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First base in a survival game

  • Published on Mar 30, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Building your first house in a survival game #shorts #rust #ark #sonsoftheforest #dayz
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  • Deathrain44
    Deathrain44 Month ago +5570

    Pro tip: Build separate buildings for different activities and keep them under 2 floors.
    It leaves space for improvement.

    • Nothing
      Nothing Month ago +46

      They are noobs

    • Deathrain44
      Deathrain44 Month ago +216

      Yeah... That's why it's call a "pro tip". So any building noobs who see this can improve.

    • GunkyBum
      GunkyBum Month ago +33

      Most of the time I usually leave some foundation and structure so I know we where to build next, but most of the time as well I build too many and have wooden pikes sticking out

    • Deathrain44
      Deathrain44 Month ago +6

      @GunkyBum that's an awesome idea!

    • Shane
      Shane Month ago +15

      I agree with the pro tip.
      In games like Ark I build more than one base.
      Thanks yo fast travel and multiple armor sets this works out.

  • Neo_ BlackStar_xX
    Neo_ BlackStar_xX Month ago +2084

    VLDL really came a long way and keeps getting better. Thank you

    • E
      E Month ago +5


  • Anonymous [398]
    Anonymous [398] Month ago +1690

    U Guys really redefine the Quality of Clip-Share Shorts, keep it going 😅

    • GhostKiller
      GhostKiller Month ago +6

      So true

    • R - G - C
      R - G - C Month ago +19

      Well it's because these videos weren't originally shorts lol

    • Baloo
      Baloo 4 days ago

      ​@R - G - C exactly they're cut down from videos that were posted in other places

  • Space Uncharted
    Space Uncharted Month ago +892

    "There's no place like home."
    I'm going to whisper this to myself as the zombies close in too.

    • Carlos Gomez
      Carlos Gomez Month ago


    • vs. Curel
      vs. Curel Month ago +1

      U in china space underated? (Watch a video about china zombie)😊

    • iDoit4LoLz
      iDoit4LoLz Month ago

      Thank you for using the correct version of "to/two/too".

    • Scp-049
      Scp-049 Month ago +5

      ​@iDoit4LoLz well I know the difference to

    • A guy on YT
      A guy on YT Month ago +1

      @Scp-049 lmao

  • Павел Жданов
    Павел Жданов Month ago +160

    If your base at the end of day one does not meet the image in your head - just remember - you have more days ahead of you.
    You'll get there... Eventually... Unless you give up... which you probably will...

    • Chaotic Silver
      Chaotic Silver Month ago +8

      Unless you give up? Nah.
      No, it's 'Unless you die, which you will, in which case you'll immediately start a new character because you like playing hardcore mode/style, even if you suck at it. Causing yourself to repeat the process of setting up your first base all over agian.'

  • Jessika Piche
    Jessika Piche Month ago +227

    if any of you start a Cult where we could all live like adventurers in a RPG open world, give me a call, I'M IN! lol

    • Vanessa Gamboa
      Vanessa Gamboa Month ago +7

      Same lol, as long as there’s a system like Warhammer Fantasy’s 4e

    • codeImagine
      codeImagine Month ago +2

      Wait I'm coming too

    • Chicken Scratch Productions
      Chicken Scratch Productions 21 day ago

      Have y’all never heard of Larping?

    • codeImagine
      codeImagine 21 day ago

      @Chicken Scratch Productions I've heard of it but have no idea what it's about

    • Chicken Scratch Productions
      Chicken Scratch Productions 21 day ago +3

      @codeImagine It’s role playing but in real life. It’s similar to dnd or any other tabletop rpgs, however you do need to have friends or a nearby group to play it so I’ve never done it. (Also you might have to go outside) *shudder*

  • Humanity's Enterprise
    Humanity's Enterprise Month ago +30

    The fact that it was LITERALLY the outhouse from Shrek. With the crescent moon and everything.

  • Rudifious
    Rudifious Month ago +47

    My wife and I have literally had this argue soo many times hah, great content! I want the scenery hah

  • Michael Jolley
    Michael Jolley Month ago +55

    Meanwhile in Valheim, I built my first base right up against the edge of the build area and now have no room for a wall.

    • AzureDedalus
      AzureDedalus Month ago +2

      Valheim is fun

    • Diablotry
      Diablotry Month ago +2

      More workbenches will solve it

    • Rowanoak
      Rowanoak 25 days ago +1

      I was waiting for a Valheim comment. 😂 Got our whole base wrecked three times over by trolls. No need to have room to improve when the game levels the buildings for you!

