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Finn and Stormtroopers The Last Jedi deleted scene

  • Published on Mar 13, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • We needed this scene🥺
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  • Jesus
    Jesus Month ago +5237

    A storm trooper with the helmet on asks if he remembers him, thats such a storm trooper thing to do

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago +238


    • Jazzin’
      Jazzin’ 14 days ago +178

      His voice is pretty recognizable though

    • Austin Stein
      Austin Stein 10 days ago +66

      He also told him his name and the group he was in

    • mandiis
      mandiis 10 days ago +17

      Stormtroopers voices all the same.

    • Adam Allen
      Adam Allen 10 days ago +38

      The Jedi remembered the Names and Numbers of clones who wire identical armor for 2 years until they all got Micro-transactions

  • Abel Iniguez
    Abel Iniguez 2 months ago +73109

    Dude was genuinely happy that a grunt from his own group made it higher, kinda sad really

    • Badasmonkey
      Badasmonkey 2 months ago +4029

      And even more sad is that he probably died being his last view, his comrade that was being executed for treason after he just celebrated his fake acomplish.

    • Dandy Andy
      Dandy Andy 2 months ago +1250

      He's not even mad he doesn't remember him.

    • Kᴀᴛʀɪ́ɴ Eɢɪʟsᴅᴏ́ᴛᴛɪʀ
      Kᴀᴛʀɪ́ɴ Eɢɪʟsᴅᴏ́ᴛᴛɪʀ 2 months ago +487

      It was Tom Hardy

    • sam r
      sam r 2 months ago +269

      It WAS funny... Till you made it sad ☹️

    • Username_Pending
      Username_Pending 2 months ago +73

      ​@Kᴀᴛʀɪ́ɴ Eɢɪʟsᴅᴏ́ᴛᴛɪʀ who was Tom Hardy?

  • Season Of Brad
    Season Of Brad Month ago +3313

    Finn was a gigantic missed opportunity. The idea of a storm trooper turn rebel was an awesome concept.

    • Angry vault guy
      Angry vault guy 21 day ago +116

      Should have been more fleshed out in my opinion like you expect me to believe that someone who has been a stormtrooper pretty much all his life just swiched sides and started killing his former brothers almost instantly just because of one incident?
      It should have been more gradual and to show that leaving everything finn knew was a hard choice

    • TheNeon 12019
      TheNeon 12019 20 days ago +46

      But no they have to shove in a female "Luke Skywalker" cause it's fresh. 💢

    • Hetecks
      Hetecks 18 days ago +43

      I subscribe to the rewrite that makes Finn a Jedi, I pretty much only watched Force Awakens because i wanted to see a stormtrooper turn jedi

    • Season Of Brad
      Season Of Brad 18 days ago +37

      @TheNeon 12019 which would have been fine, if it was written property. We already had a “chosen one” story arc. Make her be force sensitive if you want, but make her have to work for it. The whole thing just felt not deserved.

    • thomas TheAlpha
      thomas TheAlpha 17 days ago +7

      I figure he isn't canon anymore, but wasn't Kyle Katarn a Storm Trooper at one point?

  • dae
    dae 2 months ago +19057

    they really made an ex-stormtrooper a main character but absolutely refused to humanize any other stormtrooper

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  2 months ago +1041

      for they should've kept it the best part is when they humanized them

    • espy 000
      espy 000 2 months ago +512

      Because after freeing him from the clutches of involuntary servitude only to glorify him slaughtering his former battle buddies without a care would paint a pretty dark picture of Fin.

    • Manageable Discomfort
      Manageable Discomfort 2 months ago +180

      @espy 000that’s the beauty of the force. Wholly believing you are doing the right thing, while unknowingly becoming a pawn of the dark side of the force. You see there is only balance, no good or bad only a perception of that balance that changes from person to person, and that’s why Anakin drifted so far, his perception of the balance was different.

    • Diego. C.D
      Diego. C.D 2 months ago +14

      Why do you think that never happened again in the saga?

    • T
      T 2 months ago +73

      Not only that but then Finn has complete dissonance from his origin story making it seem like they wrote the character, then drew his origin traits from a hat and changed nothing to fit their OWN narrative. Because he guns down dozens of storm troopers without a thought. They could've explored a completely new concept for the mainline Star Wars films, adding a human dimension to the thousands of stormtroopers that have been canonically killed...

  • themccman
    themccman Month ago +6937

    Crazy how Finn swapped sides and immediately started blasting his former brothers like nothing with no remorse.

    • Vyzitor
      Vyzitor Month ago +645

      And the event that triggered his change was seeing one of his brothers killed by Poe… and he switches sides and SAVES Poe. 😅

    • Rebel Scum Customs & Weathering
      Rebel Scum Customs & Weathering Month ago +334

      ​@Vyzitor I think it was more all his "brothers" blasting down that old dude and basically slaughtering a full village notice when they were commanded to open fire everybody else started dumping and he stood there without firing a shot that's where it all started

    • Sayan Molik
      Sayan Molik Month ago +76

      His Charakter makes No sense

    • brainplay
      brainplay Month ago +170

      @Rebel Scum Customs & Weathering That's such a crappy reason though. Finn was inducted as a child. That's years of indoctrination to do exactly what the other troopers were doing. You don't break that kind of indoc that easily. He had no connection to the people and no reason to empathize. He had more reason to see his friend gunned down by them. It's really shocking that he wasn't going full auto and had to be stopped by the other troopers.

