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3000 Days - [Hardcore Minecraft]

  • Published on Jan 29, 2023 veröffentlicht
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  • Luke TheNotable
    Luke TheNotable  2 months ago +16628

    Thank you for watching!
    Please consider subscribing it would be very notable!
    More 100 Days to come + 4000 DAYS!

    • Dxiji
      Dxiji 8 days ago


    • Vortex Ninjah
      Vortex Ninjah Month ago

      Can you make a video going over you’re iron farm please

    • Fares AlBreiki
      Fares AlBreiki Month ago

      @BE NOT AFRAID days

    • raahim malik
      raahim malik Month ago

      add pakistan flag my g

    • D4rk Zelda Gaming
      D4rk Zelda Gaming Month ago

      Great video as always luke!!! It took me more time to pause the video on my name at the end than it did to watch the video 🤣🤣

  • Cosmic_Cole
    Cosmic_Cole Month ago +6662

    Luke in 100 days: I just wanna survive.
    Luke in 3000 days: let’s trap the warden for fun!

  • CMVR
    CMVR Month ago +388

    His one line that summarizes the entire series, “Was it necessary? Not really. Was it notable? Yes.”

  • MKT
    MKT Month ago +129

    I like the fact that it takes like a year for these to be uploaded. Its like a nice hit of nostalgia once in a while.

  • Cyphure
    Cyphure Month ago +31

    Everyone: Luke’s gonna die in the hands of the Warden
    Luke: I’m gonna farm the Warden

  • Geraldo Neto
    Geraldo Neto Month ago +47

    Diorite blocks are underrated. They are fantastic building blocks, and I'm glad to see someone else who appreciates it

  • Big Boi
    Big Boi Month ago +1066

    Petition for Luke to have a near death compilation through all of his 3k days

    GRIZZLYBEAR YT Month ago +10

    Every day the comedy gets richer, love your videos Luke I’ve watched the series many times over

  • SquidRBLXPro
    SquidRBLXPro Month ago +6

    Luke the notable in 1000 days: I’m not building an iron farm, that’s just inhumane
    Luke the notable in 3000 days: Let’s get building!

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes Month ago +3

    This is so addicting to watch and amazing. Thankyou for these videos they are the best

  • 01010000011000010110110001100001

    hey luke, nice video as always, im amazed someone can play on the same world for 3000 days. also thanks for making me wanna go back to minecraft.

  • CaptainGZMan
    CaptainGZMan Month ago +1865

    The fact that LTN has spent over 2000 days without an iron farm is just… Notable

    • Sharon Duvall
      Sharon Duvall Month ago

      Excuse me

    • Mitchell Ryan
      Mitchell Ryan Month ago

      he did have one he destroyed it because he felt bad

    • Dylan Guidry
      Dylan Guidry Month ago +1

      no no no, not an Iron farm, an iaon farm

    • schnoot snoot
      schnoot snoot Month ago +2

      he has tho. he just dismantled it soon after using it. he even built an entire monument to honor all the dead gollums cuz he felt bad for killing all of them.

    • Canadian red ensign
      Canadian red ensign Month ago +1

      @King Cheese 💀💀💀

  • Zman1568
    Zman1568 Month ago +6

    Luke: Uses diorite in his builds.
    Iskall85: *Dies*

  • Xkix (Voice of Chilli)

    Luke, you do know that Netherite mining has been automated already, right? You can make a tunnel bore, I don't know how but you can search up a Clip-Share tutorial. Also, great video, really liked it

  • Baby Shark
    Baby Shark Month ago +4

    Legend says Aiden Jumanski is still working as Luke’s intern.

  • Chris Goodin
    Chris Goodin Month ago +3

    "I had to fill this hole with my greatness! That's how I became a dad." Very notable.

  • Davan Lentz
    Davan Lentz Month ago +1866

    Luke’s commentary gets funnier every video in this series and I believe it is because of the correlation between the amount of gameplay and his sanity

    • Kate Liny
      Kate Liny 27 days ago +1

      what sanity

    • •ella x gacha•
      •ella x gacha• Month ago +1

      It’s prob bc he is slowly losing any sanity he has left, not to mention his child is probably eating his brain cells for breakfast lol

    • Casual Taco
      Casual Taco Month ago +2

      I mean hey. When you become a demigod you tend to just let it get to you and have fun with it

