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  • Published on Jan 16, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • MrFreddy
    MrFreddy 2 months ago +77076

    It’s funny how cops can’t answer ur questions if they don’t want to, but they get mad wen u don’t answer their questions🤣

    • Weav
      Weav 28 days ago

      The driver was obviously just being a whiny idiot. Lol. He said it was for a loud exhaust more than once. How many times did he want the officer to play his games? Then the driver kept stating his speed like his car couldn’t be over the decibel level at lower speeds… the driver was being just a complete moron. Thankfully the officer didn’t waste much of his time with him

    • jake carl
      jake carl Month ago

      @GnarlyDude970 you’re joking right?

    • Eric Bland
      Eric Bland Month ago

      I NEVER answer question. ONLY ASK THE QUESTIONS

    • Nao Shiori
      Nao Shiori Month ago

      Oh yeah cuz the people ask the questions and not the cops

  • Ty Carr
    Ty Carr 26 days ago +2492

    Glad this was caught on film. Grown professional men acting like skittish children when faced with a simple and pertinent line of inquiry. Visibly guilty.

    • PreteFunkEra
      PreteFunkEra 5 days ago

      @Steven Auldridge what does boot taste like?

    • Philip Hunter
      Philip Hunter 6 days ago

      ​@Steven Auldridge cause the cops left without answering

    • Steven Auldridge
      Steven Auldridge 16 days ago +1

      @John Goguen The guy doing his job? You do notice the video is edited right? How do you know the cop didnt talk to them? Try thinking just a little bit.

    • Jay Man
      Jay Man 19 days ago +5


  • Mikaela Fox
    Mikaela Fox 24 days ago +1242

    That last cop looked embarrassed. He knew what he was doing. The first cop was smug af.

  • Steven Eyerman
    Steven Eyerman 2 months ago +5036

    The cop sounds and talks like a grown up Morty with no Rick in his life.

  • Mads Nygaard
    Mads Nygaard 20 days ago +212

    That bicycle cop is like a character straight out of South park…

    • Tim Ford
      Tim Ford 6 days ago

      Watch the ricklantis mixup like season 3 episode 7 or something

    • MyDadsJorts
      MyDadsJorts 9 days ago +1

      I was thinking he sounded more like Morty 😂

  • Butternut Donut
    Butternut Donut 24 days ago +62

    And cops still can’t figure out why people hate them.

  • Dr. Veronica
    Dr. Veronica Month ago +10711

    This is what happens when police departments give their cops a ticket quota.

    • Brandon Fisher
      Brandon Fisher 10 days ago

      ​@tony Dobek They absolutely still keep count and are rewarded and semi disciplined for writing more or less tickets than they did previous month.

    • Brandon Fisher
      Brandon Fisher 10 days ago

      ​@tony Dobek They absolutely still keep count and are rewarded and semi disciplined for writing more or less tickets than they did previous month.

    • Bill's Boat
      Bill's Boat 17 days ago +1

      It’s that way everyday in California… glad I left there. .. the state’s so in debt they tell cops to give as many tickets as possible and put sober people through unnecessary DUI tests. Stupid system , stupid cops.

    • Robert Benn
      Robert Benn 20 days ago

      ​@tony Dobek they really didn't. If you are not writing tickets and stay up with the others in your department it appears you're not working handing out tickets. That's when you get these police traps to get numbers up for officers that are behind.

    • John’s Gaming
      John’s Gaming 21 day ago

      @tony Dobek in Ohio cops still have a quota it depends what state and country

  • Viking Life
    Viking Life 25 days ago +346

    This is why I love rural America. You can see people driving wird contraptions down the road and dont get bothered so long as they have adequate lights.

    • Jbl 79
      Jbl 79 7 days ago

      OH THATS WHY I MOVED 😂 BYE THE WAY I'm more Rural now..

    • Zenith Perigee
      Zenith Perigee 13 days ago +1

      @Viking Life, you saying that I just hear "You might be a redneck, "Sir, I pulled you over because of your boat back there. Is it against the law to pull a boat?! No sir but we do require you put a trailer under it... Sir, could you ask your friends to get out of the boat..."😂

    • FocusingOnChrist
      FocusingOnChrist 16 days ago +1

      Ong saw the craziest 3 wheeled home made bike thing driving home the other day going 30 in a 55 and a cop drive by and just minded his own damn business 😂

    • Viking Life
      Viking Life 16 days ago +1

      @YLysergic Some areas yes. The small towns can be tight on the speed limit but for the most part you can do 5 over no problems.

