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Don't Put Liquid Nitrogen In a Steam Engine

  • Published on Jul 18, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • I put liquid nitrogen in a steam engine
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  • Gabriel Evan
    Gabriel Evan Year ago +124449

    Every great scientist last words : "oh crap I can't stop it"

    • bennett krusen
      bennett krusen 10 days ago

      Last comment

    • Sace
      Sace Month ago

      He he he haw

    • Sace
      Sace Month ago

      Yall mid no cap

    • Sace
      Sace Month ago

      Skill issue

    • Sace
      Sace Month ago

      Rip bozo

  • Nazim F.
    Nazim F. 25 days ago +3439

    "Shut it off, Otto!"
    "I can’t, it’s self-sustaining now"

    • Veov Ekdosi
      Veov Ekdosi 4 days ago


    • Ryan
      Ryan 4 days ago


    • DrCranberry
      DrCranberry 10 days ago +3

      Shut it down!
      "Shutting down"
      "It's not.. It's not shutting down!"

    • Tim Pavkov
      Tim Pavkov 10 days ago +5

      Its just a spike! Itll soon stabilize!

    • Nicky
      Nicky 15 days ago +1


  • 1K Challenge With A Video
    1K Challenge With A Video Month ago +1261

    “Oh crap I can’t stop it”
    Immediately gains superpowers from it.

    • tooncer
      tooncer 2 days ago

      You've already reached the 1.12k subscribers. I didn't expect to see this. Congratulations

    • Dalton H
      Dalton H 2 days ago

      And his superpower is ejecting nitrogen vapors from his nipples. Which can be used as propulsion if he wears rollerblades.

    • Oldgrounds
      Oldgrounds 5 days ago +1

      ​@Mukundi Makhado you're not watching grammar videos that's for sure

    • Mukundi Makhado
      Mukundi Makhado 11 days ago

      watching too much movies

    • 𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝔼𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟
      𝕁𝕦𝕤𝕥𝔼𝕥𝕙𝕒𝕟 11 days ago +1

      bro already has superpowers

  • Lego Clone Trooper
    Lego Clone Trooper 2 days ago +8

    "Oh crap. I can't stop it."
    Famous last words💀

  • Aaron Kinney
    Aaron Kinney 6 hours ago +1

    That's a pretty good trifecta. Super cooled metal, rapidly expanding gas, and high speed rotation. Wonder how that could end

  • SandMoonky
    SandMoonky Year ago +67859

    Action Lab:“Oh crap I can’t stop it”
    The engine: “Fine, I’ll do it myself”

    • mario Clark
      mario Clark 8 days ago

      ​@stock acc I know this was a year ago but I think he deleted his comment lol

    • Universal Rythms
      Universal Rythms 23 days ago

      ​@Annette Lu

    • wulf
      wulf 4 months ago

      @stock acc nvm

    • wulf
      wulf 4 months ago

      @stock acc what did they say?

    • Tony Apodaca
      Tony Apodaca 4 months ago

      @The Sea Meteor Wants To Know Your Location Jay Leno is a car collector/movie star/comedian

  • David Kepler
    David Kepler 11 hours ago +1

    "Don't put Liquid Nitrogen in a Steam Engine"
    Yeah OK. Like I have a Steam Engine in my pocket and Liquid Nitrogen in my fridge all the freaking time...

  • Pavel Katashev
    Pavel Katashev 21 hour ago

    As an engineer, I see here 2 problems: Unstoppable and cooling nozzles. Second one leads to uncontrolled water vapor desublimation, which will clog the nozzles. The pressure is running up and the machine explodes. Try to heat the nozzles

  • uutuu
    uutuu 20 hours ago +1

    Action Labs: This is A Steam Engine
    Called Hero's Engine
    Also Action Labs: **Adds Liquid Nitrogen**
    Tina Turner: *We Don't Need Another Hero*

  • DerpyWoodGuy39
    DerpyWoodGuy39 Month ago +1866

    That ending literally made me jump

  • Captain_Commenter
    Captain_Commenter Year ago +6934

    Scientist: “oh crap I can’t stop it!”
    Steam engine: *You know the rules and so do I*

    • LNC Sweets with Logan Cooper Bubba Crocker
      LNC Sweets with Logan Cooper Bubba Crocker 22 hours ago

      Say goodbye🔫

    • Edward Telles
      Edward Telles Year ago +1

      We have been"RICK ROLLED"

    • George Boyer
      George Boyer Year ago

      @Echo Shark Or a guy with a thick glove sticks his hand in to slow things down and save the experiment.

