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Building the World of the Wheel of Time - Part 2 | Prime Video

  • Published on Jan 1, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    About The Wheel of Time:
    Set in an epic fantasy world, The Wheel of Time follows Moiraine (Rosamund Pike), a member of the incredibly powerful all-female organization called the Aes Sedai, as she arrives in the small town of Two Rivers. There, she embarks on a dangerous, world-spanning journey with five young villagers, one of whom is prophesied to be the Dragon Reborn... the one who will either save or destroy humanity.
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    Building the World of the Wheel of Time - Part 2 | Prime Video
    Prime Video
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Comments • 97

  • Day
    Day 4 months ago +66

    This crew was so dedicated and passionate! Hopefully their efforts can be rewarded with a stronger 2nd season💜

    • Lucy Netchvolodoff
      Lucy Netchvolodoff 4 months ago

      mdu ur out I

    • That Rad Guy
      That Rad Guy 4 months ago +1

      I've heard that after season 2 they will add more episodes (they've already done most of season 2) because they are really happy with the success of the show, so let's hope from season 3 onwards we get 12 or 13 episodes per season and longer episodes so we get more world building 🙏🙏🙏

    • Bobby’s Papercraft
      Bobby’s Papercraft 4 months ago

      And a few more episodes

    • briobrandon911
      briobrandon911 4 months ago +5

      Yup! Hopefully a better way of storytelling. Let the story and character development marinate a little bit. The cast and production deserves!!

  • Yuliya Klymenko
    Yuliya Klymenko 4 months ago +3

    I grew up reading those books and desperately waiting for the next book in the series to be translated to Russian, published, imported from Russia to Ukraine and made accessible to buy. When the war started, it became almost impossible to buy the last books, written by Brendon Sanderson. Now I'm feeling so incredibly privileged to see them as a show. And the best part is that the announcement of the show raised interest to the Wheel of Time so much, that the books are now being translated to Ukrainian and published here! So I'm really grateful to all the creators and actors, the show is amazing.

  • lizzie7654
    lizzie7654 4 months ago +5

    The two last episodes really needed more time, especially ep8 felt so rushed. I hope Amazon can give the funding for more episodes in season 2!

  • Fiona Amudala
    Fiona Amudala 4 months ago +11

    Absolutely love the series and love the BTS bits. The care taken when building this world has been mind-blowing.

  • A R A C E L I S
    A R A C E L I S 3 months ago

    I love this series I'm crazy to see the second season!! ♥️♥️

  • MurderMondays
    MurderMondays 4 months ago +26

    Give us more episodes or longer episodes! So much work went into this show but got lost because they had to rush through literally everything.

  • bluelight
    bluelight 4 months ago +46

    The Ways really needed more time in the show, it looked like they were inside for such a short time.

    • SpookyJames
      SpookyJames 4 months ago +3

      @OrionPax880 yeh it would be much better with more episodes, unfortunately streaming services dont get extra money from people watching more episodes unless it prolonges their sub. Cant really blame them for prioritising LOTR tbf when theres not many IPs in the world, let alone in fantasy, that would have the initial interest that will. Do hope they give WOT what it needs and deserves though, after the first book they become much better suited to TV, it has a huge potential

    • bluelight
      bluelight 4 months ago +3

      @Bear-5555 They have a higher budget for season 2, but they have already filmed half the episodes and i doubt they'll increase them until season 3 (if the show does well).

    • OrionPax880
      OrionPax880 4 months ago +1

      @Ty Mac True much bigger budget than WOT, but I do think they will increase the WOT budget more for next season.

    • Bear-5555
      Bear-5555 4 months ago +5

      @Ty Mac Hopefully when they see how popular it is, that they give it more episodes in season 2.

    • Ty Mac
      Ty Mac 4 months ago +4

      @OrionPax880 that's just a fact that show is gonna have a bigger budget aswell .