  • Intensity . Density
    Intensity . Density 26 days ago +83

    Take his badge number and name. Report him. If he can't give you a legit answer for the ticket, he can't give you one.

    • Intensity . Density
      Intensity . Density 20 days ago +7

      @James McCarty if an officer can't give you an answer as to why he's stopped him, he can't issue a ticket unless there's a legitimate reason with evidence.

  • J. D.
    J. D. 2 months ago +10232

    That's an easy dismissal in court.

    • Zenith Perigee
      Zenith Perigee 13 days ago

      @J. D., yea but you shouldn't even have to deal with the court/magistrate. That has to be someplace like CA. If they could those goons would have a dozen catalytic converters on a freaking moped. They are so @$%# about the stupidest things.

    • pyrobryan
      pyrobryan 21 day ago

      @Danny Trevino With speeding, the officer's testimony as to how they measured your speed is generally considered sufficient evidence, but I'm curious how this officer measured the sound level of this car's exhaust. Not really enough info in this video to know if he measured anything at all.

    • Tyler Banns
      Tyler Banns 26 days ago

      Not lol

    • Leeroy Jenkins
      Leeroy Jenkins 27 days ago

      Hahaha, go to court. Lose a day of work, good luck foo

    • Kadeo123321
      Kadeo123321 28 days ago

      The punishment is the process

  • Danny Melton
    Danny Melton 22 days ago +15

    “ I’ll see ya in court, I’m hoping you show up if you’re so certain I deserved this”

  • Ryan
    Ryan 17 days ago +6

    Let's talk really fast so they feel overwhelmed....tyrants 💯

  • Mike Conner
    Mike Conner Month ago +3676

    I call them legalized thieves.

    • Bang Supa
      Bang Supa 29 days ago

      Supported and funded by the government

    • Mohamed Hussein
      Mohamed Hussein Month ago +2

      Come to africa and you will see your police as angels😂😂

    • Starguy
      Starguy Month ago +1

      The Revenue stream. They have to keep it flowing

  • BlackTea7
    BlackTea7 24 days ago +10

    "We don't live in a police state, cops aren't running a racketeering scheme with tickets"

  • We Joe
    We Joe 19 days ago +4

    I hope you took that to COURT, because it seems like he'd HAVE to have that PROVEN with a decimal reader? 🤔🤔🤔

  • Morg2014
    Morg2014 2 months ago +6062

    If cops knew what the law was they’d be lawyers.

    • MurdaRich Blood
      MurdaRich Blood 15 days ago

      They'd be actually doing their job

    • tipigi
      tipigi Month ago

      No they wouldn't. They NEED that power trip. Sitting in an office 90% of the time wouldn't cut it for these thugs.

    • The Outsider
      The Outsider Month ago

      @Danski a motor cop should at least know the majority of traffic infractions 😐

    • Chad Ingram
      Chad Ingram Month ago

      @chrisgcc Except it's going to get dropped, because he was wrong, as are you, as i've pointed out already

    • Antonio Z
      Antonio Z Month ago

      @Beluga my first comment legit was not out to you, so I assume u the type to pick out arguments for attention and I'm good on that lol

  • It'sOver9000!!!
    It'sOver9000!!! 24 days ago +11

    He looked high ASF
    "I gotta go"

    • It'sOver9000!!!
      It'sOver9000!!! 7 days ago

      @Jezza yep ML 😆

    • Jezza
      Jezza 11 days ago +2

      He had to go back to the car meet to pull over everyone else leaving

  • 4k_ elii
    4k_ elii 26 days ago +3

    “i was parked there in the street have a good day drive safe” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Denbar137
    Denbar137 Month ago +2200

    A perfect example of why they’re called road pirates. It’s all about the money.

    • Aaron Kitzmiller
      Aaron Kitzmiller 24 days ago

      ​@Starhawk28 the city gets money from those tickets. Tell me, what's the most expensive item on any city's budget in the US?

