 7 days ago +1

    Everyone can't handle a fat and happy knuckle duster. PADDY THE BADDY

  • Adam Crowe
    Adam Crowe 2 months ago +25

    i’ll always respect how he stands up for men’s mental health. he’s also mad funny fr 😂

    • MemeSFX
      MemeSFX 29 days ago +2

      It was a business ploy and he has the personality of any 16 year old in the UK from any council estate.

    • CreaperReaper
      CreaperReaper Month ago +1

      @Just Duro It really isn’t though? That’s his character lol. He plays a character and a role on the stage.
      In reality he acts nothing like it, and it’s pretty obvious when you look at his media that branches away from the UFC.
      People expect this stuff from Patty. Just because it went wrong this time doesn’t mean it’s his fault nor does it mean he knew things went south until after he said stuff like that lol.
      And no that’s not how it works. It’s not his fault that the score cards were wrong so why should it be his fault for expressing himself if the origin is the problem?

    • Just Duro
      Just Duro Month ago +1

      @CreaperReaper Its his fault that it happend that extent
      Sure he cant control the score cards, but if he kept his mouth closed there wouldnt be much hate
      So to an extent, it is his fault

    • CreaperReaper
      CreaperReaper Month ago +2

      @Just Duro Though he is the one who speaks, he doesn’t control the score cards and the judges evaluations of his fight. It’s not really his fault this all happened, and him playing his character just didn’t make the scenario seem any better, but it was never meant in harm

    • Just Duro
      Just Duro Month ago

      ​​@CreaperReaper is really his fault, he is the one who does the character, he is the one who speaks not someone else.

  • Brother Yusuf
    Brother Yusuf 28 days ago

    Well I think that’s what happens when Jay learns how to actually fight. He already had the ego to go with it

  • Markus
    Markus 24 days ago

    Paddy was right, it wasnt close. He got beat soundly 😂

  • VAZ
    VAZ Month ago +36

    doesn’t matter if you win by an inch, or a mile, still a win

    • MemeSFX
      MemeSFX 29 days ago +2

      Doesn't matter if you lose by an inch or a mile, still a win. - Patrick the Fatprick

    • Chris (Rage)
      Chris (Rage) Month ago

      @THE JUGGL3R congrats man

      THE JUGGL3R Month ago

      @Chris (Rage) Thx homie, I did get it. I appreciate the food wishes and i hope big things come your way 💪

    • Chris (Rage)
      Chris (Rage) Month ago

      @THE JUGGL3R hope you get it fam.

      THE JUGGL3R Month ago

      @Chris (Rage) I'm decent man, just had a job interview and it went pretty well I think

  • Thrash
    Thrash 2 days ago

    Dont mess with Ariel
    Be humble
    Be weird
    He had 3 jobs and he struggles with 2

  • speedKGDM
    speedKGDM Month ago +3

    He’s a ufc star jumping through more rings then any other ufc fighter at the time. They all are just mad he’s not being humble about his winnings

  • Dewey Judd
    Dewey Judd 2 months ago +105

    he’s a showman

  • HunterZ The Lunatic
    HunterZ The Lunatic 7 days ago +1

    Ngl hes real fucking funny. Not a fan and not a hater. Hes an entertainer

  • Gozzy_gozzy
    Gozzy_gozzy 20 days ago

    This guy inspired me to love him

  • Being bad
    Being bad Month ago +16

    It’s all good because he backs up his trash talk I love paddy

    • Being bad
      Being bad Month ago

      @show sister nah he’s got what it takes

    • show sister
      show sister Month ago

      @Being bad he needs to stop running his mouth when it's being set up for him. If he was just quiet and took the garbage decision win nobody would be so excited for him to lose. If you're gonna run your mouth you better be great. Paddy is no mystic Mac sorry

    • show sister
      show sister Month ago

      @Being bad he's literally known for being lazy and not working hard lol his fight camps are fat camps. Hes not gonna fundamentally change as a person

    • Being bad
      Being bad Month ago

      @Niro Galactoid but he doesn’t have to be humble that’s the thing, fighting isn’t the humble man’s sport

  • itzjustboris
    itzjustboris 20 days ago

    He can literally talk shit until someone humbles him until then who can fault him for being confident

  • BOOSTED365
    BOOSTED365 9 days ago

    Someone had to be the Bad Guy🤷🏽‍♂️ I’m here for it!!