  • JC CJ
    JC CJ 4 months ago +1

    I don’t care what anyone says I love this show I love the actors!

  • kauru11
    kauru11 4 months ago +1

    I so hope they use the set as a Wheel of Time museum kinda thing where fans can explore the world too T^T

  • Alicia Sorenson
    Alicia Sorenson 4 months ago +6

    More episodes in each season will help the time and money on these sets be noticeable!!! Incredible work by these people. Need more time!!!

  • Santi Dave
    Santi Dave 4 months ago +3

    Please make the 2nd season longer, 13 episodes at least an hour runtime each

  • Laoakai
    Laoakai 4 months ago +5

    The sets, the props and locations are one of the best things about this show. Unfortunately the writing is too rushed (needs more episodes to flesh out characters), it is too driven by political and ideological agenda and it deviates too much from the source material.

  • fcentauri8
    fcentauri8 4 months ago +11

    I'm wondering how a cavalry will charge through this version of The Blight

    • l4nd3r
      l4nd3r 4 months ago

      I guess they can kinda retcon it with the blight changing forms?

    • Mitch Cowan
      Mitch Cowan 4 months ago +1

      Wondering A LOT with all the changes made, how they will square so many circles. Sigh...

  • Ross Walker
    Ross Walker 4 months ago +4

    Really enjoying the show , congratulations to the cast and crew 👍👏🇦🇺

  • Ahmad Zulhilmi
    Ahmad Zulhilmi 4 months ago +1

    they look stunning and wonderful. but in the show, they're not like world, they look like sets and props 😅

  • Dan and Lorna Henley
    Dan and Lorna Henley 4 months ago

    The sites have become characters. I hate leaving The Two Rivers and Fal Dara behind. If The Ways are used again, consider spending more time there. Same with The Blight. Hope to see the Portal Stones in season two (Flicker, flicker) was one of the most memorable surprises which set the Wheel of Time above other sci-fy/fantasy series

  • Lady Eve & Guy Boiman TM

    That super advanced scifi city makes me think Nynaeve is gonna be a sorceress power ranger once she gets her hands on a morpher relic

  • elizaheathen
    elizaheathen 4 months ago +6

    the Blight is supposed to be rotten and bare, turned to dust, with hardly any flora/fauna
    so...dense forest?

  • shortmocha2005
    shortmocha2005 4 months ago

    Really awesome!

  • Isak Ditlefsen
    Isak Ditlefsen 4 months ago

    I just wished they could have given Stepin more screentime.. :(

  • NIP1337
    NIP1337 4 months ago +9

    Such amazing work, too bad the show was limited by only 8 episodes

  • Divine Chareka
    Divine Chareka 4 months ago +12

    I'm so in love with this show. Can't wait for season 2

  • DanaLou_Who
    DanaLou_Who 4 months ago +1

    More please! This is fascinating!💙

  • Amplified Emotions
    Amplified Emotions 4 months ago +9

    I'd already figured most of ep. 7 and 8 must've been shot "post" Covid, because, frankly, the Waves and the Blight suffered a bit in post, and it very much shows, imo. Not to be a downer or anything, I know it was a difficult time and they were struggling quite a bit, so no pointing fingers on anybody here... but it's the first time I find myself disagreeing with the production designer on one of these specials. Particularly The Ways did feel, not only rushed, but very much a set to me... it didn't feel "natural" at all. It would've been best to go with a natural cave, especially as they don't seem to have made many touch ups and fixes on those fake pillars in the final shots, imo. Again, just stating my opinions, and it might even been they actually no longer had time to move everything and everybody on location for this.. so it's understandable. But PLEASE Amazon and Sony let them take their time for season 2, even if it means waiting more... there's already so much exaggerated criticism on this! And I'd like to see the whole series adapted!!! (and yes, this = giving production more TIME). It is called "The Wheel of Time" not "The Rushed Wheel"!

