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Lift These Stones, Win $500


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  • brandon williams
    brandon williams  2 months ago +714

    to see if anyone lifts the $500 stone check out the full video here clip-share.net/video/84s2BRtpvRk/video.html

    • Osas
      Osas 2 months ago +9

      No one gonna talk about hijo he says $500 but only gave $100

    • WILEX
      WILEX Month ago +8

      @Osashe didn’t lift the 500$ one!

    • Ron
      Ron Month ago

      @Osasif your not going to watch the video dont guess what happened

  • Jared Serrano
    Jared Serrano 4 months ago +197908

    "I don't need to get angry"
    Damn dawg that's some wise words.

  • christian ali
    christian ali 2 months ago +1249

    "I don't need to get angry." Bro, that line is cold af.

    • Koda
      Koda 5 days ago +1


    • Browns fannn
      Browns fannn 5 days ago

      885 likes and only one comment let me fix that

    • EN1GMUS
      EN1GMUS 4 days ago

      928 likes and only 2 replies, let me fix that

    • hari hari
      hari hari 3 days ago

      pop smoke once said: i dont get mad i get money

  • Marilyn Bonheur
    Marilyn Bonheur Month ago +191

    The "okay" was so calm.

  • GoblinBoy
    GoblinBoy 3 months ago +25196

    Dude is the opposite Hulk. Gets stronger the calmer he gets

    • KingZ
      KingZ 2 months ago +417

      Being calm means your breathing is more focused and with more oxygen, your blood is able to flow optimally and be able to provide your muscles optimal strength while if you were angry, your intake of oxygen would be less and you'd only be straining your blood flow and muscles, losing more power in the process. Being angry giving more power is just a placebo, but I suppose it can get the adrenalin flowing, but that process is gonna get you feeling sore and tired.

    • Infernal Daedra
      Infernal Daedra 2 months ago +35

      That made me laugh thanks

    • Giga Brawler
      Giga Brawler 2 months ago +19

      ​@KingZHulk never gets tired he could fight infinitely 🛐

    • Sabria
      Sabria 2 months ago +2


    • IchhabezuvielYoutubegegucktO_o
      IchhabezuvielYoutubegegucktO_o 2 months ago +35

      Tbh that would be an interesting Marvel Hero. An Anti-Hulk, some dude with anger issues who gets stronger the calmer he gets and he has to overcome his anger issues to be a hero. It also would give the villains some nice options in pressing his buttons to defeat him.

  • AGuyWithAPot
    AGuyWithAPot Month ago +64

    He has that unspoken dad strength

  • Ethan
    Ethan 26 days ago +55

    The peaceful man you find in the woods casually carrying and choppin wood

  • pinoywheelgunner
    pinoywheelgunner 3 months ago +14319

    He picked up the 115 and 145 lb balls like coconuts. A strong man right there.

    • Help this asian.
      Help this asian. 3 months ago +121

      Bro what were the odds the next short I scrolled to was about coconuts?

    • Ying Yang
      Ying Yang 3 months ago +25

      not alot of weight for a guy with some strength tbh

    • Noah Wasserman
      Noah Wasserman 3 months ago +164

      @Ying Yang it’s not just the weight of those balls but they are a lot harder to pick up then a normal bar because of their shape

    • cuhh cuhh
      cuhh cuhh 3 months ago +24

      The 145 is what he ended with, he didn't attempt the 250. It's still behind him.

    • Goat Elliott
      Goat Elliott 3 months ago +10

      @cuhh cuhhwho said he did

  • JoJoJunel
    JoJoJunel Month ago +23

    Walter White: this is just basic chemistry

  • ziggy hogan
    ziggy hogan 6 days ago +7

    Thats the type of guy you definitely dont want to get angry.

  • StretchH2O
    StretchH2O 4 months ago +25301

    This man is the epitome of *"Be strong enough to be gentle"*

    • MisterSmartyPants
      MisterSmartyPants 4 months ago +447

      ‘They will never understand the violence it took to become this gentle’

    • Smokin_D3ad
      Smokin_D3ad 4 months ago +172

      @MisterSmartyPants yeah he has clearly a past that we don't know.. today he looks like he can control himself and be gentle and nice. but i bet nobody would fuck with him. you never know.

