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Why Fuel Injectors are AWESOME (28,000 fps Slow Mo) Part 1 - Smarter Every Day 281


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  • SmarterEveryDay
    SmarterEveryDay  13 days ago +494

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  • TimeBucks
    TimeBucks 13 days ago +361

    I adore you and your work so much

  • Danger Bear
    Danger Bear 9 days ago +250

    Watching Destin get bolder with each test was amazing. He went from Super cautious safety nerd, to " hold my beer " after about 4 tries hahaha

    • Parents of Twins
      Parents of Twins 2 days ago +1

      @Dakoder II Yeah I saw that. Dude was so lucky. The company that made the rifle did some destructive testing and it turned out it was an ammunition problem. I'm not a fan of that breach design, personally think a falling block design would be easier and stronger. That video shows the importance in wearing safety glasses. The plug from that rifle hit his safety glasses instead of him and probably saved his life as I don't believe he would have been conscious otherwise.

    • FokkerBoombass
      FokkerBoombass 3 days ago

      @Dakoder II It wasn't because the rifle was cheap, it was because the ammo was severely overcharged. In fact the results would've probably been more severe in any other type of rifle. Mark Serbu (the owner of the company that made the rifle) did full investigation into the matter and was fully transparent every step of the way and Kentucky Ballistics continues to praise him and his guns.

    • thoa kim
      thoa kim 3 days ago


    • Dakoder II
      Dakoder II 3 days ago

      @Parents of Twins Reminds me of that video where dude shot a cheap 50 cal sniper rifle and it blew up in his face and severely injured him. He's back at it again but a little more cautious now. 😂

    • Fun For all
      Fun For all 3 days ago

      Gotta get the thumbnail

  • Ministry of Magic: Department of Mysteries

    Destin, you inspired me to become an engineer. Years ago when I was fresh out of the military you were kind enough to correspond with me via email about various photography techniques. I now work in aviation engineering. Along that trail to get to where I am today I worked as an automotive mechanic and I have a lot of these tools and a curious mind. It's very difficult to convince myself to be responsible and not try this at home 😂.
    Thank you for always staying curious and helping to inspire more people to be as well. I promise I probably won't try this at home. Maybe at work though.

  • Kevin Kaminski
    Kevin Kaminski 10 days ago +53

    I really enjoyed this video. Since you’re planning to explore other methods of fuel injection, I think it would be extremely cool to see a comparison between a typical car’s fuel injectors (~350cc/min) and a big methanol fuel injector, like top fuel/high end drag racing uses (the biggest individual injectors I’m aware of are advertised as being able to flow over 11,000 cc/min, or 1050 pounds per hour of fuel).

    • beaner290
      beaner290 7 days ago

      This would be so cool!

    • PyroAvok
      PyroAvok 8 days ago

      What's the flow rate of one of them 100,000 hp cargo ship engines?

  • ButterBall
    ButterBall 9 days ago +77

    So many of us have food on our table because of people like Dean. He deserves some appreciation

  • ThatDudeinBlue
    ThatDudeinBlue 13 days ago +2228

    It's so hard to explain how fuel is delivered to a vehicle if somebody has never seen it actually happen. This is literally the best showcase of how fuel injectors work. Amazing job. as always!

    • ThunderAppeal
      ThunderAppeal 14 hours ago

      Its hard to explain if a person is a simp.

    • Tommy Smith
      Tommy Smith 2 days ago

      @rotoR Col. Diesel engines(from this video) most commonly use a "rack".(the master fuel pump injector system is more conplicated to explain.) The rack is a gear that connects all the pumping pistons. A pump piston squeezes the diesel to increase pressure till its respective injector fires. The pumping piston has a (albeit weird) v groove cut into its side. There is a bypass pinhole in the cylinder. It is worth noting the pump piston and cylinder are rather tight tolerance. What controls the amount of fuel injected is determined by where this v groove passes the bypass hole in the cylinder wall. The pump piston rotates according to the rack position.

