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Precious Plastic - Build the shredder (part 3.1)

  • Published on Mar 23, 2016 veröffentlicht
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    1.0 Introduction
    2.0 The basics of plastic
    2.1 Safety and plastic fumes
    2.2 Going nerdy on plastic
    3.0 Building machines
    3.1 Build the shredder
    3.2 Build the extrusion
    3.3 Build the injection
    3.4 Build the compression
    3.5 Build the PRO plastic shredder
    3.6 Build a PRO plastic extrusion
    3.7 Build a PRO sheetpress machine and make sheets
    4.0 The worldwide problem with plastic recycling
    5.0 Create things from plastic
    5.1 Good design with recycled plastic
    5.2 How to finish objects from recycled plastic
    6.0 How to start a business with plastic recycling
    6.1 Here is our tool to calculate your profit
    6.2 How to make a businessplan on plastic recycling
    7.1 Setup a shredder workspace and shred flakes
    7.2 Setup an extrusion workspace and make plastic bricks
    7.3 Setup an injection workspace and inject plastic
    7.4 Setup a plastic sheetpress workspace
    7.5 Setup a mix plastic workspace
    7.6 Setup a local collection point
    8.1 Build a Bio Press #beyondplastic
    8.2 Make an edible bowl #beyondplastic
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Comments • 1 372

  • Lydia
    Lydia 6 years ago +386

    I am so glad I found this channel. I'm a 14 year old girl and I really hope to be an engineer of sorts and I am trying to learn more about machines, and building. I really appreciate these! Keep making great videos (:

    • Timothy Warner
      Timothy Warner 6 years ago +25

      If you're fine with a salty old mining engineer who swears a bunch, check out AvE here on Clip-Share (pro tip, you should). Some other good Clip-Sharers are Matthias Wandel who does some cool things with wood, Michael Cthulu who's a metal sculptor who makes long format videos about his process, The Engineer Guy makes videos about the history of things, which is more interesting than it sounds, and the kid who runs ZNA Productions makes interesting weapons and armor with what basically amounts to an angle grinder and a hand drill.
      Beyond that, if you want to learn how to build things, build things. You don't need money or fancy tools. Make a crankshaft from popsicle sticks, or a trebuchet from paper clips and and eraser, or whatever you feel like making. Talk to people, get input, and don't be afraid to look like an idiot.

    • Gc T
      Gc T 6 years ago +6

      +Luna, hey, it is great that you want to be an engineer. I recently bought a kit 3d printer for $160. it's a prusa clone called an anet a8 from gearbest. putting it together was a bit of an engineering project... but it works great! no need to spend thousands $$ for a 3d printer.
      OpenScad is a very interesting and free design software -- you can start playing with it even without having a 3d printer.
      just wanting to offer you full encouragement. there are very few women who choose engineering, but zero reason why they shouldn't, it's a heck of a lot of fun!

    • jetblackstar
      jetblackstar 6 years ago +4

      Luna, great to hear your interested in engineering. My advise is use Clip-Share to watch and choose your preferred materials. Wood and plastics are easier to get into at your age, metals require beefier tools but if you start by bolting things together you can progress to together machining techniques later. Obviously learn to be safe and use your tools safely, always treat them with respect and think about how you prepare and prevent the bad things from happening. I've learnt a lot from watching my Dad, Mum (he worked metal, she worked wood) other experienced engineers and youtubers. You can hear and see when a tool is working right and it helps learn when your doing it the right way or wrong way. That counts for a car engine and how you drive it, to a grinder or wood lathe.
      Personally picking something you want yourself to make instead of buying it is a great way to get started. Every material and skill you learn adds to your engineering possibilities as you go. I've recently got into wood turning, I could add it to my existing electronics and metal working and suddenly I can make new (round) things :) Now I'm looking at HDPE plastics. My world has exploded.
      Good luck!

    • Sam Gurdus
      Sam Gurdus 5 years ago +1

      Lmao you just described my subscription list.

