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Henry Cavill talks Superman's return, Enola Holmes 2, The Witcher, & more!

  • Published on Oct 25, 2022 ver枚ffentlicht
  • Henry Cavill, in his first interview since the news of his return as Superman, discusses the past, present, and future of his Superman, Enola Holmes 2, The Witcher, & more.
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  • Josh Horowitz
    Josh Horowitz  5 months ago +791

    Thanks for checking out my big chat with Henry Cavill! Make sure to hit that subscribe button so you don't miss any of our conversations!

    • Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia
      Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia Day ago

      Hi josh plrasure good night va a venir a M茅xico My prince 馃槉馃檯馃挅馃槝

    • Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia
      Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia 2 days ago

      @Priscila Bueno hola amiga fan buenas tardes mucho gusto eres su fan amiga de nuestro prince tienes mesenger amiga para mandarnos mensages de d贸nde eres amiga xfis 馃挅馃槝馃檯

    • Priscila Bueno
      Priscila Bueno 2 days ago +1

      Debe ser un placer hablar con Henry Cavill 馃槏 m铆 sue帽o es poder conocerlo de verdad lo amo mucho 馃槏馃槏

    • Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia
      Carolina alejandra G贸mez garcia 13 days ago

      Hello josh horowitz pleasure good nigh i am You seg of My prince va a venir and M茅xico My 馃ごatte su 馃懜馃槝馃槉馃檯馃挅

    • HansenSWE
      HansenSWE 4 months ago +1

      Well well well... It hits different today when Geralt himself only mentions how awesome the fighting will be in season 3 and nothing of the stories.
      I honor, respect --- and MOURN-- his decision to leave.
      Keeping to lore is important to some people. I don't count myself among them in all cases but when it brings a perfect actor for Geralt to leave in nothing short of protest, then I cannot help to find myself quite furious with the moron writers and showrunners. May they always wake up with spiders in their mouths.

  • Laura Hulland
    Laura Hulland 3 months ago +210

    This didn鈥檛 age well 馃槴I can tell you now that I won鈥檛 watch a Superman film without Henry. To tell him he鈥檚 back in and then mere weeks later pull the rug out from under him. That must have made him feel so embarrassed. I love this guy. He鈥檚 so genuine, such an absolute super fan of the characters he plays.

    • Voula Fisentzidis
      Voula Fisentzidis 2 months ago +4

      Well done you. Show Hollywood that it can't abuse people and get away with it.
      In New Zealand the right-wing government of the day changed employment contract law to appease Warner Brothers during the making of the Lord of the Rings franchise - with Peter Jackson's support. I swore to never see another of his films despite seeing the first two in support of the kiwi director.
      I haven't and never will again.

    • Truirrashunovadepressure
      Truirrashunovadepressure 2 months ago +3

      38:25 but this part aged well.

    • 馃檵馃徏鈥嶁檪锔
      馃檵馃徏鈥嶁檪锔 2 months ago +28

      He has nothing to be embarrassed about. DC made his role official and he didn't believe it would be otherwise. It's DC who ought to be embarrassed being this indefinitely stupid and crafty.

  • Jumpkut
    Jumpkut 5 months ago +1139

    01:45 - Smalltalk
    02:08 - Welcome back, Superman
    07:00 - Enola Holmes
    08:30 - Working with Millie Bobbie Brown
    09:20 - Playing Sherlock (Drunk)
    10:56 - Overcoming fears & obstacles
    13:11 - Growing up
    17:13 - Early Career
    21:00 - Auditioning for James Bond
    23:50 - Man of Steel
    25:35 - Zack Snyder's message
    28:24 - Mission Impossible: Fallout
    30:12 - Punch Reload (MI:F)
    32:12 - The Witcher Season 3
    33:32 - What's Henry Watching?
    36:00 - Games & Hobbies
    39:30 - Audience Questions

    DUBMO 5 months ago +1602

    What a bittersweet moment. People cheering loud at his portrayal as Geralt... and then two days later we discover he is leaving the show. But you can't really blame the man since the Netflix writers' room is doing their hardest at butchering the amazing source material. Good on him for finding a way out and to a bigger paycheck.

    • Voula Fisentzidis
      Voula Fisentzidis 2 months ago

      @Marnie Dell what's made you draw your erroneous conclusion?

    • Voula Fisentzidis
      Voula Fisentzidis 2 months ago

      @tornadoswe Henry's British. What are you saying?

    • Voula Fisentzidis
      Voula Fisentzidis 2 months ago

      @NerdyPanda2424 I applaud Henry for his integrity and respect his desire to adhere to the source material.
      Netflix has ruined Bridgerton and Jane Austen's Persuasion, with the number of changes made to their versions of those stories.

    • Voula Fisentzidis
      Voula Fisentzidis 2 months ago

      @LuKe Lucky nBlue that's what's majorly wrong with Netflix. Every programme has current sensibilities instead of being real to its respective era. It's becoming worse than Hollywood in its formulaic productions.

    • Anna-Lise Cordell
      Anna-Lise Cordell 3 months ago

      @tornadoswe Henry Cavill is British

  • Melanie Dowell
    Melanie Dowell 4 months ago +50

    I am 65 years old I've seen every Superman throughout the years, I can tell you hands down that Henry is the best Superman ever. And I am very sad that he is leaving The Witcher I have watched season 1 and 2 at least 15 times and the reason I do watch it is because of Henry. What a talented young man he is, can't wait to see you again in the movies much love from all of us in northern Idaho

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill 18 days ago

      How long have you been a fan of mine?

