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3D Printed Pin Support Challenge 😱

  • Published on Nov 10, 2022 veröffentlicht

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  • KG
    KG  +37

    Damn, clean that nozzle please...

  • Jonathan S.

    1. The nossle is so dirty

  • Andrew
    Andrew  +2

    That printer looks like the public bathroom that hasn’t been cleaned since 1950

  • TheFloridaMan

    The "dangler" in the beginning is killing me 😱😂

  • TinyTigerTamer

    My question is how on earth did I end up on 3D printing Clip-Share shorts?

  • peasaregross16
    peasaregross16 21 day ago +34

    I love the part when he shows us the finished product

  • Espander

    printing one right now and it`s doing absolutely fantastic job at 100% speed!

  • Gun Fighter

    X Y ZEE....

  • N
    N Day ago +35

    that's pretty nuts. That nozzle looks like that because this is a tool and not rare china

  • Trevor Carlisle

    Pretty cool how it's able to stay on track even with it wobbling back and forth

  • Lapras239
    Lapras239  +56

    This is both the most satisfying and least satisfying video at the same time.

  • Ur mom
    Ur mom  +9

    Bro is getting so much heat from that “dangler” in the beginning

  • Skyler Batto

    This printer looks like it would be able to handle even more.

  • ninthRing
    ninthRing 21 hour ago +2

    Nice result.

  • Rob Vandelinder

    To the people complaining about the nozzle being dirty - it might surprise you to learn this, but the filament doesn't ooze out of the outside of the nozzle so that bit of burnt stuff on the wrench flats really won't affect much. Might throw off temp stability a smidge but it's probably negligible.

  • KiddFpv
    KiddFpv  +500

    Me after Taco Bell

  • Adarsh
    Adarsh  +1

    My man almost made 3d printed Dragonball Z lookout

  • GRAYgoose124

    That's insane how the "surface tension" keeps it within such perfect coordinates relative to the nozzle that I can't notice any defects resulting from such massive deflection.

  • Mikah S
    Mikah S  +153

    The end of it is so nice with them dancing together 😂

  • Toxine07
    Toxine07 9 hours ago

    The nozzle is a lot harder to clean than people think.