    • Tommy Smith
      Tommy Smith 2 days ago

      @Andreas Kist. Where was the electricity for the electromagnetic valve in this video.

    • Flowgang Semauda Martoz
      Flowgang Semauda Martoz 3 days ago

      @Darkknight512 She's dang'ol squirter i tell ya what!

    • AKME-2,4,6-тринитротолуол
      AKME-2,4,6-тринитротолуол 9 days ago

      @bmxscape not a 2 stroke diesel. However, they are complicated to say the least.

  • Ethan Cempe
    Ethan Cempe 10 days ago +16

    If you filmed those flames in front of a solid black backdrop you could totally sell them on stock footage sites. I'd buy every one of them! Absolutely mesmerizing!

    • hhalkema
      hhalkema 3 days ago

      15:20 looks like a donut... awesome 🙂.

  • Ian Schuster
    Ian Schuster 10 days ago +15

    12:22 - you talk about the radial boundary being based on the stoichiometry, which is a factor, but also consider that there is flow happening! As the stream pushes outwards, it is carrying fuel mass and air (vapors) outwards, which continues to push the flame front in addition to the AF gradient. Super awesome stuff to think about! Thanks for this video!!

  • SD Aspra
    SD Aspra 10 days ago +8

    That last shot of the flame engulfing the whole screen in slowmo with the background music 15:40 was literal 🔥

  • Erik Holley
    Erik Holley 9 days ago +2

    Loved this video! Excellent work. When you talked about the burn boundary of the jet I started thinking about ignition alternatives to the torch. For example, as you are applying pressure to the pump lever, there is likely a lever position where optimal fuel has been expelled. At that position, a contact could engage and a spark plug in front of the nozzle could ignite the jet. Then to experiment with burn boundary, the spark plug could be moved closer or further from the nozzle to determine where the optimal fuel-air boundary is,
    Like you often do with your videos, you get the creative juices going. Thanks.

  • yinglish119
    yinglish119 13 days ago +881

    Thank you Dean for supporting the right to repair and help keep old stuff running.

    • CM1 Magnus
      CM1 Magnus 6 days ago +1

      Still made in America..👍🏽

    • World Traveler
      World Traveler 6 days ago +1

      Amen!!! 🤠👍

    • Alexandre Simoes
      Alexandre Simoes 7 days ago +2

      Love your comment and what Dean does to the right to repair.

    • Paper Maker's A deluded broad
      Paper Maker's A deluded broad 8 days ago

      ​@Michael Murray To themselves, maybe.

    • L R
      L R 8 days ago

      @Brendandorando even manic mudslims needs easy food, to support their loads of dysfunctional kids... 🐖💨🧕🏾🤷🏼

  • Steven H
    Steven H 9 days ago +2

    At precisely 9:43 I yelled out loud "HA HA! Nice." I always love learning how stuff works and today I have gotten smarter. Thanks!

  • Zac Crawforth
    Zac Crawforth 9 days ago +5

    Though your videos are extremely interesting and informative, it's your attitude and warmth that keeps me coming back for more. You're an inspiration for us all to be better people. Thanks!

  • Socks
    Socks 3 days ago +1

    This is my favorite episode of Smarter Every Day. The music, the visuals, and the mechanical engineering - I love it all. Thank you for this video.

  • Saddam Mandavi
    Saddam Mandavi 13 days ago +2070

    As a mechanic myself, I am always impressed by the ingenuity of the people who designed the first engines and automobiles over 100 years ago now! Seriously impressive minds!

    • Roger Phelps
      Roger Phelps 7 days ago

      Not really. Why would you call something that at best is only 25% efficient impressive?

    • Wesley Lehman
      Wesley Lehman 8 days ago

      13:10 this is why old diesel engines had to be started with an external flame put in to warm the motor

    • brett perkins
      brett perkins 11 days ago +1

      I want to thank Smarter Every Day for the incredible footage and well though out demonstrations featured here. I know films like this take days and weeks to create and produce. And thank you for showing us the wonders of every day items. I knew the pressures of a injector, but never knew why, now I do.