    • Kuhlmufka
      Kuhlmufka 4 months ago +85

      "I dont need to get angry." Stuck with me

    • gamercboy5
      gamercboy5 4 months ago +59

      ​@Smokin_D3ad yeah no shit he has a past we don't know weve only ever seen this man in this 20 second clip

    • Debbie Bunch
      Debbie Bunch 4 months ago


  • Manpreet lakhanpal
    Manpreet lakhanpal Month ago +10

    John is a unit goddamn

  • Himhan
    Himhan Month ago +5

    That man has strength, intelligence and composure. What a guy

  • Syr
    Syr 4 months ago +71259

    He waited his whole life for that moment

    • SLURP
      SLURP 4 months ago +696

      Nah that man is to calm and at peace to care about stuff like this. Stoic monster

    • enigma
      enigma 4 months ago +148

      @SLURP crazy how you’ve figured out his whole life philosophy based on a Clip-Share short

    • SLURP
      SLURP 4 months ago +353

      @enigma its called understanding basic human body language. If you ever got out of your house and interacted with people maybe you would know

    • Alexander Her
      Alexander Her 4 months ago +41

      not even a funny comment

    • Andrew brooks
      Andrew brooks 4 months ago +32

      @SLURP you can’t tell someone’s a stoic from body language

  • Dovahkiin
    Dovahkiin 5 days ago +2

    You can only imagine Sisyphus not having to get angry.

  • D M
    D M Month ago +2

    That old man strength is no joke!

  • ultared
    ultared 4 months ago +7902

    Man got the retired Italian Mafia waste management vibes. Such a peaceful man

    • Chris Brick Man
      Chris Brick Man 4 months ago +151

      Man got the Hector Salamanca vibe

    • Torago Flint
      Torago Flint 4 months ago +45

      Looks like a taller Rogan to me😂

    • BH Nugget
      BH Nugget 3 months ago +31

      @Chris Brick Man nah mike vibes

    • Verdations
      Verdations 3 months ago +19

      Kiddo been watching too much sopranos💀

    • MARQUE9368
      MARQUE9368 3 months ago +5

      @Torago Flintyes he does!!!

  • Culture Breath
    Culture Breath 14 days ago +4

    Something about that man had me wanting to learn his story. ❤ He's carrying something within him for sure. I bet his story is one worth hearing!

  • L M
    L M 20 days ago +4

    What an amazing person

  • John
    John 4 months ago +9006

    One sentence makes you like this man straight away.

    • sn1p1n
      sn1p1n 3 months ago +5


    • joaquín
      joaquín 3 months ago +48

      ​@sn1p1n Shazam!

    • pineapple sideways
      pineapple sideways 3 months ago +73

      I don't need to get angry..... Yet give me 20 beers then

    • TertezRL
      TertezRL 3 months ago +6

      ​@sn1p1n Pow!

    • sn1p1n
      sn1p1n 3 months ago +5

      now I get it thanks

  • 7LuckyS7
    7LuckyS7 Month ago +2

    “145lbs, 200lbs”

  • Aster Temple
    Aster Temple Month ago

    By being calm he reserved energy. He didn't waste it psych'ing himself up or using extra movement. He controlled his breathing and used physics to his advantage. Wise man.

  • Lucifer Morningstar
    Lucifer Morningstar 4 months ago +6957

    Rumors have it, that he writes the cool lines for Stallone movies.

  • Isagani Pumar
    Isagani Pumar Month ago +1

    He almost spilled his guts out for a $100 Benji

  • cavern
    cavern 13 days ago +1

    real life example of "I have no enemies"

  • Quote
    Quote 3 months ago +6105

    Somehow the line of "I dont need to get angry" was so fucking raw. It shows absolute control over his mental state. Legend.

    • EntropyOnline
      EntropyOnline 3 months ago +16

      He did frown slightly to get that last one tho

    • Ron Ramey
      Ron Ramey 3 months ago +26

      Not that serious. Its only stones.

