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Shooting the rapids to PAGSANJAN FALLS, LAGUNA // staying at Casa Marina | travels 017

  • Published on Apr 10, 2022 veröffentlicht
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    We went on an exciting trip to Pagsanjan, Laguna and we stayed at Casa Marina Bed and Breakfast. Casa Marina is very charming, homey, and peaceful with great food, great people and a great view. We visited the famous Pagsanjan Falls and did the Shooting the rapids. We had a blast and had a great stay. I hope you could visit!
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    ‣ www.casamarinabnb.com/
    ↳ we booked through their website
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    dji osmo pocket 2 // filming
    iPhone 11 // filming
    final cut pro // editing
    canva // thumbnails
    sketchbook // thumbnails
    shoutout to Tito JV for the drone an, thanks for lending it to us 🤍
    💌 inalimjoco@gmail.com
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    ✎ 'Sup? I've been traveling with my family ever since I was young. I love exploring and seeing new places, experiencing different cultures, trying new food, and appreciating the beauty of the world. I wanted to share with you our adventures and experiences ☺

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  • MidnightOwl99
    MidnightOwl99 5 months ago

    Nicely done, Ina. Thanks for posting this. Dacal a salamat kabalen. With your video I will be able to convince my buds to shoot the rapids. 😊 We did this before you were born, Ina--- no life vests, helmets & all but we made it. 😂 How did you book the boats? Any other tips such as where to change & leave our purses, cell phones, etc?

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  4 months ago

      thank you po for watching! we booked our boat through our hotel (Casa Marina) but there are a lot of establishments along the river that offer the boat tours like Lolo Tuge's ☺️

  • Jack Quentin
    Jack Quentin 11 months ago

    Grabe, the boat's so narrow nakakatakot hahaha. Still wanna try though

  • Cheche Limjoco
    Cheche Limjoco Year ago

    Thanks, Ina!🥰Definitely going back soon!👍

  • Beyond Journey with Jeff

    When I was 15 years we went there, at ang daming pumpunta, boats are coming in and out, at puro foreigners pa (Japs, Euro at Americans). Pero parang iba na ang water, at puro algae ang mga bato at yung water murky na at parang may algae blloom na din.. hindi na siguro na maintain yung water coming above from the falls. this is sad

  • Joya TV
    Joya TV Year ago

    So Nice!!! 😍

  • geo kumetz, CPM
    geo kumetz, CPM Year ago +1

    They deserve a very good tip.

  • All Things Review
    All Things Review 3 months ago

    Great vid! How do you book this? Thanks

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  3 months ago +1

      hi! we booked through their website, www.casamarinabnb.com/

  • Aleksandr Mendevev
    Aleksandr Mendevev 11 months ago

    Naisip ko lang yung pagsanjan falls na nakikita ko sa libro before, 15 years ago. Eto pala yon. Parang kulay putik na ang tubig.

    • Beyond Journey with Jeff
      Beyond Journey with Jeff 4 months ago

      Yes, may algae bloom na.. Pag madaming algae, indication na medyo polluted na ang river at falls..

  • Larinelle Cejo Camoras

    hi ate Ina taga pagsanjan po ako

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  Year ago +1

      hello ! ang ganda po ng hometown niyo, thank you for watching ! ☺️💗

    • Babs Keña
      Babs Keña 11 months ago

      From Pagsanjan here.

  • Sarah Zakiah
    Sarah Zakiah 8 months ago

    Hi, how i can booking the boat?

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  8 months ago

      We booked through Casa Marina, but there are some places by the river that offer similar tours (Like Lolo Tuge's) 😊

  • sweetLibra Rien23
    sweetLibra Rien23 7 months ago

    Watching Lodi let's be friends RIENALICIOUS here fullpack

  • kambyo man
    kambyo man 10 months ago

    Sobrang ganda naman po jan☺️ mam magkanu po bayad jan sa pagsanjan falls salamat po🙂

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  10 months ago +1

      Thank you for watching po ! Around ₱2000 for two pax for each boat po to reach the falls when we visited po at that time

    • kambyo man
      kambyo man 10 months ago

      @Ina Limjoco salamat po🙂

  • Ritz Olviga
    Ritz Olviga 11 months ago

    pwede kaya ang toddler jan and 7 yrs old?

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  11 months ago

      hindi ko po sure sa toddler, pero non ginawa po namin yung tour, meron po kaming nakita na around 3ft tall na bata. i think po the challenge is kung kaya niya po to sit in the boat for more than 30 minutes. the parent naman po could hold the kid

  • Josephine Puracan

    Matanong lng po mag Kano po bayad sa bangka .

    • Ina Limjoco
      Ina Limjoco  Year ago

      Around ₱2000 for two pax per bangka po

    • Venice Agua - Tomelden
      Venice Agua - Tomelden Year ago

      @Ina Limjoco kakatakot ata baka mahulog sa banca then may bato2x. The kuyas' job was tough..needed to be accurate sa movement

    • Babs Keña
      Babs Keña 11 months ago

      Pwede a

    • Babs Keña
      Babs Keña 11 months ago

      Pwede na siguro ..remove facemask haha