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THE NIGHT SHIFT: bryce hall confronts bradley martyn

  • Published on Aug 4, 2020 veröffentlicht
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    on today's episode we act as the promotor for the biggest youtube battle since ksi vs. logan paul, as bryce hall and bradley martyn square up, plus a trip to chipotle with the kyle and steve, and a romantic swan boat ending.
    so you work the night shift? so do we. we can get thru this together. a random collection of news, stories, weather, and other random unplanned happenings. and tons of buttery toast.
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  • Charlie Flynn
    Charlie Flynn Year ago +1682

    Gotta give Bryce credit cause he knows he’s gonna get destroyed and still did it

    • Ole Auby
      Ole Auby Year ago

      @Liliana Valtierra 5'9

    • TheOneAboveAll
      TheOneAboveAll Year ago

      @Jacer LOL...sound like u never competed or trained in any combat sports. U challenge someone u better be able to back it up.

    • Liliana Valtierra
      Liliana Valtierra Year ago

      @Kevin Si false Bryce is actually 5’10

    • FIFA 20
      FIFA 20 Year ago

      @Kevin Si Muscle Mass Difference Also.

  • Kevin Olivas
    Kevin Olivas Year ago +801

    It’s crazy that Steve’s girl and him have been together since freshman year and they look like a chill good couple honestly

    • 420 Blazn
      420 Blazn 5 months ago +1

      Can't dump his first rim job 😁

    • Jack Burns
      Jack Burns 6 months ago +2

      @Mike Sellers well they are back together again now

    • Mike Sellers
      Mike Sellers 7 months ago +1

      This didn't age well lmao

    • Kevin Olivas
      Kevin Olivas 7 months ago

      @Ad it’s been a year buddy get with the times and I’m not your mate

    • Cardz Unlimited
      Cardz Unlimited 11 months ago +3

      Not anymore 💔

  • Matt S
    Matt S Year ago +2

    Wanna say THANKS BIG MIKE for really giving me the power to over come this anxiety and stress watching u really gives me this positive energy and i really enjoy all these videos 🙏🏻

  • Perc Plug
    Perc Plug Year ago +1571

    This group would have been the sickest lunch table at school no cap

  • innasaei
    innasaei Year ago +1

    Thoroughly enjoyed this episode Mike! I'm a *massive* fan of the Nelk Boys, Brad, Steve, his missus, your missus and of course, yourself. Having you all chill together seemed like a great vibe and it really came through on screen, good chemistry between all! Also great to see and hear more of Steve's girl as she's generally super elusive. Please do more collabs with this crew, you are all great and I can't wait to see more of you all together! 😀
    ❤ from a thoroughly entertained chicky from Down Under x

  • Siddhant Salian
    Siddhant Salian Year ago +1462

    I love how while mike is filming on the swan boat thingy, logan is either watching them or trying fit in a trash can

    • stephanie hodgins
      stephanie hodgins Year ago

      Did Lana get her teeth or lips done ? Somthing looks different . No shade just curious . I live for her

    • Mr. BlueJoey
      Mr. BlueJoey Year ago


    • Our crAzy Life
      Our crAzy Life Year ago

      Is that what Lana was watching while they was on the boat? 😂

  • rune
    rune Year ago +1


  • Wessel van Kalkeren

    I want to see a compilation of just mike’s laugh it makes me smile

  • Tyler Wilson
    Tyler Wilson Year ago +2997

    I noticed everytime Lana speaks it’s always a sexual joke or pose

    • Tors 10x
      Tors 10x 4 months ago

      @Adam Hayward I came all the way to the bottom of these comments to tell you that your fucking awesome!!

    • Adam Hayward
      Adam Hayward 9 months ago

      That's all she is

    • user 2o7
      user 2o7 9 months ago

      I think that is her character in the Volgs, she stops acting like that off camera

    • Nando Pulgarin
      Nando Pulgarin 10 months ago

      She speaks a pose?