    • Diablotry
      Diablotry 25 days ago +2

      @Rowanoak I feel you, built a solid perimeter wall to keep out greylings and a troll came over and levelled the whole thing in seconds

  • Skeletor The overlord of evil

    Me playing ark for the first time, spawning in a hard mountain area and making a little thatch hut only to be annihilated in the middle if the night by a lv 120 giga

  • S Amany
    S Amany Month ago +54

    Rowan with Bodger soul can't hold the urge to do some smelting and metalworks

  • LlamaGibKarma
    LlamaGibKarma Month ago +4

    I absolutely love the surroundings, the clothing and the tools n these videos. It is so life like, it is amazing❤ keep it up

  • Vita Feared
    Vita Feared Month ago +19

    So true XD, love the content

  • BerryManSir
    BerryManSir 28 days ago +3

    There’s always that one friend who has no life and builds an entire castle while you’re offline

  • Ops locked
    Ops locked Month ago +4

    Then there's the one guy who spends 8 hours on the game while everyone sleeps.

  • tiganon
    tiganon Month ago +44

    You guys are the best! The much effort and money it cost to make ONE video is insane.
    I really wish all of you the best of luck!❤🎉

  • wubba lubba dub dub
    wubba lubba dub dub Month ago +2

    I get Rowan this time. I will suffer for (ingame) days just to find the perfect spot to build a base just to find out I can't build there because because of some hitspot error

  • chris reilly
    chris reilly Month ago

    Not a bad place to start lol

  • Sid theSloth
    Sid theSloth Month ago

    Nothing will ever beat an 80's montage...especially one that leads to an underwhelming finish
    Well done VLDL, loving the new Survival series, please keep it going, I don't play Survival games, but these videos are amazing and kind of make we want to

  • Patrick Schuster-Wiley

    That cut of everyone in the same frame swinging their tool is brilliant

  • Daniel Billingsley
    Daniel Billingsley Month ago +3

    ... I've lost track of the amount of times I've restarted survival games looking for that perfect camp spot. Don't care if I'm neighbors with a hungry dragon long as the location is good. That's prime real estate!!

  • Springchief 2444
    Springchief 2444 Month ago +52

    Cue the music "SOMEBODY ONCE TOLD ME" 😆

    • Nightingale
      Nightingale 25 days ago +1

      It took me way too long to find a comment on how they built the Shrek outhouse😂

    • Alexander Gerena
      Alexander Gerena 18 days ago


  • Bad Boy Tom
    Bad Boy Tom 26 days ago

    Bro could make a HUGE movie or TV show with this, I love it, their videos are amazing 🫡

  • Andreas Schmidt
    Andreas Schmidt Month ago +2

    Love you guys! Such a unique and high quality content. Please keep going!

  • MavenDeo
    MavenDeo Month ago

    Is she wearing the light armor from Conan Exiles? If that was intentional, that's an amazing detail!
    Speaking of details, the little moon on the door to their (out)house was also a great touch.

  • Derpy
    Derpy Month ago

    90% accurate, except I start making a random base while everyone else argues. Then they just temporarily join my base regardless because anything is better than nothing.

  • ALbert BREsca
    ALbert BREsca Month ago

    great tune..great work music..... work work work... whistling while we work... hahahaha

  • Adrian Carreño
    Adrian Carreño Month ago

    Oh this was great 😂

  • Abraham Jayson Galvez

    Well... I expected more 😂

  • Chai Kao Moua
    Chai Kao Moua Month ago

    In Minecraft I just dig down into the dirt to make a shelter. Use the wood that was collected to make a door and you got your self a decent shelter for the first half of the game.

  • Velisus
    Velisus Month ago

    We don't deserve this, yet here it is! Thank you!

  • Mika de Jong
    Mika de Jong Month ago +1

    I know this feeling😂😂

  • Gian Cane Quimpo
    Gian Cane Quimpo 8 days ago

    As long as I have a bed on Minecraft, I can easily skip the night. Game mechanics is the key.

  • That_one_guy_is
    That_one_guy_is Month ago

    This is me and the friends in Conan exiles 🤣

  • Char  Williams
    Char Williams 29 days ago

    What's the name of this game? You all are so good. I love you DBD shorts!

  • Sword Brethren Mordred

    I usually build different buildings for different purposes and connect them with catwalks, tunnels or simple walkways, depending on what the game allows.

  • wolf
    wolf Month ago +10

    Y'all should make you next video about the high-level griefer coming in the middle of the night to destroy and loot them and their base

  • TheDeadCobra
    TheDeadCobra Month ago

    Its a good start now all you need to do is level up your building skills

  • AnonymousLesbian
    AnonymousLesbian 26 days ago +1

    plot twist: you weren't going on a date with zenitsu, he just showed up

  • Alex Dusfraine
    Alex Dusfraine Month ago +1

    "Dude this doesn't have to be our permanent legacy base, it's just the starter resource camp. We build this up a bit so we're not exposed to the elements 24/7, collect some resources, improve our gear and stats, and _then_ we go find our spot for a worthy legacy base."