    • Dwayne Day
      Dwayne Day Year ago +1

      And you wouldn't get this from any other guy!

    • Douglas Nyquist
      Douglas Nyquist Year ago

      @THE GMAN yes I saw it START, however, I believe there was further carnage to see and a few questions to be answered.
      How violently were the pieces flung and how far?
      How long did it remain spinning?
      How did they verbally react?

  • nshadow 962
    nshadow 962 4 days ago

    I was sitting there thinking 'yeah maybe we SHOULD put it in steam engines, imagine how much energy it could genera-' and then it broke

  • The Jedi Knight
    The Jedi Knight 2 days ago

    Can’t we use an hugely enlarged version of this filled with liquid nitrogen to generate electricity ?

  • Amalia Mason
    Amalia Mason Day ago

    I think with a lesser amount of liquid nitrogen you might get a different result.

  • Shane JB
    Shane JB Day ago

    I can see the news report now:
    "In a scene which first responders call grizzly, yet oddly hilarious..."

  • Tarang Patil
    Tarang Patil Year ago +12482

    "Oh crap, I can't stop it"
    *_Probably humanity's last words_*

  • Chill Music Lyrics

    Him : "oh crap I can't stop it"
    The machine : Np bro I gotcha *breaks into a million pieces*

  • Irishlion
    Irishlion Day ago

    This happens when a diesel starts burning oil, it’s called runaway diesel and it will run faster and harder till it explodes, the only way ik to stop it is blocking the air and I almost died to it once luckily a person with more knowledge shoved his sweater wrapped in a trash bag on the intake and it stopped

  • Rui C
    Rui C 10 hours ago

    That's very cool. Do we deserve a detailed explanation of why did it explore?

  • Tristin Taylor
    Tristin Taylor 16 hours ago

    all this tells me is we should use steam engines with liquid nitrogen but find a way to keep things from breaking due to cold

  • SlayR
    SlayR Year ago +2124

    “Don’t Put Liquid Nitrogen In a Steam Engine”
    Wasn’t planning to do that but noted

  • Jamal69 KLK
    Jamal69 KLK 4 days ago

    Him “I can’t stop it”
    Steam engine “No, I’ll stop it”

  • Kozak Cfaniak
    Kozak Cfaniak 6 days ago +1

    How scientist die :
    1. "It's working"
    2. "Holy cow"
    3. "This is so fast"
    4. "Oh crap, i can't stop it 🗿"

  • pavre69
    pavre69 3 days ago

    so if its bigger, we could generate electricity with this??

  • dd
    dd 2 days ago

    Imagine if we build nitrogen powered train engine

  • Zera
    Zera Year ago +33142

    "Oh crap, I can't stop it"
    - Engineers at Chernobyl, probably

    • Neoreaver
      Neoreaver Month ago

      Not quite, they hit the SCRAM and then things went even worse.

    • Sean Rogan
      Sean Rogan Month ago

      @Elliott Shah it wasnt even ignorance, it was willful recklessness. they knew it would go down like that, warned the boss, the boss said do it anyway.

    • Guru
      Guru 2 months ago

      "Oh Bljad, I cant stop it"

    • SAIL
      SAIL 2 months ago

      That's Dark bro!

    • C.P unit
      C.P unit 2 months ago


  • RGBX shorts
    RGBX shorts 2 days ago

    I laughed as much I can 😂😂😂😂😂

  • D H
    D H 3 days ago

    They could make a time bomb with that mechanism. Imagine it burst with shrapnels inside!

  • Eddie Volga
    Eddie Volga 3 days ago

    I I'll find a way to use Liquid nitrogen as a Engine fuel 😼🔥

  • HollowHydra
    HollowHydra 2 days ago

    I didn’t expect that. 😂

  • Stew H
    Stew H Year ago +1962

    Alternative title:
    “How to overclock your GPU in the 19th century”

    • Rakshasa
      Rakshasa 2 months ago

      @Tom Jeff Look up "hero's engine". This device was created in ancient Greece.

