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  • Published on Oct 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • @CashNastyGaming @nickbrizFull @CamWilder @DVontayFriga are competing for $10,000 and the title of #1 basketball creator. Watch them compete in the one of the CRAZIEST games of HORSE of ALL-TIME!
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  • Creator League
    Creator League  Year ago +352

    Season 2 was filmed about a month ago! Stay tuned for more episodes every Wednesday!

    • LaPride247
      LaPride247 Year ago +1

      @JustinLeeReacts it’s not a lie lmao. Cash and the guy that was paid both said it. Imagine ignoring proof and receipts and making your own shit up. Is this one of nicks 1000 burners😂

    • Shorts Ram
      Shorts Ram Year ago

      lmao basically "nah we are currently not filming with nick briz. we did this shit month before the drama"

    • AP
      AP Year ago

      NOT SUPPORTING ANYTHING THAT INCLUDES NCK BRIZ THE EXPLOITER / RACIST ‼️‼️‼️ HoH doesn’t care huh? If Nick exploited trans or was homophobic HoH would treat it differently right⁉️ You CANNOT just act like the exploitation and racism just didn’t happen or means nothing. WHATS UP CAM, FRIGA, CASH⁉️ PLEASE don’t be puppets and make these important steps forward a missed opportunity on your part‼️ shout out to Chris Whyte for having integrity ‼️

  • PattyFife
    PattyFife Year ago +788

    For anybody who don’t know this was recorded before the nick briz beef. It was the same week where savage squad played against cam and friga

    • Chauvin Took a knee 4blm
      Chauvin Took a knee 4blm Year ago

      @Chris Jenkins forreal these softies out here. Funny how none of them comment on all they say to Nick at the courts and how friga almost lost his life

    • BandupJay
      BandupJay Year ago

      I hope that made you feel good

    • BandupJay
      BandupJay Year ago +1

      Thanks for the info buddy😂

    • Blzing
      Blzing Year ago

      @Young God cash said it

  • Gargola _Z
    Gargola _Z Year ago +719

    Damn Nick actually seems like a chill guy in this vid. If he apologize and take accountability for what he did maybe more people would FWH. Sad to see

    • Lil Ray
      Lil Ray Year ago

      He is a good and chill guy, just chris wanted to get views and shit and more money so he "exposed" nick

    • MH9
      MH9 Year ago

      @C that's nick's fault for not informing cash and it's an act of entertainment for the video. The thing is he's not transparent with it like not clarifying with the guy before setting up cash. He needs to choose his circle wisely too. Chris is not a true friend. Instead of advice, he exposes lol and it goes both ways.

    • Asaprockysintern
      Asaprockysintern Year ago

      2 late for allat

    • Mike Tan
      Mike Tan Year ago

      Maybe all the things you hear aren’t true?

    • Simeon
      Simeon Year ago

      This was before it happened

  • Tri Beard
    Tri Beard Year ago +82

    Watching Cash attempt to be athletic is fucking hilarious

  • M
    M Year ago +189

    01:50 lmao Cash the best
    “Quit being indecisive nick do it count or not”
    “Travel” 😂

  • Xiety
    Xiety Year ago +36

    We need more of this. This is straight up entertainment I’m liking nis

  • Jemz
    Jemz Year ago +614

    this collab aged QUICKLY

  • Innovation
    Innovation Year ago +252

    Cash ain’t got no type of finesse to his game, I knew he was gone be first with that discombobulated Stiffness.

  • Cam Wilder
    Cam Wilder Year ago +769

    nick’s creativity in this challenge was ridiculous

    • Highlight Messiah
      Highlight Messiah Year ago

      @DC Denizen yes nigga??

    • DC Denizen
      DC Denizen Year ago

      @Highlight Messiah ...

    • Andres Miranda
      Andres Miranda Year ago

      @Sonadidy so what you saying is, he is also a sellout.