    • Spirit
      Spirit 25 days ago

      only some

    • RekTz YT
      RekTz YT 25 days ago

      @Starhawk28 here in florida cops get paid based on how many tickets they have

    • Big Ploppa
      Big Ploppa 28 days ago

      @E no good candidates

  • Samuel Centamore
    Samuel Centamore 25 days ago

    Shady cops you got there son! 🤣

  • Jojo99
    Jojo99 25 days ago

    They tryanna get that bonus man 🤣

  • Nick g
    Nick g Month ago +1217

    The cops seem to act like cartels in the US. They are literally shaking these guys down

    • brandon holt
      brandon holt Month ago

      They're called road bandits.

    • driver4011
      driver4011 Month ago

      so called "loud" exhaust. how come
      oinko doesn't go to the "other side of the tracks" , n stop / pull people over
      for very loud "music"......hhhmmm......

  • steve
    steve 6 days ago

    would've just shown my emotions through that exhaust

  • RogueRider
    RogueRider 14 days ago

    That exhaust was dam loud though!

  • scottrich976
    scottrich976 Month ago +2811

    Thieves and con artists in uniform.

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago +2

      @Slaymyface135 doing there jobs? 😂😂 entrapment is filthy asf. And how could he have known how loud the muffler was when he said he didn’t have a decibel reader?

    • Slaymyface135
      Slaymyface135 Month ago

      @LEX REX awwe someone mad? you gonna go harras cops for doing their jobs and call it an "audit" maybe cry more on the internet?

  • dominic pardi
    dominic pardi 17 days ago

    Should have waited to sign it after he answered you

  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Bro was in a rush💀

  • Omar Karim
    Omar Karim 2 months ago +2293

    That first cop was straight out of a comedy show ..

    • Hejsan Du
      Hejsan Du Month ago

      "§27.150..🤔.. A" quick thinker this one 😂

    • Clickbait Police
      Clickbait Police Month ago +4

      @Gerardo Vega wait.. WHAT? You’re telling me this isn’t fake???

    • Random Hip Hop
      Random Hip Hop Month ago +2

      @Gerardo Vega same

    • Gerardo Vega
      Gerardo Vega Month ago +6

      I thought this was fake for a minute cause I couldn’t believe it 😂

  • JuggN9cian
    JuggN9cian 24 days ago

    Take it to court lmao I would 🤣👌

  • Jack Murray
    Jack Murray 25 days ago

    “I gotta go” 😂😂

  • damon weathersby
    damon weathersby Month ago +1678

    People wonder why we're at a stalemate with law enforcement in this country

    • Tony Brown
      Tony Brown 29 days ago

      @damon weathersby for you, maybe.

    • damon weathersby
      damon weathersby Month ago

      @Tony Brown I have a dad and don't hate Authority is just the reality in America

    • damon weathersby
      damon weathersby Month ago

      @Dizzy but this is happening in real life

    • Tony Brown
      Tony Brown Month ago

      @Tarik St Patrick that’s quite literally what you did. You don’t like facts. It’s okay. Cope harder then.

  • Yellow Mayo
    Yellow Mayo 25 days ago

    See yall in court heheh:)

  • OrC
    OrC 20 days ago

    Hope you fought the ticket.

  • Its_10kay
    Its_10kay 2 months ago +2261

    That “I got to go” was everything he needed to know

    • twoeightythreez
      twoeightythreez Month ago

      Good response would be to say "yeah i gotta go too" and then bang the engine off rev limiter while driving down the street in 1st gear. As long as you dont spin tires or drive in a reckless manner they cant do shit.
      If these cops are gonna give a bs ticket u may as well effin earn it. Since they already issued the citation it would be very petty of them to pull u over AGAIN.

    • Clickbait Police
      Clickbait Police Month ago +2

      By that he meant he had to go stop more innocent civilians just to get that paycheck.

    • Drago Milosevic
      Drago Milosevic Month ago

      @chrisgcc you must have a crush

    • chrisgcc
      chrisgcc Month ago

      @Monipulator3216 the cop wasnt unprofessional. he was fine.

    • real_jayman
      real_jayman Month ago +2

      @PrisonMike308 thank you prison Mike

  • Man Shah
    Man Shah 22 days ago

    'Harvest' session over there.

  • C L
    C L 8 days ago

    Road pirates! 😂

  • Reno Laringo
    Reno Laringo Month ago +2063

    Without any decibel meter he couldn't even tell how loud it was if he got confronted in justice in the first place. Those clowns need to go!

    • Hornet135
      Hornet135 Month ago

      @sean regan You’re already lost.