    • James B. Non of your Business
      James B. Non of your Business 11 days ago

      Corvette designed the first gas injection system which was based off diesel.

    • aftab m
      aftab m 11 days ago +1

      @Slopoke Exactly what is was gonna say. Like they were innately born with it or something. Same for other revolutionary inventions and people who build machinery to make other machines!

  • Pravin Kumar
    Pravin Kumar 8 days ago +1

    That part was amazing when you noticed the fuel ratio gradient. It is amazing to be a mechanical engineer. Theoretical knowledge isn't enough to understand the complexity of these mechanisms. Your videos helped me a lot to understand these things. It is true that particular type of fuel requires certain amount of air to get ignited (stoichiometry ratio is for complete combustion). Thanks buddy @smartereveryday

  • Nic Compton
    Nic Compton 10 days ago +4

    I had a full set of those “how things work” books on my shelf as a kid! Loved reading through them, especially the steam locomotive.
    Great video Destin!
    Oh, and I think the limit you were looking for is the flammability limit, the ratios between which combustion will occur for a given fuel/oxidiser mix.

    • Mesarim Never
      Mesarim Never 2 days ago

      I've got the set of 4, I always wondered if there were more? Amazon sometimes has them, but they are as rare as hen's teeth.

    • Koaasst
      Koaasst 5 days ago

      same here! i only have 3 left, but i remember reading those things everyday. im 49 now, man its been a spell

  • SmallEngineMechanic
    SmallEngineMechanic 10 days ago +2

    Great video Destin! As a guy who collects antique diesel engines I can safely say that the ingenuity and precision achieved by the early pioneers of solid fuel injection is amazing! Consider that the injector nozzle designs of Robert Bosch (the type you had with the little nipple in the center) which were perfected in the early 1930s only really fell out of favor in the 1980s!

  • Texas Swift
    Texas Swift 10 days ago +1

    This actually was a great representation of the importance of having a good spark(ignition source) along with proper fuel dispersion. Very cool.

  • AntVenom
    AntVenom 13 days ago +359

    Well, today I learned some of the fundamentals of fuel injection. Also, I was not expecting those finale slo-mo's to be as extraordinary as they were.

    • Sean Ferree
      Sean Ferree 12 days ago


    • BadBeaver
      BadBeaver 12 days ago +2

      @SuperTornadoGun pretty sure hes a car guy and has a mclaren, could be wrong tho.

    • Sage_of_the_16
      Sage_of_the_16 13 days ago +1

      today you watched a guy burn some fuel.

    • butter sword
      butter sword 13 days ago

      No way hankvenom is here

    • whopperlover17
      whopperlover17 13 days ago

      @SuperTornadoGun fr lmao

  • Ethan Durham
    Ethan Durham 10 days ago

    Destin, loved the video. Wish I would’ve had this to reference back when I was trying to learn all of this stuff. Just a side note for 13:57 all diesels are direct injected because that’s the only way you can control timing, the fuel has to be injected at the right time in the compression stroke so the combustion happens a certain number of degrees of crankshaft rotation before the piston reaches top dead center. Gasoline engines can be port or direct injected because their timing, or point of combustion, is determined by when the spark plug fires and ignites the mixture

  • turmat01
    turmat01 11 days ago +1

    Your channel is so cool! Your videos are always well explained, very clear, and super interesting! There is obviously a LOT of effort going into these!

  • Jari Pedersen
    Jari Pedersen 10 days ago

    This is awesome to watch from a car guy perspective. Tractors are got big simplified car engines. It makes learning about engines a lot easier. Thank you destin !!!

  • roberto
    roberto 10 days ago

    Such a great video Justin! Could you add all these kind of videos on a playlist? will be helpful to find them later! Thank you for show us and let us learn with you!

