Afternoon Tea Look with Mama Wong | PENELOPE POP

  • Published on Sep 14, 2017 veröffentlicht
  • Find out whether Mama Wong likes the makeup I put on her!
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Comments • 319

  • geli zervoulakos
    geli zervoulakos 2 months ago

    woaah!!winnie i love all of your vlogs you're so cute. when Alex mentioned that you were the one who created her vlog i got curious about you and now I am here watching your vlogs.😍😍you inspired me to become minimalist and i really like you being so humble and simple.😘😍

  • Louisek
    Louisek 3 months ago

    your mom’s so pretty and elegant!

  • Jackie S
    Jackie S 3 months ago

    It's beautiful, Mama Wong! Love the mom and daughter bonding!

  • Yolanda Robinson
    Yolanda Robinson 4 months ago

    I'm from a Wong family, and I never knew my Chinese family, wish me luck finding them😆

  • Mary Joyce Camille Aguirre

    soo cute

  • Aiz Chu
    Aiz Chu 5 months ago

    You're mom is so adorable! I hope you'll make more videos with her. :)

  • Alyssa Raine
    Alyssa Raine 5 months ago

    Ni de ma ma shi hen piao liang!!!!

  • In K
    In K 6 months ago

    You’re both beautiful 🥰

  • Bem Cronologia
    Bem Cronologia 6 months ago

    Mother-daughter bonding

  • Digna Almoite
    Digna Almoite 6 months ago

    nkakatuwa kau ni Mama! nakakaaliw c mader! from Macau.. good job Pen! 😍😍😍

  • AAA P
    AAA P 6 months ago

    "Its too ugly!" Taiwanese parents always like that,,, my moms the same

  • jefrey campilan
    jefrey campilan 7 months ago

    Mother like daughter. Both pretty

    WHOLEHEARTED 7 months ago

    Wut???? She actually looks great after the make up.

  • Cherry Loyola
    Cherry Loyola 7 months ago +1

    你妈妈真漂亮 🙃

  • Juana Cagasan
    Juana Cagasan 7 months ago

    I enjoy listening to u & ur mom talk 😍

  • Ma Fe Abocejo
    Ma Fe Abocejo 8 months ago

    More mandarin please😍😍😍....

  • Myka Aycocho
    Myka Aycocho 8 months ago

    I came across this and coincidentally, I'm learning mandarin so it's satisfying to understand most of what you guys are saying!!!! 🥰💖

  • Mau Dee
    Mau Dee 8 months ago

    is mama wong pure chinese?

  • Stef Into Fashion
    Stef Into Fashion 8 months ago

    Omg love ur content!

  • Queen Recimo
    Queen Recimo 9 months ago

    wow sooo cute ♡♡♡♡

  • ciray morantte
    ciray morantte 9 months ago

    So cute 😍 makes me wanna do my mom's makeup too 😄

  • プロTessa’h Murata
    プロTessa’h Murata 9 months ago

    MD bonding so 👍

  • Krinckle Nava
    Krinckle Nava 9 months ago

    This my fave all of kasi eto pinaka first video na napanuod ko, because nag pop siya sa feed ko then after cant stop watching all your videos. Very inspirational person how i wish i was lucky as you. Continue to inspire us winnie 😘 #NewYearNewWan

  • Cha-Anne Tung
    Cha-Anne Tung 9 months ago

    #NewYearNewWan love you mama wong!

  • Mushy Love
    Mushy Love 9 months ago

    Hi Ms. Winnie this is my most favorite video of you next is the how to be basic series :) You two are so cute in this video and I like the simple make up look of your mom, she is beautiful just like you :)
    Keep on inspiring! God bless you and more power.
    Life & Light

  • ginerva 21
    ginerva 21 9 months ago

    cute 😍one of my favorites also. seeing you with your mom shows that you have a good relationship with her
    God bless you & your family!!

  • Sherlene Reyes
    Sherlene Reyes 9 months ago

    This is my favorite video. I watched this for countless times already. I love how mama Wong gave advice about the tattoo eyebrow. And she said she’ll kill you if you make her ugly. 😂 but in the end, i think she loved what you did. 😉 #NewYearNewWan

  • king quinto
    king quinto 9 months ago

    Mama Wong looks pretty and gorg #NewYearNewWam xiexie ni 😁

  • Glea Santos
    Glea Santos 9 months ago

    This is my favorite video of you!!!! Mama Wong is so funny and she looks so good!! HEHE 💗💗 #NewYearNewWan