    • trreb1
      trreb1 5 years ago

      YES, like Timothy said, check out Matthias Wandel. He is awesome.

  • Max Makes
    Max Makes 7 years ago +3

    This is a fantastic set of projects, and the videos are very clear and helpful without being bloated or boring at all. Huge props! Sharing with my local maker space

  • Ken Grunke
    Ken Grunke 5 years ago +1

    This series is very inspirational. We can adapt the basic methods to suit our capabilities and resources, like using old carbide-tipped Skilsaw blades for example. You can find materials in a scrapyard - such as old appliances for the sheet metal. Maybe try a gas motor instead of electric. Personally, I would want a shredder with a much higher RPM. Maybe a wood chipper/shredder would do the trick, instead of building from scratch?

  • S_ S
    S_ S 5 years ago

    You are awesome, I know next to nothing about how all of this works, but you are an inspiration for me to get off of my butt and do something. It's an amazing time to be alive, so much cool stuff to build so I can help myself and my fellow man! Please keep up your awesome work and I love your sense of humor, reminds me of my Dad.

  • Sérgio Marques
    Sérgio Marques 5 years ago

    Formidável o destino dado as embalagens reciclável com uma ideia genial de máquinas compactas. Parabéns!

  • Fletchmeister
    Fletchmeister 7 years ago

    Finding these videos very inspirational, I work in metal engineering so fully plan to make these at home and start reusing my own plastics. Keep up the good work.

  • Max Myers
    Max Myers 7 years ago +5

    This is very cool. Great work, Dave!

  • Fundación Sergio Salas
    Fundación Sergio Salas 3 years ago +2

    Muchas gracias de verdad, estamos muy felices de encontrar en este canal la respuesta a algo que buscabamos hace mucho tiempo

  • VanCamelCat
    VanCamelCat 3 years ago

    Your videos are awesome, fun, and so very joyful to watch. Great job and thank you!

  • Captain Everything
    Captain Everything 6 years ago

    Great job. Love how you incorporated other things to be reused. Love it. Thanks for sharing.

  • Callum Russell
    Callum Russell 7 years ago +1

    These are brilliant, will you be continuing developing these guides and producing more contraptions?

  • Ana Botelho
    Ana Botelho 4 years ago

    Sou do Brasil e aqui no Amazonas em Manaus tem a coplast onde trabalhei na classificação de resíduos plástico
    Acho fantástico seus projetos de desenvolvimento de sistemas de produção de máquinas
    Desde já agradeço pela legenda

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez 3 years ago +3

    Dave, this is a great design, and thanks for sharing it. My only suggestion would be, as the general public doesn´t necessarily have an engineering degree, to mention that the parts can be machined too, not just laser-cut. That seems to disencourage people.
    For those conscient people like me who understands how bad is the plastic contamination and how can be even treated as a side business, this video and your website are extremely useful.
    In my country, this machine price is 3500$.
    Thanks for sharing!

  •  Romário Prof.
    Romário Prof. 4 years ago

    Muito legal!
    Obrigado por compartilhar essas informações e parabéns pelo trabalho realizado.

  • Jawad Hindi
    Jawad Hindi 2 years ago

    Great work, 👍👍👍that’s the best plastic shredder tube I’ve ever seen.
    You are so generous for providing all necessary files and the blueprint. Thank you 🙏

  • Don Motz
    Don Motz 6 years ago

    Very well done guys.....excellent job.

  • Christian Diger
    Christian Diger 3 years ago

    Dave. Felicitaciones. Excelente Trabajo. Muchos Saludos.

    PASTEL MAKİNE 4 years ago +1

    Excellent idea and work Dave, congratulations. Thank you for your great efford.

  • Alex Vainer
    Alex Vainer 7 years ago +139

    you should mass produce these parts including the motor, lower costs for the simple man, and ship them to any one who desires to build this machine

    • Vemund Kremund
      Vemund Kremund 4 years ago +2

      What if he doesn't want to do that?