    • Demotator Highlights
      Demotator Highlights 11 months ago

      Good noticing

  • Jordan Zinom
    Jordan Zinom 11 months ago

    Bradley always makes these videos better 😂🙌🏽

  • Esben Jensen
    Esben Jensen Year ago +740

    Bradley Martin: slams guy to the ground.
    Also Bradley Martin: giggles and blushes like a little girl, when Lana talks dirty to Mike

  • Madd Ccity
    Madd Ccity Year ago

    I use to hate mike but i now see how important he is to those around him especially Logan & the night shift is better and better !!! You go mike !!

  • Axzezz
    Axzezz Year ago +1

    Your such a cool and honest guy love the content please be honest on the podcast like you are or that shit is going to go down hill

  • Shawn Edmunds
    Shawn Edmunds Year ago

    Just ordered your book Congratulations man been in the same boat for more then half of my life im 32 now your video helped my wife understand what we go threw on a daily basis to stay clean thanks man look forward to the next video

  • Pierson Fodé
    Pierson Fodé Year ago +924

    Bryce when brad dropped him 👁👄👁

  • Christian Villacci
    Christian Villacci Year ago +4003

    this right here ladies and gents is quality content

  • Mooseuicfer Cornell
    Mooseuicfer Cornell 3 months ago

    When Lana said that’s what I look like after your done with me I started laughing 😂

  • Styles Entertainment

    Great content. Mike is definitely underrated

  • Carl Boshko
    Carl Boshko 9 months ago +8

    Bradleys reaction when Lana say’s you’re cream is priceless😂

  • Jennifer Carolina
    Jennifer Carolina Year ago +5

    I’m heartbroken haven’t ate in two days and 3 minutes into this video I forgot about it Hehe love you Lana and Mike thank you for making me laugh ! Love the videos

  • Jorge Duenas
    Jorge Duenas Year ago +149

    I can feel the back/internal pain Bryce was in 😂

    • DBLL
      DBLL Year ago +1

      He was nearly crying

  • Harry3dwards
    Harry3dwards Year ago

    Mike is such an inspiration to me and many in recovery

  • Gregory Campbell
    Gregory Campbell Year ago +83

    More Steve and Celina collaborations. They're the best.

  • Lucas Baker
    Lucas Baker Year ago

    Definitely need more of this collab

  • Mitch Blauser
    Mitch Blauser Year ago +28

    Kyle seems so chill in other peoples videos and then he's an animal in his own videos lol.

  • D
    D Year ago +467

    Ain’t gonna lie this content is fire I feel like I’m chilling with them, also Kyle is getting swoll lol

    • Megan S
      Megan S Year ago +2

      I miss the actual Night Shift show, though.

    • Luke P
      Luke P Year ago +9

      Fax Kyle is getting ripped ahah

  • Ashutosh Garg
    Ashutosh Garg 10 months ago +75

    So this was 1 of the 40 streetfights he had he was talking about.

  • Henry Kneller
    Henry Kneller Year ago

    Brad kicking the shit out of Bryce was on the same level as deestroying exposing him

  • NEWFIE gaming
    NEWFIE gaming Year ago +3

    wow mike is really living the lifestyle
    Lana really just picked her noise and flicked it 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Carson Brooker
    Carson Brooker Year ago +1

    Bring this back mick when you were in the move with different people I know there is covid but there has to be something you and do 🖤❤️🖤

  • Robert Sullivan
    Robert Sullivan Year ago +1355

    This has been his best vlog. We need more NELK X NIGHTSHIFT

  • Casey F23
    Casey F23 Year ago

    Bro I need more collab vids with you and the nelk crew and the vlog squad

  • Hypgmrboy17
    Hypgmrboy17 5 months ago +1

    Dude at 2:37 look at Brads Eyes he’s gotta be geeked out on something. There’s no way he was going to lose anything that day!!!! Hahaha

  • Jayden
    Jayden Year ago

    I love what Lana does for mike THEY ARE A GOOD COUPLE love ya mike keep it up brotha

  • Ismael Cruz
    Ismael Cruz Year ago

    Bro, Amara stepping up to Bradley like that after pushing Mike is hella respectable. She's a keeper Mike, don't fck it up

  • Talha Imran
    Talha Imran Year ago +607

    We need more mike and Lana and Steve and Celina content. They are funny asf when they’re together