  • Eileen Rakenrol
    Eileen Rakenrol 9 months ago

    You look beautiful Mama Wong #NewYearNewWan

  • Liberty April Lopez
    Liberty April Lopez 9 months ago

    My favorite video, Mama Wong "My eyebrows look to dark!!" #NewYearNewWan

  • Anna O
    Anna O 9 months ago


  • joeyjoie joie
    joeyjoie joie 9 months ago

    I love this video especially mama wong who is very game in this video. I keep smiling while watching this video. Hoping of more videos with your mama. ❤❤ #NewYearNewWan

  • Marjorie Anne Monteza
    Marjorie Anne Monteza 9 months ago

    #NewYearNewWan so love this video. Your Mom is so cool.😜

  • Chenelle Co
    Chenelle Co 9 months ago

    Love love loooove this video 💕 Got to practice my mandarin while watching this video also 😂 Hello from a fellow Banana!!! Haha

  • Khael29
    Khael29 9 months ago

    Hi Winnie! I stumbled upon you about 4 months ago, with the video Starter Pack: The Very Basic, and I was instantly hooked by your voice ang bubbly personality! But my favorite videos are the ones like these, with Mama Wong! It’s such a refreshing video, watching you with your mom and the kind of relationship you two have. I also love when you made bubble tea with her! #NewYearNewWan

  • Paola Z
    Paola Z 9 months ago


  • Charmaine Joy Agris
    Charmaine Joy Agris 9 months ago

    This is, by far, my most favorite video. In any way that you can, you show us a tid bit of your life and in one, you showed us the kind of relationship you have with your mother. It's rare to have a certain closeness with a parent, and watching this video made me smile nonstop. It's very close to home. #NewYearNewWan

  • erica lyn erigbuagas
    erica lyn erigbuagas 9 months ago

    This is my favorite video of yours with your mom cause it reminds me of my mom.We used to do just like what you did with your really makes me cry because it will never happen again she died last december 2013.😞 whenever i remembered my mom i always watched this video to make me feel happy 🙂 #NewYearNewWan

  • Edlean Tolentino
    Edlean Tolentino 9 months ago

    Hi penelope 💛 this is my favorite video. This is the cutest because you're with mama wong 💛💛 love love 💛 #NewYearNewWan

  • Iona Ricafort
    Iona Ricafort 9 months ago


  • Maggie Son
    Maggie Son 9 months ago

    Very simple tao,love you

  • babybangs Ubana
    babybangs Ubana 9 months ago

    Her mama is already pretty

  • Everything Under the Sun


  • ClapBoomBoom
    ClapBoomBoom 9 months ago


  • Rachel Ann Castañeda
    Rachel Ann Castañeda 9 months ago

    Your Mom is so beautiful!!!!! ♥

  • Clara Rica Mojares
    Clara Rica Mojares 10 months ago

    Before i dont know the use of those thanks for this very informatve video 👍😍

  • Clara Rica Mojares
    Clara Rica Mojares 10 months ago

    Best makeup tutorial for me!! Thanks ms winnie ❤️

  • Zee Sun Kee
    Zee Sun Kee 11 months ago

    Hahahha! Too cute!

  • Rowena Tadle
    Rowena Tadle 11 months ago

    Hi! Winnie, do you have a Filipino blood?

  • Jariela Matthews
    Jariela Matthews 11 months ago

    Pyoliang😍😍 im happy i can still understand mandarin..kwaytien kwaytien😆😆 ho màfan ah..
    Ho mei ah😊😊

  • plim808
    plim808 Year ago

    Cool mom 👍🤣

  • Suiza de Guzman
    Suiza de Guzman Year ago


  • Honey in Canada
    Honey in Canada Year ago

    LOL I can understand most of it because I used to live in China. Can't believe my Chinese is still that good hahaha

  • Angelica Peralta
    Angelica Peralta Year ago

    Sana pagtanda ko ganyan.
    din ako kaganda 😍

  • Aiza Adventures
    Aiza Adventures Year ago +2

    Your mom looks young😍😍😍

  • Roby Xander
    Roby Xander Year ago

    HAHAHAH! I just saw this. I thought (from your previous video) your mom is strict and always serious but this video shows she’s also fun 😹

  • Jenny Eugenio
    Jenny Eugenio Year ago

    i miss my mom 😢

  • TrixiaMay Belga
    TrixiaMay Belga Year ago

    This was a year ago but I just watched it now. Mama Wong is so game ... and pretty of course *wink* *heartheart*

  • May Ann
    May Ann Year ago

    winnie reminds me of the little girl in Miracle in Cell No.7