    • Mister blade
      Mister blade Month ago +1

      Yeah a dead 2 year old is a
      quiet 2 year old

    • TheValorousDong
      TheValorousDong Month ago +1

      @Robby Segebart sure you can, just give the 2 year old a few of these- ߷߷߷

  • Anish
    Anish Month ago +2

    1:57:05 "I would like to be able to go inside myself" LTN - 2022

  • Jon Cluma
    Jon Cluma Month ago

    Hey Luke question are you and can you combine all of the hardcore days together into one video cost that would be so cool and awesome

  • Tripod Tripod
    Tripod Tripod Month ago

    38:00 Doubt this will get seen at all, but the way fire protection works is its double the fire protection of regular protection but there's a cap, so if you wanted max protection against fire you actually want only two pieces of fire protection armour

  • Fubar
    Fubar Month ago

    “That’s how I became a dad” you sir made me spit take 😂😂😂

  • Two Trucks
    Two Trucks Month ago +1738

    From trademarking '100 Days' to personally thanking every 100 Days creator, that's some excellent character development

    • armendX Killa
      armendX Killa 26 days ago +2

      I think he should’ve trade marked it these fake 100 days is mid

    • Tasty Teddy
      Tasty Teddy 28 days ago +1

      @The Guys unfortunately it's surpassed 1000 likes

    • LadPizzaMan
      LadPizzaMan 28 days ago +3


    • Iulia
      Iulia Month ago +2

      So i see you heard the hit lemon demon song

    • Dovid Kahn
      Dovid Kahn Month ago +2


  • Kai_lopez 98
    Kai_lopez 98 Month ago +3

    Should've made a portal 2 reference for example:
    when life gives you lemons don't make lemonade make life take the lemons back get mad I want your damn lemons what am I supposed to do with these?! Demand to see life's manager do you know who I am I'm the man who's going to your burn your house down with the lemons I'll make my engineer's create a combustible lemon to burn your house down

  • Dylan Lord
    Dylan Lord Month ago +1

    Brags about building skill after one year......then builds the growth that needs to be removed. We missed you

  • AGAMER0903
    AGAMER0903 Month ago

    Hey luke here's a notable idea: by the end of 10000 days make the floor of everything you've built be emeralds

  • Casey1day Gaming
    Casey1day Gaming Month ago

    I feel your pain digging out that chunk man. Just dont get so into it you dig out five

  • Th3F0X
    Th3F0X Month ago +2492

    “Soon I will fill this hole with greatness, That’s how I became a dad” - Luke TheNotable 2022

  • Mahrus Raaief
    Mahrus Raaief Month ago +1

    Notableman, you should do a redstone thing with sculk sensors

  • Robin Widi
    Robin Widi Month ago

    Build an emerald railway or tunnel to Glass-town, to dedicate most of your richness to these nice villagers

  • Blah Blahya
    Blah Blahya Month ago +2

    The way he said "I'll fill this hole with my greatness and that's how I became a dad " I just died on the spot

  • Hayden Heine
    Hayden Heine Month ago +1

    Mojang makes the warden hard to beat and not drop anything valuabel
    Luke: I'm gonna kill it... 15 times

  • nokdrnop
    nokdrnop Month ago +2

    i did the math, if he kept his profits from day 2088, he would have made 4507 STACKS of emerald blocks, that's gonna be 2,596,496 emeralds 2.6 Million if we round it. that is insane, he is a very powerful and profitable man

  • Phoenix Hunter
    Phoenix Hunter Month ago

    Luke TheNotable 21:00-22:00 you can automate it by building a moving TNT launcher and it should find you more netherite

    MEMEMORE e Month ago +1

    imagine the videos came out the same time the videos are.
    like he'd be on day 7k

  • Durrio _
    Durrio _ Month ago

    Could someone explain to me how the resetting nether concept works?

  • The Scorpion Animator
    The Scorpion Animator Month ago +758

    This man went from dying in 25 Minecraft days to building worlds out of pure *money*

  • Jason Reburn
    Jason Reburn Month ago

    “I am installing 72 new beacons” ah yes

  • Dy Jori
    Dy Jori Month ago

    Wait, is there eventually gonna be 1 million days?

  • João Vieira
    João Vieira Month ago

    Love the tecnoblade reverence. "Onde esta la biblioteca?"