    • BOOSTED365
      BOOSTED365 8 days ago

      @Lionel Rivera Paddy has a Nature Boy Rick Flair quality to him. He’s gonna say something over the top, he’s cocky, brash, he’s kind off a jerk, but we like him anyway.
      I’m just waiting for him to say: WOOOOO!!!!
      The over the top “bad guy” is always going to attract attention! (And Money).

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  9 days ago


  • Scott Summers
    Scott Summers 2 months ago +81

    Either way good or bad. His character is going to make him money.

    • Nash Bullet
      Nash Bullet Month ago +2

      @YoBoyBigJ Well, it’s all good when you trash talk and win. You’ll turn into a meme when the losses start coming

    • YoBoyBigJ
      YoBoyBigJ Month ago

      Being humble is boring to me everybody want them to be an saint there nothing wrong with having a little ego. It business and it to hype up of fight because people going to want him to be taking down... that why people watch trash talker...

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  2 months ago +3

      Very true

  • William
    William 4 days ago

    He is a warrior and a fighter and he is not here to set an example of how to act for anyone. He is there to beat a man into submission or unconsciousness. Give me a break

  • Evrem Aksit
    Evrem Aksit 5 days ago

    No way Paddy is losing fans for calling Helwani a maggot. Isht was hilarious 😂 🤣

  • Smokeymaru
    Smokeymaru Month ago +3

    He won me on "teabag him likes it MW2" 🤣

  • Morty.EXE
    Morty.EXE 2 days ago

    He did that one good speech about mental health I hope he at least doesn't ruin thay

  • jongarner3
    jongarner3 Month ago +15

    Paddy is goated. These guys are fighters if you want politics you in the wrong arena of entertainment.

    • Larry Smith
      Larry Smith 17 days ago +1

      Paddy is always bringing up politics. That’s like the number 1 thing he does. He talks about politics WAY more than how often he fights.

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  Month ago


  • Threed
    Threed Month ago +106

    Still got respect for a guy who cares about men’s mental health. Could care less about the fighting.

    • Threed
      Threed 29 days ago

      @MemeSFX who cares my guy this fight happen awhile back. These guys got paid for it. You guys are the only ones crying about it. Get over it who cares if it was just to look good. Wether or not he did it to look good he still paid respect to his friend that took his life.

    • Threed
      Threed Month ago

      @Jamie Stollery maybe

    • Jamie Stollery
      Jamie Stollery Month ago

      Guy just says shit to make him look good in press, he don’t gaf bout any of that truss me

  • Crazy_Critter1
    Crazy_Critter1 22 days ago

    He's building himself to be a UFC heel

  • Ghader
    Ghader 21 day ago

    He should definitely get tested by top ranking fighters

  • My Account
    My Account 2 months ago +178

    You make good vids about mma but we all know Patty lost that fight 😂

    • Hasindu Kumara
      Hasindu Kumara Month ago

      ​​@CreaperReaper the problem isn't the robbery.it's what hapoened after .paddy's speech.

    • Ameya Pandarkar
      Ameya Pandarkar Month ago

      @CreaperReaper you misunderstood me. The guys saying that it's the record that matters, I responded that it's a shameful victory for paddy and he won't be getting another one. Not against any ranked opponent at least.
      And you don't know who rigged what, after all paddy was sucking up to dana pretty hard.

    • CreaperReaper
      CreaperReaper Month ago

      @Ameya Pandarkar I mean a robbery is a robbery, but you can’t blame someone who wasn’t even in control or a factor of the outcome.
      All the guy above is saying that you shouldn’t hate on Patty for something he doesn’t control

    • 7eddii
      7eddii 2 months ago

      Weird how the record doesn’t back that up 🤔

    • Ameya Pandarkar
      Ameya Pandarkar 2 months ago +1

      ​@Unanimous coin collectora robbery is a robbery, regardless of who committed it. That too against an unranked opponent. Hate to break it to you, but from here on his record card won't be saying W.