    • Earl Armstrong
      Earl Armstrong 4 years ago +12

      Ive got a manufacturing facility that can do this.

    • Vemund Kremund
      Vemund Kremund 4 years ago +12

      @Earl Armstrong Do it, a lot of people are probably interested

    • Earl Armstrong
      Earl Armstrong 4 years ago +21

      @Vemund Kremund I've got my engineers costing it currently. Might build the kits or complete units, early stages but Im very interested. At a minimum building a scaled up version for recycling our own plastics and reusing it.

    • Brian Hopper Sr.
      Brian Hopper Sr. 4 years ago +9

      @Earl Armstrong when you get a quote from your engineers,please message me.im looking to buy one

  • Shivakumar BN
    Shivakumar BN 4 years ago

    Hi Dave, It is awesome work. I was just looking for an exact one like this. Thanks a lot for sharing.

  • Chris Schraders
    Chris Schraders 5 years ago

    Such a brilliant concept, and a fantastic video! Thanks!

  • wiz.wizo1
    wiz.wizo1 Year ago

    I'm really ashamed because I didn't know about your wonderful channel, your dissemination of knowledge and how to make useful things is a noble work and something at the top of beauty

  • Jake Mercer
    Jake Mercer 7 years ago

    I love these types of videos. Making tools from scratch is one of my favorite subjects here on Clip-Share. That said, it took a bit of skill to be able to drill the center of the output shaft on that reduction motor. And it looks like you did it with hand tools.. Personally, I'd have gone with a belt and pulley or possibly sprocket and chain setup.

  • Carlos Eduardo Duzão
    Carlos Eduardo Duzão 4 years ago

    Good works, Dave. Very good for Nature. Recycling is very important!!

  • The Recycled Pirate
    The Recycled Pirate 7 years ago +5

    Amazing work guys!

  • Gizem
    Gizem 5 years ago

    You are absolutely a genious! Thank you for being a great inspiration.

  • Carlos Juárez López
    Carlos Juárez López 3 years ago

    Mil gracias por tu aporte, eres grande

  • Anhorak Sossa Vanegas
    Anhorak Sossa Vanegas 7 years ago

    Mil gracias por su aporte, fantástica forma de decir al mundo sobre compartir el conocimiento.

  • Kenionatus Kenionatus
    Kenionatus Kenionatus 3 years ago +2

    Little safety advice: Make the hopper long enough so you can't reach the blades. Sheet metal isn't the most expensive thing and your hand is definitely worth it.
    Also has the added benefit of a higher input buffer.

  • Rafael Nunes
    Rafael Nunes 5 years ago

    Meus parabéns prezado excelente trabalho.

  • Michal Rimmerak
    Michal Rimmerak 6 years ago +17

    Many of you says, that this is too expensive and impossible to make. I have been on Sri Lanka and I was very impressed, what they have and can do in their workshops. They have lathes, welding machines, mills. Even plasma CNCs in small, town workshops on the streets.

    • Pierre Pierre
      Pierre Pierre 2 years ago

      It is true that cutting metal parts can be expensive, on the other hand by giving yourself a bit of trouble you can make them all yourself with an iron file, an electric drill and a simple grinder. You still have to want to take the trouble.

  • Jempsley Pierre Blaise

    you've really made a great job!

  • Tyler Bennetts
    Tyler Bennetts 3 years ago

    Way to go! This is a fantastic solution to a ever increasing problem.

  • Ripley Archer
    Ripley Archer 3 years ago

    I'm just surprised that anyone would not like this video. The concept is fantastic. The fact that you share this info openly is incredible. Haters are everywhere. Well done, guys!