  • bruhha ....
    bruhha .... Month ago

    just showed up in my feed, i have never played one minuet of this game nor been inclined to do so,yet i find these videos interesting

  • Bread_dude_98
    Bread_dude_98 Month ago +386

    2 years was worth exactly 2 hours of LTN hardcore content

  • TTV_Pathfinder 7248

    Did you ever notice that the wood tower in your pixle art is taller then your emerald tower

    DJ HARBER Month ago

    If you told me in 2020 while i was watching 100 and 200 days that he would be here i would have cried

  • jas
    jas Month ago

    i think ive watched this video like…. 7 times already… TAKE OUT 4000 DAYS MMYOW

  • Top G
    Top G Month ago +2

    Declaration Of MAMP
    The phrase “ur mom” is a phrase that has been said for generations this document will allow the people who do not like the phrase a chance to stop it if anyone says the word “mom” or the phrase “ur mom” you can say the word “MAMP” which will allow you to hit the person who said “mom” or “ur mom” as hard as you want however there is a counter for the people who say your mom after ten seconds if no one says “MAMP” after someone says “ur mom” then they can say “peanut butter”
    Which will allow them to not get hit.

  • Get Fit With Mason
    Get Fit With Mason Month ago +208

    9:05 “soon I will fill this whole with greatness… that’s how I became a dad” I’m dead

  • monkey guy
    monkey guy Month ago

    Day 0 - 100 = Character Development arc
    Day 101 - 800 = Training arc
    Day 801 - 1000 = Preparation arc
    Day 1001 - 2600 = Villain arc
    Day 2601 - 2700 = Regret arc
    Day 2701+ = Redemption arc

  • JR
    JR Month ago

    I have no idea what you did, all you had to do was delete the dim -1 folder and that would have reset the nether without touching your overworld at all, since that folder contains the entirety of all nether chunks
    You, like, removed a bunch of region files or something I think

  • UnrealStew
    UnrealStew Month ago

    I hope someone makes a kratos falling style meme for when luke jumps off the tower and dies.

  • The_FantasyDreamerYT
    The_FantasyDreamerYT Month ago +2

    47:00-47:30 This part really "slabs", am i right?

  • Cult Of The Pinecones
    Cult Of The Pinecones Month ago +616

    Man I loved it when he said “it’s slabbin time” and slabbed all over the place

    • Don’t Look In My Description
      Don’t Look In My Description 17 days ago

      @LimeLoaf (Grindel enjoyer) Looks like someone has his nails untrimmed

    • LimeLoaf (Grindel enjoyer)
      LimeLoaf (Grindel enjoyer) 17 days ago

      @Don’t Look In My Description If someone laughs at a morbius joke im gonna punch them

    • Nyerguds
      Nyerguds 19 days ago

      Buttons are so much easier, though. Same anti-spawn effect, less visual effect, no accidental double stacking.

    • Милош🇷🇸
      Милош🇷🇸 Month ago

      @Ok Добар дан

    • Ok
      Ok Month ago +1

      @Милош🇷🇸 от меня привет всем привет я желаю быть счастливой

  • furryfan141
    furryfan141 Month ago

    if you want better framerate i hope you are using fabric with sodium, sodium extra, reeses sodium options, starlight, lithium... made my game go from 70fps to 247fps
    i also recommend "distant horizons" mod... makes you see stuff 1k blocks away and no frame drops

  • _Sara ._. Baun_
    _Sara ._. Baun_ Month ago +1

    This video made me binge all your minecraft videos

  • MartinGames42
    MartinGames42 Month ago

    Slovakia would be a cool one to add to the wall of flags 🇸🇰

  • Jatim Noerman
    Jatim Noerman Month ago

    Im think LTN is the only player in mc who still uses minecarts

  • Casual
    Casual Month ago +129

    Hey Ltn, I just wanted to come out and say for the future, if you ever want to reset the nether you should break any portals you have in the overworld. This will prevent the game from having to delete areas with active portals which is what caused glass town to seemingly vanish. Did this in an area with a bunch of different automated farms in my own world, only I didn't have a backup so when I lost everything. It was gone forever. So I decided to experiment and figured that out. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't

    • no sir
      no sir Month ago +7

      that’s so interesting! been playing minecraft 11 years and i never knew, just accepted the fact that i’d lose shit all the time 😭

  • Cameron O'connor
    Cameron O'connor Month ago +1

    26:29 isn’t it kinda weird that it says he’s on day 171

  • RedGamer 101
    RedGamer 101 Month ago

    Was the 5 year garden built on day 1,825? Then that would actually make sense and the 10 year special would actually be done on day 3,650.

