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My Rivian Is Gone. In The End It Was All About The Money


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  • Mamo
    Mamo 2 months ago +149

    These near six-figure EVs are pretty much play things for rich people right now.

    • My Dyson Sphere Is Broken
      My Dyson Sphere Is Broken Day ago

      @Mike And then only if you don't' add options

    • No Soup For You
      No Soup For You Month ago +3

      @John Smith wrong, electricity will cost more because as Obama put it.... "Americans will necessarily pay more for fuel and utilities so that their standard of living comes down to a fair level"
      Remember to thank a democrat

    • John Smith
      John Smith Month ago

      thank the woke left global warming nuts, that we all will be forced into purchasing some new EV soon. electricity prices will rise because there's no other option to charge these things. you think your solar is going to charge these things!? I think not

    • No Soup For You
      No Soup For You Month ago +1

      @William Lake that are all recalled for fire risks

    • RP Smith
      RP Smith Month ago

      @Hallgurd Dizaye -- One big difference: Flat screen TVs are better in every way than their predecessor except for cost which quickly came way down!

  • Adam Jakowenko
    Adam Jakowenko 2 months ago +153

    As a "normal" non-Clip-Sharer person, I really appreciate the candid information about finances and calculations. I'm perpetually confused by how Clip-Sharers like Kyle Connor (who has far less subscribers than you) is out there buying and keeping so many cars like a Rivian and a Plaid and several other vehicles all at the same time.

    • Aeschylus Shepherd
      Aeschylus Shepherd 23 days ago

      @Peter Fessier I have noticed a lot more IONIQ 5 for sale in the used market. Kind of shocked and lots of them with low miles. I guess once the $7500 tax deduction people just bailed on them.

    • Justin Stewart
      Justin Stewart Month ago +1

      @venom5809 what? Are you talking about Kyle? Lol dude. I’m not Kyle apologist but that’s a pretty wrong characterization of his content. He’s the nicest guy ever and is pretty honest in his content. Just because he has more things than you doesn’t make him a “self centered brat”. Also…a brat? Really? Are we talking about the same guy here?
      But sure, you can throw the first stone…

    • The Fish
      The Fish Month ago

      @Jeffrey Gu I remember him. I used to watch his videos, but after a while he got on my nerves. Just something about his personality. I guess you can’t relate to everyone.

    • B Rich
      B Rich Month ago +1

      Sounds like flipping the EVs is the best biz model for this guy?

    • David Rte.66
      David Rte.66 Month ago

      I would like one IF the charging network was reliable and for the price it is a Rich Mans toy at this time maybe in a few years everything will be ironed out. I hope they make it because it is a nice vehicle and I would love to have one but I am a retired Auto Shop teacher just more than I could handle.

    CHIEMEKA AMUZIE 2 months ago +40

    Thank you Alex for keeping it real. This is the most detailed and comprehensive user experience for electric trucks and vehicle ownership in general.

  • Pekirt79
    Pekirt79 2 months ago +23

    Good explanation Alex! We absolutely love our R1T and it's the perfect vehicle for our family of 5. We have towed 5000lbs before and we have taken multiple 600+ mile trips in the 2 months we have owned it. I have never had a problem loading things in the frunk and we use it all the time. Your use case is definitely a rare one, but appreciate your honesty!

  • Jim
    Jim 2 months ago +22

    Alex. Great video. Being on the cutting edge is hazardous. Looks like you escaped. Painful, but us pioneers get to live and learn. My 2011 Leaf only fetched $3600 with 6 bars and 46% SOH, but it was a fun experience. Thanks for being in a position to explain your story.

  • Rick Boyett
    Rick Boyett 2 months ago +28

    I've had my R1T since August and I agree with pretty much everything you've said but vampire drain hasn't been a real issue for me. I've got a broken tonneau cover but at least it's open so I can use the bed. Beyond that I'm extremely satisfied with the truck. Everytime I hit the accelerator, I just get the giggles. It's so damn fun to drive.
    Rivian really needs a snow mode with the ability to turn off brake regen. Even the standard mode is too much.
    Oh, and I'm going to beat RJ over the head with my phone if he doesn't give me CarPlay/Android Auto.

    • Rick Boyett
      Rick Boyett 2 months ago +3

      @DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! Well, for one it only costs me about $13.50 to charge my R1T from empty to 100%. I’ve noticed some vampire drain but it just hasn’t been enough to impact me.

    • DontBanMeBroDontBanMe!
      DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! 2 months ago +4

      When you say that vampire drain hasn't really been an issue, does that mean you have it and you just deal with it, or you don't have it? The idea of spending $40 to charge your car, then finding out you really only have $30 worth of power because $10 just vanished...SOMEWHERE is simply unacceptable. Maybe you keep your car plugged in and don't really it's constantly being "topped off"?

    • wasabi9111
      wasabi9111 2 months ago +1

      Haha. Have the same exactly feeling as you about the car. I thought we would flip it but we ended up loving it too much. But some time I wonder if we should have sold it when the prices were crazy high during the summer.
      Def having CarPlay would avoid a lot of the infotainment issues.

