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Grian's Perspective VS Scar's Perspective // Grian's AFK Prank

  • Published on Oct 14, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • Grian's Perspective-
    Hermitcraft 8: Episode 17 - AFK ON HERMITCRAFT / Grian
    • Hermitcraft 8: Ep...
    Scar's Perspective-
    Hermitcraft 8 Episode 15: Gigabase Mountains Are DONE! / GoodTimesWithScar
    • Hermitcraft 8 Epi...
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Comments • 475

  • clockworkRocker
    clockworkRocker Year ago +5774

    This whole interaction is probably one of the most golden interactions in Hermitcraft history EVER.

  • jkinfinity
    jkinfinity Year ago +2311

    "I don't even know where he's going with this!"
    *GoodTimesWithScar hit the ground too hard*
    "I think i know where he's going with this"

    • Tony Th
      Tony Th 10 months ago +25

      Best line in the video

  • Microwave Transformer
    Microwave Transformer Year ago +3406

    Scar: singing
    Grian: "Scar , what are you doing"
    Scar : " *AHHHHH-* " Scar has left the chat

  • Julia Catherine
    Julia Catherine Year ago +1985

    Grian: This is horrible!!
    Scar: Oh, this is great!!!

  • Little Jana
    Little Jana Year ago +5503

    Whenever scar gets so jumpscared I'm like "please don't fall of your wheelchair"

    • Lay-Z Studios
      Lay-Z Studios 4 months ago

      ​@xXMindSoulXx yeah and sometimes he forgets to take his head phones off during a victory spin and its hilarious 🤣

    • cosmik
      cosmik 5 months ago

      Curse of falling

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 7 months ago +2

      ​@Joshua King Exactly this..plus I feel like it's also because he doesn't want to bring down the mood, he's good times with scar after all! Times are always great when he's around :)

    • NotableDasher
      NotableDasher 7 months ago +1

      @DatsMia That’s why it’s a good time with Scar.

    • Raven
      Raven 7 months ago +2

      he needs to put it in park and have a seat belt on

  • Shouta Aizawa
    Shouta Aizawa Year ago +785

    Scar, even when trying to be evil and menacing, is still absolutely adorable. Imo Scar is the most adorable Hermit, Grian is the War Monger, and Mumbo is the funniest Hermit. I love them all so much. All 3 of them make me so happy in the darkest times of my life, I've never been so thankful for Clip-Share and Hermitcraft like I am now.

    • Firebuggg
      Firebuggg 7 months ago +5

      Scar is the: "I can show you the world" *proceeds to kill them both*
      Grian is the: *no thoughts, planning trap*
      Mumbo is the: "You nutcase! Who in their right mind would AFK near me"

    • tumblingartist
      tumblingartist 8 months ago +5

      Ikr they’re such a chaos group and it’s fun to watch

    • Shouta Aizawa
      Shouta Aizawa Year ago +21

      @Alex Shih any way you look at them, theyre all amazing friends, and have an amazing funny dymamic that makes a lot of people's days.

    • Alex Shih
      Alex Shih Year ago +19

      Scar is the derpy one who dies all the time, Grian is the prankster, and Mumbo is the smart one with his redstone skills.

  • Xbatcam6
    Xbatcam6 Year ago +1422

    Scar: "I'll show you the world"
    more like show you the void

    • OverWims
      OverWims 7 months ago +1

      Well the best way to see the world is from an outside perspective. So makes sense to go under the world

    • Violetgalaxyshimmer
      Violetgalaxyshimmer 8 months ago

      Shining shimmering splendid tell me princess now when did you last let your heart decide?