  • speedos_world
    speedos_world Month ago +1

    why not just summon a warden right where u want one

  • Pedro Henrique
    Pedro Henrique Month ago

    Did not one ask for the brazilian flag or am I just blind? Anyway, hope it gets on the wall one day. Nice video!!!

  • Sun Tzu
    Sun Tzu 2 months ago +1791

    "soon I'll be filling this hole with greatness! It's how i became a dad" man did i miss this series

    • Mariam A 👹
      Mariam A 👹 Month ago

      @Drako ty

    • Drako
      Drako Month ago

      @Mariam A 👹 9:02

    • Sanitized Octoling
      Sanitized Octoling 2 months ago

      @Hikari cool

    • Hikari
      Hikari 2 months ago

      @Sanitized Octoling zanny.. he blew up doing halo wars 2 content

    • Sanitized Octoling
      Sanitized Octoling 2 months ago

      @Hikari I was making an inside joke,
      but which youtuber are you talking about?

  • GameHard YT
    GameHard YT Month ago

    1 day of bonus content yay!!

  • spencer
    spencer Month ago

    It took me 9 GB to download the world and about 12 GB to unpack it

  • Nica:)
    Nica:) Month ago +3

    I love that Ohio is its own flag, and its not even a rectangle.
    Thank you for committing so much of your time to this series. We all appreciate everything you are doing

  • cheese knees
    cheese knees Month ago +3

    It’s a Christmas tradition for me to watch one of these every Christmas Eve night

  • Nick T
    Nick T Month ago +164

    "When things get hard in life, don't give up, get angry."
    - Luke TheNotable 2022

    • Katy Kulzer
      Katy Kulzer 17 hours ago

      Omg yes I loved that part!!

    • Femme Funtime
      Femme Funtime 23 days ago +4

      Don’t make lemonade, make life take the lemons back, get mad!

  • Haylie Christensen
    Haylie Christensen Month ago

    That was really good

  • Desire_To
    Desire_To Month ago +3

    I’m really surprised I saw my country’s flag there. I’m from Laos

  • Jason Reburn
    Jason Reburn Month ago

    Sponges dry instantly when placed into the nether

  • Julian Lütchen
    Julian Lütchen Month ago

    I have been waiting minutes for this

  • Analysis
    Analysis Month ago +309

    "A wise man once said, don't mine at night" the nostalgia :')

    • GeoTheDeveloper_YT
      GeoTheDeveloper_YT 21 day ago

      @Qecci don't mine at niiiight

    • Qecci
      Qecci 29 days ago

      @Seán Studios Go to bed, you'll be alright.

    • Seán Studios
      Seán Studios Month ago

      @marmaladestar and you're feeling kind of brave

    • Analysis
      Analysis Month ago

      @marmaladestar I am I wanna go in… should I? there’s creepers

    • Analysis
      Analysis Month ago

      @Top G YEAH

  • Nick Wyman
    Nick Wyman Month ago

    "today I just play an advertisement" - LTN 1:06:38

  • Plaskregn
    Plaskregn 19 hours ago +2

    Lets take a moment to apreciate how this video is exactly 2 hours long

  • dieke 44
    dieke 44 Month ago

    Should I go to sleep because i have school tomorrow? Yes
    Do I want to watch this video?
    Also yes

  • brayden fagan
    brayden fagan Month ago +1

    i think i watched 3000 days 3 times now

  • Asra
    Asra Month ago +179

    I can't believe all of this started off in just a little forest... almost immediately followed by total deforestation.
    Luke, if you see this, please do a little trip to memory lane by travelling out into a new Oak Biome and deforest it entirely, for the memories.

  • peter wang
    peter wang Month ago

    Ok when you answer this question be a villager
    Hell or an orphanage

    ABH GAMING Month ago

    Me: Skips *10*seconds*

  • Sulkycool1
    Sulkycool1 Month ago

    Don't they have teleportation thru pearls?

  • Monarchs Greed
    Monarchs Greed Month ago

    I had a heart attack when he said Aiden Jamanski because I heard my first name and look up but nowone was there

  • KingRattlesnake
    KingRattlesnake 2 months ago +14380

    100 Days was good
    200 Days was great
    300 Days was amazing
    1000 Days was unbelievable
    2000 Days was unimaginable
    3000 Days was… truly, beautiful.