  • M. L. Hunt
    M. L. Hunt 2 months ago +19

    Very thoughtful, detailed, informative. Especially appreciate your transparency on the financial aspects of your ownership experience.

  • Right Lane Hog
    Right Lane Hog 2 months ago +19

    Alex, Let's all agree to call this a long-term wait and medium-term test. Maybe a practical, electric towing pickup will arrive in the next few years.

    • JML
      JML 2 months ago +1

      Not until the battery cost go weight down and pair with solid state batteries. That won’t happen in at least 10 years.

  • Mark
    Mark 2 months ago +5

    Great real-world review Alex. I find your channel to be one of the few that absolutely deserves to make money. You generally try to be objective bearing in mind that everyone's requirements in a vehicle is different and I now turn to your channel to get unbiased information on vehicles in which I have an interest but also enjoy your reviews as a whole.
    Your experience with the Rivian is exactly why I never buy a new untested unproven vehicle. It's one thing to lease something for a few years and then just turn it in rather than purchasing it outright. Great that I can turn to you to provide a more in-dept information. Another thing I noticed about the Rivian without having experienced it personally, is the really sharp looking edges of that flap when the body storage area is open. I can see myself ripping off the skin of my legs on it if not paying attention! Did you find that a potential issue?

  • IamGroot
    IamGroot 2 months ago +13

    Yeah, vehicle prices are absolutely crazy nowadays. I plan to drive what I currently own right into the ground!

    • Rob Melone
      Rob Melone 4 days ago

      Everyone bashes the dealer with their markups but yet this guy got a pass.....

  • Kevin
    Kevin 2 months ago +17

    I wish everyone in the world was more like Alex. His honesty and frankness is second to none. Really appreciate the content, Alex. Thank you!

    • Scott
      Scott Month ago +1

      Personality and Inteligence don't seem to be hand in hand. He is gifted.

  • SuperAwesomeFunTimeGo!
    SuperAwesomeFunTimeGo! 2 months ago +9

    Have had my R1T for a couple months now and have put a few thousand miles on it. Thus far we are BLOWN away with how amazing it is. My wife keeps stealing it from me and leaving me her 2022 Acura MDX A-Spec. Even with the 20" AT's the freeway efficiency is solid, getting over 300 miles between charges on our couple longer road trips. Lifetime so far, we are averaging 2.11 miles per kw/h which is not bad I think considering how it is driven. I took it hunting for almost a week, 40 miles from the closest town and it did awesome. Vampire drain was noticed, but not crazy with camping mode enabled. We lost about 5 miles of range a day of drain. My biggest complaint is the lack of CarPlay and Android Auto. You can use the integrated Alexa to simulate some of the functions and the on board Nav is okay, but not as good as google maps. I am an avid mountain biker and the R1T is perfect for that and hauling my bikes and gear. Plenty of places to stash your gear out of sight when out riding. The powered tonneau has been flawless so far, but I did make sure to sweep off the needles and leaves when I was out camping before retracting it. I can totally see how it could cause problems though. Best of all, I can park the R1T easily in my garage, a full size like the Lightning would not fit.

  • DeWayne Helms
    DeWayne Helms 2 months ago +9

    What a refreshing real video and appreciate the honesty at the end Alex you are not living in a fantasy "You Tuber" world. You inhabit the same real world any businessperson deals with plus your unique rural off grid life. A video like this is why you have become my favorite car channel.

    RKGSD 2 months ago +4

    Calling out oddities and problems when you see them before we spend our hard-earned money. That's why I love the channel.

  • FEMA Camp Etiquette For Dummies

    You're the best at what you do, Alex. Thanks for bringing us such good, well thought out content.

  • William Elkington
    William Elkington 2 months ago +7

    A very thoughtful review. Thanks very much. In the industry I used to work in, we had a requirements category we called MIRs--most important requirements. Sounds like maybe (but I'm not clear on this) your most important requirements involve towing and price. The All Electric Family tow around a 30-foot Airstream regularly with their R1T and their F-150 Lightning, and they have no problem with the charging requirements. Maybe they have a different tolerance for managing the charging frequency and potential difficulties. I don't know. But there are people who tow happily with both vehicles. Price? Well, that's always a personal matter. What are you willing to pay for a particular set of capabilities? Depends on personal financial situation and--again--the most important requirements (the MIRs) and what you are willing to pay to meet those requirements.
    I'm happy you chose to review these two vehicles. You have informed us and helped us all improve our thinking about what our requirements really are.

  • Navarone Frank
    Navarone Frank 2 months ago +14

    I'm personally looking forward to the GM pickup twins. I feel like GM will solve the towing tech problem plus I believe they will have a leg up on creating an efficient vehicle both in aero and drivetrain

    • Larryr
      Larryr 2 months ago

      I hope the GM pickups come out but I have a sneaking feeling in my gut that GM will need another government bailout before all these new EVs come out.

    • egs2169
      egs2169 2 months ago +1

      If you look at the GM twins it’s pretty obvious aero is not their strength. The Cybertruck in the other hand….