  • Fix This Build That
    Fix This Build That 13 days ago +259

    I wonder how a flame would interact with laminar gasoline flow? Because there is no turbulence would it just never ignite, or maybe the flame being a flow of it's own would disturb the laminar flow and cause the turbulence needed for ignition. These are the thoughts you make us think, Destin 😂

    • 2009dudeman
      2009dudeman 7 days ago

      @Hero While I agree gasoline shouldn't be used by the uninitiated to start fires. It's still my favorite way to kick off a big fire. Granted, as you point out the timeline needs to be tightly controlled and you still want to be a good 6-10ft back and using a long stick to start it. Lit my hand and leg on fire once trying out a new gasoline 'experiment' (read: me being an idiot).

    • Cyberguy42
      Cyberguy42 10 days ago

      @Hero Same goes for pouring gasoline on a lit fire. Dangerous, but at least predictable. However, I've seen what happens when someone doesn't pour it close enough and it just pools on the ground, apparently harmless... until it explodes. If gasoline doesn't burn immediately, get back and stay there until it does.

    • sstroh08
      sstroh08 10 days ago

      Modern higher efficiency gasoline engines use direct injection like this so it has to be possible some how haha. They use an electronically controlled injector that is way more precise than the injectors shown in this video. Instead of an injection pump having to override a spring they have a constant supply of super high pressure fuel (25000 psi plus) fed to them and an electric solenoid opens and closes a valve to pulse in the fuel. They are so precise that they can fire 20+ times per power stroke of the engine. Crazy fast! Haha.

    • sheamus
      sheamus 11 days ago

      Up vote for Destin to get testin

    • EFretwell
      EFretwell 11 days ago

      As the turbulence increases flame front speed increases. This is important becuase at low rpm the time for combustion isn't long enough for the time availible at high rpm. However, as rpm increases the turbulence increases and the flame front from the spark actually travels faster and keeps up with the shortened time allowed for combustion.

  • Nick Christiansen
    Nick Christiansen 9 days ago +6

    I would LOVE to see a video on exactly how these injectors are made. Modern common rail injectors are astonishing feats of engineering.

    • _Janne_
      _Janne_ 5 days ago

      Looks like you re-invented a flamethrower there 😄

  • Parker Ackley
    Parker Ackley 8 days ago +1

    Great video as usual. I especially liked the perfect demonstration and explanation of the stoichiometric ratio in action.
    How about a video on an oil burner (heat or hot water)? That would seem like the perfect blend of diesel, fuel injection with spark ignition working together efficiently.

  • Savagebear97
    Savagebear97 Day ago

    I love how you take some of the simplest and well used things around us and explain how they work. As a mechanic I know how they work however it is awesome to see them work in slow motion

  • ToopyandBinoy
    ToopyandBinoy 10 days ago

    Amazing that this technology is decades old. It’s even more incredible to see how they have improved over the years to pre chamber injection etc to maximize every single bit of energy from the fuel.

  • Elizabeth Swims
    Elizabeth Swims 12 days ago +345

    I love how your accent saturation changes depending on when you are narrating vs talking to people. Do you have a saturation dial you turn to adjust how southern you sound. I love it.

    • Jordan Holmes
      Jordan Holmes 9 days ago +1

      It was very evident on the tractor pull video too.

    • William Grissom
      William Grissom 9 days ago

      @Yora Or works the other way, like a NY/NJ accent has taken over Miami to WPB. I grew up in Jacksonville near the GA border, but always had Northerners since a port and winter retreat in late 1800's, so a mild Southern accent which seems to extend to Waycross, GA. Southern accents vary, from the deep and thoughtful Tidewater VA planter to the twangy Appalachian. The later might be closer to how 1700's Scots talked, maintained due to isolation. BTW, Hollywood usually gets it wrong, showing Confederate flags in Appalachia while most there supported the Union.

    • Yora
      Yora 9 days ago

      Everyone does that. If you're in a different part of a country for a while, you even start imitating the locals.
      Which isn't a bad thing and they won't notice. To them, that's just your native accent going away.

