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Q&A Matt Smith Heroes Comic Con Brussels 2022

  • Published on Sep 23, 2022 veröffentlicht
  • ComedyComedy

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  • Ritwika Datta
    Ritwika Datta 5 months ago +216

    For an actor who has been around in this industry for so long, he still seems very much grounded and humble.

      ROYAL REBEL 3 months ago +5

      When asked whether he'd be interested in playing James Bond, he said, "I'm not good-looking enough; maybe James Bond villain would suit me better." (not verbatim)

    • sistersmercy
      sistersmercy 4 months ago +6

      all his close friends are not Actors and couldnt care about acting .

    • Arya stargirl
      Arya stargirl 5 months ago +26

      Agree the way hes invested in the ppl talking and asking them questions back, really cool

  • Betsy Osuna
    Betsy Osuna 5 months ago +104

    Thank you for uploading this! He looks so genuine and relaxed. Can't decide if he's my favourite Doctor or Targaryen but he sure is one of my favourite actors. ☺️

    • Mike K
      Mike K 4 months ago +2

      When you are working with actors like Karen Gillan, Alex Kingston, Jenna Coleman and Arthur Darvill. Kinda impossible not to be brilliant. They will never recreate the chemistry that was flowing through his Doctor persona with all his companions or the brilliant writing

    • Anahí Alcalá
      Anahí Alcalá 5 months ago +4

      Both ❤

  • Stella Tsakiri
    Stella Tsakiri 5 months ago +84

    That man is an absolute gem and a totally wonderful actor!!!. Simply adore him ❤️

  • Grazie Mille
    Grazie Mille 5 months ago +33

    This is one of the most enjoyable comic cons I have seen on Clip-Share. The audience is respectful and allowed Matt Smith to talk without all the hollering which often drowns out the actor (yes…I am talking to you my fellow Americans). Matt Smith is so eloquent, poised, and erudite. Check out his interviews on the old Craig Ferguson show….so funny and shows his growth over several years. Thank you for posting!

  • mc a_a
    mc a_a 5 months ago +46

    He has a wicked sense of humor, I could listen to him forever!!!

  • shazzyblackmoon🖤
    shazzyblackmoon🖤 5 months ago +87

    He’s so lovely and humble ❤

  • Paostrippin
    Paostrippin 5 months ago +27

    No puede ser más bello y humilde este hombre. Te amo Matt

  • alec bormia
    alec bormia 4 months ago +8

    Matt is tied with Peter for my favorite Doctor so it's great to see that he's so appreciative and understanding about what the show (and his doctor as well) means to the fans. And even tho I don't care for or watch GOT it's nice that he seems to share the same sort of appreciation for that giant world that he also stepped into. Would love to see more of these sort of panels so please keep recording them people who go to these things!

  • RockJan Mukbang
    RockJan Mukbang 5 months ago +27

    Matt is such a great actor.. love him

  • ryry thomas
    ryry thomas 4 months ago +13

    Very fun and talented actor with a great screen presence. Seems like a genuinely good guy also.

  • Sophie
    Sophie 5 months ago +54

    Matt comes across as very open honest and fun.. l like him

  • Phoebe Buffay
    Phoebe Buffay 4 months ago +18

    I dont understand why they only ask Daemon about his relationship with Rhae when obvisously everyone were married between their siblings in Targaryen line. Aegon II has married HIS SISTER and no one makes a queation, only people bothers about Daemon and Rhae or team blacks. It was just their weird way to perserve their genes that assumed to have magic connections with the dragons and to pass it on the next generation. At the end of the day its ALL FICTION.

    • sophie
      sophie Month ago +1

      @MDNBLUES Actually quite a lot of Targaryens loved each other in their incestious realationships, for example Daemon's parents and grandparents

      MDNBLUES 4 months ago +8

      Well, most Targaryens married brothers and sisters not because they were in love, but because they had to preserve their bloodline purity as you said, however - this isn't really the case between Daemon and Rhaenyra, who actually are attracted to eachother and love eachother. Aegon and Helaena don't love eachother and aren't attracted to eachother. So, there is a difference. However, we've already seen before in GOT an incest relationship out of love (Cersei and Jaime) and another one with Daenerys and Jon (yes, when they found out they were related Jon wasn't fine with it, but Daenerys was) - so the audience is very much used to it now. So, now most people don't really care that Daemon and Rhaenyra are related, it's easier to ignore now because people are used to it because of GOT and because they're Targaryens. Also - I wanna point out that it wasn't only Targaryens who practiced incest. Tywin Lannister was married to his cousin Joanna, with whom they had Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion. I think the Starks have married cousins too, but that was around the same time when HOTD happens, not during when GOT happens.

  • MURDERYcatDoll13
    MURDERYcatDoll13 5 months ago +37

    Such a Cutie, really! I was very sceptical about him as Daemon but OMG He NAILS IT SO hard! Love him soooo much now

  • Jessi'sFabulousWorld
    Jessi'sFabulousWorld 5 months ago +26

    I love him so much .. and this Voice 😍

  • Sexy Fantasy Girls
    Sexy Fantasy Girls 4 months ago +6

    It's amazing, after all these years Matt is still promoting Doctor Who! Watch Doctor Who!