    • sheparddog117
      sheparddog117 Year ago

      @NonServian I don't really have any specific application in mind it's just a weird brainstorm shower thought

    • NonServian
      NonServian Year ago

      @sheparddog117 like a overclocking competition set up?

    • sheparddog117
      sheparddog117 Year ago

      @Tripolar M Disorder interesting what If instead of a normal liquid cooling system since the liquid nitrogen itself is really cold what if essentially we had a metal shot glass to just contain it as a replacement for the traditional heat sink
      and let it evaporate occasionally refilling it as it evaporates?

    • Tripolar M Disorder
      Tripolar M Disorder Year ago +2

      @sheparddog117 short answer to a little Liquid Nitrogen in a liquid cooler system, it won't work.
      Long answer: Introduce liquid nitrogen to anything with a higher freezing temperature and it will be harder than Chinese Algebra IN SECONDS. The liquid cooling system would freeze up completely and the flow within would stop, causing the CPU to overheat and burn out.
      Use ONLY liquid nitrogen and it would be different... But still bad.
      The tiny plastic pump in the liquid cooling unit would freeze over and stop working, CPU overheats and burns up again. But let's say we fix that, magically so the Liquid Nitrogen can flow around as if a pump existed.... Still bad.
      The reason the radiator on the back of the tower for the liquid CPU cooler functions is that the outside air is cooler than the liquid flowing through the radiator. Liquid Nitrogen is colder than normal room temperature, so the radiator on the back would now be taking IN heat from the outside, and taking in heat from the CPU. Nitrogen doesn't stay liquid as it warms up, but for a few seconds the CPU would indeed be running probably as if overclocked. Then the Nitrogen would achieve sufficient heat to change to gaseous phase and suddenly the pressure of the cooler unit would EXPONENTIALLY increase and since made of small rubber hoses and plastic parts that were brittle from the cold, they would likely explode.
      The CPU might not be damaged in the explosion, but it'll quickly overheat and burn out if it hadn't cracked from where its shell was also cold and brittle.
      Hope that helps.

  • Matthew Stubbs
    Matthew Stubbs 20 hours ago +1

    And why can't we use this to power our electricity , ?

  • George E
    George E 4 hours ago

    That was freaking amazing

  • Deleted Devil Deleted Angel

    I want a steam train powered by Liquid Nitrogen see what happens

  • Enzo Meneses
    Enzo Meneses Month ago +136

    Humanity in two phrases:
    “It’s working!”
    “Oh crap I can’t stop it”

    • Meme Man
      Meme Man 19 days ago

      ​@Louis Robitaille thus all is BS

    • Adedayo Vaughan
      Adedayo Vaughan 25 days ago +3

      And when Humans will Create Artificial SuperIntelligence which will also create another form of intelligence...... We're living in a simulation

    • Louis Robitaille
      Louis Robitaille 25 days ago +2

      God when he created mankind 😂

  • G VS
    G VS Year ago +11071

    Damn, if only I'd known this 20 years ago I would've won that beyblade tournament.

  • mxnch
    mxnch 4 days ago

    Now make an engine with four spouts.

  • Raynard Nelson Ray Bandz aka Nard

    You can u nitrogen as a sub fuel that’s an amazing system if it can be invented and commercialized. 😮

  • Harya Sasmita
    Harya Sasmita 2 days ago

    Do it again please, with the speedometer 😇

  • Joenar DelaCruz
    Joenar DelaCruz 2 days ago

    We can make an energy out of that and its super safe

  • Moliminous
    Moliminous Year ago +10968

    I actually flinched when it popped

  • K Sut
    K Sut 3 days ago

    Hmmm… maybe the next power source to power automobiles?

  • Caleb Anglin
    Caleb Anglin Day ago

    So does it have negative potential energy!?