    • Johny mcmuffins
      Johny mcmuffins Month ago

      @Adam B you are correct and its not just california

    • Adam B
      Adam B Month ago

      @Reno Laringo I was just stating how it is in California. If you don't believe me I actually don't care but just saying that in California the ticket is at the discretion of the police officer and if he believes it's over the limit then they will ticket you. It is then your prerogative to prove it is under the limit or pay the fine.

  • Josh Kopitke
    Josh Kopitke 24 days ago

    Good thing you have it on camera bring it to court with you

  • Jack k-b
    Jack k-b 8 days ago +1

    Good on them lol.

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago +4728

    Once you called him out on the decibel meter, he wanted to get out of there quick because he knew he was about to get screwed.

    • Matthew Lehmann
      Matthew Lehmann Month ago

      @someusername121 could hear his motorcycle from 100 feet away as well.

    • B
      B Month ago

      ​@SchecterOne you know signing isn't an admission of guilt, right? You're just signing that you were given the citation. If you don't sign it, they can arrest you lmao.

    • Dawsen Smith
      Dawsen Smith Month ago

      @Mark Staudinger not to mention, the dudes got video of that too, IMMEDIATELY after leaving the car show.

  • NuggetMan1341
    NuggetMan1341 12 days ago

    i swear the motorbike had a louder exhaust lol

  • Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick
    Mr. Dr. Prof. Patrick 23 days ago

    oh cops… i’ve interacted with such a wide variety of them… one who didn’t give me a ticket even tho i was literally going like 20 over, and ones that have kicked me out of a dog park for being there an hour before close

  • Thee Willy-D
    Thee Willy-D Month ago +1438

    bro just got the whole department sued

    • Tyler Banns
      Tyler Banns 26 days ago

      No he didnt

    • Joel Beauchamp
      Joel Beauchamp Month ago

      Imagine a police officer giving a speeding ticket without a radar and then saying to someone, I saw you pass by and you were going really fast. Its the same with the "too loud"

    • Thee Willy-D
      Thee Willy-D Month ago

      Atleast not anywhere near where I live

    • Thee Willy-D
      Thee Willy-D Month ago +1

      @Johny mcmuffins that is only during quiet hours and there are no laws prohibiting the modification of exhaust just excess noise which it sounded loud doesn't hold in court

    • Johny mcmuffins
      Johny mcmuffins Month ago

      @Thee Willy-D also no you dont need a reader to give a citation. And at all times your car should be equiped with the right muffler not a modified one. His was obviously modified. And during certain hours of the day you cannot make excess noise

  • Yurt
    Yurt 26 days ago

    you'd be doing well to do 10kph in second gear

  • Owen
    Owen 7 days ago

    Love power trips

  • Taylor Williams
    Taylor Williams Month ago +1924

    I want to see someone telling an officer “I gotta go” & just zip off.

    • help
      help Month ago

      @alex symmes that’s for the court to decide. You can’t just decide if a traffic stop is illegal or not lmao

    • Kevin C
      Kevin C Month ago

      I actually did this once. Cop rolled her eyes and went away lol.

    • dallas_pandora420
      dallas_pandora420 Month ago

      @king Red they will always catch you. you may outrun the police officer but you can never outrun the plate runners and the radios. committing felonies and ruining your life isn’t content.

    • Danny Camacho
      Danny Camacho Month ago +1

      ​@Karl Causes Everything insert gotcha bitch meme Dave Chappelle

    • king Red
      king Red Month ago

      @Cryptic Cobra only if they catch you

  • J Star
    J Star Day ago

    Fight that ticket! there is absolutely no way for the officer to prove how loud your muffler was!!

  • PapiChulo
    PapiChulo 8 days ago

    To court we go 🎉

  • Rusty Shackleford
    Rusty Shackleford 2 months ago +1340

    They knew what they were doing. Like a kid being caught with his hand in the cookie jar, their behavior said it all

    • Rampp Montanaa
      Rampp Montanaa 15 days ago

      @ReZgar but you still made an argument & wrote him a short story over his comment , & his comment said nothing about entrapment….