    • Sonadidy
      Sonadidy Year ago

      @Andres Miranda Nigga he got sponsors and shit bro he can't risk his brand

  • Curtis Johnson
    Curtis Johnson Year ago +54

    6:59 Cash really meant that from the heart 💯

    • Clips Ahoyyy
      Clips Ahoyyy Year ago

      @Bob Der fax cash had came out in said don’t be surprised by this video beacuse it was filmed before the beef

    • Bob Der
      Bob Der Year ago +1

      @Curtis Johnson nah it was filmed before

    • Tonio8826
      Tonio8826 Year ago +2

      @Curtis Johnson he was talking about the beef they had before they shot this video

    • Curtis Johnson
      Curtis Johnson Year ago +8

      @『𝙲𝚕𝚊𝚢𝙲𝚘』 Friga recently did a podcast saying this video happened after the whole situation went down and they had to act cool for a check.

  • NotASuzpect
    NotASuzpect Year ago +2

    It just sucks cuz you can obviously see how chill nick is that's why you stay true to who you are on and off camera 📷 it's easier that way than being someone you aint

  • Kaleb Priestly
    Kaleb Priestly Year ago +7

    Seeing cash throw that ball at nick was pleasing😂 i know it was before it all but thats just a hilarious sight to see

  • dom.
    dom. Year ago +99

    cashes movement is like when you go hoop with your old uncle and he tryna be cool and do all that shit

  • HighTolerance
    HighTolerance Year ago +248

    Lmao Cash can’t make a lay to save his soul haha

  • w5
    w5 Year ago +2

    Briz is so chill and humble when not hopping at the park haha

  • Chase Richardson
    Chase Richardson Year ago +132

    Cash: "this is obviously not my strong suit"
    Somebody wanna tell him??

    • Lij
      Lij Year ago

      @Mr Contradictions I’m sayin! Only reason he in the video with these dudes is because of his following.

    • Mo Pes
      Mo Pes Year ago +1

      @Mr Contradictions hes so un athletic

    • Mr Contradictions
      Mr Contradictions Year ago +15

      Someone should. Dude cannot ball, definitely athletic but simply is not a baller

  • Nyte Red3
    Nyte Red3 Year ago

    Honestly it's just nice to those 4 playing and not scrapping actually basketball with 4 great talents props to @nickbriz @cashnasty @dvonty @camwilder

  • D'Vontay Friga
    D'Vontay Friga Year ago +1241


    • Desiree White
      Desiree White Year ago

      Come to orange park Florida to catch some threes

    • FYI_GoodSoul
      FYI_GoodSoul Year ago

      Good shit on that 1v1 against hesi

  • grayson serrano
    grayson serrano Year ago

    I like this, good to see you all together playing ball, would love to see more

  • fika nuryahati
    fika nuryahati Year ago +14

    "For the next shot you gotta do a calculus problem then hit a simple lay-up" I would win every time

  • perccobain
    perccobain Year ago +129

    7:20 friga: “hes sleep deprived”
    drawback from sniffin that powder all night 😭

    • One Deep Savage
      One Deep Savage Year ago +5

      @Youngkilla And still won lmao

    • Youngkilla
      Youngkilla Year ago +3

      i was realy just boutta comment the same thing .. bro on crack

  • That Boy Tonio
    That Boy Tonio Year ago

    LOL when Cash threw the ball at Nick and said fuck you NGL that was funny 😂☠️😂☠️😂

  • Hayden Cluckey
    Hayden Cluckey Year ago +17

    Nick this the kinda content I like. Just do some chill stuff like this. Need some more carlos though. Lol

  • Dylpickles555
    Dylpickles555 Year ago +51

    It hurts seeing cash joke around with nick cause he had genuine love for him, hate to see how everything turned out. Just wish nick could’ve handled the situation better

    • Yannick Coman
      Yannick Coman Year ago

      @kingslayerx17 at least now he apologized but not sure if that is gomma change much because its kinda late

    • Dylpickles555
      Dylpickles555 Year ago

      @Alexander Tsai when cash played with nick, nick promised there wouldn’t be any fights and that if there was they would handle it but he got exposed and payed someone to fight cash then he didn’t even apologize

    • Alexander Tsai
      Alexander Tsai Year ago

      What happened

    • Jared Martin
      Jared Martin Year ago +4

      Fax bruh he really messed with him and Nick doing him wrong like that was the last thing he had on his mind🤦🏾‍♂️

    • kingslayerx17
      kingslayerx17 Year ago +1

      I wish nick apologized bruh

  • Mike allen Kerr
    Mike allen Kerr Year ago

    Cash you got to get ya athleticism & concentration on point. On bro you do G

  • Supreme
    Supreme Year ago

    I just love the layups they were sooooo creative….. 🙃

  • aircraft interiors
    aircraft interiors Year ago +2

    was really entertaining despite the beefs that were happening at that time good job

  • Uncle Asian
    Uncle Asian Year ago

    I feel this is what makes briz watchable. His athleticism. Like dev in the lab has moves but it’s on a one inch vertical

  • Sock Ears Stocks
    Sock Ears Stocks Year ago +14

    This sh** is good vibes, it’s a shame all that stuff went down

  • BusyLivNlife
    BusyLivNlife Year ago +6

    Great game ,never seen friga dunk like that.