    • Zorg
      Zorg 2 months ago

      @appleiphone69 true but then we are back to either charging for 35mns every 100 miles or for 60mns every 150 miles. I don't really see a future for long distance towing with an EV anytime soon. And I love EVs and am awaiting my R1T.

    • appleiphone69
      appleiphone69 2 months ago +1

      @Zorgthen it upsets handling, breaking, acceleration. Best solution is have more charging stations that can handle vehicles that are towing.

    • godofdun
      godofdun 2 months ago

      @Alex on Autos Maybe, but IIRC that added weight is from the larger 200+ KwH battery so maybe not.

  • ckr
    ckr Month ago

    Thanks Alex for R1T ownership review. I've never considered owning one due to cost, and now that I know that Rivian minor parts must be dealer installed, and an unresolvable vampiric battery loss exists (seems it's an internal battery issue/short/defect, i.e. bad battery), you have relieved me from ever having to consider Rivian ownership in the future. Subscribed!

  • Brad
    Brad 2 months ago +1

    I really appreciate your explanation. I’m getting an R1T next year, and I wasn’t aware of the significance of the vampire drain issue. Lucky for me, I don’t tow, so overall I can live with the comprises you discussed.

  • Eric
    Eric 2 months ago +1

    Alex, I appreciate your channel and your reviews...a couple of items you did not mention in your cost assessment that I would guess your LLC should be eligible for: #1 as your LLC owned the Rivian, it should also be able to write off 100% of the cost under Section 179, then add to this the Tax Credit of $7,500 + your profit made on this sale comes to a nice profit back to your LLC.

  • DuesenbergJ
    DuesenbergJ 2 months ago +8

    Love the design of Rivian and it seems it’s a really great product for a new company. Wish they will make a smaller one more suited for European roads.

    • DuesenbergJ
      DuesenbergJ 2 months ago

      @Tyler Seabrook We don’t have that one in Sweden yet. We only get the Ranger from Ford Dealerships, Some might have have imported som but haven’t seen one. There are some F150 imports. But full size pickups are manly RAM. They are converted for E85 ethanol and sold as green vehicles.

    • Tyler Seabrook
      Tyler Seabrook 2 months ago +1

      I feel like a BEV version of the Maverick would sell like crazy in every part of the world. I know I'd line up to buy one. I might already be if they had the Hybrid in AWD.

  • John L
    John L 2 months ago +1

    Alex, great video as always. My wife had a 2017 Honda Accord Touring and it had the same problem with the vents. I prefer ac to be blown in my face and with her car it was impossible to do so with the middle vent. So, I always avoided driving her car because I always felt hot in her car. We live in Texas by the way. After that experience every time I go on a test drive I make sure the ac can blow directly in my face, if not then it’s a total fail for me. My wife current car is a Mazda CX50 Turbo and the ac blows great.

  • Daniel Romero
    Daniel Romero 2 months ago +8

    Appreciate the transparency! Selling it was definitely the move for now!

  • Z Schudrowitz
    Z Schudrowitz 2 months ago

    Your videos are so practical. Great info and willingness to say “it doesnt work for me” even though high hopes to the contrary. Thank you for helping me preview a similar decision set.

  • Rishab Gangopadhyay
    Rishab Gangopadhyay 2 months ago +3

    I'm getting to a point where I need to replace my ICE and can afford something fairly nice. I'm debating between a PHEV (X45e or RAV4 Prime) or a BEV (probably the Lyriq); the problem is a BEV definitely meets my needs, but without being able to charge at home in my current apartment (or next apartment), anything with a plug still feels like a unwise purchase, even here in Los Angeles. Not sure what to do.

    • Drummond Fengdahl
      Drummond Fengdahl Month ago +2

      You just made a statement - BEV is impractical for now, so why buy something impractical? Or just wait a bit for the battery tech to improve. Surely, your money's not burning THAT big a hole in your pocket?

  • Wacoo Dude
    Wacoo Dude 2 months ago +8

    In 3 years all pure EV companies are going to struggle. All traditional auto makers will be there to compete with them with much better products, sales and service networks. These are manufacturing start up not tech start ups (as much as they like to think they are with their evaluations) where they can acquire millions of subscribers/owners overnight.

    • Matt
      Matt 2 months ago +1


  • Thach Ho
    Thach Ho 2 months ago +1

    Always appreciate the transparency. How about speculation on upcoming EVs and their potential in towing? Silverado EV and cyber truck in particular.

  • Ruth A REED
    Ruth A REED Month ago

    Thank you! We also live off grid and have been concerned about the charging day time only thing. We thought about up grading our solar and doubling our battery storage but that is another 13 to 15 k! Your review really helps.

  • Carson Associates
    Carson Associates 2 months ago

    The biggest ownership cost of any vehicle is usually depreciation. It is quite possible for a higher-priced vehicle to be cheaper to own, if it depreciates less. (or doesn’t depreciate at all- like Alex’s R1T!)