  • Erico Machado
    Erico Machado 3 years ago +1

    Boa tarde, gostaria de agradecer o conhecimento e compartilhamento de vocês.
    Tenho aprendido muito com seus videos, Obrigado

  • Moe Gasim
    Moe Gasim 6 years ago

    you guys are amazing....thank you....already downloading your kit

  • Reggie Kirkwood
    Reggie Kirkwood 7 years ago +19

    Now this is something I wouldn't mind doing. I guess I'll have to start looking to take welding classes.

    • Maximiliano Valdés
      Maximiliano Valdés 3 years ago

      Did you take welding classes? Have you seen the welding this guy did? You should not take welding classes

    • Andrey Pi
      Andrey Pi 2 years ago

      Maximiliano Valdés the welding device seems to be automatic/semiautomatic. I was curious how good it is and how does it compare in price with the manual inverter welding machine

  • Emanuel MP-CE
    Emanuel MP-CE Year ago +1

    Congratulations, my friend!
    Your videos are the best I've watched on Clip-Share.
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, skills and creativity with everyone.

  • tattoodoaqui tattoocarioca


  • Ivan Rocha
    Ivan Rocha 6 years ago +1

    Excelente trabalho !obrigado

  • Luis Rojas
    Luis Rojas 4 years ago

    Excelente su video. gracias por su valioso aporte para el reciclaje del plástico.

  • Rod Henderson
    Rod Henderson 6 years ago

    Great video - looking to make a shredder and will make one using your plans.

  • Keegan Jay O'Neill
    Keegan Jay O'Neill 7 years ago +19

    The laser cutting part seems quite difficult to accomplish in many countries. If I had to build this thing in Belgium, it would take me way too much time and effort to get the tools to do it or get the stuff laser cut and welded, get around scrapyards etc. The overall cost wouldn't be worth it in the end.

  • belspace
    belspace 2 years ago

    well done Dave as usual.

  • Chris
    Chris 3 years ago +2

    This is great. I would love to see what the energy requirements are per kilo of plastic. If you could convert the plastic back to kerosene to run the motor that would be very interesting.


    Muito interessante seu projeto, aqui no meu pais (Brasil) reciclamos cerca de 61% de tudo só o alumínio que chega perto dos 90%, mas isso não quer dizer que é consciência ambiental e sim exploração da população mais pobre que vive pela reciclagem de lixo residencial, onde retira de lixões garrafas pet e latas de alumínio, onde vendem em locais de recolhimento por centavos, e com isso compram comida e remédios...
    Mais uma vez obrigado por compartilhar seus conhecimentos...

  • JM Maniego
    JM Maniego 4 years ago

    Hi, thank you for making videos like these.. Few questions though, is the mesh that "determines the output" just filters out the bigger plastics? do the filtered plastics get shredded multiple times inside if mesh is installed?
    Thank you

  • Adrien Copros
    Adrien Copros 5 years ago

    Thank you ! You're genious and kind to explain how to do this machine !

  • Jaime Teixeira Júnior
    Jaime Teixeira Júnior 7 years ago +15

    That's awesome. I am an engineer, and I created the design of a cooperative reciciclagem of a municipal solid waste. A grinder of these would be amazing but you need to be technical in lathing, welder, electrician, and have a workshop in a large area like the one shown in the video. It's not as simple as shown in the opening video. But I have a idea...

    • Axanar Gaming
      Axanar Gaming 7 years ago +1

      +Jaime Teixeira Júnior Yeah I look at this as possible but its not possible. To bad tho!

    • Naiemaa
      Naiemaa 7 years ago

      What's the idea?

    • Renato Rossi
      Renato Rossi 7 years ago

      +Jaime Teixeira Júnior Fala Jaime. Eu sou do Brasil e vendo o vídeo acho que não é muito difícil de construir uma moedora dessa. Eu tenho experiencia com elétrica, serralheria e usinagem. Tem interesse em construir uma?

    • Jaime Teixeira Júnior
      Jaime Teixeira Júnior 7 years ago

      Renato Rossi olá Renato. Eu tenho um projeto. Se você quiser falar a respeito, precisamos encontrar um.canal não público.