    • Jedian
      Jedian 10 days ago +1

      Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is a case of code switching gone wrong. There's slight changes to your accent that matches your audience, then there's full-on faking it and taking it to the extreme to appear in-touch, as she demonstrates. Clip-Share it if you'd like a good cringe.

    • William Grissom
      William Grissom 10 days ago

      @javan napoli Us 'mericans can't tell a British from Aussie accent, nor New Zealand, and still trying to figure out where the Geico lizard is from.

  • Mk S
    Mk S 6 days ago

    Just want to say thanks. 60-something me has been inspired by you. I know little about mechanics. So now when something breaks and needs disposal I now am curious about how it works. So if possible I take it apart. I examine it and ask questions. I notice the construction and wonder how genius it is. I developed an appreciation for engineering and the mechanisms that I take for granted. I find myself saddened by my own history of merely throwing things away instead learning how to refurbish it or have it refurbished or sent off for recycling. I appreciate the tractor parts business. It is the right thing to do. So much good can come from positive inspiration. I am brought to humbly meditate on God’s greater design for me and the universe by asking questions about how man-made things function. Thank you for that.🙏Smarter Everyday = Blessings everyday.

  • Luke Murray
    Luke Murray 10 days ago

    Really neat video Destin! Thanks for all the effort you put into these.

  • Adequate Bus
    Adequate Bus 9 days ago +3

    splendid piece of work, man. those in-line shots showing the inward movement of the combustion gases are brilliant. thank you, so much. -C

  • Air Safety Institute
    Air Safety Institute 13 days ago +65

    Awesome video, Destin. A lot of general aviation aircraft now use fuel injection (vs. carburetors) so it is cool to see it in action!

    • Aaron Preston
      Aaron Preston 13 days ago

      @Skinflaps Meatslapper not just that, but it’s easier to adjust the air/fuel ratio as the altitude changes.

    • Skinflaps Meatslapper
      Skinflaps Meatslapper 13 days ago

      @Xmysef It's not the primary reason, as most fuel injected aircraft aren't capable of inverted flight. Fuel injection is more efficient for a number of reasons, and you don't have to worry about carb icing up either. You can sort of make a carb work inverted with a few tricks, but if you want extended and reliable inverted flight, then fuel injection is necessary.

    • Skinflaps Meatslapper
      Skinflaps Meatslapper 13 days ago

      @Air Safety Institute Yeah, below 180HP, as I said. Above that point it's uncommon to see a carb.

    • Xmysef
      Xmysef 13 days ago

      @Skinflaps MeatslapperIsn’t the reason for that because a fuel injected engine can work perfectly upside down or in any angle?

    • Air Safety Institute
      Air Safety Institute 13 days ago +4

      ​@Skinflaps Meatslapper carbureted aircraft are still relatively common in the wider GA fleet

  • Jason Lockhart
    Jason Lockhart 6 days ago

    Thank you very much for the video's that you put out alot of this stuff people will never get a chance to see you let us into that special few that end up seeing stuff like this it just baffles the mind it's freaking awesome thank you for such awesome footage.

  • Ian Phillips
    Ian Phillips 10 days ago +1

    As an engineer myself, (and motorhead) I understand this stuff, but it's great to actually see it in action.
    Great video as ever, thanks.

  • Stephen Croft
    Stephen Croft 9 days ago +1

    Ok as usual everything was fascinating. I just have to say your music selection during combustion was absolutely spot on. You could have easily went with some metal guitar nonsense but that choice was masterful. Thanks so much for taking us along.

    • Edith Bannerman
      Edith Bannerman 8 days ago

      @hello there, how are you doing this blessed day?

  • vikash achary
    vikash achary 10 days ago

    Love your passion and dedication. Thanks for the cool explanation🙏

  • Micah Philson
    Micah Philson 13 days ago +641

    I love how Destin goes from nuclear submarines to tractor parts to apollo mission technology to tractor pulls to the incredibly wide myriad of subjects on his popular videos list.
    This guy is just a grown up curious little kid who gets to explore all of his dreams and take us along for the ride!