    • Ordinary Fellow
      Ordinary Fellow 8 months ago +3

      *"You're going to the Shadow Realm, Jimbo."*

    • Yodabbito
      Yodabbito Year ago +2

      "Full of darkness out of the world"

    • Angela Lybbert
      Angela Lybbert Year ago +16

      @wither475 ba dum tss

  • Oliver!
    Oliver! Year ago +6514


  • Jamie L
    Jamie L Year ago +2482

    2:37 Scar laughing at the same time, even though he doesn’t know Grian is laughing, is my favorite fcking thing

    • Davi Clemons
      Davi Clemons 8 months ago +6

      Complete Synergy

    • The Dealer Rat XO
      The Dealer Rat XO 8 months ago +10

      @First Last it's too good

    • First Last
      First Last Year ago +218

      4:24 also scar saying "this is great", not knowing grian had just said "this is horrible"

  • Ahsoka tano
    Ahsoka tano Year ago +1765

    Scars laugh omg would make a good villain laugh

    • Santino’s Shadow
      Santino’s Shadow Year ago +5

      He was the villain... He was the "evil" Mayor

    • Zephyr The Puppeteer
      Zephyr The Puppeteer Year ago +15

      I mean. He is named Scar lmao

    • Fia's Ghost
      Fia's Ghost Year ago +19

      that adorable giggle can easily turn into a devious laughter. i love that man so much

    • coralfall
      coralfall Year ago +23

      @Weird Humor it would be a dream come true for him, with him being a huge Disney fan and stuff

    • Weird Humor
      Weird Humor Year ago +38

      Disney should hire him

  • Chillyruse
    Chillyruse 9 months ago +174

    Scar: "That face is either terrified or excited."

  • lazy cat studios
    lazy cat studios Year ago +674

    I love how scar sees grian in a boat and his first thought is not that grian put himself there but that someone else put him there

    • Jimmy g
      Jimmy g 11 months ago +23

      OMG your right

  • TeenageWiredWeird
    TeenageWiredWeird Year ago +614

    I don't think Grian meant to scare Scar so bad he fell out of his wheelchair. However, I would have liked to see Grian's reaction to finding out Scar was scared out of his wheelchair. I hope he apologized for that. The "I forgot my pants today" line was priceless though.

    • Stacey Me
      Stacey Me Year ago +60

      If grian knew, he would. He loves to prank but he does help with the clean-up, even if it's halfway across the globe.

    • Kino -Imsure1200q
      Kino -Imsure1200q Year ago +52

      Scar didnt tell Grian that he fell off his wheelchair so i dont think grian knew it. Instead scar apologized to him lmao.

    • Swager666Savage
      Swager666Savage Year ago +46

      Cant really blame him for it tho.

  • Lycanthis99
    Lycanthis99 Year ago +1197

    Scar doesn't have a heart condition, right? I know he's disabled and has oxygen tubes, but I don't remember if he has a heart condition. He certainly does after that moment.

    • | Yes, I Have Reasons |
      | Yes, I Have Reasons | 7 months ago

      @Kino -Imsure1200q i thought he was a 20 year old man in perfect condition

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 7 months ago

      @Luminent Archive Ignorance isn't a bad thing! All of us start out ignorant to things..it's best not to judge them especially if they meant no harm. We should mind what we say..but in cases like this you cannot mind something you don't know about, if you don't realize it could come off wrong you cannot be aware it may be hurtful. It takes failure to learn the right way to approach subjects and matters

    • Tester Wulf :3
      Tester Wulf :3 7 months ago +1

      ​@GBMoD I honestly get what they mean, people who haven't worked much with disabilities assume disabled people act a bit different..not in like a dumb way or anything but like sadder maybe? Scar on the otherhand is completely the opposite of the that, very happy and bright..a pure joy to watch. A lot of people don't realize disabled people can be some of the coolest most fun to be around, and that's ok, they didn't know and had no ill intent. Disabled individuals are different, but that's not a bad thing at all, in my experience they tend to be the coolest people (disability runs in my family).

    • Sydney Phillips
      Sydney Phillips 8 months ago

      Hes disabled?!

    • Silent_Mercenary
      Silent_Mercenary 8 months ago

      Wait, he's disabled?

  • Uso no Hoshi
    Uso no Hoshi Year ago +374

    I watched Grian's first. but I feel like those who started with Scar's had a tad more fun, just for that jumpscare.

  • NoneKnows
    NoneKnows Year ago +340

    You are a being with a pure soul for doing this

  • EpicSandwich
    EpicSandwich Year ago +642

    "That is either terrified or excited"
    Grian: *Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa*

    • KJAville
      KJAville Year ago +5

      Sounds like both

    • Metal
      Metal Year ago +13

      I mean that doesn't clarify

  • Jesse Larrick
    Jesse Larrick Year ago +147

    “I don’t even know where he’s going with this.”
    GoodTimeWithScar fell from a high place
    “I know where’s he’s going with this.”