  • Diana Folleco
    Diana Folleco 4 years ago

    Amazing work! Thank you for sharing!

  • Daniel Figueroa
    Daniel Figueroa 6 years ago +1

    Great!! Thank you for sharing your work, knowledge must be universal.

  • BeerShare
    BeerShare 6 years ago

    Great design, you also don't need a lazer cutter, just use this design as a guide line, maybe use a shift with a key way. If your a fabricator I'm sure you'll figure it out, that's part of the fun.

  • Mr.T
    Mr.T 4 years ago

    7:27 You can also use a Rotex jaw coupling, especially when you need to take it apart regularly for maintenance.

  • groundskeeper 52
    groundskeeper 52 3 years ago

    Interesting. I love the electronics housing. That alone could save tons of plastic. Start reselling jugs as electronics housings. Or pilot program to give them away. Like reusing plastic 5gal buckets. One of my faborites. I would also recommend having a safety door on the top to a) prevent hands or clothing from getting into the shredder and b) from plastic breaking and shards flying out and hurting someone. Other than that a great video!

  • Jesus Ramirez Berumen
    Jesus Ramirez Berumen 7 years ago +5

    Please, never stop thinking like that.
    A salute to you, Dave.

  • Evgeny Sev
    Evgeny Sev 9 months ago

    Молодец! руки из правильного места растут и хорошим делом занимается!

  • BEJELEHU p.a.o.
    BEJELEHU p.a.o. 2 years ago

    Gracias por el aporte 👍
    Muy bueno el proyecto.😷

  • Daniel lopez sosa
    Daniel lopez sosa 3 years ago

    Dios te de muchas bendiciones, gracias por compartir tu trabajo.

  • Carlos Cortina
    Carlos Cortina 6 years ago

    Hermano, tu estas en el paraíso de los ingenieros!

  • The Fat Frog
    The Fat Frog 6 years ago

    Great job , you are a skilled craftsman

  • Kate Coombes
    Kate Coombes 6 years ago +7

    I copied the plans to spec and had it made by an engineering company in Adelaide, South Australia. The time and the cost was outstanding. $440au for 1ph 2.2kw 3.5hp 4pole electric motor. The frame and all the parts and labour came to $2000au. To have this wired up its going to cost me another $300au. Turns out my house doest have a 30amp power supply to run a 15amp motor which when running and you start feeding plastic in it, the amps crack up to 22amps. I don't have a transmission and I think I'm going to need one because it spins way to fast.
    Great design but for a simple machine and how simple you have made it look, you really do need abit of spare change to make this thing.

  • Joe Bass
    Joe Bass 7 years ago

    Wow...beautiful vision, outstanding craftsmanship, and super dope video! Subscribed!

  • Migs
    Migs 3 years ago

    Great build! So what do you and how do you use the shredded plastic?

  • anthony ordillo
    anthony ordillo 7 years ago

    awesome! :D can i ask what specs of welding machine did you used to build your machine? its kinda easy to use than clip type welding machine.. thx more recycles to come

  • Robb403
    Robb403 6 years ago

    It is a great piece of workmanship. I would feel more comfortable using it if there was a big red kill switch in case someone got caught in it. That gear motor produces a tremendous amount of torque.

  • Jean
    Jean 7 years ago

    awesome! seeing how some comments are quite concerned about the start up costs looking back on my life i had holidays that costed more than starting this from scratch and most of us have hobbies that cost more than this. but i think the point is still if we can work together one might not have all the tools but some one has a tool what hapend to friends and borrowing. since we are more connected than ever should be no problem to message a friend or a post " can i borrow"

  • Technically Magic Effects
    Technically Magic Effects 3 years ago +10

    That free-form large diameter drill operation at 1:55 is super dangerous. Always clamp your work or you'll have a uncontrollable death propeller disemboweling machine at torso height before you know it.

