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Russian journalist explains what Russians are thinking about Putin's war

  • Published on Feb 1, 2023 veröffentlicht
  • Journalist Ekaterina Kotrikadze, who works for a Russian news outlet that was shut down by the Russian government, discusses threats of nuclear war that have been broadcast on Russian state TV during the war in Ukraine. #CNN #News

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  • Bixby Snyder
    Bixby Snyder 4 months ago +815

    "341 days into my 3 day war, I am still master strategist." -Vladimir Putin

    • jim
      jim 4 months ago +25

      Well played. 😄

    • Alien Cyborg
      Alien Cyborg 4 months ago +28

      never underestimate your enemy is a famous quote that putin obviously didn't read 😂🤣

    • MrMelgibstein
      MrMelgibstein 4 months ago +5

      @Alien Cyborg enemies😂

    • Each day I die a little
      Each day I die a little 4 months ago +9

      It’s all going to plan

    • 182Nutty
      182Nutty 4 months ago +14

      @Alien Cyborg About 40 of Putin's enemies have provided military aid to Ukraine. >100, including the Chinese have provided humanitarian aid.

  • Mark Holland
    Mark Holland 4 months ago +201

    Agree with both guests: this situation in Ukraine does remind of WWI western front, and these threats coming from the Kremlin do suggest that this is all Russia can do at this stage. The term “special operation “ still seems appropriate, however, because in the end Russia will loose so much more than just a war.

    • Enlighted Spirit
      Enlighted Spirit 4 months ago +5

      The difference is that now there're sarmat which can finish Western NAZZIhegemony

    • A B
      A B 4 months ago +5

      I don think so. US is still no.1 after invaded and occupied Iraq and Afghanistan.

  • Daniel Shearer
    Daniel Shearer 4 months ago +218

    my heart goes out to the russian people whom dont want war ... and the same xs2 for the brave Ukraine people.

    • D Ro
      D Ro 4 months ago +37

      Unfortunately many do. Many, like putin, this that Ukriane isn’t a country and that Ukrainian identity doesn’t exist because they’re “little russians”. Don’t be too sympathetic to Russians.
      Most I’ve met outside of russia struggle to call it a war let a lone make any criticism of putin.

    • Michael Istoma
      Michael Istoma 4 months ago +7

      @D Ro he was talking about those who's against. What do you mean "don't be too sympathetic"?

    • Guy North
      Guy North 4 months ago +20

      All of Ukraine does not want war, but they don't want to be all walked over either, so they are forced to defend their ground.

  • Celestino Nicolas
    Celestino Nicolas 3 months ago +53

    The war crimes committed by Russian troops must not be left unrecognized. In second World War, Japan's general Yamashita was hung due to war crimes of his uncontrolled troops. Putin has been acting like a general to his troops that have raped, killed innocent civilians, and etc. ; he must be held liable for these horrible crimes.

  • neil duncan
    neil duncan 4 months ago +31

    My gramps fought the great Nazi empire for this tiny nation I reside in. Scotland! He even stated " war makes money for the higher ups who watch men go to war and end off leaving women widowed. Leaving families disrupted as sons and daughters are ripped apart. Fathers ripped from their sons and wives. Politicians are the problem. Thinking they are above all of us and using public money to finance pathetic wars " although this was back in the 90s when I had this conversation with my hero. My grandad. More legendary than Michael Phelps to me and that takes some doing as I idolize the great Baltimore Bullet. He has nothing on my gramps though. A national hero, war hero but he would often remind me he wasn't and the men who died were the real heroes. Try hearing that and still thinking war is sunshine and rainbows. If you have ever heard stories about ww2. Those stories are nothing compared to the actual hell soldiers faced. My grandad saw one of the Russian comrades he was exchanging letters with back then. This was many years later and both of them burst into tears seeing each other for the first time. Do not ever say all Russians are bad people. They fought and helped us against the worst atrocities in history. The Nazi's. Yeah, you think war now is hell. Bring up a chair and I'll give you an incite into what my gramps had to face. Never hesitated either. But, it broke him badly. He'd often gaze to the skies when he heard a plane pass. I'd have to say it's okay grandad. But, the look of horror on his face at times was terrifying. To him it was bittersweet as he thought stukas were coming overhead sometimes and at other times he'd say " Look, The Hurricanes are coming to save us son " safe to say Some people thought he was insane . But, if only they could know the horrors on which he had to face. His neighbours would sometimes look at my gramps as nothing more than an old lunatic. I had to remind them that without men like my gramps. They would have no freedom and they would be speaking German so put some damn respect on his name whether they liked it or not. I wasn't having people who lived next to him taking any of that sh*t for granted. I had a conversation with a young military man later that year. He came round and gave my gramps a modern day version of a salute. My grandad looked at him with this big old smile and said " Name and rank son " I don't think he ever let his military side go. But, he was so happy to just have an hour with this young man to trade his stories with the guy and vice versa. One of the happiest days of my grandads life was aitting there just trading these stories. The guy didn't have to do that either. But, he wanted to. I was so happy that he gave an older brother in arms that chance. Unfortunately my gramps is in a care home now with severe dementia. He barely recognizes me anymore and trust me if I could I'd rag doll dementia if it showed its face. But, being an invisible disease I can't. You don't know what that does to me on the inside seeing him rot away like that. But, please don't ever say all Russians are the pits of evil. Some men had no option but to call them their buddies. I hope one day at the gates of Valhalla or whatever they say. The wastelands of death. I hope my gramps is standing there guiding me. Even if it was his favourite bird guiding me. I'd be happy. He loved crows. He often said to me " Be like crows. They have a buddy system that relies on each other. Gracious and humble " he took a lot of what he learned in the military and I think he saw some of himself and his buddies in the corvids. Sorry for the story. But, I had to write this just so I can see it as words and it does bring me a smile. Which Is sometimes all you need to remind yourself that the men of yesteryear gave their entirety to the cause for our freedoms. Sorry about the grammar as well. That was secondary to my little piece I was trying to type. ☺

    • Hanna Arend
      Hanna Arend 4 months ago +5

      Thanks for the story and sorry to hear that your gramp is suffering from dementia..
      I don't think people really think that ALL Russians are bad.. I do understand Ukrainians who are saying that, but I can totally understand their feelings, as it is genocidal war in Ukraine..
      BTW in WWII, there were Germans who helped hide Jews and opposed Hitler, although this would have meant execution..

    • Navin Hookoom
      Navin Hookoom 3 months ago +2

      You shouldn't be sorry, but proud for your story! At least you can differentiate between social media propaganda(which is the craze today) and the reality of our existence on this planet.

    • neil duncan
      neil duncan 3 months ago +3

      Yeah, I know what you mean. They ain't all bad and I do understand that the Ukranians will feel that way. I just thought I'd share a little piece about what war does to a man. Thanks though and the story is bittersweet. But, I had to share it mostly for piece of mind.

    • neil duncan
      neil duncan 3 months ago +1

      Thanks dude! I don't really like propaganda as it happens on both sides. Even in ww2. The Nazi's had a slew of propaganda and the allies had similarvamounts of propaganda. I understand it's a tactic. I try and keep my attention off propaganda though.

    • Hit and Run
      Hit and Run 3 months ago


  • Dennis Terrill
    Dennis Terrill 3 months ago +10

    I say every time I watch Erin do interviews and speak. She is by far the best News anchor of any news channels out there. Defienetntly gets the most out of the news story, down to great questions, summaries and she has a huge heart and great mind on top of all that, professional speaker . I know watching CNN from Canada is not always my favorite news outlet, but when Erin does a story and interviews, always great.