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill 18 days ago

      Thanks for your continuous love and support 鉂も潳

  • Gabz87
    Gabz87 4 months ago +113

    Cavill is one of those incredibly humble yet passionate actors. He deserves to be in more roles.

    • Noblelox
      Noblelox 4 months ago +4

      I doubt he could fit any more in.

  • Fact Check
    Fact Check 5 months ago +243

    Henry is the perfect embodiment of the witcher. The show will not be the same without you

    • Adam Podstavka
      Adam Podstavka 3 months ago +5

      Also the fact the only thing he praised about the Witcher 3rd season is action is also telling a lot between the lines. It sounds like - the world's and story adaptation is insulting the Sapkowski's work, but at least you can enjoy the fights. The petitions to hire him back and fire the writers instead has already over 1/4 million signatures. It may not change much, and the showrunner will probably not care - but Netflix might look at it's cracking reputation - thought I have no illusions about them either.

    • Alex Duna
      Alex Duna 4 months ago +19

      let me rephrase that. "the show will not [be] without you". just wait and see.

  • DipGh
    DipGh 5 months ago +1275

    He's my Superman. He will forever be my Superman. I wish him all the health and success in life. To see this guy smile and breathe in roles like Superman, Geralt, Sherlock, etc. brings me so much peace. 馃挍

  • Bill Cranston
    Bill Cranston 5 months ago +161

    Cavill never disappoints in delivering honest, earnest answers to questions covering all his interests and their related fandoms.

  • Rishabh Aniket
    Rishabh Aniket 3 months ago +33

    This is now truly a heartbreaking interview. First confusion now despair.

  • Willy B
    Willy B 3 months ago +37

    This is heartbreaking after he lost both those roles鈥

  • J 1283
    J 1283 3 months ago +9

    Man, Josh always establishes such a good flow, such a good rapport with the interviewees. He's one of the best interviewers out there. Gives time for the guest to voice themselves, is always fully invested.

  • TKO Productions
    TKO Productions 5 months ago +108

    Love Henry, met him once, real gentleman, just like here... From his acting skills, to his dedication, to him being a fellow nerd, to just being a real deal guy. No BS, no "look at me, look at me. Look at what I got" He deserves every bit of fame, success, wealth, and appreciation he's gotten, and more. Happy for him that he's returning as Superman.. and I'll be the first one to see his return. GIVE US MAN OF STEEL 2!!!!!

  • Andrew Barratt
    Andrew Barratt 5 months ago +766

    He still looks incredible. It's nearly ten years since Superman, and Henry Cavill still IS Superman.

    • D农ng Nguy峄卬
      D农ng Nguy峄卬 3 months ago

      He is the perfect kingdomcome supperman i swear

    • Carol Hood-Marucci
      Carol Hood-Marucci 4 months ago

      He will always be our Superman! 鉂

    • LeoDe
      LeoDe 5 months ago +1

      He looks out of shape here tbh

    • Heeeeer'es Rossy!
      Heeeeer'es Rossy! 5 months ago +2

      @J R 100% agree. 39 is still very young, and the shape this guy keeps himself in ensures he'll look younger than he really is for years to come. I'm 44 and still feel 34 馃し鈥嶁檪

    • Andrew Barratt
      Andrew Barratt 5 months ago +2

      @Kl Rgstm He was my all-time favourite, but, I'll take Cavill as a win.

  • Mat AR
    Mat AR 4 months ago +20

    Henry is such a good person and a class act. Definitely has the appropriate personality to carry the Superman character and legacy. As a side note, he avoided commenting on how bad ROP is, you can tell he knows, but you will never catch him talking bad about anything or anyone.

  • macrod25
    macrod25 5 months ago +55

    I love how kind, open, and relatable Henry is. I feel like if anyone were to come up to him while he is eating lunch with food in his mouth, he would cover his mouth with his hand, swallow his food, and then say, "Hello, mate."

  • Barbara
    Barbara 5 months ago +458

    I feel that from 45:22 Henry might be having the Witcher in mind. He did the right thing quitting the Witcher. The showrunner turned out to be a very incompetent person, making one mistake after another, pushing her own agenda. I don't really understand how comes that Netflix made her a person in charge since she clearly had said she is even not into the fantasy genre? And the writers - shame on you. The only good thing is that Henry's Witcher won hearts of many new fans.

    • Sandra Kicklighter
      Sandra Kicklighter 4 months ago +2

      @Marnie Dell your source about him lying to the production company?

    • Taco Monster
      Taco Monster 4 months ago +1

      He looks like when you decided you are leaving a job but haven鈥檛 told anybody yet.

    • Galad Ballcrusher
      Galad Ballcrusher 4 months ago +4

      @Noblelox i think part of the issue is way Henry put it that Gerrald apart of being anti hero has a penchant to being an amateur philisopher which is very hard to showcase by the grunts the screenplay allows him. Don't know if internal monologue would help but current durection taken makes for a very misleading representation of the character that partly can be counterballanced in a tv adaptation by careful visual clues, body language and generally third party etc exposition but having screenwritters who care more to put their own mark (or follow their own social agenda) than respect the material (and try to circumvent the linitations of medium differences) surelly does not help.

