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FLYING BOAT BASE! | Minecraft 1.18 Survival (Episode 3)

  • Published on Dec 6, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • It's time for a proper starter house! In episode three we set up our home, the sky boat base! if you have a name idea for the mountain throw it in the comments! Top comment wins!
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    if you read this comment a mountain name idea.

Comments • 2 806

  • Thalita Tavares
    Thalita Tavares Year ago +2

    "I've decided that I won't use any spruce wood in this entire world, like, not a single block, I won't even craft any" famous last words.

  • Ethan Brown Explorations

    Idea for mountain name, Mount Axowatl, in memory of everyones favorite villager, Axowatl.

  • Lachie Clements
    Lachie Clements Year ago +326

    Put some water slabs at the bottom of the hull, so it looks like it is dripping. The boat has taken off from the water and parked up the mountain.

  • Hunter Hall
    Hunter Hall Year ago +471

    WATTLES! ... er, uh, I guess TROPICALS! PLEASE READ! ... I have been watching your videos for a while now. I'm really excited for your new survival series, and even more excited that your starter base is a ship!. I'm really into all things maritime, historical and modern. My father and I have had sailboats for as long as I can remember! There were several things in this video that you said you didn't know what they were called, and I'd love to tell you. Plus I have a suggestion or two for your build to make it feel more authentic! Please see below:

  • Titter 2
    Titter 2 Year ago +144

    "Lighthouse Peak"

  • Eric Sells

    Immediately after seeing the finished ship, I said, "He better put the dragon head on the front."

  • Lee Freshwater
    Lee Freshwater Year ago +628

    Ship looks awesome. I have an idea for your storage. Make a storage room in the mountain, an icy storage room, and then run a 'pipe' from the ship to the storage room, like you are offloading cargo at the docks.

  • Shi Reads
    Shi Reads Year ago +159

    You should call the mountain Helm's Peak because 1) there's a ship on it, and ships have helms and 2) it sounds like Helm's Deep from LoTR

  • Kwin
    Kwin Year ago +137

    Have the boat sit on white-stained glass to look like its sailing on clouds? That would be cool. Maybe have the mountain be a Val Halla theme.

  • McKay Eyre

    I kinda like that the lighthouse was a flop, it gives me confidence in my own building abilities! Thanks Wattles for being perfectly imperfect!

  • Ninesquared81
    Ninesquared81 Year ago +194

    For reference, that pole that sticks out from the front of the ship is called a bowsprit.

  • Giga Chad

    I have seen all the episodes so far and decided to rewatch, it is like seeing a love story almost, you see the world by episode 58, then here wow there was so much improvement

  • Dido kyoraviq
    Dido kyoraviq Year ago +229

    Watching wattles start over is like putting a rich person on a deserted island

  • Jessica Hight
    Jessica Hight Year ago +81

    From the 1.17 release notes about the lightning rod: "Keeps your builds safe (well, as long as the closest area around the Lightning Rod is fireproof) during thunderstorms!"

  • dj enby
    dj enby Year ago +31

    If you haven’t heard already you can change the switches out for a quiet one that is still mechanical! I think like cherry mx red or brown might be what you want

  • Exodus007

    Thank you so much wattles for bringing us your amazing content on such a regular basis, your sky ship is looking absolutely insane and I can’t wait to see what you do next in this world, as for a name of the mountain? How about Mt st wattles?

  • Radu Gabor
    Radu Gabor Year ago +85

    The boat looks awsome, Quick tip: if you want to be more efficient with the space for the storage room, maybe you will consider making the ship's floor out of barrels. It gives it a nice pattern and as a bonusm you will have more storage downstairs. Keep it up!

  • JoeDodger42
    JoeDodger42 Year ago +2

    This was an amazing episode and it inspired me to re-create a similar version in my world. I love how you created the shape of your sails appear they are getting moved by the wind. Love the new series!

  • • The Santa Ohioan Cookie Monster •

    Instead of Queen Anne’s Revenge, King Wattle’s Revenge for the ship (not the mountain)

  • ullcringe2
    ullcringe2 Year ago +101

    Mountain name suggestion: Mt. Axowatl- after the best villager ever.