    • shamus jubenal
      shamus jubenal 3 months ago +1

      Fully agreed Erin is truly the best and her reporting show has definitely been the best covering this war. She has a sharp mind and passes us a lot of important info about the latest changes of this war and Russian war crimes. Her hour has become must see tv

  • Ryan Hartnett
    Ryan Hartnett 4 months ago +267

    A win for Ukraine is a win for freedom. Victory for Ukraine💙💛

  • Karl Wedin
    Karl Wedin 4 months ago +48

    This war is such a tragedy. It will take generations before we can see Russia as a respected nation again. How could it go so wrong?

    • Oliver Woods
      Oliver Woods 4 months ago +11

      Your ignorance of what led up to this war is appalling

    • Finnegan
      Finnegan 4 months ago +1


  • Gary Portman
    Gary Portman 4 months ago +25

    I watch TV RAIN on Clip-Share and Ekaterina is a great journalist. She calls out the voulchers who need to be, and praises those who deserve to be praised. One of the best journalists.

  • Sam Markovich
    Sam Markovich 4 months ago +3

    Absolute madness. Even Soviet talking heads weren't that inressponsible when talking about nuclear weapons. I really hope their words are just bluff but even if not - you shouldn't give in to their threats. If you comply and do as Russian government say, if you stop helping Ukraine - it's only getting worse.

  • Rori Giles
    Rori Giles 4 months ago +52

    In March 2022, Nina Khrushcheva expressed outrage at Vladimir Putin's conduct in the war that he waged against Ukraine, saying that her grandfather would have found Putin's conduct to be "despicable". In October 2022, she said, alluding to George Orwell's novel 1984, that in "Putin’s Russia, war is peace, slavery is freedom, ignorance is strength and illegally annexing a sovereign country’s territory is fighting colonialism."

    • Skamil
      Skamil 4 months ago


    • Enough
      Enough 4 months ago +9

      As Americans, who consider themselves exceptional, you only need to think about the fact that after WW2 you caused over 70 armed conflicts in the world! Your specialty is overthrowing governments around the world! and what are you talking about then!

  • Robert Cocciardi
    Robert Cocciardi 3 months ago +1

    The number is huge, but war is one by tactics, advantage, technical ability and determination. Ukraine has the advantage and soon there will be total retreat by the Russian army in key strategic areas. Ukraine will prevail. Freedom is coming to Ukraine. Slava Ukraini ! 👍❤️🇺🇸🇺🇦🇬🇧

  • Andy Blake
    Andy Blake 4 months ago +525

    I lived in Russia, such a beautiful country, so sad to see it destroying itself through its politics. Even more sad to see it destroy Ukraine.

  • Shilo Guthmiller
    Shilo Guthmiller 4 months ago +19

    Praying from USA for all the soldiers Ukrainian and Russian and all others. We know the majority do not want this and hope there is a quick resolve for all.

    • Anton Sobyanin
      Anton Sobyanin 4 months ago

      You know nothing about this conflict.

    • Maxwell Kernick
      Maxwell Kernick 4 months ago

      If I prayed, which I don't, I really wouldn't waste my prayers for any Russian

    • Navin Hookoom
      Navin Hookoom 3 months ago

      @Maxwell Kernick Better you don't pray, Russians would not for sure need your prayers!

  • peter sack
    peter sack 4 months ago +10

    This woman, Ekaterina Kotrikadze.....KNOWS WHAT SHE IS TALKING ABOUT
    From 2003 to 2005, Ekaterina worked on the Dangerous Zone (Russian: Опасная зона) programme on the TVC channel.
    In 2006 she returned to Georgia. The first place of work in Georgia was the Alania TV channel, where Kotrikadze started from the position of an ordinary reporter, having worked for three years. At the same time, in 2008, she began cooperation on the RTVI channel as a correspondent for Georgia. In 2009 she began working for the Russian radio station Echo of Moscow. In October 2009, she became one of the founders of the Russian-language television channel the First Informational Caucasian, which was created in Georgia. Ekaterina headed the information service and in 2011 she took the position of general director, in 2012 - chief editor of the information service.
    In 2012, after the closure of the FIC channel, she accepted RTVi's invitation to become head of the information service and form the channel's editorial policy. In 2016, after Alexey Pivovarov joined the channel as general producer and editor-in-chief, she was appointed deputy editor-in-chief.

  • Consider This
    Consider This 3 months ago +2

    This one of the better reports on the state of the war undertaken.

  • Independent Believer
    Independent Believer 4 months ago

    Actually its a small number when looking at Russia with a population of 143 million so on that scale it is small even if you cut that in 1/2 then subtract 40% for old age and then cut it in half again it still leaves them with about 21.45 million people of military age which is between 18 - 60.
    The fact that they have less in terms of well trained Divisions than what was estimated is surprising. Just as the state of their equipment. But the rhetoric on their state media is unsurprising after all it is Putin's state media.

  • Xombi Xombi
    Xombi Xombi 4 months ago +6

    Those of us with memories of the Pueblo crew remember that prisoners can be made to say anything. Prisoners who were doing life I would think are particularly untrustworthy.

    • Thee Oarsman
      Thee Oarsman 4 months ago +1

      The crew of the Pueblo were bait on a hook!

    • Kathryn Stewart - McDonald
      Kathryn Stewart - McDonald 3 months ago

      All prisoners and ex prisoners are discounted when I judge credibility

    • Xombi Xombi
      Xombi Xombi 3 months ago

      @Kathryn Stewart - McDonald Then there was that Mandella fellow, a prisoner for decades, and any number of wrongly convicted folks.

    • Kathryn Stewart - McDonald
      Kathryn Stewart - McDonald 3 months ago

      I realize that often people say what they have to say when they are in life or death situations, the will to live is important and the reasons to live are something to be kept alive.

  • Randy DeSerranno
    Randy DeSerranno 4 months ago +734

    At a young age (1960's) growing up we learned to think of Russia as the enemy. As time went on attitudes toward Russia became more favorable, but now Putin's insanity/ego has destroyed that... another generation now seeing this will once again look to Russia as an enemy.

    • David Anderson
      David Anderson 4 months ago +80

      They will be the bad guys in movies for the next 100 years confirmed.

    • Robert Wilkinson
      Robert Wilkinson 4 months ago +65

      The Russians never changed just their Flag.

  • Fiona Tudor-Tompkins
    Fiona Tudor-Tompkins 4 months ago +47

    Praying daily for Ukraine and ultimately Europe 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Fanfan Obri
      Fanfan Obri 4 months ago +7

      Just pray for the entire world

    • Clem G
      Clem G 3 months ago +1


  • João Serafim
    João Serafim 4 months ago +100

    "Why? Just to be afraid of using them?"
    That's literally the reason why Nuclear Weapons exist.

    • Televin V
      Televin V 4 months ago +4


    • Go FuckYourself
      Go FuckYourself 4 months ago

      nailed it bruh!

    • ItAintRocketScience
      ItAintRocketScience 4 months ago +1

      Yeah, he was making a joke there.. as well as confirming that the Russians very much understand their purpose in any nation's arsenal. A significantly more intelligent answer than is given credit for.

  • Angelos Liotscos
    Angelos Liotscos 3 months ago +5

    This video left me speechless.

    • NimmHa
      NimmHa 3 months ago

      Mind saying why?