  • Chris Simmons
    Chris Simmons 2 months ago +1

    You can’t blame Alex at all for bouncing the Rivian or the Lightning for that matter. I’m not anti EV, but I do feel like they are just too insanely expensive. I don’t tow or have any need for a truck or SUV, but if I had to use that type of vehicle it would most definitely be a used ICE vehicle. I was able to buy a new 2020 Honda Accord 2.0t for just under 30k and I really wasn’t happy in having to spend that much. In hindsight with the way the car market has gone I’m extremely happy how things have worked out. My Accord does everything I need it to do and the 2.0T engine is a gem. I plan on keeping and driving this car for a long time especially considering where car prices have gone and push to force people into EVs.

  • Goforth and Live
    Goforth and Live 2 months ago

    Thanks Alex for giving me the chance to check out the Rivian at your office! So happy you were able to sell it for what you were looking for! Keep up the great work on the videos. -Rocky

  • Forrest Carlson
    Forrest Carlson 2 months ago +5

    The vampire drain is a major issue and something I love not having in my Lightening. I got the XLT so pricing is half of that Rivian. For me towing is not an issue and road trips are fine. We can only do about 200 miles before needing to walk around a little bit anyway.

  • Darrel Peters
    Darrel Peters 2 months ago +3

    Yep the problem with most EVs is that they’re just too damn expensive for the average person to afford. Excluding the Chevy bolt and maybe the Nissan versa which nobody wants, the rest of them start at 40 grand. The average Joe can’t afford that. As popular as EV’s seem to becoming, it will be years before the general population adopts them. Someone needs to make a good quality long range affordable EV before you see many of them on the road.

  • DanielM
    DanielM 2 months ago +6

    Maybe the original 40K bait and switch F150 Pro would have worked for you for around town use, spirited drive, better miles/kwH than the lariat, and much more affordable. With long range towing twice a year you can just rent a truck for a day. The mega frunk is nice to have for around town shopping in a truck.

    • Chris Hull
      Chris Hull Month ago

      Towing with a rented truck is questionable with all the major rental and insurance companies.

  • Dave C
    Dave C 2 months ago +3

    Thanks for the detail Alex. How did you go about selling it? Just curious since that’s such a high dollar sell.

  • CMCNestT
    CMCNestT 2 months ago +2

    The '12 '13 Model S also had very high vampire drain and they got much better over time with software updates.

  • C Wheremonster
    C Wheremonster 4 days ago

    Great presentation. The word we are all looking for is “parasitic drain”. It’s very common in the RV world, particularly with the use and implementation of lithium battery systems. I’m still hoping these systems get ironed out.

  • Ronald Garrison
    Ronald Garrison Month ago

    I've seen lots of commentary about phantom loads for at least 20 years, and TTTT always tended to ignore these concerns. I mostly take it for granted that these leakages will be reduced with time, as the technology improves. OTOH when to comes to cars, with much larger batteries, this may be a more difficult issue. The batteries themselves may be more likely to be the problem, rather than sloppy design of circuitry. But I'd really like more information o the subject.

  • Jason Hall
    Jason Hall 2 months ago +4

    My neighbor has an R1T. I was impressed with the materials, but I prefer tactile switches to a screen for everything. And I need something that can tow long distances like my Expedition. An R1S could be a good 2nd vehicle, but our Focus Electric handles 90% of our local driving. Hopefully Rivian's next vehicles will be more affordable.

    • Jason Hall
      Jason Hall 3 days ago

      @John Meyer I think Rivian specifically tried to copy Tesla with the screen interface. But Tesla had other positive attributes and the screen wasn't a motivation for consumers to purchase the cars. It was a novelty and cost cutting measure, but the appeal is wearing off as customers realize tactile is generally better.

    • John Meyer
      John Meyer 3 days ago

      But all cars are going to the screen, not just EV

  • Car Geeks Anonymous
    Car Geeks Anonymous 2 months ago +4

    A little dose of reality when discussing pricing on new vehicles. Thanks.

  • ronkemperful
    ronkemperful Month ago

    Thanks for what you do as a great and unbiased journalist. Good decision concerning the Rivian.

  • godofdun
    godofdun 2 months ago +1

    Looking forward to how the Silverado, Lordstown, and Cybertruck do with towing..............and also with pricing. No way Silverado will actually be 40k, but if the trims with decent range can undercut the competition GM will have a winner.

  • r k
    r k 2 months ago +1

    As is typical here....Great review!
    When the GMC BEV, Cybertruck, and Ram BEV are on the market, Rivian and Big Three will have cash rebates. Unfortunately, every price will be increasing
    8% to 10% per year.

  • Anoop Mathew
    Anoop Mathew 2 months ago +1

    Alex since you had the base wheels, how would you say on road ride comfort is relative to main stream SUVs? My wife has a 2013 MDX. I have an R1S on order and while we got a chance to drive an R1S it had the all terrain tires on it, so wanted to know how the 21" wheels with road tires felt in comparison to something like an MDX/X5 etc.

  • The Traveler
    The Traveler 2 months ago +1

    I agree .. the cost of these trucks is ridiculous! Same with a lot of electric vehicles. I also drive a Dodge Durango R/T .. and want to switch to an electric car eventually .. but cars that are starting around $90K plus (entry level) is just NUTS! Guess me and the R/T are going to spend a lot of years together (not complaining) 🤣

  • Jack Stein
    Jack Stein 2 months ago

    I really enjoy your in depth analysis of what is good and bad. Super job on this Rivian truch that you owned.