  • creator
    creator Month ago +738

    I still wholeheartedly believe that Finn should’ve been the Jedi, a rogue stormtrooper turned Jedi, how awesome could that have been story-wise

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago +71

      exactly it wouldve made an amazing storyyy

    • Heebeejeebeez
      Heebeejeebeez  22 days ago +36

      Yeah, I thought they were going to do more with his character as he seemed to be force sensitive

    • Chad Thundercock
      Chad Thundercock 14 days ago +4

      I don’t remember what movie he almost died to that big ass laser because I don’t care enough but that’s where he should’ve died. He doesn’t do a god damn thing for most of the sequels

    • Christian Ramos
      Christian Ramos 12 days ago +7

      Hate to say it, but it already exists in legends. If your interested in looking it up, the guys name was Kyle Katarn. He was basically the chuck norris of starwars, and was good friends with Luke skywalker. Thanks disney.

    • grezar
      grezar 11 days ago

      Felt Fin was based on Kyle even. How Fin was with Rey reminded me of how Kyle was with Jan. Kyle in the beginning was really only a rebel because Jan was a rebel. He would have just stayed a Merc otherwise.

  • Joseph Figueroa
    Joseph Figueroa 2 months ago +6581

    This is the most accurate portrayal of 2 soldiers interacting.

    • ً
      ً 2 months ago +46

      True lmao 😂

    • 1990what
      1990what 2 months ago +7

      Are you a soilder to know?

    • Mauricio Solano
      Mauricio Solano 2 months ago +83

      @1990what bruh cmon...

  • Strict Chaos
    Strict Chaos Month ago +2528

    It's even better when you realize it's Tom Hardy

  • The Reference
    The Reference 9 days ago +49

    Imagine wearing a helmet and clothes the same as the others and asking someone "do you remember me?"

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  9 days ago +3

      could remember his voice!!

    • Axel uwu
      Axel uwu 5 days ago +1

      Then you just realize all the things you did before, before this moment.. XD

    PERFECT ASS 2 months ago +18775

    That stormtrooper was a real one. He was genuinely happy for his homie

    • aSS Goblin88⚡⚡
      aSS Goblin88⚡⚡ 2 months ago +281

      instead they included all the senseless filler...

    • Commander cody
      Commander cody 2 months ago +135

      And remember that most storm troopers were like that

    • Newt
      Newt 2 months ago +54

      @aSS Goblin88⚡⚡ because the directors and writers Disney hired were off the shits

  • Max Ryan
    Max Ryan Month ago +136

    Finn had SO much potential. Stormtrooper turned Jedi would have been so sick, but no, we needed girl power Rey who can do everything and misplaced jokes.

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago +9

      it really wouldve we still need thattt

    • phullish
      phullish 11 days ago +3

      Disney writers have the minds and maturity of 6th grade girls. Thanks for nothing Kathleen.


      We didn’t need black power

    • dmo legend
      dmo legend 5 days ago


    • Max Ryan
      Max Ryan 2 days ago

      @L-V BORDER COLLIES BRYAN BAQUET you need to go outside.

  • Pro Physical media
    Pro Physical media Month ago +331

    I mean that ass slapping scene woulda got a few laughs for sure xD

    • Gilhelmi
      Gilhelmi 29 days ago +14

      It really was the perfect scene.
      Went from high tension, to a "tense comedic" moment instantly.
      And the actor played it perfectly.
      So many missed opportunities.


      That's why it's not a good scene. The best scene of the movie? Maybe, but not a good scene, after all!
      This buddy comedy - type humor feels wholly out of place in the dark, serious galactic war setting of Star Wars.
      But why make a good story with depth and weight, can you can make one light-hearted joke after the next instead? 😪

    • The E Pheonix
      The E Pheonix 16 days ago +1

      @STOP TRANSLATING VIDEO TITLES! wait I’m genuinely confused, do you mean the dark gritty feeling of the sequel movies, or of Star Wars in general? Because the OG had ewoks, literally tiny bears with sticks beating highly trained and technologically advanced soldiers, C-3PO and R2D2. The prequels had the aforementioned two characters, and jar jar binks, and the clone wars had the B1 droids, who were constantly acting silly and goofy. Star Wars has always had silly stuff mixed into the serious stuff. Or am I misinterpreting your comment?

    • Ivy Isle
      Ivy Isle 10 days ago +3

      😂the go team got me

  • Gus Fring
    Gus Fring 2 months ago +13892

    "texan stormtrooper doesn't exist, he can't hurt you"
    Texan stormtrooper:

    • precoius princess
      precoius princess 2 months ago +119

      I dunno. I think he’s more of a Savannah accent, personally. Still just a scary, though.