    • Robotron Sage
      Robotron Sage 2 years ago

      He has the metal screwed to the wood at least. No clamp on the wood however.

    • Michael Gearon
      Michael Gearon 2 years ago

      Always good to warn of danger. In this case it’s very little danger. In the vertical one the motor would spin just a little then get stopped by the drill press body. In the other one... yeah, it could swing around and give him a tap on the hip. He’d just keep drilling. To make it truly dangerous you’d need a Morse taper drill bit in a gear head drill. There’s nothing to give. Serious danger. In this case you have a small drill bit and it’s going to spin in the chuck. If it holds the belt will slip. If both hold it’ll gently swing around and give a love tap. The weight of that motor along with the moment arm of drill to motor length is extremely large. In conclusion..I don’t think there’s any chance to spin it. I was on the phone with a friend many years ago and his father at the same moment had his arm ripped off by a gear head drill press. Not something to take lightly and as I started... warnings are good

    • Technically Magic Effects
      Technically Magic Effects 2 years ago

      @Michael Gearon A gear head is definitely more dangerous, but since I'm speaking from experience, I can tell you you'll get more than a "love tap" out of an ordinary full size belt driven drill press with a piece of plate steel stuck to a large twist bit. My advice is to form good habits, so you can focus on the job and you're always setup to clamp work at the drill press without spending a lot of time setting up. Like putting PPE on, do it all the time, chances are you'll have it in when it matters.

  • Aileen Antenor
    Aileen Antenor 5 years ago

    thank you for making this video!! I'm looking forward to creating my own shredding machine and help recycle plastics in our own local community.

  • NYN 3D
    NYN 3D 3 years ago

    Hola,primero que nada la iniciativa de reciclar, te felicito por los videos y te sigo ,ya haré alguna tus maquinista,excelente tu trabajo mis respetos y bendiciones.

  • Vik
    Vik 6 years ago

    Great job with the videos, they are fun and provide a good overview. There are fabricators in almost all towns in India, and other developing nations with welding equipment and drill presses. With the help of such shops, folks can build these machines. We need more open-source information and plans. Let the people decide if they can build it or not.

  • thecentenarian
    thecentenarian 7 years ago

    Thanks for this Genius Awesome Tutorial video, your idea are brilliant,
    it was very useful. Salute to you Dave, keep a good work

  • daryush pourtorkan
    daryush pourtorkan 5 years ago

    Hi Dave
    Thank you for your attention to make World without any wast plastics

  • Douglas Watson
    Douglas Watson 6 years ago +32

    Hi, I have had the shredder plans cut up by Lazer cutter in stainless steel, total cost of $441.00 Aus , I look forward to putting it together, I will be using a pool pump motor and gear it down with motorbike chain and cogs, will keep posting with ideas and video once working!

    • How Rich is
      How Rich is 6 years ago


    • José Eduardo Fernandes
      José Eduardo Fernandes 6 years ago

      Did you cut parts by this value? Can you dispatch to another country? Brazil? How much? Thank you.

    • Douglas Watson
      Douglas Watson 6 years ago +5

      How Rich is hi there, it's been a long journey but have just finished putting this together so it is now spinning in the box, I had to do a lot of hand filing to get the blades to fit the shaft but that was due to the shaft being a little big so lesson learnt, I'm going to do a breakdown of hours, materials and costs to find out whether viable to build for other people or just too expensive as there's a lot involved, but satisfying to see it work, I will try a hand crank and see how hard it is to shred different plastics and am yet to get a motor on it, a metal stand and a hopper are next on the list of things to do, just wish I had more spare time!

    • Douglas Watson
      Douglas Watson 6 years ago

      José Eduardo Fernandes hi there, the parts are very heavy and would be very expensive to send by air, you need to find an engineering place locally!