    • Kyarl
      Kyarl 2 months ago

      @ReZgar entrapment isn’t even a thing in most states…they can trick you into doing anything and it’s still your choice to take part. But yer either way this wasn’t entrapment

    • idk anymore
      idk anymore 2 months ago

      ​@ReZgar lmao

  • Dyl_taco
    Dyl_taco 26 days ago

    You should cite the location so people rage. There is so much corruption in ticketing

  • nguyen925
    nguyen925 8 days ago

    It's that time of month. 😮

  • T3K
    T3K Month ago +1272

    Power tripping until they realize they're caught. We need better police officers

    • Jake Phil
      Jake Phil Month ago

      Nobody wants to be a cop anymore tho

    • John Lacey
      John Lacey Month ago +1

      Caught doing what. He answered all his questions the guy cut the video and the officers where done dealing with him. You can only answer the same question so many times until it gets tiring.

    • Dxddy Minato
      Dxddy Minato Month ago +3

      @Big Doink ruin someone’s live over a exhaust ticket? Plz gtf 😭💀💀

    • CircutUnknown
      CircutUnknown Month ago +1

      It's not the officers, it's the system.

    • yeboi D.P.
      yeboi D.P. Month ago +2

      @stuz gaming and that mentality is whats ruining the world sir made you be blessed with the truth. Corrupted by the power that holds you. You are better especially working for them. Fines that take food from other families. I rather my family starve then me take the meals away from another. Hate to break it to you but we are not animals anymore. We dont kill to survive nor take meals.

  • kenneth austin
    kenneth austin 25 days ago

    Yea with this vid id get a great bag

  • Raivis Osplovskis
    Raivis Osplovskis 12 days ago

    Asking the right questions

  • Buzzwild
    Buzzwild 2 months ago +8024

    How arrogant that cop was

    • Shawn Hall
      Shawn Hall Month ago


    • Akhil Narain
      Akhil Narain Month ago +1

      Not very

    • Grey guy.
      Grey guy. 2 months ago +1

      @Raxacoricofalapatorian yeah none of your comments are showing. Even thou you have no insults

  • Tony Hill
    Tony Hill 26 days ago

    I'm glad I live in Indiana where you can drive around with no exhaust if you want to.

  • Saum
    Saum 26 days ago

    Damn if that thing was this loud at 10 no way it was stock... bro knew n that's why didn't fight much

  • mario fernandez
    mario fernandez Month ago +628

    They're too afraid to fight real crimes

    • yanz n
      yanz n 17 days ago

      @Dark Void cali state law nullified when it comes to mods on a car that registered in canada. damon know this fact, but the cop didnt and dont care just wanna write some tickets for his monthly quota.

    • mario fernandez
      mario fernandez 26 days ago

      @tylerbanns9515 I am too lol I'm no robocop people die get killed shot up yikes

    • Tyler Banns
      Tyler Banns 26 days ago +1

      Ok coyote.

    • Dark Void
      Dark Void 28 days ago +1

      @Tsuna Takahiro loud exhaust... He literally said that .

    • BIGbirdG
      BIGbirdG Month ago


  • Bradley jacobs
    Bradley jacobs 13 days ago +1

    10klm is like 5mph or something witch is crazy to me

  • I like pina colada's and getting caught in the rain

    I believe they must meet a quota on how many tickets they give and can get in trouble if they don't meet it. So they look for anything to just meet the quota regardless if they are in the wrong.

  • Davey Dave
    Davey Dave Month ago +1236

    That’s a small little man right there. He didn’t get a badge to help people

    • Sairam R
      Sairam R Month ago

      @Mshojat im sure that cop has a brain of his own. He's free to choose any other profession, as the US is the land of the so called free and brave.

    • M Bryson
      M Bryson Month ago

      He's helping the majority of people who are sick of little boys in loud cars.

    • Crimson D
      Crimson D Month ago

      @Ethan Elliott no one would do the job no one wants to do the job as is.

  • Misha Zubovnik
    Misha Zubovnik 26 days ago

    Road pirates ☠️ 😎 👌 it's a sanctioned gang bro

  • Voltaire Alexander
    Voltaire Alexander 22 days ago

    That's Newport Beach pd for you smh

  • Helm HamburgerHand
    Helm HamburgerHand Month ago +827

    Definitely should've made a whole ass lawsuit about that. Cost that dept their cash

    • some random ass guy on the internet
      some random ass guy on the internet Month ago

      unfortunately any settlements for abuse of power come out of state or local coffers rather than the PD’s, so it’s hard for there to be accountability when none of their operational capacity is being threatened in any meaningful way

    • M L
      M L Month ago

      How this isn't America right? We don't do kmh. They live in a police state where cops serve the government not you.

    • Krystal Mtn
      Krystal Mtn Month ago

      Sue for what? It's a law.