    • Marnie Dell
      Marnie Dell 4 months ago

      You're honestly believing it was the writer's fault? Just so you know, He claimed he had covid for the production to halt on TW to go wear the Superman suit. He's after the money not his "passion"

    • Noblelox
      Noblelox 4 months ago +1

      @Lando Tucker In my opinion, rightly so. I find the books to be very poorly written and they have been a drag to get through. They are very much similar to Harry Potter in that the world is fantastic, but the books are relatively poor at illuminating that world. As for Henry preferring Geralt from the books, I can see the appeal of playing an anti-hero rather than a hero, but I doubt the show would be this successful with Geralt being a childish, sulking tantrum thrower. The fact that he is so old and experienced usually does serve to knock the edges off and promote mindfulness and the Geralt we get does match the experiences the character has had in life. Yes he is probably really damaged too, but I don't think that darker tone would have helped the story.

  • J Duke
    J Duke 4 months ago +12

    It's great that he recognizes the importance of being the public face of the man who plays Superman and the sort of responsibility that implies being of course the greatest (albeit fictional) superhero of all time and that he respects that. Very down to earth and very much one of us.

  • Maria Spengler
    Maria Spengler 4 months ago +14

    Henry just seems like such a great guy! An incredibly good looking man but so down to earth and genuine. Such a great sense of humor too. Love every single thing he鈥檚 in. Can鈥檛 wait to see him as Superman again and I hope hope hope he will be the next James Bond!!!

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill Month ago

      with the supports of great fans like you, I have been able to attain this great height of mine, which country are you in?

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill 4 months ago

      Thanks for your support my favorite fans鉂

  • Jasen Moreno
    Jasen Moreno 5 months ago +838

    I remember nearly a decade ago, still a junior in highschool, watching Henry鈥檚 Superman fly for the first time in the theatre. The score. The suit. Snyders vision. Whole audience and myself cheered so loud when he took flight. Rooting for him til the end. Perfect Movie and Perfect Superman. I鈥檓 still that kid. I cannot wait for Henry Cavill鈥檚 future as the greatest portrayal of this inspiring character! He deserves it!

    • 0heck
      0heck 4 months ago +1

      Thing is, Snyders directing style helped make Man of Steel what it was. DC seems to despise Snyder for whatever reason, and the choice of director can make or break an IP. Is there any indication that Snyder would be involved in Henry's portrayal of Superman in the future?

    • and now joseph
      and now joseph 5 months ago +2

      You鈥檙e goddamn right
      -Walter White

    • Brie
      Brie 5 months ago +2

      Same I wuz 13 or 14 when I first watched Man of Steel in theaters and remember having a huge crush on Henry Cavill and still do馃槤 I鈥檓 beyond excited that he鈥檚 finally back鉂わ笍

    • Elan
      Elan 5 months ago

      Man of Steel is still in my top 5 CBM list. Zack and Henry put a great version of Supes on screen, and super glad that Henry is continuing.

  • gemini girl
    gemini girl 2 months ago +10

    So sad to watch this knowing now that Henry won't be returning as Superman. He was so thrilled and they are making a huge mistake in doing that to him. It was plain rotten !! He is the ONLY one that should play Superman !!!

  • Hexful
    Hexful 5 months ago +53

    Honestly sucks that he won't play Geralt anymore, it will honestly not be the same without him. He had such a personal take on Geralt, and it felt like he really enjoyed the role. I won't say that Liam will do a bad job, but if he doesn't bring the same amount of dedication to the role I'll be kinda sad :/

    • Spanky Jeffro
      Spanky Jeffro 4 months ago +1

      Liam WILL do a terrible job. He is NOT Geralt. Only Henry is.
      Nobody has any right to change an actor once established as a character.
      The Witcher is dead.

    • Dr Mikaeru
      Dr Mikaeru 4 months ago +6

      Me too. Actually I鈥檒l be kinda gone. Henry kept me watching the Witcher.

    • Kanohi
      Kanohi 4 months ago +4

      Henry was pretty good and with competent writers who also loved the character he would have been amazing :(

  • Moumanti Podder
    Moumanti Podder 5 months ago +49

    I absolutely love how truly happy and joyous he looks around ~2:22 , knowing in his heart of hearts that not only is he truly back as Superman, but we -- so many, many people from so many corners of the world -- are welcoming him back with open arms and open hearts馃グ馃グ

  • Peter Parker
    Peter Parker 5 months ago +34

    Why arent there more actors like him? He's smart, honest, funny, kind and handsome.

    • NorthernRedStar
      NorthernRedStar 3 months ago +1

      Because the path Henry has chosen is not the easier one. But it earns him far more respect from us.

  • TheOtherGuy021
    TheOtherGuy021 5 months ago +150

    All I want is a James Bond trilogy staring Henry Cavill and directed by Christopher Nolan

    • ciudadana kane
      ciudadana kane 4 months ago


    • LordMalice6d9
      LordMalice6d9 4 months ago

      @TheOtherGuy021 I liked Civil War. But I thought The Russo bros follow up Avenger's movies Infinity War and Endgame were laughably terrible.
      Dumb movies, made for dumb people.