    • The Ides of Max
      The Ides of Max 2 months ago +275

      Fun fact, thats Tom Hardy playing the Stormtrooper

    • Reiland Soares
      Reiland Soares 2 months ago +82

      @The Ides of Max I was just about to say that sounds exactly like Tom Hardy in The Revenant

    • MoonlitSaiyan
      MoonlitSaiyan 2 months ago +76

      That Texan stormtrooper never missed a shot, that’s what you never see him around

    • Donovan The Playboy
      Donovan The Playboy 2 months ago +33

      he probably has the best aim if he's from Texas, that could depend on how big his yard is tho

  • Bardock
    Bardock 26 days ago +46

    Finn could have been the next han solo, they did him dirty 😢

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  26 days ago +2

      felt like poe was gonna be the next han🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Bob the Bozo
    Bob the Bozo Month ago +41

    Bro that stormtrooper is the kind of homie I want.

  • Gabriel Punsalan
    Gabriel Punsalan 2 months ago +3800

    The spank tho you know he's a real homie 💀

  • Manuel Zenteno
    Manuel Zenteno Month ago +164

    Btw that storm trooper is Tom Hardy. If you really listen to his voice, it's recognizable

    • I Drink Milk
      I Drink Milk Month ago +4

      It really isn't.

    • Harrison Joyce
      Harrison Joyce Month ago +1

      Does tbh on parts like ‘cause I remember you’

    • Evan Coleto
      Evan Coleto Month ago +1

      Just like James Bond is the Stormtrooper that releases Rey in the first movie

    • iain ATTTW
      iain ATTTW Month ago

      I thought that too, like his lawless accent

    • gristyle
      gristyle 24 days ago

      Looks like him too

  • Leonard BRAZIL
    Leonard BRAZIL Month ago +90

    It’s a real mindf*ck when you realise that these “storm troopers” are not bad guys there just people following orders with there own lives there own personality’s and the saddest part about it is scenes like this when someone from the same regiment recognises one off there comrades and is happy that they’ve moved up in the world

    • JoKiR
      JoKiR 8 days ago +3

      Nazi’s were just following orders too, sir.

    • Uriellando 110
      Uriellando 110 6 days ago

      ​@JoKiRDid you see hearts of steel?

    • Axel uwu
      Axel uwu 5 days ago +1

      ​@JoKiR most of them were just human beings living their own lives, while you're white they must have been the same kind of guy that offers you a beer.... Makes you wonder if all of them deserved the fate they had..

    • Axel uwu
      Axel uwu 5 days ago

      ​@JoKiR most of them were just human beings living their own lives, while you're white they must have been the same kind of guy that offers you a beer.... Makes you wonder if all of them deserved the fate they had..

  • fat loser
    fat loser 2 months ago +6356

    Finn had the most potential out of any character, and they wasted him.

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  2 months ago +323

      he really did im still pissed they did him dirty🥺

    • Blakes Vidgamagame Diaries
      Blakes Vidgamagame Diaries 2 months ago +175

      They wasted all the characters.

    • fat loser
      fat loser 2 months ago +98

      @Blakes Vidgamagame Diaries rey was doomed from the start tbh

    • Nicki Millennium
      Nicki Millennium 2 months ago +151

      Disney’s racist Chinese overlords don’t like black people so they reduced his role. Instead we got You Go Girl Rey.

    • Mike K
      Mike K Month ago +7

      Money money money

  • Will Coles
    Will Coles Month ago +26

    Slapping his ass was funny asf

  • Femur_Fighter
    Femur_Fighter 9 days ago +10

    I love seeing human storm troopers because they're the actual good guys in STARWARS. They are fighting against terrorists that are attacking their government

  • Very Good
    Very Good 2 months ago +8437

    Stormtroopers are actually kinda wholesome, bros proud of his buddy moving up in the world and doesn’t rat him out. The empire sees them as pawns but they see each other as brothers

    • Mr Bob
      Mr Bob 2 months ago +340

      He didn’t know he was a Rebel, that’s why he didn’t rat him out.

    • farovail
      farovail 2 months ago +42

      like us military you mean...

    • Alexander Daniel Camacho Sanchez
      Alexander Daniel Camacho Sanchez 2 months ago +70

      ​@Mr Bobwell taking into account that he betrayed the first order and destroyed a hangar for sure they would already have at least a record that he is a deserter

  • Kate Hikes
    Kate Hikes Month ago +8

    Hollywood hates to get actual Southerners to do Southern accent characters.

  • Dan Schindler
    Dan Schindler Month ago +6

    Would have been even better cause that is Tom Hardy playing that stormtrooper.

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago

      exactlyyy with that cameo too it wouldve made this scene talked about even moreee

  • Dumb Comment
    Dumb Comment 2 months ago +3077

    He thought his friend, probably one of the closest, made it to a higher rank, happy for him, perhaps even sharing this encounter with some of his other colleagues as well, probably even praising him for how good of a man he was.