    • Ryan White
      Ryan White Month ago

      ​@Invader Zimyou can't sue past events if it was against the law then even after abolished it was still against the before

    • Ryan White
      Ryan White Month ago

      Uggghm it's literally the law you can't

  • Melody Dawn
    Melody Dawn 23 days ago

    Good job, you ran off that cop off real quick, cause you know the Law !! GbY fellow Patriot ♡

  • street Glidin
    street Glidin 18 days ago

    "No that's a different section" lol

  • ArlindBlaze
    ArlindBlaze Month ago +1666

    Its so awesome to see that you could ask an officer some regular actual questions and they can just run off with zero explanation , whilst if you do it you get rag dolled out of your car for inappropriate behaviour to an officer.

    • 0Black Lightning0
      0Black Lightning0 Month ago +2

      @PopsGG Except there is a problem with that. It has to follow a noise code. Like I’m in Amarillo Texas and just because a vehicle is loud doesn’t mean officers are allowed to pull you over and give you a ticket for it. There are alot of stipulations. If it’s the same way it was when it came from the factory and the exhaust system isn’t broken, doesn’t have holes in it, is properly hooked up and is working the way it was when it left the factory then even if it violates the decibel code you can’t get a ticket for it unless you are revving the engine and or doing other things that are causing your vehicle to be unnecessarily loud. However if you added an after market exhaust system and it’s louder than the factory then you can but only if you are revving the engine or accelerating to quickly. Now these laws are only enforced for the most part after 22:00 and up to about 06:00.

    • ConcretGod808
      ConcretGod808 Month ago +2

      ​@PopsGG sounded like his muffler was more than adequate

    • ConcretGod808
      ConcretGod808 Month ago

      ​@UrokLizard what's cord?

    • PopsGG
      PopsGG Month ago +1

      He explained it very clearly, loud exhaust / inadequate muffler. Just because the answer isn't what you wanted to hear doesn't mean it wasn't answered.

    • UrokLizard
      UrokLizard Month ago +5

      @0Black Lightning0 ​ (I saw you deleted your message 😉) Knives, clubs, bats, and fists can also be considered deadly weapons. If you get physical with an officer, 100% guarantee they won't hesitate to escalate with their own deadly force.
      There was a officer involved shooting in March 2022 where a muscular disorderly drunk man at a wedding party had the cops called on him and was approached by the police. The man punched a cop a single time to unconsciousness and approached the other cop. The other cop shot the man 7 times and killed him in self defense. The cop was not charged and the shooting was justified.
      Be careful with the fights you pick. The cops always have a way to escalate. I guarantee they have bigger weapons and more manpower than you. Take your fights to the court system and if you have a good case, you'll walk out a millionaire.

  • BenzTech
    BenzTech 26 days ago

    Entrapment. Thank God I live in free Florida!

    HVRD LVLZ 23 days ago

    Wouldn’t pay it 😂

  • Rene Sanchez
    Rene Sanchez 2 months ago +1568

    The guys in blue really seem to be protecting and serving the community. I feel so much safer now.

    • Elijah Jimenez
      Elijah Jimenez Month ago

      @thius lol

    • dso1509
      dso1509 Month ago

      @Don Carlo meow 🐱

    • Immortal
      Immortal Month ago

      @Yu-Gi-Nintendo ! Its also overplayed to say they should solve crime, when that was never the point of patrol officers. Theres a whole reason police agencies have ranks called detectives. Plus cops are not some all seeing figure that can figure out when a crime is gonna happen before it happens. How they gonna solve something not happening infront of them. There thousands of videos out of context, videos can be cropped to show certain parts to garner attention.

    • Yu-Gi-Nintendo !
      Yu-Gi-Nintendo ! 2 months ago +1

      @thius that response is a little overplayed when you can find literally thousands of videos showing this level of behavior or worse.

  • DawkHaze
    DawkHaze 24 days ago

    I gotta go 😂😂😂😂

  • Chris Hamilton
    Chris Hamilton 22 days ago

    And then there is the other side of the coin - the people that have their peace and quiet shattered by loud exhaust systems. 😊

  • King Sausage
    King Sausage Month ago +201

    Take them to court and post it all please… I’ll hit that thumbs up to help Clip-Share funding

    • King Sausage
      King Sausage Month ago +1

      @Psycho19 true, but we can help the Clip-Share make more money off the corruption

    • Psycho19
      Psycho19 Month ago +1

      Nothing is gonna happen 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Germanguy519
    Germanguy519 23 days ago

    All on video partna!