    • Epoxy
      Epoxy 3 months ago +45

      ​@Ron Ramey you probably couldn't lift a pebble

    • ADN Dragon
      ADN Dragon 3 months ago +10

      @Arindam Adhikary correction: couldn’t even lift a grain of sand.😂

    • 泳
       3 months ago +2

      not profound

  • Crocs Caday
    Crocs Caday 14 days ago +1

    the most confident "okay" I've ever heard.

  • dam
    dam Month ago +1

    he really knows how to handle balls

    • Wedaringu
      Wedaringu 28 days ago

      No amount of humility could shield him from your comment

  • Don Solo
    Don Solo 4 months ago +7747

    He didn't care about your money, he was looking to test himself. A true man

    • Everybodys' favorite nobody
      Everybodys' favorite nobody 4 months ago +46

      Ok? I guess.

    • Sledge
      Sledge 4 months ago +66

      @Everybodys' favorite nobody🌩️👨🏿‍🦱🌩️

    • Kuh Hirte
      Kuh Hirte 4 months ago +16

      he was probably worried about his feet

    • Alexander Hernandez
      Alexander Hernandez 4 months ago +15

      he was looking for attention and a hernia but yea he’s strong i suppose

  • Peter
    Peter 2 months ago +3

    He knew the limits of his wrists. Smart man

  • ivy
    ivy Month ago +1

    The man calmly saying “ok” is so funny

  • Carl B
    Carl B 4 months ago +7648

    That is actually some scary real man strength right there. This guy was a unit back in his day. Still strong AF

    • AJX
      AJX 4 months ago +117

      Hell yeah he can take on a youngster at his age

    • Enrich Lopez
      Enrich Lopez 4 months ago +58

      ​@AJX sus

    • Monkey Butler
      Monkey Butler 4 months ago +16

      ​@Enrich Lopez what?

    • Timothy Mosley
      Timothy Mosley 4 months ago +9

      @Enrich Lopez 😂😂😂

    • soon
      soon 4 months ago +4

      ​@Enrich Lopez 😂

  • Robert Ford
    Robert Ford 21 hour ago

    This is what real intimidation looks like. Quiet calm but has a hidden side

  • KingCrimson
    KingCrimson Month ago +1

    His aura is so intimidating yet he seems so gentle and kind
    What a nice guy😂

  • Scam Hunter
    Scam Hunter 3 months ago +6527

    “…I don’t need to get angry"
    Deep mad respect. He knows very well that being angry while lifting is not considered as optional.

    • C Lass
      C Lass 3 months ago +4

      What what what? What, with blue?()@ big boots

    • Henry Winters
      Henry Winters 3 months ago +11


    • chris shields
      chris shields 3 months ago +70

      Definitely optional but not optimal💪😋💯

    • MattJack
      MattJack 3 months ago +13


    • StephenC
      StephenC 3 months ago +1

      he determined to get that $100.!

  • Essyra
    Essyra 18 days ago +2

    This is the internal peace I aspire to.

  • obiwanfisher537
    obiwanfisher537 28 days ago +1

    Lift these stones, get 500 dollars.
    *lifts these stones, gets 100 dollars*

  • Mueed Hassan
    Mueed Hassan 2 months ago +3

    He slayed everything the moment he said, ‘I don’t need to get angry’.

  • Femboy Death
    Femboy Death 19 days ago

    “I don’t need to get angry.” I can’t tell if that’s like, super wise or utterly terrifying

  • Austin Brabble
    Austin Brabble 2 months ago +5205

    Bro is the definition of "Gentle Giant"

    • vfree
      vfree Month ago +1


    • HxydenYT
      HxydenYT Month ago +1

      and noel deyzel

    • baligod
      baligod Month ago


    • goose in a tuxedo
      goose in a tuxedo Month ago +1

      ​@TheBeastTitanɟɟo ʞɔnɟ ɥɐǝ⅄

    • Hello
      Hello Month ago

      @goose in a tuxedoAustralia moment

  • theni
    theni 2 months ago +1

    my man's been watchin some Vinland Saga Season 2

  • xCyberry
    xCyberry 24 days ago +1

    Literally lifted every single one with his back, this dude is going to hurt himself