    • DragonSword
      DragonSword 2 months ago +45

      fun little surprise after someone recognized Finn's designation code. FN-2187. That would be a fun day and interrogation by the Intel crew later. If they survived the Snoke ship being rent in half.

    • jesus munoz
      jesus munoz 2 months ago +4

      Didn’t they blow up the ship they’re on? Or something I honestly can’t remember that movie. If it had more scenes like this that made the characters more lives then I might’ve remembered.

    • Xeno
      Xeno 15 days ago +1


  • TrayCaddyyy
    TrayCaddyyy 10 days ago +6

    Really humanizes the first order storm troopers.

  • Rando
    Rando Month ago +1

    Damn This kind of solidifies the “storm troopers are good guys led by bad people” that guy was genuinely happy that his homie got promoted

  • Geo Alfaro
    Geo Alfaro 2 months ago +4581

    You don’t remember me?
    Finn: *continues staring at helmet.

    • Mohammad Mady
      Mohammad Mady 2 months ago +47

      All troopers looks the same😂.

    • Mariño Vargas Jorge Franco
      Mariño Vargas Jorge Franco Month ago +10

      Just like people nowadays on their's masks 😂

    • Lonestar Morningstar
      Lonestar Morningstar Month ago +3


      BIGRICH Month ago +17

      Their names are their numbers so when he said 926 he assumed Finn already knew what he looked like.

    • HawkieVFX
      HawkieVFX Month ago +1

      Probably looking at the new armour since not so long ago he was wearing the old one. Probably a few days ago. Was probably checking that out.

  • xxRainBowRuinsxx
    xxRainBowRuinsxx Month ago +9

    Now imagine if he slapped the ass of any other captain 💀

  • Pyrozha
    Pyrozha 8 days ago +4


  • Nega Doge
    Nega Doge 2 months ago +6588

    Holy shit its a Texan Stormtrooper... we all know that mans aim is on point.

    • FrierenTheSlayer
      FrierenTheSlayer 2 months ago +72

      Would be a first

    • Ripoutyourintestines
      Ripoutyourintestines 2 months ago +196

      He honestly might be the deadliest storm trooper that’s ever lived.

    • The Good Christian
      The Good Christian 2 months ago +47

      Slightly above average, more rounds than necessary, still as subpar as you'd expect from texas.

    • Machiel
      Machiel 2 months ago +8

      Only for kindergardeners

    • Duramax Daily
      Duramax Daily 2 months ago +44

      ​@The Good Christian someone's been fed too much democrat propaganda

  • general Othinel
    general Othinel 8 days ago +2

    I now question what type of monster would deny this beautiful and hilarious scene.

  • Ganja Caf
    Ganja Caf 10 days ago +4

    "Do you remember me?" He ask as he wears a suit that looks like thousands of others

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  9 days ago

      he says his name tho and its hard to forget him cause of the voice

  • Adrian Bradt
    Adrian Bradt 2 months ago +5936

    Trooper slapped him on the ass and everything. Like he was so damn proud that one of his squad made it😂

    • goofyfoot2001
      goofyfoot2001 2 months ago +106

      They had broke back space station stuff

    • Adrian Linzy
      Adrian Linzy 2 months ago +50

      I'm pretty sure Finns diaper is full

    • ResidentPolarBear
      ResidentPolarBear 2 months ago +53

      pretty sure thats the reason the scene didnt make it in, in a climate where sexual harassment is a touchy subject

    • Lord Nevets
      Lord Nevets 2 months ago +15

      Tom Hardy going above and beyond.

    N3RDYG0GGLES Month ago +1

    There’s something about the way the trooper said “Look at you!” I really love. Yeah we get plenty of moments where storm troopers are expressive and clearly not just emotionless, but it was such a positive little exchange and really showed off how they weren’t just people, they were people who often even cared about each other

    • Patrick Harris
      Patrick Harris Month ago

      It being Tom Hardy makes it even better

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago

      wish they showed that side of the stormtroopers more we do forget they were real people too🥺

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago

      wouldve been an amazing cameo🥺

  • Kelvin Munro
    Kelvin Munro Month ago +2

    They had to cut it so we could have the Rey training montage ….. oh wait that also got cut 😅

  • VVSX
    VVSX 2 months ago +1479

    That “look at chuu” was genuine lol

    • Pai Sho Cajun - Mark Bonneaux
      Pai Sho Cajun - Mark Bonneaux Month ago +10

      I have a feeling that the scene got cut because he sounded like he was from a Jeff Fox worthy skit lmao

  • swguygardner
    swguygardner Month ago +4

    I love the deleted scene where Finn outs captain phasma for selling out to the resistance on Starkiller base, and she immediately kills all the storm troopers who heard to maintain her position. Such a good character moment, displaying her ruthlessness and ambition, and how she's crafted this persona of a First Order loyalist, just to disguise her pure self interest. They could have done so much with her as a character, but it was all wasted potential...