  • legit squad
    legit squad Year ago +1

    Vibes in hard times stay humble!!

  • jolanhp
    jolanhp Year ago

    This is the content people want to see from Nick. Get back to hooping fun, forget the beef.

  • Rick Boone
    Rick Boone Year ago +41

    So a new rule me and my friends came up with for horse is “in-efficient shoot”. How it works is if I make a shot and all of the other players make the shot, I get a letter. It makes you try harder shots and not a “top of the key three”.

    • King Forte
      King Forte Year ago

      @Rick Boone I don’t call it anything I just know you and your friends didn’t come up with that rule ….. y’all might have thought y’all did but it’s been an unwritten rule you can go by to make it more interesting or not

    • Christian
      Christian Year ago

      @Rick Boone it’s just always been part of the game for us

    • Ace
      Ace Year ago

      Yeah we been having that rule as a standard in Sweden

    • Rick Boone
      Rick Boone Year ago +3

      @King Forte what do you call it? And we didn’t just come up with it, it’s about ten years old for us.

    • King Forte
      King Forte Year ago +7

      That’s not a new rule lol 💀

  • PlatinumState
    PlatinumState Year ago

    First time I've seen Nick not look coked up 🤣🤣

  • Jaybloc615
    Jaybloc615 Year ago +16

    Is it just me or was friga passively taking shots at nick like the whole video 🤣

    • Jaybloc615
      Jaybloc615 Year ago

      @Mad Pierrot ion know maybe to was so passive you aint catch it. The way bro said "you a ho" hit me in my soul 🤣

    • Mad Pierrot
      Mad Pierrot Year ago +3

      I think it is just you. He was actually trying to be cool instead of being petty like Nick has the tendency to be.

    QUiNTiN BANKS Year ago +12

    Glad to see content creators coming together

  • Daves and Friends Podcast

    This is like seeing your favorite wrestlers hanging out w their rivals Lmaoo

  • Evan McGinley
    Evan McGinley Year ago

    Cash Nasty when he said fuck you to nick had me crying 😂😂😂😂

  • gabecartierrr
    gabecartierrr Year ago

    Cam’s voice expressions had me dead 😂

  • Troy Ingham
    Troy Ingham Year ago

    u cant honestly say cash is one of the best basketball players in the content community

  • The B.O.A.T.
    The B.O.A.T. Year ago +1

    Nick was fun in this video, good content.

  • nahri hickman
    nahri hickman Year ago +3

    Cash’s arms only allow him to do a “Top of the key, wet like wata!!” motion

  • Jay100 its a 45
    Jay100 its a 45 Year ago

    I would to see them all play ball together in a 5v5

  • Vr Morul
    Vr Morul Year ago +2

    come on you have to give it to nick this dude is crazy creative

  • Gsgsggs Vsgsgsgs
    Gsgsggs Vsgsgsgs Year ago


  • Tracy Diehl
    Tracy Diehl Year ago +1

    Glad to see this, good wholesome video!!!✌️

  • HighSpinSwingSpeed
    HighSpinSwingSpeed Year ago +18

    Friga should gave just made free throws until Nick missed

  • Prettyl3oyFlow
    Prettyl3oyFlow Year ago +3

    The creativity by Nick… different

  • Ween Fain
    Ween Fain Year ago +1

    Watching this and knowing a couple days later Nick’s fake a*s trying to fight Friga makes it so much better lol Friga is such a nice dude. who needs enemies when Nicks your friend? 😂

    • BFGHouse
      BFGHouse Year ago

      That's why Friga stay winning, especially with that release of the creator classic.