    • Josh J
      Josh J Month ago +1

      I always intend to make it a temporary first shelter and then I end up just staying there. 😋

    • wh4t3v3rrr
      wh4t3v3rrr Month ago +1

      Yeah by the time that 'starter base' turns into a six story behemoth with 3 lookout towers, a cavernous path system and every crafting station in the game starting over feels so rough.

  • Shriyansh
    Shriyansh Month ago

    this is totally me when playing minecraft, I dream for a hifi mega base and end up putting some dirt blocks together

  • Californian
    Californian 22 days ago

    I can’t stress this enough but Adam is literally me in both name and spirit.
    Difference being I usually get better results in terms of day one shelters, at least *I* thought ahead to make torches for my safety outhouse 😤

  • Moonplayz.
    Moonplayz. 24 days ago

    Please tell me I'm not the only who noticed that the base was Shrek's bathroom.

  • GuitarsRockForever
    GuitarsRockForever Month ago

    Lot of people wouldn't mind to be locked in that base with Britt 😁

  • Aaron Medley
    Aaron Medley Month ago

    I relate to this

  • Soviet Union ☭
    Soviet Union ☭ Month ago

    How shreks outhouse was made

  • Likea Block
    Likea Block Month ago

    Yall built an outhouse 💀

  • coconutcore
    coconutcore Month ago

    The names floating above their heads…
    What a wonderful addition.

  • patrick thuis
    patrick thuis Month ago +1

    Reminds me of the first time I played Minecraft. I literally messed up until I was forced to just dig a hole, block myself in and wait until morning for the monsters to go away.

    • Phoebe Wilson
      Phoebe Wilson 24 days ago

      This is my favourite first days survival strategy.

  • Vinneythe14th
    Vinneythe14th Month ago

    You always need to delegate the builder role to one person, otherwise it's just 4 different building combined into one lmfao

  • Drum Glum
    Drum Glum Month ago +5

    Epic base and its actually real truth it really happens and sh*t load of times 😂😂😂 best!

  • Not John Cena
    Not John Cena Month ago

    lmao they made shreks porta potty

  • techupgrade
    techupgrade 6 days ago

    this is why they all just need to listen to Rowen.

  • Ajit Srinivasan
    Ajit Srinivasan 8 days ago

    Rowan is just a more likable version of Elon Musk

  • Andrea Akers
    Andrea Akers Month ago

    This is so epic 😂😂

  • Jeremy Cripps
    Jeremy Cripps Month ago

    All fun to imagine till you have to spend three days building just to find out you don't get attacked in your sleep out in the open in the first place

  • Chad Michael
    Chad Michael Month ago

    Literally me playing velheim.

  • allen poggers
    allen poggers Month ago

    "your imagination is the limit" an nostalgic saying from a game called minecraft

  • Leeloo
    Leeloo Month ago

    Dude seriously got Magneto-ed by an MRI machine with his own gun 😭

  • Mebibyte
    Mebibyte Month ago

    The real rust experience

  • Blaze
    Blaze 20 days ago

    I wish I could find games like your vids

  • Usedtoilet
    Usedtoilet Month ago

    I'm so glad to have you guys in my shorts. It really help me ease my mind from toxic tictok bullshit.

    • Bregon
      Bregon Month ago

      Oh my... What are they doing in your shorts?

  • Gummy Hands
    Gummy Hands 26 days ago

    Bros built Shrek's outhouse

  • RAPTOR 9:48
    RAPTOR 9:48 6 days ago

    Yeah... A smart idea is to build your first base to be big enough to get your first structures all set up first... If playing Ark, a 2x2 foundations house is a good start. You CAN start with thatch, but I normally wait til I'm as far as wood or stone as I do a LOT of farming and pick up a TON of resources.
    But yeah, your first base could be 2x2x2.
    2 foundations long, 2 foundations wide, and 2 walls high. That way you get room to move and store stuff. And when you get time to upgrade your base, you have plenty of starting space to get your shit built properly.
    If you are building an epic fort, I recommend you pick a spot near water, as most survival games will require you to hydrate regularly.

  • Diggity Diggity
    Diggity Diggity 27 days ago +1

    They keep getting better i love it

  • OneVerse
    OneVerse 24 days ago

    What game are they referencing?