    • Alex
      Alex 12 days ago +1

      Click for the chicken head, stay for the rocket surgery

    • Azurea
      Azurea 12 days ago +2

      @IndyView Productions I think you would be shocked by the number of people who are completely bereft of curiosity. There is a large swath of our population who without constant stimuli would simply be idle, and merely lament their hunger.

    • Randy WL
      Randy WL 13 days ago +2

      We're all just as curious, but we don't have an 8 core processor like Destin. We're still running windows 95 if we're lucky. 😁
      He explains things so well, I understand most everything he says to a good degree. His explanations are worded perfectly so we can understand some rather complex scenarios.
      Not this one tho. It's easy, I mean, it's fire.
      argh, argh, argh, FIRE GOOD!!!
      Great stuff Destin, this looked like it was really fun to do.

    • IndyView Productions
      IndyView Productions 13 days ago +1

      I'd imagine his mind works like most of ours... We find a quriosity, look up what we can to satisfy our minds, then move on to the next one.
      It just takes more to satisfy Justin's mind!
      We all get to benifit from his quriosity.
      Works out quite well I think.

    • Mykl Langridge
      Mykl Langridge 13 days ago +2

      The joy of watching high tech rednecks at play! (Can you say supersonic baseball cannon? 😃)
      Remember, growing old is mandatory. Growing up is optional!

  • TheOverlord47
    TheOverlord47 9 days ago +1

    I understand it as air can only react to the fuel it touches, so to have a perfect combustion, you need to have a great fuel surface. Hence why mist does better explosion than big drop of fuel, because almost all the fuel is in contact with air instead of trap in a drop and waiting O2 to ignit.

  • Lucas Moers
    Lucas Moers 10 days ago

    Amazing! What a beatiful video! I was wondering if it's possible to ignite a little part of the fuel using only the Oxigen inside the molecule?

  • well really
    well really 9 days ago

    Cool! Maybe it would be interesting to mention in the next video the connection between premixed/diffusion flames and soot and why you could do that relatively safely with a diffusion system, not with a pre mixed mixture ;-)

  • Noob
    Noob 11 days ago

    That is one of your best high speed shot ever. I love seeing the fuel vaporize and explode in a bright orange glow.

  • Hacksmith Industries
    Hacksmith Industries 13 days ago +331

    That was awesome to see!!! Thanks for sharing!

    • harold
      harold 12 days ago


    • Firestar
      Firestar 13 days ago

      Fuel injector flame thrower when?

  • Charles Almeida
    Charles Almeida 10 days ago

    Thanks for sharing Dustin. Watching the fire balls in slow motion made me think of solarflares coming off a Star. Gas escaping from the star and bursting into long streaks of fire... question I'd love answered is where does the "spark" come from in SPACE? (Guess it's time to get smarter everyday, and look into it)

  • matt daniels
    matt daniels 11 days ago +1

    I started my engineering career as an intern at John Deere's Engine Engineering group working with the emissions team. Injection, swirl, and combustion patterns were a big deal. I'm looking forward to the rest of the videos in this series!

    • Edith Bannerman
      Edith Bannerman 8 days ago

      @hello there, how are you doing this blessed day?

  • jason allison
    jason allison 9 days ago

    I fully, 100%, love the fact that you love learning as you do. I've always stood over shoulders trying to soak up as much as I can. I'm also grateful for the internet for this reason. Keep teaching, I'll keep learning....thank you!

  • First Last
    First Last 8 days ago +1

    Thank you Dustin for making yet another very safe Clip-Share friendly and profitable video. I’m so glad you’ve moved away from unique creative new and interesting content and instead went with fuel injectors and slow motion. Genius

  • JerryRigEverything
    JerryRigEverything 11 days ago +212

    Super cool video.

  • Nik Mil
    Nik Mil 11 days ago

    Awesome video like always. Love the Channel. What I found interesting is that the flame of the torch isnt visible in the slow motion, why is that?