  • Mitchell Rossman
    Mitchell Rossman Year ago

    Friga really Kareem'd that blow up 😂

  • Dre man
    Dre man Year ago

    1:47 to 1:50😂😂😂 cash needs to be in a move bro🤣

  • Daniel Cortez
    Daniel Cortez Year ago

    Nic looking like a 8 ball with all that energy

  • jblinga v4
    jblinga v4 Year ago

    I knew when this started cash was going out first 🤣

  • Mastershake0592
    Mastershake0592 Year ago +3

    Yo someone taught this man nick how to jump. The way he pogos off his dominant foot is like almost perfect. I don’t even like the dude but there is a certain way to jump and get more spring in your step and he figured it out forsure.

    • Thescrapliz
      Thescrapliz Year ago

      Why don’t you like him. You think that addition would make you popular?

    • Jet Fox
      Jet Fox Year ago +1

      He does have an almost perfect jump, but the spring to it power wise is mostly genetic, you can only train your vertical to a certain level the rest is just having the right muscle fibers (Fast-twitch muscles).

  • Lord HoesMad
    Lord HoesMad Year ago +1

    We love nick briz what a wholesome video. We need more love in the basketball community

  • Skrilly
    Skrilly Year ago +2

    Nick be traveling 😂😂

    ViVO AL PACiNO Year ago

    Not for nothing if nick was like this on every video I’d like him way more. He actually seem cool af, kind of like a grown lil kid just like me lmaooo.

    JONYE Year ago +1

    Nick was extra with the 15 taps

  • Dallas LaBar
    Dallas LaBar Year ago +2

    There’s no way possible you can go from one side of the court to the other in 3 dribbles like nick did without walking 🤣😂

    • Dallas LaBar
      Dallas LaBar Year ago

      @Isaac Alvarado hoopers walk like that?

    • Dallas LaBar
      Dallas LaBar Year ago +1

      @Ydkm not hard if you take like 4 steps in between like he did

    • Isaac Alvarado
      Isaac Alvarado Year ago +1

      You're not a hooper

    • Ydkm
      Ydkm Year ago +1

      Not that hard and ima 5’6

  • SquadCast
    SquadCast Year ago +7

    Cash out here saying,” off hand reverse layup” to real hoopers thinking there gonna miss

  • Andrew Moulton
    Andrew Moulton Year ago

    Bro I already knew cash was bricking that layup

  • Montrece James
    Montrece James Year ago +1

    Big up Nick 💪

  • Eric J
    Eric J Year ago

    Nick needs props in all his videos

  • Jason Folsom
    Jason Folsom Year ago +1

    Nice to see the guys put all the drama aside and just play ball and some fun.

    • GOKU
      GOKU Year ago

      I think

    • GOKU
      GOKU Year ago

      Pre recorded a month ago

  • Mez
    Mez Year ago

    We gonna let Nick slide on this

  • Tyillest
    Tyillest Year ago +19

    Cash would've won if the challenge was who can miss the most Top Of The Key 3's🏀

    • J T
      J T Year ago +1

      @skander Tibah exactly, always saying it's his, always giving a critique for shooting form, and he sucks!

    • skander Tibah
      skander Tibah Year ago

      I think even nick can beat him top of the key 3s . Cam and friga will humiliate him and he calls himself top of the key SHM 🤣

  • Yolanda Jones
    Yolanda Jones Year ago +1

    Glad to see frogs and nick back

  • TrailersParks
    TrailersParks Year ago

    Friga let this man win thats how humble he is.

  • voon how
    voon how Year ago

    Nick Briz should be inducted into the Horse game Hall of Fame

  • Eddo Spartan
    Eddo Spartan Year ago

    Cash this out your league bro.frfr..was happy to see you made the top of the key.lol

  • Sniffy
    Sniffy Year ago +23

    sucks that nick actually seemed like a chill dude in this vid. sad that this was recorded before all the schemes n shit he was doin got exposed

  • DRA gaming
    DRA gaming Year ago +3

    Nick is really creative guy you can see here in this video and in savage squad fights 😂

  • Ceelo Brown
    Ceelo Brown Year ago

    Not sure what rules they were playing but obviously they didn't want Cash out after 3 minutes.

  • 2 Drippy
    2 Drippy Year ago +1

    I'm bumped for that king of the court after seeing that snippet

  • Not A YouTube Channel

    Nick Briz got One Man Fastbreak on HoF lol that boy explosive

    • JustinLeeReacts
      JustinLeeReacts Year ago +1

      Absolutely bro. Haters crying right now looool.