  • Sandra Rodríguez Bazán
    Sandra Rodríguez Bazán 5 months ago +31

    I love Matt so much 🖤

  • Ximena Acevedo
    Ximena Acevedo 5 months ago +11

    Maravilloso actor
    Daemom solo tu lo puedes interpretar

  • Esther Xie
    Esther Xie 5 months ago +27

    What a great interview.

  • Andrya Grace
    Andrya Grace 5 months ago +13

    Been to Antwerp and Brussels and so wanted to go to Bruge and Ghent. Love you Matt. You were a magnificent Doctor and Daemon as well xx oh and as Prince Philippe for sure.

  • Дашка СолАнд
    Дашка СолАнд 5 months ago +7

    Какой он обаятельный и смешной))

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 5 months ago +2

    I do have a bit of hope that Matt Smith will do Big Finish

  • Mike K
    Mike K 4 months ago +1

    Only thing that could of topped last nights regeneration of Jodie Whitakers Doctor character by Tennant, would of been her regenerating as Matt for the 60th anniversary.

  • Ghangus Leonard
    Ghangus Leonard 3 months ago +2

    Simply, "adorable"!!

  • Carey Tisdal
    Carey Tisdal 3 months ago +1

    Can anyone wear a sweater around his shoulder with as much panache as Matt Smith? (Rhetorical question--the
    s answer is obviously "NO!") This whole interview is just a lovely bowl of Matt Smith charm!

  • Alba
    Alba 5 months ago +6

    You just have to love Matt Smith he's so so cute 💜 and he loves the Michael Keaton's Batman just like me but we're born the same day so not surprised ;)

  • Silvy Gomez
    Silvy Gomez 4 months ago +5

    He's so precious 😍

  • CoolClipz
    CoolClipz 5 months ago +17

    The hound would lowkey be a good king

  • Ольга Лукьянова

    He's so lovely and beautiful💜

  • Gergana Toshkova - Kirilova
    Gergana Toshkova - Kirilova 5 months ago +14

    Somehow I'd like to see Matt starring with Johnny Depp - I think that would be glorious :)

  • Rebecca Appiah-Barnie
    Rebecca Appiah-Barnie 4 months ago +5

    I have like the hugest crush on this guy...It's not even funny.😍

  • Biniky
    Biniky 5 months ago +6

    Thanks for the upload! (=

  • jasmine 's
    jasmine 's 4 months ago +2

    People there were very cool it is nice i loved it

  • Kronos camron
    Kronos camron 5 months ago

    Question to matt
    On behalf of all the viewers of hotd
    Was it just the tip or none at all ?

  • timrob12
    timrob12 3 months ago

    Such a shame he changed the dates last minute.

  • Praetorian 61
    Praetorian 61 4 months ago +2

    Dr Who would eat Daemon for breakfast or lose his head? I think the second one.

  • melody c
    melody c 5 months ago +3

    and at 14:42 the "would it be incest or self-pleasure" guy strikes again...

  • saaa01 01
    saaa01 01 4 months ago +1

    Well I m in Brussels and I didn’t know he came ☠️☠️☠️☠️

  • Lailanie David
    Lailanie David 4 months ago +1

    I love you daemon

  • Jacx
    Jacx 12 days ago


  • Sudarat Phongpiboon
    Sudarat Phongpiboon 5 months ago +3

    He so cuteeee

  • Аларик Светлый

    Вернули бы его в Доктор Кто.... А то после его ухода сериал испортили...

  • toto
    toto 5 months ago +2

    Omg 😍😍🥰

  • Ghada Al-Attar
    Ghada Al-Attar 5 months ago +4

  • Moumita Kundu
    Moumita Kundu 5 months ago +3

    Would you come to India??

  • Mary B
    Mary B 4 months ago

    Oh Matt,I am soooo disappointed that Jack Nicholson is your fav actor bc he might have put in good energy& effort in some of his early work( but not all) but his later work was disappointing to dreadful,awful& mailed in performances that seemed to be just for money.

  • Lyanne Acevedo
    Lyanne Acevedo 4 months ago +3

    But he didn’t killed the last Targaryen HE IS THE LAST TARGARYEN!

      MDNBLUES 4 months ago +3

      Daenerys is the last pure Targaryen - physically and mentally. Nothing about Jon actually screams Targaryen. He definitely took much more after his mother and after the Starks.

    • Shalla Ahmed
      Shalla Ahmed 4 months ago +1

      Half Targaryen

  • Rozita
    Rozita 5 months ago +1


  • theLonelyLemon
    theLonelyLemon 5 months ago +3

    4:20 Boooooooo 😂

  • Novalee Law
    Novalee Law 3 months ago

    Where his eyebrows gone 😅

    • Novalee Law
      Novalee Law 3 months ago +1

      @Rahmat Manurung 😄charming

    • Rahmat Manurung
      Rahmat Manurung 3 months ago +1

      He has but not thick lol. His mother twitted his newest picture with his dog, he has eyebrows actually.

  • Suzanne Smith
    Suzanne Smith 5 months ago +8

    Hi Matt Smith my name is Suzanne Smith and I'm wondering if you would ever consider coming to Florida? I love the Disney Movie Beauty and the Beast and for Halloween this Year l'm going to be Rhanerya Targaryen and I wish that you'd be there as Daemon Targaryen heehee 😁, have a wonderful Day Today Matt Smith and I hope to see you at a Con so l may give you your Gift.

    • Mary B
      Mary B 4 months ago

      I think Matt would be a fantastic& interesting starring in Beauty and the Beast!