  • Gigaguenther
    Gigaguenther 7 days ago

    this would've been a great opportunity to visualize how much of a difference in flammability the atomisation can achieve especially with diesel fuel which in liquid form cant even be lit with a match or lighter

  • Paul Bershers
    Paul Bershers 10 days ago

    Great channel, I am one that loves your passion for teaching and learning as well. If you may, could I know the titles to your books. I would love to read and learn more in my life. Thank you and I look forward to more content from you. Be well.

  • Brendon Hart
    Brendon Hart 10 days ago

    Fantastic video. Been working with diesels and petrols for years so awesome to see the open air burn!

  • TriforceFiction
    TriforceFiction 11 days ago

    Great video and explanation. I am currently hearing a lecture about ICEs for my bachelors in mechanical engineering. Tomorrow we are going on a field excursion to the test stand that is run by the institute for ICEs

  • Andrew Redd
    Andrew Redd 9 days ago +1

    This is such an easy way to explain LEL and HEL. It's something that I have a hard time explaining to new technicians within my industry. Although we don't use fuel injectors, it does correlate directly to it.

  • Skillful Man
    Skillful Man 7 days ago +2

    nice work , also these diesel injectors are exposed to chamber where combustion happens and they get extremely hot and it helps the fuel to ignite better, now you much smarter 😇

  • Lucas Hussey
    Lucas Hussey 8 days ago

    Great video as always, Destin! I especially love the subtitles at 16:12 😂

  • John Williams
    John Williams 12 days ago +112

    When you have fire and nervous giggling, you know you’re at the cutting edge of science.

  • Joey Oliver
    Joey Oliver 9 days ago

    I learned so much from this video in a way I cannot explain but thank you. Like honestly so weirdly interesting

  • William Grant
    William Grant 9 days ago

    Love how you make very hard to understand things easy to understand.... Keep making me Smarter Every Day

  • Dominic Acia
    Dominic Acia 10 days ago

    I would like to point out that in addition to the stoichiometry of the fuel as it leaves the nozzle and mixes with the air, there's also the velocity of the fuel leaving the nozzle vs the burn speed of the fuel. If the fuel velocity is higher than the burn speed, it won't move towards the nozzle. From the moment the fuel leaves the nozzle, it is slowing down.

  • devinebug
    devinebug 9 days ago

    Awesome video Destin as always I really liked the part where you laugh like a mad scientist at 9:45 time 😂

  • Bhuvan Sundar R
    Bhuvan Sundar R 13 days ago +70

    The last few slomo shot were incredible, I mean i was so mesmerised to see stuff that you cannot normally witness. Thank you Destin for the fantastic content that you share here, and this is what we need.

    • Eric
      Eric 13 days ago +3

      @SmarterEveryDay I would love to know what those 2 books you referenced were, being in the automotive field I’m always looking to Learn new things. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • SmarterEveryDay
      SmarterEveryDay  13 days ago +18

      Thanks for saying kind things!

  • Mike Peterson
    Mike Peterson 9 days ago

    Dustin, it would be amazing to see yourself and Jacob create a liquid-fuel rocket engine. Just listening to you two talk about about the fuel-injector for that International tractor made me want to see you two work on the injectors for a liquid-fuel rocket engine.

  • Sam Gilbert
    Sam Gilbert 7 days ago

    Thank you, Destin. Your vids always always wake up my 7th grade kid in me who wanted to be an astronaut and loved science, especially physics. I work in a totally different industry now haha. Keep up the good work! God bless you and your family.

  • Gilles Bessens
    Gilles Bessens 13 hours ago

    Love these types of video, excellent work. Dean, thanks for helping perfectly good tractors continuing to work.

  • Joshua Clayton
    Joshua Clayton 7 days ago +2

    Those slo-mo burning patterns were so beautiful. Came for science, stayed for the art.

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      How do I know? Because my dad gave me a set when I was younger and I have them in my hands right now. They're wonderful!

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