  • RaddieB YT
    RaddieB YT Year ago +137

    This really was a Good Time with Scar

  • Jo Sharko
    Jo Sharko 9 months ago +19

    I love how Scar kept talking to Grian and just in general, even with the bits that weren't in the final cut.

  • Enigmatic 2
    Enigmatic 2 Year ago +193

    I'm fairly new to the Hermits. So uh... is Scar ACTUALLY in a wheelchair!?

    • Julian Emery
      Julian Emery Year ago +17

      Magical babbagery

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago +16

      @Angela Lybbert right I forgot about that too

    • Angela Lybbert
      Angela Lybbert Year ago +40

      Wheelchair and oxygen. And he is also dyslexic so there's a fun fact for ya

    • Lord Cthulhu
      Lord Cthulhu Year ago +7

      @Enigmatic 2 he made a video about his condition a few years ago

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago +105

      Yes due to his medical condition

  • Carbone
    Carbone Year ago +74

    2:06 proof that scar has a villain laugh sometimes

  • BreadLoaf
    BreadLoaf Year ago +25

    4:24 Grian: “AWW THIS IS HORRIBLE”
    Scar: “Hahahaha This is great!”

  • Lucky Moon joy
    Lucky Moon joy Year ago +101

    "I've fallen out of my wheelchair partially- I need some assistance!"
    Noooooo Scaaaaaar!

  • PetLoverSpy M.
    PetLoverSpy M. 8 months ago +30

    I didn’t know he got jumpscared so bad that fell out of his wheelchair, that makes this whole thing even better lmao

  • Lintang3288
    Lintang3288 Year ago +31

    The fact that he could make both pov sync perfectly...

  • Katerine459
    Katerine459 7 months ago +5

    This never gets old. :) I think my favorite part is actually Scar's "Who's a good boy? Grian's a good boy!" and Grian just giggling. :D

  • Angela Lybbert
    Angela Lybbert Year ago +65

    This moment will never not make me laugh. Especially the ending. Poor scar nealry had a heart attack

  • BeeDaWorker
    BeeDaWorker Year ago +186

    The timing is really accurate

  • RJ Irvin
    RJ Irvin 8 months ago +4

    It's like putting on a web cam to see what your dog does during the day, and Scar is a bored and clever Huskey. very wholesome.

  • AndisaDoily
    AndisaDoily Year ago +44

    I love scars voice when he gets all flustered

  • Ryvaken
    Ryvaken Year ago +198

    Way too much of Scar's perspective is cut out.

    • Aia
      Aia Year ago +29

      @DatsMia i think they are saying uncut versions of both

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago +38

      @Ryvaken yeah I could've cut out some of grian's part too

    • Ryvaken
      Ryvaken Year ago +22

      @DatsMia Some, yes, but not as much as what was cut out of this. In particular I liked his perspective of contemplating Grian's face.

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago +89

      Go watch his video urself, he actually did cut out lots of part!

  • Tester Wulf :3
    Tester Wulf :3 7 months ago +1

    Scar is such a happy guy..very nice vibes, he's pleasant to watch

  • Mike Hughes
    Mike Hughes 4 months ago +1

    I don't know just how many times I've rewatched this. And it keeps getting funnier every time I see it.

  • Noob Steve 🎵
    Noob Steve 🎵 Year ago +54

    Keep moving foward, Dennis will be proud.

  • Ashes Rose
    Ashes Rose Year ago +8

    This is and will always be my favorite moment from hermitcraft. It was great and beautiful. Really hilarious

  • Shouta Aizawa
    Shouta Aizawa Year ago +13

    This is also a video I've never known I needed until now, but it's so amazing and well made, this is awesome!

  • Bcperks2
    Bcperks2 Year ago +29

    You did some serious work. Applause lad

  • PixelBiscuit
    PixelBiscuit Year ago +3

    The best bit is Scar looking straight up in the air in fright.