    • LordMalice6d9
      LordMalice6d9 4 months ago +1

      @GreezyShots I saw about 45 minutes of it. Then I got bored and watched something else.
      Way too much exposition in that movie.

    • GreezyShots
      GreezyShots 4 months ago

      @LordMalice6d9 did you see tenet? Haha

    • Carol Hood-Marucci
      Carol Hood-Marucci 4 months ago


  • Sanjana Sandeep
    Sanjana Sandeep 5 months ago +363

    He is such a class act. Kind , genuine and not fake. He deserves all the success.

    • Tricia
      Tricia 4 months ago +4

      Exactly what I thought - just such a good person.

  • SuperSaabClaire
    SuperSaabClaire Month ago +2

    He's just such a national treasure

  • denijane
    denijane 5 months ago +16

    Dogs are sent from the heaven is the best line I've heard today Thank you Henry, for trying to bring Geralt to the world of movies and I'm sorry it had to end like this. Maybe one day, you'll find a producer that will actually know what she's doing and make a good Witcher series.

  • Joe Schmoe
    Joe Schmoe 3 months ago +19

    This interview cuts deep. But onward and upward.
    Warhammer movie, starring Henry Cavill... make it happen.

  • sno0p3r
    sno0p3r 3 months ago +8

    This is a real actor. He dives into the character and brings him to life.

  • Dave Grantham
    Dave Grantham 5 months ago +39

    Great interview. He is such a class act! Thank you Josh for asking all those questions that do not get asked in other interviews.

  • Syryu
    Syryu 5 months ago +368

    Henry Cavill just embodies every aspect of Superman. The fact that he never gave up hope in wearing the cape again, and was so grateful and humbled by all the love, while still being charming as ever, it's like Clark walked out from the comic panels and entered our world. It's amazing to me we've been robbed of 5 years of his work thanks to executive pettiness. Still better late than never.

    • John Bunce III
      John Bunce III 4 months ago +5

      @saint nic cage Do you work for free? If not, maybe lay off the guy for doing what he is paid to do - and believing he should be paid for it.

    • saint nic cage
      saint nic cage 5 months ago

      @Blackg8r lol you should get paid to shill this hard, why did he say no reshoots for snyder cut without more pay?....why did demand his aftershave adverts been stopped till pay rise?.

    • Blackg8r
      Blackg8r 5 months ago +6

      @saint nic cage you on something mate ? playing geralt was literally his dream, he even planned to do the 7 season period but would leave if the witcher show strayed away from the books too much. as of right now the reason people think he left has everything to do with the direction the show is going and nothing about money

    • saint nic cage
      saint nic cage 5 months ago +1

      @Julius Thalon stop shilling! He loves money....he didn't do shazam cause he wanted more cash.
      He quit witcher cause netflix don't increase pay.
      Pushes prices up on aftershave he's linked to.
      He refused to shoot snyder cut scenes without pay like everyone else
      And my favourite he just blanks fans in the street

    • Julius Thalon
      Julius Thalon 5 months ago +7

      He鈥檚 a professional and model human being. He fought hard to keep both the Witcher and Superman from being rewritten to fit a modern perverse version other characters have had happen.

  • LozzieElizaDesigns / LozzieEliza05

    Such a beautiful chat with Henry, really enjoyed the one before season 1 of Witcher and this was as amazing, as a nerdy person myself it鈥檚 great hearing Henry talk about what he loves and how he says to believe in whatever you are doing. The self doubt and all that comes with what you want to do either acting, artist which I am or any other hobbie or career. I can鈥檛 wait to see him play in the highlander plus the Rosie project which is a Aussie book series

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill Month ago +1

      Hello dear.
      Sincerely it's my best pleasure to write to you today.
      I really can't thank you enough for being a loving and caring supoorter of my works So far.
      I just want to use this opportunity to say a big thanks for your wonderful support and prayers towards me, it's really a pleasure
      having you as a fan that care, I am very grateful to have a caring
      Which country are you in?..

  • S Bella
    S Bella 4 months ago +9

    His acting in the witcher is one of the best acting I've ever seen, it's caressing the soul to watch such a brilliant acting. The audience cheering when the topic of the witcher vs anything else comes up says it all... The witcher will be his lifetime best performance, he grabbed it like he won't grab anything else... He's always good in any of his movies, but in the witcher he's completely next level,... Another scale even...

  • PrettyinPlum
    PrettyinPlum 5 months ago +25

    Such a humble, decent man. I could listen to him for hours... and the way his demeanor changed to pure adoration when he talked about his dog? my heart 鈾

  • Martin Vilonel
    Martin Vilonel 4 months ago +10

    One of the absolute nicest, most honest and real actors today. Great person and Fantastic actor. Right up there with Keanu Reeves in my top 5 people I'd like to be friends with 馃榿 .Sending lots of love, thanks and appreciation to you Henry. Thanks to Josh for this amazing interview.

  • Thomas Berry
    Thomas Berry 5 months ago +13

    Couldn't be more excited to have Henry back as Superman. You can tell it means the world to him and it has been a long time coming. Welcome home!

  • K. M. Joshi
    K. M. Joshi 5 months ago +278

    As Zack Snyder himself said it, he's our superman. Past, present, and future.