  • mic jam
    mic jam 3 months ago +2579

    I have no doubts that man would be a solid friend to have

    • iHateVice
      iHateVice 3 months ago +20

      What an odd thing to say

    • tricker universe
      tricker universe 3 months ago +31

      @iHateViceno it isn’t

    • Danish
      Danish 3 months ago +14

      Absolutely agreed

    • Syd Barrett
      Syd Barrett 3 months ago +5

      ⁠@iHateVice What an odd decision to MEH MEH I HATE VICE DURRRRRR “what an odd thing to say”

    • james wight
      james wight 3 months ago

      @tricker universe yeah, he’d probably be pretty solid

  • LastSinner
    LastSinner Month ago

    I tell these youngins I got old man strength. I am fixing to be 37 and have been working hard in the sun all my life. I do inspection now so life is a breeze but I still got it lol.

  • Leokun
    Leokun 11 days ago +1

    "I don't need to get angry" bro is scary😭

  • Mj Zepol
    Mj Zepol 3 months ago +3415

    This dude proves that the strongest part of the body is the tummy.

    • Ethan Works
      Ethan Works 3 months ago +34

      Don't forget legs!

    • Connor Messer
      Connor Messer 3 months ago +8

      Its not

    • Twix
      Twix 3 months ago +66

      ​​@Connor Messer damn what a killjoy

    • jeancarlo perez
      jeancarlo perez 3 months ago +4

      His height too

    • Ethan Paul Dobbins
      Ethan Paul Dobbins 3 months ago +17

      That's what powerlifters use to support these balls. They use their arms to compress them in to their stomach and push with their stomach. This fella had the strength he just messed up getting a good hold on it and panicked a little when he lost his hold with it 3 feet in the air above his toes lol

  • keith fuller
    keith fuller 2 months ago +1

    When you have to do a quick side mission to get extra cash.

  • Toxic
    Toxic 2 months ago +1

    "Im not in danger Skyler. I AM THE DANGER"

  • JoKer
    JoKer 3 months ago +1794

    Bro doesnt have that dad strength, hes got that grandpa strength

    • Law
      Law 3 months ago +12

      60 years to train up to the perfect physique 😂

    • Swashbuckler
      Swashbuckler 3 months ago +11

      That great uncle strength( the older bro who beat up gramps) 😂

    • JonahJane
      JonahJane 3 months ago +5

      Yes! It's something else. Watched my grandpa pull a thick chain link apart with bare hands. Kept the warped link.

    • JoKer
      JoKer 3 months ago

      @Law peak male physique

  • TF Motion 20
    TF Motion 20 Month ago +1

    Blud completed the side quest for XP💀

  • Seniora
    Seniora Month ago +2

    His humble "okay" said everything it had to

  • BlüdRaevn
    BlüdRaevn 3 months ago +4405

    This guy is definitely a Dad. I'd recognize that absurd amount of strength anywhere.
    Edit: leave it to Clip-Share commenters to over analyze a joke...

    • K_Amaan2010
      K_Amaan2010 3 months ago +105

      Naw he got dat granpa strength

    • Kiri
      Kiri 3 months ago +55

      It's called going on a cycle when he used to lift 40 yrs ago, which had a permanent alteration of his dna as to muscle memory, which allows him to perform at an enhanced rate past his genetic limit and sustain more even if he hasn't trained in a long time

    • Comics Landing
      Comics Landing 3 months ago +13

      @KiriThank you for the insight

    • TaxEvasion
      TaxEvasion 3 months ago +12

      It's a strange phenomenon man. It truly is. Old men are some of the strongest people out there.

    • Ekyi Quarm
      Ekyi Quarm 3 months ago +1


  • Eddie Manson
    Eddie Manson 7 days ago

    Imagine this guy in his prime on the juice. This is all natty god given strength.

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy 16 days ago +1

    Are we gonna ignoe the face that he gave him only 100 dollars instead of 500

  • Kieran Martin
    Kieran Martin 4 months ago +10627

    "I have no enemies"

    • Harliv
      Harliv 4 months ago +192


    • R0N1N
      R0N1N 4 months ago +74

      Damn we’re in a simulation

    • Frostwave000
      Frostwave000 4 months ago +75

      I was thinking the same thing 🤣🤣🤣

      TEFLON DON 4 months ago +8

      @R0N1N some of us

    • R0N1N
      R0N1N 4 months ago +5

      @TEFLON DON ?