  • Zachariah Patterson
    Zachariah Patterson 4 days ago

    I still like him and think he has C.M style superstar power if he does it right. The UFC and Dana LOVES to find people like them, if you don’t have star power views don’t sale, you can be a great fighter but if you are boring you aren’t going sale end of story.

  • Jamell D Evans
    Jamell D Evans Month ago +1

    Paddy was being a Baddy he should get more fans

  • Talleywa
    Talleywa Month ago +128

    Dude is a fucking genius. What garners more attention? A winning streak, or a broken winning streak? He's playing the infamy to his advantage knowing damn well he's gonna be toppled. And when that happens it's gonna gonna propel him higher because nothing is more satisfying than failure.

    • LucasIsHere
      LucasIsHere 26 days ago +1

      ​@Mez Are you kidding me? Ronda Rousey is awful on the mic, she can't do anything besides Diva's wrestling and armbars, and she still gets pushed way further than women who have more personality in their pinky than she does in her entire body. She's doing well for herself even though she doesn't deserve it.

    • steve nash
      steve nash Month ago

      People love a comeback.

    • Evan Prince
      Evan Prince Month ago

      @BATMANIMAL actually she's not a pioneer.Gina Carano is Queen.The 1st.

    • Evan Prince
      Evan Prince Month ago

      That's corruption at its finest.Remember when 2 losses back to back ended most dudes? Or a pivotal loss? Wasn't much room for screenplays, scripts and wolf tickets.The game HAS changed.Where is Bushido???

  • Dr. Loomis
    Dr. Loomis 16 days ago

    "I'm a Scouser...we don't get knocked out"
    Darren Till didn't get the memo

  • Sasa khudari
    Sasa khudari 16 days ago

    Bro is in the lightweight division, arguably one of the toughest divisions in the UFC and relies heavily on his chin to win his fights. The minute he meets someone real like Fiziev, Chandler, Porier, Volk or anyone in the top 15 he's gonna get pounded into obscurity.

  • Ryan Schram
    Ryan Schram Month ago +33

    Paddy is awesome. Hope he gets the belt one day

    • Niro Galactoid
      Niro Galactoid Month ago

      @Ryan Schram lmao u think he is gonna win the belt do you even know who is in the top three and islam is in a class of his own 😂

    • designer
      designer Month ago +2

      @Ryan Schram He didn’t even beat Gordon lmao he’s not gonna touch UFC gold

  • KaiLucas
    KaiLucas 2 days ago

    he’s the only reason i follow the ufc

  • Luvingmanny.
    Luvingmanny. 17 hours ago

    A win is a win

  • Sosa II
    Sosa II Month ago +43

    ‘I don’t like liars’
    ‘I don’t like people who make shit up’
    I guess he doesn’t like his own people then

    • Cornelis Henk
      Cornelis Henk Month ago

      Passie he means the joos

    • cromALT
      cromALT Month ago

      @S S LOL that’s what I thought too I was kinda scared

    • East The Sun
      East The Sun Month ago

      @S S journalists.

  • Sean Matheney
    Sean Matheney Month ago

    It ain't bragging if you back it up-Kid Rock

  • Fishy
    Fishy 16 days ago

    People hate when you show your success and when you're grateful of your victory, of course he will have haters

  • ThatDirtyWolf
    ThatDirtyWolf Month ago +76

    Paddy is just funny asf, people be caring to much

    • Jack Mike
      Jack Mike Month ago

      ​@Niro Galactoid win a couple of ufc fights then we talk

    • Templar
      Templar Month ago

      @Niro Galactoid That’s your opinion humor is subjective some people are just to sensitive

    • Niro Galactoid
      Niro Galactoid Month ago +1

      He ain’t funny af he is a grown man and he needs to be humble or life is gonna humble him

    • Pong Angelo
      Pong Angelo Month ago +2

      Yeah, Paddy almost got knocked out and lost. Unfortunately, for the opponent, he's not as funny as Paddy which shifted the decision.