  • Rager Gamer626
    Rager Gamer626 4 days ago

    Where can I buy cool stuff like this 😁

  • metroChewy
    metroChewy 2 days ago

    I wonder the RPM 😱

  • Enrique Vergara
    Enrique Vergara Year ago +3148

    "Don't put liquid nitrogen in a steam engine"
    Me: why not?
    **it explodes**
    Me: aight, now I really need to do it

    • simon6071
      simon6071 Month ago

      @Jose Tjaw If the engine is expected to create a large force to power a heavy load, the steam engine has to be the piston type. The steam jet type is used more as a toy.

    • Jose Tjaw
      Jose Tjaw Month ago

      @simon6071 my bad for poor explanation. I mean most engine with no load if pushed will spin so fast one of the components will break, IMO its output is not too big as the heating temperature is still room temperature. And yes, using resin to insulate or slow the heat transfer would make nitrogen last longer, but I think would slow down the heat transfer and rate of evaporation, ultimately lower the thrust. Perhaps thin coating would do, in the end it's just choice of performance, what rpm you want and how big the load. My point is he didn't even put any load to the engine, and engine is made to be used with load xD. Ok maybe I expected this too far. Cheers.

    • simon6071
      simon6071 Month ago

      @Jose Tjaw If you connect that 'steam' engine powered by liquid nitrogen with a fan, sure the spinning would slow down. However, the nitrogen would be used up faster than when the inside of the 'steam' engine is coated with a layer of resin.

    • Jose Tjaw
      Jose Tjaw Month ago

      @simon6071 or just put some torsional load, a fan for example

    • Cloudminster
      Cloudminster 2 months ago

      It didn’t blow up, it’s moving parts failed…just requires some upgraded bearings

    ITS_YKV 21 hour ago +1

    Do it again and check the RPM

  • Brendan McClenaghan
    Brendan McClenaghan 3 days ago

    Can you build a beefed up version and leave the fire underneath

  • BBA Student🇮🇳
    BBA Student🇮🇳 2 days ago

    the power of the sun in the palm of my hand.

  • darrenwatkinsjr
    darrenwatkinsjr 4 days ago

    Its great for cooling

  • 71dembones
    71dembones Year ago +9011

    LOL the realization that there was no good way of stopping it seemed pretty genuine

    • Amokriin Prolgiid
      Amokriin Prolgiid 4 months ago

      @Levy Atã heating it up would likely make it faster since the vapor coming out and propelling it is from the nitrogen evaporating from raising in temperature. Heating it up would simply add more energy to the equation and speed up the reaction considerably.

    • sarasmr 42
      sarasmr 42 5 months ago

      @Justin Cavinee look at this hoopy frood right here

    • Joshua W
      Joshua W 7 months ago

      Put a fire under it

    • Eric Dong
      Eric Dong 7 months ago

      You can stop it with a grenade and blow it up

    • JoDolphinlover
      JoDolphinlover 8 months ago

      @j nah that's nilered

    SOLAR 4 days ago

    Baby : turn off the lights !
    Man : oh crap i can't stop it.

  • Cptn. Sam McDonnell

    When Steam Train use Nitrogen for speed

  • itzShummy
    itzShummy Day ago

    Not action lab accidentally creating a projectile firing out in a random direction 💀

  • Alejandro Dirksen
    Alejandro Dirksen 20 hours ago

    Make it stronger and put a blowtorch below it. For science. You will be the first to do it. Think about it. Makes a great thumbnail.

  • Shizu -chan
    Shizu -chan 4 months ago +21903

    A story in two sentences:
    "It's working!"
    "Oh crap I can't stop it"

    • A_Pagcu Elijah Dayne Hernandez
      A_Pagcu Elijah Dayne Hernandez 25 days ago

      Moments before disaster

    • Garpfruit
      Garpfruit Month ago

      @J what? That’s not how it works. The reason it works is because the liquid inside is turning into a gas.

    • J
      J Month ago

      What if we use this as a power generator, just put a bunch of these in a cold environment and let it do the work

    • Garpfruit
      Garpfruit Month ago

      Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.

    • Streitus
      Streitus 3 months ago

      Resonance Cascade

  • Craig Goodwin
    Craig Goodwin 2 days ago

    Imagine if you put a flame under it.....

  • anıl demir
    anıl demir 14 hours ago

    Dont let it overcharge
    What do you mean overch-
    Famous last words from half life (didnt even lived his half of his life)

  • Chukwunwike Edozie
    Chukwunwike Edozie 3 days ago

    How do you store liquid nitrogen

  • NoriMori
    NoriMori Day ago

    "Shutting down… Attempting shutdown… It's not… It's not shutting down! NOOOOOO!"