  • dragonladyusps
    dragonladyusps Year ago +5

    I watch this over and over, whenever i need a pickmeup laugh. This kills me everytime

  • Chuunosuke (The Squishiest Lawyer)

    Thank you for making this! LOL I've really been enjoying going back and forth seeing the different perspectives & there were some moments where I wished I could hear both sides... now I can! :)

  • Mr. Boomguy
    Mr. Boomguy 10 months ago +2

    Watching Grian scaring others and getting spooked himself are such a delight!

  • Elske Bloemhof
    Elske Bloemhof 10 months ago +1

    Scar's screech is easily the best thing that happened that season

  • Stealthlock
    Stealthlock Year ago +51

    Holy crud this is well made so far! Bless you!

  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow Year ago +33

    Scar singing I will show you the world right before he drops Grian in the Botem hole

  • gferrol118
    gferrol118 Year ago

    I was originally disappointed when Scar couldn't pilot the boat... But it ended up making this masterpiece instead

  • merlingt1
    merlingt1 Year ago

    This right here was the pinnacle of Season 8.

  • GoetzeLP
    GoetzeLP Year ago +4

    One of my favourite moments in this season of HC...

  • Sceether The Nadder
    Sceether The Nadder 6 months ago

    I love how Mumbo was the favorite, and now Scar is the favorite

  • Twild
    Twild Year ago +3

    This was really well edited! Good job :O

  • viciouskitty
    viciouskitty Year ago +2

    Scar is easily one of the best hermits

  • Flarus
    Flarus 8 months ago +1

    God, Grian is very lucky that Scar was unmuted

  • Mats JPB
    Mats JPB Year ago +2

    One of my favourtie shennanigans in HC8. Thanks for putting them together side by side, I laughed so hard =D

  • P3pp3r54
    P3pp3r54 Year ago +2

    this was better than the first time. I love the split screen effect. love it

  • Sara Hanan
    Sara Hanan Year ago +5

    One of the best HC8 moments! (Maybe edged out by “Is it RAVAGERS?!?!”) Thank you for compiling this!

  • Duplollama ree
    Duplollama ree 8 months ago +1

    one is giggling evilly and the other is giggling in fear

  • trra
    trra Year ago +8

    i really love the effort you put into this, must've taken a long time editing it lol

  • LightDreamer
    LightDreamer Year ago +1

    The bit where he said he fell off his wheelchair I screamed laughing. He got so terrified XD

  • Amy
    Amy Year ago +1

    IDK who scar is but he is such a legend. everyone else did normal stuff and then scar is like "BAD AND NAUGHTY GRIANS GET PUT IN THE BOAT HOLE"

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago

      That's why we love this boi

  • Maroon_Raven
    Maroon_Raven Year ago +3

    There are so many people who don't actually know that Scar is disabled, and has a lot of health problems, that it kind of surprises me in a way, but at the same time when I started watching, I didn't know either

    • DatsMia
      DatsMia  Year ago

      Same lol I found out he's disabled when I saw his "Day In The Life of Scar" vid
      It's also mentioned it in the title

  • AlbinusGaming
    AlbinusGaming 8 months ago

    I swear to Odin.. this will never ever get boring. xD

  • 『 • Aezel • 』
    『 • Aezel • 』 Year ago +33

    *Scar,what are you doing?*

  • Dragnus U
    Dragnus U Year ago +4

    AKA: Grian almost gives Scar a heart attack!!!🤣

  • shadow_skull productions

    i just love scars little scream at the end

  • Lueroso
    Lueroso Year ago +32

    I am laughing way too hard at this xDDD

  • StarFox
    StarFox 10 months ago +2

    ‘i don’t know where he’s going with this’
    _[GoodTimesWithScar fell from a high place]_
    ‘i think i know where he’s going with this.’

  • KeitieKalopsia
    KeitieKalopsia Year ago +2

    I really appreciate the little speaker symbols at the top. They were really helpful.