  • Jaiden Baker
    Jaiden Baker 26 days ago

    Bonus time must be coming up.

  • hugo mungus
    hugo mungus Month ago +454

    Quotas for cop tickets should be illegal everywhere.

    • Noah Greene
      Noah Greene Month ago

      ​@Reagan Weber"we've investigated ourselves and determined we're innocent"

    • Reagan Weber
      Reagan Weber Month ago

      @johnmatonne7834 I just called it a quota, but there's only a quota on stops (for some departments), not tickets.
      Read my comments fully.

    • John Matonne
      John Matonne Month ago

      @Reagan Weber Actually that's a misnomer. That would be called a "quota" which was found to be unseemly by mos states and banned Overwhelming number of Police Departments do not have such a thing

    • S L
      S L Month ago

      @Aaron Pieper They need reasonable suspicion to detain anyone. Everyone have the right to leave if it isn't a detention. Illegal detention or arrest may lead to lawsuits.

  • Brillo Pad
    Brillo Pad 11 days ago

    As someone who despises loud, fake-muscle car exhausts - no sale on this one, bro. You deserved the ticket.

  • Ayetoven 420
    Ayetoven 420 14 hours ago

    Micro tyrant 😂🤡 🌎

  • Lightning McDrift
    Lightning McDrift Month ago +1850

    most punchable cop ever, public servants refusing to answer simple questions

    • 10tative
      10tative Month ago

      @Andrew Lamas firstly, i am replying to those who tag me. If I dont reply its cuz i dont get a notification. secondly, there are two ways to combat your statement. #1, the officer cannot visibly or audibly tell if the vehicle is modified or not. #2, you do not know if the vehicle is or is not modified, as it is not proven within the video. plus, the guy came from a car show. chances are its modified.

    • Andrew Lamas
      Andrew Lamas Month ago

      @10tative notice how you’re only replying to people that you can give a clear answer to. It doesn’t matter if it’s too loud, it only matters when the car is modified to be too loud which would make it illegal

    • tukhorse
      tukhorse Month ago

      @10tative well young lady I'm glad you have a sense of humor 👍

    • 10tative
      10tative Month ago

      @tukhorse thanks, I try 😊

  • Anthdauug
    Anthdauug 25 days ago

    Any updates on this?

  • Dave
    Dave 9 days ago

    ”I gotta go”🙄

  • Scruff
    Scruff Month ago +955

    get these guys off the force. they sit a bait to meet their quotas instead of going after real criminals because they're afraid of danger. these guys are a disgrace.

    • Scruff
      Scruff Month ago

      @Aaron Schoenecker so if I record a car exhaust and play it on my stereo and tell everyone it's my favorite song. What changes? And just to clarify, I never said all cops. I'm a blue life supporter through and through. But I also believe this was BS. Theres a difference between parking in front of your neighbors house reving your engine at 1am and leaving a car show. Time and place. But a loud exhaust ticket leaving from a car show... why is the mayor/governor even letting that event take place, if not to just write tickets.

    • Aaron Schoenecker
      Aaron Schoenecker Month ago

      @Scruff there are a ton of officers that have not wrote a ticket in years. So I wouldn’t go that far. Yes we all have to answer to someone. And yes everyone has a right to have such things like playing music at home. However, when you affect other people that begins to go away.

    • Sung uk Yun
      Sung uk Yun Month ago

      @A Dude With Long Hair So just because you got a ticket for a cop they should be disrespected and attacked? Lmao I really do wish one day every cop just quit so idiots can fend for themselves.

    • Scruff
      Scruff Month ago

      @Aaron Schoenecker so because people complain you have to squash others' rights? The bill of rights affords us the pursuit of happiness, and if that's by me or anyone else having a modified exhaust and driving around at a car show then that is their right. And you dont officially have quotas no. But if your not giving out tickets and bringing in revenue for the city/county/state while other officers are what happens to you? You have to explain to your captain why correct? Go so long without writing a ticket and you lose your job, correct? And that may not be called a "quota" but that is the definition of a quota.

    • Aaron Schoenecker
      Aaron Schoenecker Month ago

      We don’t have “quotas” and people call and complain about loud exhaust all the time. We have to do something about citizen complaints .