    • José Eduardo Fernandes
      José Eduardo Fernandes 6 years ago +2

      Thanks for the answer. I'm checking with companies in the country for the cost of cutting the pieces. Solder I have and I can do and the motor will see if I can get one used.
      I ask the question of cost because I see many people wanting to know values. I found in your post the value of $ 441 AUS and did the conversion to the local currency to get an idea. Still waiting for the values but also found a person selling the machine ready. In the near future I hope to inform you that I have completed my machine too. Big hug.

  • Yaho FRIEDE
    Yaho FRIEDE 5 years ago

    Wahoo, Dave, your are the best ! Thanks for your precious videos !

  • La vida con Shekaky
    La vida con Shekaky 7 years ago +2

    tengo esta idea hace mucho tiempo para hacerla en mi pais Republica Dominicana, pero por la falta de recursos me es difícil, gracias por el vídeo esto me da muchas ideas ! Thanks!

  • intim061
    intim061 5 years ago

    Красафчег! Вот у тебя точно руки растут из правильного места! Лайк!

  • ruben 33
    ruben 33 2 years ago

    hola exelente tu trabajo,,,como puedo recibir las especificaciones o planos?..gracias

  • nza
    nza 6 years ago

    So good to see solutions to plastic!!! Thank you for this! We are drowning in garbage here in the Philippines!

  • Penelope Stames
    Penelope Stames 7 years ago +14

    Hi Dave,
    I love the whole idea behind your project so watched the video on your site home. You claimed that your machines were made form easily obtainable items.
    News flash, getting laser/ water jet cut blades and components would not be cheap in the US. That already stops me in my tracks. Can you estimate what it cost you to cut parts and what country it was done in so I can convert to US currency please/
    Few of us have access to a fully equipped metal shop and it's obvious that at least a few major tools are needed... My brother is a general contractor who's pretty complete shop lacks a few of these items. A belt sander is easy , a drill press not too hard but some of the other things, bits and blades are not in the typical shop unless you do metal work.
    Such prep at the current machine shop cost per hour $$$ is would not be cheap... The actual assemble it looks fairly straight forward till it's time to weld, again same as above, not something most can do.
    I LOVE what you have done and the idea behind it but it's looking like a very expensive venture simply to get set to begin the process and this is just the first machine! Can you estimate what it would costs to assemble to whole range of machines please??
    Thanks for your great idea, now lets figure out how to make it affordable to more people. Best, Penny

    • Dane Lavery
      Dane Lavery 7 years ago +5

      +Penelope Stames - What he is making with water jet cutting and laser cutting can be made in other labour intensive ways or by re-purposing scrapped equipment like paper shredders...
      Just a matter of thinking creatively and coming up with work arounds...
      Welding is something anyone can do...not so difficult and not we maybe have friends who can and have the gear.
      Hese guys are giving us the plans, their work, know how for free it's up to us to get creative and make it work.

    • Pete G
      Pete G 7 years ago +5

      +Dane Lavery Come on Dane, you know you're supposed to provide step by step instructions for someone to build a thing using only a rock and some duct tape. Critical thinking and problem solving is for chumps!

    • Dane Lavery
      Dane Lavery 7 years ago +1

      Oh...sorry...I am so naive for an old chap sometimes...
      Think I will have a crack at making this gear using alternatives though not with a rock and duct tape...
      A vice...a file and an angle grinder will have to do instead of laser/water jet cutting...and I just have a ropey old arc welder so SMAW will have to do instead of MIG...
      This isn't rocket science and I love the low tech approach...such a contrast to the world's largest Mixer Extruder & Pelletizer I inspected at Kobe Steel last year for INEOS. (BTW they did not user laser or water jet cutting either so I think matey is just showing off a wee bit... ;-) )
      Thanks for the perspective...

    • Pete G
      Pete G 7 years ago

      A vice and a file? What are you mad man! How about if we include some ca glue with the tape and the rock, surely that's enough to get it done? :D
      As for using a laser cutter, I mean everything is better with lasers Dane, more power!