    • RAXI
      RAXI 4 months ago

      @K. M. Joshi yes! I hate when people show Boring character 90% of the movie and then at the end or something they show the powers.

    • Kenny Codes
      Kenny Codes 4 months ago

      @Sarnatuile Clark doesn鈥檛 have to be dorky. That would be lame tbh

    • Luke
      Luke 4 months ago

      Soft reboot is of paramount importance. Keep zimmer soundtrack

    • K. M. Joshi
      K. M. Joshi 5 months ago +2

      The good thing is that, so far, Zack Snyder mostly focused on Superman, while Clark Kent is rarely shown except when with his mother or Lois. So, there's plenty of room to show what he does for fun. I hope they lean into that in Man of Steel 2.

    • Jason
      Jason 5 months ago

      @Sarnatuile He might have to lean into a modern version of dorky, maybe talk about playing videogames or warhammer or something. If there's one flaw the man has, its just that he can't look uncool. Having Clark Kent be a nerd might be the way to go.

  • Uncle Bones
    Uncle Bones 5 months ago +13

    not just a fantastic actor, but a very humble and down to earth man.

  • schattentaenzerin
    schattentaenzerin 3 months ago +4

    43:18 "The Nose Moment" is now my favorite Henry interview moment ever. His confusion, eventual understanding, joking, telling him his face is messed up and his genuine laugh! 馃槀
    Rewound this about ten times now.

  • Rohani Honey
    Rohani Honey 3 months ago +11

    No 馃槶馃槶 he just lost his roll as superman and geralt of rivia. What the hell is going on???!! He is one of the best superman in our generation and portrayed well as the witcher!

  • ChelseaKingdom
    ChelseaKingdom 5 months ago +10

    I love Henry as Superman and in any other role. He seems such a genuine, humble, fun guy who has all the great talent and character/virtue we hope our favorite superstar actors would be. So happy for his success!

  • Mr. XYZ
    Mr. XYZ 5 months ago +27

    45:20 he was talking about Witcher for sure and you can tell how it personally affected him by the tone of his voice and how serious he was saying that. It's clear that working with the witcher crew any further went against his values as an actor and as a fan of the Witcher franchise.

  • Matt Ragusa
    Matt Ragusa 5 months ago +192

    He is this generation's Superman, hands down!

  • John Cliff Alvarez
    John Cliff Alvarez 5 months ago +9

    I鈥檓 extremely happy Henry is back as Superman. Man of Steel was the best reintroduction of my childhood superhero and I鈥檝e been waiting for him to come back for years now. But I have to say that I鈥檓 extremely sad about The Witcher. I鈥檝e read the books, played the games, and was getting extremely invested in the Netflix series - especially with that last cliffhanger. I鈥檓 just not sure how they鈥檒l explain away why Geralt looks so different.

  • Weird_Gamer777
    Weird_Gamer777 5 months ago +4

    Henry Cavill is a fantastic individual and I love his care for the work he does. I think it's such a shame Netflix has done so much to make the Witcher uncompromising. He is the best realistic embodiment of Geralt and all the love for the character and the lore. I hope that Netflix changes things around and gives this man his role back with more liberties over the show. Until then, I'm excited to see him be Superman once again!

  • Katie Quibell
    Katie Quibell 4 months ago +8

    You can鈥檛 help but love Henry he鈥檚 so lovely and down to earth 鉂

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill Month ago

      with the supports of great fans like you, I have been able to attain this great height of mine, which country are you in?

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill 4 months ago

      Thanks for your comment鉂

  • livia gherasim
    livia gherasim 14 days ago

    He's such a good storyteller, I love him talking about he's movies and activities, and he's a smart guy

  • Candace Fangirl
    Candace Fangirl 5 months ago +14

    I still have my 2013 Man of Steel poster on the wall. Henry, you will forever be my Superman. Thank you for loving this role and never giving up. I am THRILLED to see how this plays out.

  • Jimmy Hills
    Jimmy Hills 5 months ago +421

    Henry Cavill is SUPERMAN! Thanks for this amazing interview 馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎馃憤馃徎

  • Magaly Barbosa
    Magaly Barbosa Month ago

    Em hip贸tese alguma consigo ver SUPERMAN e THE WITCHER em outro corpo que n茫o seja o de HENRY CAVILL.

  • Sarthur
    Sarthur 5 months ago +5

    I remember when I was severely sick and recovering from a fatal disease back in 2013. I used to watch Man of Steel on a daily basis, at least once a day to keep my spirit up.
    I used to look at Cavil as Superman and think, "Man, I wish I was as strong as him. No disease would affect me." I was fourteen years old back then. A teenager. Time flies.

    BGLNZ 5 months ago +9

    Come across your interviews before but only just found your Clip-Share channels. Always love how you clearly have a very good relationship with a lot of the actors you interview. Makes it feel very genuine and sincere when you ask questions. Your very respectful of the boundaries too (when it comes to Henry talking about super man etc, cause obviously he can鈥檛 tell us everything!) amazing work man

  • LBrobie
    LBrobie 5 months ago +7

    i love him as sherlock and would love to see more of him as that character, not just in another enola movie, but a sherlock movie.

  • Dirty Dan
    Dirty Dan 5 months ago +9

    Best Superman ever. He actually reads the source material.
    An amazing Geralt too.

