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bringing SNOW to the DESSERT❄️🏜️


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  • Πεισίστρατος
    Πεισίστρατος Month ago +1008

    When a snowball traveled more than I could ever had 💀

  • SirShadowyXD
    SirShadowyXD 22 days ago +121

    Most realistic version I’ve seen

  • Xandwich
    Xandwich Month ago +81

    Surprised that the people that were checking there bag didn’t think it was cocaine 😂

  • Dina Sailo
    Dina Sailo 2 months ago +580


  • ThatSmartie
    ThatSmartie Month ago

    That’s the cutest thing I have seen on Clip-Share by far

  • Chellsi Patt
    Chellsi Patt Month ago +1

    Omg bring me some snow next time!😂

  • Kornelia Rozek
    Kornelia Rozek 2 months ago +415

    *everyone talking about how ot melted*
    -No one-me vibing to the back round song

  • Amblue Pro
    Amblue Pro Month ago +3

    Speed running : The snow melts and she throws it to the toilet

  • Theboys
    Theboys 20 days ago

    Bru the air plain be hella cold 🥶

  • Aitoji
    Aitoji 2 months ago +400

    The security be like: Oh it's that couple again! Have fun with your snow guys! 😉

  • brian
    brian Month ago

    bringing snow to the dessert 🍨

  • สเตฟานเนียน


  • @IT
    @IT 2 months ago +54

    my godfather brought a rather big clump of ice from way north in norway, all the way through europe, down through the sahara desert, all the way up again to serve icecubes in drinks in a bar.. without any refrigeration, no electricity, only packed the ise in isolation material.. true story :)

    • Jk gamer
      Jk gamer Month ago +2

      and that's also how my parents say how they got to achool

  • Ellie
    Ellie Month ago +232

    The way she held it in her hand just made my heart so full of love is cute as it’s so cute

    • Brend New
      Brend New 22 days ago

      Snow isn’t cute your channel photo is cute ☺️

    • Lina Dewood
      Lina Dewood 26 days ago

      I just had a stroke trying to understand this comment

    • Nigerian Vince
      Nigerian Vince 29 days ago +2

      @It's mE fr bro fr

    • It's mE
      It's mE 29 days ago +2

      Dude this comment is the definition of cringe 😬

    • Nigerian Vince
      Nigerian Vince Month ago +2

      Snow is cute?

  • George Zide
    George Zide 22 days ago +2

    You guys are such a cute couple

  • Tortall2012
    Tortall2012 2 months ago +181

    Minnesotans: “Oh you’ve never seen snow before?”
    Also Minnesotans: “I’ll just grab some and bring it to you!!”
    I honestly believe that we (Minnesotans) are just too excited about our snow

    • Ramon Antonio Del Rosario de los Santos
      Ramon Antonio Del Rosario de los Santos Month ago

      Kk de la la vida real de de la que no no sabe sabe cuanto más difícil de de ti es que me me vas a decir que no te quiero mucho no no te quiero ni te quiero. my wywtwywuwtwuwy que no no quiere ser la única que que se lo lo juro y por

    • Karar AL Zubaidi
      Karar AL Zubaidi 2 months ago +1


    • Vimal Kumar Sookun
      Vimal Kumar Sookun 2 months ago +1


    • Kang Taeminem
      Kang Taeminem 2 months ago +1

      ​@kitty2010 i feel you

    • kitty2010
      kitty2010 2 months ago +3

      Yes everywhere there’s snow we always get excited, I live in Indiana and we get lots of snow too!

  • JustGwen
    JustGwen 7 days ago

    bro that baby snowman went across the world and survived longer than my dad on his trip to walmart 👴🏻

  • DarwinGaming
    DarwinGaming Month ago

    I thought the snow would eat dessert with u for a sec. 😂

  • Zaza CRAFT
    Zaza CRAFT 2 months ago +872

    Their ankles just submerged in the snow in the beginning… 😂😅❤

    • Timea Koma
      Timea Koma 16 days ago

      Akkor majd sima hívás kromatin hívás

    • Philosophia
      Philosophia Month ago

      What's wrong with that? What am I missing here; do you think they're ok now, or would that snow accident have caused some sort of delayed internal hemorrhaging?

    • Munnira aktar
      Munnira aktar 2 months ago

      ​@محمد الجواش llllllllll

    • محمد الجواش
      محمد الجواش 2 months ago +2

      ​@amung us غةاخؤبيسهغر

  • dhondup chushar
    dhondup chushar Month ago

    ❤I will be there 🎉

  • Chip The Frog
    Chip The Frog Month ago

    Ahhhh yes welcome to my home az

  • ky.ride.equine
    ky.ride.equine 2 months ago +3574

    Is anyone gonna talk about the security looking through her bag- like..imagine seeing snow-in a BAG!
    edit 2: oh yeah im famous.

