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  • Published on Oct 19, 2021 veröffentlicht
  • @CashNasty @nick briz @Cam Wilder @D'Vontay Friga are competing for $10,000 and the title of #1 basketball creator. Watch them compete in the one of the CRAZIEST games of HORSE of ALL-TIME!

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  • HoH
    HoH   +350

    Season 2 was filmed about a month ago! Stay tuned for more episodes every Wednesday!

  • D'Vontay Friga


  • Kaelan Fifer

    For anybody who don’t know this was recorded before the nick briz beef. It was the same week where savage squad played against cam and friga

  • Gargola _Z
    Gargola _Z  +706

    Damn Nick actually seems like a chill guy in this vid. If he apologize and take accountability for what he did maybe more people would FWH. Sad to see

  • Xiety
    Xiety  +34

    We need more of this. This is straight up entertainment I’m liking nis

  • Tri Beard
    Tri Beard  +79

    Watching Cash attempt to be athletic is fucking hilarious

  • Chase Richardson

    Cash: "this is obviously not my strong suit"

  • Curtis Johnson


  • N O
    N O  +191


  • Innovation
    Innovation  +246

    Cash ain’t got no type of finesse to his game, I knew he was gone be first with that discombobulated Stiffness.

  • Cam Wilder
    Cam Wilder  +766

    nick’s creativity in this challenge was ridiculous

  • Jemz
    Jemz  +613

    this collab aged QUICKLY

  • Kaleb Priestly

    Seeing cash throw that ball at nick was pleasing😂 i know it was before it all but thats just a hilarious sight to see

  • grayson serrano

    I like this, good to see you all together playing ball, would love to see more

  • HighTolerance

    Lmao Cash can’t make a lay to save his soul haha

  • dom.
    dom.  +97

    cashes movement is like when you go hoop with your old uncle and he tryna be cool and do all that shit


    Glad to see content creators coming together

  • RoNa TiMe
    RoNa TiMe  +51

    It hurts seeing cash joke around with nick cause he had genuine love for him, hate to see how everything turned out. Just wish nick could’ve handled the situation better

  • Hayden Cluckey

    Nick this the kinda content I like. Just do some chill stuff like this. Need some more carlos though. Lol

  • aircraft interiors

    was really entertaining despite the beefs that were happening at that time good job