  • Lincoln Palmer
    Lincoln Palmer 8 hours ago

    Paddy the Baddy for life

  • Maxim Schimon
    Maxim Schimon 21 day ago

    Humility is only for those planning on winning once.

  • Tamish
    Tamish Month ago +59

    It’s literally his character to talk like that. He’s being a showman for a show.

    • NJM
      NJM Month ago +5

      Nah that’s genuinely just how scousers are and I live in Liverpool

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  Month ago


  • Tom Walsh
    Tom Walsh 21 day ago

    100% agree. I was newly a fan of Paddy, but did a 180 turn on that after seeing that fight. In fact it kind of soured me on the whole UFC. What a sham.

  • Jake
    Jake 22 days ago

    Paddy looking like Stuart from MadTV. “LOOK WHAT I CAN DO”

  • lil monkeboi
    lil monkeboi Month ago +104

    Fighters can’t have too much humility if they want to win.

    • Jantixz
      Jantixz Month ago

      @Slapjacks who’d you think i was referring to as the boxer?

    • Slapjacks
      Slapjacks Month ago

      ​@Jantixz Bron was an amazing boxer in middle school

    • OneGuyIKnow1222
      OneGuyIKnow1222 Month ago +1

      ​@I like Rocks social darwinists when they lose the ability to walk, suddenly they start complaining

    • Jantixz
      Jantixz Month ago

      @I like Rocks that’s also true if you consider nba players or boxers like lebron or mayweather

    • I like Rocks
      I like Rocks Month ago +4

      Absolutely true. Being humble or a good sport is irrelevant in competition. Competition is all a mind game and having a better mentality is a huge asset.
      Dude's only winning because of that enormous confidence. You often see people in competitive scenes start to lose more after their first loss, there's reasons for that.

  • Greyer Shade
    Greyer Shade 3 days ago

    Regular hardworking people want a people's champion. We have enough arrogant egos. Randy Couture is a good example. That man was one of the baddest men alive but he was only vicious while fighting.

  • Lord ShivaG
    Lord ShivaG 19 days ago +1

    Paddy doesn't have an ounce of humility and after such a close fight, there's a serious chance he may have a loss in the pipeline. When he does lose, everyone and I mean EVERYONE will rain down on Paddy

  • Unknown YAG
    Unknown YAG 2 months ago +6

    Bruh you're answering to every comment lol , respect ♥️

  • Magnifico Giganticus

    He's a flash in the pan.

  • Mundane44
    Mundane44 3 days ago

    I was & still am a Paddy fan & here's why.
    I agree my 1st reaction was 'dmn, he might lose'. Then after seeing how confident Paddy was about the first 2 rounds I went to watch it again & did my own count, twice & Paddy was completely right.
    Could he have been more humble about it, yeah maybe he could have...
    but then he would have been Paddy the Softy & not Paddy the Baddy...

  • Turtl3PlayZ
    Turtl3PlayZ Month ago +11

    I love the guy the arrogance is a show that’s obvious but undeniable he can back it up

  • Mr. C
    Mr. C 17 days ago

    I think there is always someone who is better than the current champ. Time will tell.

  • Ezra Sitompul
    Ezra Sitompul Month ago +3

    He said he is helping people fighting bullies. But then threw shade at a journalist so he can be more loved by his boss. Lol. He isn't beating anyone in top 15

  • Tsino
    Tsino Month ago +16

    In the UFC, it's either you shack up with Dana or you leave. It's obvious which route he's taken.

  • Holden McRoin
    Holden McRoin 9 days ago

    I really don’t like Ariel but he handles people talking shit about him pretty well

  • Redhood1911
    Redhood1911 5 days ago

    Patty Don't give a fuck and is keeping it real and with style

  • William Johnson
    William Johnson Month ago +5

    The Ariel thing was so shameful. Paddy was sucking up to Dana and it showed big

    • William Johnson
      William Johnson Month ago +3

      @Bioptic no Ariel has been a day one mma journalist and Dana hates him because he doesn’t kiss his ass.

    • Lionel Rivera
      Lionel Rivera  Month ago