  • The Adventure Auto
    The Adventure Auto 2 months ago

    That's so strange about the vampire drain. My Model 3 will occasionally have some drain when being used every day, but if I'm away on vacation and it's "asleep" for 7-10 days, it only uses about 1% or less. 25% would make me panic a bit.

  • MadOne
    MadOne 2 months ago +3

    I got one. The cold weather efficiency is poor. I don't know how efficient heat pumps on EVs are for short trips and if one would have helped here. Vampire drain might be 1 percent per day. Agree with most things you said. The cost of an accident or regular repairs can be crazy. Service center booked till February 😐. Fortunately issues are minor.
    It handles like a sports sedan. I don't think there is any big SUV/truck that drives like this today.
    The thing I cannot stand is the keyless entry situation. The fob is not passive and the phone unlocks it from far away - when it works. I disabled it completely. Also annoying is the lack of a start button and the authentication prior to starting the vehicle. Once the vehicle unlocks, from say 20 feet away, it is drivable. Someone can simply hop in, lock doors and drive away. Also if I leave teenagers in the car while shopping, I would like a way to prevent them from driving it.

    • A Washkowitz
      A Washkowitz 14 days ago

      It should be able to be disabled via the app. A PIN (like Tesla) would be helpful in some circumstances…but not the one you described. I only drove a few times before my kids knew the PIN for the Tesla

  • Gregg McClelland
    Gregg McClelland Month ago

    Great Review. I have a tesla model Y performance and I like the F150 lightnings' looks. I was wondering if the grill hanging down would be a head banger for tall people. The trunk lid on my model Y can be reprogrammed for opening height to keep it from hitting the ceiling in my garage. The problem I have is that I have to duck when getting groceries. I have to reposition it a little and be careful.
    By the way, Rivian factory is only about 40 miles from me. Ironic I picked up my Tesla at the service center in Bloomington, IL where the rivian factory is located.
    As far as insurance goes, I would definitely look for cheaper insurance. You were getting scalped.

  • David Vega
    David Vega 2 months ago

    The Rivian and others like it are nice but their price and charge times are less desirable. I think for the average user (not the rich folks that buy vehicles every 6 months), these high prices EV trucks (or EV's in general) are too much financially. I look forward to seeing what the Hyundai group will come out with a EV truck version. Be it a updated Santa Cruz or another built from the ground up truck with long range and short charge times. Probably be way more cheaper too.

  • Dbeste1
    Dbeste1 Month ago

    As a competitor I will agree that it looks very good.. it looks cool , I like the sleekness .. the rear lights and front , yes 🙌.. However , I do dislike the rim design.. good job on the design aspect but ours is better lol.. still, this is a good looking truck..

  • Mike Panklang
    Mike Panklang 2 months ago +3

    You are one of the best vehicle reviewer on youtube that is why I watch all your ads in full. That is my way of supporting you. Keep up the great work. Your reviews influence my buying habits.

  • Olivier hiers
    Olivier hiers 2 months ago +1

    We have a r1t, we do not tow aside from having a bike rack. I think you hit many of the good and not so good aspect of the r1t. I would add the nervousness or reliability, when bitten long trip we did encounter always something unexpected (trip of 400 miles or about) , once was the drive train and hydraulic dying on us. We put it on bad luck, but now we had ghost mis alignment popping up, full right side of the car not responding also ghosting, ghost tire pressure alarm, speed limitations….it was to be our adventure vehicle, but we are not at ease with the reliability…( ghost = item we checked or made checked but they go and come back whenever….) so there is a lot of love for the car but…yes we may move out of it too…😢

  • Ted Kidd
    Ted Kidd 2 months ago

    18:00 love how eloquently you describe charging, both towing and not towing.

  • Mechaya.Alta
    Mechaya.Alta 2 months ago +2

    We are a retired frugal baby boomer couple who live in the pacific nw. We own a Nissan leaf SV plus as our around town car and a Subaru Legacy for road trips. Total cost for these two cars is about the same as one Tesla Y. For us this is the best of both world at this time.
    I love your honest straight up reviews.

  • SciFi Thoughts
    SciFi Thoughts Month ago

    Nice review! So sad to hear about vampire drain. 🤔 It’s great you made money on flipping the truck!

  • Computers Cats and More

    Honestly when I saw the Rivian in person I immediately knew it wasn't an actual work truck. Not to say it isn't capable though. The Lightning is a fantastic truck, but overpriced. Also lets be real no one wants to deal with Ford's never ending hardware recalls. Really hoping the Cybertruck is the one, and priced reasonably.

  • Mark Hsu
    Mark Hsu 2 months ago +1

    Btw best everyday truck right now would be the Ford Maverick. Easier on the wallet, great size for maneuvering and great fuel economy.