  • Emin the Pokémoner (Sus)
    Emin the Pokémoner (Sus) 2 months ago +4

    "win $500!"
    (after 5 munite)
    "alright, here's $100!"

  • Steven Fox
    Steven Fox 15 days ago

    the guy who lifted my mom up when she was stuck in her seat with bad knees.

  • Jai Larkin
    Jai Larkin 4 months ago +4261

    “I don’t need to get angry” spoken like a true man

  • TheSweetloudo1
    TheSweetloudo1 19 days ago

    That's old man been working his ass off his whole life strength right there

  • afox1689
    afox1689 Month ago +1

    Imagine if those stones fall on your toe 💀💀💀

  • sklee
    sklee 4 months ago +4914

    “do you lift?”
    bro has the hat on, don’t bother him he’s cookin

  • Awful Waffle
    Awful Waffle 6 days ago

    “I don’t need to get angry” is a better one liner than Hulk’s in the first avengers movies.

  • kelly adeyemo
    kelly adeyemo 2 months ago +2

    "I don't need to get angry"
    What a legend.

    KATCHUPMACHINE :D 3 months ago +2481

    Man lifted enough to still be a beast 40 years later.

    • Grammajam
      Grammajam 3 months ago +29

      he probs still lifts

    • Luc Do
      Luc Do 3 months ago +8

      More like 50+

    • SpecialJ11
      SpecialJ11 3 months ago +31

      ​@Grammajam Yeah he almost certainly meant "Competitively". To him, that twice a week workout to keep the muscle on isn't "lifting" because he isn't serious about it. At least that's the vibe I get from humble old guys like this.

    • Date Mike
      Date Mike 3 months ago

      Dudes forearms are bigger than Popeyes

  • CountryLife
    CountryLife Month ago

    “I don’t need to get angry” anger leads to going down the path of a sith

  • Juan Diego
    Juan Diego 9 days ago

    Textbook definition of dad strength.

  • Elit3phoenix71
    Elit3phoenix71 3 months ago +2499

    Dudes got that working class dad strength. The kind you def don’t fuck with

    • Grace Gwozdz
      Grace Gwozdz 3 months ago +36

      Yeah....they don't make them real men like that one anymore.....
      He is not a flake!

    • Michael Duran
      Michael Duran 3 months ago +3

      Allegedly doesn't work out but is pretty shredded if so

    • Imisambi
      Imisambi 3 months ago


    • Kurrow Spoty.
      Kurrow Spoty. 3 months ago

      @Grace Gwozdz He’s on steroids buddy no real man would take steroid

    • tim white
      tim white 3 months ago


  • H.K
    H.K Month ago +1

    Don’t mess with Hector Salamanca.

  • Daniel Potyok
    Daniel Potyok 12 hours ago

    That was a struggle? That guy is a senior ,, a super senior. That was incredible. Beast.

  • gee_ruiz
    gee_ruiz 4 months ago +2291

    “I don’t need to get angry”
    A father figure to the masses. 🙏🏽

    • Shashank K E
      Shashank K E 3 months ago +6

      He is intimidating and caring at the same time
      Just like my dad
      Definitely a father figure

    • Emmanuel-John Turner
      Emmanuel-John Turner 3 months ago

      How does that make you a father figure? A good one nonetheless?

    • Cassidy Sloan
      Cassidy Sloan 3 months ago +8

      @Emmanuel-John Turner A father figure should be intimidating and caring. You need to know that your father will stand in between you and anything that would seek to hurt you. Same with the mother, honestly. My husband and I are both intimidating and caring. Intimidating doesn't mean angry. It means, "if you hurt me or my kids, you'll wish you'd never done that." Makes great parents.

      MATTHEW OUIDIR 3 months ago +3

      @Emmanuel-John Turner true power comes from God and his love knows no anger which is hatred. Hatred is evil and any man that has angry has the nature of a woman.