  • Johnathan Hong
    Johnathan Hong 4 months ago +28

    i love the way you present the news.

  • Ross A Wood
    Ross A Wood 3 months ago

    The resolve of many of Russian conscripts to fight an unjust war while being treated as cannon fodder and supplied with poor equipment may affect the outcome in the Ukrainians favour.
    A highly motivated defender vs a reluctant conscript changes the balance somewhat, the world needs to assist Ukrainians fight a war that may if lost, result in another Putin push, Moldovia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania are all potential buffers that Putin will want if he succeeds.

  • Conceicao1976
    Conceicao1976 4 months ago +215

    We tend to forget, but what an incredibly brave person; Alexei Navalny

    • Bengt Björck
      Bengt Björck 4 months ago +9

      Or stupid?
      Anyway he is a nationalist and not the hero media tries to make him.

    • Kwabena Budu Lartey
      Kwabena Budu Lartey 4 months ago +19

      Alexi Navaly, the first democratically elected president of the future free state of russia without putin.

  • Rolf W
    Rolf W 4 months ago +56

    Bring back Ekaterina more often :-)

    • B_M
      B_M 4 months ago +4

      Katya is pretty cute!

    • Napoleon Bonaparte
      Napoleon Bonaparte 4 months ago +1

      @B_M She is not Katya. She is Georgian. In Georgian Ekaterian is shortly called Eka.

    • B_M
      B_M 4 months ago +1

      @Napoleon Bonaparte Thanks for the info! 👍

    • Napoleon Bonaparte
      Napoleon Bonaparte 4 months ago +1

      Fletcher She is Georgian. Katya is a Russian version. In Georgian is Eka. Many people don't understand that Georgian and Russian languages are different in addition to culture. Go to Georgia and call someone Katya. You see what you get Mr. Fletcher.

  • Big Daddy Rat
    Big Daddy Rat 4 months ago +29

    'Quantity has a quality all its own' is hard on morale.

    • V C
      V C 4 months ago +1

      not on morale in Kremlin

    • jake
      jake 4 months ago +1

      If Russia was gonna do any of this, definitely they would have

    • Eile Moo
      Eile Moo 4 months ago +2

      More unfortunates to the So Called "Meat Grinder" - it is past time to Supply Ukraine with Jets.

    • The goat
      The goat 4 months ago +1

      @Eile Moo Poland already did.

    • lothar schiese
      lothar schiese 4 months ago +1

      @The goat And the rest are asleep behind the wheel?

  • Dave Lester
    Dave Lester 4 months ago +1

    They've got to move a lot of food and supplies, and keep it going. To feed that many, day after day, is going to take a huge effort. It is hard to sustain this many troops. I think that NATO is hoping to grind down Russia's effort until they cannot do it anymore and troops starve.

  • Finance Guy Flies 612AB
    Finance Guy Flies 612AB 4 months ago +4

    500K troops is roughly half of the US military positioned to invade Ukraine all at once.
    That’s probably a more impactful comparison than 2.5X the initial invasion especially if you’re like me and have no perspective on the scale of the initial invasion.

    • Wesley Edwards
      Wesley Edwards 4 months ago +3

      They are liable to defect if they get half a chance. Wagner will have to buy a shipping crate full of hammers.

    • Андрей Балконский
      Андрей Балконский 3 months ago

      Ukraine have 700+K

    • S C
      S C 3 months ago

      U.S. military is roughly 1.3 million active, and about 800 thousand in reserve, last I checked.

    • SugarTomAppleRoger
      SugarTomAppleRoger 3 months ago

      500K troops means 100 million soldiers. Remember that one troop consists of around 200 soldiers (battery) headed by a major.

    • Wesley Edwards
      Wesley Edwards 3 months ago

      @SugarTomAppleRoger Your math is wrong.

  • I'm so broke I can't even pay attention

    I wish such Russians come to the present and experiences peace/love. The girls mind is time traveling as seen in this video. You all see, she is in the future thought. Dwelling on the past and future only takes one away from peace/love. The emotions experienced when thinking of the past and future are anger, grief, guilt, shame, apprehension, need, want, and desire. Only when one is present may he or she experience love/peace. The further away one time travels the more stronger the fear based emotion manifests. People are dying over things that are where? The past? And where is the past? In the mind. The mind is like a puppy. Tell it to sit and it will walk away. You must train the mind to sit and this takes time but like a puppy it will eventually sit on command. Not good to let it wonder to far off either for it can get lost. This land Russia is fighting over stems from what in the past? See. It never will end. Forgive and forget. Best to come to the present. I say this not only to help others but myself too. Thanks. Peace/Love :)

  • Jonadu
    Jonadu 4 months ago +670

    The definition of insanity is repeating the same mistakes over and over again and expecting different results. - Albert Einstein

  • Frank de Groot
    Frank de Groot 4 months ago +12

    In fact
    When the soil is not suitable for heavy tanks, the light tanks being supplied to Ukraine will be very useful and effective
    The light tanks will destroy the less mobile heavy armour

  • Tobin Bradshaw
    Tobin Bradshaw 4 months ago +15

    Sounds pretty crazy actually if you're gonna have a nuclear war why do you need 500000 troops unless you just need to thin out numbers all the way around

    • Ne Gy
      Ne Gy 4 months ago +1

      exactly this 👍👏

    • Tobin Bradshaw
      Tobin Bradshaw 4 months ago +1

      Exactly what I said lol

    • Ne Gy
      Ne Gy 4 months ago

      @Alex Banica the nukes leave the land unusable for decades.

  • Instrumentofinsanity
    Instrumentofinsanity 2 months ago

    The head of Russian private military company (PMC) Wagner, Evgeny Prigozhin, has announced a milestone achievement in the battle for the city of Artyomovsk (known in Ukraine as Bakhmut), publishing a video allegedly taken in front of the town’s administrative building on Sunday evening.

  • ZootyZoFo
    ZootyZoFo 4 months ago +20

    Think about it, a dictator invades his much smaller neighboor without provocation and ends up getting his ass stomped so he threatens the world claiming he is going to use strategic thermonuclear warfare because he is not getting his way in the country he illegally invaded and committed tens of thousands of war crimes in.

    • Michiel1972
      Michiel1972 3 months ago

      @ZootyZoFo it's called geopolitics. You do know there was a coup in Kiev in 2014 right? And you do know the US and Canada have been training Neo-nazis since 2015 in the Ukraine? You never to old to learn. You might want to check out the video George Friedman, "Europe: Destined for Conflict?" and the video Wes Clark - America's Foreign Policy "Coup". Stuff you don't hear in the mainstream.

  • Ian Lacey
    Ian Lacey 4 months ago +1

    Just re-run a few bits of Blackadder IV.
    “You mean advance very slowly towards the German machine guns just like we did 16 times already?”
    “Of course! And that’s the genius of this plan. The Germans will never expect us to use the same plan again.”

  • Go Humberto!
    Go Humberto! 4 months ago +532

    The first wave of Russian soldiers were exactly that, soldiers. This is cannon-fodder. Unmotivated conscripts vs totally motivated, battle-hardened Ukraine fighters.

    • Tele Bubba
      Tele Bubba 4 months ago +30

      They will all be in each others way, going in all directions. The only thing that they will achieve is chaos and a whole lot of dead bodies (Russians). It's nothing else than pure panic on their side. Imagine; 500.000 headless chucks!