  • Shawn Hewitt
    Shawn Hewitt Year ago

    Nick is one of the people I hate playing horse against doin all the extra

  • ImNotYourDad69
    ImNotYourDad69 Year ago

    Cash would be the first one to get a letter 😂

  • Shomari B
    Shomari B Year ago +6

    1:12 Cash said "travel" 🤣🤣😭 he not lying 😭

  • Rashad Moore
    Rashad Moore Year ago

    Ol buddy’s nothing-but-net layup looked clean. I don’t think he should’ve gotten an S.

  • Nelson Soto
    Nelson Soto 4 months ago

    Nick played so smart

  • Ouxay
    Ouxay Year ago +1

    Cash nasty definitely got mad at 6:19 and told them to turn off camera

  • Kaycee
    Kaycee Year ago +1

    Nick acting like a whole different person now 🤣

    • Bobby Frank
      Bobby Frank Year ago

      This was shot like 2 months ago….

  • Ronnie
    Ronnie Year ago +666

    Cash is literally the most black un athletic “hooper”

    • Hamm
      Hamm Year ago

      So what you are saying is that cash is the blackest un athletic hooper.... smh lol. #Grammar

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie Year ago

      @Dixie Normuss lol 🤔 huh im lost convo over bud haha

    • Dixie Normuss
      Dixie Normuss Year ago

      @Ronnie and how does that have to do with athleticism? Im pretty sure your describing yourself

    • Ronnie
      Ronnie Year ago

      @Dixie Normuss its street ball miss me with the hacks ect u sound just like him with an excuse after every airball

  • figsuejas
    figsuejas Year ago +12

    No frigas actually a god that takes it easy on people. However sometimes he notices some people start to think they’re better than him then he puts them in their place

    • Dixie Normuss
      Dixie Normuss Year ago

      @TimezGames its frigas fault for not trying tho and alot of ppl would do the same if they beat someone but theyre way better than them, cash even says friga is way better than him.
      And its normal to flex in a Win, like he did beat him by a lot so he can talk his shit.

    • TimezGames
      TimezGames Year ago

      Like when Cash beat him cause Friga wasn't going full throttle, Cash brags about it which is why he wouldn't wanna play Friga again because he knows he'll go full throttle and the game wouldn't be close.

  • Dub4Lif3
    Dub4Lif3 Year ago

    at 10:28 when nic tried that dunking on three guys, he easily almost fucked his ankle/leg up

  • Wayne
    Wayne Year ago

    Nick and Friga seem like they can be good friends

    • Roseanna JUde
      Roseanna JUde Year ago

      Lol they are off the court, it's just on the court,

  • AdamX
    AdamX Year ago

    Cash just complaining the whole time 😂

  • JustinLeeReacts
    JustinLeeReacts Year ago

    Briz da GOAT. Him winning must really make the haters mad looool.

  • missing2202
    missing2202 11 months ago

    How does the shot from under the rim count when the ball hit rim but Cam’s rebound hit the rim but he gets a letter? Wow That was like Russ winning a game of horse vs steph

  • Hard Da God
    Hard Da God Year ago +4

    I’m confused on how this horse game being played 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • DroneScape
    DroneScape Year ago

    Great to see you all hooping together, now make up with Chris an all be good.

  • Israel
    Israel Year ago +1

    Nick plays the weirdest Horse I ever seen.

  • Dub4Lif3
    Dub4Lif3 Year ago

    back when I played everyone had to shoot the shot, doesnt matter if they miss or make it. The one choosing shot, only changes once they miss.

  • Masick
    Masick Year ago

    Maybe Nick can take that 10k and actually pay his team.

  • Jimmy Phillips
    Jimmy Phillips Year ago +1

    Only out here supporting HoH rn and everyone but Nick Briz @nick briz

  • Tyler Jacobs
    Tyler Jacobs Year ago +7

    Nick out here doing workout drills

  • acid andy
    acid andy Year ago

    Friga got more hyped dunking on dummy then I ever seen in his videos lol

  • Habivelli
    Habivelli Year ago

    Friga is an honorable competitor

  • Sonic
    Sonic Year ago

    Yoooooooooo cash don’t want us to see this one 😂😭😭😭