  • Rhiannon Welles
    Rhiannon Welles 5 months ago +65

    You do the best interviews with Henry. He always seems so relaxed. Thanks for another great one.

    • Josh Horowitz
      Josh Horowitz  5 months ago +13


    • jedijones
      jedijones 5 months ago +5

      Except when Snyder came on, then he seemed to get nervous.

  • Pat Mitchell
    Pat Mitchell 2 months ago

    Henry seems so sweet and honest, hopefully he will stay that way. 鉂

  • Diana Loaiza
    Diana Loaiza 5 months ago +3

    I was there and enjoyed every bit of this interview. Josh did a great job and Henry was absolutely adorable. So much fun to hear about his early start, Family, Kal and his roles. Simply Awesome 馃憦

  • George Smith
    George Smith 5 months ago +6

    Every time Henry was asked about a show he did.. he either talked about the people was working with or the directors.. stunt coordinators.. never himself.. what a great guy鈥

  • Santoroz
    Santoroz 4 months ago +8

    "I never lost hope" He really is Superman 馃ゲ

  • Brenda Z
    Brenda Z 4 months ago +3

    Love this person his perseverance, whole heart, and drive for his profession is something I admire. He gives us so much and is so humble and well spoken. He has accomplished a tremendous amount and worked with other accomplished actors. Amazing body of work, I look forward to watching more from this actor. Such a gentleman.

  • Spectra
    Spectra 5 months ago +324

    To hear Henry got to work fight scenes with Wolfgang again and this time for the ENTIRE new season of the Witcher is so exciting!

    • arachnabell
      arachnabell 5 months ago +5

      @Kyle Totten well we know that the writers of the show hate the original material. I mean we where told they like to mock it and insult it and that they hate The Witcher books and games. So it is no wonder H.C. left.

    • Tristan DizZo
      Tristan DizZo 5 months ago +2

      @Paul smith hollywood and creative control are rarities in the same sentence.
      Netflix promised it for the creators of Avatar the last airbender and reneged once they got them in the door.

    • Paul smith
      Paul smith 5 months ago +1

      @Kyle Totten you'd think Henry have creative control

    • Kyle Totten
      Kyle Totten 5 months ago +3

      @Audio Reviews ya for sure relating to creative differences based on past comments on his wanting to stay close to source material and getting pushback from writers of the show.

    • Audio Reviews
      Audio Reviews 5 months ago +9

      @Spectra Yeah it really sucks. He loves the games and books. That's one of the main reasons why he played the role so well. Helps he looks and sounds like the version of the game to a extent. Having Geralt played by Henry than Liam is just such a step down in my opinion. Again look wise it plays a massive difference.

    TALON 5 months ago +5

    Henry and McQuarrie doing a Superman film together would be incredible. Especially with the way Henry describes how McQuarrie can evolve a story as he is filming. His detail and innovation to do things differently and applying that work ethic and mentality to filming Superman (along with source material) would be amazing. If you see his work on the Mission: Impossible films, you know how good McQuarrie is. I truly believe he is going to be our director for Superman and take things to a whole new level.

    • TALON
      TALON 19 days ago

      @novela collection It'd be awesome but this idea is long done. James Gunn is DC's new president now and Henry Cavill will no longer be Superman. So we all have to move on now from this idea. Gunn wants his Superman to be a bit younger and rightfully so, if you have a 10-year plan for DC Films that you are working on.

    • novela collection
      novela collection 19 days ago

      Great idea that would work, also reboot Witcher as a movie true to the source material.

    • TALON
      TALON 4 months ago +1

      @Afiq Azman Exactly right. I believe Gunn will look at their script again and I'm sure that Cavill will be more involved in Superman's film creation like he wants to be. Very excited and hopeful for what's to come.

    • Afiq Azman
      Afiq Azman 5 months ago +1

      I like this view. McQuarrie even offered his pitch to WB back then but under Hamada his pitch wasn鈥檛 accepted. I hope this time Gunn check the pitch again.

  • Terron Isaac
    Terron Isaac 4 months ago +8

    He always seems so genuine.

  • Atreus T
    Atreus T 5 months ago +6

    When Zack Snyder said 鈥淚 can鈥檛 wait to work with you in the future鈥 I really felt that 馃檶馃徏馃槶

  • GeorgeCurious Jacob
    GeorgeCurious Jacob 5 months ago +7

    The funny part is he literally is more of a goofy Clark Kent IRL than any other actor who played Superman and that's why we love him

  • Jakester1115
    Jakester1115 5 months ago +5

    You can see how happy he is to be Supes again. It鈥檚 awesome when the actor truly loves their role馃檶馃挴

  • Gladiatorscoops
    Gladiatorscoops 5 months ago +151

    The news of Cavill back as Superman is absolutely perfect timing. What I absolutely love is not only does he look the part of the character but as a person Cavill is just a good guy plain and simple - he embodies so much of the Superman character in himself. But not only that he loves playing Superman - you can tell it means so much to him.
    If you've seen the videos of him building his PC, geeking out on Warhammer or talking of his love for The Witcher games he is the literal "King of the Nerds".
    To know he loves and is honoured playing probably the most iconic superhero of all time is heart-warming for all Nerds like me around the world.
    Cant wait to see him donning the red and blue again.

    • Christopher Scott
      Christopher Scott 4 months ago

      @Ben B That's like, you're opinion man.