  • Onomatopoeic
    Onomatopoeic Year ago +7337

    Words written on every mad scientist's grave: " Oh crap I can't stop it "

  • Andrew Tovaas
    Andrew Tovaas Day ago

    What happens if you put kerosene in it?

  • Suburp212
    Suburp212 Day ago

    And the Darwin awards go to ...

  • Dj Shera
    Dj Shera Day ago

    Ohh crap i can't stop it
    "Fine I'll do it myself"

  • Sickler
    Sickler 25 days ago +282

    when I heard “oh its so fast” i knew he couldn’t stop it

  • Hifumi ninguem
    Hifumi ninguem Year ago +2016

    So Liquid Nitrogen is necessary to make a Holy Hand Granade.

    • Tim Cantrell
      Tim Cantrell 4 months ago

      Liquid Nitrogen must be kept in freezing temp or it will heat up (anything above 32 degrees) and explode

    • Kaizze
      Kaizze 5 months ago

      I'm waiting for my super sheep bomb

    • Chris Robinson
      Chris Robinson 5 months ago

      @Voltaic Fire I would give this a thumb but its currently at 5

    • O'Ryan
      O'Ryan 5 months ago

      Of Antioch, yes sir.

    • Robert a
      Robert a Year ago

      @Antitank99 WoTb oi actually....the only right way is with a magic rock.

  • Kyle Angela
    Kyle Angela 8 hours ago

    Bro I got jumpscared from that even though I expected it

  • Osmann
    Osmann 26 days ago +161

    "Oh crap i can't stop it"
    - demon core creator, probably

  • Internet User
    Internet User Day ago

    This guys sure love liquid nitrogen...its like their weed...

  • Joseph Russ
    Joseph Russ 2 hours ago

    Why did you put so much in. Thank God you didn't add heat.

  • Ricardo Alonso
    Ricardo Alonso Year ago +10773

    "Oh crap I can't stop it"
    Is going to be the next line among AI developpers.

    • KingRichTv
      KingRichTv 11 months ago +1

      @Paddington Snare the devil is a robot man

    • Ricardo Alonso
      Ricardo Alonso Year ago

      @Vu Hoang yes he did!... yes he did

    • M dL
      M dL Year ago

      @Nhan You wouldn't know. But IT will know, that's the problem. We humans can hardly understand exponential growth, imagine exponential intelligence.

    • Vu Hoang
      Vu Hoang Year ago +1

      Elon Musk had warned us...

    • Sheharyar Saleem
      Sheharyar Saleem Year ago

      You nailed it bro ,,😆

  • hottroddseven
    hottroddseven 5 days ago

    The video is 30 seconds too short💯😂😂

  • Jairo Cruz
    Jairo Cruz 4 days ago

    Excellent 👍

  • TOM
    TOM 5 days ago +1

    Companies like buggati and Koenigsegg should see this video 🤡🤡

  • Emmanuel Gabriel
    Emmanuel Gabriel 2 days ago

    that is a renewable energy right

  • Aiman Syahmi Dzulkhairy
    Aiman Syahmi Dzulkhairy Year ago +2527

    The timing of the engine breaking is gold.

    • hsd287
      hsd287 11 months ago

      I have a plot twist he knew exactly when to say that coz he's obviously done that before 😂

    • John S
      John S 11 months ago +6

      It really needed a Jojo's "To be continued" filter

    • Amy Mollerup
      Amy Mollerup Year ago +9

      It's like a perfectly cut scream

    • SK Suppressor
      SK Suppressor Year ago +7

      @Neg Ative Santa 😔

    • Neg Ative
      Neg Ative Year ago +27

      Yep, editing is useful.

  • NAME.007
    NAME.007 2 days ago +1

    Jump scare from this video
    Wasn't expecting that

  • stargazer679
    stargazer679 9 days ago

    this makes me wonder how useful liquid nitrogen might've been with steam engines

  • Lucky
    Lucky 2 days ago

    "Oh crap I can't stop it"
    Pentagon at September 10, 2001 when it wiped out 2 trillion dollar

  • Krish Krish
    Krish Krish 5 days ago

    Epic last words i cant stop it

  • GamerzEra
    GamerzEra Year ago +16071

    Him: "Oh crap, I can't stop it."
    Steam engine: "Say no more."