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  26 days ago +2

      really wish we got more of her her character was so mysterious and we never got answers

  • Pebble
    Pebble 4 days ago +1

    The story of a storm trooper over is forgotten way to often, they have feelings, and are glad for there comrades. There not just robots, there living people too.

  • RED
    RED 2 months ago +1628

    Finn: Please don't do this... don't touch my butt.
    926: Heigh-ho!

    • TJ Lettner
      TJ Lettner 2 months ago +4


    • xRaiD3r
      xRaiD3r 2 months ago +2

      210 likes and barley any comments. Let me change that! HI-LARRYUS

    • Parzival
      Parzival 2 months ago +15

      Batch 8 tradition

    • JeagerTv
      JeagerTv 2 months ago +2


  • Thex2thaz
    Thex2thaz Month ago +1

    The tension and humor this adds is so perfect. I'm sad they didn't put it in.

  • Andrew Gwon
    Andrew Gwon 28 days ago +2

    This really displays that stormtroopers are not a part of the order they’re just soldiers following orders. Cat was happy someone made it higher then a infantry grunt

  • Lalo Salamanca
    Lalo Salamanca 2 months ago +12228

    I think they don’t want you to be reminded that stormtroopers are still human and they still continue to be slaughtered by the heroes to do whatever it is they need

    • TheRobustEmpyrean
      TheRobustEmpyrean 2 months ago +716

      Pretty much. It raises the question of "Well Finn broke his programming, why is he so trigger-happy when it comes to his former brothers in arms who could do the same?". Either way, The Force Awakens does raise the question of why Finn is so comfortable shooting his comrades with a TIE fighters guns, but hesitated at the battle a few minutes previous, despite the fact that he would have been programmed his entire life for the former. But nope, not a moment of hesitation.

    • Lt. shtfire
      Lt. shtfire 2 months ago +96

      This is why i love the mandalorian mayfield's character.

    • Skrumbo Bumbo
      Skrumbo Bumbo 2 months ago +74

      And then of course when you have people who actually care about the property and aren't just looking for pure spectacle you get The Bad Batch, where even though they know their former brothers can never wake up the way they did they still set their blasters to stun anytime they fought them (in Season 1 at least haven't seen Season 2 yet)

    • deepsleepdiver
      deepsleepdiver 2 months ago +93

      What's worse is that they started his whole Arc by humanizing a storm trooper.. him.

  • kyle cornelison
    kyle cornelison 9 days ago +2

    That “look at you” gets me cry laughing every time. Lol

  • Beetlebeetlebeetle
    Beetlebeetlebeetle Month ago

    The emotional narration after I just witnessed a stormtrooper slap Finn’s ass

  • GXBGaming
    GXBGaming 2 months ago +5354

    The fact that Tom Hardy was the stormtrooper is even more amazing 😂

    • Julian Caraveo
      Julian Caraveo 2 months ago +101

      Seriously ? That's cool.

    • Ryan Randall
      Ryan Randall 2 months ago +276

      Yeah that Tom Hardy..
      Can't believe they hype it at the time.. then deleted it 🙄

    • Max Winterburn
      Max Winterburn 2 months ago +31

      ​@Ryan Randall yep defo Tom Hardy 😂

    • DishonorableXP
      DishonorableXP Month ago +80

      Also in the Force Awakens, Daniel Craig was apparently the stormtrooper that Rey tells to lift her restraints towards the end of the film.

    • Ryan Randall
      Ryan Randall Month ago +19

      @DishonorableXP yeah but they didn't hype Daniel Craig name unlike they did with Tom Hardy, and Daniel Craig didn't get cut out.

  • Jon Carlos
    Jon Carlos 16 days ago +2

    Those 50 seconds are better than the other movies combined

  • Mike Dillion
    Mike Dillion Month ago +2

    “You don’t remember me?” Guy wearing a giant helmet and talking through a walkie talkie for no reason

  • Daelius Drake
    Daelius Drake 2 months ago +4327

    Two ways I see how this could have gone down:
    1. The stormtrooper didn’t realize he was a rebel and was just happy to know his old pal made it to the big leagues.
    2. The stormtrooper knew he was a rebel and stayed quiet, while secretly being proud to know his old friend had the courage to do something so few had ever been brave enough to attempt.
    Either way is an incredibly meaningful and wholesome scene.

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  2 months ago +249

      a wholesome scene overall but I have no clue how he didnt know that Finn was a traitor

    • flying frog of death
      flying frog of death 2 months ago +155

      Yeah, I think the latter, the worried "please don't do this" even a stormtrooper ain't that dumb. He was covering for a squad mate; his brother.

    • MTUK
      MTUK 2 months ago +16

      3rd way we get a scene like Cap in the elevator in winter soldier

    • Home RC
      Home RC 2 months ago +6

      And Finn betrayed him

  • Michael7325
    Michael7325 Month ago +1

    why did Finn leave the first order?! Everyone’s so nice!!

  • J
    J Month ago

    That ass slap has me dying 🤣

  • David Curry
    David Curry 2 months ago +1293

    There was so much potential around Finn it's disgusting what they did to him.