    • Cindy King
      Cindy King 3 months ago +1

      @Cassidy Sloanexactly right

  • Blake Finn
    Blake Finn Month ago

    So nonchalantly performs feats of physical strength.
    Bruce Banner: im always angry
    This guy:

  • BibleNutter
    BibleNutter 2 months ago

    I like that lifting stayed with him for 40 years so that he could do that.
    I worked out yesterday and I hope I feel that in 40 years.

  • Deepak S
    Deepak S 3 months ago +1344

    "I don't need to get angry" that's some batman shit right there

    • Martin May
      Martin May 3 months ago +6

      His wife trained him well 😂😂😂

    • East witit
      East witit 3 months ago +1


    • bathrobe man
      bathrobe man 3 months ago +4

      Idk man bat man screaming at joker while holding him against the wall ... lol but I get what ur saying

    • MZRinFaith
      MZRinFaith 3 months ago +6

      @Martin Mayhis wife trained him?
      Bro what are you saying right now.
      He is the man, he got it. Not his wife.

    • DevonsTooMuch
      DevonsTooMuch 3 months ago +1

      ​@MZRinFaith on god, I almost lost my shit.

  • Crayon
    Crayon 23 days ago +1

    "I don't need to be angry" ~ "I'm ANGRY"
    Walter White learnt from bro

  • Tim Meijer
    Tim Meijer Month ago

    Sick dude. Him saying he used to lift 40 years ago gives me hope that with staying natural and keeping up with healthy training you can retain quite a bit of muscle at a later age.

  • natsuki subaru
    natsuki subaru 4 months ago +3892

    "I don't need to be angry" he's lowkey Professor hulk. Calm but strong

    • Prowler🚬
      Prowler🚬 4 months ago +5

      The comment i was looking for..

    • Isaiah Cullen
      Isaiah Cullen 4 months ago +17

      He should have said the Hulks badass line from Avengers. "thats my secret im always angry"😭

    • Dylan K
      Dylan K 4 months ago +3


    • ultradeadd
      ultradeadd 4 months ago

      Dr. David Banner?

  • KaidenAsh
    KaidenAsh 2 months ago

    Old man strength is on a whole nother level

  • WTF is happening
    WTF is happening 3 months ago +2286

    That man has a strong back. No stretching just right to business.

    • Tim B
      Tim B 3 months ago +19

      I work for FedEx loading trucks these stones are small enough to get a decent grip on I can see how he could have done this but the vid misinforms as it say 500 but he only got 100 think you guys jipped him

    • Delita
      Delita 3 months ago +18

      ​​@Tim B there was one more stone behind him, i think it was a secondary prize not stated

    • It's Binh (Been) Repaired & Reviewed
      It's Binh (Been) Repaired & Reviewed 3 months ago +12

      Stretching reduces performance. Warm up is what you want to do, which is what the first 2 balls were.

    • ahobby
      ahobby 3 months ago +3

      You stretch after you let your muscles tense up. Before has no use.

    • TheAnnoyingBoss
      TheAnnoyingBoss 3 months ago

      Strategy. He was getting tired of pushing so when he got the heaviest one up high enough where it was hardest he automatically switched his strategy to pulling on the bar

  • John Barsalow
    John Barsalow Month ago

    This guy looks like the guy you'd call when you got a "problem that needs to go away" 😂

  • Chenoa Holdstock
    Chenoa Holdstock 2 months ago +1

    That dude is STRONG

  • Dr. Foorry Animal ง
    Dr. Foorry Animal ง 3 months ago +3129

    The dude that everyone knew not to mess around with in prison.

    • Phoebe Lemy
      Phoebe Lemy 3 months ago +8

      He really looks like Schillinger in Oz

    • Scraps
      Scraps 3 months ago +28

      In prison? how about everyone outside of prison? 😭😭😭

    • Brother James
      Brother James 3 months ago +7

      Imagine using prison examples when most of us know nothing about it 🤦🏾‍♂️

    • Walter McElvy
      Walter McElvy 3 months ago +3

      @Brother James it’s called a joke and movie stereotypes because in movies that take place in prison, there’s always that one prisoner that everyone knows not to mess with

  • GameChaserz
    GameChaserz Month ago +1

    "I don't need to get angry"🙏🙌

  • Protentosa Protentosa

    “Lift these stones to win 500$!”
    *proceeds to give him 100$”

  • John
    John 3 months ago +9006

    A man of few words with dad strength.
    This is the kind of guy where if you pick on his kids, you might not wake up the next day.