  • Felreaver
    Felreaver Day ago

    Infinite energy ? :D

  • Syrath Douglas
    Syrath Douglas 12 days ago

    Now imagine that scaled up, but with a lever to move a gear attaching the engine to a mechanism away so the engine no longer transfers the energy.

  • SealMeat IsBestMeat
    SealMeat IsBestMeat 3 days ago +1

    Your voice is so unique.
    It sounds like you are speaking through your teeth the entire time.

  • Ayan Sheikh
    Ayan Sheikh 2 minutes ago

    I can't stop it.
    But he can

  • GojGoiOi
    GojGoiOi 4 months ago +3507

    "It's working!"

  • Sebe Christian
    Sebe Christian 9 days ago

    I would love to see a study based on this, the power of liquid nitrogen versus steam powered see what has more power.

  • Kirankumar
    Kirankumar 2 days ago

    The end is 😂

  • Remko van B.
    Remko van B. 2 days ago

    As expected: Bang !

  • IslamMakDaddy
    IslamMakDaddy 15 days ago +6

    Perfect timing on the end of the video , makes it so much funnier thinking of the numerous ways you would have reacted like lmao great video 😂

  • Hashim Ahmed
    Hashim Ahmed Year ago +6593

    The words “Oh no I can’t stop it” are probably the most common last words of scientists who died in fail experiments

    • Sade Tucker
      Sade Tucker 6 months ago


    • wr
      wr 6 months ago

      Are u an npc

    • Cheeky
      Cheeky 8 months ago

      Iam a professor at the University of science and i tell you we cant stop it

    • Unboxing Pro
      Unboxing Pro 8 months ago


    • Shane Perreault
      Shane Perreault 8 months ago

      Probably with the same little excited giggle too

  • Spirit of Eli
    Spirit of Eli 3 days ago

    Ok that pretty cool!

  • Sh4dxwxz
    Sh4dxwxz 15 days ago

    Would be pretty awesome to see this lab tested with materials that could sustain the higher speeds. Like a liquid nitrogen steam engine. You didnt even add a heat element and it already broke it.
    Imagine how fast it could of got if it didn't break.. imagine if it had a heating element...
    that shit would be dope.

  • Dream'
    Dream' Day ago

    Free energy just need lubricant

  • Dark Energy
    Dark Energy Hour ago

    Was the demonstrator injured?

  • NBG Nitro
    NBG Nitro Year ago +7106

    “don’t put liquid nitrogen in a steam engine”
    well there go my plans for this weekend

    • Aidan Mathews
      Aidan Mathews 7 months ago +1

      @Doom guy Sounds awesome! Someone should try that and minimize damage somehow.

    • Doom guy
      Doom guy 7 months ago +1

      @Aidan Mathews probably run pretty fast for a bit, then freeze due to the coldness and explode from the pressure.

    • Aidan Mathews
      Aidan Mathews 7 months ago +1

      So what if we put liquid nitrogen in those old steam tractors?

    • Hoosier Daddy
      Hoosier Daddy 7 months ago

      Don’t let the white man hold you back

    • Xen Uno
      Xen Uno Year ago +1

      FYI: Water to steam is accompanied by a change in volume of 1600x. For LN it's 750x. Heat of vaporization (at 1 atmosphere pressure) for water is 970 btu / lb, for LN it is 86 btu / lb. In a world cold enough for LN to exist naturally (or one much closer to LN's boiling point), your steam engine would have great energy efficiency despite nitrogen's much lower expansion ratio per lb (vs water).

  • Valeri Mihaylov
    Valeri Mihaylov 2 days ago

    It scared the shit out of me

  • Eleni Tabua-Young
    Eleni Tabua-Young 3 days ago

    I totally flinched lol

  • berenklauw
    berenklauw 2 days ago

    Can you not make energie of that ?

  • Writing Duck
    Writing Duck 2 days ago

    Start of every science fiction movie with kid leads