    • Jay
      Jay 2 months ago +25

      A damn shame.

    • dillion
      dillion 2 months ago +5

      What'd they do?

    • Edward Johnson
      Edward Johnson 2 months ago +95

      It's more what they DID NOT do.... with his potential.

    • Thundr Child
      Thundr Child 2 months ago +3

      Big facts.

  • The Other Jared
    The Other Jared 11 days ago

    Finn just instantly forgot that his squadmate and friend died in his arms, the blood-soaked hand dragged across his face.

  • leersay
    leersay Month ago +1

    You can totally hear Tom Hardy’s voice!! It’s a shame he didn’t use this accent for Venom it’s really good

  • gregmontanza
    gregmontanza 2 months ago +16956

    Just let Jon Favreau direct all the star wars movies

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  2 months ago +683

      he should at this point😂

    • Malign M
      Malign M 2 months ago +157

      God no

    • gregmontanza
      gregmontanza 2 months ago +385

      @Malign M guessing you haven't see the mandalorian or iron man, oh my dear 🤔

    • ben russell
      ben russell 2 months ago +116

      I'm still pissed at him for the butchery that is the Lion King remake.

    • Malign M
      Malign M 2 months ago +40

      @gregmontanzaI've seen both. The iron man had criteria to be the way Kevin Feige intends it to be. Mandalorian would look foolish on the big screen.

  • Kamkyoin
    Kamkyoin 6 days ago

    Trooper: “You remember me?”
    Finn: “Well ofc not you all look the same.”
    Trooper: “Eh fair point…….”

  • Jeff Stango Productions
    Jeff Stango Productions 24 days ago +3

    All of the deleted scenes from this movie were better than what they actually put in the movie.

  • sol tea
    sol tea 2 months ago +2847

    "Don't remember me?" -the guy dressed exactly the same as the other millions of stormtroopers across the galaxy

    • superitgel
      superitgel 2 months ago +58

      Bunk mate? Or shower mate?

    • SwordTune
      SwordTune 2 months ago +53

      Voice and ID number.

    • CAPTAIN-5225
      CAPTAIN-5225 2 months ago +10

      Would've taken their helmets off during training and what not

    • Save the Rhino
      Save the Rhino 2 months ago +14

      ​@CAPTAIN-5225 he he ask if Finn remember him... at that moment.. as he wearing a stormtrooper helmet..

  • iamaronman
    iamaronman Month ago +2

    Bruh why did they not use this scene, would have made so much sense In the context of the overall story

  • The Music playlist channel

    Whyyyyyyy did they not put this in 😩 Its so good

  • Henrique Souza
    Henrique Souza 2 months ago +1015

    "I know I'm not supposed to initiate contact..." Proceeds to slap his butt. Where is Dolores when we need her?

    • Sir DarkLord
      Sir DarkLord 2 months ago


    • Reuben Manzo
      Reuben Manzo 2 months ago

      If I recall, Dolores was all about listening. Nothing to do with initiating contact.

  • AugmentedGravity
    AugmentedGravity Month ago +4

    We need a Scneiders cut

  • Raul Velasquez
    Raul Velasquez Month ago +2

    If the trooper fell back in line and professionally congratulated Finn it would have been great

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago

      would love to see that too


      Exactly. It's absolutely inconceivable that this jovial buddy type of behavior would be tolerated in the First Order's army!
      The way they release the tension in this scene makes no sense!
      Star Wars ain't no buddy comedy!

  • Allen Matthys
    Allen Matthys 2 months ago +1150

    That slap in the ass was a reminder that it's still Ryan Johnson's movie

  • Matt Daneau
    Matt Daneau Month ago +1

    I agree. It would have been nice to have gotten even a miniscule amount of depth regarding Finn's past. But I think that it was arguably more egregious that the scene with Luke mourning his best friend was cut from the film. But of course, you are right that this cut scene had excellent dialogue and tension along with a solemn reminder of the life he left behind. Wish it was in the film

  • Ollie
    Ollie 16 days ago +8

    Imagine having the entire universe as your playground and having a southern accent. Life is unfair.

  • Officer Vexed
    Officer Vexed 2 months ago +677

    I never heard of a southern stormtrooper and I think we need more of them

  • Ramsey Washington
    Ramsey Washington Month ago +1

    I am never going to get over the way they did Finn. Or the way they set us up to believe Finn was going to be a Jedi.

  • Beady
    Beady Month ago

    Its a good scene cuz you cant tell if he knows and wants to support them (so doesnt rat them out) or doesnt know and is just genuinely happy his teammate got promoted

  • Aron Ramos
    Aron Ramos 2 months ago +528

    "don't you remember me?" With that helmet on and other stormtroopers looking like you, I sure can remember

    • Patty_Cakes
      Patty_Cakes 2 months ago +29

      It's wierd asf but in the military you learn how to tell people apart by more than just how they look. How the stand and walk, voices and body language especially, you just start to be able to pick your buddies out from a crowd at distances. I'd buy it tbh. Lmao

      Esteban ATACHAO ARGUEDAS 2 months ago +7

      ​@Patty_Cakes Aaaaand sometimes is a common joke. Like playing "guess who I am".