    • Hi I'm Happy!
      Hi I'm Happy! 4 months ago +4

      Battle tested, war tested hooah

  • Anomalous
    Anomalous 4 months ago +1

    Putin: "I just have to win my war against Ukraine, or I am going to be the biggest loser of the century -- even a bigger loser than Trump. Frankly, I don't think my ego could handle that."

  • Denshong
    Denshong 4 months ago +16

    This operation was so special, it has taken the Russians almost a year now to achieve less than what they started with 3 days into the invasion. That's very special!

    • Mike Helmet
      Mike Helmet 4 months ago +2

      Sure. And the American army didn't establish order and law in Afghanistan for almost twenty years.

    • Navin Hookoom
      Navin Hookoom 3 months ago +1

      @Mike Helmet Rightly said!

    • Nylas Winnie
      Nylas Winnie 3 months ago

      @Mike Helmet Russia was in Afghanistan 20 years prior and left with their tail tucked between their legs in defeat before America entered Afghanistan. SMH!

    • Mike Helmet
      Mike Helmet 3 months ago

      @Nylas Winnie You're not correct. First of all, there were Soviet Union troops, not only Russia. Second, they have been in Afghanistan since 1979 till 1989. Third, the troops left because of the collapse of the Soviet Union. Your comparison has nothing to do with nowadays geopolitical situation. The USA and NATO have always been the real threat to the world. Countless war crimes, conflicts and invasion operations. You better remember USA troops left Vietnam with their tail tucked between their legs.

  • peter thomason
    peter thomason 3 months ago +8

    500,000 troops is scary enough but a few of them might even have weapons

    • Philimon Twinamasiko
      Philimon Twinamasiko 3 months ago

      In military, it's not all a bout the number. It's all a bout capable and tactical experience. 10000 can be lost in a single day.
      All a long rassia had more soliders than Ukraine. But Ukrainians are stronger than Russias

    • Nemo
      Nemo 3 months ago

      @Philimon Twinamasiko
      Ukraine had 600,000 troops a year ago
      Russian launched their SMO with 200,000
      and advanced all the way to Kyiv before withdrawing. Ukrainians were well trained a year ago. and still a lot of excellent soldiers, but now to many raw recruits.
      Russians were better ,,and are now a lot better.

  • Leonardo
    Leonardo 4 months ago +7

    Russia can deploy as many troops as they want, but without the proper weapons like tanks and planes, it will be very difficult to conquer all of Ukraine.

    • Chris
      Chris 4 months ago +1

      They can do a lot of damage though and kill and hurt many along the way. That’s not acceptable at all.

    • Master Your Excel
      Master Your Excel 4 months ago +1

      @Chris that russia attake ukraine was not acceptable at all... but they will run out of people some

    • Nemo
      Nemo 3 months ago

      Its amazing how far your fantasy is from reality.
      Russia are short on nothing !!

    • Master Your Excel
      Master Your Excel 3 months ago

      @Nemo ok go buy a big mac in russia then 🤣

  • Doone Watts
    Doone Watts 4 months ago

    Watching this again ... the threat of nuclear war could be a ruse to terrify the russian people so that a stand down based on 'the benifience of Putin' would be a releif for them ensuring his continued reign as president? The most important phrase for me was 'If Russia loses the war ... ' Thus preparing everyone for that outcome. It's certainly, as far as I am aware, the first time that losing as a possibility to be broadcast on TV there

    • Enough
      Enough 4 months ago

      As Americans, who consider themselves exceptional, you only need to think about the fact that after WW2 you caused over 70 armed conflicts in the world! Your specialty is overthrowing governments around the world! and what are you talking about then!

    • Enough
      Enough 3 months ago

      @Derrick Bronson Without American foreign policy, the world would be a much nicer place to live! It's a fact !

  • Matthew Huszarik
    Matthew Huszarik 4 months ago +148

    My wife was born and raised in Russia and immigrated thirty years ago. As many people who have already left Russia she is helping dozens more herself. She is fluent in Russian and English which is very helpful for helping people negotiate the Federal bureaucracy.

    • Mario Formosa
      Mario Formosa 4 months ago +10

      She needs to help Ukrainians really. Almost half the country is abroad but America only accepts the illegals on the southern border

    • Brainbaskit
      Brainbaskit 4 months ago +1

      @iTz ATrocity i thought weed is for losers, yet you boast of it?

    • roma jones
      roma jones 4 months ago +18

      Can you help me? I live in Spain and talk to Russians and I am surprised they have access to free information but still believe Putin is a great leader and the war was necessary. Can you ask your wife to explain why Russians think that way? Thanks

  • Nine Hundred Dollar Luxury Yacht

    Is the talk about nuclear weapons a ploy to bait the US and NATO into thinking they are forced into a nuclear first strike against Russia immediately instead of waiting to be nuked? We never thought about first-striking Russia before, but all their talk about nuking us has Americans thinking we need to strike massively with our nukes before they nuke us first.

  • liam stacey
    liam stacey 4 months ago +21

    There are only 2 million military aged men (18-40 yo). Maybe 100,000 of them have already died. perhaps 500K have already left the country, maybe more. I think it would be quite difficult for Putshit to fine enough willing bodies, let alone weapons that work and any sort of body armor. As it is he has to have three ranks of troops to fight: the forward fighters, the ones who shoot deserters, and the ones who shoot the deserters of the second rank.

    • liam stacey
      liam stacey 4 months ago

      @Bert NL Wow, I didn’t consider that double whammy. As it turns out, 200,000 Russian men have already lost their lives, And perhaps 1 million have left.

    • Bert NL
      Bert NL 4 months ago +2

      @liam stacey It is less, somewhere 100.000-130.000. One needs to take in consideration that normally in wars the numbers of wounded and handicapped veterans is higher then the number of K.I.A,s. The wounded need a lot of help which reduces firepower and the handicapped will need help and financial support for the rest of their life. So then you are say 25 or 30 and you have another 40 years to live. On costs of the community. On the other side, Russia is struggeling to get money in the country, they have 140 million people and an economy comparable with the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg, not even 30 million people. They made lots of money trading with the EU countries, but they messed up. so now they have to deal with great countries like Iran or North Korea and African dictatorships. Not exactly a step up.

    • meatrealwishes
      meatrealwishes 4 months ago

      Nah, paper said they had 2million in reserve. After mobilization, it turned out to be false. That angry anchor guy screamed a lot about that on his show. It seems many from the russian army started fleeing the country much before the war. Crack of that started showing in 2017. Those who went home from Ukraine tried convincing men to leave russia instead of going to war.

    • norm platt
      norm platt 3 months ago +2

      poison dwarfs' INSANITY grows!

  • Jose Olivarra
    Jose Olivarra 4 months ago +4

    If you watched any of the youtubers reporting on this they were already reporting that they were always recruiting more than just the 300,000 they said this months ago when the mobilization started

  • Paulo Silva
    Paulo Silva 4 months ago +33

    Ruzzia is applying the same strategy the soviets had applied in Finland in the Winter War of 1939-1940. History is repeating itself once again.

    • Val Lee
      Val Lee 4 months ago +5

      Exactly what I thought. I hope the big difference is that this time, Europeans will help by sending aid.

    • Knut Katastrophe
      Knut Katastrophe 4 months ago

      Lol. Nonsense

    • Fun Alien Guy
      Fun Alien Guy 4 months ago +1

      Everyone in this narrative is absolutely lying about everything and that is terrifying.