    • Amplified Emotions
      Amplified Emotions 4 months ago

      @That Rad Guy This back and forth is unecessarily dragging now, but I will add that him wanting it to feel built doesn't mean it was meant to feel entirely unnatural or like a set... why did they thought of caves in the first place if it was ALL supposed to feel entirely built up? He probably meant parts of it, or the areas that were deeply touched by darkness.. also pretty sure Loial in ep.7 mentioned how the place used to be full of nature, plants and such... I just didn't have a feel of what the place might've looked like in past ages because it looked too "clean" for me to realistically believe it was a place with history, and that ruined a bit of the immersion for me, in those scenes... nothing to loose any sleep over.. just a personal feeling I've had.

    • That Rad Guy
      That Rad Guy 4 months ago

      @Amplified Emotions He literally says in the video that he wanted it to look like it was built by somebody

    • Amplified Emotions
      Amplified Emotions 4 months ago

      @Elizabeth Weissenborn They've kinda said they wanted the rocks/platform to feel like something that was carved overtime by nature and calamities...so I assume it's pretty safe to say that for that at least they wanted something that felt natural. The darkness and everything else is not supposed to feel natural and that worked ok, imo..

    • Elizabeth Weissenborn
      Elizabeth Weissenborn 4 months ago

      The Ways are not "natural" that's the point.

  • the mystics
    the mystics 4 months ago +1

    Oh my god ,I am speechless...🗡️

  • Jane G
    Jane G 4 months ago +8

    More BTS with Rosamund please

  • Moma B
    Moma B 4 months ago +14

    But letting the horses "just go" before entering the Ways was such a stupid idea. Moiraine could've had someone taking care of the horses before they get to the gate. Sending them back to Tar Valon, or anywhere else. If they have no attachments to the horses then do not make emotional "good-bye" scene with them. if they are emotionally attached to the horses then do not just "let go" of them.

    • Moma B
      Moma B 4 months ago

      @Siansonea Orande 🤣 Best comment!

    • Moma B
      Moma B 4 months ago

      @lizzie7654 This is still considered bad writing. ☹

    • Moma B
      Moma B 4 months ago

      @Aethelia Have you seen Lucky Luke? 😎

    • lizzie7654
      lizzie7654 4 months ago +1

      @Aethelia haha this is true

    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago +1

      It's a lot easier to write horses than to show horses. Horses are not the best actors.

  • Starman Gaming
    Starman Gaming 3 months ago

    Wonderful acting and visuals were decimated by horrible writing and world building. 4/10 for season 1.

    JUST A GOYUM 4 months ago

    How can we ruin GOT even more...

  • noctuary
    noctuary 4 months ago +3

    Dear Amazon: MORE EPISODES FOR FUTURE SEASONS. The pace of the show is race mode and quite honestly the books deserve much more than that.

  • Eric Kim
    Eric Kim 4 months ago

    i absolutely love Ms. Pike phenomenal and enchanting acting

  • Nigan Hoh
    Nigan Hoh 3 months ago

    What about date of 2 season?

  • ᗢScarlet Witchᗢ
    ᗢScarlet Witchᗢ 4 months ago

    shes my favourite villain on die another day :)

  • Nadhiya packiaraj
    Nadhiya packiaraj 4 months ago

    I want more than episodes. Love from India

  • Mitchell Real
    Mitchell Real 4 months ago

    If only boys could pull off a FAKEABABY fake dna test prank to keep her, LOL!

  • Kameleonic
    Kameleonic 4 months ago

    Bonus: start again with superior actors, script, and plot. Currently, blows chunks in comparison to many other shows.

  • Anne Hummel
    Anne Hummel 4 months ago +5

    I love the amount of love and work and attention that goes into this show! Really looking forward to next season! ❤🌟
    And please...more episodes for future seasons? 😁🤞😁🤞😁🤞😁🤞

    • Potent Potables
      Potent Potables 2 months ago

      Love for what? Because it wasn't the source material. You know the thing that should be bringing people together to begin with? Instead we get divisive political bullshit.