    • Ben B
      Ben B 5 months ago +1

      @Afiq Azman acting as Batman is just ONE part of role. The other one is acting as Bruce Wayne and Bale by far did extraordinarily well to play both figures equally terrific.

    • Afiq Azman
      Afiq Azman 5 months ago +2

      @Ben B seems like you鈥檙e the only one who thinks so. Many love Batfleck and Battinson. Some even questions now how Batbale fight scene were meh and doesn鈥檛 suit Batman

    • Ben B
      Ben B 5 months ago +1

      @Afiq Azman Not really, after Christian Bale neither Ben nor Robert could really fill the shoes properly

    • Afiq Azman
      Afiq Azman 5 months ago

      @Samantha Perkins I don鈥檛 think so.. Brandon Routh tried to take the role but audience didn鈥檛 respond kindly. I thought there鈥檚 specific looks required for Superman. Batman on the other hand seems to be able to be played by any hunky actor

  • Emily-Grace
    Emily-Grace 2 months ago +6

    Me: I will not put Henry Cavill on a pedestal, he is a human being, and I should not expect him to be perfect
    Also me: *names my first laptop after him*

  • Sunny Gogna
    Sunny Gogna 4 months ago +1

    Henry Cavill! This man truly deserves to have all the success and man I鈥檇 love to see him back in Mission Impossible movie as well. He was so fitting for that role and seeing him and Tom Cruise together in a movie was a dream come true. Hopefully we can have Zack Snyder Man of Steel 2 to continue with #snydervision and definitely Superman vs Black Adam 鉂

  • Man Of Steel
    Man Of Steel 5 months ago +5

    He is so emotional while speaking. Man, I鈥檒l say it again, 鈥淗enry Cavill deserves to be Superman鈥

  • Ken O'Banion
    Ken O'Banion 4 months ago

    I love Henry! His rendition of Superman is the greatest in my honest opinion. I'm so glad he is coming back as the Man of Steel and I will be front row for the sequel.

  • ProNoob2K
    ProNoob2K 5 months ago +3

    Great interview. Such a great guy and great to have him back in the suit.

  • Dustin
    Dustin 5 months ago +94

    Henry Cavill is a treasure to this world and must be protected at all costs

  • Milla Witt
    Milla Witt 5 months ago +2

    He makes you 鈥渂elieve鈥 in the character Superman and makes you feel like you鈥檙e flying right there beside him in every movie鉂ゐ煉欚煈

  • Empirical Smut
    Empirical Smut 4 months ago +3

    Henry's comment about Rings of Power being that it's "beautiful", suggests to me that he's not crazy about its writing and story. It's true, the visuals are very nice (millions of dollars of production value can do that), but for someone like Henry Cavill, who is quite big on lore accuracy, I would not be surprised if he felt a bit let down by the show. This is the guy who had to fight the writers and creative team behind the Witcher to keep it more accurate.

  • Drew Monroe
    Drew Monroe 4 months ago +2

    With such division in our world, hearing that Henry is coming back as Superman brings back the hope ww have in our world that things will get better. Welcome back Superman!! 馃檹 #manofsteel2

  • Debbie Topeze
    Debbie Topeze 5 months ago +8

    Hopefully Henry will be the next James Bond as well. Either way he's very blessed 馃檶

  • Becky in the Bubble
    Becky in the Bubble 5 months ago +2

    Even though Christopher Reeve was my Superman, it was hard not to share the emotion with Henry when Josh mentioned returning to the role. I hope the rumors are true about possibly following Man of Tomorrow for 2.

  • Roger Gregory
    Roger Gregory 5 months ago +180

    Cavill is such a great guy. Loved his work since Stardust. He鈥檚 my Superman.

    • Gabe le babe - amoklauf.ch
      Gabe le babe - amoklauf.ch 4 months ago +1

      Stardust is such a great and lovely movie, should get recommended way more often. It

    • Lacus Clyne
      Lacus Clyne 4 months ago +1

      ohmygod i saw that movie long ago and i didn't realize the other guy was him! 馃槷 but i def thought he was quite attractive.

    • MayaCruiseCavillBateyPegg
      MayaCruiseCavillBateyPegg 5 months ago


  • Logan Duffy
    Logan Duffy 5 months ago +1

    Henry is Superman. so glad that we have him back!!! I can remember watching that first man of steel movie with him and the way he holds himself in those movies is just rattling.

  • dvildeep
    dvildeep 5 months ago +2

    He may not be the man the critics love but he is definitely the SUPERMAN we deserve

  • Victor S.
    Victor S. 5 months ago

    What a great interview! They talked about everything I love about him 馃槃

  • Kyle Fulgham
    Kyle Fulgham 4 months ago

    Love this guy. It鈥檚 sad to know he鈥檚 not going to be the Witcher going forward but however and why-ever he decided to move on is on him. I鈥檓 glad we got what we did and I鈥檓 really looking forward to his future work. Love me some total war warhammer 3. Great game.

  • Atlantya
    Atlantya 5 months ago +3

    It鈥檚 amazing to know that he already knew he was leaving The Witcher and he either never said a word or he did tell Josh but swore him to secrecy.