  • B. J. Magers
    B. J. Magers Month ago

    They are on point. I studied WW1 for my Master's in military history, trench warfare is disgusting. Also, the Russian woman is gorgeous 😊😊😊😊

  • Warrin Bang
    Warrin Bang 4 months ago +538

    The consequences of a nuclear war over Russia's failure to conquer Ukraine is more insane than a landlord who burns down their own apartment complex because they failed to evict a tenant.

    • Mario Formosa
      Mario Formosa 4 months ago +14

      Very clever. Now tell me. What is the capital city of Ukraine?

    • Arthur Dewith
      Arthur Dewith 4 months ago +6

      @Mario Formosa Moscow is that capital

    • SkaldCG
      SkaldCG 4 months ago +63

      @Arthur Dewith when tiny little Moscow developed Kyiv was already a Capital ; )

    • Spendor
      Spendor 4 months ago +24

      The wind is mostly easterly in the war zone, so Russian soldiers would get contaminated.

  • Jens Wetter
    Jens Wetter 4 months ago +2

    As long as there's no logistics providing everything these additional troops need, Ukraine will be able to handle them

  • CVfy
    CVfy 4 months ago +1

    I do now see that there are some significant differences in the reporting about the opinion of russian about this topic. An other "expert" reported on DW a few days ago, that to current mentality of russians is a feeling of indifference, he argued that russians don't real care anymore. It's strange to hear that there is a general sens of fear now.

    • CVfy
      CVfy 4 months ago

      @Danny What in the world made you believe this? Do you have any sources, numbers etc. or is it just your instinct?

  • Björn Nilsson
    Björn Nilsson 3 months ago

    Ps, not looking to get anything published, but those of us who think this way seem to be a minority. Just looking for and sparking a thought in your professionals. Never see this issue in my media, which mostly consists of Swedish and Norwegian state television, as well as CNN and Sky News and Al Jazeera.
    I am a Scanian-Swedish nurse and have lived in Norway since 2015, I am a veteran with service in the Balkans under NATO together with the Telemark Battalion, have also served in Liberia under the UN and in Afghanistan together with the Finnish reconnaissance group, also then under NATO, always under the Swedish Armed Forces
    Sincerely, BjörnErikNilsson
    Putin's win, part of Ukraine, gas fields and nationalism.
    Putin wants Sweden and Finland to join NATO. The West's increased strength is Putin's gain with increased Russian nationalism. The war will most likely end much like the Finnish Winter War, when ten percent of Finland became part of the Soviet Union. The advantage of Ukrainian land versus Finnish land is that there are gas fields in Ukraine. Six large gas fields and four of them in eastern Ukraine. Four out of six gas fields, a pretty good conquest if Putin has his way.
    Putin has never said what his goal is with the war in Ukraine, except to de-Nazify the country.
    Putin knows how difficult it is to conquer a country and then control it. No country in the 20th century managed to conquer a country and hold it longer than the Soviet Union, then countries in Eastern Europe, and then the Soviet Union was "liberator". Israel still fights the cause of Palestine today, and Nazi Germany controlled Poland for almost five years.
    For full control of a conquered country, total subjugation and eradication of the people's culture in the country is needed. Extermination in the form of, for example, blankets with the weapon of smallpox to the families of the occupied country. Blankets that we Europeans generously gave to the Indians of North America in the 18th century. It will never happen in Ukraine, except with nuclear bombs. Putin knows this.
    I hear how our Swedish and Norwegian politicians say that Putin has failed to make NATO stronger. Putin and his world's largest country are not interested in Sweden, Finland and NATO. All he wants is for blue NATO to only get bigger on the map. He wants to point to the map and show how the threat from the West is growing and growing. The Warsaw Pact is gone but NATO remains. A clear sign for him to show to the Russian people. We in the West exclude Russia from everything, culturally, trade, aviation, media and sports. And we are clearly anti-Russia, Putin and Lavrov are absolutely right.
    Violations of Swedish and Finnish waters and airspace have occurred throughout the years, with submarines and aircraft. And we never made a big deal out of it. But after February 24, 2022, this changed. Why? Because we do exactly what Putin wants, we show his people that nationalism is the only thing that works. After 24-two, in 22, Russian military planes once again violated Swedish airspace. The Swedish defense shows pictures that the Swedish air force took of the Russian fighter planes posing in front of the cameras on the Swedish fighter planes, on Swedish territory. Afterwards, Russia clearly explains through Russian spokesmen to Sweden and Finland that these countries should not join NATO. We in the West respond by applying for NATO through Sweden and Finland. The West also excludes Russian school children from visiting Scandinavian schools and our children from visiting Russia.
    Finland and Sweden do not need NATO, these countries are safe under the EU's defense guarantee, Article 42.7. Right?
    The war will in all probability continue for many more years. Like positional warfare from trenches and bunkers. With elements of offensives from both sides. The more years we embarrassingly do what Putin wants by freezing out the Russian people, the more hatred from East and West. Putin doesn't care about the Russian people. Do we do west care about the brainwashed poor russians? We clearly show the opposite. In three years, the gap will be much greater than today between the people of the East and the West. We suffer from Russophobia, our behavior towards the East shows nothing else.
    Putin's plan, Putin's win, everyone's loss.
    Culture equals brainwashing, brainwashing equals culture. Open to Russian sports, culture and visits again, don't give Putin the tool he needs most, nationalism.
    We make the same mistakes now as at
    Treaty of Versailles, 1919, we are too hard on those we think are doing wrong. We all think we are better than Russia, but they are the third largest superpower, the weakest of the three superpowers, but still a superpower. A great power that refuses to see itself defeated.
    The leadership in the West, has a future plan, with the result of this war is going to end "a draw" between Ukraine and Russia. So no winner, as usual in war. Right? A long cold, psychological and real physical wall between the conquered Ukraine and the old Ukraine will stand as a memory. Because Russia will never give up, and neither will Ukraine. Because we in the West will never dare to provoke the atomic power Russia too much. And by that we mean equipping Ukraine with really good offensive weapons. If we give Ukraine too strong weapons in the form of superior fighter jets like F-35, ore other superior weapon to get into Russia, Chances are high then. With their right, Ukraine thinks. By their right, we all think! If Ukraine gets these powerful weapons the West has. Then their superior won air supremacy will probably result in the best Western weapons having captured strategic ground in Ukraine. And then probably continue to take strategic parts of southern Russia. The result with gained ground in southern Russia will be rewarded with Ukrainian forces being able to avoid and keep the Russian artillery and their missiles far enough away. The prey has become hunter.
    By such an arms delivery we would provoke the old Russian bear too much. And if a country attacks Russia, they are entitled to use nuclear weapons, their nuclear guarantee.
    The Russian "military special operation" has therefore become war, because of Ukraine.
    Russia will then probably respond with nuclear bombs in central Ukraine, a radioactive wall, to cut off the West from the East of the country. And we in the West will accept it. What else are we going to do? Drop nukes into Ukraine? Why? Shoot nukes into Russia then? Never life, they have nuclear weapons. Putin knows this, the US and China as well as the EU.
    Everyone knows.
    For our politicians, whom I trust, the end is a war that will cost both fronts too much, unfortunately. No harm in our western politicians for that, or us ordinary citizens. We have no choice, just like Ukraine. Putin decides. The result will be a ceasefire and a long reconstruction of Ukraine. Russia will have lost too much to want to continue the aggression against Ukraine or the rest of the Western world. The Russians will be war-weary, economically and popularly. And their victory will be that de-Nazification is complete and the land of the Nazis is now Russian again, as well as some gas fields. Russophobia is stopped. And a long reconstruction of the relationship between the countries of Ukraine and Russia will perhaps begin. A reconstruction that none of us will see the end of in our lifetime.
    A wise thing that we can do on the safe home front is to open up to Russian culture, media, sports and visits again. It will shorten the aftermath of this war, and reduce the rise of Russian nationalism, in this now. Putin and the others are the enemy, not the people of Russia. We should all understand that. Right? Which of the countries USA and Russia has lost the most wars? And the whole world will finally forgive Russia, as we forgave Germany.
    Putin's legacy to his people, even more gas.
    Modus vivendi. Cash is King.
    Ben, Trondheim