  • KK Kitchen
    KK Kitchen 20 days ago

    aww 🥰

  • Meg Vandyke
    Meg Vandyke 13 days ago +2

    Beautiful exit!!

  • Hosanna
    Hosanna 2 months ago +36

    RIP snow

  • fan13kart
    fan13kart Month ago

    Did you star in the movie "Offline"?

  • Oscwal
    Oscwal Month ago

    Ah, yes, the ✨dessert✨

  • Sara Branham
    Sara Branham Month ago +203

    Ah yes, my favorite place on earth. The *dessert*

  • Itsnotsiennalaci
    Itsnotsiennalaci Month ago

    I thought you were gonna take it to California 😂

  • CakePop!
    CakePop! Month ago

    Me bringing snow/ice in school be like,showing it to the class and name the bunch of coldness Bobby,then throw it on the window.

  • Wynelle Llaguno
    Wynelle Llaguno Month ago +21

    aww you fly to there just for us thanks 😭🥺🤗🙏

  • Big cringe Clips
    Big cringe Clips Month ago +2

    This is the water cycle at its finest

  • Jaga Arig
    Jaga Arig 14 days ago

    R.I.P Snow we all love christmas😢

  • Saerii
    Saerii Month ago +30

    Ya'll so entertaining that even my teacher watches you guys.
    Me when im at school:
    *Sees my teacher scrollin on youtube watching Cayda and Alysa*

    • IMFriend
      IMFriend 29 days ago +1

      I will see you tomorrow

  • Ayesha Rizwan
    Ayesha Rizwan Month ago

    omg you guys were smuggling ice😂😂

    DEMON SLAYER 21 day ago

    Ice be like if you wanted to you could have totally flushed me there why bring me so far 😂

  • ジェット/[ミル椀]


  • Madilyn Forever
    Madilyn Forever Month ago

    Fr we never get snow in Arizona I swearr

  • Friends_Vlog
    Friends_Vlog 21 day ago

    Snow in ohio be like 🤓

  • JAKE
    JAKE 2 months ago +76

    Toilet is really the dessert ☠️💀💀☠️

    • Nefertem
      Nefertem 2 months ago

      ​@Sarahhh do you have dessert in your home

    • Sarahhh
      Sarahhh 2 months ago


  • Tanishka gupta
    Tanishka gupta Month ago

    it looks like i have visited the dessert before

  • pupcik_007 • 235 лет назад

    This snow had an interesting life...💀

  • shoma様 推し
    shoma様 推し Month ago +30


  • Esmeraldacrystals
    Esmeraldacrystals Month ago

    its so cutee 🥰🤩

  • Tengen Uzui
    Tengen Uzui Month ago

    Ma’am what’s this white block may I ask?

  • Potato
    Potato 2 months ago +327

    security : "uhm is ths allowed in the airport?"
    people : *nods head*
    security "eh whatever"
    edit : Thank you so much for the 327 likes! this is the most i ever received!

  • Dream
    Dream 4 days ago

    I'm surprised the security didn't think that snow wasn't something else

  • Piano Salah
    Piano Salah Month ago

    Just really love it when you do that

  • Сергей Верховых

    Legends say this piece of snow is still going down this pipe

  • therobloxstorycreatorᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

    R.I.P Snow 2022-2022😭

  • yoshiethan2000
    yoshiethan2000 Month ago

    ah yes a dessert!
    Can I eat it?

  • Nilesh Kumar
    Nilesh Kumar 2 months ago +4

    Whenever u feel useless in your life...remember these couple.

  • Link Link
    Link Link Month ago

    Bringing snow to the dessert (you spelled it wrong so all i could think of was how the gingerbread men were so happy to see the snow)

  • Susan Robey
    Susan Robey Month ago +1

    W Starbucks worker moment

  • Agatha Tavares
    Agatha Tavares Month ago +7

    Love the effort of trying to bring it home

  • Samantha Michelle Pingilley

    That was the coolest thing dude omg you guys are too cool

  • imtheglitch_786
    imtheglitch_786 Month ago

    My man's being cononilsed someone help him💀💀💀

  • Jethrine Harrison
    Jethrine Harrison Month ago +935

    if this song doesn't play at my funeral I'm not dying
    Edit: BRO 450? stop.