    • 0sana0
      0sana0 5 months ago +2

      I think he did tell Josh which is why The Witcher was mentioned very fleetingly right at the end. Very sad he won鈥檛 be Geralt anymore 馃槩

  • Thane Walker
    Thane Walker 5 months ago +335

    Henry Cavill is Superman, period, no sane individual would have a issue with him returning, it鈥檚 his role, his suit, his cape, no question about it

    • ciudadana kane
      ciudadana kane 4 months ago

      Warner bros are not 鈥渟ane individuals 鈥 . Fortunately, fans won this time.

    • MayaCruiseCavillBateyPegg
      MayaCruiseCavillBateyPegg 5 months ago

      This for this amazing Interview, love all your interviews Dear Henry

    • Cawmen Rider
      Cawmen Rider 5 months ago

      He literally played Jesus Christ in the Snyderverse.

    • Cawmen Rider
      Cawmen Rider 5 months ago

      @KryptonKr this generation of Jesus Christ

  • JimRaptis
    JimRaptis 5 months ago +3

    Damn, what a nice guy!! He has so much class and I just love the guy!!! His personality is perfect for the role of Superman and to be honest, everything and him is perfect for that role! Look, voice, and the way he presents the character on screen.
    I鈥檓 so happy he鈥檚 back and I hope he has a long and bright future as Superman!!

  • bartuslongus
    bartuslongus 4 months ago +1

    That was incredible enjoyful. Thanks Henry and thank you Josh. Amazing job doing such a great interview!

  • Anne Rouyer
    Anne Rouyer 5 months ago +4

    I鈥檝e loved him since I saw him as the stable boy in Capture the Castle in 98/99. And as a boarding school student in the Inspector Lynley series before that! I feel like I was his first fan.

    • Henry Cavill
      Henry Cavill 2 days ago

      Thanks for all your support, I hope you continue to like and watch my movies.

  • Emzotic
    Emzotic 4 months ago +6

    I think Henry Cavill will be James Bond, and he鈥檒l be incredible. The casting directors made the right choice at the time to cast Daniel Craig, and give Henry the chance to mature into the fine actor he is today.

  • skulkloe
    skulkloe 4 months ago +1

    Been saying for the last 4 years that Henry is the next James Bond. Not too sure about that anymore, but would love to see it. Daniel was my favorite bond by far, but would like to see Henry in the role and the direction it goes.

  • nr99
    nr99 5 months ago +118

    The curl just suits him so well, I can鈥檛 believe it took this look for us to see him with it in the suit.

    • Alicultivated
      Alicultivated 4 months ago

      He has it occasionally in BvS. Surprisingly it appears in the other movies when he is in civilian clothing. 馃

  • Miriam Maldonado
    Miriam Maldonado 5 months ago

    I remember growing up watching SuperMan cartoons just like any other kid my age, then movies and somehow I feel so unattached from this story.. I guess having no expectation over a movie project means you watch completly free from judgement. Anyhow great and honest interview! 鉂ゐ煣○煉涴煉氿煉欚煉

  • schattentaenzerin
    schattentaenzerin 3 months ago +1

    Well, my first time watching this format. And I went from happy to sad and confused REAL fast.
    Hearing his excitement and passion about playing Superman, never giving up hope, how much the character means to him, his happiness and relief about more to come.
    This is crushing!
    Henry, you were great. Easily one of the best things about the DCEU. Sadly the best actors could not save the train wreck the DCEU had mutated into. I just hope all the executives will get kicked out and replaced, too. They turned a license to print money with amazing films about iconic characters into an abomination without direction.
    Best of luck for your future endeavors. I hope you will find a work environment that treats you well and appreciates your knowledge and dedication to source material.

  • michael eli
    michael eli 5 months ago +3

    Cavill is THE Superman and a hell of a bad-ass Witcher too! Love this guy and his roles!

  • Marlene Sheffield
    Marlene Sheffield 5 months ago +2

    I remember seeing the MOS trailer in the theater and seeing Henry fly as Superman -- when he does the Earth-Flyover -- I got nerd moisture in my eyes.馃ぃ
    Although Christopher Reeve's portrayal of Superman will always be very special in my geek heart, I have embraced dear Henry as my 21st Century Superman. May your cape always flap freely and regally in the wind sir.馃挋鉂わ笍馃拫馃挴

  • Johnny Everman
    Johnny Everman 5 months ago +1

    More actors need to follow the lead of Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds, Andrew Garfield, Tobey Maguire, Tom Holland, Ben Affleck, and now Henry Cavill. Don鈥檛 hide the fact that these characters and heroes mean as much to them as they do to us.

  • dbmabe
    dbmabe 5 months ago +53

    From someone who was there on opening weekend in 1978(though I was only 3) to see Christopher Reeve take flight for the first time, you, Henry, are truly the Superman of this era and are absolutely deserving to wear that suit. In fact, I couldn't imagine anyone else in the part. It is so awesome to see you back!!!

  • Robin Mixon
    Robin Mixon 5 months ago +2

    Love his genuine reverence for Superman!

  • Chris Albert
    Chris Albert 4 months ago

    I'm happy for Henry that he's back as Superman. But this experience has also made me kinda sad for Brandon Routh. Back in the early 2000's, he also embodied a Superman of his era. He had the looks, the bearing, the attitude. He may not have been the most brilliant actor, but the script didn't exactly bring out the best out of anyone on that production. Because it didn't take off, neither did his career really.