  • JeN OctobeR
    JeN OctobeR 4 months ago +9

    500,000 Troops require quite a lot of equipment, food, water, medicine, medical units, ammunition, and vehicles to carry them into, around the battle zones. There will be bottlenecks, high concentration of forces inside larger buildings, inside more buildings, higher rates of friendly fire, higher fatality rates per day. Force concentrations will be more easily discoverable by satellite and drone recon. Higher density force structure and deployment will cause higher fatalities in general, as each artillery round, each rocket has a greater chance of eliminating more soldiers per shot. It will be a real blood bath.

    • john street
      john street 4 months ago

      losers study tactics, winners study logistics.

    • lance Brown
      lance Brown 3 months ago

      How are they paying all these soldiers? Armies don’t fight for free they get paid or won’t fight

  • Anabel Pineda
    Anabel Pineda 4 months ago +38

    I feel sorry for Ukrainian people 💔☮️🙏

  • Robert Hutchins
    Robert Hutchins 4 months ago +12

    I Thank All The Great SF Writers Who Predicted All this Many Years Ago And Helped Me Decide not To bring Children Into This Insane World.😞.

    • David Renwick
      David Renwick 4 months ago +2

      Caps with everything are the true sign of insanity.

    • Richard
      Richard 3 months ago +2

      Sounds as if you have no hope for the future . Surrender is your mindset . All wars end sooner or later .

  • Phil Johnson
    Phil Johnson 4 months ago

    Excellent reporting by letting the origin message footage be seen. It is good to see it CNN. Well done.

  • Сталин Жив
    Сталин Жив 4 months ago

    Why she told what we're afraid of WW3?) It's ridiculous, the most of us live in such conditions that we don't notice the difference between now and a new brave world 🤣

  • Tom-Greger Knutsen
    Tom-Greger Knutsen 4 months ago +2

    Like with Germany after WW2, it will take generations to get a sort of normal relationship with Russia again.
    I was talking to my kids yesterday (6 & 8 yo) about different countries. When I mentioned Russia, they immediatly started making puking sounds. I asked them why, and they said that russians are bad and evil. I said that not all russians are bad. Many of them want peace, but they have leaders that don't. My 8yo told me that one of his classmates had said that when he grew up, he wanted to help kill russians.
    I have to admit that I am also a little more aware if I, at the store, hear someone speaking a language that sounds like russian. Most of my clients won't do business with me until I can guarantee that I am not working with any company, or person from Russia.
    The hate towards Russia is growing stronger every day. Innocent people are suffering and dying. Someone's parent, kid, or sibling are killed every day, on both sides.
    Admit your defeat, Putin! Pull your troops out and help rebuild Ukraine, and start rebuilding Russia's reputation (even if it will take generations)!

    • Elena Sh
      Elena Sh 4 months ago +1

      You are very wise that you teach your children that you shouldn’t judge anyone by their passport. Tell them, that there are many people in Russia who want peace and who have the same yuck 🤮 response to mr. Putin! We never elected Putin, we feel more like his hostages now 😢

    • SugarTomAppleRoger
      SugarTomAppleRoger 3 months ago

      Your children sound badly advised, obviously taking your lead. I am from New Zealand, and we do not hate Russian people, or anyone else. We in New Zealand don't understand the war mentality of some other nations. It is the fault of the parents, it seems. My dad and four uncles were in WW2. My dad had nothing against German people, even though they badly wounded him. Times have changed. People are much harder now than they were then.

  • 128MrRon
    128MrRon 3 months ago

    We should be doubling our efforts to Ukraine 🇺🇦…I don’t understand this dragging our feet 🦶 to this war…We should be sending them planes and more Himars and artillery and sending them more tanks than we are..Why is it going to take a year to get there we surely can get them there within a few months like we did in Iraq 🇮🇶…Let’ss give them what they need to win this war now instead of letting them slowly suffer a we are doing now..😢

  • MrMelgibstein
    MrMelgibstein 4 months ago +23

    I really hope even though I find its difficult , I hope the person and people responsible for the death and destruction of Ukraine are tried and served justice.

    • J H
      J H 4 months ago +1


    • cameron mckenna
      cameron mckenna 3 months ago +1

      Yes, that's all I hear. My people suffer for no reason

  • Jeanne Norris
    Jeanne Norris 4 months ago +1

    Two and a half times MORE than the initial number of soldiers? Or two and a half times the initial number of soldiers? There's quite a difference.

    • Enough
      Enough 4 months ago

      As Americans, who consider themselves exceptional, you only need to think about the fact that after WW2 you caused over 70 armed conflicts in the world! Your specialty is overthrowing governments around the world! and what are you talking about then!

    • Jeanne Norris
      Jeanne Norris 4 months ago

      Not at all "the only thing [I] need to think about" but thanks for the suggestion.

  • Roly Josephs
    Roly Josephs 4 months ago +18

    One Russian we MUST admire is Navalny The man is guts personified...Come to think of it, his daughter is of the same stock. Gee these folks are just what Russia needs right now. God bless these 2 brave patriots.

    • LakeCity W.
      LakeCity W. 4 months ago

      But you should know Navalny is a Russian nationalist and socialist.

    • Olga S
      Olga S 4 months ago +3

      If Navalny is in opposition to putin in doesnt mean he is any different,same imperialistic mindset. The only guy who was a real threat to a regime was killed on red square years ago - Boris Nemtsov, he predicted all of this happening and had a great support

  • F abromitis
    F abromitis 4 months ago +1

    Glory to the Heroes

    • norm platt
      norm platt 3 months ago

      Never heroes in war! They will tell you that!

    • F abromitis
      F abromitis 3 months ago

      When you are willing to die to defend your homeland you ARE a Hero.
      Americans have never had to defend their homeland.
      GLORY to the HEROES!!!

  • Curtis Smith
    Curtis Smith 4 months ago +1

    "No one has the right to think freely" ... that was not the case until 02/24/22. Everything changed then. I felt no repression in St. Petersburg when I left on 02/07/22. I went to my favorite Irish bar the night before, and had a great time (I just had to convince them of my negative Covid status ... no Russian issued QR code :). I think everything changed on Feb. 24th.

  • totakikay
    totakikay 3 months ago

    Let’s all show Mr Putin and all evil dictators of the world that we are NOT scared of them as the power lies within each and every one of us - courage 🕊️

  • mongrelrat
    mongrelrat 4 months ago +118

    If we want to give Ukraine a real chance to win, we should provide fighter jets (F16s).
    It is essentially clear that the free world, if it wants to be serious, should make a stand.

    • Hi I'm Happy!
      Hi I'm Happy! 4 months ago +7

      We will we are just easing em in first tanks then eventually jets

    • Zannah
      Zannah 4 months ago +3

      I agree!