  • Henry Pack
    Henry Pack 2 months ago +2

    Alex, thanks for the detailed final review and financial breakdown. In analyzing the costs you don’t mention the ongoing operating costs of the Durango SRT - I’m sure it’s not that fuel efficient so between that and ongoing maintenance/repairs I would guess that it’s more expensive to run than the Rivian. You can “fuel” the Rivian, even partially, using your solar setup, but the SRT needs regular gas all the time. Seems to me that the other compromises, along with the possibility of turning a sizable profit on a vehicle after owning it for 6 months, made the decision to let it go much easier.

    • Henry Pack
      Henry Pack 2 months ago

      @EV Buyers Guide Thanks so much for the direct reply and the hard work that is done on this channel to review the vehicles long term - very much appreciated. What I inferred from Alex's detailed explanation as to why he sold the Rivian was that it was originally ordered as both a review vehicle and a long term purchase. This makes a lot of sense given how eco-conscious Alex is and the investment he has made to minimize his carbon footprint. Also, I fully understand how the Rivian could not meet all the functionality requirements, particularly around towing capabilities, and how the Durango SRT could. But its the financial figures that confused me - Alex was able to purchase the vehicle for the exact price he originally ordered it for. So, unless he was doing better financially then, he could never have afforded to keep it long term and has lucked out in that he can turn a very nice profit on it and still do a long-term review as well. Good news, in my view.

    • EV Buyers Guide
      EV Buyers Guide  2 months ago

      We buy vehicles for long-term testing here all the time, so it made sense to buy it, whether we were going keep it or not. We test vehicles that are of particular importance for 6 to 12 months because people want to hear what it’s like to own them..

    • Henry Pack
      Henry Pack 2 months ago

      @William Lake Well, Alex knew the cost of the truck when pre-ordering it and didn’t pay any markup, so, if the cost of the truck was a problem, then why buy at all? Also, as we’ve seen in the last year, the price of fuel is a huge variable, particularly in California, so it’s very hard to accurately predict costs of running an SRT version of the Durango over the coming years. I think that if Alex had suffered the much more typical (in the past) 10-15% (or more) loss in value of the Rivian he might have reconsidered this position. Being able to sell a 80k truck for 105k after 6 months of ownership was certainly not part of the equation when preordering 3 years ago.

    • William Lake
      William Lake 2 months ago

      I would agree with you on principle, but the Rivian's initial cost is way too high to be offset by fuel savings in any reasonable amount of time. Not to mention that Alex has said before that his solar setup isn't large enough to charge an electric truck.

  • KOLT
    KOLT 2 months ago +1

    Great video, Alex! The pacing kept things interesting.

  • MegaMan
    MegaMan Month ago

    I love when u do this type of series. Thank u

  • Melvin Holland
    Melvin Holland 2 months ago +1

    Excellent review but I'd like to add a few comments to those considering an EV.
    I own a Model Y and a R1T. Strongly recommend having solar WITH Powerwalls if you make the transition. The reviewer apparently doesn't have the ability to store energy he makes during the day thus phantom drain is an issue. I don't give it a second thought. The tonneau cover, air vents, car play are minor nits IMO. The R1T is insanely fun to drive...so quiet and soooo fast. The real negative to any EV is towing (but all of us believers knew that from the jump) and public charging on road trips...with the exception of Tesla. Charging at EA, ChargePoint, EV Go, etc. can be a frustrating challenge at times. Rivian's RAN network will handle the issue for Rivians but there are few of them installed now. All other EVs are subject to the whims of the public charging Gods.

    • Melvin Holland
      Melvin Holland Month ago

      @Ben Langford
      Wow…good question. Probably the Y due to the better software, navigation and charging network. But I would badly miss the R1T….so fast and agile for a truck.

    • Ben Langford
      Ben Langford Month ago

      If you had to choose between the Y and the R1T what would it be?

  • vinny m
    vinny m 2 months ago +1

    What size tires did you have on the rivian? Do you think it’s worth the price to get the 20” AT for $3500?

  • LivingInKaos
    LivingInKaos 2 months ago +1

    Air vents - with the updates a few back, my vents work just fine. Once in a while there is a quirk and won't move on startup. All I do is go out of Auto then back to Auto and it positions fine.
    As for Towing - you mention how far under the receiver is being aerodynamics - but it is more departure angle. Have to remember, this is an adventure vehicle.....

  • efeezee70
    efeezee70 2 months ago +1

    I have a R1T and a Lyriq both coming early next year, and was wondering which one to keep. Now I’m thinking the Cadillac 😢

  • wegder
    wegder 29 days ago

    It seems like the tire cost per mile would be a factor, I assume that the tires won't last very long because of the weight and they really need to be rotated every 5k to maybe 6k miles.

  • Mac Jones
    Mac Jones Month ago

    R1T owner since Aug 2022 and the lack of Airplay is a sore spot for my partner, the AC vents also irks him because you have to go into the setting to adjust rather than by reaching out to the vent. Those 2 things aside, we love everything else. We broke the Tonneau while camping, not surprising and Rivian support said they will replace for free when they get the next gen cover so we're patiently waiting on that. Vampire drain not a huge issue as we use it daily and charge it on the regular. All in all, we were able to purchase at the Pre-Order price and qualified for the rebate before it was capped so we got it at the lowest possible price. We wouldn't have bought the car without the lower initial price and rebate.