    • Dane Lavery
      Dane Lavery 7 years ago +1

      Late to reply...don't use Gmail much...sorry...
      CA Glue, Tape and Rock...who do you think I am...MacGyver? Ridiculous hard challenge... but since I am a mad man...a bored mad man on a Sunday night...
      On a desert island then with a beach full of unsightly plastic garbage...off we go then...
      Make fire
      Burn down a tree...easier route than make a stone axe and blisters
      Divide into two sections...One long the other short for a lid using same fire tech
      Char out core of long piece using fire char technique used by North American Firt Nation Peoples
      Take the rock(a large one) and smash it into small pieces
      Use the CA glue to fix the jagged rock fragments in the surfaces of the hollowed out log and the the lid
      Fill the log with rocks and scrap plastic - Pin the lid on - hold pins in place with duct tape
      Now we need a simple device to roll the barrel grinder back and forth
      Something like a see saw with a rope tied to each end of the see saw, flung over the bough of a convenient tree...Heave ho....Job done...and you end up with abs that will thrill the ladies...
      Robert is your Mum or Dad's Brother.
      Now...does a vice a file and an angle grind sound like an easy high tech route to follow... :D

  • Fernando Gabriel Yllanes

    excellent work, I wanted to ask you what alloy manufactured the blades and what heat treatment did you have? Saludos desde Argentina 👍

  • Miguel Martinez
    Miguel Martinez 7 years ago

    @davehakkens I think this shredder is a novel project, but the cost of the equipment required to craft this would outweigh the cost of the final product. Honest question: Would it be easier and more affordable to retrofit a used wood chipper with a screen to achieve similar results???

  • NavigatedChaos
    NavigatedChaos 6 years ago

    Also it's nice of them to show us how to make the hopper even though they have one in frame when they talk about it.

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    Irfan Sagala 6 years ago

    nice video, would it be strong enough if i change the blade body made from wood and the planer blade (usually in woodworking) as the sharp edge? i think its more affordable and commercially available. i think it will sacrifice the durability but by provide some extra parts for blade its easier to build. got to build some to see if it works!

  • Jeff Beck
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    Jan Frison 5 years ago

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  • Jesus Christ
    Jesus Christ 3 years ago

    You can use a wood chipper to shredd large quantities.you might have to run it through 2 times too make smaller pelkets or just slow the feed going into the machine. Which will do the same thing.
    Best blades are high carbon steel. They stay sharper longer.

  • Ka H
    Ka H 3 years ago +4

    Hi, I can't download anything in the download button ... I would like to know where you bought the machine kit and what engine did you use? what recycling? What machine? I wait for your answer thanks from Belgium

  • Jax Naturals
    Jax Naturals 7 years ago

    amazing video! great detail and straight to the point. if you don't have basic metalworking skills there are plenty of fabricators that would be willing to help for a good price. it shouldn't cost more than $200 since you have the blueprints for a fabricator to finish that. if you had to go buy this machine retail it would well cost over $1,000. you can use your imagination on the hopper in the stand so the only thing you really need a fabricator for is welding the shredder and turning the shaft. there are also plenty of online laser companies or water jet companies that can cut that out and send it to you. subscribed!!!!!

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    Hola soy Efrain, (no se si este comentario llegara al autor del video,
    pero espero que si) tengo 16 años, estudio electromecanica y me parecio
    un buen proyecto de escuela, pero fuera de lo escolar e decidido hacer
    todas las maquinas presentadas en la pagina, creo que es una gran idea
    para cambiar el mundo. desde pequeños avances en mi ciudad se pueden
    hacer grandes cosas.
    Un gran saludo desde Queretaro Mexico (algunos amigos esperan la
    traduccion del video :D)
    Gracias por compartir estas grandes ideas...

    • San Ramos
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      efrain avila martinez Hola Efraín :) aún quieres hacerlas? cual es tu correo?

    • San Ramos
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