    • Hi I'm Happy!
      Hi I'm Happy! 4 months ago +8

      @Rahul Lodha we get fuel from all over the world and have plenty

    • mongrelrat
      mongrelrat 4 months ago +8

      @Rahul Lodha Italian here. Not a problem. We buy natural gas from other countries now. The main supplier is Algeria. So... yeah...

  • acmusa
    acmusa 4 months ago +5

    In WW1 and WW2, Russia threw MILLIONS to the German assault. Russia is among the few countries that can pull such numbers. But this war is causing long-term economic implosion. This most recent mobilization may be Russia's last for decades.

    • meatrealwishes
      meatrealwishes 4 months ago +2

      Lets not forget that was Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Its kind of like hitler was fighting multiple countries. When it came to ukraine mostly Ukrainians from the red army were defending and with western aid pouring in, Stalin didnt have to deal with shortage of stuffs. Putler has none of those benefits. Defending is easy but conquest isnt. Hitler’s army was sophisticated for the time and had extra backing from other countries. Yet eventually lost.

  • Terri Hohl
    Terri Hohl 4 months ago +1

    I think every country with nuclear arms in the NATO should pick an area of Russia to respond in line with a nuclear bomb. And that way when Russia is, is there a nuclear bomb we can respond quickly to each site that is strategic to the downfall of Russia once and for all.

    • norm platt
      norm platt 3 months ago

      A FOOLS FALLY! one MUST ALWAYS CONSIDER THE INNOCENCE! Even if you have a bigger stick!

  • Matej Sadovsky
    Matej Sadovsky 3 months ago

    I don't agree that Russia's only option is to use threats. I think the other option is stop fighting and send everyone home. That's as simple to do as it sounds.. I don't think there would be much resistance to that decision...

  • R. David Poehner
    R. David Poehner 4 months ago +10

    More reasons for why Ukraine needs air support.

  • David Thomas-Jensen
    David Thomas-Jensen 4 months ago

    Nobody who knows geopolitics thinks for one second that Russia will start a nuclear exchange. They would have to lose, get invaded and Moscow under siege under threat of being captured first. In reality they will lose and be degraded to a point where they cannot form an attack and then left to sit with that.

  • J
    J 4 months ago +170

    Learn the #@*& lesson:
    "If Russia says something is true, then you know it is false!"🤬
    Remember the old Soviet saying, "Nothing is confirmed until the Government denies it!" 🙂

    • Jao Bidan
      Jao Bidan 4 months ago +4

      You quote that but fail to see the relevance of it towards our Federal Gov't.

    • Dan Husterd
      Dan Husterd 4 months ago +2

      Russia said the sky is blue. Must be fake news 😂 remember the old USA saying “you can lead sheep to water, but if they are too dumb to drink, it’s because they are voters in a democracy “ 😂

  • Mark Williams
    Mark Williams 4 months ago +3

    Considering how poorly the Russian military equipment has performed in this war, would the Russians really want to use nuclear weapons knowing that the US, and the European allies will respond in kind. If one Russian nuc gets through on the west, it would be dwsvasting, but the majority of ours would get through and that would be the end of Russia

    • Mark Williams
      Mark Williams 4 months ago

      @Elena Sh let's hope his people will grow tired of him and throw him out

  • thedustyhead
    thedustyhead 4 months ago +1

    IMHO The next Russian Offensive will have a heavy emphasis on S-300 missiles , converted to ground to ground ( which Russia still has many of ). Also their supersonic missile with a conventional pay load that they have only used a couple of times in Ukraine so far . Also in combination a bigger use of air power ! Using intelligence , their main target ( especially with the supersonic missiles ) will be western weapons , mostly tanks in large numbers while they are being moved into Ukraine . Other targets will be energy infrastructure again ( because they know where it is ) . Another heavily targeted area will be Kyiv with an emphasis on killing Zelensky . The main objective will be discouraging the West , crippling Ukraine , terrorizing it's people and breaking moral . Some of this could be prevented . But the West needs to take a more Pro Active and not a
    Reactive stance !!

    • Hanna Arend
      Hanna Arend 4 months ago

      Even if your scenario is implemented, Ukrainians will not give up. Zelensky is not the reason why Ukrainians opt to fight back, he's one of them. If he's killed (hopefully not) there will be another leader who will lead the country to the victory. And just a reminder - when the war just started, not a single Western country agreed to send serious weapons to Ukraine.. Germany said they would send helmets.. Seriously, helmets (?!) when the major Ukrainian cities were under heavy missile attacks and ruzzian tanks were just about ~25 km away from Kyiv..

    • thedustyhead
      thedustyhead 4 months ago

      @Hanna Arend I share your convictions .
      Also the US mostly only supplied javelins at the beginning , however they were a major contributor in stopping Russian armor outside Kyiv .

    • Hanna Arend
      Hanna Arend 4 months ago

      @thedustyhead agreed, Javelins and also Bayraktars helped a lot, but they were ordered / delivered to Ukraine long before the full scale invasion (2018-2019). And I was talking about the very first weeks starting Feb 24 2022

  • Josh Mcgrath
    Josh Mcgrath 3 months ago +2

    Wish we could see some more Russian TV

    • Alexandra Egorova
      Alexandra Egorova 3 months ago

      не, у вас же свобода слова, вам нельзя такое смотреть

  • Brad James
    Brad James 4 months ago +1

    If what you say is true then all aircraft and seaborne transport will probably be under military threat soon if not already

  • Wang Mandoo
    Wang Mandoo 2 months ago

    Kim Jung Un is laughing his ass off and gets some time off to relax (and save a bunch of missile launchings while at it)

  • Sunny Danpongpee
    Sunny Danpongpee 4 months ago +19

    It is a time to love and share with each other not a time to kill each other in this war.

    • Johann Johann
      Johann Johann 4 months ago +3

      You still gotta protect your family from the evil in this world. God gave us all the tools we need to do just that. It is incumbant that we use them to stop a madman who would bring the entire world to war. But I do feel ya. Sadly, there are people like Putin who do not.

    • Robert Hutchins
      Robert Hutchins 4 months ago +2

      Its Been Said A million Times Allready,Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing.

  • C.A. Saunders
    C.A. Saunders 4 months ago +15

    Stop listening to the Russian blather, and start listening, and watching far closer our own intel. Let us not get stupid here, and forget our capabilities.
    We're a bit beyond the age of surprise. We are wise, and are able to see what Russia is doing.
    The Ukrainian Armed Forces has been in an expanding, and training process all winter long, and will not get caught off guard.
    Let's be responsible with commentary, and accurate with our aim.
    Glory to God,
    Victory for Ukraine,
    Rise Free Nations!

  • hilton sue-wah-sing
    hilton sue-wah-sing 3 months ago

    Thinking is not enough. They must be persuaded to do do MORE to influence public opinion at home.

  • wyskass
    wyskass 4 months ago

    The Russian threats of using their nuclear weapons seems to completely ignore the fact that NATO has the same amount of ready nuclear weapons for a response. They act as if their nuclear weapons are some kind of all winning Ace without expecting any consequences to them if not worse.

  • Hồng Việt Nguyễn
    Hồng Việt Nguyễn 4 months ago

    500,000 soldiers! Oh, no -
    But it make me recall 564,XXX US soldiers presented in the south of Vietnam during the war (1968), and about 600,000 Chinese soldiers attacked north Vietnam in 1978.
    War is always terrible.