    • Cooper Jones
      Cooper Jones 20 days ago

      nah 887🎉

    • the avocado
      the avocado 28 days ago

      @sinderella08 the song is called funny song, the creator is Cavendish

    • the avocado
      the avocado 29 days ago

      @sinderella08 cavendish - funny song

      CIBER GAME Month ago

      Idjdkfhfkffkfh 🥶🤒🤧

  • Annabelle Trout
    Annabelle Trout Month ago

    The *dessert* yum 😊

  • Severino Matunan
    Severino Matunan 20 days ago

    The snow melted better than they taught

  • -𝚊𝚞𝚡𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚊 -♥︎!

    i could feel how cold the hand was-

  • Tabitha Minca C. Quiambao


  • Home On LaGrange
    Home On LaGrange 8 days ago +1


  • Galaxy Playzz
    Galaxy Playzz 2 months ago +15

    airport security really thought it was Co-

    • _makao
      _makao Month ago


  • يوووw♡
    يوووw♡ Month ago

    But why did you come this far? 😅

  • Milky
    Milky Month ago

    Ahh yes "dessert" what's for dessert
    The desert with a snow emoji💀☠️

  • TMMT Trains and more
    TMMT Trains and more Month ago +29

    The lady at the security rlly said: I don’t get paid enough

    • Black
      Black Month ago +1

      no replies, lemme fix that

  • Sai
    Sai 10 days ago

    Play these song 0n my funeral 😩♥️

  • Brittany Guerra
    Brittany Guerra Month ago

    Y'all make me laugh 🤣

  • Trey Bowman
    Trey Bowman Month ago +24

    They woulda gave my azz a full body search after finding that snowball . And the. Would swiped all my electronics 😂

  • Daire Moran
    Daire Moran Month ago

    What type of dessert was it? A cake or a pie?

  • Beast 2.2
    Beast 2.2 28 days ago

    Snow just entered womens washroom

  • Frostbite
    Frostbite Month ago +4

    I find that cute, if only it had eyes

  • Peep squeaks
    Peep squeaks Month ago

    You had a good life snowball

  • beatriz fernandez
    beatriz fernandez Month ago

    bro wearing shorts in snow 😭🤣

  • 홀란드
    홀란드 Month ago +3

    당귀율무복합물" 이라고 들어보셨나요??다이어트 약품으로 유명한데 부종에도
    좋은 효과가 있다보니 너무 만족스럽네요 저도 더 구매해보려구요!

  • 월천마녀
    월천마녀 18 days ago

    점점 녹아간다~~~~~

  • MvcS
    MvcS 28 days ago

    ah yes, the dessert 🍨 🍮 🧁

  • Gia’s LIFE
    Gia’s LIFE 2 months ago +14

    I love how you bring snow to different places❤️

  • Dũng dragon gaming

    so cute

  • patrik dasho
    patrik dasho Month ago

    imagine doing that and after the vid ended they just going back home again...

  • Gaming Gracie & Finn The Floofy Fox

    Imagine going through all this effort to bring the snow just to flush it in the airport toilet 😭

  • A-non-Existent-being

    Wait til they realize it snowed in tucson, az yesterday and they didnt have to go that far.

  • Dharmeshbhai Patel
    Dharmeshbhai Patel Month ago +1

    The ice be like ❄
    Let mE tAke mY liQuiD fOrM💧

  • ZodiacGirl24
    ZodiacGirl24 2 months ago +4

    The lady on the plane tho-

  • Shaneka Jones
    Shaneka Jones Month ago

    😊😊😊😊😊kind one and a very good person

  • Abigail Bayola
    Abigail Bayola Month ago +1


  • Christian Nielsen
    Christian Nielsen Month ago +34

    Im so surprised that the sercurity didn't think that was cocaine or something💀

  • Ivy Zhang
    Ivy Zhang 22 days ago

    I love snow!

  • Jory Games
    Jory Games Month ago +1

    Bro that’s bringing snow to the toilet😂

  • TheOfficialSamantha
    TheOfficialSamantha 2 months ago +26

    POV: You really wanted to see the snow in the dessert but you accidently scroll💀

  • Dharmeshbhai Patel
    Dharmeshbhai Patel Month ago +1

    Her hand be like :-🥶🧊☃️❄🥶🧊

  • W u b b o c
    W u b b o c Month ago

    undertale when you take snow form the snow man be like:

  • Caroline Burchell
    Caroline Burchell 2 months ago +6

    The way I thought people would look is like what is she doing

  • I Do Venue Dressing
    I Do Venue Dressing 6 days ago

    I love your outfit😂😂😂/you always wear it

  • ♡Vivi Rose ⁠♡


    MANJIRO SANO INDO 2 months ago +4

    These 2 just cooled the entire word 🤣

  • Cool guy 2916
    Cool guy 2916 Month ago

    Ankle. Deep on that snow.. Man ik them feet be iceeeee

  • Deha Keskin
    Deha Keskin Month ago

    Snow:Why always me

  • Name
    Name 2 months ago +5

    The snow ball had an amazing adventure