  • ardenthebibliophile
    ardenthebibliophile 2 months ago +1

    Good overview! I appreciate the candid but fair nature

  • kd7lxl
    kd7lxl Month ago

    What was the cost breakdown on renting for those two times a year you need to tow and driving something like a Bolt the rest of the time?

  • Stickmansam
    Stickmansam 2 months ago +1

    For towing, why doesn't the 10-80% charging speed matter as much? Couldn't you just tow using the 70% charge and then recharge faster on the 10-80, rather than 0-100%? Sure your towing range is lower, but with a given density of DCFC, wouldn't it still be faster than waiting for 0-100% generally?

    • EV Buyers Guide
      EV Buyers Guide  2 months ago

      Because in order to charge, you have to disconnect the trailer, park it somewhere, then charge, then reconnect the trailer. That’s a huge hassle and most charging locations. Don’t really have anywhere for you to park the trailer while charging. When you’re taking 150 miles of range at 100%, doing 10-80 would leave you with ~100 miles a charge which is a bummer. I’d have to disconnect and reconnect 4 times to go from Sf to LA.

  • John Phamlore
    John Phamlore 2 months ago +1

    Thanks for your honesty and openness.

  • Andres Martinez
    Andres Martinez 2 months ago +1

    I'm curious, if everything on the truck was exactly the same but the price was closer to $60k ( after all taxes, credit and insurance) would you consider keeping it?

    • Aeschylus Shepherd
      Aeschylus Shepherd 23 days ago

      I honestly think he bought these trucks just to make videos and always was going to get ride of them. Based on his "off grid" living. He was never going to keep either vehicle.

    • EV Buyers Guide
      EV Buyers Guide  2 months ago +1

      For $55-60k I think I would have been really torn, but the vampire drain is still a big problem.

  • Jose Castillo
    Jose Castillo 2 months ago +2

    Got my R1T in May 2022 and for the first few months getting the air vents to actually point where I wanted was impossible. That has since been resolved.

  • bikebudha01
    bikebudha01 2 months ago +1

    Here was my "Rivian Math". Rivian, a mid sized pickup that cost $80k. Honda Ridgleine, a mid-sized pickup that costs $42k(RTL trim). The $38k I saved would buy 20 years worth of gas. The Honda engine would last that 20 years. I got the Honda... (oh, and 'vampire drain' of 25%, confirms I made the right choice)...

  • Blue Collar Dadventures

    I feel the same about air on my face - I would be very ticked if I spent that much and couldnt adjust the ac where I want it.

  • Michele C
    Michele C 2 months ago

    What platform did you use to sell the Rivian?
    I’m interested because I will soon have to either trade in or sell privately a 8 year, 135k miles A7

  • Acuintegra
    Acuintegra 2 months ago

    I get it, it is an EV truck. It is a premium truck. It is a Rivian. What I am baffled on is the idea that a car that people are paying $80/90/100K for have so many issues and people are still buying them. That is some serious $ to toss around for most people.

  • Market Value
    Market Value 2 months ago +1

    Supply-demand imbalances for these cool truck EVs will eventually resolve, and the resale value will become 'normal'. EVs are significantly more 'disposable' than ICE cars, so the resale value of owning a Rivian 3-5 years will be quite bad (how bad, no one knows, but lower than an ICE truck; who will pay good dollar for an EV with +100k miles?). Insurance seems to be more expensive for EVs across the board. And the average MSRP price of any EV truck seems to be hovering $100k easily. Therefore, the cost of ownership for one of these cool EV trucks will be astronomical. How much demand is there really for such an expensive product? A Tesla 3 at $40-50k has a decent market, but an EV truck at $100k seems to me like will be a very small, niche market.

  • Moreau Family
    Moreau Family Month ago

    In 2021 I bought a 2 door Jeep Rubicon for about $55k and I thought to myself, this is insane for a 2 door Jeep. I wouldn't mind enhancing my driving by adding an EV in the garage, but there is either (a) nothing I am remotely interested in or (b) anything I am willing to pay for. If i could buy an EV vehicle in the 40k range, sort of SUVish, then I would spring for it. But the Rivian R1S is over 100k and that's not what I'm willing to pay for a grocery getter.

  • CA Driver
    CA Driver Month ago

    I love that slow b-roll of the truck. It really communicates the materials and quality in a way I don’t get from other channels.

  • Dennis Lyons
    Dennis Lyons 2 months ago +1

    I believe the reason for no android auto or car play is that both Apple & Google collect tons of data rom your use of those functions. They can get a complete data dump of you r vehicle from those interfaces. Which they can use for development of their own vehicle or sell the info to another manufacturer who will compete with Rivian. That's undoubtedly why Tesla is not willing to share their data either. For me, I have taken multiple trips in our R1T & find it the most comfortable travel vehicle I've ever owned. I have spent three hours at a time without stopping for anything & I am not figeting around to be comfortable & when I stop, I don't find the need to stretch & walk around for a few minutes before getting back in. Better than our Cayenne on a road trip. I've also met some very interesting people at charging locations. I find that an added bonus.