  • Fidd88
    Fidd88 4 months ago +14

    This is the Russian equivalent of Operation Michael in WW1, and will probably fail for the same reason (logistics). If the Ukrainians are able to mount a flexible-defence, they should be able to deal with this and inflict considerable casualties. Russian threats of using nukes need to be opposed with clear and unambiguous counter-threats both conventional, and nuclear if needbe. Conventionally, the west will, at the Ukrainian's invitation, attack Russian troops with massive superiority in NBC proof assets, were Putin to use a nuke or chemical or Biological weapon. Western nukes would be used on a tit-for-tat basis against Russian troop or materiel concentrations, alongside the utter evisceration of the Russian airforce. Putin using any NBC weapon must invite a response that it is devastating for Russia, and he must be left with no illusions that there is any chance of evading such a response.

    • gti189
      gti189 4 months ago +1

      What’s that saying? “Junior generals talk strategy, senior generals talk logistics”

    • Johnny Corn
      Johnny Corn 3 months ago

      My family's 60 years + of service on Eglin Air Force Base has shown me both through words and in person and up close that we have air power capabilities the Russians do not want any part of.
      They are very stupid to underestimate the advantage we have over them because their military fell off after the dissolution of the USSR.
      Just remember what you see on TV and what is admitted is 30 to 40 year old technology.

    • SugarTomAppleRoger
      SugarTomAppleRoger 3 months ago

      @gti189 It a a copy of the ideas which were round way before logistics was a term invented by the French. The quote, like many others, is attributed to Clausewitz.

  • Johann Johann
    Johann Johann 4 months ago

    Crazy Idea: All Russinas who throw down their weapons and surrender can get Ukrainian citizenship, or maybe in other European countries as well. They do not have to fight a war they wish were not a part of, nor return to Russia. Naturally, this would be a long process where loyalty and trust must be earned. But most of these men I heard are not even Russian, but migrant workers from the East, mostly Chinese.

  • Frank de Groot
    Frank de Groot 4 months ago +15

    The power of a martyr is immense
    Symbol of unbreakable conviction and courage
    In the name of Navalny, millions will fight

  • Banana Cake
    Banana Cake 4 months ago +2

    'And Cain said to Abel his brother, "Let us go out to the field," and when they were in the field Cain rose against Abel his brother and killed him...' over and over and over again...all throughout human history...until now and into the future...

  • Brillant Cruz
    Brillant Cruz 4 months ago +15

    Peace talk is the words to save Both Soldier's Soul

    • trdat o'brian
      trdat o'brian 4 months ago

      Wise advise. Pass it to Biden and his son!!!!

    • Mercedes Wolf
      Mercedes Wolf 4 months ago +2

      ​@trdat o'brian yeah sure im passing it to you now and after reading my comment pls pass it to vladimir putin and his gangs.i thank you in advance😁😁😁

  • R.B. Roberts
    R.B. Roberts 4 months ago +26

    A few things: 1. Hardly likely Russia has built 'more' nuclear missiles, assuming they're overstocked as it is. 2. Also, given the presence of mercenaries who are largely comprised of convicts, do we seriously think if Russia could raise an Army of 500,000 that it would waste money on employing mercenaries?. Even more, the situation is so unstable in Russia that, at this time, raising a 'patriotic,' war-seasoned, reliable army of 500,000 isn't possible -- especially when they don't appear to have resources enough to properly outfit as little as few thousand. 4. We may want to remember that Russian propagandists are using the Hitlerian playbook of propaganda and psychological warfare and manipulation. Right now their just planting seeds - - which if we believe, bloom as intended: believing. We certainly hope the Ukrainian fighters are on to this, as well. But then, our guess -- they sure are! This is a reason, very likely, whatever the number among the aggressors, they see only ONE thing: СЛАВА УКРАЇНІ! [GLORY TO UKRAINE!]

  • Alexandre Larsac
    Alexandre Larsac 4 months ago +1

    In Europe and America there's a growing feeling of hysteria
    Conditioned to respond to all the threats
    In the rhetorical speeches of the Soviets.

  • Big Cirkus
    Big Cirkus 4 months ago +4

    Extremely interesting the difference of the presentation of this war between eg Scot Ritter and this people.

    • Enough
      Enough 4 months ago +1

      As Americans, who consider themselves exceptional, you only need to think about the fact that after WW2 you caused over 70 armed conflicts in the world! Your specialty is overthrowing governments around the world! and what are you talking about then! Scot is right !

  • Wesley Edwards
    Wesley Edwards 4 months ago

    It's not quite 'give me liberty or give me death' is it? "Meh, we have a crap ton of nukes, so they must be for using. I mean, I don't understand why we even have them otherwise."
    Never go full Russki.

  • Eric Olsen
    Eric Olsen 4 months ago +1

    Throughout the attack Russian soldiers have been complaining about providing their own material, not having rifles and bullets. Do you think they have they been hiding a big stockpile until this surge?

  • Henna Gal
    Henna Gal 4 months ago

    We all inhabit this small planet. We all breathe the same air. We all cherish our children's future - President Kennedy calling for peace

  • Doug
    Doug 4 months ago +36

    As each threat escalates, the world has to prepare for each threat by showing overwhelming force. The greater the the threat, the greater the response!

    • brasik
      brasik 4 months ago +3

      wouldnt that create an endless paradox of escalation?

    • Riley Freeman
      Riley Freeman 4 months ago +1

      What if it esclated to Nuclear war What then genius? Or are you going to predict that Putin is somehow scared to use them lol

    • Frédérick Pile
      Frédérick Pile 4 months ago +4

      @Riley Freeman each and every commander of nuclear sites are in charge,
      Not putler.

    • JumpinJimmyjack
      JumpinJimmyjack 4 months ago +2

      "The world"...what world? Do you mean China? India? Brazil? South Africa? If you haven't gotten the memo, most of the world is sitting this one out.

  • Gabriel NA
    Gabriel NA 4 months ago +1

    500 000 recruits, well trained, with adequate equipement, along a big zone (like could be the whole of the Ukraine-Russia border) could indeed overcome the Ukrainian defences. But that same number, piled up in the short Donbas border, with the poor training, equipment and morale we already know, is to send them to the slaughterhouse..

  • Richard L
    Richard L 4 months ago +3

    Considering how hard it was for Russia to raise conscripts last time around it’s hard to believe they could manage 500,00 this time…….in fact it’s almost impossible.

    • frank zappa's pussy
      frank zappa's pussy 4 months ago

      it must be a very fragile state of play - handing guns to unwilling/resentful conscripts..

  • Robert Howes
    Robert Howes 4 months ago

    I am wondering if, having made a point, Putin will call it off to show magnanimity (and save his own skin). That is what he should do.

  • KayAteChef
    KayAteChef 4 months ago +6

    It is going to be a very target-rich environment.

  • Niels Jensen
    Niels Jensen 3 months ago

    The issue is that 1/3 of the amount who invaded Ukraine were professional soldiers with training and everything. Most of the 500.000 are just conscripted chaff with low morale, poor training, and ludicrous equipment. It saddens me that they're just cannon fodder meant to soak up ammunition and have to die for essentially nothing.

  • Bob
    Bob 4 months ago +30

    Кто знал, что Екатерина Котрикадзе так хорошо говорит по-английски? Молодец!

    • Вадим Иванов
      Вадим Иванов 4 months ago +2

      Вообще то она в США жила несколько лет.

    • Chad
      Chad 4 months ago

      God denier