  • Summer Flower
    Summer Flower Year ago +1

    I literally was wishing for a video like this about this exact event. Thanks! :)

  • TheReadingWerewolf
    TheReadingWerewolf Year ago +5

    This moment will be remembered throughout history

  • Sean Peacock
    Sean Peacock Year ago

    I think that Scar lost track of time so he didn't realize how much time has passed.

  • Hadassah
    Hadassah 8 months ago +1

    This always put a smile of my face

  • DoritoTime
    DoritoTime 27 days ago

    The best part is how when Scar gets startled by Grian the force of him falling out of his wheelchair caused his Minecraft character to flop around like a muppet

  • booga booga
    booga booga 4 months ago

    Grian’s pov is literally my interactions with my dog

  • Ditrix Genesis
    Ditrix Genesis Year ago +1

    I love Scar's cut at 2:32

  • BlackDawnYaoiLover
    BlackDawnYaoiLover Year ago +4

    And on this video I learned that Scar's in a wheelchair

  • VideoBen
    VideoBen Year ago

    I like how you made this align perfectly

  • Mekner
    Mekner Year ago +1

    This silliness still gives me the giggles

  • Bugo Youtub
    Bugo Youtub 8 months ago

    I really wished Hermitcraft 8 were a bit longer, it felt so damn short compared to Season 6 and especially 7.

  • Eric Peterson
    Eric Peterson 8 months ago

    His scream made my whole day lol

  • Spellcaster Nightwing
    Spellcaster Nightwing 7 months ago

    Scaring Scar all most made me fell out of the real world!

  • Jillian M
    Jillian M 5 months ago +1

    My favorite bit is later, when they’re talking scars like “Grian it’s 2 Am over where you are go to bed!!”

  • risa saruwatari
    risa saruwatari Year ago

    Best afk prank award goes to..... 😂😂😂

  • whynaut
    whynaut Year ago

    Make more two perspective videos please 🙏

  • Tiddler -
    Tiddler - Year ago +2

    I only saw grians end of this. I didn't know scar fell out of his wheelchair! Poor scar!

  • Victor Magnus
    Victor Magnus 5 months ago

    My favorite hermitcraft moment ever

  • Memor22
    Memor22 Year ago

    it funny to hear that scar most of the time was talking to himself
    assuming that grian was realy AFK

  • Billy Lenz
    Billy Lenz Year ago +2

    All of the trouble he went through just to pull a prank and he fell out of the wheelchair that is sad man 😢😭😂

  • Scarlett Boggs
    Scarlett Boggs 8 months ago

    I don't know much about the Hermitcraft series, but I like these 2. :)

  • Ashwik Raj
    Ashwik Raj Year ago +1

    Ahhh the good times, when the moon wasnt trying to destroy the server....

  • kitkatlover !
    kitkatlover ! Year ago

    The heart attack he gave scar at the end

  • Why
    Why Year ago

    Grian's class on how to scar Scar:

  • BananaSpliitz
    BananaSpliitz Year ago +157

    I love the side by side for this prank. I think this is my favorite moment of hermitcraft ever. Grain sitting watching while scar sings to his ‘afk’ friend, trying to send him off to the abyss only to b scared out of his own chair at the last second. If that’s not what this server is about i dont know what is.😙🤌🏻💜

  • Oliver Sherman 2
    Oliver Sherman 2 8 months ago

    I love your channel keep up the great stuff

  • Shadow
    Shadow Year ago

    We need more of this

  • DarkDruidsVale
    DarkDruidsVale 8 months ago

    This clip making me question if scar
    A: jumped a mile when Grain “came back” and
    B: if he’s in a wheel chair

    • Xeoney
      Xeoney 7 months ago +1

      He is in a wheelchair, and I believe there's a video on his channel talking about his disability.

  • Dennis Phoenix178
    Dennis Phoenix178 Year ago +23


  • Laric Duke
    Laric Duke Year ago +1

    This was hilarious, thank you xD

  • BadArtGirl
    BadArtGirl 8 months ago

    Legend has its scars still suffering on the floor to this day

  • kolechia
    kolechia 7 months ago +1

    i love that scar screams in lowercase

  • Rosiane & Clara
    Rosiane & Clara Year ago +1

    How to remove scar's soul from his body:
    do the afk prank and when you are falling say something to him