  • Matt Darby
    Matt Darby 2 months ago

    I have an R1T - also in forest green! - and I agree with you about the air vents.

  • s2kroma
    s2kroma Month ago

    I owned R1T for 3 months but didn’t see myself driving such an expensive truck. So I sold it for $97k last month. When prices go down back to mid $70s I’ll grab one again. I also have an R1S on order.

  • Gnome Star
    Gnome Star 2 months ago

    Beautiful truck, with the issue of vampiric drain, you can actually turn off a telsa its in the menu and its recommended for longer periods of non use. I left the country for 2 weeks with the car shut down, not on charger and lost less then 1%.

  • Reef Club
    Reef Club 2 months ago

    Alex appreciate the thoughtful analysis. Looking forward to getting my Tesla Cybertruck!

  • jmodic2
    jmodic2 2 months ago

    bummer, I was hoping this was better, not in my mind worth the price. and if you feel about that with the ford also it maybe good to wait to see how they improve it

  • J
    J Month ago

    The best video info. about good and bad among all other people.
    Thanks Alex, your review is legit !

  • Blake Haas
    Blake Haas 2 months ago

    Great information. I always look forward to your videos.

  • Arto Kiiskinen
    Arto Kiiskinen 2 months ago +5

    Good and honest video, thanks!

  • T Jam
    T Jam 2 months ago

    Excellent feedback. Much of which I’ve never heard. Thank you 🙏

  • Hong Shi
    Hong Shi 2 months ago

    I think EVs in the USA are going to prove to be one of the biggest failures for their manufacturers in history. It’s only the rich and well healed who own them so far but when it comes down to the everyday working people it’s just not going to sell. Alternatively, something like a Prius or a Maverick hybrid that isn’t so expensive to aquire will capture the market and people will learn to live with it.

  • DontBanMeBroDontBanMe!
    DontBanMeBroDontBanMe! 2 months ago

    Excellent information I like to hear from someone who actually owns one of these cars!
    First off, I have NO IDEA how anyone can afford these cars. I make six figures and my wife also makes six figures. We're very blessed financially. But even if you put $30K down, you'll be financing $70K. Unless you've got boatloads of dough coming in from your Clip-Share channel or you're a plastic surgeon making a million a year, I have no idea how you can afford this.
    Phantom draining? WHHHHHAAAATTTTT??? Sorry, that's simply unacceptable. If they're selling a car that expensive, they need to have that solved. If you're going to lose 25% of the charge you put into the battery, then you're approaching the same price you'd pay to fill up a gas vehicle.
    I'll wait five years until the dust settles.

  • Elaine Bradley
    Elaine Bradley 2 months ago

    We love our Tesla model 3. Are amazed how much we're saving on gas. Delight to drive. Kept the Sierra for towing and picking up lumber etc.

  • Chris
    Chris 2 months ago

    One issue; I was told by my Rivian guide, 1) my powered tonneau cover will break eventually & 2) it’s under warranty they’ll eventually replace them. Not sure where you’ve heard if you have a powered cover you won’t get a replacement? That’s the first time I’ve heard that. Also they limited the amount of installed power covers, should reduce any recall cost later down the road, if they don’t replace under warranty. I can’t imagine it NOT being recalled.

  • lambodp
    lambodp 2 months ago +1

    I knew early on that the towing capacity for electric trucks was going to be a big disappointment. I think people just didn't realize how bad it was going to be. The truck is very good looking and I see a dozen or so around my area in SoCal on a regular basis. It's a lifestyle vehicle for sure, towing and truck things much lower on the list of priorities. Glad the 392 will serve you better as a tow rig.

  • Ahmad Alanjary
    Ahmad Alanjary 2 months ago

    Thanks for pointing out it doesn’t simulate a true Locker. No one really talks about that. I’m sure software update can imitate a “locker” but rivian isn’t tesla so their software ppl and updates are probably at the bottom of the list for things to do. Speaking of not being tesla , what about that charging network, heavy vehicle weight , dashcam, summon , and lack of FSD beta? Idk if the cyber truck will come out at 7,000lbs. Yikes

  • Glenn Pady
    Glenn Pady Month ago

    It's difficult to take someone seriously - that says that truck looks good.
    I guess in some minds the Pontiac Aztec was beautiful also.

  • Richard Jansen
    Richard Jansen 2 months ago +1

    I agree with everything you stated, but I can't get past that Rivian front end.

  • jacob manalang
    jacob manalang 2 months ago

    i cant go much above 50k especially since i want to add a home charger so im priced out for now.
    i bought my 18 sierra 6.2l all terrain new. i was willing to sell it to try out an ev truck but it seems like its not for me at this time.

  • fjqtaxch9
    fjqtaxch9 Month ago

    Surprised Alex went from a frugal Kia Soul EV to these financially stressful models. Lucky he made a profit on the Rivian. Flipping may not work anymore in this high interest rate environment.