    • Enrique Merino
      Enrique Merino Year ago

      bro the crossover of the year more of this

    • Tyrel
      Tyrel Year ago

      Nah we just wanna see more cheeks

    • J 1
      J 1 Year ago


    • S&m L&m
      S&m L&m Year ago


    • ncxbox
      ncxbox Year ago

      Lana isn’t funny at all lol

  • Geanpierre Tam
    Geanpierre Tam Year ago

    I love how steve and kyle try to make up some bullshit to help out bryce😂

  • Collin Miller
    Collin Miller Year ago +2

    Steve with a bottle in hand at chipotle “I thought I was helping” 😂😂😂

  • Joshua Hoops
    Joshua Hoops 7 months ago

    Hey everyone remember this is when Bryce Hall was cool that time certainly has passed haha no one deserves to be hated more than Bryce Hall

  • ColbyLover 25
    ColbyLover 25 Year ago +21

    Lana getting ready to fight Bradley because he pushed Mike just shows how much she cares about him. Its so sweet 😊🤗

  • Ryan F
    Ryan F Year ago +1681

    I’m sorry, but if Bryce and Bradley fought in a boxing match, Bryce would legitimately die, like actually die

    • pumped2kamootie *
      pumped2kamootie * Year ago

      @Jake Show lol mate
      Eddie vs haftjor

    • Jon Mcmann
      Jon Mcmann Year ago +1

      im a boxer and i thought Bradley had good speed with his 1,2 Mayweather on Vitaly it was pretty fast for a big galoot

    • You’re not my dad
      You’re not my dad Year ago


  • Courtney Bryant
    Courtney Bryant Year ago +1

    I like seeing mike happy I can't believe he finally settled down,

  • dxnny.
    dxnny. Year ago

    i think this is the funniest night shift episode i've ever seen and i've been around since the beginning

  • Rafa Tafa
    Rafa Tafa Year ago +487

    Celina’s actually very sweet, she always looks so depressed in the neck videos

  • Anthony P
    Anthony P Year ago +241

    Look at the look on Bryce face when he got up boi was kinda tearing up no cap

    • john tucker
      john tucker Year ago +1

      @BareKjopEnPizza Prolly a mix of being choked out and being afraid for his life and the fear of brad

    • SqueakerKid
      SqueakerKid Year ago +4

      Man was embarrassed

    • Anthony P
      Anthony P Year ago +1

      Calvin Greene 😂😂

    • Anthony P
      Anthony P Year ago +2

      BareKjopEnPizza I don’t think so

    • BareKjopEnPizza
      BareKjopEnPizza Year ago +35

      He was choked, i think that just happens

  • Toine
    Toine Year ago +587

    I love how Bradley couldn't take Amaras awkwardness😂

    • Lelan Gonzalez
      Lelan Gonzalez Year ago

      Ben Pinckney what if the dude doesn’t feel comfortable saying her stage name like everyone else that freaks out when they here Lana Rhodes ever thought of that

    • ben_pinckney
      ben_pinckney Year ago

      Katr_ it’s her name...

    • Fleaz
      Fleaz Year ago

      AestheticN3RD 😂😂😂

    • Lelan Gonzalez
      Lelan Gonzalez Year ago

      Katr_ bro not all of us are porn addicts

    • Dametri schulenberger
      Dametri schulenberger Year ago

      Probably cause she buys drugs from him

  • Kazi Newmai
    Kazi Newmai Year ago +1

    So cute when Lana hold the night shift board 😂❤️

  • Jessica
    Jessica Year ago +4

    I Stan Bryce for giving it a go 😂 what is. Bryce actually scared of 😂😂

  • Derek Speer
    Derek Speer Year ago +13

    LOL you can tell Brad wants to fight someone so bad, but he hasn’t fought anyone yet! Wtf

  • Michael Michie
    Michael Michie Year ago

    Steve n Kyle are straight up hilarious

  • Destined Fate
    Destined Fate Year ago +606

    I legit love Steve. Like he’s the funniest dude on Clip-Share hands down😂😂

  • Daniel
    Daniel Year ago +32

    now we need a “Mike confronts Bryce Hall”

  • iPie 117
    iPie 117 Year ago +1

    Insane how supportive Amara is

  • Gabriel Galaviz
    Gabriel Galaviz Year ago

    these are the coolest youtubers hands down mike you the truth

  • Levi Cook
    Levi Cook Year ago

    I know people don’t really see it online much but wow I’m amazed Steve has been with her for so long that’s amazing bro, happy for him

  • Xavier
    Xavier Year ago +294

    Was so glad when I saw the notification. Put a smile right across my face.