    • Mr.Turbo_boost
      Mr.Turbo_boost Month ago

      ​@Patty_Cakes as the saying goes. If they're not making fun of you they don't like you.

  • Gone
    Gone Month ago +1

    the ending of the credits was the best scene in the entire movie. So much better then the entire movie combined!

  • Julian Howard
    Julian Howard Month ago +1

    If this is the best scene in a Star Wars movie, you know you’re really pushing shit up hill…

  • Panda King
    Panda King 2 months ago +538

    Imagine if, instead, the trooper said he knew he'd rise through the ranks after seeing how he handled the orphanage or something awful.

    • Vain
      Vain 2 months ago +32

      That is DARK 😂

    • Panda King
      Panda King 2 months ago +16

      @Vain Medium rare at most. 😋

    • Coco Noisette
      Coco Noisette 2 months ago +3

      Eh, finn's mission at the beginning of the force awakens was his first mission tho xD

    • Panda King
      Panda King 2 months ago +1

      @Coco Noisette with the Swiss cheese that the nee trilogy has, I doubt one more plot hole would derail the story too much. Lol. But even if it's his first official mission, I'm sure they could explain it away with him doing something on a "training exercise" or something in that ballpark.

  • Christopher
    Christopher Month ago

    "you don't remember me?" When bro is blending in with the rest

  • Roger
    Roger Month ago +4

    What a lost opportunity to give a glimpse from the inside of the empire. That stormtroopers enthusiasm and bravado was awesome


      It is painfully misplaced though, considering they're in the army of a rigid tyrannical regime!
      His comrades and his superiors would not let this "jovial and unprofessional/undisciplined" behavior slide!
      Is it funny? Yes, kinda. Does it makes in the world they're in? Absolutely not!

    • Roger
      Roger 15 days ago

      @STOP TRANSLATING VIDEO TITLES! yeah I disagree, but I’m not invalidating your thought. Either one of us could be right.

  • Sleipnir the 8th
    Sleipnir the 8th 2 months ago +5271

    Finn was such wasted potential, he needed scenes like these

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  2 months ago +155

      he really did his character could've been so much betterrr

    • Pray4drew116
      Pray4drew116 2 months ago +37

      Honestly idk what happen because he was gonna be the main one then idk what happen they changed his whole story for ep 8 then in ep9 they try fix his character but man sucks

    • Sleipnir the 8th
      Sleipnir the 8th 2 months ago +1

      @Pray4drew116 agree

    • PurpleAce2207
      PurpleAce2207 2 months ago +19

      Honestly he was the only character I had liked and had hope for when I saw episode 7 but I just couldn’t handle the last two movies

  • SemiStableM
    SemiStableM Month ago

    It's a wholesome scene for sure.

  • Michael Egwegbete
    Michael Egwegbete 2 months ago +741

    This is such a great scene. And John Boyega pulled it off really well too. You could see the terror on his face as he wonders if they’ve been made.

    • Jens Trudenau
      Jens Trudenau 2 months ago +6

      And that is what's not believable. Image you being the stormtrooper. Would you just go on with your chatting after seeing this expression?? No one would have. Also this "please don't do this" line is just to creepy

    • winters
      winters 2 months ago +9

      ​@Jens Trudenau
      Officers tend to be serious since they want to make a good image for promotions
      He probably thought Poe was trying to get a professional impression from all of them since higher ups usually ask for the people under the command of the guy that's getting promoted if they're qualified

  • British guy Dude
    British guy Dude 14 days ago

    Tom Hardy doing an amazing job at being that trooper that call finn out

  • Willyam Wagner
    Willyam Wagner Month ago +1

    That would've been an AWESOME scene

  • Carlos Cervantes
    Carlos Cervantes 2 months ago +792

    That’s the life in the military. After a while you reunite with old friends and you are just happy to see them.

  • SteelOnyx 1-1
    SteelOnyx 1-1 8 days ago +2

    I wish storm troopers and Finn got better treatment especially this humanizing scene

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  7 days ago

      I wish too I hate that they dont acknowledge that they're human too🥺

  • Thean Nelson
    Thean Nelson Month ago +1

    It would’ve been nice seeing stormtroopers act like actual grunts. I mean we got it in mando but everyone loves grunts 😂

  • CGA-1010(fox)
    CGA-1010(fox) 2 months ago +1461

    Bro the butt smacking 💀

    • Raphael Lee
      Raphael Lee 2 months ago +44

      Tom hardy gave john a special low five

    • CGA-1010(fox)
      CGA-1010(fox) 2 months ago +4

      @Raphael Lee 💀

    • Raphael Lee
      Raphael Lee 2 months ago +10

      @CGA-1010(fox) imagine the pain if John was facing the stormtrooper though and got sack wacked

    • CGA-1010(fox)
      CGA-1010(fox) 2 months ago +4

      @Raphael Lee he looked like he was gonna cry

    • Raphael Lee
      Raphael Lee 2 months ago +1

      @CGA-1010(fox) probably would though mate

  • Shygami
    Shygami Month ago +3

    They shouldn’t have delete it I like when they show troopers with emotion other then being a robot that shit was mad funny 😂

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  Month ago +1

      thats what I exactly saiddd they should've added ittt

  • Trig Trig
    Trig Trig Month ago

    Bro that ass slap had some power behind it 😂😂😂

  • HyperChamp
    HyperChamp 2 months ago +844

    Why are deleted scenes always so good 😭

    • kirik
      kirik Month ago +19

      Only Disney's.