  • Keegs
    Keegs Month ago

    too real i thought it was just me with my schmuck art and design skills xD

  • an en
    an en Month ago +2

    I can't believe they actually built shreks toilet for this.😂

    • kab hes
      kab hes Month ago

      that door used to be really common for toilets before the invention of toilet paper. The moon shaped hole is so you can stick your hand out so someone else can clean it so you can wipe ass again with it.

  • SouperWy
    SouperWy Month ago

    Let’s be honest, everybody’s first ARK base was on the beach.

    • Bregon
      Bregon Month ago

      Mine was. Started making it huge, never finished it. Went Northwest to get oil, stayed up there. Literally took over the entire mountain area with the obelisk and held it for years. Had the devs take out every pillar I had claiming the area a few times and had to keep replacing them. Once in a while I would miss a spot and someone would squeeze in a small base, and I would do what I could to make it hell for them until they went away, running pipes through their structures and surrounding their area with gate walls, then filling the blocked in area with tons of Dinos so they had no room at all. My main base was at 20 20, I think. Had various buildings all over my area. I really liked my privacy and breathing room. It was basically a nature reserve, lol.

  • E F
    E F Month ago

    This is exactly how all of my IRL projects turn out.

  • Casey Bantau
    Casey Bantau Month ago

    terraria zombie scream at the end was a mental flashbang

  • DarkMatterUN
    DarkMatterUN 23 days ago

    This is the literally meaning of expectation vs reality

  • MynameisJeff
    MynameisJeff 20 days ago

    Shrek is shxting without a toilet door right now

  • DumpsterChild
    DumpsterChild Month ago

    Yep really me lol 😂😂

  • Barrie Tamkin
    Barrie Tamkin Month ago +1

    Lucky Allan hasn't got dysentery in that tight space 😂

  • Viking Shark
    Viking Shark 27 days ago

    When you do actually build that epic first base with smelting and irrigation and a tower, then find a better spot a three minute walk from where you built.

  • Gaijin_Sailo Videos

    The cherry on top 🍒 .. "There's no place like home" 🤣

  • JT
    JT 20 days ago

    This is me taking wayyy too much time to explore the map for the perfect spot to build lol

  • Pheng Vue
    Pheng Vue Month ago

    And that's how honeywood was created

  • Specs
    Specs Month ago

    My first night: a hole in the ground

  • Jacob Svane
    Jacob Svane Month ago +3

    As eexperienced survival player i can say that the limit isn't your imagination. It's actually game mechanics.

  • thedankdragon
    thedankdragon Month ago

    I always put my first base on the beach

  • Fayla
    Fayla 19 days ago

    I had the opposite problem. I would build an epic first base and never want to leave it and progress 😅

  • The Nastiest
    The Nastiest Month ago

    What was the terraria zombie sound at the end xD

  • Esfera
    Esfera Month ago

    The girl is too pretty, she should get more screen time

  • Phantom Mask
    Phantom Mask 28 days ago

    New terraria world be like:

  • Jeremy
    Jeremy Month ago

    The forest in a nutshell

  • Nyarlathotep Flagg
    Nyarlathotep Flagg 8 days ago

    This just gave me an idea... Is there a survival game where it's almost only about surviving zombies that come at night on a giant map where ppl are unlikely to meet. And the main goals is to get to the furthest point in the allotted time limit? That would be pretty cool.

  • MasterMikey798
    MasterMikey798 7 days ago

    I don't make a starter base. I build one building and then build a whole town around it. I will choose somewhere to live and never leave

  • Josh Bishop
    Josh Bishop Month ago +2

    Literally me I’ll spend hours looking for the “right” spot only to settle with whatever lmfao 😂

  • Muhammad Mahardika
    Muhammad Mahardika Month ago

    Me and the boys diggin dirt for survive from the night

  • V.A.L
    V.A.L Month ago

    That's shrek's bathroom from the meme

  • -Commit-arson-
    -Commit-arson- Month ago

    Sometimes you have to hide in the toilet the first night
    It’s a universal experience

  • Dan Johnston
    Dan Johnston Month ago

    The fact that it is an outhouse only speaks to the game's depth of realism

  • NotVishal
    NotVishal Month ago

    Shrek: ...And that's how I got my bathroom!

  • Zaiphod
    Zaiphod Month ago

    Finally someone did it! Knew I could count of the Dirt League! 😂😂😂

  • Shane Evan
    Shane Evan Month ago

    Was expecting it to turn into a home depot commercial

  • FieryHotDogs
    FieryHotDogs 22 days ago

    is that shrek's toilet!
    i mean it looks a lot like it.

  • Akshit Negi
    Akshit Negi Month ago

    Sons of forest 😌

  • Ramgladore
    Ramgladore Month ago +4

    Basically me anytime I start a new minecraft session.