  • Kort
    Kort 4 months ago +5

    More episodes and actually follow the plotlines in the bestselling book instead of trying to make your own and failing miserably

  • Toblakai
    Toblakai 4 months ago +7

    They made blight like evil amazon jungle instead of wasteland... and ways looked clunky and not at all like old roadways- I mean in past it was like highways for ones with one power and like they showed it never would allow cart or wagon to go there, too narrow. Too few episodes, poor character development and butchering source material only to show own "ingeniuety" just sux... I had high hopes for this show and apart from acting I feel dissapointment now;/ Hope seasone 2 they mend their mistakes

  • Daniel
    Daniel 4 months ago +1

    Step number 1. Replace white book characters with people of colours for some reason. Check.
    Step number 2. Change story from source material. Check.
    I am a little disappointed.

  • Francisco Javier Castro Valenzuela

    RENEW MIXTE 1963

  • Virendra Janakiram
    Virendra Janakiram 4 months ago +1

    Bad story telling, bad acting, uncharismatic actors. Mostly ends up being silly. "Suspension of disbelief" doesn't work.

  • Reese
    Reese 4 months ago +9

    Robert Jordan called out this “adaptation” back in 1990.
    “You just don’t tell them as well as Thom,” Rand cut him off hastily, and Perrin hopped in. “You keep adding in things, trying to make it better and they never do.”
    “And you get it all mixed up too”, Rand added. “Best leave it to Thom.”
    -Eye of the World, 1990

  • dannnyjos
    dannnyjos 4 months ago +2

    What's with all the masks?

    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago

      You don't know about Covid?
      I know a lot of people spread misinformation about it, but not having heard of it at all is a new one.

  • Dodo Dimitrov
    Dodo Dimitrov 4 months ago +9

    They had opportunity to create amazing adaptation, but instead we got shitfest

  • Bentolin Maddox
    Bentolin Maddox 4 months ago +5

    Terrible show. Looks cheap, full of plot holes, irredeemably internal inconsistencies, characters you can’t care about, and full of modern day gender-politics preaching. Like, do you even have a lighting director? This who will do down as one of the most colossal wastes of money in TV history. Did anyone vet this rafe guy ad all? Honestly

    • Dr Diabolical
      Dr Diabolical 4 months ago

      @Bentolin Maddox Jesus i hated this show but wtf are you talking about?

    • Bentolin Maddox
      Bentolin Maddox 4 months ago +1

      @Aethelia yep I’ve read the books multiple times since I was a tween. This show is garbage and anyone who says different either is not using their brain or has ulterior motives

    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago

      Worst take ever. Did you even watch the show? Do you know what Wheel of Time is?

  • Kevin Copelin
    Kevin Copelin 4 months ago +3

    That stunk. Way to screw it up

  • Michael McNerlin
    Michael McNerlin 4 months ago


  • Michael McNerlin
    Michael McNerlin 4 months ago


  • Michael McNerlin
    Michael McNerlin 4 months ago


  • Michael McNerlin
    Michael McNerlin 4 months ago


  • Queen of Scots
    Queen of Scots 4 months ago +1

    Stop pushing it… not watching

    • Queen of Scots
      Queen of Scots 4 months ago

      @Socorro Menac mmm mai 😶‍🌫️

    • Socorro Menac mmm mai
      Socorro Menac mmm mai 4 months ago

      G go out fg

    • H R
      H R 4 months ago

      @Queen of Scots jst be honest.... Ure commenting on this BTS video says it all

    • Queen of Scots
      Queen of Scots 4 months ago

      @Aethelia apparently you care… hahaha

    • Aethelia
      Aethelia 4 months ago

      Nobody cares that you're not watching it. Look at how it had shot up to #1 watched, plenty of people are enjoying it, you complainers are in the minority.