  • Kevin Mccooey
    Kevin Mccooey 21 day ago +1

    They legit pulled up,robbed these dudes and bounced lol...wow

  • Tyler Moline
    Tyler Moline 19 days ago

    Gotta hit their quota 😑

    CHAD MARTINDALE 2 months ago +2152

    Go to court and get it thrown out. Sucks that you have to go through the effort, but life sucks sometimes. Keep them accountable.

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Month ago +1

      @HashMaster yeah, idk what these guys defending him about LMAO, all fanboys, also they were going like 30mph atleast lmaooo, like… 10kmh is 6 miles an hour. That was straight lying to police lololol, nowhere near 10, 50 moreso???? guy cant even count

    • McBumblenuts
      McBumblenuts Month ago

      And then taxpayer money gets used to hold them accountable, either way the people lose, the entire system is fucked

    • Spencer Reid
      Spencer Reid Month ago

      @rollypollyolie im not sure if you meant to reply to me but your comment makes no sense

    • SG_KING
      SG_KING Month ago

      @HashMaster I just rewatched the video and realized you're right. I confused this for a different video

  • Drumhr kW
    Drumhr kW 3 days ago

    In Queensland, Australia. The cops hide at a corner beside the stop sign and make you pay $400 for stopping for 2seconds instead of 3. 😂😂

  • Mr Respect
    Mr Respect 4 days ago

    This cop fr came this man a “existing ticket”

  • baller money
    baller money Month ago +1714

    Corrupt cops at it finest. Abusing their power and being stubborn. This is why cops need to be held accountable.

    • Ueeees
      Ueeees Month ago

      @Logan Angell Bro I have no idea to which one of my comments you replied to.

    • Logan Angell
      Logan Angell Month ago

      ​@Ueeees that's not an argument though the police show up after the fact

    • Jacob White
      Jacob White Month ago

      @MegaJared2 my friend is a police officer, he has littlerally reported other police officers in the UK for being abusive. Got got an award or sum shit for it.

    • Ueeees
      Ueeees Month ago

      @youAreSpecial it's a show I used to watch with my dad. He died in a car accident. Thx for reminding me of that

    • notalex1309
      notalex1309 Month ago

      ​@MegaJared2 thats not true at all.....

  • Angel in disguise
    Angel in disguise 23 days ago +1

    Yup they're definitely baiting !!.

  • Allie Engelbrecht
    Allie Engelbrecht 5 hours ago

    Get paid on commission 🤣

  • Sean Weigle
    Sean Weigle Month ago +454

    That cop is a literal punching bag

  • Big Tone 713
    Big Tone 713 21 day ago

    Definitely get that dismissed

  • Fatty
    Fatty 2 months ago +870

    "We're totally not filling non-existent quotas for the month."

    • Green Dholia
      Green Dholia Month ago +1

      @Johny mcmuffins sure maybe not exactly how I say but somethings happening at certain times that makes cops crazy for arresting over the smallest things explain that

    • Johny mcmuffins
      Johny mcmuffins Month ago

      @Green Dholia they don’t exist

    • Johny mcmuffins
      Johny mcmuffins Month ago

      Those don’t exist

  • Tomás Vigil
    Tomás Vigil 26 days ago

    So, how did it go in Court?

  • The Meeting Busta
    The Meeting Busta 26 days ago

    I wonder what the crossed sabers are for

  • D BO
    D BO Month ago +490

    Corrupt cops making quotas

    • praing mantis
      praing mantis Month ago


    • KaliningradToCzechRepublic
      KaliningradToCzechRepublic Month ago

      bruh, his excuse was literally „i am only going 10kph“… regarding a loud exhaust…

    • Anarchy
      Anarchy Month ago +1

      @Horror Fan19 cops performances are certainly based on something…

  • Norwegian Smores
    Norwegian Smores 24 days ago

    yup this ticket is easily dismissed.

  • Brian Chang
    Brian Chang 25 days ago

    Last one was laughing lmfao

  • james larson
    james larson 2 months ago +563

    That second officer wanted to say yea. You could see it in his eyes. That was the “I’m sorry bro” look.

    • Charles Alberti
      Charles Alberti 2 months ago +3

      All it takes for evil to prevail is good men to do nothing

    • Allilujah
      Allilujah 2 months ago +26

      It totally was the "I hate myself for following the orders I know are wrong"

  • T R
    T R 22 days ago

    Always the guys on the bikes