  • Sky Daddy
    Sky Daddy Year ago +46

    "We had a bunch of fights on here today"
    We had one horrendous wrestling match that lasted about as long as Mike does on bed with lana.

    • Prxwl
      Prxwl Year ago +1

      Outrageous 💀

  • ProzaChill
    ProzaChill Year ago

    Love ur merch big bro! Would cop but coronas stripped me from my job and it's hard finding other work other than odd jobs but once I'm on my feet again best believe I'm copping the whole mf shop!! Love to you and yours from Australia 🖤

  • D H
    D H Year ago +1

    I love that these vlogs are REAL. The NELK boys even seemed different from their vlogs. Great content 👌

  • Austin Schroeder
    Austin Schroeder Year ago +15

    Mike, don’t get rice...get both beans. It’s what I do every time.

  • Hunter Gawron
    Hunter Gawron Year ago +40

    This has to be one of the most heart warming mike videos as mike, lana and some of nelk come together and bond

  • Beefpanda TM
    Beefpanda TM Year ago

    Everyone's always playing the get Brad mad game haha 🤣

  • piz rux
    piz rux Year ago +23

    7:51 I love how awkward it is for Bradley

    SOTHSWEE V2 Year ago +2

    Look at Steve dieing, kyle in the back and Brad in denial 6:04😂😂

  • waatermelon1
    waatermelon1 Year ago +3

    literally obsessed with lana she is so f*cking cute UGH also i love how she always wears the same shirts

  • Mohamed Marai
    Mohamed Marai Year ago +96

    Am i the only one who finds it entertaining when brad gets mad 😂😂😂

  • anthony
    anthony 6 days ago

    Brads reaction at 5:56 🤣🤣

  • Lucas Ferreyra
    Lucas Ferreyra Year ago +2

    3:47 love this moment 😂

  • William Rogers
    William Rogers Year ago

    i love how Steve is just eating when they talk about him getting fucked up on wine

  • Sub to not_Mat
    Sub to not_Mat Year ago +2

    Bryce had the exact same chances of beating Bradly as Jake Paul would have against Conor

  • Hot Guyz
    Hot Guyz Year ago +855

    Bryce is brave, damn Bradley is a monster, like double his weight.

    • AImtheking -
      AImtheking - Year ago

      I pretty sure Bryce thought this was all a joke lmaoo

    • amaan afg
      amaan afg Year ago

      @Sam Bam what has he done thats good

    • amaan afg
      amaan afg Year ago

      @Carls D. yea maybe

    • amaan afg
      amaan afg Year ago

      @Kevin bet i would

    • Zen
      Zen Year ago

      Oliver Copson he’s just explaining how Bryce is not actually a tough guy

  • Thai Montana
    Thai Montana Year ago

    Haven’t clocked in for a while, damn the quality of Mikes vids has gotten a lot better.

  • J.A.W L.I.G
    J.A.W L.I.G Year ago +290

    "Does he have, like, people in there?"
    My guy, it's a gym...

    • Brian Gonzales
      Brian Gonzales Year ago

      Bring t

    • Jacob Atkins
      Jacob Atkins Year ago +3

      Sanket Bhagat My guy, you don’t need to wear face masks lol

    • Sanket Bhagat
      Sanket Bhagat Year ago +8

      My guy, it's COVID season and none of them had facemasks

  • 4BB Sal
    4BB Sal Year ago +1

    This video was fkn great bro 😂😂😂

  • Peng
    Peng Year ago +6

    Bradley isn’t the bad guy everyone goes to him to fight him he’s not going around picking fights

  • Big Pump
    Big Pump Year ago +198

    Bryce really went on this episode just to get his ass beat and headed out

    • Apom Taylor
      Apom Taylor Year ago

      he got heart at least

    • sloily
      sloily Year ago +2

      It’s brad what do u expect I’m starting to like bryce since he’s hanging with nelk