    • gcasillas1213
      gcasillas1213 Month ago +43

      No one seems to acknowledge that this is Tom Hardy behind the costume.

    • Alghifary
      Alghifary Month ago

      ​@gcasillas1213no wonder sounds familiar

    • 133thefallen
      133thefallen Month ago +3

      Because green milk

    • Alan Clifford
      Alan Clifford Month ago +1

      We always want, what we can’t have 😂

  • Hamza Khairi
    Hamza Khairi Month ago +1

    Bro got that commodore Vanto wild space accent

  • Jeremiah Scanlon
    Jeremiah Scanlon Month ago +2

    How did I know this was Tom Hardy? Accent straight out The Revenant.

  • M A
    M A 2 months ago +846

    Didn't know they recuited Stromtroppers, from the local trailerpark.
    Yeehaw! 😂

    • evil joe
      evil joe 2 months ago +14

      I dunno where you're from but the yeehaws don't live in trailer parks. Maybe a trailer on 20 acres

    • The Arctic Gamer
      The Arctic Gamer 2 months ago +10

      @evil joe trailer park is just meth and sadness 😂

    • M. Schultz II
      M. Schultz II 2 months ago +6

      @The Arctic Gamer I wanna say that's a Lie, but then I'd be lying...

    • Felplague
      Felplague 2 months ago +2

      Bro, it the empire, you really think southerners wouldn't join up?

  • Walker Bragg
    Walker Bragg 17 days ago

    I love how they chose to do nothing with Fin's character story telling at its absolute Finest.

  • Chris Choi
    Chris Choi Month ago

    "I remember you" "Initiate" I can tell this is Tom Hardy.

  • Velkan
    Velkan 2 months ago +350

    *Man covered in armor head to toe*
    "You don't remember me?"

    • East Coast Toasty Boy
      East Coast Toasty Boy 2 months ago +11

      Was relying on his voice maybe.

    • Isaac Shefton
      Isaac Shefton 2 months ago +8

      ​@East Coast Toasty Boy duh but usually a face is a lot more memorable than a voice.

    • East Coast Toasty Boy
      East Coast Toasty Boy 2 months ago +2

      @Isaac Shefton
      But it isn't always necessary. 😃

    • Robert Dunham
      Robert Dunham 2 months ago +2

      Well, in old cannon stormtrooper armor had rank-insignia and other info visible to those wearing stormtrooper armor, kind of like UV ink so it wasn’t visible to others. But people who were trained as troopers knew where to look and what to look for, so Finn probably knew exactly who he was talking to tbh.

    • TheOrangeRoad
      TheOrangeRoad 2 months ago +1

      The only Texan in the Galaxy, and you dont remember me?

  • Landgin
    Landgin Month ago

    My heart would not have sank.

  • mark
    mark 18 days ago

    Man, Finn is always such a sad character for me. A character with such a good set up and future with an incredible actor like John Boyega only to get neglected and unused. Such a missed opportunity

    • john georgiou0
      john georgiou0  16 days ago +1

      it really was wish they invested more into finn🥺

  • Jim Flanagan
    Jim Flanagan 2 months ago +520

    Stormtroopers being depicted as real life military. I just think it’s great that he has a southern accent

    • Mike Davis
      Mike Davis 2 months ago +9

      The Southern Accent is badass.

    • Random Account
      Random Account 2 months ago +42

      ​@Mike DavisHe's from Space Louisiana. Theyve got a lot of space alligators though but that's been so since the Louisiana space purchase.

    • Ben Dover
      Ben Dover 2 months ago +6

      @Random Account It’s called Felucia, and they’re called Aklays

    • Patrick Bock
      Patrick Bock 2 months ago +5

      I‘m pretty sure that’s Tom Hardy making a cameo

    • bassguitarislife
      bassguitarislife 2 months ago +5

      Even long ago in a galaxy far far away the South still produces the most soldiers.

  • Mr. Hepburn
    Mr. Hepburn Month ago +2

    This scene is better than the whole movie

  • bigdawg
    bigdawg Month ago

    Man I hope they do more with Finn. They obviously wanted us to know he is force sensative. As of right now Mandalorian is my favorite.

  • Jesus Salazar
    Jesus Salazar 2 months ago +1548

    Tom Hardy as a Stormtrooper

  • Doodlebud and the Magic cookies 🍪

    I wrote a massive fanfiction going into Finn's past as a stormtrooper. This would have been great.