    • Crestfallen Warrior
      Crestfallen Warrior 3 months ago +40

      You tryna make murder look cool?

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay 3 months ago +19

      Exactly 👍lol

    • Jay Jay
      Jay Jay 3 months ago +32

      Old school strong man not like these sensitive Gen Zs now a days

    • iancu
      iancu 3 months ago +7

      more like grandpa strenght

    • unknown
      unknown 3 months ago


  • Zymere Davis
    Zymere Davis 3 days ago

    your faith in him just made him go no questions or excuses

  • Gregory Pluschnik
    Gregory Pluschnik Month ago

    Thorfinn and this dude would be best friends

  • Spencer Prow-Nemeroff
    Spencer Prow-Nemeroff 4 months ago +16101

    “do you lift?”
    “about forty years ago”

  • OverSea
    OverSea Month ago +1

    Arnold, Schwarzenegger’s cousin

  • Matthew F
    Matthew F 5 days ago

    Never underestimate old man strength!

  • EnchantedBBQ
    EnchantedBBQ 4 months ago +6990

    The gap from 145 to 250 is something else

    • Demigodjer Son of your mom
      Demigodjer Son of your mom 4 months ago +160

      105lbs 🗿🗿💪💀👍

    • LegenDarien
      LegenDarien 4 months ago +44

      ​@Demigodjer Son of your momI mean... approximately.

    • xxGOKUxx
      xxGOKUxx 4 months ago +20

      Fuck yea it is lol

    • James
      James 4 months ago +154

      Yeah it’s so they feel good and go for the 250 and lose everything

    • grek
      grek 4 months ago +117

      the gap between 100 and 500 dollars is also something

  • Medryan Jess Arcena Sison

    bro proved he’s him even at an old age

  • Stalin
    Stalin 4 days ago

    Imagine the sheere strength he possessed in his prime... It's insane

  • Juicicles
    Juicicles 17 days ago

    "I don't need to get angry". Smart man! Sounds like he understands that your brain is quickest and smartest when you're calm and confident.
    We learn about that in combat sports. You really want to avoid the adrenaline dump in any competition... it helped me in baseball, football, and skateboarding, too

  • Mr Joe
    Mr Joe 4 months ago +3311

    That “okay “ at the beginning is the TRUE meaning of someone understanding the assignment.

    • $$$
      $$$ 4 months ago

      Yes! It was 🤌🏾

  • The Fallen One
    The Fallen One 22 days ago

    I LOVE his calm "ok". Great dude. I learned in martial arts anger isn't strength it a deficit

  • alexander O
    alexander O Month ago

    Damn Fletcher ain't about that jazz no more.
    "What gets you angry?"
    "Not staying on my fucking time"

  • PeptoBismol
    PeptoBismol 3 months ago +3150

    "I don't need to get angry"
    his strength lies not within his anger but within his BEING. this man is unfathomably based.

  • John Junker
    John Junker Day ago

    That dude has MOB ENFORCER AND DEBT COLLECTOR writen all over him. Old dude is a beast.

  • Monstah
    Monstah Month ago

    "Lift these stones, win 500$"
    *Proceeds to give 100$"💀

  • Nat Peterson
    Nat Peterson 3 months ago +1975

    After that “okay” I knew he’d complete the challenge lol mans was there to handle his business

    • Steven Randall
      Steven Randall 3 months ago +6

      He didn't complete it, he stopped 1 short so he didn't lose the $100. But he did good lol

    • Nat Peterson
      Nat Peterson 3 months ago +5

      @Steven Randall Ah I see still a great effort tho

      EXPLORERX 3 months ago +5

      ​@Steven Randallbro he looks like he's in his 50's or 60's and you expect him to get that last one nah man he completed it

    • Steven Randall
      Steven Randall 3 months ago +3

      @EXPLORERX you and I clearly have a different definition of "completing the challenge"

    • Kylan Lucas
      Kylan Lucas 3 months ago +1

      @EXPLORERX this is the type of logic you get from when you give kids a medal for 2nd place 🤦‍♂️