    • bby bb
      bby bb Year ago +2

      Embarrassment was too much lmfao

    • Lily DIYGamer
      Lily DIYGamer Year ago


    • William T
      William T Year ago +1


  • Harrison Wilson
    Harrison Wilson Year ago +4

    my poor guy brad is just caught up in this at lunch😂

  • Andrew Pitera
    Andrew Pitera Year ago +2

    bradleys reaction from 5:50 had me dead af then it kept going

  • John Vasi
    John Vasi Year ago +14

    So that’s the move Brad learned from his gym teacher 🤣

  • Zack Barry
    Zack Barry Year ago +8

    It’s so classic that Steve has he’s own bottle of alc wit him

  • What's That?
    What's That? Year ago +34

    I genuinely love how much effort Mike puts into his videos.
    *You can tell that he really loves his craft and he puts the ‘You’ in Clip-Share.*
    You’ve majorly inspired me in creating my own content man, and putting my heart into the videos I produce.
    Thank you Mike.

  • Miracle99
    Miracle99 Year ago

    Whoever is a Faze fan especially Ricegum, Rice should see this video, bradely getting the shit out of Bryce

  • Dakota Plays VHS
    Dakota Plays VHS Year ago

    I have never heard of this guy and don’t really like him but love nelk and Steve (not drug dealer brad) but this is like some feel good wholesome shit like friends hanging out and all positivity and shit I like it

  • Sal Hernandez
    Sal Hernandez Year ago +8

    we need to get Kyle a rocket we can’t have him wheeling

  • Dalton White
    Dalton White Year ago

    Lmao great content man 💯

  • bobo fattt
    bobo fattt Year ago +383

    brads just sick of getting called out by children half is size for a laugh. He says if youre so tough show it

  • E m
    E m Year ago +17

    Lol right when Lana steps up that’s when everyone starts to back up 💀

    • Lucy
      Lucy Year ago +3

      They ain’t tryin to catch a case

  • Rub3nG1
    Rub3nG1 Year ago +5

    "His friends dont even want to play with him because he is so bad"😂😂

  • Miley Morales
    Miley Morales Year ago +33

    7:52 Bradley's like I need Jesus 😆😭😭🤣

  • Mulan Armani saffron

    I feel like Bradley said "do it now, do it right here" because he takes steroids, and that way he won't get tested and can also look like a winner. Also mike is a leech for doing this.

  • Dmarco Okpych
    Dmarco Okpych Year ago +327

    Hoesntly when Steve said “if you only think about the wins then your a winner” that changed my perspective on life he really is a good guy

    • HUFFPUFF 147
      HUFFPUFF 147 Year ago

      I’m going to grow up and become Obama because of this

    • Jared R
      Jared R Year ago

      @Daniel Sellars That's true lol it's like you play a game loose completely but say your a winner cause u have one win compared to 5 or whatever

    • Swak
      Swak Year ago +1

      Steve’s a great guy, all the nelk guys are grea
      T. That’s why I’ve been watching them for 5 years since nelkflimz

    • Moon
      Moon Year ago +7

      More like if you only think about winning in life then your gonna fail halfway because in order to succeed you have to fail a couple of times

    SUMOL SHANKAR Year ago

    He is making great content dude,.

  • Tyson Kid
    Tyson Kid Year ago

    That is so embarrassing for Bryce 😂😂

  • Big sexy
    Big sexy 8 months ago +1

    Brad folded him like a omelette! Lol

  • Andy Ramjit
    Andy Ramjit Year ago

    Bradley is indeed a nice guy some would call a "gentle giant" although he fucked Bryce up, he backed off to Lana/ Amara. Big heart, and good guy

  • Weston Layman
    Weston Layman Year ago +139

    You’ve gotta collab with the nelk boys more often, there funny asf

  • Just Another Gixxer

    These collabs with nelk/selina need to happen more often 👌🔥

  • Angel Garretson
    Angel Garretson Year ago

    does steve enjoy his food or just do that 🤣

  • J.W
    J.W Year ago

    Sickening Brads trying to get Mike back on drugs first with kids and now an ex drug user

  • ckay yahoo
    ckay yahoo Year ago

    Do more things with nelk this shit funny asf