    • Dovid Kahn
      Dovid Kahn Month ago


    • EX5
      EX5 Month ago

      It was very notable

    • Oxedyne
      Oxedyne Month ago

      "100 Days was good
      200 Days was great
      300 Days was amazing
      1000 Days was unbelievable
      2000 Days was unimaginable"
      3000 Days was *V A N I T Y .*

    • Girly Pop Queen
      Girly Pop Queen Month ago

      4000 Days will be...full of emeralds

    • phantom master
      phantom master Month ago

      Dont u mean
      100 days sllighty notable
      200 days kinda notable
      300 more notable
      1000 days very notable
      2000 days extremely notable
      3000 days most notable

    COSMIC@ Month ago

    the one kid that waits till there 13 to watch this:

  • Hernandez
    Hernandez Month ago

    2:27 day 2012. Some mayan believers probobly thought you were gonna jump of a clip here, and the world ends. Like thw mayan prophecy

  • uriahedwardsmusic
    uriahedwardsmusic Month ago

    It’s funny watching with Clip-Share premium because all the ad breaks he wrote into the script just have an awkward pause in them lol

  • ImStillGreen
    ImStillGreen 15 days ago +2

    Just discovered this channel. Half way through the video I subbed cuz of all the life lessons. Latest one being "When things get hard in life, dont give up, get angry".

  • AOS
    AOS Month ago

    ‘thats how i became a dad’😂

  • Zandrew Morano
    Zandrew Morano Month ago +1

    I am so outdated in Minecraft because my body and my mind are stuck to Minecraft 2020 😭

  • BilElSicario
    BilElSicario Month ago +1

    9:01 "Soon I'll fill this hole with my greatness, that's how I became a dad" Has to be the best dad joke ever, I note that one

  • skarloey productions
    skarloey productions 20 days ago +1

    Hey Luke TheNotable I have watched every part of this mega awsome series keep up the good work!

  • Jalen Stimes
    Jalen Stimes 2 months ago +4557

    Nothing can beat the OG who started the 100 days series

    • PixelGamesLore
      PixelGamesLore Month ago

      @Penguin ratio

    • Flyingraptor21
      Flyingraptor21 Month ago

      @Penguin he made it first

    • Mr.Monkey
      Mr.Monkey Month ago

      Especially when all other 100 days videos are made by clout chasing idiots

    • glidee
      glidee Month ago

      @محمد مريكب 💀

    • AfricanWarlord
      AfricanWarlord Month ago

      I remember when he made Halo videos. My boy’s all grown up lmao

  • Keoni Chang
    Keoni Chang 4 hours ago

    Rewatching all of these hardcore videos it feels almost as if Luke was a little less on energy than all the other ones, or is it just me

  • Dokuta
    Dokuta Month ago +1

    that thumbnail 🥵

  • Buzzplayz
    Buzzplayz 29 days ago +1

    I have been waiting for this for so long and now it is so good can’t wait for 4000 days ❤❤❤

  • Kieran Miller
    Kieran Miller Month ago +1

    The whole series is so good I can't even be bummed Luke stopped making Halo content

  • Allusion
    Allusion Month ago +79

    i love that every time he builds something that he doesn't like, he says "well at least it's on the industrial side."

  • Hool The hunter
    Hool The hunter Month ago

    1:53 couples deciding to have children when peer pressured by their friends

  • Noah Maldonado
    Noah Maldonado 11 days ago +1

    31:15 the fact he rebuilt the house automatically makes his version of eminent domain better than the real world version

  • Cayden Gardner
    Cayden Gardner Month ago

    I've watched the series for 3 years and I just wanted to say thank you I've grown up a lot in this time span and I just wanted to thank you for keeping me entertained when I was younger and then three years doesn't seem like a lot but it has been and it's been a horrible 3 years but before one of the ones I watched that could keep me entertained thank you maybe it won't take you two years for 4,000 but I'm so glad that I finally have a Clip-Share account and I can actually comment and maybe I'll see this and maybe it'll make you feel better that that people actually care about what you make and to never give up

  • Kaede
    Kaede 18 days ago +1

    It has been a while since i have watched this series. And it never disappoints

  • Devin Pence
    Devin Pence 2 months ago +779

    Minecraft: “avoid the warden”
    Ltn: “I’m gonna farm it, and trap one”

    • sparlo
      sparlo 2 months ago +1

      This bozo above me is a moron /\

    • Aliyah Bah
      Aliyah Bah 2 months ago +11

      trap two actually